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THE EYE OF PROVIDENCE (POETRY) Petko Nikolic Vidusa Kitchener, Canada, 2009 PRAISE THE LORD The Eye of Providence Twinkling The voice of Ancient of Days Speaking -The Pyramid of Time Is done All earth and the Universe ‘Will be gone In the coming Last Day Where the future Has no way To all mankind sings On the wind's wings In the tears of the sea Over the dying last bee Fifty one stars in the Cancer Constellation Made by human proclamation With a crude oil desecrated Will be disintegrated Ina fired dark space When the Lord's face Appears from the East To the Judgment Feast Then Peter Romanus Caesar of Rome and Constantinople With the twelve stars on his head Eater of a godless bread The false prophet and false god And high chief priest Will be invited on the Feast In a chain like a beast That evil expert very-well Will be send In the Hell To the Father of the lie Oh, glory of all sins Forever goodbye Forever goodbye O man of the world Praise the Lord Praise the Lord