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Vy No 104
"May the be with You!
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October/November 2009
CyberVy No 4
FZ Artist Denis Seignez: "Raining Stars.
See article inside
Aims of Vy Magazine:
Updated September, 2008
"To provide an independent publication and forum to
the meta-scientology community."
The meta-scientology community, sometimes called
'the Freezone' or 'the independent field', comprises
people interested in the technology and philosophy of
L. Ron Hubbard and the application thereof. A part of
the community is working on new developments in
this field of self-improvement and Vy covers that as
well. We embrace Hubbard's original work, including
the axioms, the basic teachings and the technology,
but see the subject as a developing field of applied
philosophy and spiritual technology.
Vy has no affiliation to the current CoS, nor has it any
economical affiliations to any independent tech
delivery group. Vy stands for freedom of speech and
accurate, reflective reporting. Community members
are free and most welcome to present their diverging
views; that is part of the Vy mission. As long as a
contribution is based on fact or personal experience,
and likely to be of interest to the community, it will be
considered for publication.
Our three main activities are:
1) The publication of the subscription magazine
'nternational Viewpoints' (Vy).
This magazine will be in electronic form and appear
at least 4 times a year.
2) maintaining the website VyMag.org
3) Conducting online discussion forums open to
subscribers of Vy.
The present Vy #104 is the last issue of 2009,
our first year as CyberVy. hope, dear Reader,
that you have liked the content and come to live
with that communication and publishing can find
new channels via the internet.
Assuming that about you, please don't forget to
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This issue presents the vibrancy of the Freezone
in the form of congresses, conferences, artists,
and more.
Joe Howard reveals his visions for a free
scientology. Antony Phillips reviews past
Scientology activities as congresses and co-
auditing in London in the early days.
Heidrun Beer brings you part 2 on her "Spiritual
look at body health. And there is a lot more in
this issue.
We hope you will enjoy VY #104 and we hope to
see you next year in the online newsgroups, our
conference and through the pages of the
magazine. t only takes a renewal of subscription.
Rolf Krause,
Editor-in-Chief: Rolf Krause
Webmasters: Angel Piercy,
Flemming Funch
Assistant editors: Judith Anderson,
Agnes Araujo,
Tom Feltz,
Conal Clynch.
Tony Geir.
Guest editors.
Board of directors:
Chairman: Antony Phillips.
Members: Morten Ltken, Lars Peter Schultz.
Ole Gerstrom, Claus B. Hansen, Rolf Krause.
Featuring the Vibrancy
of Freezone Conferences
Vy # 104 (CyberVy #4) Oct, Nov 2009
IVy is about Renewal of Life Force
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Copygight 2009. All materials are copyrighted
by the authors and artists or by IVy Magazine
Rolf K, Editor-in-Chief
Oct, Nov, 2009
Content of Vy 10
Page 5: 1he IJY Conference in Copenhagen
by Photos by Ole Gerstrom, Denmark
The August IVYConIerence in Copenhagen was a big success with participants Irom 9 countries. See the photo
reportage Irom the Iestivities.
Page 7: the 8th International FZ Convention in LA
by Aida Thomas, USA

Page 8: Congresses, etc in CoS and the Freezone.
By Antony A. Phillips, Denmark
Antony gives us the historic perspective on conventions, conIerences, congresses, etc. He has attended many, since
1954 and onward, including several held by Ron. He give his impressions oI early CoS congresses and describes a
greast number oI FZ conventions held since 1983.
Page 14: Working with Ron in the 19s and 7s
by Otto Roos, Class XII
Otto Roos was a high ranking tech person in the early Sea Org days, including tech Flub Catcher, the highest ranking
tech person at the time. He worked closely with LRH and tells about the early days and some oI the adventures he
experienced, including 'Mission into Time and the original Class 8 course.
Page 19: AAew Business Model for Scientology
by Joe Howard
Frequent IVYcontributor, Joe Howard gives us something to think about. Could we do Scientology tech in a much
more relaxed atmosphere and at much lower cost? How about having LRH installed on your I-phone? Joe Howard, a
highly trained veteran that worked with Ron, gives his input here.
Page 22: Scientology: Crazy Ideas, Crazy Wins
by Joe Howard
R Joe Howard gives here his input on how the tattered image oI Scientology and the tech could be turned around.
Watch the billboards near you when it`s time Ior the change.
Page 24: Is Scientology a Religion?
Page 31: 1igers in a Box
Page 34: ASpiritual Look at Body Health #2
Part two oI Heidrun Beers interesting take on health, applying Scientology principles to healing.
Here is a close look at chelation, a non-intrusive way to handle the circulative system.
Page 44: Denis Seignez
His art was Ieatured in IVY103 and in this issue, including the Iront page.
Page 4: Co-Auditing, an Inexpensive Way to Cains
In this issue we Ieature conIerences. Here is a short report Irom the FZ Convention held in LAin the beginning oI
October, 2009.
by Otfried Krumpholt:
OtIried is Senior C/S in RO, FrankIurt. In this article he goes through the diIIerent deIinitions oI labels used about
Scientology. He discusses iI Scientology is a religion, a philosophy or something else. Read the article and Iind out
Ior yourselI what conclusion he comes to.
by Michael Moore
IFAs chairman shows in this his latest column a talent Ior story telling. Tigers in a Box is a parable about getting
stuck in MEST and selI-importance or go Ior the Ireedom available to thetans.
Antony Phillps tells about co-auditing experiences in London in the early days.
Page 48: Matrix Energetics
by Flemming Funch
Matrix Energetics is a new spiritual practice, sweeping USAand Eu. Impressions Irom a recent seminar.
Page 5: 1he Power of Body Language
About Rowland Barkley`s seminar 'Breakthrough! As experienced by IVYs editor.
Page 51: Letters to the Editor
The Ivy conIerence in Copenhagen, August 2009, was
a great success. There were participants Irom 9
countries: Denmark, Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary,
Russia, Sweden, France and USA.
It was held as an 'Open Space event, meaning that
anyone could get the word and address the audience.
This was ably conducted by Flemming Funch. Ariane
Irom Hungary reported on her activities and research
into upper levels. Antony Phillips gave us some
perspective, telling about Saint Hill in the 1950s.
Clearbird (aka. RolI Krause) told about his work oI
writing up the tech so it could be posted legally to the
web. We got an introduction to Skywork, a tech
developed by Max Sandor. An Italian group gave us a
group session with Skyworks that was very interesting.
Magnus Jansson gave a talk about Radionics and its use
in auditing.
One oI the main attractions was a live session given by
Robert Ducharme via phone (Skype, internet
telephony.) He demonstrated his Dianetics R3X on RolI
K. and he then answered questions Irom the audience.
IVY Conference, August 2009
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

The 8candinavian Vy
Conference in Copenhagen
Antony Phillips explaining a concept to the speaker.
From right: Antony Phillips, COB oI Ivy association,
Lars Peter Schultz, who entertained us, Flemming Funch,
who was leading the event and the 'open space Iormat,
Ariane, Hungarian Iield auditor and speaker at the event.
Lars Peter Schultz, proIessional
violinist, demonstrated his new
electrical violin and entertained us
with his uptone music. Lars Peter
is also a board member oI the Ivy
Photos by Ole Gerstrm

IVy on the web also a membership forum

Ariane, Hungarian Iiled auditor and tech
researcher, explained the research she is
conducting with a Dutch colleague. They base
the overall actions on the Know-to-Mystery
scale to make sure the preclear has gotten the
Iull beneIit available Irom auditing. Going up
and down the scale, when programming a case,
all aspects are eventually handled.
Clearbird, aka. RolI Krause, explained
the concepts behind his work oI
putting standard tech on the web
legally. The work is an edited
textbook (rather than a rewrite oI the
issue line.) It incorporates study tech
in the way the tech is written up and
presented and it`s made available to
all that can access the internet.
Luciano and his wiIe came Irom
Milano to participate and to
demonstrate a session oI Skywork. It
is done in a group where selected
participants act out a problem one
individual has presented as being
essential to his/her liIe. The process is
developed by Max Sandor and
involves a unique model oI how the
thetan, the analytical mind and the
soul interacts. The soul is the
emotional part oI the Being. Luciano
is here seen explaining some practical
aspects oI the process.
IVY Conference, August 2009
5 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
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6 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
We have received this:
Hi Everybody! Sunday we had half day of lectures and after that we
As Dexter already said the convention was a had a party at my house with delicious food and
smashing success and we had a wonderful time! wonderful music that a friend of Ed Berwick provided
We started with a party friday night at the patio of the for us.
hotel, Hilton, Pasadena, and Mary Maren and Candy
delighted us with old anecdotes from St. Hill England. There was a lot of comradeship and networking
during the party and as a result of that a new group is
The next day we started the day with an opening now being formed in the San Bernardino/Riverside
speech by Valery Standfield who spoke about the area with the Comm Course.
origin of the Freezone and she mentioned how Ron All in all it was the most theta convention!
told them 'if things don't go well go out there and star
the Freezone' This was not a task for one person alone. want to
thank the following persons, as without their help it
Roger Boswarva told us about the latest would not have been such a success: Marina and
developments on running Dexter, Nancy Walcott,
GPMs, Mary Freeman Joseph Shire, Mark
explained to us how baker, Roland Aldrige,
simple the meter drills Ken and Grace Aaron,
once were and other Nic Ford, Beatriz
stories. Trey Lotz, now a Acevedo, Randy
class 12, gave a Gaumond, Michael
wonderful speech about Moore, Teril Park, My
how to do a proper Admin husband David Thomas
Scale and how to get out and my daughter
of the dwindling spiral of Gwendolyn; and of
the GPM bank. Then Rey course all of the
Robles brought some speakers who made this
vintage Gradation Charts convention possible and
and gave us a lecture who contributed with
about it from its inception wonderful stories, new
up to present time. Ray ideas and fun.
Krenik spoke about the The party went on to the
latest on the Elma late hours of the night
Organization and about a and people would not
new group that they are forming for the Freezone. stop talking about how much fun they had.
Anita Warren told us about the difference between By the way, they gave me a standing ovation at the
the correct definition of the Floating Needle and the end of the convention which really, really surprised
'new' definition used in CoS. me and made me blush...LOL! did not realize how
great it was. A lot of hard work from all of us. am
As for Dexter, his speech was very theta. Also my very tired this morning but very keyed out from all the
friend Cristina Cuellar was there. She flew all the way theta that was exchanged by all.
from Mexico City just to attend the convention.
Thank you.
Also Hank Levin, USA, and Nick Ford from UK, Aida Thomas,
showed us their latest meters that they developed Aka. Diana Class 8,
and the advances of electronics and the meters.
The LA Convention, 2009
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

The 8th nternational

FZ Convention in LA, 2009
By Ada Thomas, organizer of event
7 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
congress there was made around playing these SCI ENTOLOGY HAS STRESSED t he
LRH lectures. The lectures were then published. It importance oI communication, and there is a lot to
is possible that you can get hold oI copies (I have be learned about communication, especially when
seen many as MP-3 computer Iiles, easy Ior most to applied to a complex thing like liIe. One oI the
listen to (1). And they are worth hearing. Ron was Iorms oI communication used in Scientology
an excellent speaker. amongst Scientologists has been meetings going
over a Iew days. In the 1950s, when Ron was the
main speaker, we called them congresses.
The congresses I attended When I came i nt o
were held either in the Scientology in 1954 a
Royal Festival Hall (their tradition was already
smaller hall) or the Royal established oI holding
Commonwealth Hall, and congresses twice a year. I
we ma d e o u r o wn understood that beIore
arrangements Ior meals my time there were Iour
(and accommodation). In a day congresses, arranged
sense t hey were t he around a weekend, but
h i g h p o i n t s o I t h e what I met was Saturday
Scientology year, and it and Sunday Congresses.
was somewhat astounding I do not remember how
that Ron was able to give many I went to, probably
three, Iour or Iive hour long lectures oI high quality Iive or six. All in London. As Iar as I remember they
each day (you ought to hear at least one). And apart were held alternately in London and in Washington
Irom lecturing Ron gave demonstrations (I can D.C. That is to say, Ron was present alternately in
remember one where he demonstrated the CCH London and Washington D.C. When Ron gave a
processes), and gave auditing to the whole congress, all his lectures were recorded, and Ilown
audience. to the other Congress-holding city, and the
Ant's Scientology Story 5
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Congresses, Etc.
A firsthand account
by Antony A. Phillips, Denmark
n Co8 and the Freezone
"hca l camc iate 8cicatelegy
la 1954 a tra4itiea was alrca4y
hstablishc4 el hel4iag ceagrcsscs
Iwicc a ycar."
(1) Iootnote: In doing the research Ior this article (which involved dipping into the Red Volumes where LRHlectures are noted,
including Congresses) I happened to start listening to Ron's last appearance at the Games Congress, Washington D.C.,
August/September 1956 (which Congress appears to have gone over three days). It is a demonstration oI the process Start-
Change-Stop on a body. The process can also be run on an object. It is an hour long demonstration and it was so interesting that it
was very diIIicult to stop listening and get on with this article. You might think an auditing demo is a serious, perhaps dull, aIIair.
This is high toned, with a buoyant preclear, Ron joking as well as giving data and an audience laughing. I recommend it. I might
even lend it to you iI you ask nicely and send me somthing in exchange! Ron in high humor but nevertheless giving good advice to
8 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
The1960s and'70s
There was a new subject Ior each congress. I
Ron Moved to Saint Hill Manor in Sussex England
remember well the Radiation Congress, Ior Ron
in about 1959 and about that time we stopped
said that he had been experimenting with mocking
having congresses. I can remember that when I
up radiation, and had done so too close to his body,
worked at Saint Hill there was a project Ior
which had negative eIIects on his body, and it was
preparing 'Congress-packages to be sent out to
noticeable to me that he had swollen lips, which I
Scientology organizations, so they could continue
attributed to this. Some oI the Congress titles were:
to hold congresses. This would include lectures oI
Games Congress (August/September 1956)
Ron Irom earlier congresses. I
London Congress on Human
never heard oI these being
Problems (October 56), London
produced, probably because oI the
Congress on Radiation and
common occurrence oI some new
Health (April 57), Freedom
project coming up and staII being
Congress (July 57, Washington,
taken oII the partly Iinished project.
The Clearing Congress (July 58,
Washington,) (2), London
So my memory oI the 1960s and
Clearing Congress (October
'70s, where I was a staII member
much oI the 60s, was that they were
rather barren oI interesting events.
What events that did occur were
what I would call (looking back)
rather suppressive, being local
Looking back in 2009, I would
event s, or der ed by cent r al
think that IiIty years ago, the
ma na ge me nt t o ge t mor e
1950s, was the high point oI
customers, not at all in the tradition
Scientology. We did not realize
oI the 50s. In one notable little one
it at the time. I think the general
(an evening event) I remember in
attitude was in the direction oI
Copenhagen in the early '70s, the
the Iuture being the glorious
doors were locked aIterwards, and
t i me . Bu t t h i n g s h a v e
you could not get out until you had
deteriorated since then. II you
seen a registrar and signed up and
want to glimpse those times,
paid a deposit Ior a service! Far out
including the philosophy
oI agreement with the high toned,
(outlook on liIe), you are
enthusiastic and Iree conIerences oI the 50s. (In
Iortunate in being able to hear those lectures by
that event I somehow managed to get out without
Ronas they were recorded.
buying anything).

IVy on the web also a membership forum

The London congress,
"Radiation and Health" in April
1957 resulted in the book:
"All about Radiation."
The author attended.
Ant's Scientology Story 5
Footnote 2: Six lectures oI this are available as videos in color and are well worth seeing they give some oI the basics oI auditing,
and the Iilms we replayed on Sundays at the HASI London as a Iree introduction to Scientology. My research has taken me a bit away
Irom my own Scientology story, dealing with some things that went on in the background oI what perhaps was the Golden Age oI
Scientology, though I did not have the background or awareness to appreciate it. Fortunately Ron saw to it that his lectures were
recorded in highest possible quality at the time, insisting, I think, on an Ampex recorder,and large loudspeakers when playing back
(tape recordingand sound reproduction was relatively newin the early 50s). Antony.
9 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
have viewpoints as to whether this was true, and as
to (iI true) why. Here is my viewpoint.
From nterest toEnforcement
In the early 50s Ron set Ior himselI enormous goals
(and nomenclature associated with those goals).
They were based on his knowledge at the time. His
The writing oI this article so Iar has been a bit oI a
understanding increased. But as he would not
struggle. I had to do it. Ivy's new editor had set a
(perhaps could not) change those goals (which
deadline in concrete. It has been something like
others had adopted and made their stable data)
doing a diIIicult Scientology process. Long comm
enIorcement became necessary in an eIIort to
lags (Iiddling around with the Red Volumes, and
achieve those goals. Also Iactors like his aging, and
having run himselI or been run on
experimental procedures which damaged him,
probably had an eIIect. We are out Irom under
the enIorcement hierarchy we inherited Irom
him (made worse by others) so we are able to
get back to the desire and curiosity
atmosphere oI the 50s. Probably some oI us
need to clear a IewARCbreaks, and traumatic
events associated with the Hubbard Hierarchy
(and the idea oI 'being a Scientologist). It
would be a good idea to run that out iI there is
something there. Additionally, we should get
the curiosity oI the 50s going again, I would
suggest listening to the 50s Ron, especially his
congress lectures. There you have hope and
interest, enthusiasm, and many wise words.
Fri 8cientology events {3}
There were a lot oI people who broke away
Irom the 'Church oI Scientology or were
listening to lectures, even going out Ior a walk).
thrown out, around the year 1983. Shortly
However, like any well run process, it seems to
aIterwards a couple oI conIerences were held in
have ended successIully with an interesting
Switzerland. I went to the second oI them. I was
cognition. The large Scientology events in the 50s,
met at the train station by Tom Frokjr. He drove
Congresses (and Scientology as a whole), were
me almost to the location. The actual conIerence
marked by curiosity and interest. The Scientology
centre was held up a mountain, where there was a
events in the 60s and 70s (and Scientology as a
long single track road to it (open Ior one way traIIic
whole) were marked by enIorcement. One can
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Ant's Scientology Story 5

Footnote 3: In Denmark we called the groups oI individuals who broke away Irom the Church 'Splinters (and the movement the
splinter movement). In Denmark the word 'Iri meant legal, and just beIore that time 'Iri abort was introduced in Denmark,
whichmeant legal abortion. Some oI us calledourselves "Fri Scientologist".
Freezone conferences through the years
Are based on ARC and common interest
In the tech. This picture is from the 2009
Los Angeles FZ Congress. We recognize
Aida Thomas (center), who was the sponsor of the
event this year, and Nic Ford, UK (right), the
manufacturer of the Mindwalker e-meters.
10 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Ior halI an hour at a time), but we went up in a cage that we could hold an inIormal get together at her
oI a rope railway. There was snowaround the place, rather spacious Ilat, closer in to Copenhagen, on
though I did not notice the cold. the Monday aIter the conIerence, Ior those
The surroundings, and accommodation were
marvelous. There was a joy oI meeting Iriends who It was a two day conIerence with lectures centered
had also leIt the church, but there was also an air oI around RONS Org and the inIormal Monday
dissension. David Mayo was there and spoke. meeting went oII well, even with one person
UnIortunately he disclosed an incident that traveling back and Iorth between the group at Vita's
supposedly occurred while he audited Ron, where and the RONS Org group.
Ron had wanted to exteriorise, and thought he had
to an open sky, but they went out and to his
disappointment Iound it was cloudy. Apart Irom
Rons Orgconferences
the indiscretion disclosing session data, it seemed
odd to me, because I had heard Ron say in a lecture
AIter this RONS ORG conIerences were held, that a person may exteriorise Ior the Iirst time out oI
mostly in Germany I think. I got to hear about them present time. At any rate the disclosure created ill
aIter they had happened. However later I did get to Ieelings. RONS Org people was present at the
hear and attend. The Iirst time it was rather conIerence, and there was also (my perception) ill
secretive (I think Ior Iear oI the 'Church Ieeling in some quarters because they appeared to
interIering) and I was met at Munich Station and be trying to create a monopoly, or to proselytize
taken by car to the secret conIerence site. I attended (enIorce joining them).
two or three more conIerences in Southern
Germany. All these conIerences were very well The man who organized the two conIerences (quite
organized, living on a conIerence site with meals a brave man, the last one at least was sumptuous,
and even entertainment provided. There were also and it was a gamble that it would pay Ior itselI) did
translation Iacilities between German and English not want to continue, so Per Schiottz in Denmark
available (sometimes simultaneously, sometimes oIIered tohost a conIerence a year later.
with a translator standing by the speaker translating
phrase by phrase.) At one oI these Ken Urquhart
was the opening speaker, and the rest oI the
program had two lectures (talks) at the same time,
giving a power oI choice. I have not been to the
Kollekolle is a conIerence centre on the edge oI a
more recent RONS Org conIerences (I think held in
lake north oI Copenhagen. The conIerence was
announced as being Ior all Scientologists who had
leIt the church. I (as reporter Ior the Danish
magazine, UaIhngige Synspunkter) was in
FourthAnnual nternational
contact with Per Schiottz and his wiIe at his centre
near to me. I knew thereIore that although the
conIerence was being advertised as covering all
outside oI the 'Church, in Iact it would be a RONS
This was in 1990 and was the only conIerence
Org conIerence. I knew that some oI those
outside oI Europe that I have attended. It was done
attending expected an ecumenical conIerence, so I
in a hotel/conIerence site, and had a number oI
thereIore made an arrangement with Vita Leland,
diIIerent speakers and was well done (as were the

IVy on the web also a membership forum

Ant's Scientology Story 5
11 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
other conIerences). AIterwards there were more evening meals at this conIerence, I, who was editor
inIormal meetings, where Sarge Gerbode, the oI the Danish magazine UaIhngie Synspunkter,
Iounder oI Metapsychology was picking some gave an inIormal talk, proposing the start oI an
people's brains, an endeavor to evolve a 'bridge English Language magazine, which became Ivy.
Ior Metapsychology.
Ray's policy was to have a local person arrange the
conIerences (quite a responsibility) and the next to
arrange Ior him was the Dutch Fri Scientology
Organization, run by the Poortenaar's (Tibor Ivy
distributor early on). Anotable part oI this was Ray
giving a perIormance, a copy oI something he had
In IVy 7 (1992) I wrote an article encouraging the seen Ron do in a longer Iorm, oI the beginning oI
idea oI conIerences, and Terry Scott in England track, something in the nature oI a naive young
took up the idea, making one day conIerences in thetan, discovering liIe. It took quite a while (my
North and South England. These later were limited guess, twenty minutes) and it was a pity that no Iilm
to the London area, and were led by Ewa and was made oI it. Ray also went into some rather
Michael Manius, with the help(as is always the abstruse (to me) talk on Quantum philosophy and
case) oI a band oI helpers. They were one day theta which he has summarizeded in one oI his
conIerences, with Iive to eight diIIerent speakers, Kemp's Column articles in IVy (Nr. 33).
and a buIIet lunch in the middle, and the optional
possibility oI an evening meal. On the day aIter The hope at that time was that the next year Ray
(Sunday) there was an inIormal meeting, mostly would hold a conIerence in England. It did not
Ior those Irom abroad, in the Manias' own home. happen, because it required someone to take Iull
These conIerences went on Ior something like ten responsibility Ior it Irom Ato Z, and the Iewpeople
years (I don't remember exactly, and don't have a whom I heard suggest it had what is called "cold
record). Ieet"!

Metapsychology conferences
Ray and Pam Kemp came to Europe three times Round about that time I was aware oI
Metapsychology conIerences being held in Europe, and held conIerences. The Iirst was held in
and at the time oI the just mentioned Dutch Copenhagen. They both spoke, and I was aware oI
conIerence a weekend earlier or later) there was a local opposition (anger), oI the nature that it was
Metapsychology conIerence in Brussels, Belgium. I
not standard tech. A Iurther conIerence was
had gone to these conIerences with Birthe Skou and
arranged by a German and took place in East-
Bent Christensen, and we stayed down there Ior both
Berlin, just aIter the Berlin Wall had Iallen and Iron
conIerences, being tourists in the interval between. I
Curtain been taken down. I was there with Birthe
had asked someone to be a beneIactor and donate
Skou and Sigrun Lone, and I remember getting an
5,000 Danish Kroner Ior the start oI Ivy, and
auditing session Irom Pam Kemp (whom I had
remember casually seeing them (it was a married
audited on course in London in 1956). It was, I
couple) and being told that they had agreed to make
think, a two day conIerence, held at a rather
the donation. I remember also a Metapsychology
isolated site, which I understood had been used by
conIerence I went to in Munich, were I had been
high ups in the East German regime. At one oI the
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Ant's Scientology Story 5

12 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Iound a private home I could stay in Ior Iree and I thousand hours oI straightwire.") I am leIt with the
spent days discovering much beIore and aIter the general impression oI lots oI interesting talks, etc.
conIerence. and oI extroversions, and meetings (in meal and
coIIee breaks) with many interesting people. And
based a little on the cognition I gave you earlier, I sort
oI see a pattern oI the earlier conIerences being
Open8pace Conferences markedly certain amount oI dissension, be it
between one group or sect and another, or between
"adventurers" and strict adherents to standard tech
We have had about Iour conIerences in Denmark,
(or an earlier Iorm oI Scientology), and this seems to
the last being this year. They are two day aIIairs,
have died away to a great extent. In other words,
where we have partly used the Open-Space
there is more granting oI nothingness to others'
viewpoints. I wonder iI this is similar to when a
suppressive regime in Yugoslavia vanished, and
nology), ably guided by Flemming Funch.
there was an enormous amount oI dissension in the
Generally speaking we have had about equal
country, which (with great and sad losses) has settled
numbers coming Irom Denmark and abroad, and I
invited (especially) Ioreigners to my Ilat Ior the day
aIter (also this year the Tuesday aIter the
I am now nearly in my 80s, and there are not many
like me leIt who experienced the 50s, when (my
opinion) Scientology was at curiosity, interest and
Last Year an Open Space conIerence was held by
enthusiasm. It would be valuable iI those reading this
Caspar de Rijk, at his spacious premises south oI
who experienced those early times wrote them up
Berlin. This was a great success, and Iollowed the
and sent them to IVy. How was everyday
tradition oI allowing many viewpoints I
Scientology liIe Ior you. What happened? I'd remind
particularly remember Rey Robles' explanation oI
you that those IewIortunate to leave the present day
the diIIerent Scientology Gradation charts (at
Church are not taught Scientology history, and
diIIerent times in Scientology history). It was
would appreciate knowing about it. And also what I
sunny, and some open space meetings were held
have written here is my viewpoint; what I saw and
out in the garden. The aItermath was a bit marred
what I think, and it would certainly be valuable iI
by a couple oI SP declares oI participants,
those in disagreement or with other viewpoints
something I have not heard oI beIore outside oI the
would write in, perhaps just a simple short letter to
ChurchoI Scientology.
the editor.
As a closing remark, I would emphasize that whole
day (or two day) meetings are not the only Iorm
available, and I would encourage initiative in
arranging smaller meetings. It is Iun to meet Iellow
Ex-Scientologists, in a small group, in relatively
There have been many conIerences in the Free relaxed surroundings, perhaps just once, perhaps as a
Scientology world, and I seem to have attended quite monthlyor yearlyor bi-yearly event.
a Iew in the years since the "Church" very wisely
(Irom my viewpoint) threw me out. You may have Next in this series I will get back to my last period as
gathered that my memory oI details oI each staII in the London HASI, another rather Iutile
conIerence is pretty thin (an experienced c/s reading attempt to be a Iield auditor, and perhaps get round to
this will no doubt say "Tchk! Tchk! he needs Iive myIirst Saint Hill (England) staII years.

IVy on the web also a membership forum

Ant's Scientology Story 5
13 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Over the years have had much contact with L.
Ron Hubbard (LRH), mainly on Auditing and
Technical matters. worked closely with him in
the Saint Hill, UK, and in the Sea Org days.
Early 1966 originated and set up one of the first
'OT Projects', the LRH Finance Committee, to
establish the exact amount owed to LRH by
Scientology. The final amount, he said, he 'for-
gave' the church. The true amount owed was not
all that much but he added several millions on
the price, being 'the cost and goodwill of Saint
Hill'. The 'forgiving' was a grand PR gesture. He
personally never paid a cent towards Saint Hill,
LRH as Teacher
He had a near total memory for details of places,
names, events, etc. His tremendous ability to
recall details was phenomenal. His knowledge of
and his willingness to explain data, in this case
the points of energy flow, later seen in financial
policy, was inexhaustible.
He explained the movement of people and the
flow of moneys through businesses in a combi-
nation which outlined the ideal flow lines in any
organized endeavor. This scheme, originally laid
out on cardboard in his own handwriting, later
became known as the Organization Board. He
explained its background, where it came from, its
flow lines, etc., n order to clarify the cohesion of
auditing technology and organizational policy.
Working with Ron
in the 1960s and 70s
Working with Ron
By Otto J. Roos, Class XII
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

About theauthor:
Otto J. Roos came into Scientology in the late
1950's and became fully trained as an auditor.
He later went to Saint Hill (England) where he
became a Class V Power auditor and
worked under LRH C/S as Case Officer, SH.
n 1967 he went to the 'Sea Project', as the
Sea Org was called in its early beginnings,
trained under LRH on the Flag V course,
and became Flag V C/S. He was among the
first Class X to X auditors under LRH C/S.
He then became the Flag X C/S. After also
having completed the FEBC (Flag Executive
Briefing Course), LRH appointed him as
Class X Tech Flub Catch and Control Officer
W/W(world wide) to supervise the application
of the tech. He also worked as Research
Auditor on the OT levels and the Advanced X
to X data. After personal disagreements with
LRH he was 'thrown out' of the Sea Org. He
arrived back in Europe with $100, and a huge
'free loader debt' to the organization, which he
paid while building up a world wide network of
businesses. Apart from his own ability, he
ascribes his results to his understanding and
use of the ethics, tech, policy and admin data,
and upon what he learned from the personal
contact he had, working directly under and
with Ron for many years.
14 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
To go into this in detail would be too lengthy. Organizationally, when correctly applied, it built me
very successful businesses. He was always a Researcher and Teacher, a Relay Point of
nformation! He, like , often worked at night and used to wander around Saint Hill and later on the
Flagship at late hours and would discuss matters of Tech and Policy. He was most anxious in his
wishes to truly be duplicated and went to any lengths to have this happen. n recent years, have
heard him being accused of 'authoritarianism', and though this was the case, in my experience, he
always in his own way took great interest in and expended much effort on getting the Tech correctly
applied. n his Solo Research of the Upper Levels and with his Research Auditors, he was very
exact and strict indeed in his Training of others and in C/Sing, but he would spend any amount of
effort to bring genuine understanding. Even when was running the practical training of the Flag
top auditors, he would come and supervise and personally train myself in the art of training others!
A RelaxedRon
LRH was an entirely different person when dealing with, talking about, and explaining points of
technology or policy, especially when he was speaking on a one on one basis. He was then differ-
ent as he was relaxed and keyed out. He even went to the point of calling me to his bedroom to
have a person he himself had trained to talk to and to help him sort things out for himself.
Especially on technical matters he wanted to be sure to be duplicated. He was completely different
when keyed out. We all are, but not many have as much to be keyed out of.
LRH as auditor
Also when being audited by him, he created a space which was safe beyond belief. Especially in
the days of work on 'OTAbilities', like levitation, exteriorisation from the physical universe (in the
early days of the then OT8 and upward on Flag in early 1968) he was a completely different man.
This was no 'hidden data', but such personal lectures gave quite another insight in the materials
covered, especially as he gave many examples out of his personal (very long) experience to clarify
the points made. The worth of these talks was unmeasurable in terms of material value
LRH as researchC/8
When he suddenly wanted further Testing/Research Auditing done into specific phenomena, the
basic causes of them as well as the correct ways to handle them were looked for and established.
When LRH was on the trail of something in his research he never left off until he discovered, iso-
lated, analyzed, and found ways to handle what he was after. Although this put quite a lot of strain
on him and his body as well as on the few auditors who participated in this work, have never
known him to stop untiI the point hadbeen IuIIy handIed! This has been the way in which he
workedIor as Iong as I have known him. Ior exampIe, years beIore the Bea Org a terminaI
cancer case on the CIearing Course had to be gotten through as a major research project.
Integrating Sexuality

IVy on the web also a membership forum

Working with Ron
15 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Bhe was on this BoIo Course way ahead oI myseII (the auditor), which did not exactIy
make Ior easy auditing. His ClBing got her through! John McMaster (the worId's Iirst
CIear) had the pIeasure oI veriIying her CIear Btate, aIter which she immediateIy IeIt the
body. (In the oId days CIears did not just attest, but we were subjected to a series oI tests.
We hadto be abIe to produce certain -meter phenomena at wiII, we hadto be abIe to dem-
onstrate certain theta abiIities.) The auditing oI this pc was done under IRH daiIy super-
visionlbrieIing, showing not onIy the exactness he was capabIe oI but even more his care.
Bhe was a very oId Iriend oI his Iromthe i50 days and he successIuIIy did everything he
couId do to get her beIore her death to the state oI CIear. I had to actuaIIy audit her
through the CIearingCourse.
Very earIy OT IracticaI Research started in the mid sixties with the OT 2 Iroject WhoIe
Track RecaII, with myseII as In Charge. We were brieIed by IRH. This was a Mission to
IreIand that had to do with speciaI sections oI OT 2. The brieIing he gave was painstak-
ingIy accurate. The activity was top secret, we had to depart and return without mention-
ingour destination or purpose to anyone. The Mission was technicaIIya success, showing,
as it did, the vaIidity oI WhoIe Track RecaII. He was searching Ior (and Iound!) practicaI
uses oI this data in daiIyIiIe.
A Iew years Iater some oI the auditing data was used Ior his 'Mission into Time' in the
Mediterranean. In those years his BoIo Research, and his supervision oI the research
work done by his auditors, was done on the same Iines oI the unbeIievabIe precision he
Iater worked at instiIIing into CIass X to XII trainees in the days when he stiII personaIIy
supervisedtheir trainingon IIag.
Class V andOverboard
The original Class V course was the true beginning of this precision. t was enforced by throwing
overboard students who had goofed and that was each and every one of us somewhere along the
line. This was, especially for non-swimmers, at times a horrifying experience. At a later stage,
when was C/Sing some of the PCfolders of students who had had this happen to them, it became
clear to me that this could be an absolutely terrifying experience. The deck and railing of the ship
were very high over the water and to be thrown off the ship from there, maybe 20 to 30 feet, could
be horrific. When became Flag C/S, stopped that practice. had continued it for a while until dis-
covered what it had done to some auditors. However, LRHhad said, "We can make top auditors in
3 weeks, and therefore we could. Nowit appears completely absurd, but that was the law! t made
auditing totally unsafe, broke many hardworking and willing auditors, and it ruined a lot of well-
intentioned students.
Integrating Sexuality
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Working with Ron

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16 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Class V was all about the precision of auditing. t did
not address or correct what was later called Quickie
Grades. The first Class V course was given in
September 1968 onboard the Flagship, Apollo. t con-
tinued the practice of Quickie Grades that had first
been introduced together with the Floating Needle at
Saint Hill, UK, in 1966. This practice led to higher
incomes but lowresults.
LRHs insistence on precision in auditing technology
(he called it standard tech) was something that really
characterized LRH. Yet, there was at the same time
always the need to make money, money, money; and,
am afraid to say, technical integrity was sacrificed on
the altar of money!
The sacrifice of technical integrity and of the skill of
trainee auditors on the altar of a quick buck was one
of the major causes to the later often alleged "short-
comings of the Tech. This became very real to me
after , as Flag C/S, had C/Sed many folders from the
outer orgs and this done under Ron's supervision of
me. The demand-for-money attitude
Spread into organizations, all having to have "up-statistics, and this "statistic mainly consisting of
money. n viewof the above, it is also very clear WHYa lot of work turned out the way it did. When
money (income from students and PCs) is the Great statistic, unintended overt production runs
rife. This was very often justified and lied about, may add. LRHwrote that none of the PCs ever left
Flag without being exterior with full perception. This was patently untrue!
LRH Tech
The pure auditing technology was always classic LRH! n this area he had a quality of just knowing,
a certainty he always sought to pass on to those who worked with him directly on these lines. This
Working with Ron

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(1) footnote: Running GPMs (goals-problems-masses) is a procedure that was extensively used in the
1960s. t handled goals and contained lots of listing procedures. As the modern rules of Listing&Nulling
were not known back then, many auditing mistakes of severe nature occurred (author's footnote).
This photo from 1968 shows a trainee
Class VIII auditor being thrown overboard. If
the Case Supervisor would find any major
error in his auditing, the instructions would
read: "Flunk! Overboard!" And these instruc-
tions would be carried out in short order.
17 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
quality is something that is hard to relay in words. f one could describe experiencing co-existing
knowingness -- that would be it with this man.
This, however, only happened with the few who were around him for long enough to master the
data under his supervision. The many "overboards was subject to, could take in stride as was
fortunate enough to be a good swimmer.
From my own personal experience, can say that mistakes made in upper level research auditing
really hurt in mind and body. LRH must have been hit severely with his already much older body.
Also, during the history of the development of the subject there must have been many instances of
unworkable processes or wrongly run processes. n the old days, things like overrun, rehab, and
end-phenomena, and the laws of listing & nulling were violated as they were unknown. The
"creaks a horrible sensation of one's back and spinal cord being twisted out of place that was
best known to turn on if running the GPM procedures wrongly, once put me into the doctor's hands
in Las Palmas while was working on OT-2 and OT-3 research. ended up with severe eye injury.
The same type of research nearly killed LRHwith his much older body.
John McMaster, another research auditor, broke his foot in experiments of levitation. myself suf-
fered horrendous chest and head somatics when running control procedures over long distances.
There have been many such instances and incidents.
LRH was not the Source of the data. t has always been there. He was not even the Source of the
way out and through; but he was a relay point who found and communicated this route: for others
to duplicate. Especially research auditing was not an "easy way for him, his body, or his research
auditors; but he, and thereby we, got through! The even later work on more advanced OT Levels
became progressively tougher.
From Vy, ssue 2 - August 1991
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Working with Ron

The Sea Org Project and "Mission
into Time" used initially two vessels:
The Yawl Enchanter and the trawler,
Avon River. They were later renamed Diana
(the yacht) and Athena (the steam engine trawler.)
18 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Did the old TRs Course. Then the old HQS Course. Sherlock Holmes and Dr, Watson are on a camping
At some point they went exterior and that was trip. n the middle of the night Holmes wakes up and
basically that. gives Watson a nudge.
Of course it was flawed, and deeply, in some "Watson," he says, "look up in the sky and tell me
respects. Especially when you think that if LRH had what you see.
got t en j ust ONE
person interested in " see millions of stars,
Dianetics in 1950 and H o l m e s , " s a y s
then in 1951 he and Watson.
that other person
each got one more "And what do you
person interested and conclude from that,
those four in 1952 Watson?
each got one and so
on and so on... even at Watson thinks for a
that rate, by 1982, moment. "Well," he
ever yone on t he says, "astronomically,
planet would have it tells me that there
been in Scientology. are millions of galaxies
Do the arithmetic if you don't believe me. That's not and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically,
written to make LRH wrong. Had someone started observe that Saturn is in Leo. Theologically...
the same progression in 1970, the same result
would have been attained by 2002. "Watson, you idiot! Someone has stolen our tent!"
Since LRH dropped his body in 1986, the business Reports on the site Scientology-cult.com
model for Scientology was essentially cremated (established by renegade Scientology top
along with his earthly remains. At the very least it executives) all point in the direction that someone
was allowed to ossify and become hardened into has stolen Scientology as originally developed by
today's flashy MEST buildings courtesy of the deal LRH.
Org program. Nobody likes the way that is going.
Not the public, not the staff and certainly not David Moreover, the business model has devolved into the
Miscavige despite what you hear at events. t is worst perversion of "money for nothing' " that one
inevitable that one day the whole mess is going to can imagine. Now, maybe Scientology didn't have
come crashing in on itself. Where will Scientology be the greatest business model in the first place as
then? Scientology, the subject, not what currently developed by LRH. LRH himself never claimed
passes as the organization. perfection. Someone else has touted that. LRHonly
claimed workability. The system worked to one
The subject is still the subject, an applied religious degree or another. People bought the Dianetics
philosophy. The mechanisms of the mind and the book. They came into an organization or mission.
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

A New Business
Model for 8cientology
By Joe Howard, USA
Scieno|o,y has no moved ino he
|nlormaion \,e and ye. he echno|o,ies
avai|ab|e oday ha were no deve|oped when
|k was a|ive. have he poenia| o ranslorm
insiuiona| Scieno|o,y ino somehin, ha
|0l|0 spread he subjec lar and wide as
we|| as las and lree.
New Business Model for Scn 1
19 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
means to change conditions outlined in Scientology congregate for parties and Bingo night, etc.
will still exist even if every organization closes or
Miscavige takes off with all the money in the coffers. Now, howmany more people would be learning and
As an analogy, the periodic table and chemistry still applying Scientology under an arrangement such as
exist and are workable despite Alfred Nobel's use of described here? Basically free, or very low cost,
them to invent dynamite and kill millions of people. progress at your own pace on your own schedule,
(At least he had an ethics change and set up a contact someone in the org when you need help or
perpetual amends project at the end of his life.) want to get your certificate.
The point here, of course, is that Scientology has not A shadow of this new model for Scientology
moved into the nformation Age and yet, the currently exists in the Freezone but it's only a
technologies available today that were not shadow. How standard would the tech be under
developed when LRH was alive, have the potential such an arrangement? Probably about as standard
to transform institutional Scientology into something as LRH said it would be in the field. And that was
that COULD spread the subject far and wide as well good enough for him. There are auditors in the
as fast and free. Freezone doing all kinds of riffs on LRH tech. Well,
that's what goes on in the field. The sad truth is that
magine, then, being able to read LRH books and it's more than is going on at Flag Service
bulletins and listen to LRHlectures sitting at home or Organization in Florida, where auditors and
at a cafe. magine not having to race home after everybody else is doing fund raising for nternational
work, wolf down a meal to make it to roll call at 7:00, Association of Scientology full time.
but doing your course on-line on your own schedule.
(Maybe you can only devote a hour tonight because One huge advantage of this new model for
American dol comes on at 8:00.) Even your TRand Scientology is that it takes a ton of MEST off the
metering courses. Web cams, anyone? Cut your comm lines and that's a good thing. As Scientology
video and email it to the course supervisor in the org. is currently organized, it is basically all MEST, big
After you've watched the Tech Film that you had buildings, book and lecture packages and money.
downloaded and watched earlier. No real auditing or training going on, which is
supposed to be the entire activity of Scientology. Not
Basically all of Scientology could be studied and fund raising. The huge CD production facility built
learned on-line and probably could be made several years ago at Gold was obsolete even before
available for free. Even the haters might listen to a the first CD came off the line. The iPod already
lecture or two if they were free. existed and Apple would have been more than
happy to custom produce a special Scientology
Okay, where does that leave the organizations? version that could have held all LRH materials. (All
Well, you would still need a brick and mortar location the books, green volumes and red volumes already
for certain things like Qual. People would have to go fit easily on a single CD, by the way.) Or Gold could
in and demonstrate that they really could assess a have made them available for download for 99 cents
prepared list in order to be certified by the apiece like iTunes does with songs. The point is that
organization. Co-auditors might need C/Sing or when you take all the MEST off the line, the price of
cramming and the ReviewAuditors would probably anything drops to near zero!
be busy as hell from preclears having been chopped
up in the field learning to audit in such a improvised Another huge advantage is that it lets anyone who
manner as am proposing here. These services are downloads a book or lecture be responsible for their
valuable services and deserve to be exchanged for. own duplication, understanding and judgment with
The auditors in the orgs probably would be the best respect to the materials. The fact is that everyone
tech terminals in the area and the field would want who has ever had an interest in Scientology has had
their help. The brick and mortar org would also be a direct line with LRH. After all, he is the one who
the central meeting place for all the Scientologists in cobbled the subject together out of everything that
that community. That's where everyone would came before plus added his own breakthroughs

IVy on the web also a membership forum

New Business Model for Scn 1
20 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
about the mind and life, not to mention auditing tech.
Over the years some individuals have allowed other The purpose for writing this is to let readers know
people to stand between themselves and LRH and that plans are afoot to bring about such a newmodel
cut the line. t might have been a bad Registrar or a for Scientology, to make it a truly free subject, just as
bad Ethics Officer or a bad Chairman of RTC. f you LRH said it was meant to be. With a new, nternet
are sitting in an upset with the org, you've let your based business model people could do Scientology
line with LRH be cut. A new model for Scientology without the hassle of dealing with the red and black
such as being proposed here makes that line to LRH caped crusaders in orgs as they currently exist.
accessible to basically everyone with a computer.
From there someone could sort out for themselves The other purpose for writing this is to begin a
whether there is anything of value in the subject. discussion about the future of the organization.
Right now that's not really possible because of 1) Because the current one is a relic of another age.
economic reasons and 2) the horrendous PR about Comments and suggestions are encouraged.
the subject. Alot of people don't know the first thing
about the subject and don't want to because the PR
Joe Howard
is so God awful.
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

4|| c| |cos |ec| coc |ecc||ogs c|e ccsec co |o|c|mc||co coc ccmmuo|cc||co. w|, oc| |cke
||e /umc coc mc.e ||c|o|og coc cuc|||og |o|c c,ce| sccce?
New Business Model for Scn 1
21 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Read the headline, read the billboard: There it is, would more or less rather tell you what to make of it.
the new PR campaign for Scientology! t will be But the tune playing on that drum is beginning to
coming soon to a billboard in your town! We just irritate the ears of Scientologists and they are
need a way to siphon off some of the three-quarters beginning to tune it out. More and more, individual
of a billion dollars in the nternational Association of Scientologists are seeing themselves in the position
Scientologists (AS) "war chest to pay for it. described by LRHin the Tech Training Film, "TR5
Why TRs?," and feeling like the kid who finds
That, by the way, is the totality of the campaign. t himself all alone in a strange land with no
acknowledges the general public's perception of organization. What's a person to do? As LRH says
Scientology, which immediately establishes the in the film, "Of course you would apply Scientology!"
highest Reality possible, while letting viewers make
up their own mind about the wins. They can dispute People who have broken from the church, some
whether the wins are crazy or not, depending on many years ago, still apply the basics they learned
which definition of "crazy" they choose to read into in the subject: ARC, the comm formula,
it. administrative basics, ethics tech, assists, etc.
Some do that plus audit others or receive auditing.
t's kind of like the entire subject of Scientology in ndeed, one hears stories of people who bought the
the final analysis, you're free to make of it what you Dianetics book back in the 1950s, have been
will. Leaders in the official Church of Scientology auditing on and off ever since who had no idea that
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Crazy deas, Crazy Winsl
By Joe Howard, USA
New Business Model for Scn 2
22 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
there was any organization or even the further
subject of Scientology. The idea here is that Scientology should fit into a
person's life, not the other way around.
No matter how rotten the church has become, the
message of Scientology still inspires interest and There's a fascinating book out that articulates a lot
passion among those with whom it once resonated. of what has happened to society in the past 10 or 20
Some who have left the church think it's all a fraud years and it is a great read for those of us who don't
and want to get rid of it. 'm not directing my articles care for organi zati ons. t comes hi ghl y
at them particularly, aside from providing my tech recommended to any free Scientologist. t's called
perspective on what they Here Comes Everybody, The
have come to hate. Power of Organizing Without
Organi zat i ons, by Cl ay
Some feel that church Shirky. (Penguin Books,
policies are at the root of the 2008)
abuses they have suffered or
read about. What these The point of this article is to
people aren't confronting is get a discussion going on
that everyone who has what kind of Scientology we
worked for an org, mission or want. Do we want it to be free,
in the Sea Organization, was monetarily or thought wise?
bound by t hose same Do we want to reestablish the
pol i ci es. The gr eat est community that existed in the
percentage of staff has never early days of Dianetics? Do
engaged in the abuses that we want to enable people to
some smal l percentage train up as auditors and co-
(about 2 or 2 1/2% at a wild audit outside the auspices of
guess) f el t j ust i f i ed i n the official Cof S? What?
dramatizing on others. Just
as some Christians find a verse in the Bible to inflict You'll notice that none of this takes into account the
all sorts of mischief on others or some Muslims pull current church or its Dear Leader (the comparison is
a line out of the commentaries on the Koran to justify apt down to a fascination with Hollywood) or its
wearing the dynamite hoodie (a hooded jacket often misapplications of ethics, tech and admin. Despite
used by suicide bombers) or a few Jews interpret all that, LRH's work is still there for anyone to use.
the Talmud to suit their evil agendas, there have Much of it is available on the 'net' for free. Even the
been Scientologists who used one policy or another C of S itself has the complete Scientology
to act out their evil purposes. n other words, it's the Handbook up there for free.
person, not the policy, who is at fault in the greatest
number of instances. n other words, the Scientology you always
envisioned can be created the way you felt it should
Before this results in endless nitpicking of policy, be. The internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and many
however, here's the real point: Scientology outside other digital tools make it possible today to do just
the umbrella of the church can have any damn that.
policies we want. t can have any structure we give Let's start commenting and debating that!

f a guy wants to sit out in Nova Scotia solo auditing
on OT in the morning and pulling salmon from the
rivers in the afternoon, that's just dandy. f a person
Joe Howard
wants to sit on the train home from work and do Self
Analysis lists on herself, more power to her.

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New Business Model for Scn 2
"Hcrc's thc rcaI gont:
SccntoIogy outsdc thc
umbrcIIa oI thc
church can havc any
damn goIccs
vc vant. t can havc any
structurc vc gvc t."
23 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
have trouble with or a disagreement with the Time and again see
statement "Scientology is a religion" or even t h a t F r e e z o n e
"Scientology is my religion". Approximately Scientologists have
20 out of 80 something held up their hand. some cautious or
After the lecture asked again and got only 2 even a hostile attitude
or so. Thus, conclude, my arguments must to the idea that they
have been somewhat convincing! are participating in a
religion. think it still
n the meantime have made a very has to do with the equation of religion with
interesting contact to Prof. Gruenschloss of Christian religion (which is in our western
the Gttingen University, culture the background
a researcher in religious against which we learn
sciences who is mostly and experience what
i nt er est ed i n " new "religion" is). Thus they
religions and especially equate that religion has
Scientology. was invited to have something to do
to give a lecture about with God. While the
the Freezone to students Church of Scientology
who attended a seminar itself claims not only with
on the general subject of its name to be a religious
Scientology. had also organi zat i on, many
some good talks with Scientologists, if asked,
staff and students. learned to my surprise feel queasy over the idea of Scientology
that a graduate of Gttingen University wants being a religion. They prefer a definition once
to write her doctorate thesis about the given by L.Ron Hubbard that Scientology is
Freezone. an "applied religious philosophy.(1) LRH did
however on other occasions explicitly state
So indeed Scientology is at least the object of
that Scientology is a reli
mainstream research in terms of being a
religion. To add some food for thought want
At the Ron's Org convention in Switzerland in
to outline the contents of my article,
2006 held a lecture on this subject. At the
presenting my arguments with regards to the
beginning asked who of the audience would
question: "s Scientology a religion?
Is Scientology a Religion?
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

s 8cientology
By Otfried Krumpholtz, Senior C/S, Rons Org, Frankfurt
A Religion?
"l lcarac4 te my sarprisc that
a gra4aatc el 6ttiagca
laircrsity waats te writc hcr
4ecteratc thcsis abeat thc
1. L.Ron Hubbard, 'Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, Los Angeles 1975, Entry 'Scientology, deIinition 13.
2. L.Ron Hubbard, 'Religious Philosophy and Religious Practice, HCO Bulletin oI 18 April 1967.
24 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
ruling power, the Creator and controller oI the
universe, who has given to man a spiritual nature
n the first part would like to look a bit closer which continues to exist aIter the death oI the
at what a religion is and how one can define body.(4)
the concept and also how one can mark it out
from other concepts like philosophy and But when you dig a little deeper into the
world-view(in German: Weltanschauung). subject and perhaps read through lexicons
and encyclopedias, you will conclude that in
n the second part want to apply the clarity the definition as the humanities give it today,
we have gained of the subject to Scientology this God-related component does not
and try to classify it. necessarily emerge and the
concept of r el i gi on i s
n the third part will show expressed relatively broadly.
which importance these n the German Brockhaus
questions have for our lexicon of 2002 it is defined as:
Formally religion can be
described as a system of
belief which in doctrine, TheConcept Religion
practice and communal
When we look in German or
f orms takes up the
Engl i s h di c t i onar i es ,
'ultimate questions of the
especially the older ones, we
human s oc i et y and
notice that the word "religion
individuals and tries to
is often defined based on the
answer them.
way of l ooki ng i n our
European cul ture. Thi s
ndeed t here are many
means that belief in or
religions which are not built on
wor shi p of God i s a
the belief in a God who has
component part of this
created everything. There are
definition. Examples are
religions with many or more
many, just to quote two:
than one God, e.g. Hinduism
and Shintoism, and there are religions
'Religion: belieI in the existence oI a god or gods,
without any belief in a God who steers
especially the belieI that they created the universe
everything. The best known example of this is
and gave human beings a spiritual nature which
of course Buddhism, but there are others, too,
continues to exist aIter the death oI the body.(3)
like Jainism.
'Religion: BelieI in the existence oI a supernatural

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Old stone relief showing God creating
the stars. Especially in Western tradition
do we think of religion as closely
connected to the belief in a god as
the Creator of everything.
Is Scientology a Religion?
3. OxIord Advanced Learner`s Dictionary, 5 edition, OxIord 1995
4. Advanced Learner`s Dictionary oI Current English, 2 Edition, London 1963
25 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
which in turn may be compared to reality. f we accept that a belief in God like it can be
Religions on the other hand allow or even found in Christianity or in slam is not an
demand that their followers have a personal element necessary to a religion, the next
conviction on certain points that cannot be question will naturally rise: How exactly can
proven in a strictly scientific sense. This can one differentiate between a religion and a
be a dogmatic belief or it might have to do with philosophy or a world view?
personal revelation or personal experience of
This indeed is a difficult question. Philosophy of
things which lie in the subjective field, in
course means "love of wisdom" and could be
Universe 1 of the person. Examples are the
defined as a systematic effort to
belief in various forms of life
find answers to basic questions,
after death, the possibility of
using reason. Questions like:
miracles, influence of body-
"Where do we come from,"
less spiritual beings etc. Thus
"Where do all things come from,"
t he second const i t ut i ng
"What may we hope?" From this
element of a religion is:
we immediately see that the
personal beliefs in essential
subjects of philosophy together
matters which are beyond
are also subjects of religion.
Indeed L. Ron Hubbard himself scientific proof.
says: "Religion consists of
r el i gi ous phi l osophy and
3. Although a philosophic
religious practice."(5)
school in principle might aim at
offering specific rules and
believe that the following
guiding principles which can
main points make a differentiation possible:
direct a human being, the application of its
knowledge is seldom or never an integral part
1. Areligion is mostly organized as a
of it. Rather this application is left to the
group, while a philosophy is just a school of
individual who wants to subject him- or
thought. Followers of a religion organize in
herself to this school of thought or who
tighter or looser groups, hold regular
studies the results of it by chance. Religions
meetings and probably have a hierarchic or a
on the other hand always have the element of
network structure. n other words: they build a
religious practices. There is religious service,
third dynamic. Certain common convictions
acts like prayer or meditation, there is mental
are binding (obligatory), e.g. one cannot be a
and spiritual guidance and coaching, there
member of the Catholic Church if one does
are numerous activities with religious
not believe in God. Thus the first constituting
meaning which the followers of the religion or
element of a religion is: an organized group
its experts (for instance priests) practice in
with common convictions which are binding
their lives think e.g. of thanksgiving rituals
for its members.
when eating food. All of these are to a large
extent standardized, i.e. not made up by each
2. Philosophy or philosophic schools
individual. Thus the third constituting element
try to base all their tenets and doctrines on
of a religion is: it is not only a theory or belief
logic, either from observations derived from
system but contains elements of practical
reality or by investigation of certain axioms
application that to a greater or lesser degree
from which a total body of thought is derived,
are prescribed to the individual in their form or
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Is Scientology a Religion?
Duddhism has no dcity. Onc
of thc most important sym-
bols is Thc Whccl of Lifc.
26 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
regarding the fact of exercising them. whole arises, an understanding of human life
at least in most aspects with which the
To summerize: individual is in direct contact. Some or many
- n contrast to religion a philosophy of the components of a world-view can be
is a school of thought, not an organized third shared among several persons without this
dynamic; necessarily giving them the same overall
- There is no need for personal world-view.
conviction or belief in a philosophy;
- And it concerns itself with theory, While the three elements given above will
but knows no binding application, even render a satisfactory definition, in my opinion,
though it does not oppose the conversion of want to point out that nothing of what said
its knowledge into practice. above will make religion and philosophy (or
religion and world-view) a pair of mutually
Finally we have the concept of world-view, exclusive or even opposite concepts. A
which is even more vague. Characteristic of a religion can include a philosophy or might
world view is the fact that each person can itself be incorporated by a follower of that
have his own view of the world. A world-view religion into a world-view with has additional,
might connect religious elements with e.g. political components.
philosophical or political elements and
specifically includes certain values by which
the person orients himself to distinguish 8cientology as aReligion
between good and bad acts. So that one can
speak of a world-viewand not only of a certain
Now we will undertake to place Scientology
opinion, it must contain such a multitude of
somewhere in the definitions found.
components that a view upon the world as a

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Philosophers work alone, applying reason to
the big questions of existence. Religion is
done in groups and includes rites and
Is Scientology a Religion?
27 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Without a doubt, anyone who has engaged in compulsion to obey, we do find contents or
Scientology seriously and who does the convictions that are more or less binding. For
Bridge can claim about himself that he has a instance, in the Free Zone as well as in the
scientologically colored world-view, because Church one can hardly do Scientology and
he will inevitably develop a more or less take drugs at the same time. Certain ways of
systematic view of life and the dynamics, a conduct are not approved of, especially those
body of concepts that explains his existence that result in the suppression of other
and offer him help in how to behave and in scientologists. Practitioners, especially
knowing what is right and wrong. auditors, are naturally bound by the Auditor's
Likewise, when we look at the concept
philosophy, we will have little trouble to find However, we find Scientology also outside of
Scientology to be covered by it. Scientology groups. A field auditor can audit pcs all by
tries to find answers, especially to the big himself without any contact to a group, or
questions of philosophy: "From where do we perhaps he gives seminars under the title "life
and all things come, "What are we, "What help or "personality development. As a
can we know, "What can we do, "What may phenomenon this would only belong to the
we hope? To achieve such answers, it fringes of Scientology, because when we
applies the rules of logic. Also, most of what imagine someone who is a scientologist, we
we can study in Scientology is derived either would always come up with that person doing
from observation of reality or it is verifiable by the Bridge and this usually requires visiting a
such observations. course room and even the mini course room
of a one-man-org we would consider a form of
But is it also a religion? Let us look at the third dynamic.
various criteria.
We come to the second criterion for religion
belief or personal subjective conviction. Concerning the formation of groups, we can
see that this can emerge in quite diverse
ways across the Scientology world. n the Even though we are often inclined to look
Church of Scientology the members happen upon our viewpoints about life and the
to be fairly strictly organized. There is a formal universe as scientific truth, we can still say
membershi p (not i n the Church of that personal experience and conviction play
Scientology, but in the AS [nternational a big role in Scientology. Most scientologists
Associations of Scientologists]). Orders believe in reincarnation and past lives, but
issued by staff and even more by the only a few of them have verified and proven
nternational Management are seen as their memories of earlier existence in the
obligatory. Deviationism is not tolerated in physical universe, meaning that they have
most areas. checked upon the name and identity they
remember in auditing. A similar thing holds
The Free Zone on the other hand is much less true for certain parts of the materials of the
organized. But here we find groups, too. Part OT-levels.
of the Free Zone are local groups that are
interconnected: one example are the Ron's The subjective element is to a certain extent
Orgs. Although there is little hierarchy and even placed in the center by L. Ron Hubbard
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Is Scientology a Religion?
28 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
when he tells Scientology students: "The truth
is what is true for you, a phrase often As soon as we consider Scientology in its
repeated in various forms throughout his "typical third dynamic form, meaning in
work. We invite a person to get experience organizations, where students and pcs go
with himself on the Bridge to get to know his regularly to do their Bridge, we find all criteria
dynamics and self differently and better, and for a religion are met.
yes, to study materials, but to come to his own
view upon it. We expect of someone to not The fact that L. Ron Hubbard explicitly put the
believe the workability of auditing uncritically, eighth dynamic and dealing with God outside
but to have himself convinced of it by his the scope of the teachings of Scientology
experience as a pc. changes nothing. n the seventies the Church
of Scientology has published a book in which
From the viewpoint of a scientologist, first it is shown that belief in God is not a
Scientology is not (or not just) a series of compulsory element of a religion. But later in
logical conclusions that evolve from each the second part they try to prove that the
other, but a total body into which also his belief in God is practically an integral part of
personal experiences and observations flow, Scientology. suspect that this happened with
which change and broaden in parallel with his the special purpose to heighten the
walking forward on the Bridge. acceptance in the USA and conceive it as a
misnomer of Scientology which most of us
The third criterion eventually, practical would see as a severe alter-is.
application, does not need to be discussed.
He who truly and actively follows Scientology
will take auditing; the intermediaries of
Why is thereligionissueimportant?
Scientology, viz. auditors and course
supervisors, are called upon to apply a
Of course every Scientologist can make up
multitude of rules and procedures exactly.
his own mind about whether Scientology is a
There are also many drills and practical
religion for him or her, and certainly do not
applications which are practiced by
want to push you in any direction. But on a
individuals in life as they seem to fit.
third dynamic level it might look a bit different,
Examples are the Touch Assist or the Ethics
and of course am speaking here out of the
conditions. The purpose of these techniques
viewpoint of the more organized part of the
is obviously not just in the theoretical
Free Zone, i.e. the networks and groups that
explanation of the matter.
are more than just very loosely connected
and thus form an identity visible for the
We can summarize this as follows: On the
outside world.
level of a single person Scientology can be
entertained solely as philosophy; or it can be
believe that the issue discuss here can
a purely therapeutic system for him when he
obtain great importance in the future. After all
just takes auditing and does not commit
we are aware that there are considerable
himself to a third dynamic. An auditor who
efforts against dissemination of Scientology
practices in isolation, e.g. someone who uses
on this planet. Those who would prefer to
Dianetics as a part of a practice for natural
wipe out Scientology entirely or, and this
healing, can restrict himself to one aspect.

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A Spitiual Look at Body Health #2 Is Scientology a Religion?
29 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
would mean the same in the end, bring it countries. There one should rather position
under t hei r own compl et e cont rol , Scientology as "applied philosophy and
unfortunately also have a considerable such, in order not to be attacked.
influence on politics and society.
Another advantage of appealing to the
religious nature of Scientology is shown in the f we want to grow, we therefore need an
discussion with the Church of Scientology. identity and structure that protects us from
While a commercial enterprise can endanger attacks and also against problems that
and restrict competitors with all possible threaten us from the side of governments with
means of competition, a church cannot forbid which we live and want to practice
another church and its members the practice Scientology under.
of their religion in any lawful way.
Therefore it is extremely advantageous when
Of course it is all a matter of which result one we can position ourselves as a religion on a
wants to achieve; what one sees as good or group level, because the practice of religion is
bad PR. n modern society religion for many protected by constitution in most states,
people is a negative button something we internationally fortified by the Declaration of
have mostly bad experiences with, thanks to Human Rights of the United Nations. This law
the Christian Church. On that basis it is protects in the first place the individual, which
probably not recommendable to put the m e a n s f o r i n s t a n c e t h a t t h e
aspect "religion too much to the forefront in "Schutzerklrung (declaration of protection)
dissemination or when one has to explain that is frequently used in Germany meaning
oneself to one's employer, colleagues or the that a candidate for a job with the government
school of one's children. The concept must sign a paper that they are not a
"freedom of belief however is in most cases a scientologist is clearly against the law. But
good argument and probably stronger than also religious communities and societies are
arguing with "world-view because as soon under the protection of these constitutional
as one appeals to freedom of belief, one does laws and may not be attacked by the state on
not have to discuss right or wrong anymore if the basis of their doctrine and practice, as
one does not want to. long as these are not aimed against the state
or the rights of other people. Besides, in many
For us it is of course an individual estimation countries religious groups even have certain
howwe classify Scientology for us personally privileges, e.g. with regards to taxes. Mostly
there are no structures like a church in the the law doesn't differentiate between
Free Zone that require belief of its members. religious groups and world-view groups,
f the question about Scientology as a religion except that a group that claims being a
is to be discussed, it is mainly a question we religious union has an easier time to argue
have to discuss and solve in the field of the this background, because the concept of
third dynamic, because it is important for the world-viewis quite blurred.
future of the third dynamic.
This analysis, of course, is not valid for
countries where freedom of religion is
suppressed, like in Russia or most slamic
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Is Scientology a Religion?
30 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
As he was speeding past, the viewer spotted
s there a Way Out?
a brightly colored box in the distance. He
moved in Ior a closer look. The viewer looked in
The viewer watched with curious interest.
the box. There were three tigers in the box. The
The three tigers prowled around the box seeking
box was not a whole lot bigger than the tigers
a way out. They knew there must be a way out
and they seemed to be looking Ior a way out.
and were keen to apply their experience and
expertise to Iind it. They had a technology they
The biggest tiger was called Frank. As tigers go
could use to break out oI the box and see the
he was a massive majestic example oI a tiger.
imagined wonders
Smart, experienced
outside provided
and knew just about
they could Iind that
everything a tiger
weak spot. The idea
would know. The
would be that they
next biggest was a
would pool their
Iemale, called
Susan. She was not
expertise and
quite so big but was
resources and
never the less a
working together,
they could break out
specimen and a
oI the box. One
Ieisty one at that.
corner seemed to be
Susan was also very
a bit weaker than the
experienced in the
ways oI the tiger.
The smallest was a
tiger called Eddie. He was an old tiger, and
Let's Have an nfight
looked a little moth eaten. He was not as big as
the others, also not as experienced although he
Abone was suddenly discovered within the box.
was a determined Iellow who had a keen eye Ior
Frank and Susan both looked at the bone. Eddie
the obvious and a very pan determined
continued to inspect one corner that seemed a bit
thinner than the rest. 'Maybe we could exploit
that weakness to break out he thought. He
began a careIul inspection oI that corner
Michael Moore, IFA Column
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Tigers in a Box
a Parable
By Michel Moore, President of
The International Freezone Association
31 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
blocking out all other sounds.
"NO! screamed Frank, 'I AM RIGHT. How
Suddenly Eddie`s attention was brought back to dare you say I am not right. I know more than
Frank and Susan. They were arguing. Each you so I must be right.
claiming that the bone was theirs. Both were
hungry, in Iact all the tigers were hungry. The Way Out
"Hey Iellas, Let`s concentrate on getting out oI "Hey guys. Said Eddie again. 'II you both stop
this box. Said Eddie and turned back to the this silly argument about the bone we can pool
problem oI the weaker corner. our resources and get out oI this box and get
millions oI bones iI we wanted to.
Frank and Susan did not hear him. They
continued arguing and could only hear their own Frank and Susan turned and looked at him. He
voices. went on, 'Let`s be responsible Iellas,
Responsibility is the secret Ior getting out oI this
Around and around each other they circled in the box. Responsibility is a useIul tool. It can be
tiny box. All thoughts oI getting out now used to handle such disagreements. Hey why not
Iorgotten. The tension got thicker and thicker take some responsibility Ior the other person?
and both were shouting at each other now. Let the other have the bone. Now that would be
a good idea. Someone once said that iI you are
"Guys, guys, protested Eddie, 'Let`s in a jungle and come Iace to Iace with a tiger
concentrate on our purpose. We can get out oI and don`t want to be eaten by the tiger, Simply
here he said. Both turned to look at him. Frank become the tiger! Let`s get back some control oI
said to Eddie, 'Susan is wrong, this was my the situation. We can work together. Then we
bone. I Iound it Iirst. Support me and we could can get out oI this box, Surely that is more
share this bone. Susan cannot stand up against important?
both oI us. 'No! No! screamed Susan,
'Support me. This is MYbone. Frank lies, I saw Frank and Susan just stared at Eddie. Then they
it Iirst. both began shouting at him to gain his support
as they were right and the other person was not
"Hey Guys, said Eddie, 'II we get out oI the deserving oI the bone.
box there will be bones Ior everyone!
Suddenly Susan gave Eddie a swipe with her
"Don`t you dare tell me what to do Shouted claws, 'II you are not with me, then you are
Frank. I am bigger than you. I have Iorgotten against me! she declared.
more knowledge than you will ever have. I
deserve the bone. I am the biggest and most "Your both being stupid. Said Eddie retreating.
experienced. I deserve that bone. You should 'II you shared your responsibility you would
support me and together we can rule the box! have much more control over this silly issue and
we could get on with Iinding a way out oI this
"No No Shouted Susan. 'Support me, Frank is box. Who cares about a silly bone! Said Eddie
not right, Frank is lying. I AM RIGHT. in desperation.

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Michael Moore, IFA Column
32 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
the box, Eddie decided. He pushed against the
Frank, with his powerIul Iront paw and claws corner again. Yes it did give way a little.
Iully extended, gave Eddie a God Almighty Perhaps a mighty shove Irom all three might do
swipe clawing down the entire side oI Eddies it. But how to get the others to agree?
Ilank and drawing blood. Eddie trembled but
held his ground. 'Our only salvation is to get out A Little Box in a Vast Universe
oI this box. He declared.
The viewer pans out oI the box. The box is seen
Frank roared at Eddie, 'You will not support me, to be a small box suspended in space. Around
You are a traitor! get out oI my sight! the box are hundreds oI thousands oI beautiIul
multi colored stars, nebula, and, in the distance,
Eddie decided he was getting nowhere with more galaxies can be seen twinking in the night
Frank and Susan and, licking his wounds, went sky. Beings are speeding Irom one place to
and sat in the corner he had been inspecting. 'II another. Music can be heard. There is distant
only he could Iind that weakness he knew was laughter. Games are being played. LiIe, in short,
there. He pushed the corner with his paw. It is having a ball. The viewer pans back even
seemed to give way a little. Iurther. The universe is teeming with liIe, living
to the Iullest. Other universes come into view as
In the background, Eddie could hear Frank and the viewer continues to retreat.
Susan continuing their dispute over the bone and
scream and shouting threats at each other. Soon The box shrank into smallness and eventually
they would come to actual blows and Iighting it disappeared. The viewer moved oII to play a
Eddie thought. game with some planets and suns.
The only way out oI this mess was to get out oI
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Michael Moore, IFA Column

To Otfried Krumpholtz and wife for bringing a
beautiful child into the world. Their daughter
Emilia Solvejg was born early October in
Frankfurt. Otfried is Senior C/S in Rons Org,
Fankfurt and has an article "s Scientology a
Religion? n this issue of VY.
33 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
and liquid level, and that the same principle applies in In the last issue oI Ivy, we looked at some general issues
talking to the body. that are important in dealing with physical health. As
always, the physical outcome is to a high extent determined
audit a body We then had a look at our possibilities to not by mental and spiritual Iactors by visions, considerations,
the genetic entity, but the physical body itselI , and Iound to decisions and choices. First oI all, we looked at the reason
our surprise that the situation is practically identical to why we would not want to risk losing a body too early:
race auditing a spiritual being: in both cases we are going Ior because time is scarce at the moment there is a
toxic residues of past trauma, failures, errors and crimes, going on between aberration and sanity , and we want to be
we want to spot these residual masses, locate them, active players in that game who are not distracted or
dissolve them, remove them. Auditing a body is really a introverted by physical healthtrouble.
mirror image oI auditing a
spiritual being. Only the Then we asked Ior the roots oI
tools are diIIerent, because most health trouble and Iound
ma s s i v e we are working at diIIerent t h e m i n t h e
deviations of our current diet levels oI the "scale oI
and lifestyle solidity". Irom the Iood
and activity patterns that our
We t hought back t o bodi es are adj ust ed t o
i m p o r t a n t g u i d i n g because oI their genetic
principles in Scientology, make-up and past millenia oI
the most important oI them existence on this planet
"that of being the rule that (today's gorillas are a
whi c h we k now t he quickly Iading illustration
t e c h n o l o g y, c a n n o t Ior our original liIestyle.)
negatively influence us".
use our mental/spiritual training Ior We pondered the question whether we would have to We Iound that we can
our attempts to deal with the body as well. become medical doctors in order to understand the Especially our
technology oI health and decided that: no! iI we deal with skills in perceiving a time track and looking at things
the roots oI the "tree oI health", we don't have to study all exactly AS-IS can be useIul. We Iound a common reason
leaves many spiritual people the millions oI its (which is what medical doctors Ior health problems: the Iact that so
taking care of the root look down on the body have to do), because by , all the and on MEST in general, which is
invalidation wilting leaves will turn green again and Irom there on technically an and tends to push conditions out
remain green! oI sight whichwould require urgent interaction.
cultural lag in fine We spent some time with looking at the We Iound that we have to look at all these things with a
medicine system of logic and concluded that where our health is that has more "shades oI grey" than the
concerned, we cannot aIIord to wait until cutting edge plump black-white or "two-valued" logic. Then we
discoveries arrive in the medical training oI doctors. We realized that the split between spirit and matter does not
have to bypass the cultural lag, make use oI instant really exist, because physical matter/energy and mental
communication channels parts of the same "scale of solidity". like Ior instance the internet, and matter/energy are We
educate ourselves where our teachers and trainers are not realized that in listening to a body we need to understand its
language of molecules up-to-date enough to be really eIIicient. , the words it is using on the solid
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

A 8piritual Look
By Heidrun Beer, Austria
at Body Health, #2
"Aa4itiag a be4y is rcally a mirrer
imagc el aa4itiag a spiritaal bciag.
0aly thc teels arc 4illcrcat, bccaasc
wc arc werkiag at 4illcrcat lcrcls el
thc "scalc el seli4ity"."
34 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
when America elected their Iirst non-white president,
- which would have been unthinkable in the 20th century we Finally we learned that there are a lot oI new therapies
"Chelation 1herapy" just leIt behind us. But they evolve slowly, and they are mainly in the Iight against clogged
always Iar behind the "cutting edge" thinkers and pioneers. arteria, the leading cause oI death, but also many
alternative approaches against diabetes, cancer etc., -
which we can study and apply to ourselves, Iamily and
Detaching From the Group Mind Iriends. Sometimes we may have to become our own
doctor, but that shouldn't be too Iar-Ietched a possibility iI
One oI the most important and major actions in auditing our liIe is at stake, and more important: the game we are
should be to de-attach Irom our society's group mind playing.
wherever it is conIigured in a less than optimum way.
UnIortunately I have never heard oI such a step in auditing Today we'll have a look at some more issues that play
(it may be on some conIidential level?), important roles in physical liIe and
but Ior a trained person it should not be death questions.
too diIIicult to develop a drill oI reach
and withdraw, connect and disconnect,
The Mass Hypnosis of The Group Irom any larger mass, be it a group mind
Mind or anything else.
In medical matters, it can be a Iatal Those oI us who are trained as solo
omission not to have detached Irom our auditors may be able to perceive it
society's group mind. We go to a directly; others, I hope, will believe
hospital Ior an X-ray and get a what I say: there is a huge Iactor
diagnosis oI, say, breast cancer, and which we have never addressed in
beIore our natural Iighting instincts can auditing: the group mind oI our
kick in, the group mind takes over and society. A group mind has hypnotic
pulls us into all sorts oI "mainstream" and magnetic properties that tend to
thoughts. We think oI writing our last synchronize a group member's mind
will and testament, we give up our with that oI the group. The immediate
independency, we ask the doctors Ior perception oI it is that oI a powerIul
their prognosis and Iollow their pulling magnetic, hypnotic a Iorce
recommendations Ior treatment... not that is "much bigger and stronger than
realizing that the group mind they are I".
representing is far behind the cutting
edge science, and that the treatment we Interestingly enough, group minds
receive destroys more than it heals. can not only shape an individual's
thinking. They also become shaped
In other cases we don't start treatment at by some individuals' thinking. Such
all, Ior instance because "Alzheimer's is people are usually called opinion
incurable" or "old age dementia is unavoidable and leaders. Certain authorities represent the group mind
natural". Bullshit! These are group mind precepts Irom toward individual group members. Priests, teachers,
which we need to de-attach. They are not only negative, judges, parents, but also medical doctors are typical
they are also simply not true. We have to pull our examples.
connection cords out oI these destructive thought clouds.
Ooops, medical doctors...? Yes, unIortunately so. They
No eIIort is too big to teach this to a student. Do it with real shape the thinking oI all the other hospital staII, like the
cords that have real plugs, let them put them into real power nurses who directly handle the patients, and they shape
their sockets in real walls and then pull them out again. From their thinking according to their own training, when
there they can conceptualize it and take it to the thinking was shaped by the group mind active at the time
mental/spiritual level. It could be very interesting to Iind when theywere students.
the moment oI attaching to the group mind in the Iirst place
which would be done item by item, not in a general way. Group minds evolve. We just recently celebrated this Iact

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One of the most important and major actions
in auditing should be to de-attach from our
society's group mind wherever it is
configured in a less than optimum way.
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
35 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
But oIten such moments will not appear because most such Complex tasks which need to be planned and combined
precepts have been unknowingly adopted in our inIancy. Irom several areas oI activity can no longer be envisioned,
We copied the group mind precepts and group mind much less achieved.
connections Irom our parents. De-attaching deliberately is
the most important thing to do. Here we have to Iill in Ior them until they have recovered
their Iull mental capacity (I didn't know about chelation
We not only need to de-attach Irom such group minds, we therapy at the time where my Iather-in-law had these
also need to actively Iind and connect with new group diIIiculties, or he might have tried it and still be alive...) We
minds who are better educated, more in present time, who have to "be their brain", just as well as we would "be their
are stronger and have a more positive attitude. Most oI us arms" iI they had Iallen on clear ice and broken their arms
don't want to be completely lone wolves, we want to be and nowhad the arms in a cast Ior six weeks. We don't want
connected with a group. So it is essential to look at the to apply Ior permanent custody Ior them, because we don't
group minds we are attached to, inspect them thoroughly, consider them hopeless and beyond recovery. Their
and when they are not right Ior us, Iind other ones with chances to recover are entirely realistic, but Ior some
whom we have better resonance and who are more pro- weeks or months we can and have to take the lead. Just until
survival. they have recovered.
There is another, even bigger problem here, which is that in
some more serious cases we are no longer able to make Being the Dynamics
such a decision, or any other intelligent decision, because
our brain, our main interIace with the physical world, has Remember Hubbard's delightIul booklet "The Dynamics
been damaged by a disease process that may resemble a and the Tone Scale"? It was taken Irom a lecture tape, a
mysterious character change Ior a long time, beIore it visionary description oI how we become the next higher
becomes obvious that it is in Iact a well-known physical dynamic as we rise up the tone scale. We no longer have a
disease: dementia. second dynamic, we are our second dynamic. I will never
Iorget the charming little example oI the husband who Iixes
the damage his wiIe has caused with their car. He takes
FillingIn forEach Other responsibility as iI he had done it himselI. He no longer
thinks oI their marriage as "she and me", they have merged
Yes, dementia can be reversed by things like chelation into a wonderIul "we" actually a "bigger me", now
therapy and/or a heavy metal detoxiIication program combined Irom two individuals.
(chelation therapy handles heavy metals too). But no, the
dementia patient typically cannot get it done on his own, at Typically we Iind such a close bonding on the second
least not in most cases. Inspecting a non-optimum group dynamic, between spouses, or between parents and
mind, spotting and conIronting its sheer forces, de- children. But in case oI oldtime Scientologists, we may
attaching Irom it, doing research on the internet, studying have to go up one dynamic and muster the power to do it on
books, Iinding qualiIied medical doctors all these things the third dynamic instead. Too many oI them have given
are beyond a dementia patient's scope oI mental sharpness service to mankind out oI proportion and now, aIter being
and personal strength. wasted by the church, have no well-developed Iamily who
would take responsibility Ior them.
They live in a constant condition oI "brain Iog" which
makes it hard to even perIorm simple addition, like the kids In a well working society, they would be bolstered by the
do them in primary school. I saw my Iather-in-law in total social network. UnIortunately this social network would
despair because he wanted to add some numbers and most probably be part oI an old-style group mind which is
simply couldn't. He tried to squeeze the ability out oI his not inIormed about newer medical techniques and
damaged brain and it wasn't possible at all. He perceived thereIore apathetic about dementia (cultural lag!), and they
howhe was deteriorating and couldn't help it. would not get cured by cutting edge medicine! Their
doctors remember they are opinion leaders would hear
These patients' attention span is short and gets shorter all "Chelation Therapy", would wrinkle their nose a little, and
the time. They Iorget the essence oI conversations over that would be the end oI the chance Ior a complete
night, or don't even understand them in the Iirst place. Plans recovery!
are no longer Iully implemented, cycles stay incomplete.
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A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2

36 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
educations are selected, and oIten the duration oI this However, the Church oI Scientology was not a well
liIetime and the way oI dying is also part oI the planning. working society, so these most dedicated and selIless
Iormer members, who have invested decades oI their lives
Everything revolves around the lessons that all the spirits into their dream oI the greatest good, are nowon their own,
who participate in one particular "screenplay" want to learn without anyone close enough to observe what happens. II
in their upcoming liIetime. Between them, they distribute not those oI us who are aware oI the situation and its
the roles oI spouses, children, enemies and Iriends. Even complexities do our job and take care oI our Iellowplayers
murders are pre-arranged in order to teach and/or learn in their time oI need, we may well Iind them as a mummy
certain lessons! two years aIter their death has gone unnoticed by anyone in
their neighborhood.
II we truly want to do the right thing Ior a loved person
whose health is in trouble, we not
The Disease`s Role In the only have to spot the basic nature
Screenplay oI the disease (Mental? Spiritual?
Physical? II physical, which way
exactly?), we also have to Iind out There are two more Iactors to
which role the disease is playing consider iI we really want a
in this person's individual liIe complete picture, and make the
plan. Depending on the role oI the correct decisions: the disease's role
disease, our own role in that in a patient's liIe's "screenplay",
particular screenplay may be a and his selI-determinism, which, iI
totally diIIerent one. still intact, is senior to survival
oriented considerations (maybe
We don't want to be in the way iI his basic motivation is not survival
the disease comes as an "Angel oI but an entirely diIIerent priority?)
Death" because a liIe's lessons
have Iailed so thoroughly that the We may encounter enormous
person needs a time oI recreation resistance with our eIIorts to get
in the "aIterliIe" and then a our husband, mother or Iormer
completely new start with auditor treated. We may try to
completely newchances. We also handcuII them to get them to their
don't want to interIere iI the chelation session, and they still run
disease has been pre-planned by away, or protest so much that the
two or several people who want neighbors call the police. This
to gather experiences in the roles could be a dementia symptom, and
oI givers and receivers oI care. oIten is one, but maybe it is not!
Such teams will Iind each other That they are still attached to an
just in time to each get the most old and/or ignorant and/or
beneIit out oI the screenplay destructive group mind, which in
situation. their current condition they cannot
spot, is only one possibility (oI
II on the other hand the disease course several possibilities can
has the role oI an intelligence test (Ior the sick person or also combine!)
maybe Ior ourselves???), or a test oI strength, or a test oI
pre- loyalty or integrity, or a test oI independent thinking (only Another possibility has to do with the vast subject oI
life planning those who have managed to break away Irom an inadequate as pioneered by hypnotherapist Michael
group mind will pass such a test) then, in my opinion, no Newton. Actually this would be a topic Ior a separate
eIIort is too big to get the job done and move out oI the way article, but here is the idea in a nutshell: According to the
any obstacles that may pop up. principles discovered in hundreds oI sessions, many people
plan their upcoming liIe beIore they pick up their next baby
These were only some examples. There may be other roles body. In this planning stage, contracts are made with Iuture
that a disease can play in a liIe's screenplay. It may be worth spouses, children and even enemies. Locations and

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n books like this one,
Michael Newton describes
What he calls Life Planning.
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
37 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
some session time, dual or solo, to get deIinitive answers to
these questions. Sometimes even a spirit guide will come
up with an answer, iI we have developed good Protest As an Expression of Panic
communication with our spiritual team members in the
non-physical world. Now, what iI we are met with resistance? What iI despite an
apparently perIect logic, a correct diagnosis and a totally
saIe medical solution, we are met with the most stubborn
An Auditor`s Pride: NeverQ & A! resistance? This may be a dementia symptom (see section
below), but we also can be looking at a person who is aware
As trained auditors and case supervisors, we want to have that their control oI the body is Iading away, and is in a
more than good intentions, we also want to Iind the exactly panic that with their control oI the body, all oI their selI
right action and then perIorm it well. And we want an EP. determinism is going away too. Ironically, they will now
And we don't want to Q& Awith things that could be there protest the one thing that would give them the control oI
but are not. their body back the medical treatment that you suggest,
not because it would not work or would cost too much or
We simply have to keep the whole scale oI solidity in view. would be dangerous just because it was not their own
It doesn't stop at mental masses at the lower end, it goes all idea and they would lose even more control.
the way down to Irozen solid physical matter. Our item can
be anywhere on that scale. II it sits on a level oI physical OI course we have to respect a person's selI determined
matter, we don't want to Q & A with emotions or energy decisions. It is their body aIter all, and iI they want to waste
ridges or entities or postulates or considerations in the it or damage it or destroy it or kill it, that is their perIect
mental range. That would simply be a technical error. right as the body's owner. Legally we have practically no
chance to interIere. II they are not in a coma, or actively
It all starts with the good old ITSA. In case oI dementia, we harming themselves or others, their will has to be
might have to do the ITSAourselves on behalI oI the PC, respected. Damage caused passively, by not seeking
we may have to be the PCuntil the situation is handled and eIIicient treatment, does not count in a report to the court or
he is back in control. And this is not done with a metered police.
list, it is done in the physical universe with the appropriate
tests! Whether this is still sane or not, is a diIIerent question.
From a perspective oI "greatest good", their ethics has most
II it is a (ITS-A) case oI nerve damage caused by diabetes, certainly gone out. They are not only damaging their own
the loss oI Ieeling in a Ioot is not an engram in restimulation body and shortening their liIe, they are not only hurting
that can be handled with a Dianetics assist or even a series their Iamily members and Iriends who have to suIIer the
oI touch assists. We have to reverse the diabetes! pain oI watching their deterioration and have to invest their
Processing may help, but the medical action, including a own liIe energy to take care oI them they also take a
Iundamental change oI diet andliIestyle, is central! player out oI the battle between aberration and sanity, a
player who could be saved and reinIorce the team again
II ITS-Acase oI clogged arteria, the chest pain is not caused aIter only some weeks or months oI therapy.
by a heartbreak that we can handle in session. We have to
clean the blood vessels supplying the heart (and all the We are deIinitely no longer talking oI a team member in the
others that will be equally clogged). Then we additionally race to save our planet Ior the Iuture they have given up
may Iindcase to run. the connection with their Iormer team and are nowplaying
their own, painIul, destructive and much more private
II ITS-Acase oI gallstones, iI ITS-Acase oI damaged disks game. Do we owe them our continuing loyalty and support
in the spine, iI ITS-Alung emphysema or cancerous tumor iI they have removed themselves Irom our mutual playing
or incarcerated hernia or ruptured colon diverticulum (you Iield and are clearly betraying our mutual goals? How
may want to wordclear some oI these) medicine has to be much support have they earned with their previous
applied, not |only| auditing. Even iI ITS only an ingrown contributions? How much generosity can we aIIord
toe nail, a physical action is necessary. They hurt too, they without losing sight oI our original goals? Are we still
even can escalate into a deadly general sepsis, iI someone ethical iI we concentrate on the one runaway instead oI
involved in that particular screenplay is hungry Ior a serving the many who are cooperating? But what iI the
speciIic lesson. protest as such is a symptom can we really obey it, can we
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A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2

38 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
conIuse it with a selI-determined decision, do we succumb
to a disease just because it comes in such a clever disguise?
Reduced Brain Function
Self-Determinism, Gradients Of Nowcomes the sixty-Iour-thousands dollar question: What
iI the person is not in pain and does not have a Iever, but
These are questions that can only be answered on an there is still a medical process active that renders them
individual basis, always considering the greatest good, but mentally reduced? Not only an unhandled case, pain, fever
let's have a look at a diIIerent aspect here: how much oI or dementia can do that, there are also things like lack oI
these people's protest is really selI determined enough to be oxygen, parasites, liver damage or poisons that can make a
respected?Are theystill selI-determinedat all? brain dysIunctional. What iI such a process has not yet
progressed to a stadium where it is totally obvious that they
The answer would be simple iI selI determinism were a have lost control oI themselves?
two-valued thing either on or oII the old "black and
white" versus "shades oI grey" question. Someone just In a drooling zombie in the wheelchair, selI determinism is
winning a downhill skiing race is clearly selI-determined. clearly off. They have reached the Iinal stage oI old age
SelI determinism is switched on. Someone just rescued dementia. On the grey scale oI selI determinism, they have
Irom a car accident and put into the emergency car on a arrived at 100 black. So we'll just change their nappies
stretcher, having passed out, is clearly not selI-determined and prepare their Iuneral (unless we want to try chelation
at the moment. SelI determinism is switched off. The therapy against all odds and see what happens... in which
decision we have to make is simple and obvious, there is no case they probably won't protest.)
doubt about it, we'll make it quickly, and most probably
save the person's liIe by acting on his behalI until he is back But what iI there is still some oI their selI-determinism leIt?
in control oI himselI andhis body. Where on the scale oI grey levels is their selI determinism iI
they make a low-toned, contra survival decision or series oI
Oh, beautiIul two-valued logic! But what about a person decisions, like the decision to not go Ior treatment? When
with a high Iever? We'll bring them a jug oI tea when they do we have to override a person's apparent selI-
say they are thirsty. But would we also call the police iI they determinism because they are harming themselves?
hallucinate a robber in the house? No, we won't we'll see
the diIIerence between their objective thirst and their Are they implementing their original liIe plan and playing
subjective hallucination. Their selI determinism has their role as scripted in the screenplay that they have
disappeared, we may even tie them to the bed iI they keep designed, or is what they are saying to us, saying it
Iallingout, onlyuntil theyrecover oI course. imploringly without Iinding the words Ior it, "I cannot play
my role anymore, I have lost my way and cannot Iind back
Now what iI a person has an acute massive tooth ache and to it, please help me out oI this trap"?Are they on the way to
screams "I can't stand it anymore, please shoot me!" Will meeting their end as pre-planned, or are they going astray
we shoot them? Hardly. We will understand that this is and their screenplay will remain unIinished, with loose
meant Iiguratively and actually all they want is the pain to ends sticking out everywhere?
stop. Their selI determinism is reduced though. On a scale
oI grey levels between black and white it may now be at No matter how we decide in this question, one oI the
50 black. We will not put them into a padded cell, but we possible two decisions is wrong, and we may make exactly
will also not ask them to make any important business the wrong one. Can we emotionally handle being
decisions until theyhave seena dentist. responsible Ior a decision so massively wrong? Do we
really need that kind oI agony? How much loyalty do we
A lady in labor pains. Is she selI-determined? Not very owe this person? How high is our integrity? How much
much. II she asks Ior a painkiller, we'll give it to her. II she courage can we muster? How much strength do we have,
asks Ior a divorce so she never again can become pregnant, and how much persistence? Is there a limit to our
we'll just delete that statement Irom our memory. She responsibility? Is there?
doesn't mean it. Her selI determinism may be down to 75
black, she is no longer in control oI herselI, all we can do is Even iI they scream at us, does it matter? Would we be
to make sure she saIely gets through the birth process, run it oIIended iI our old mother cannot control her bowels
out later, andwait Ior her Iully conscious selI to return. anymore? No! Why pay any more attention to the output oI

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A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
39 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
a sick brain? We can wade through a soiled and stinking and use new resources Ior the Iunctions that had become
room in order to clean it up, we can also plough through impossible because some areas oI the brain were dead aIter
some weeks or months oI enturbulation, armored like an the stroke.
icebreaker ship important is only where we are going,
and that we Iinallyarrive. II oI course the whole brain is dysIunctional because oI
clogged arteries, causing that nutrients and oxygen cannot
reach the brain cells anymore and they slowly starve to
Three Kinds of People?No, Five! death , then brain exercises cannot work either. The arteries
need to be scrubbed by chelation therapy Iirst.
Remember the wonderIul text where Hubbard deIines
three categories oI people? So when l ooki ng at a
Group one, the selI correcting t hor oughl y t r oubl esome
people; group two, those who person, we can Iind them in
can improve iI someone helps Hubbard' s category 3
them; group three, those who invariably screws up, probably
invariably screw up, no matter because oI resistive and
how much you try to help them unhandled case , or in one oI
to improve. the two dysIunctional brain
groups: may be helped by brain
Well, actually there is a Iourth r e - ma p p i n g e x e r c i s e s
group: those whose brain (recovery could be anything
doesn't work. And they can Irom very realistic to totally
again be divided into two impossible) or may be helped
separate categories: those who by generally cleaning the
can improve with therapy, and blood supply system (recovery
those who cannot. So when very realistic).
looking at a person with the
intention to learn whether our Brain damage that responds
eIIorts can help them, we have well to re-mapping exercises,
five groups to consider, not like aIter a stroke or an
three. accident with head injuries, is
typically circumscribed and
The line between reversible and can be Iound in brain scans at a
irreversible brain damage used speciIic location. One side oI
to be seen as solid, but according the body can move, the other
to recent research it is much cannot. Sometimes only
more Iuzzy than thought. Anew individual body parts have lost
book, "The Brain That Changes their Iunctionality. Or certain
ItselI", tells amazing examples words or certain years oI
how an apparently damaged memory are lost, while others
brain can recover with highly are available. In these cases,
motivated and cleverly designed undamaged parts oI the brain
exercises. A whole new era oI can learn to take over the
hope has come Ior people born Iunctions oI the damaged brain
with brain handicaps since these areas, iI motivation is high and
pioneer scientists have created expert coaching can be Iound.
speciIic schools aiming at re-training damaged brains.
Where all oI the brain's Iunctions are reduced, such training
Animal research conIirms that the internal "mapping" oI a would be a waste oI time, simply because there are no
brain can change considerably. A man completely undamaged parts oI the brain that could take over.
paralyzed aIter a stroke learned to walk again, simply by Theoretically new brain cells could grow as a response to
doing exercises that caused his brain to reorganize itselI newchallenges (as in brain exercises), but with a bad blood
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Chelation therapy is a simple chemical

cleansing of the blood circulation
system. A solvent is dripped into the
blood stream and resolves gradually any
deposits of chalk and metals that stick to
the walls of the veins. t may consist of 20
treatments of 3 hours each. The patient
can relax and read while being chelated.
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
40 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
supply that is not very likely to get anywhere. Here it is not a deterioration of character. There is just the Iact that
mandatory to repair the blood supply, and maybe then go the brain acts as a Iilter between the spirit and the physical
through a course oI brainexercises. universe, and when the Iilter gets too dirty aIter many years
oI use, the Ilows oI in- and output passing through it
Now, how do we know what we are observing? ITS-A... become dirty too. But it is possible to clean the Iilter and
what? have it back in an excellent condition!
Let's better have a look at the typical signs oI a generally So there is no need to get desperate when our Iormer
reduced brain Iunction, so we can recognize it better and commanding oIIicer, a laser-eyed mind-reading super-
earlier, and can distinguish general symptoms Irom reliable mega-OTwho used to spot all Iactors oI a situation
localized symptoms, as well as Irom case phenomena. We in a Iraction oI a second, seems to lose his perceptions, his
also want to Iorm an educated opinion about the amount oI judgement, cannot Iind his position on a roadmap, babbles
selI determinism that is actually present in our treasured nonsense, or starts to go into overwhelm at the slightest
patient or PC or Iamily member, so that we know whether occasion. Nor when our always erotically eager husband
we can act against what they say, maybe even with a court seems to have lost his libido. Nor when our ever-caring,
order, iI they protest a saIe, eIIicient and aIIordable ever-patient motherly Iormer auditor seems to have
treatment. Iorgotten her training, becomes aggressive and engages in
useless, embarrassing games conditions. Nor when our
Where Case Phenomena and Medical Symptoms always cheerIul Iormer nanny, now at a high age, sprays
Overlap vitriol at anybody and anything.
The symptoms described here have been compiled Irom There is no curse destroying them, no mysterious demon
several dementia books and web pages. Dementia occurs who somehow evades our auditing, and it is not a natural
when the brain is generally impaired, not by a localized and unavoidable part oI the aging process. Their original
injury. Keep in mind that actual dementia is not the only personality still exists, they are still the beautiIul spirit
possible reason for a generally reduced brain function, but whom we have learned to love, they are just imprisoned by
the symptoms will look the same or similar. It is essential to a sick brain, a brain that can get well again! They could
identiIy the real reason. II ITS-Alack oI oxygen because a escape it by death; but why not borrowa healthy brain Irom
lung destroyed by smoking doesn't supply enough oxygen a stable Iriend instead, who motivates them to undergo the
at an elevation where nobody else experiences any signs oI necessary treatment oI cleaning out their clogged blood
mountain sickness, no number oI chelation sessions will supply system? With Iresh oxygen and nutrients reaching
help - we need an external oxygen supply! Where such a the brain through Ireshly cleaned arteries, it can recover
differential diagnosis is required, the equipment and and even grownewcells to replace lost ones.
training oI a medical doctor will be needed. We don't
necessarily Iollow his treatment ideas, as they may be Chelation therapy has been researched throughly in large
outdated, we just needhis diagnostic skills. studies and have been Iound to be saIe. Do your homework,
read up on chelation therapy and Iind a doctor who can
I am not giving you a complete list, only a list oI those administer it! With such a smart trick in our toolbox, we can
symptoms where it is not obvious that they have roots in a stay in our 40's until we have completed all oI our liIe's
physical condition, so that they could be conIused with projects. Living in a sick body may be a learning
case phenomena Irom the mental/spiritual range. I think experience, but it doesn't have to be a long one. For a real
once a person cannot control their bowels anymore, cannot liIe project it doesn't seem to be signiIicant enough; the
swallow, has stopped to communicate and "sunken into body is a vehicle and a tool to manage projects, not a
themselves" permanently, has Iorgotten howto walk or that project in itselI.
they have children, it is obvious that we are looking at a
medical condition, and medical treatment is indicated.
While they are in an earlier stadium, your good judgement Dementia Symptom List
may make a world oI a diIIerence, because the treatment
will "bite" muchearlier and better. - Loss of memory. Typically the short-term memory goes
Iirst. Pay attention when a person gives you colorIul and
Did I mention that dementia can be reversed by a series oI detailed accounts oI past and even childhood events, but
chelation therapy sessions? It is not irreversible, and it is asks you Ior the Iourth time whether you have read a certain

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A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
41 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

cycle). Here we don't really have case phenomena that book, because they Iorgot the Iirst three times they asked
could be an alternative explanation, but it is also an early the same question. This is an early symptom. It may give
symptom that you can use to pull a string and arrive at a you the chance to get treatment started beIore a lot oI liIe
correct diagnosis. quality has been lost.
- Not finding words (he or she tries to hide that by using - Difficulties in understanding what has been said,
alternative expressions or descriptions), later also no difficulties in seeing priorities and setting priorities. We
longer understanding words and terms. don't bother to are not talking about hearing troubles here (chelation
write a pink sheet on the study tapes! Find the next doctor therapy can alleviate these too), but troubles in
who is experienced with chelation therapy. That will understanding. With a good perception you can go the
handle it, or at least improve it a lot. direct way here and spot the Ilow oI conIusion that the
person emanates when you try to explain a situation. It is
- No longer able to implement a plan or list of actions tangible. Another chance to start treatment early, beIore
where one builds logically on the next. This is not liIe has become really hard.
laziness and there are no misunderstood words in the text.
- Angry, aggressive and then again depressive, extreme The whole text is not understood anymore, especially the
mood swings. con-text! Start the treatment. A rollercoaster impression without an
obvious source. Here the temptation may be big to
- Difficulties with orientation, at first mostly in an suspect a PTS situation and go SP hunting. Q& A! Look
unknown environment, later also at home. Do not wait, Ior the other symptoms and make an assesment oI diet
get treatment started. Look up the deIinition oI and liIestyle. Get the history. II ITS-A case oI clogged
reasonable. There is no excuse Ior being reasonable with arteria that has built up over decades, it is not a PTS
symptoms oI dementia. Your Iather, your wiIe, your situation, and no PTS handling will help you will only
trusted Iormer auditor or course supervisor deserve lose valuable time that could be spent doing something
perIect perIormance Irom you. They may not be able eIIicient instead!
anymore to ask Ior it it's up to you to originate it and
- Errors at work (often explained with overwork). even insist! when
an executive Iorgets to send out invoices to clients and
There are Iour kinds oI orientation. Local, like lost in the now the expected income is missing, let him apply the
park, not Iinding home. Time: doesn't understand dates correct ethics condition or Iire him... unless he is in his
and time anymore. Situation: cannot understand the 60's and has some or all oI the typical other symptoms oI
context oI a situation goes out in a summer dress and the so-called "metabolic syndrome" or "syndrome X"
sandals in the middle oI winter. SelI: don't recognize their (see Iirst part oI this article in the previous issue oI Ivy).
own mirror image, Iorget their married name, Iorget they Actually it is no longer a prerequisite to be above 60:
had children. more and more oIten, people in their 50's and even in
their 40's are seen with these ,age related" diseases. In
Here we have no more case to Q & A with. Chelation case oI heavy metal toxicity, age is not a Iactor at all (I
treatment to remove arterial blockages and heavy metals went through a debilitating episode oI it beIore I was 44).
will be helpIul iI not cure it totally. There are additional It is really not only a question how long the mistakes in
vitamins and supplements that will help. Google is your diet and liIestyle have been made, also how massively
Iriend they'll turn up on the Iirst Iewpages oI an internet people in their 20's have been seen with "middle age"
search. Diet and liIestyle need to be optimized, that's an gallstones or "old age" diabetes! When this metabolic
absolute MUST, because dietary and liIestyle errors are syndrome is present, ethics measures are complete Q& A
the Ioundation Ior this condition. because the root oI the errors at work is clogged arteria,
resulting in a reduced blood Ilowto the brain dementia.
- Depression. make sure that depression as a dementia Any ethics measure can only be Iocused on removing the
symptom does not get conIused with actual depression, dangers that have caused the loss oI physical health, and
an independent condition which has a diIIerent medical repairing the damage. Did I mention that dementia can be
approach or could even respond to processing alone!!! reversed...?
While being the patient or PC or Iamily member, perIect
- Losing things, thinking they are stolen. your ITS-A! Some Iormerly
honest people also start stealing (an incomplete shopping
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
42 IVy 104. Nov. 2009

IVy on the web also a membership forum

- Feeling threatened and helpless. is a result oI the changes the universe. Understand what your own lesson is in this
that they observe in themselves but cannot understand. II situation. Once you have learned your own lesson, what
there is not an obvious threat in plain sight in the seemed to be totally solid may suddenly loosen up and
environment, don't bother to hunt Ior one, just get the resolve.
treatment started!
- Cannot learn new things. Cannot express their thoughts.
- Unusually irritated and aggressive, but also fearful. Cannot think abstract thoughts. Flow oI ideas stops.
typical dementia symptoms. Where other parts oI the Attention and concentration deIicits. Cannot calculate
"metabolic syndrome" are present, especially when the numbers anymore. Reading Iunctions a while longer, but
person has been known to be kind, patient and reliable Ior they don't understand anymore what they read. The
decades, go straight Ior the treatment, run any ARCbreaks understanding oI images disappears Iirst. All these are
later. Do not take it personally. They need a stable ally now, advanced symptoms. Don't bother to re-train them on the
not a person caving in, or dramatizing earlier upsets! student hat! Just get their chelation treatment started.
- Changes in libido. Sexual interest can get lost or can Oh, did I mention that dementia can be reversed? It is
increase, sometimes a lot. II it increases, dementia patients nearly the same thing as an oil change on your car!
can pose problems to caretakers because they lose their
inhibitions and become sexually aggressive, make Find the right group mind to connect with. It should be
inappropriate moves at strangers, or masturbate in public well educated, strong and positive. And throw away your
(the latter would be anadvanced symptom). old connections iI they are apathetic or ignorant or not up-
to-date in medical inIormation, or in any other way not
- Insulting people, biting, kicking, scratching, spitting at pro-survival! II you can't Iind a newgroup mind powerIul
them. No longer an early symptom, belongs to the medium enough, go and Iorm your own one together with your
(advanced) stage oI dementia, it's high time to take action Iamily and Iriends!
not ethics action but medical action!
Some people say that a human liIe is not more important
- Strange shouts or laughter, repeating questions, than a grain oI sand on a large beach, but I don't agree with
inadequate dressing or undressing. advanced symptoms. that. It's an enormous invalidation. Where would the beach
Start treatment immediately. be iI all the unimportant grains oI sand were suddenly
gone? It would disappear Irom the Iace oI this planet. The
- Running away, getting lost, not finding back home. same is true oI human lives each oI them contributes to
actually they are not running away, they try to get the richness oI creation, not one oI them is unimportant,
somewhere, but either the place doesn't exist or they can't they are all worth our aIIection and care. We are proud oI
Iind it. An advanced symptom. Start treatment, and don't being OT's, people who are at cause over liIe. What kind oI
think oI a "blow" (leaving the Iamily or group cause are we iI we let a precious liIe waste away in a rotting
deliberately) evenIor a moment! brain without moving a Iinger, just because we have seen it
happen so many times? This one time, the one time where
- Switching day and night. Active at night, sleeping during we have a say, it does not have to happen!
the day. "Sun-downing phenomenon". That alone can be
just an indicator oI sleeping problems, but is also known as II there is any chance that our beloved parent, spouse or
a dementia symptom. In both cases it is not out-ethics Iormer teammate is not acting on a pre-planned screenplay
behaviour intended to disrupt the schedule oI a Iamily or where he or she has deliberately taken on the role oI the
group. Check Ior other symptoms and act accordingly. sick man (woman), the ball is nowin our court to get him or
her out oI their trouble. Not that it would make a diIIerence
- Losing interest in things they used to like. Pay attention! to us iI we are really committed, but the day may come
One more indicator that wants to point you to the necessity where we have to count on others to provide the same
oI medical treatment. The universe is oIten helping us in service to us!
helping our loved ones. Look Ior more signals the universe
sends you. They show up in the strangest places: TV
documentaries, newspaper articles, books, even remarks
made by strangers "coincidences" as iI sent by a
guardian angel! Don't lose your trust in the intelligence oI
A Spiritual Look at Body Health #2
43 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
Denis Seigne:, French artist and Free:oner. His
art is featured in this issue of IJY. Denis is born
near Paris in 1951. About his Scientology history,
he tells Ivys readers the following.

'I met Scientology in July 1976 in Paris Org where
I did the Communication Course. I joined StaII in
Paris Org in january 1977 then joined the Sea Org
in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 1978.
'My Iellow Frenchman, Guillaume LESEVRE
was commanding oIIicer Ior Europe at that time.
I held the post oI Mail, Freight & Transport ChieI
Ior several years withgood results .
'AIter an out tech on my case I landed on the
'ReIorm Project Force in December 1983. In
RPF co-auditing I completed the Grades,
attested Clear and completed False Purpose RDon
8 dynamics. I had great wins on FPRD. My ethics,
responsibilityand integritylevels went way up.
caved in Ior a while but I realized later I was still
'I started to perceive out points and could apply
making case gains!
the Data Series N1 on how to run an
Lookingfor Alternatives
'I also realized that the current bridge oIIered by 'However, the end result oI the FPRD rundowns
the church to the public was not leading to 'Total were quite astonishing: I got kicked out oI the Sea
Freedom. ThereIore I decided to go my own Org in June 1986 . I realized later that with
way and use what I knew oI the tech. I never completion oI FPRDI became a danger Ior some
stopped making case gains. Somehow RTC out ethics executives oI the church. Back home I
Iorced me to go on that path and I realized I wrote letters and reports on various out-points I
reached the state oI: 'Free Irom the Church, had noticed, including a report on RTC
which was a great Ieeling. Continental Inspector Ior Europe.
'In 1999, aIter getting on the internet, I got to 'Well at that time RTC executives had a HUGE
know about the Freezone . Someone sent me the button on selI importance. So I was assigned a
Pilot`s ReIormer`s page and Antony Phillips Irom Non Enturbulation Order, which meant iI I made
Ivy sent me the 'Dane Tops letter. OI course, I more troubles, I would be declared a Suppressive
Iound those writings very interesting! They really Person. I didn`t want to withdraw anything I
indicated! wrote, so I got declared SP in November 1987. I
Artist Denis Seignez
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Denis 8eignez
French Artist and Freezoner
44 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
during the convention.
'Since shortly aIter I leIt the Sea Org I have
worked as an artist. You can Iollow my spiritual
development by looking at my paintings. The Iirst
painting I created in 1987 is 'Coucher de soleil
sur l` aube. You can see that painting and many oI
my other works on the web at:
'In 2001 there was a meeting in Vevey,
Switzerland, with Yvan Mayor, Freezone auditor
oI the French Area and two Iormer CLOEu staII
'Later, I bought the PEAT Manual by Zivorad
'II you compare my early works with those I Slavinski. I liked it and have used PEATregularly
produce today, I think you clearly can see the to this day. I did a lot oI research on the internet to
diIIerence and the personal development. Iind out what was going on with the Church oI
Scientology. I Iound out exactly the same as was
written byAndreas Buttler in his
Spiritologie book.
'In 2007-2008 I worked on the
French translation oI the
Spiritologie book together with
another Frenchman.
Art Exhibition
'In May, 2008 I attended the
Convention organized at Biere
by Caspar de Rijk and Jolanda
Molenaar. I brought 20 oI my
paintings which were displayed

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Artist Denis Seignez
Sound and light, 2008
Manon with small birds, 2008
Uninvited guest,
45 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
auditors helping out. Kenneth Urquhart's article in Vy 89 on
Group Auditing brought back memories. do
not think attended one, but do remember a
general air of excitement about these
Co-audit groups were also a very popular
intensives, which happened at the
activity. n about 1961, when was working
weekend, when HAS was otherwise rather
in a shop in South London, went up
quiet (office staff was off). remember also
probably three times a week, to HAS in
that there was a couple of Group Auditing
Fitzroy Street (direct Underground train).
Handbooks, where
Co-audit took many
commands for whole
forms over the years,
sessions were given,
but the one engaged
whi ch an audi t or
in was very simple. We
coul d r ead out .
were about eight pairs,
Thi nki ng back,
packed in two rows
wonder if Ron had a
facing each other. One
sort of compulsion for
row were auditors for
improving every thing
the first half of the
(or perhaps just for
e v e n i n g , s i t t i n g
c onquer i ng new
o p p o s i t e t h e i r
territory, or perhaps just flooded with new
preclears. The supervisor went round to
ideas which he had to try out). My memory of
each preclear, standing behind the auditor
Group Processing was much as Ken
and questioning the preclear to find out what
described it.
to run. the co-audits went to, he had a
sheet of subjects based on the eight
Changes occurred and in "one to one"
auditing, Tone 40 auditing had come, and
remember that we also had Tone 40 group
A memorable8ession
processing, where there was what Ron
was deeply aberrated (inhibited and called a Goon Squad, people at the sides of
embarrassed) about sex. Sex was given me the room, ready to enforce a command if a
as my subject to talk about (tsa). My auditor preclear did not do it. suspect that was what
was a very attractive young lady of about Ken described, with really good, caring,
twenty (my guess), and she had to do
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

by Antony A. Phillips, Denmark
An nexpensive Way to Gains
"Ce-aa4it teek maay lerms ercr thc
ycars, bat thc eac l cagagc4 ia was
rcry simplc. c wcrc abeat cight pairs,
packc4 ia twe rews laciag cach ethcr."
46 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
nothing but listen. When the supervisor said
NewProcesses from Ron
"start" had to start talking to her about sex.
This while an auditing couple on either side
know that Ron changed the method of
of me were engaged in talking and listening.
running. Often there were commands. The
The room was not quiet!
Red Volumes have a few Bulletins giving
possible HAS Co-audit commands. At one
point we ran a set of commands (called
After an hour of this, the supervisor said (if
something like R3H2 do not remember)
remember correctly) "That's it!" and we had
which later were dropped, as producing
a short break, probably with a cup of coffee
unstable results.
in a plastic cup from an automatic coffee
Normally the Supervisor went around with
Then we started off again, the couples
an e-meter, putting cans in the preclear's
reversing roles (
hands as he handled
think we maintained
i ndi vi dual s. f t he
the same teams).
audi t or f el t s/ he
do not remember a
needed help, s/he put
thing about my role
the hand out behind
as an auditor. What
hi m/ her , f or t he
do remember was
instructor to see, and
the relief of being
come and attend to.
able to speak about
remember that even
sexual things. Just
went so f ar ( my
talking. The auditor
aspirations to become
probably nodded, at least was not a stuffed
a field auditor) as to get hold of a primitive
unhearing dummy, but there were no
switch board, where you could have a dozen
comments or questions. could just go
or so preclears, all holding cans connected
ahead and unburden all the thoughts and
to the switchboard, so the supervisor could
troubles had had with regard to sex. Sort of
switch to any pc and see what was
getting off the withholds. Actually those
happening. don't have any memory of it
group co-auditing nights were a highlight of
being used, the supervisor normally going
my long Scientology career
round and giving the preclear cans when he
made an assessment or cleared a rudiment.
don't remember the cost. think was
imagine that when the type was run where
earning 8 a week, and the weekly co-audit
the auditor gave commands, they would
payments were well within my earnings.
have been required to take a Trs course, but
also have no idea how long they went on.
this was not even necessary in the sort of co-
Whether it was summer or winter. But the
audit went to.
charge blowing off was evident.

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"hermally thc 8apcrriser wcat areaa4
with aa c-mctcr, pattiag caas ia thc
prcclcar's haa4s as hc haa4lc4
ia4iri4aals. ll thc aa4iter lclt s/hc acc4c4
hclp, s/hc pat thc haa4 eat bchia4
47 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
oI all, accepting that the underlying Reality to
what we habitually see is unlimited in potential,
and isn't anything in particular beIore we say so.
So, iI we can succeed in stepping out to the
inIinite potential, and then observe things in a
diIIerent way than beIore, then they have
probably changed. We can play with phenomena
in a creative way, simply pretend that we can do
stuII, while somehowstaying connected with the
Iorces that make things happen, and without
havingtoknowexactlyhowthings change.

One will typically work with one's hands.
There's no idea oI sending out healing energy or
anything like that. Rather, one will touch points,
either on the body, or in the space around a
person, or even around an agreed upon symbol
Ior the other person, like a stuIIed toy or a water
bottle. One might also assess diIIerent
So, let me try to give a bit more oI a report Irom
possibilities withone's hands.
the recent Matrix Energetics seminar in

Germany. There were Iour Ivy subscribers that
A lot oI this stuII would be likely to drive a
participated and maybe you have Iollowed some
scientologist crazy, as there isn't a very clear
oI the extensive discussions on the email list.
procedure or a clear deIinition oI anything, and
It is a bit hard to give a very coherent report, as a
the real change is leIt to Iorces one doesn't have
good deal oI what happens is surreal and non-
to understand. But there are nevertheless
parallels tohowauditingworks.

There's a lot oI quantum mechanics metaphors
The client might or might not oIIer something up
being used. For a lot oI the participants that
Ior handling. It might be a pain in a shoulder,
probably serves as making them think that
their Iinances, or anything else. Or they can
there's a scientiIic basis Ior the whole thing. But
leave it upto the practitioner toIindsomething.
mostly that part is BS. Or, more kindly, it is a

metaphor Ior what is happening. You know, Iirst
The practitioner will typically just notice where
Matrix Energetics
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Matrix Energetics
mpressions from a Recent 8eminar
By Flemming Funch, France
Developer of Transformational Processing
48 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
his attention is going, to some part oI the client's which basically involves a simple date-locate by
body or their space. One will typically place assessing how many years ago some incident
one's hand there. The point will typically be happened. Or "parallel universes" which
something one can Ieel, maybe a little more tense involves assessing Ior an alternate reality where
or hard than the surrounding area. the problem in question doesn't exist. And,
again, when one Iinds it, the act oI contacting it
will produce the phenomenon oI change, and
Then there are a variety oI possible techniques.
one doesn't otherwise have any big thing to do
The most simple is the 2-point technique. One
will simply pick another point. In principle, a
point that is related to the Iirst, but not in any
obviously logical way. II the Iirst point was on One might also work in imaginary and
the leIt shoulder, the second might well be 2 Ieet imaginative ways with any issue. "Oh, you have
in Iront oI the person, or on their right knee. It is a problem with your eyes, hmm, lets just pull
chosen based on a perception or intuition that them out oI their sockets here, squirt in a bit oI
they're related. The original technique was to whipped cream, turn the eyeballs around and
choose another point that would make the Iirst pop them back in. And then let's just turn this
point Ieel even more tense or hard, but the knob on your head a little bit here, just .... so
current technique is simply to pick a point that much, ah, yes, that's good..." And both people
somehow makes itselI be noticed. Then, when break down laughing, and the guy's eye sight
one has the two points, on sort oI allows them to suddenlyis better.
be "entangled", which kind oI is that you

perceive both oI them at the same time. And then
Aspects oI all oI this reminds me oI other things
you mentally let go and pass into a space oI
I've run into over the years. There's a good deal
inIinite potential, and you allowwhatever needs
oI NLP in it. The techniques are somewhat
to happen to happen. How one does that is
shamanistic. One does similar things with
individual, but any symbolic way oI letting go
kinesiology and muscle testing. Or radionics. In
and doing something totally diIIerent can be
energy work I've also learned to Ieel things in
workable. For one oI the instructors it was to
spaces. I tend to spontaneously move my hands
imagine going shoe shopping.
around in session, connecting energetically with
points. My way oI running indicidents uses some
Typically the client will have a response techniques similar to some oI this stuII.
showing that something is changing. OIten that

appears as some sort oI distortion oI the space,
I'm not sure what I end up with as a technique
and oIten they might lose their balance and Iall
that routinely can complement what I already do.
backwards. I don't know to what degree that
At the very least it is reminder that reality is Iluid
phenomenon is primed by the suggestive eIIect
and things can change very quickly and without
oI seeing the instructors showing that on stage or
eIIort. One might as well start oII with the
in videos, but it works well as an indicator, as
consideration that miracles will happen easily
well as a "convincer" Ior the client to know that
and routinely than with any more restrictive set
something happened.
oI considerations.

There are other techniques, like "time travel",

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Matrix Energetics
49 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
symbols at us while making sure that no-one would
Rowland Barkley's
show any signs of disrespect or bad behavior. t felt
"Breakthrough Workshop"
as a relief -- still after all these years. When the 4
in Copenhagen.
other people in my workgroup then duplicated this
my exact hologram of this character it was mind-
Rowland Barkley, well known Freezone practitioner
blowing. felt an old charge just blow off my body
and Vy subscriber, held his two day's workshop,
and spirit and totally cracked up in laughter and
called "Breakthrough," in Copenhagen August 8-9,
relief. t was a very effective process of mimicry of
my nightmare-character to a group of interested
was attending the second day and shall here
participants who duplicated my nightmare hologram.
pass on some of my impressions.
We learned to read the small signs
At the seminar was also a family.
of body language and to translate
Father and mother and two teenage
them into 'theta energy" one might
children. Rowland explained what he
say. By duplicating a body attitude
understands by "Karma." What he
and all the small signs of position of
talks about is not a system of divine
head, arms, fingers, facial
justice and payback for good and bad
expressions, movements, etc. one
deeds. nstead he talks about the
could by this drill of mimicry get an
system of agreements or sub-culture
inside look at the other person's
that exist within, for example, a
state of mind and spirit.
family. He works with this directly by
asking the family members about
At some point, each student made
their problems, attitudes and
two short lists of people. One
reactions to the other family
containg the 5-8 people that the
members. t is all very subtle, but
student most admired and who had
also obvious to the astute observer,
influenced him/her positively.
how this is a whole system of
Another list contained the people
agreements and behavior patterns
the participant most detested and
working like a clockwork of
who had influenced the participant
interactions. By working with the
family as a group and address each family member
At one point we would mimic the body language of,
in turn, Rowland can step by step break up the
say, a detested character from the list to the other
reactive agreements and automaticities that may
students. They would duplicate the exact attitude
exist within the family and thus change the "Karma"
and posture as accurately as they could.
of the family.
This part of the seminar was a very enlightening
experience in how we operate in families and
brought up my old math teacher as a detested
groups. t showed how non-optimum conditions of
character to my workgroup. This character had been
"Karma" or sub-cultures can be changed step by
a major PTS item in my early auditing. He was a
step when all members look at what is going on with
"mad scientist," had written the math book he taught
an open mind and spirit. t also seemed to me an
from, and he was the headmaster of the highschool
effective way of running out what LRH calls Group
and he hated children. He had given me countless
nightmares in school and the years after left. So
showed to my workgroup how he would stand in
Rokf K, Ivy editor
front of the class and spew his math signs and
Rowland's Seminar
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

by Rolf K., Editor
The Power of Body Language"
Rowland Barkley
50 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
button). t seems to me that here and in Here are some of the letters we have recieved
some recent ivy-subscribers contributions, from our readers and supporters:
people are introverted into confronting latter
From Ivy`s chairman, Antony Phillips: day Scientology's rectum. A few minutes of
that is surely enough. There are many
have just got through reading most of Vy pleasant memories of past Scientology
103. (many of which, like the existence of Mary
Sue Hubbard, and me, the church
What an issue. Very impressive. Here are suppresses mention of). f you have been
some comments. subjected to abuse, by the church or other
ways, the way out, after confronting it
The first two articles were very interesting, adequately, is to look at the bright side of
giving two widely different views of auditing. life. Reach for the light. am quite sure that,
'd like to comment on the first paragraph given the size of the Church, there are more
after ""the Dead Man Rundown" My bad stories than we have room for on Vy
equipment will not copy and paste from the lists and the magazine.
pdf file.
Page 27 on is a Wow!!! had not a clue
At any rate it is interesting to compare the what R3X was. Thought it was a few
two types of auditing portrayed in the two repetitive commands, a modification of R3R,
articles. or R3RA. Rolf has produced a master piece
of exploration and explanation here, and you
Nice to see the question of PTS handling can see that you have a different editor than
looked at again. the old one. am extremely grateful for the
time he has taken both to study, and then to
Ethics and Justice in the Free Zone. Nice to explain to us, this subject.
see this looked at again.
Kelvars account is interesting, as is a
On the few pages after page 22, have this success story Robert Ducharme put on this
to say. Years ago, can remember (this was list, of some one satisfied with her bridge,
perhaps before came into Scientology) but impressed and going further with R3X.
met some sort of belittling of eastern
philosophies, deriding it because they spent must admit having trouble with Heidrun's
there time contemplating their navel (belly article. My guess is that it is fairly long,
Letters to the Editor
IVy covering the Freezone since 1991

Letters to the
51 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
some of it "knew already", and was under the interesting articles in the latest e-vy.
time pressure (self made) to find what was Dennis Stephens got to know my favorite
new to me. Ron, and benefited greatly fromtheir
association, back there in 1950 and on.
So you have a promising new editor. have only heard very good things about
Congratulations. Dennis's efforts in Australia to inspire folks
with the possibility of being more alive,
All best wishes, conscious, etc.
From Joe Howard we get a chance to see
Antony Phillips Ron at his best and worst. Best at finding
(creating) Tech and worst-- letting his
unhandled paranoid valence attack good
and devoted staff and parctically destroy
From 1oe Howard:
them before belatedly coming to his senses.
read your article in the last issue of Vy
f got the time line straight, he , Ron,
about R3X and how you applied it to your
needed the efforts of David Mayo to save his
head somatics. found that interesting. But
life, just around or after the Super Power
as recall, you said they had not resolved
research, which resulted in the birth of
totally using that technique. And when read
NOT's (New Era Dianetics for Operating
that thought of a piece of truly lost tech and
Thetans ).
that is Effort Processing from Advanced
Very pleased with Rolf's article about the
Procedures and Axioms. This is a fantastic
help he got from Robert du Charme using
process, so much so that when LRH sent
R3-X . He then goes on to tell about what
down advices on HCOB Theory of the New
R3-X consists of and how it could be used in
Grade Chart in 1982 when Dianetics got
moved after the Grades. He designated
Plus a chart that contrasts Standard R3R
Effort Processing as well as Rising Scale
with R3-X that helps to see similarities and
Processing as two processes which were no
differences. Rolf's article has inspired 'me' to
longer on the Grades but could be used at
want to write something 'd entitle: "What
any time they were needed because they
works and Why", or, "What doesn't work and
were so applicable to so many conditions.
Why" .....a discussion about different pieces
(You may remember when Rising Scale was
of Tech and when they worked and why.
on Grade 4. forget where Effort Processing
Pehaps a look at what some auditors can do
was, possibly also Grade 4.) At any rate, 'm
with a tech tool, and others can't. How
wondering if you ever applied that to your
"special" solutions arise when the "Tech"
head somatics.
doen't seem to do the job . Oh well . maybe
that says enough for whoever wants to be
t is written up in the Assists Handbook.
1oe Howard
All the best to Rolf and the contributors for a
fine vy .
From Phil Spickler:
My fellow subscibers, have been enjoying

IVy on the web also a membership forum

Letters to the Editor
52 IVy 104. Nov. 2009
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