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1. Introduction 2. Objectives of the project 3. Problem Statement 4. Deliverables 5. Hardware/ Software Requirements

The thirst for learning, upgrading technical skills and applying the concepts in real life environment at a fast pace is what the industry demands from IT professionals today. However busy work schedules, far-flung locations, and unavailability of convenient time-slots pose as major barriers when it comes to applying the concepts into realism. And hence the need to look out for alternative means of implementation in the form of laddered approach. The above truly pose as constraints especially for our students too! With their busy schedules, it is indeed difficult for our students to keep up with the genuine and constant need for integrated application which can be seen live especially so in the field of IT education where technology can change on the spur of a moment. Well, technology does come to our rescue at such times!! Keeping the above in mind and in tune with our constant endeavour to use Technology in our training model, we at Aptech have thought of revolutionizing the way our students learn and implement the concepts using tools themselves by providing a live and synchronous eProject learning environment! So what is this eProject? eProject is a step by step learning environment that closely simulates the classroom and Lab based learning environment into actual implementation. It is a project implementation at your fingertips!! An electronic, live juncture on the machine that allows you to
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Practice step by step i.e. laddered approach. Build a larger more robust application. Usage of certain utilities in applications designed by user. Single program to unified code leading to a complete application. Learn implementation of concepts in a phased manner. Enhance skills and add value. Work on real life projects. Give a real life scenario and help to create applications more complicated and useful. Mentoring through email support.

How do we start accessing the Sample eProject? The students at the centre are expected to complete this eProject and send complete documentation with source code within the time allotted to eprojects@aptech.ac.in Looking forward to a positive response from your end!!

Objectives of the project

The Objective of this program is to give a sample project to work on real life projects. These applications help you build a larger more robust application. The objective is not to teach you the software s but to provide you with a real life scenario and help you create basic applications using the tools. You can revise the topics before you start with the project. These programs should be done in the Lab sessions with assistance of the faculty if required. It is very essential that a student has a clear understanding of the subject. Kindly get back @ eprojects@aptech.ac.in in case of any doubts regarding the application or its objectives.

Problem Statement
Introduction Our client is a manufacturer of the telecom products, like mobiles, landlines, wireless phones, etc . with different features like speaker phone, in - built phone book, call tracking system, SMS facility, voice recording features, answering m/c facility, etc .. Several telecom companies like BSNL, etc . Actually the clients of this manufacturer used to visit or ask for the sales person to visit their premises in order to select the type of the product, and place a request for some quantity of the products as per their requirement. Also they receive the order from some customers who want to have a parallel connection for their existing telecom connection with some features like speaker phone, answering m/c incorporated, etc.... Also due to the increase in the vendors of various telecom providers, the increase in demand for the telecom product manufacturers is increased. Due to some arrears in the delivery of the product, or due to some failures occurred for the product, they want to start up a front end business (like the AfterSales support system of the firm), where the customers can lodge their complaints, or reports regarding their concerns either by calling to the help desk lines or through the mail id s as provided in the product menu and on the bill receipt of the product. The id for this is helpdesk@tele-comsupport.com. They want a standalone application to be built so as to record the complaints/reports lodged and their status, so as track the service provided and as to ensure that there will be the timely service. Customer Specifications Client wants the following tasks to be implemented in the project :1. A standalone application that holds the complaints/Reports and as well the status of them. 2. The customer when he/she places an order for the product, they will be provided with the dispatch no. which will be specific to the order placed, based on which the details of the customers can be ordered. 3. The Admin, the dispatch and the order management department, the accounts department, the call center (Front End) people and the Technical support team (back end) should have separate logins. 4. The dispatch people and the order management department should be able to add the details of the orders, and that of the dispatched. And also the details of the customers. 5. The records should be able to be tracked either based on the order number or based on the dispatch number. 6. Also the details of the warranty that is provided for a particular product in that dispatch (as it is dependant on the type of the product chosen by the customer) is also to be stored, as if there is any fault in the product that is manufactured by this firm is with in the warranty period, and that to if the warranty card is presented as a proof, then only the free service will be provided, else there will be some charges based on the type of the fault, which is being taken care of by the backend department).

7. The call center (front end) employees should be able to track the details of customers based on the order number that is provided at the time of placing the order and as well based on the dispatch done for the orders placed, they should also be able to lodge and update a complaint as given by the customers and they can check the status of the complaint. 8. As soon as the complaint is lodged, the system should be able to generate the complaint number automatically and the number generated should be in the sequential order. Also based on this the complaint can be accessed directly. 9. Also when a customer detail is accessed, the complaints lodged till date should be able to be recorded. 10. The back end people should be able to track the details of the complaints lodged and as well they can change the status of the complaint based on the service provided due that complaint lodged. 11. Ensure that the complaints lodged cannot be deleted, it can only be updated and as well the status of the complaint can be changed. 12. The admin can check the details of the complaint lodged and how often and how much time they have taken to service the customer. 13. The database should hold the details of the products, order, dispatches and that of the customers, complaints and that of the status of the complaint, order, dispatch, etc . are needed to be included. 14. There will be a separate team in the back end process, which will take care of the mails that are received to the help desk mail id and they should be capable of lodging that complaint in the application and provide the complaint number. 15. For the back end should be able to check the list of the complaints lodged till date.

The system application should be able to track the details of the customers either based on the order number or the dispatch number, and it should be capable of entering new records, new complaints in that particular record, and update it, but no one should be capable of deleting the record. The details are needed to be tracked from the database. The system should generate the complaint number automatically. One should be able to check the details based on either the complaint number, or the order number, or the dispatch number. Standards plan: Every code block must have comments. The logic of the program needs to be explained. Proper documentation should be maintained. Complete Project Report along with synopsis, code and documentation should be prepared. Documentation: No project is complete without documentation. In fact, it is one of the most important activities during the development of a project. The documentation of an

ideal project will be in the form of a project report comprising of the following documents: Certificate of Completion. Table of Contents. Problem Definition. Customer Requirement Specification. Project Plan. E-R Diagrams. Algorithms. GUI Standards Document. Interface Design Document. Task Sheet. Project Review and Monitoring Report. Unit Testing Check List. Final Check List.


You need to submit the following Deliverables: 1. Hardbound Documentation of the project. 2. You need to follow all the following points as a part of your eProjects execution process and will carry 10 marks in the final eProject Result. a) Send us two eProjects status mails, each should be after 10 days interval from your eProjects start date. b) The status mail should consist of description with review document (what's going on the project). Also you can send your doubts / clarification or any additional inputs required to complete your eproject any time during the project planning and execution. c) At the time of project submission also send us the feedback along with your documentation (soft and hard bound copy). The Feedback form is attached with this mail.

Remember that the subject of your email should start either with the word STATUS: or DOUBT: accordingly..

Note : Kindly go through the Read Me.txt file, which is available in the project specification Zip folder, Which contains the information of the E - Project Process, Interaction and Submission of E - Projects

Hardware/ Software Requirements

A minimum computer system that will help you access all the tools in the courses is a Pentium 166 or better 64 Megabytes of RAM or better Windows 98 (or higher if possible) Java Virtual Machine


Either or combination of the following:

Notepad/Java editor j2sdk1.4.1_02 (or later) / .Net / J2EE JSP / Servlets EJB / Struts JDBC SQL Server 2000 (or later) / Oracle 9i / MS Access JDBC Driver

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