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through Bertha Dudde 6940

Gods blessing for every a tion .... !arriages ....

"ll blessings have to o#e fro# God $i#self in order to ta%e effe t. " hu#an beings blessing &ill only ever be a 'blessing for another (erson &hen God is alled u(on) that is to say &hen this blessing is given in $is na#e. "nd therefore you hu#ans #ay also onta t $i# yourselves if you &ant to re eive $is blessing be ause your (lea that God should san tion your (lanned a tion &ill also gain you $is aring hel( in every situation of life. God has indeed hosen $is servants on earth &ho shall i#(art on $is behalf the gift $e $i#self &ants to give to (eo(le .... &ho s(ea% to (eo(le on $is behalf sin e $e annot s(ea% to the# $i#self due to their freedo# of &ill. "nd $is re(resentatives are also able to i#(lore God to bless his fello& hu#an being) to dire t the results of his a tions su h that they &ill benefit the (erson. But this is entirely under Gods ontrol) hen e only God alone an give $is blessing and the hu#an being an only do so on $is behalf) &ith other &ords in the na#e of God. *his is &hy every hu#an being is also able to re+uest Gods blessing for his underta%ing &ithout those &hose offi e #a%es the# feel entitled to give blessings. Be ause #u h of it is a #ere for#ality) and the inner state of #ind is not greatly observed any#ore. " (erson &ith an inner onne tion to God &ill no longer do

anything &ithout first having (rayed for Gods blessing) and Gods blessing &ill also be assured to hi# .... $o&ever) the onferring of blessings &hi h has be o#e a for#ality) &hi h is #e hani ally arried out) &hi h is tied to usto#s) &ill al&ays ,ust re#ain a for#ality and have little effe t on (eo(le) or #any things &hi h &ill never orres(ond to Gods &ill &ould have to find Gods a((roval. For instan e) for#al #arriage ere#onies are also blessed) for &hi h God &ould not give $is a((roval and &hi h $e &ould (revent if $e did not observe the free &ill of (eo(le. !arriages ta%e (la e for &orldly) #aterialisti not deserve the des ri(tion of '#arriage .... reasons &hi h do

-nions are entered into &hi h do not sho& the (rere+uisites re+uired for a good marriage before God .... $o&ever) the blessing of the hur h is not denied to su h unions) but &hether God $i#self &ill bless su h a #arriage re#ains to be seen .... even though an e lesiasti al blessing need not al&ays be ineffe tive) &hen both the (erson onferring the blessing as &ell as the re i(ient have established sin ere onta t &ith God) thus &hen God $i#self is (etitioned for $is blessing by all (arti i(ants. $en e only this sin ere onta t &ith God is de isive as it (roves the hu#an beings &illingness to be blessed by $i#. God &ill al&ays be ready to dire t everything for the benefit of a (ersons soul) and $e &ill also %no& ho& to dire t &orldly events su h that they result in a blessing for hi#) if the (erson (rays for Gods blessing hi#self. But (eo(les entirely unblessed beginnings &ill not result in #u h benefit) ,ust as the (urely for#al blessing annot be onsidered a divine (rivilege) a 'blessing of God. Only &hat is (rayed for s(iritually and in truth and arried out an be of value .... that is &hy every heartfelt (rayer for Gods blessing &ill be granted be ause it is Gods &ill that the (erson

should enter into heartfelt union &ith $i# and his blessing &ill only evolve fro# this bond ....


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