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Introduction The introduction of the English Language Lab is considered essential at 3rd year level. At this stage the students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen to, read, speak and write in English both for their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised conte t. The proposed course should be an integrated theory and lab course to enable students to use !good" English and perform the following# $ather ideas and information, to organise ideas relevantly and coherently. Engage in debates. %articipate in group discussions. &ace interviews. 'rite pro(ect)research reports)technical reports. *ake oral presentations. 'rite formal letters. Transfer information from non+verbal to verbal te ts and vice versa. To take part in social and professional communication. 2. Obj cti! "# This Lab focuses on using computer+aided multimedia instruction for language development to meet the following targets# To improve the students" fluency in English, through a well+developed vocabulary and enable them to listen to English spoken at normal conversational speed by educated English speakers and respond appropriately in different socio+cultural and professional conte ts. &urther, they would be required to communicate their ideas relevantly and coherently in writing. $. S%&&'bu"# The following course content is prescribed for the Advanced ,ommunication -kills Lab# &unctional English + starting a conversation . responding appropriately and relevantly . using the right body language . role play in different situations. /ocabulary building . synonyms and antonyms, word roots, one+word substitutes, prefi es and suffi es, study of word origin, analogy, idioms and phrases. $roup 0iscussion . dynamics of group discussion , intervention, summari1ing, modulation of voice, body language, relevance, fluency and coherence. 2nterview -kills . concept and process, pre+interview planning, opening strategies, answering strategies, interview through tele and video+conferencing. 3esume" writing . structure and presentation, planning, defining the career ob(ective, pro(ecting ones strengths and skill+sets, summary, formats and styles, letter+writing. 3eading comprehension . reading for facts, guessing meanings from conte t, scanning, skimming, inferring meaning, critical reading. Technical 3eport writing . Types of formats and styles, sub(ect matter . organi1ation, clarity, coherence and style, planning, data+collection, tools, analysis. (. Mini)u) * +uir ) nt# T, En-&i", L'n-u'- L'b ",'&& ,'! t.o /'rt"# i4 T, Co)/ut r 'id d L'n-u'- L'b for 56 students with 56 systems, one master console, LA7 facility and English language software for self+ study by learners. ii4 T, Co))unic'tion S0i&&" L'b with movable chairs and audio+visual aids with a %.A -ystem, a T. /., a digital stereo .audio 8 video system and camcorder etc. S%"t ) * +uir ) nt 1 H'rd.'r co)/on nt2# Computer network with Lan with minimum 60 multimedia systems with the following specifications: i4 % . 2/ %rocessor a4 -peed . 9.: $;< b4 3A* . =>9 *? *inimum c4 ;ard 0isk . :6 $? ii4 ;eadphones of ;igh quality 3. Su-- "t d So4t.'r # The software consisting of the prescribed topics elaborated above should be procured and used. Su-- "t d So4t.'r #

C&'rit% 5ronunci'tion 5o. r . part 22 O64ord Ad!'nc d L 'rn r7" Co)/'"", @th Edition DELTA7" 0 % to t, N 6t G n r'tion TOE8L T "t# Ad!'nc d S0i&& 5r'ctic . Lin-u' TOE8L CBT In"id r, by 0reamtech TOE8L 9 G*EA BA%LA7, AA3,C 8 ?A33C7-, D-A, ,racking $3E by ,L2&&-4 T, 4o&&o.in- "o4t.'r 4ro) :tr'in2"ucc "".co)7 5r /'rin- 4or b in- Int r!i . d; 5o"iti! T,in0in-; Int r!i .in- S0i&&"; T & /,on S0i&&"; Ti) M'n'- ) nt T ') Bui&din-; D ci"ion )'0inEn-&i", in Mind, ;erbert %uchta and Eeff -tranks with *eredith Levy, ,ambridge

<. Boo0" * co)) nd d# >. E44 cti! T c,nic'& Co))unic'tion, *. Ashraf 3i1vi, Tata *c. $raw+;ill %ublishing ,ompany Ltd. 9. A Cour" in En-&i", co))unic'tion by *adhavi Apte, %rentice+;all of 2ndia, 966@. 3. Co))unic'tion S0i&&" by Leena -en, %rentice+;all of 2ndia, 966=. F. Ac'd )ic =ritin-> A 5r'ctic'& -uid 4or "tud nt" by -tephen ?ailey, 3ontledge &almer, London 8 7ew Gork, 966F. =. En-&i", L'n-u'- Co))unic'tion # A * 'd r cu) L'b M'nu'& 0r A 3amakrishna 3ao, 0r $ 7atanam 8 %rof -A -ankaranarayanan, Anuradha %ublications, ,hennai 5. Bod% L'n-u'- > ?our Succ "" M'ntr' by 0r. -halini /erma, -. ,hand, 9665. @. DELTA7" 0 % to t, N 6t G n r'tion TOE8L T "t# Ad!'nc d S0i&& 5r'ctic , 7ew Age 2nternational A%4 Ltd., %ublishers, 7ew 0elhi. :. ?ooks on TOE8L@G*E@GMAT@CAT by ?arron"s)cup H. IELTS " ri " .it, CD" by ,ambridge Dniversity %ress. >6. T c,nic'& * /ort =ritin- Tod'% by 0aniel $. 3iordan 8 -teven E. %auley, ?i1tantra %ublishers, 966=. >>. B'"ic Co))unic'tion S0i&&" 4or T c,no&o-% by Andra E. 3utherford, 9nd Edition, %earson Education, 966@. >9. Co))unic'tion S0i&&" 4or En-in r" by -unita *ishra 8 ,. *uralikrishna, %earson Education, 966@. >3. Obj cti! En-&i", by Edgar Thorpe 8 -howick Thorpe, 9nd edition, %earson Education, 966@. >F. C')brid- 5r /'r'tion 4or t, TOE8L Test by Eolene $ear 8 3obert $ear, Fth Edition. >=. T c,nic'& Co))unic'tion by *eenakshi 3aman 8 -angeeta -harma, C ford Dniversity %ress. DIST*IBUTION AND =EIGHTAGE O8 MA*KS # Advanced Communication Skills Lab Practicals: >. The practical e aminations for the English Language Laboratory practice shall be conducted as per the Dniversity norms prescribed for the core engineering practical sessions. 9. &or the English Language lab sessions, there shall be a continuous evaluation during the year for 9= sessional marks and =6 End E amination marks. Cf the 9= marks, >= marks shall be awarded for day+to+day work and >6 marks to be awarded by conducting 2nternal Lab TestAs4. The End E amination shall be conducted by the teacher concerned with the help of another member of the staff of the same department of the same institution.