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Mountaineering activities started in 1976 with 26 members under the name
“Moutain lovers”. Under this banner only adventurous activities were
taken (like
Trekking, rock climbing, rappelling etc).

While moving forward new thoughts were emerged i.e. adventure along
with nature conservation, with this aim “The Nature Lovers” Club was
formed in the year 1982.

“Adventure is our base and Nature conservation is our aim” this is the
motto of “The Nature Lovers”.

The Nature Lovers carry out lot of activities under their umbrella, in order
to create healthy life, to treat nature with humanity, build self confidence,
groom with others for team building etc.

“The Nature Lovers” conduct adventure activity in Sahyadri (rock

climbing, rappelling, river -crossing etc.) .Himalayan expedition, Himalayan
trek , fort conservation, wild life censors , wild life conservation, bird
watching, nature conservation and tree- plantation and also organizes
exhibition and related seminars.

Nature Lovers Short - Clip Diary

1. Caught gunmen in killing leopard in National Park.

2. Sawantwadi Jungle Bachao Mohim in 1992.
3. Nine forts trek of 400 kms successfully completed in 1982.
4. Started rock climbing activities from Tungi Pinnacle in 1983 and till
more than 150 Pinnacles have successfully climbed.
5 Tandulwadi Reservoir Cleaning started in 1986 for continuously
6 Conservation of historical forts in Sahyadri
7 Participation in rescue activities during Bhuj earthquake.
8 Nature and Adventure camp for school children.
9 Nature lover’s activity worked on getting heritage status for 43
10 Various Nature Conservation Programmes and slide show in
various schools.

Nature Lovers major milestones:

1. Cave exploration in 1982 (Ghodbil Cave and Walusari Khind)

2. Indo- Pakistan border desert trek.
3. One tree hill trek & plantation on Silver Jubilee Year 2009 25th
4. Rajgad Pradakshina (last 24 year)
5. Tadoba Censors (last 24 year)
6. Bhima Shankar trek (last 29 years)
7. Motor cycle Expedition Khardungla pass (highest motorbike

Nature lovers Himalayan Expedition and treks.

1. Jori.
2. Tambu and Surpass.
3. Yamnotri – Gangotri – Roopkund- Hemkund.
4. Manali Keylong, Manali.
5. Thulu Koteshwar.
6. Hanuman Tibba.
7. Gangotri I.
8. Padam Leh Ladakh.
9. Joshi Math – Helang Madh Maheshwar Nandi kund.
10. Yogeshwar.
11. Akela Killa.
12. Bandar Punch.
13. Pindari Glaciers (for school children).

Rajgad Pradakshina
It is the most beautiful fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Nature
Lovers offered tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by doing
Pradakshina around this great fort of Rajgad. This Pradakshina takes
almost 7-8 hours to complete which is along the periphery of fort .We
are proud to declare that this mission is on for last 23 years and this
is our 24th year of organizing of this Rajgad Pradakshina. In the last
23 years almost 5000 participants of all age group have enjoyed
and thrilled in this wonderful event.

Tadoba Censors

Tadoba is one of the declared Tiger Project Reserve forest located in

Chandrapur District in Maharashtra. As nature conservation is our
motto, we have taken initiative and joined hands with Tadoba Wild
Life Authority to carry out sensors in Tadoba. During the sensors we
carried out tiger pugmark study, animal counting, exchange of views
on nature conservation of various species, and bird watching
activities. We are continuously participating in Tadoba censors last 24

Nature Camp for school children.

Nature Lovers arranging nature and adventure camp for school

children twice a year. (In winter Diwali vacation ,in summer Summer
vacation ).The idea behind the arranging these camps is team
building ,co-ordination , aclimatisation and survive in any
circumstances or conditions, importance of nature conservation and
understand the ecological balance of every ones survival.
In the camp we organize the following type of activities:

1. Adventure activity (Rock climbing, Rappelling, Valley

crossing & zoomaring)
2. Co-ordination and team building games.
3. Nature trail and bird watching.
4. Rafting
5. Rifle shooting
6. Stargazing.

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