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Directors Desk
Variety is the spice of life
I am sure you have all heard this saying before but does variety have an affect on the results from your group personal training? It certainly does. Variety of training is vital to ensure continued success. The human body adapts very easlily to the same routine. Variety also applies to your diet. It is essential to provide the human body with nutrients from as wide a range of food groups as possible. That does not mean Thai food tonight and Indian food tomorrow night! Variety means a wide range of vegetables and fruits for example. We are all creatures of habit and so we pack an apple for lunch or we eat the same breakfast. You can provide your body with more energy and increase your metabolism by eating a different fruit everyday or trying different fresh vegetables. So what variety of training does Step into Life offer? Cardiovascular * Toning * Fit ball * Boxing * Stretch n Flex and Boot Camp. These are all the types of training that Step into Life offers.

Step into Life End Year Event

Local News

On Sunday November 20 9am at Banksia Park was held the Victorian Step into Life end year event. Erin, Melissa, Jeannette & Jill carpooled up with Aaron expecting a little fun. After the introduction all the instructers took off their party shirts to reviel their boot camp instructor shirts to inflict some powering and weird exercises for an hour! Were givin youz variety!


How do we ensure variety? Every Step into Life trainer has hundreds of lesson plans to choose from within these training categories. They also have a Step into Life software package that shows them what lesson plans they have done and which they have not done to ensure variety. Continued within

Timetable Updates
Saturday session is now at 9am NEW Tuesday - 6pm Toning & 7:15pm Toning BOOT CAMP on beach DECEMBER 10 TH get your entry forms in ASAP so trainers can give you details No Session on January 1 st Please advise your trainer if there are any sessions you wish to use your suspensions on. Step into Life, Keysborough
Phone: (03) 8502 8775 Mobile: 0423 852 262 Email: keysborough@stepintolife .com Web: www.stepintolife.com.au


Training Awards
Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add training points to your training club tally (you can see your total on your fortnightly performance report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training.

Members Birthdays
Happy Birthday!! 6 Nicholas DRozario 7 Ellen Hutchison 17 - Silvana Moslih 26 th Diedre Nurhadi 27 th Alan Scafocchia
th th

Welcome New Members

Cheney Dsylva Salinda Diaz Adam Fabris Renee Tipker Meg Horsburgh

Awards achieved in November: 50 points Renee Bilston 200 points 500 points Jeannette Moore (our first to reach 500!) Congragulations Jeannette! 1000 points 1500 points 2000 points

Members Profile
Where were you born?


Where have you worked?

2002 World Masters Games, TDC, Champion Compressors

What is your current profession?

Marketing Coordinator

What sports have you been involved with during your life/best achievement?
Basketball and Athletics

What is your favourite Step into Life session?


What is your 10 week challenge?

Reach a time of 4:02 per KM, which I have!!

What is your favourite naughty treat when your instructors arent looking?
Anything sweet!

What are your Interests & Hobbies?

Basketball, Running

CONGRATULATIONS!! You can reward your efforts by purchasing your tra ining club shirt for $20

What results have you seen since you started SIL?

A great fitness level and an ability to run better than I ever have in my life!

What Primary & Secondary Schools did you attend?

Chandler Primary and Secondary

Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (03) 8502 8775 Mobile: 0423 852 262 Email: keysborough@stepintolife .com Web: www.stepintolife.com.au


Health and Fitness Article

Guidelines for exercise during pregnancy
1. Obtain a physicians approval before starting an exercise program 2. Maintain regular exercise, at least 3 tim es per week of at least 20-30 m inutes in duration 3. Avoid exercise in the supine position (lying on the back) after the first trimester 4. Avoid e xercise in hot, humid environments, and always stay well hydrated 5. Always stop e xercising before you feel exhausted. Keep your maximum heart rate at 70% of heart rate maximum . 6. You will find there is an increase in your resting heart rate by as much as 30 beats per m inute b y the end of your pregnancy. 7. You will need to increase your food intake by an additional 300 calories per day, building up to 500 by the third trimester. 8. Eat carbohydrates before e xercise, as your blood sugar levels can fluctuate rapidly during pregnancy. Always eat food containing low Glycemic Inde x carbohydrates 1-2 hrs before exercise. 9. Always have a p rolonged cool down after the aerobic portion o f your workout. A 5 minute aerobic warm-up and a 1015 minute aerobic cool down is essential. 10. Stop e xercising and consult your physician if you e xperience any of these sym ptoms during exercise. * Bleeding * Elevated blood pressure * Cramping * Dizziness *Faintness * Severe joint pain 11. During pregnancy, all the connective tissue in the body becomes more lax than normal. To help pre vent in jury, avoid deep flexion and extension of the joints and avo id activities that require jumping or jarring motions or rap id change in direction. Always brace you r abdominal muscles when lifting and maintaining good posture to reduce the risk of in jury. 12. Always wear a good supportive bra while exercising, to avoid overstretching the breast ligam ents. 13. After 20 weeks, have your trainer check your abdominal muscles weekly, to determine if the rectus abdominal muscles has separated. This gap which occurs between your abdominal muscles during pregnancy known as diastasis recti and can occur during pregnancy, though often occurs during delivery. If it does occur, cease abdominal curls and oblique work, but m aintain the deep abdom inal bracing exercises. 14. Always maintain correct posture and form during exe rcise. Have your trainer assess your posture throughout pregnancy, keeping watch for musculoskeletal changes. Brace your abdominal muscles and be aware of your back at all times. 15. Choose a mixture of weight bearing and non weight bearing activities such as walking, light weights, yoga and swimming. Avoid lifting and holding the breath. Do not perform lunges or wide squats as they m ay lead to lower back pain and/or pubis symphysis pain. 16. Strengthen your pelvic floor m uscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles will assist with the birth process and recovery and help to p re vent stress incontinence. 17. After b irth, return to exercise gradually. Start with gentle abdominal bracing focusing on the pelvic floor and the deep corset muscles. Check with your physician at six weeks postnatal, prior to re-starting an exe rcise program with your trainer. By Liz Dene, BHMS Australian Fitness Network Spring 2005

Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au

December Photos Of the Month

XMAS FROLIC Date: Sunday December 4th Where: Braeside Park . Carpark 8 Time: 4:30PM Please bring plate of food and drinks for a BBQ, chairs and some sports equipment to play around with, a bike if youd like to go for a ride. Family & Friends are welcome

Before a session the talk is on

They look so pretty

Healthy Recipe Basil Beef Chilli Salad

Ingredients: 750g rump steak, trimmed 1 tablespoon chilli soy bean paste sea salt and cracked pepper 1 x 250g cherry tomatoes, halveds 1 long red chilli, thinly sliced 1 lebanese cucumber, sliced 1 small red onion, sliced 1 cup basil leaves 1/3 cup lime juice 1 teaspoon fish sauce 1 tablespoon brown sugar Method: *Place the steak in a non metallic bowl, add the chilli paste, salt and pepper and toss to coat *Heat a char-grill pan over high heat until hot *Cook the steak for 3-4 minutes each side or until cooked to your liking, slice and set aside *Place the tomatoes, chilli, cucumber, red onion, basil and steak in a bowl and toss to combine *Whisk together the lime juice, fish sauce and sugar and spoon over the salad to serve *Place the salad on serving plates. Serves 4 Source: Donna Hay

Getting tougher

Tasty Low Fat Salad Dressing

1 tablespoon low or no fat natural yoghurt 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon olive oil Grated zest (peel) of a lemon Grated clove of garlic Season with salt & pepper, whisk & serve Source: Lorraine Fabris

After the session theyre still smiling Step into Life, Keysborough
Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au







dedicated to the provision of group personal training to children in a fun, educational, supportive and confidence building environment. Step into Life Kids will help children develop an enthusiasm for physical activity, improve health and fitness, build self-esteem, confidence and most of all create lasting fitness habits.

Term 4 2005 is underway. Register your interest now for 2006. Spaces are limited

$9.70 per session

Merchandise Corner
A3 Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Step into Life Special!! Why not treat yourself or buy a Christmas Gift for a friend. The A3 Polar Heart Rate Monitor at only $136.40 is accurate with simple functionality and very easy to use. Start monitoring your heart and enjoy the benefit of increased Health and Fitness.


Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au


General News
All franchisees from Step into Life throughout Australia wish all of our clients a safe and enjoyable festive season and a prosperous New Year. May you all reach the goals that you set yourself through 2006.

More Franchises Opening

New franchisees will be starting classes in February 2006. These franchisees will be doing their initial 9 day training on the Gold Coast in January. See locations below -: SA Golden Grove, Morphett Vale QLD New Farm, Bulimba WA Illuka, Shenton Park, Willeton NSW Cronulla, Drummoyne, Oatley, Parramatta, Rushcutters Bay, Bronte VIC - Thornbury, Werribee, Murrumbeena, Templestowe

Health & Fitness Article

Stretch & Flex Exercises to help you through your busy day!! 1. The Boat Lie on your back on the floor. Raise your head and legs until they are perpendicular to the body and then lower them again. This movement develops core stability and is taught in 10 steps to increase muscular challenge progressively 2. Half Camel Knee on the floor, with toes curled under, hips still. Lengthen the spine then arch backwards while squeezing your shoulder blades together, opening your chest. 3. The Table Top Sit on the ground with legs outstretched, hands on ground for support, arms straight. Lift bottom until knees are over ankles, forming a tabletop.
Extracted from the Step into Life Stretch & Flex program 2005

Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au


Member Benefits


Civic video, ACP (Gourmet, Traveller, Good Medicine, The Bulletin, Belle etc) Bristol, Roger David, Rays Outdoors, Midas, REBEL, Choice Hotels Australasia.

Craig & Michelle Wachter


Where: 320-326 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough Phone: 9769 1536 Website: www.cellarbrations.com.au Discount: Present the above cutout for 10% off (only when you spend $50 or more) VALID ONLY IN NOVE MBER Specials: Join the Wise Buy Club for free to be rewarded for your purchases

Where: 17 Buckley Street, Noble Park Phone: 9547 6712 Discount: Present m embership card for 10% off* Specials: Great deals on bulks of food, sweets, drinks and more. Even TOYS for christim as! *discount excludes m ilk

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Where: Waverly Gardens Shopping Centre Phone: 9558 4866 Website: www.villagecinem as.com.au Discount: Present membership card to receive $4.90 movie tickets* *does not apply to movie specials Special: if you justed missed seeing a movie at any other cinemas, here they may have it playing! Where: Shop L02, 250 Dandenong Plaza Phone: 9793 9366 Discount: Present m embership card for 10% off* Specials: Specialise in getting the correct fit for YOUR feet. . using the latest technology with great service! *only applies to foo twear, smaller d iscount applies for o ther items. Where: SHE COMES TO YOU! Phone: 0427 978 860 Discount: Present membership card for 50% off your first consultation & 10% off thereafter. A fantastic professional mobile massage service that comes to you! Group Sessions Available


Where: Shop 13, 236 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong Arcade Phone: 9792 1693


1b Frank Street, Noble Park Phone: 9562 4771
Come in for a friendly service & great haircut. Sells isotonic formulas for nutrients that are obsorbed quicker than tab lets into the bloodstream. Also sells other products. Where: Sells to you Phone: 0417 524 464 Discount: Present membership card for 10% off Specials: Vitamin B12 for extra energy RRP $28.55 Now $22 (45 servings) Discount: Present m embership card for 15% off* Specials: Do colour tips & lad ies haircuts too *discount only applies to haircut

Specials: Get expert nutritional advice from Steve An kers and he alread y gives 20% off the RRP of Body Building Suppliments. Discount: Present membership card for 20% off all the other Suppliments

Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au

Directors Desk Cont. We also ensure variety so your body does not get used to what we are doing with different equipment. Example: Within a toning session we use dumbbells; medicine balls and resistance bands. A resistance band is a great way to ensure strength and conditioning improvements due to the unique way in which it works the muscle. A dumbbell provides resistance at certain stages of the movement where a resistance band provides resistance throughout the entire movement. Another way we achieve variety is via lower body cardio or upper body cardio and switching between the two. In a typical cardio session you would use your legs to walk, jog or run but in a boxing session you would use your arms to raise your heart rate. This variety increases fitness and expends more energy. Christmas and New Year is almost upon us. Are you going to do and eat the exact same thing you did last year or will you add some variety? Perhaps prepare a different meal or lots of variety within the meal. Have your meal in a unique place, like a park instead of in your home. Whatever your choice within your training or in life keep yourself on your toes with some variety. From all of us at the Step into Life Head Office team we wish you and your families all the best over the festive season and a prosperous New Year. Larry Cohen Director
Step into Life, Keysborough
Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au

Franchise Directory
Ballarat Bendigo Balwyn North Bentleigh Burwood East Camberwell Carlton Caulfield Chelsea Cheltenham Cranbourne Croydon Doncaster Essendon Eltham Ferntree Gully Frankston Greensborough Hampton Hawthorn Hoppers Crossing Ivanhoe Kew Keysborough Malvern Moonee Ponds Mornington Narre Warren Rowville Werribee Wheelers Hill Williamstown


Avalon Balmoral Batemans Bay Chipping Norton Glenmore Park Leonay Manly Penrith Rose Bay Sans Souci

Campbelltown Blackwood Magill Mt Gambier Port Lincoln Prospect West Lakes

Deakin Gungahlin ANU

Chermside Runaway Bay Wilston

WA Hillarys
NT Casuarina


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7am Boot Camp th 10 De ce mbe r 9 am Toning 6 am Cardio 6 am T oning 6 pm Cardio 6 pm Toning 6:30 pm Kick Boxing 6pm Toning 7:15 pm Toning 7:15 pm Cardio 7:15 pm Toning

If temperature is 30 degrees or over then 6pm sessions will move up to do the 7:15pm session
Training Sessions suitable for all ages and fitness levels Cardio Toning Kick boxing Fit ball Stretch n Flex Rubberised Resistance Boot Camp A fun and motivational session that improves overall health, heart and lung Fitness. Improves muscular strength and endurance, body tone and shape and postural stability. Self defence moves to combine a cardio and toning workout in one. E xcellent for core stability providing effective muscular strength and endurance, body tone and shape. Enhances flexibility through yoga-based activities for balanced health Great all-over body workout using Rubberised Resistance Bands A tough army style, test your limits workout session dates from your trainer.

Week Commencing Mondays 6am Tuesdays 6pm & 7:15pm Thursdays 6pm & 7:15pm Saturdays 9am

5 Dec
Resistance Band Resistance Band Weights Fit Ball


TONING SESSIONS 12 Dec 19th Dec 26th Dec

Fit Ball Fit Ball Resistance Band Weights Weights Weights Fit Ball Resistance Band Resistance Band Resistance Band Weights Fit Ball

3rd Jan
Fit Ball Fit Ball Resistance Band Weights

10th Jan
Weights Weights Fit Ball Resistance Band

Step into Life, Keysborough

Phone: (0 3) 8 502 877 5 Mo bile: 0 423 852 262 Ema il: ke ysboro ugh@step intolife .com Web : www.step intoli fe .com.au

BootCamp BootCamp
Step into Life
The exercise and lifestyle solution

Enrolment Form
Payment Detail (please complete training fees and total payable)

Please enrol me in December 05 Navy Seals Boot Camp! @ Chelsea Beach! (you will receive a conformation form provided you get this in at least a week prior) Name________________________________________________________ Day Attending : Sat, December 10th ?
plus T-shirt: $25

= Total $________________

Training Fees: $________________

Size Required (please circle):

PAYMENT METHOD: Cash [ ] OR Cheque [ ] OR Credit card [ ]



Please make cheque payable to Step into Life Keysborough As per file or please complete details below

Number Expiry Amount $

Name on Card________________________________________ Signature _____________________________________


Saturday, December 10th NAVY SEALS Boot Camp 7am @ Chelsea Beach! (boot camp shirt required)
1 day only $9.80 + $25 shirt cost = $34.80 ALREADY HAVE THE SHIRT THEN PRICES ARE: 1 day only = $9.80 T-Shirt Cost: $25

Boot Camp T-shirt is COMPULSORY

You will get dirty, do not wear your white step into life shirt but your blue boot camp shirt. We will be on even if its raining, bring wet weather gear and maybe even a change of clothes. *A number of at least 6 are needed to run the boot camp, max of 18.