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(Continued from Page A-l) picked up all 1 had and went with him. ; "That was Charles Manson." Miss F r o m m e , still wearing an "x" in her* forehead, told how she, another girl and a boy, left witiv Manson for San Francisco's Haight-Asbury district:' Although the boy and girl',-left them, Manson picked up another girl Marj Brunner when they "got to Berkeley. "jfcharlie had previously mef'Mary," Miss Fromme said1.1" She was a librarian at ffie University of California at Berkeley . . . she wasn't content either. Mary had her paycheck and we went to Mendocino and rented a cabin and just lived off practically nothing." The three then went to Sacramento where they exchanged their old car for the "big, black school bus," and in it they went back to San Francisco. "There were a lot of kids around there just trying to get away from that fife," Miss Fromme recalled." "W^ took anyone that wanted to come." She related how they met Patricia Krenwinkel. "Charlie had a friend in Manhattan Beach, and we met Katie (Miss Krenwinkel) there. We played music. She loved music. And we sang." "Charlie," she said with a smite, "Sings so as it would make you want to sing. "Anyway, we ail walked on the beach and spent N time together, Katie was looking, like all kids are looking, for the truth and peace and someone to love her. "We sang and talked and finally she said 'I'm coming with you.' She had a job with an insurance company; it was a drudge. She said she was tired of it. We weren't trying to give her advice. We were just living and having a -good time. We didn't do anything about her job. The more you try to tie up loose ends, the more loose ends there are. Her sister was making a scene, pro-' testing, but we left. It was that simple." Asked by chief defense counsel Paul Fitzgerald if there was a leader to the group, the girl answered a quick: "No . . . We were just riding the winds. Charlie is a man and we were all looking for a man who would beat our feet in his love, but wouldn't let us step on him." Then, in a burst of enthusiasm, she told of Charlie:. "Charlie is our father in the respect that he would point out things to us help us. He'd tell us to watch things. "It began with me


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giving myself up to one mother to say she was man. It was hard. We had going to the desert in Vicbeen taught there'should torvfile with /friends, and be one man and one wom- would look for a job as A Long Beach chiroprac- at 905 E. Market St. an. There was jealousy soon as fall came. "He wasn't there. He tor whose license was disamong the girls, but it was She never r e t u r n e d played in a, Market Street wasn't running the place," Two men, accused of the before Judge William B. a beautiful experience." home, her .mother said, massage parlor was con- said Andelson of Dr. Hill, THEN, AS the courtroom and later ended up in San victed Tuesday of operat- who lists his chiropractic acid-bath killing of a Para- Keene. burst into laughter, she Francisco. ing a house of prostitution office at 824 Redondo Ave. mount man last June, The defendants ' were convicted of murder found' guilty of the murder added, with gestures, "We there. To be tried later on a were Tuesday in Los Angeles of James Summer*, 32, of had the blanket going back IN *THE early fall of Municipal Court Judge charge that she was co- Superior Court. and forth . . . and /we'd 1968, Leslie called home. 8&4 Wilbam St., last June proprietor was Grace yell at each other until we "She said she was going to Elsworth M. Beam, who Eleanor Young, 35, a The penalty phase of the 3. The victim was beaten heard the case without a finally looked at each oth133-pound bru- trial of Dennis Wayne Wal- on the' head with a crow-' er in the eyes and realized drop out and I Wouldn't be jury, commented that Dr. brown-eyed lace, 30, and Joseph Frank bar and garrotted before we loved each other." hearing from her." Mrs. David R. Hill continued to nette. She is recuperating Samson, 35, begins today being put in a bathtub of The group picked up Su- Van Houten testified. "We display his license as part from surgery. sulfuric acid. san Atkins in a commune had a heated argument on of the massage parlor Lakewood sheriff's depu- front even. after vice offiin San Francisco. the phone and I didn't hear ties, responding to a burcers twice arrested' on? Suspect, Wounded in Holdup, Is Dead Later, Miss Fromme from her after that." glary call at the Wilbarn said, the 'group met and An armed robbery sus- cis Hospital, Lynwood. She said that in April of girl there. Sheriff's homicide inves- Street address a day later,' gathered in Ruth Anne 1969 she had a telephone Hill's attorney, Sheldon pect, wounded, by a Wiltigators identified the sus- : found Wallace biding in M o r e h o u s e , labeled call from her daughter who Andelson, said evidence "Quish" who had "pretty had been picked up by po- contradicted the prosecu- lowbrook gas station at- pect as Larry Topps, 18, of the attic with the remains tendant during a holdup, 10509 S. Wilmington Ave., of Summers in a small much been kicked out of lice as she was hitchhiking tion's claim that he was plastic bag. her house too." on a freeway in Reseda. manager of the operation died Tuesday in St. Fran- Willowbrook. When the group got back to Topanga Canyon, they picked up Brenda McCann, who "came from a pretty wealthy family." JUST BEFORE they all moved to the Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth, Mary Brunner gave birth to Manson's baby in a condemned house in Malibu. "We called it Sunstone Hawk," Miss Fromme said with a laugh, "because the sun was coming up over a stone and a hawk flew over the.house." The group then went to live at the ranch and slowly moved from a back house on the 40-acre spread to the owner, George Spahn's house, which, she said, they cleaned up and painted. But, she kept repeating, "Manson was never our (Continued from Page A-l) leader. He'd follow us. All he had to do when he got Crocker Coupons out of jail was to do things !Q. Students of the Garden Grove school district are for us. We'd mention one collating General Mills' Betty Crocker coupons so they thing, and he'd look ("~n" v("le?m them for a dialysis machine for an Orange around and pretty soon County kidney patient. we'd have it We did what Could ACTION LINE help women should do." us by letting people know "Charlie," she said, that they can send their "used to walk, off when iMipons to Mrs. Deb we'd get feisty and we'd straighten up. We all loved Charlie. We loved love. Garden Grove, Calif. 92645? Our deadline for "WE LOVE Mr. Bugliosi getting the coupons sent is (chief prosecutor Vincent it. Tflay 1. S.M., Garden Bugliosi) too, and he's trying to kill us." Grove. A. Yes, we tan. We Manson, she said tenderchecked with Geneia ly, "was a father who M'lls in Minneapolis knew it was good to make --'*n. a"rt learned that ?'love." thotigh this company is "Making love to Charlie discontinuing redeeming . . . was guiltless . . . like a baby. He has no evfl in Betty Crocker coupons for him." life-saving devices they Samuel Barrett, Manwill still honor appr, , YOUR CHOICE son's probation officer for and registered project more than a year before now in progress or ncv the Tate-La Bianca kill Make family clothing, do pleted by tte end of this ^ "~ ~ ings, however, claimed Sew zig-zag stitches both forward mending and darning jobs so year. Each coupon is worth % cent, so 600,000 will buy a that the ex-convict's fourand reverse! Do mending, dara easily, quickly! Sews straight $3,000 machine. Mrs. Frances Jindra of General Mills inch high file didn't show ing, sew button holes and sew OB stitches forward and reverse said they will stop offering these devices for coupons be- he had been an angel for buttons. It even monograms and cause "we had a lot of very bad criticism. The com- 36 years. With walnut-finished modern Although Barrett refused appliques! With portable carryplaint was that we're trading coupons for human lives." hardwood cabinet included. However, they will continue to trade coupons for school to release the Federal ing case. #1204/9707. #1104/9100 busses and fire trucks. For further information write files of Manson's prison record to the court, he adPeggy Adams, General Mills, 400 Second St. South, Indimitted that the hippie le'adanapolis, Ind. 55440. er had been neglected by his mother at an early age Horse Sense Q. There are some thoroughbreds racing now which and spent 23 of his 36 years in prisons or instituhave the same names as horses which ran in the 1930's and '40's. I have a friend who says a thoroughbred can- tions. . EARLIER, Mrs. Jane not have another horse's name until at least 30 years Van Houten, a Monrovia have passed after the first ho: ;e's death. Is this true? school teacher and Leslie's G.L.B., Los Angeles. mother fought back tears A. No. Only is ..;:: : "v^l "*'n">- 'i hr.< '.; death as she told of her daughbefore another thoroughbred can bear his name, AC- ter's life before meeting TION LINE learned from a spokesman lor the Thor- the "family." oughbred ol caiiiorma magazine m Arcadia. However, a Composed, but continuthoroughbred can never be given the name of a horse ously dabbing at tears, she registered in the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame, which lists was the second mother atall the big winners of the past. A thoroughbred's name tempting to convince the cannot be longer than 18 letters and a horse can never five-woman, seven-man be named after a comih^rdn 1 ".o'iu-.i. All proposed jury that the defendants napes for thoroughbreds must be submitted to the Jock- should not go to the gas eyjpib of New. York City. chamber for the seven brutal killings. The jury is to | fro Seal decide whether they will flj. We are greatly concerned about the annual seal spend the rest of their slaughter which takes place, beginning in June,, on the lives in prison or die in the Pribilof Islands off the coast of Alaska. We would like San Quentin gas chamber. to voice our protest and contact any groups which- are Mrs. Van Houten told a working to prevent seal slaughters. M.L.R., Lakewood. story of a girl who until A. Friends of Animals Inc., 11 W. 6flth St., New her sophomore year in York, N.Y. 10023 is a non-profit organization working for high school was full of life, humane treatment of animals, especially seals. Alice a leader and obviously Herrington, Friends of Animals president, told ACTION popular with her classLINE that anyone who wishes to help circulate petitions mates, who elected her to in support of seal protection laws, to be presented to class office and named her Sears Dial Control Zig-Zag Portable Deluxe ZigCongress, should write to her at the Friends of Animals "homecoming princess" YOUR CHOICE address. She said her group also works closely with the for two years. New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Then, her personality Animals, to stop the annual seal slaughter In the Gulf of changed, apparently beSt. Lawrence, off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. cause of an unhappy ro Dial to straight stitch Mrs. Herrington said that a bill, which should be intro- mance and she O Has bnilt-in blind hemmer duced in Congress very soon, would ban the importation withdrawn. Her became Dial to Zig-Zag school Convenient built-in sewing of all marine mammal products into the United States grades suffered and she Pnsh-button reverse light and also make it illegal for Americans to kill seals In Idropped out of school ac Dial to sew on buttons Sews on buttons, makes butUnited States waters or on the Ugh seas. tivities. #1206/9100 console tonholes, overcasts Mrs. Van Houten decabinet in walnut #1207/9710 with portable carscribed her daughter as a finish ryinjtcasc All 1 ever see in ACTION LINE is about someone "joiner" who had a "wonworried about a sleeping computer or where to get a derful sense of humor." Ask About Sears Convenient Credit Plans Free Home Demonstration monopoly game. I asked three times about the nutritional Mrs. Van Houten then value of Long Beach Unified School District food. / am described an alienation real disgusted with ACTION LINE. I think you are a with her family which beMYMTK tO I rK COVIM* bunch of garbage. I think it is a waste of time and ef- gan when she enrolled in a HT> MONK* MANOI CANOM MIX ' * IMNR business school in Long fort. P. T., Long Beacli. fOUTM COMT n MINMU ACTION LINE is by far the most valuable service Beach. MM NVMMw. HOT M. fiMAJL MM PA, *m*r*NM M I JI. the I, P-T provides. Everyone I fenow reads it first and, Following graduation if pressed for time, exclusively. The search for honesty from the business school and justice is refreshing and, when your sources are where she hoped to bedishonest, I am sure it gets through to most of your come a legal secretary, readers. F. S., Long Beach. Leslie telephoned her

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