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(This HSK Level 3 list was produced by Lingomi. Definitions provided by CC-CED


HSK LevelOrder



maternal aunt; stepmother; childcare worker; nursemaid; woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child); CL:|[ge4] modal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent low; short (in length) to love; affection; to be fond of; to like to like; to take pleasure in; keen on; fond of; interest; hobby; appetite for; CL:|[ge4] quiet; peaceful; calm eight; 8


a1 yi2

2 3 4

3-2 3-3 1-1

a5 ai3 ai4

5 6 7

3-5 3-6 1-2

ai4 hao4 an1 jing4 ba1



to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of; a handle; particle marking the following noun as a direct object; classifier for objects with handle


ba4 ba5




(informal) father; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] (modal particle indicating polite suggestion); ...right?; ...OK?




white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anticommunist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai hundred; numerous; all kinds of; surname Bai team; class; squad; work shift; classifier for groups; ranking; surname Ban; CL:|[ge4] to move; to shift; to remove; to transport; to apply indiscriminately; to copy mechanically half; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half















ban4 fa3

means; method; way (of doing sth); CL:|[tiao2],| [ge4] an office; business premises; a bureau; CL:|[jian1] to help; to lend a hand; to do a favor; to do a good turn assistance; aid; to help; to assist



ban4 gong1 shi4

18 19

3-18 2-7

bang1 mang2 bang1 zhu4

20 21

3-20 3-21

bao1 bao3

22 23

2-8 1-4

bao4 zhi3 bei1 zi5

to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; to contract (to or for); surname Bao; CL:|[ge4],|[ zhi1] to eat till full; satisfied newspaper; newsprint; CL:[fen4],[qi1], |[zhang1] cup; glass; CL:|[ge4],[zhi 1],[zhi1] north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River



bei3 fang1



Bei3 jing1

Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China; Peking; PRC government by (indicates passive-voice sentences or clauses); quilt; to cover (literary) roots or stems of plants; origin; source; this; the current; root; foundation; basis; classifier for books, periodicals, files etc; originally nose; CL:|[ge4],|[ zhi1] (particle used for comparison and "-er than"); to compare; to contrast; to gesture (with hands); ratio compare; contrast; fairly; comparatively; relatively; quite; rather competition (sports etc); match; CL:|[chang3],[ ci4] to have to; must; compulsory; necessarily change; variation; to change; to vary; CL:|[ge4]




27 28

1-6 3-28

ben3 bi2 zi5






bi3 jiao4

31 32

3-31 3-32

bi3 sai4 bi4 xu1



bian4 hua4



biao3 shi4



biao3 yan3

to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean play; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate; CL:|[chang3] to leave; to depart; to separate; to distinguish; to classify; other; another; do not; must not; to pin other people; others; other person guesthouse; CL:|[ge4],[jia 1] icebox; freezer cabinet; refrigerator; CL:|[tai2],| [ge4] you're welcome; impolite; rude; blunt; don't mention it (negative prefix); not; no ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just dish (type of food); vegetables; vegetable; cuisine; CL:|[pan2],[da o4] menu; CL:[fen4],|[zh ang1]

36 37 38

2-13 3-37 3-38

bie2 bie2 ren2 bin1 guan3



bing1 xiang1

40 41

1-7 1-8

bu2 ke4 qi5 bu4




43 44

1-9 3-44

cai4 cai4 dan1



can1 jia1

to participate; to take part; to join grass; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough; CL:[ke1],[zuo3], [zhu1],[gen1] layer; stratum; laminated; floor (of a building); storey; classifier for layers; repeated; sheaf (math.) tea; tea plant; CL:[bei1],|[hu 2] differ from; short of; to lack; poor length; long; forever; always; constantly to sing a song supermarket (abbr.); CL:[jia1] shirt; blouse; CL:[jian4] achievement; performance records; grades; CL:|[xiang4],| [ge4] city; town; CL:[zuo4] to eat; to have one's meal; to eradicate; to destroy; to absorb; to suffer; to exhaust to arrive late




47 48 49 50 51 52 53

3-47 1-10 3-49 2-18 2-19 3-52 3-53

ceng2 cha2 cha4 chang2 chang4 ge1 chao1 shi4 chen4 shan1

54 55

3-54 3-55

cheng2 ji4 cheng2 shi4

56 57

1-11 3-57

chi1 chi2 dao4

58 59 60 61

2-21 3-59 1-12 3-61

chu1 chu1 xian4 chu1 zu1 che1 chu2 fang2

to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc to appear; to arise; to emerge; to show up taxi kitchen; CL:|[jian1] besides; apart from (... also...); in addition to; except (for) to bore through; pierce; perforate; penetrate; pass through; to dress; to wear; to put on; to thread a boat; vessel; ship; CL:|[tiao2],[s ou1],|[zhi1] spring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases); term (e.g. technical term); expression



chu2 le5












ci2 yu3




next in sequence; second; the second (day, time etc); secondary; vice-; sub-; infra-; inferior quality; substandard; order; sequence; hypo(chemistry); classifier for enumerated events: time acute (of sight and hearing); clever; intelligent; bright; smart



cong1 ming5




from; via; passing through; through (a gap); past; ever (followed by negative, meaning never); (formerly pr. zong4 and related to |) to follow; to comply with; to obey; to join; to engage in; adopting some mode of action or attitude; follower; retainer; accessory; accomplice; related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor; surname Cong mistake; error; blunder; fault; cross; uneven; wrong; CL:|[ge4]




71 72 73

1-13 2-29 3-73

da3 dian4 hua4 da3 lan2 qiu2 da3 sao3

to make a telephone call play basketball to clean; to sweep to plan; to intend; to calculate; plan; intention; calculation; CL:|[ge4] big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; oldest; eldest authority; everyone band; belt; girdle; ribbon; tire; area; zone; region; CL:|[tiao2]; to wear; to carry; to lead; to bring; to look after; to raise anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious cake; CL:|[kuai4],| [ge4] but; however only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt to (a place); until (a time); up to; to go; to arrive



da3 suan4

75 76

1-14 2-31

da4 da4 jia1

77 78 79 80

3-77 3-78 3-79 2-32

dai4 dan1 xin1 dan4 gao1 dan4 shi4



dang1 ran2







-ly; structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct of; structural particle: used before a noun, linking it to preceding possessive or descriptive attributive structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc lamp; light; lantern; CL:|[zhan3] to wait for; to await low; beneath; to lower (one's head); to let droop; to hang down; to incline younger brother; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] region; regional (away from the central administration) subway; metro map; CL:|[zhang1],[ ben3] first; number one




85 86 87

2-35 3-86 2-36

de5 deng1 deng3

88 89

3-88 2-37

di1 di4 di5

90 91 92 93

3-90 3-91 3-92 2-38

di4 fang1 di4 tie3 di4 tu2 di4 yi1

94 95 96 97

1-16 1-17 1-18 3-97

dian3 dian4 nao3 dian4 shi4 dian4 ti1

98 99

1-19 3-99

dian4 ying3

drop (of liquid); stain; spot; speck; jot; dot stroke (in Chinese characters); decimal point; point; mark (of degree or level); a place (with certain characteristics); iron bell; oclock; a little; a bit; some; (point) unit of measurement for type; to touch on briefly; to make clear; to light; to ignite; to kindle; period of time at night (24 minutes) (old); a drip; to dibble; classifier for small indeterminate quantities computer; CL:|[tai2] television; TV; CL:|[tai2],| [ge4] elevator; CL:|[tai2],[bu 4] movie; film; CL:[bu4],[pian4] ,[mu4],|[chang 3] electronic mail;

dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 email; CL:[feng1]




101 102 103 104

1-20 3-102 2-44 3-104

dong1 xi5 dong1 dong3 dong4 wu4

east; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord; surname Dong thing; stuff; person; CL:|[ge4],[jia n4] winter to understand; to know animal; CL:|[zhi1],[qu n2],|[ge4] all, both; entirely (due to) each; even; already to read; to study; reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to [pin1 yin1] short or brief; to lack; weak point; fault paragraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc to engage in physical exercise; to toughen; to temper




106 107

1-22 3-107

du2 duan3






duan4 lian4




111 112

1-23 1-24

dui4 bu5 qi3 duo1

couple; pair; to be opposite; to oppose; to face; versus; for; to; correct (answer); to answer; to reply; to direct (towards sth); right unworthy; to let down; I'm sorry; excuse me; pardon me; if you please; sorry? (please repeat) many; much; a lot of; numerous; multihow (wonderful etc); what (a great idea etc); however (difficult it may be etc) number; amount; somewhat to be hungry; hungry (not only ...) but also; moreover; in addition; furthermore son ear; CL:|[zhi1],| [ge4],|[dui4] two; 2; stupid (Beijing dialect) have a high temperature (from illness); have a fever to find; to discover restaurant; CL:[jia1]

113 114 115

3-113 1-25 3-115

duo1 me5 duo1 shao3 e4

116 117

3-116 1-26

er2 qie3 er2 zi5

118 119

3-118 1-27

er3 duo5 er4

120 121 122

3-120 3-121 1-28

fa1 shao1 fa1 xian4 fan4 guan3

123 124

3-123 2-54

fang1 bian4 fang2 jian1

convenient; to help out; to make things easy for people; convenience; suitable; having money to spare; (euphemism) to go to the toilet room; CL:|[jian1] to release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out; to set off (fireworks) to set one's mind at rest; to be at ease; to rest unusual; extraordinary; extreme; very; exceptional airplane; CL: [jia4] to divide; to separate; to allocate; to distinguish (good and bad); part or subdivision; fraction; one tenth (of certain units); unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm; minute; a point (in sports or games); 0.01 yuan (unit of money) minute waiter; waitress; attendant; customer service personnel; CL:|[ge4]

125 126

3-125 3-126

fang4 fang4 xin1

127 128

2-55 1-29

fei1 chang2 fei1 ji1

129 130

3-129 1-30

fen1 fen1 zhong1



fu2 wu4 yuan2

132 133 134 135

3-132 3-133 3-134 3-135

fu4 jin4 fu4 xi2 gan1 jing4 gan3

136 137

3-136 3-137

gan3 mao4 gang1 cai2




(in the) vicinity; nearby; neighboring; next to to revise; to review; revision; CL:[ci4] clean; neat to dare; daring; (polite) may I venture to catch cold; (common) cold; CL:|[chang2],[ ci4] just now; a moment ago high; tall; above average; loud; your (honorific); surname Gao happy; glad; willing (to do sth); in a cheerful mood to tell; to inform; to let know older brother; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] individual; this; that; size; classifier for people or objects in general to; for; for the benefit of; to give; to allow; to do sth (for sb); (passive particle)

139 140 141

1-31 2-61 2-62

gao1 xing4 gao4 su5 ge1 ge5












gen1 ju4

heel; to follow closely; to go with; to marry sb (of woman); with; towards; as (compared to); from (different from); and (in addition to) according to; based on; basis; foundation; CL:|[ge4]

146 147 148

3-146 2-65 2-66

to change or replace; to experience; one of the five two hour periods into which the night was formerly divided; watch (eg of a geng1 sentry or guard) bus; CL:|[liang4],[ gong1 gong4 qi4 che1 ban1] gong1 jin1 kilogram (kg) (business) company; company; firm; corporation; incorporated; CL:[jia1] public park; CL:|[chang3] job; work; construction; task; CL:|[ge4],[fen 4],|[xiang4] dog; CL:|[zhi1],| [tiao2] old practice; CL:|[ge4] to be windy

149 150

2-67 3-150

gong1 si1 gong1 yuan2

151 152 153 154

1-33 1-34 3-153 3-154

gong1 zuo4 gou3 gu4 shi4 gua1 feng1




mountain pass; to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve relation; relationship; to concern; to affect; to have to do with; guanxi; CL:|[ge4] to care for sth; caring; concerned pertaining to; concerning; regarding; with regards to; about; a matter of expensive; noble; your (name); precious country; nation; state; CL:|[ge4] fruit juice (in the) past; former; previous; to go over; to pass by

156 157

3-156 3-157

guan1 xi4 guan1 xin1

158 159 160 161

3-158 2-70 3-160 3-161

guan1 yu2 gui4 guo2 jia1 guo3 zhi1



guo4 qu5




(experienced action marker); to cross; to go over; to pass (time); to celebrate (a holiday); to live; to get along; excessively; too-; surname Guo

164 165 166 167 168

2-72 3-165 2-73 3-167 1-35

hai2 hai2 shi4 hai2 zi5 hai4 pa4 Han4 yu3

still; still in progress; still more; yet; even more; in addition; fairly; passably (good); as early as; even; also; else or; still; nevertheless child to be afraid; to be scared Chinese language; CL:|[men2] good; well; proper; good to; easy to; very; so; (suffix indicating completion or readiness) tasty; delicious day of a month; (suffix used after) name of a ship; (ordinal) number to drink; to shout (a command); My goodness! and; together with; with; sum; union; peace; harmony; surname He; Japanese related; Taiwan pr. han4 river; CL:|[tiao2],[d ao4] black; dark; abbr. for Heilongjiang | province in northeast China

169 170

1-36 2-76

hao3 hao3 chi1







173 174

1-38 3-174

he2 he2




176 177 178 179 180

3-176 1-39 2-82 1-40 3-180

hei1 ban3 hen3 hong2 hou4 mian5 hu4 zhao4

blackboard; CL:|[kuai4],| [ge4] (adverb of degree); quite; very; awfully bonus; popular; red; revolutionary rear; back; behind; later; afterwards passport; CL:[ben3],|[ge 4] flower; blossom; fancy pattern; CL:[duo3],[zhi1] ,[shu4],[ba3], [pen2],[cu4]; to spend (money, time); surname Hua garden; CL:[zuo4],|[ge 4] to draw; picture; painting; CL:[fu2],|[zha ng1] bad; spoiled; broken; to break down to welcome; welcome to pay back; to return; surname Huan environment; circumstances; surroundings; CL:|[ge4]; ambient change; exchange yellow; pornographic; to fall through

181 182

3-181 3-182

hua1 hua1 yuan2

183 184 185 186

3-183 3-184 2-84 3-186

hua4 huai4 huan1 ying2 huan3

187 188 189

3-187 3-188 3-189

huan2 jing4 huan4 huang2




to circle; to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to revolve; Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims); time; classifier for acts of a play; section or chapter (of a classic book) to reply; to answer; the answer; CL:|[ge4] can; be possible; be able to; will; be likely to; be sure to; to assemble; to meet; to gather; to see; union; group; association; CL:|[ge4]; a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is hui3) meeting; conference; CL:|[chang3],| [jie4] train station or; possibly; maybe; perhaps airport; airfield; CL:[jia1],|[ch u4] (chicken) egg; hen's egg; CL:|[ge4],[da2 ] almost; nearly; practically



hui2 da2




193 194 195

3-193 1-43 3-195

hui4 yi4 huo3 che1 zhan4 huo4 zhe3



ji1 chang3

197 198

2-90 3-198

ji1 dan4 ji1 hu1



ji1 hui4

200 201 202 203

3-200 1-44 3-202 3-203

ji2 ji3 ji4 de5 ji4 jie2

opportunity; chance; occasion; CL:|[ge4] extremely; pole (geography, physics); utmost; top how much; how many; several; a few to remember time; season; period; CL:|[ge4]




home; family; classifier for families or businesses; refers to the philosophical schools of pre-Han China; noun suffix for specialists in some activity such as musician or revolutionary, corresponds to English -ist, -er, ary or -ian; surname Jia; CL:|[ge4] inspection; to examine; to inspect; CL:[ci4] simple; not complicated item; component; classifier for events, things, clothes etc health; healthy to meet; to see sb; CL:[ci4]

205 206

3-205 3-206

jian3 cha2 jian3 dan1

207 208 209

2-93 3-208 3-209

jian4 jian4 kang1 jian4 mian4

210 211

3-210 3-211

jiang3 jiao1




to speak; to explain; to negotiate; to emphasise; to be particular about; as far as sth is concerned; speech; lecture to teach foot; leg; base; kick; CL:|[shuang1], |[zhi1] angle; corner; horn; horn-shaped; unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan; CL:|[ge4] to shout; to call; to order; to ask; to be called; by (indicates agent in the passive mood) classroom; CL:|[jian1] to receive; to answer (the phone); to meet or welcome sb; to connect; to catch; to join; to extend; to take one's turn on duty; take over for sb street; CL:|[tiao2] to marry; to get married; CL:[ci4] termination; to finish; to end; to conclude; to close




214 215

1-46 2-95

jiao4 jiao4 shi4

216 217 218

3-216 3-217 3-218

jie1 jie1 dao4 jie2 hun1



jie2 shu4

220 221 222 223

3-220 3-221 2-96 3-223

jie2 mu4 jie2 ri4 jie3 jie5 jie3 jue2

program; item (on a program); CL:|[tai2],| [ge4],[tao4] holiday; festival; CL:|[ge4] older sister; CL:|[ge4] to settle (a dispute); to resolve; to solve to lend; to borrow; excuse; pretext; by means of; to seize (an opportunity); to take (an opportunity) to present; to introduce; to recommend; to suggest; to let know; to brief today; at the present; now to advance; to enter; to come (or go) into; to receive or admit; to eat or drink; to submit or present; (used after a verb) into, in; to score a goal near; close to; approximately day to day; everyday; daily; frequently; constantly; regularly; often to pass; to go through; process; course; CL:|[ge4]




225 226

2-97 1-47

jie4 shao4 jin1 tian1

227 228

2-99 2-100

jin4 jin4



jing1 chang2



jing1 guo4

231 232 233 234

3-231 1-48 3-233 3-234

jing1 li3 jiu3 jiu3 jiu4

manager; director; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4],[ming2] nine; 9 (long) time; (long) duration of time old; opposite: new ; former; worn (with age)

235 236 237 238

2-102 3-236 3-237 2-103

jiu4 ju3 xing2 ju4 zi5 jue2 de5

at once; right away; only; just (emphasis); as early as; already; as soon as; then; in that case; as many as; even if; to approach; to move towards; to undertake; to engage in; to suffer; subjected to; to accomplish; to take advantage of; to go with (of foods); with regard to; concerning to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc) sentence; CL:|[ge4] to think; to feel to decide (to do something); to resolve; decision; CL:|[ge4],|[ xiang4]; certainly coffee; CL:[bei1]

239 240

3-239 2-104

jue2 ding4 ka1 fei1




to open; to start; to turn on; to boil; to write out (a medical prescription); to operate (vehicle); abbr. for | degrees Kelvin to begin; beginning; to start; initial; CL:|[ge4] to see; to look at; to read; to watch; to consider; to regard as; to view as; to treat as; to judge; (after repeated verb) to give it a try; depending on (how you're judging); to visit; to call on; to treat (an illness); to look after; Watch out! (for a danger) to see; to catch sight of exam; CL:[ci4] thirsty amiable; cute; lovely might (happen); possible; probable; possibility; probability; maybe; perhaps; CL:|[ge4] can; may; possible; able to



kai1 shi3

243 244 245 246 247

1-50 1-51 2-109 3-246 3-247

kan4 kan4 jian4 kao3 shi4 ke3 ke3 ai4

248 249

2-110 2-111

ke3 neng2 ke3 yi3




quarter (hour); moment; to carve; to engrave; to cut; oppressive; classifier for short time intervals subject; course; class; lesson; CL:[tang2],|[j ie2],|[men2] visitor; guest; customer; client; CL:[wei4] air conditioning mouth; classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc) to cry; to weep trousers; pants; CL:|[tiao2] lump (of earth); chunk; piece; classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc; colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as | rapid; quick; speed; rate; soon; almost; to make haste; clever; sharp (of knives or wits); forthright; plainspoken; gratified; pleased; pleasant happy; merry

251 252 253

2-112 3-252 3-253

ke4 ke4 ren2 kong1 tiao2

254 255 256

3-254 3-255 3-256

kou3 ku1 ku4 zi5




258 259

2-114 2-115

kuai4 kuai4 le4



kuai4 zi5

chopsticks; CL:|[dui4],[ge n1],[ba3],|[sh uang1] to come; to arrive; to come round; ever since; next blue; indigo plant

261 262

1-53 3-262

lai2 lan2

263 264

3-263 1-54

lao3 lao3 shi1

prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity; old (of people); venerable (person); experienced; of long standing; always; all the time; of the past; very; outdated; (of meat etc) tough teacher; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker) tired; weary; to strain; to wear out; to work hard cold

265 266 267

1-55 2-119 1-56

le5 lei4 leng3

268 269

2-121 3-269

li2 li2 kai1

to leave; to part from; to be away from; (in giving distances) from; without (sth); independent of; one of the eight trigrams of the Book of Changes representing fire (old) to depart; to leave lining; interior; inside; internal; also written | [li3] gift; present; CL:[jian4],|[g e4],[fen4] history; CL:|[men2],[du an4] face; CL:|[zhang1],| [ge4] exercise; drill; practice; CL:|[ge4] both; two; ounce; some; a few; tael; weight equal to 50 grams classifier for vehicles to understand; to realize; to find out neighbor; next door; CL:|[ge4]

270 271 272 273 274

1-57 3-271 3-272 3-273 3-274

li3 li3 wu4 li4 shi3 lian3 lian4 xi2

275 276 277 278

2-123 3-276 3-277 3-278

liang3 liang4 liao3 jie3 lin2 ju1

279 280

1-58 1-59

ling2 liu4

zero; nought; zero sign; fractional; fragmentary; odd (of numbers); (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one); fraction; (in mathematics) remainder (after division); extra; to wither and fall; to wither six; 6 house with more than 1 story; storied building; floor; CL:|[ceng2],[z uo4],|[dong4] road; path; way; CL:|[tiao2] trip; journey; tourism; travel; tour green mama; mommy; mother; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] horse; abbr. for Malaysia | at once, right away, immediately; lit. on horseback (question tag) to buy; to purchase

281 282 283 284

3-281 2-126 2-127 3-284

lou2 lu4 lv3 you2 lv4

285 286

1-60 3-286

ma1 ma5 ma3

287 288 289

1-61 1-62

ma3 shang4 ma5 mai3

290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298

2-131 3-291 2-132 2-133 1-63 3-295 1-64 1-65 2-137

mai4 man3 yi4 man4 mang2 mao1 mao4 zi5 mei2 mei2 guan1 xi5 mei3

to sell; to betray; to spare no effort; to show off or flaunt satisfied; pleased; to one's satisfaction slow busy; hurriedly cat; CL:|[zhi1] hat; cap; CL:|[ding3] (negative prefix for verbs); have not; not it doesn't matter each; every younger sister; fig. younger woman (esp. girl friend or rival); CL:|[ge4]



mei4 mei5

300 301 302

2-139 3-301 1-66

men2 mi3 mi3 fan4

gate; door; CL:[shan4]; gateway; doorway; CL:|[ge4]; opening; valve; switch; way to do something; knack; family; house; (religious) sect; school (of thought); class; category; phylum or division (taxonomy); classifier for large guns; classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology rice; CL:[li4]; meter (classifier) (cooked) rice

303 304

3-303 3-304

mian4 bao1 mian4 tiao2

305 306 307

3-305 1-67 1-68

ming2 bai5 ming2 tian1 ming2 zi5

bread; CL:[pian4],[dai4 ],|[kuai4] noodles clear; obvious; unequivocal; to understand; to realize tomorrow name (of a person or thing); CL:|[ge4] to hold; to seize; to catch; to apprehend; to take how; which where?; wherever; anywhere that; those; then (in that case); commonly pr. nei4 before a classifier, esp. in Beijing there (informal) father's mother; paternal grandmother; CL:[wei4] south a man; a male; men; CL:|[ge4] difficult (to...); problem; difficulty; difficult; not good feel sorry; be grieved (question particle for subjects already mentioned)

308 309 309

3-308 1-69 1-69

na2 na3 na3 r5

310 310

1-70 1-70

na4 na4 r5

311 312 313

3-311 3-312 2-145

nai3 nai5 nan2 nan2 ren2

314 315

3-314 3-315

nan2 nan2 guo4




317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327

1-72 1-73 1-74 3-320 3-321 3-322 2-150 2-151 3-325 1-75 2-153

neng2 ni3 nian2 nian2 ji2 nian2 qing1 niao3 nin2 niu2 nai3 nu3 li4 nv3 er2 nv3 ren2

to be able to; to be capable of; ability; capability; able; capable; can possibly; (usually used in the negative) to have the possibility of you (informal, as opposed to polite [nin2]) year; CL:|[ge4] grade; CL:|[ge4] young bird; CL:|[zhi1],[qu n2] you (polite, as opposed to informal [ni3]) cow's milk; CL:[ping2],[bei1 ] great effort; to strive; to try hard daughter woman to climb a mountain; to mountaineer; hiking; mountaineering tray; plate; dish; CL:|[ge4] lateral; side; to the side; beside fat; plump to walk quickly; to march; to run friend; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4]

328 329 330 331 332 333

3-328 3-329 2-154 3-331 2-155 1-76

pa2 shan1 pan2 zi5 pang2 bian1 pang4 pao3 bu4 peng2 you5



pi2 jiu3

beer; CL:[bei1],[ping2 ],[guan4],[tong3 ],[gang1] small advantages; to let sb off lightly; cheap; inexpensive ticket; ballot; bank note; CL:|[zhang1]; person held for ransom; amateur performance of Chinese opera; classifier for shipments and business transactions (topolect) pretty; beautiful apple; CL:|[ge4],|[ ke1] grape Mandarin (common language); Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language); ordinary speech seven; 7 wife; CL:|[ge4] actually, in fact, really other; the others; else; other than (that person); in addition to the person mentioned above to ride (an animal or bike); to sit astride to get up thousand



pian2 yi5

336 337 338 339

2-158 1-77 1-78 3-339

piao4 piao4 liang5 ping2 guo3 pu2 tao5

340 341 342 343

3-340 1-79 2-162 3-343

pu3 tong1 hua4 qi1 qi1 zi5 qi2 shi2

344 345 347 348

3-344 3-345 2-163 2-164

qi2 ta1 qi2 qi3 chuang2 qian1

349 350 351 352 353

3-349 1-80 1-81 3-352 2-167

qian1 bi3 qian2 qian2 mian4 qing1 chu5 qing2

(lead) pencil; CL:[zhi1],[zhi1] ,|[gan3] coin; money; CL:|[bi3] ahead; in front; preceding; above clear; clearly understood; distinct clear; fine (weather) to ask; to invite; please (do sth); to treat (to a meal etc); to request autumn; fall; harvest time; a swing; surname Qiu







356 356 357 358

1-83 3-356 2-170 3-358

qu4 qi2 guai4 qu4 nian2 qun2 zi5

to go; to go to (a place); to cause to go or send (sb); to remove; to get rid of; (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth; to be apart from in space or time; (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker); (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation); (of a time or an event etc) just passed or elapsed strange; odd last year skirt; CL:|[tiao2]



ran2 hou4

after; then (afterwards); after that; afterwards to yield; to permit; to let sb do sth; to have sb do sth heat; to heat up; fervent; hot (of weather); warm up cordial; enthusiastic; passion; passionate; passionately man; person; people; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] to know; to recognize; to be familiar with; acquainted with sth; knowledge; understanding; awareness; cognition to believe; to think; to consider; to feel conscientious; earnest; serious; to take seriously; to take to heart sun; day; date, day of the month; abbr. for | Japan easy; likely; liable (to) if; in case; in the event that three; 3 umbrella; parasol; CL:[ba3]

360 361

2-171 1-84

rang4 re4



re4 qing2




364 365

1-86 3-365

ren4 shi5 ren4 wei2



ren4 zhen1

367 368 369 370 371

1-87 3-368 3-369 1-88 3-371

ri4 rong2 yi4 ru2 guo3 san1 san3



shang1 dian4

store; shop; CL:[jia1],|[ge 4] on; on top; upon; first (of multiple parts); previous; last; upper; higher; above; to climb; to go into; to go up; to attend (class or university) to go to work; to be on duty; to start work; to go to the office to be on the internet; to stretch a net (in a sports game or for covering sth); to be netted (of fish) morning; CL:|[ge4] few; little; lack who; also pronounced shui2 (human) body; health; CL:|[ge4] what?; who?; something; anything to fall ill; to sicken angry; mad; offended; animated; to get angry; to be enraged; to take offense; animation birthday; CL:|[ge4] voice; sound; CL:|[ge4] ten; 10






shang4 ban1

375 376 377 378 379 380 381

3-375 1-91 1-92 1-93 2-183 1-94 2-185

shang4 wang3 shang4 wu3 shao3 shei2 shen1 ti3 shen2 me5 sheng1 bing4

382 383 384 385

3-382 2-186 3-384 1-95

sheng1 qi4 sheng1 ri4 sheng1 yin1 shi2

386 387

1-96 2-189

shi2 hou5 shi2 jian1

time; length of time; moment; period time; period; CL:[duan4] to make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; to send; to instruct sb to do sth; envoy; messenger is; are; am; yes; to be world; CL:|[ge4] affair; matter; thing; business; CL:[jian4],|[z huang1] wrist watch; CL:|[kuai4],| [zhi1],|[ge4] cell phone; cellular phone; mobile phone; CL:[bu4] tight; thin; lean book; letter; CL:[ben3],|[ce 4],[bu4]; see also | Book of History comfortable; feeling well father's younger brother; uncle; Taiwan pr. shu2 shu5; CL:|[ge4] tree; CL:[ke1] mathematics; mathematical to brush teeth two; double; pair; both

388 389 390

3-388 1-97 3-390

shi3 shi4 shi4 jie4



shi4 qing2



shou3 biao3

393 394

2-193 3-394

shou3 ji1 shou4

395 396

1-98 3-396

shu1 shu1 fu5

397 398 399 400 401

3-397 3-398 3-399 3-400 3-401

shu1 shu5 shu4 shu4 xue2 shua1 ya2 shuang1

402 403

1-99 1-100

shui3 shui3 guo3

water; river; liquid; beverage; additional charges or income; (of clothes) classifier for number of washes fruit; CL:|[ge4] level (of achievement etc); standard; horizontal to go to bed; to go to sleep to speak; to say; to talk; to gossip; to tell stories; talk; word chauffeur; driver; CL:|[ge4] four; 4 to deliver; to carry; to give (as a present); to present (with); to see off; to send although; even though; even if classifier for years (of age); year; year (of crop harvests) therefore; as a result; so

404 405

3-404 1-101

shui3 ping2 shui4 jiao4

406 407 408

1-102 3-407 1-103

shuo1 hua4 si1 ji1 si4

409 410

2-200 3-410

song4 sui1 ran2

411 412

1-104 2-202

sui4 suo3 yi3

413 414 415

1-105 1-106 2-205

ta1 ta1 ta1

he or him; (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant); (used before sb's name for emphasis); (used as a meaningless mock object); other; another she it highest; greatest; too (much); very; extremely sun; CL:|[ge4] sugar; sweets; candy; CL:|[ke1],|[ kuai4]

416 417

1-107 3-417

tai4 tai4 yang2




419 420 421

3-419 3-420 2-207

te4 bie2 teng2 ti1 zu2 qiu2

especially; special; particular; unusual (it) hurts; love fondly; ache; pain; sore play soccer(football) topic; problem for discussion; exam question; subject; to inscribe; to mention; surname Ti; CL:|[ge4],[dao 4] to raise; to increase sports; physical education weather sweet

422 423 424 425 426

2-208 3-423 3-424 1-108 3-426

ti2 ti2 gao1 ti3 yu4 tian1 qi4 tian2

427 428

3-427 2-210

tiao2 tiao4 wu3

strip; item; article; clause (of law or treaty); classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc) to dance to listen; to hear; to obey; a can (loanword from English "tin"); classifier for canned beverages colleague; coworker; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] (fellow) classmate; CL:[wei4],|[ge 4] to agree; to consent; to approve hair (on the head) sudden; abrupt; unexpected library; CL:[jia1],|[ge 4] leg; CL:|[tiao2] outside; in addition; foreign; external to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire complete; accomplish; perfect tense (grammar)






tong2 shi4

431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438

1-110 3-432 3-433 3-434 3-435 3-436 2-213 2-214

tong2 xue2 tong2 yi4 tou2 fa5 tu1 ran2 tu2 shu1 guan3 tui3 wai4 wan2



wan2 cheng2

440 441 442 443 444

2-215 3-441 2-216 3-443 3-444

wan2 wan3 wan3 shang5 wan4 wang4 ji4

toy; sth used for amusement; curio or antique (Taiwan pr. wan4); to play; to have fun; to trifle with; to keep sth for entertainment bowl; cup; CL:|[zhi1],| [ge4] in the evening; CL:|[ge4] ten thousand; a great number to forget hello (interj., esp. on telephone); hey; to feed (sb or some animal) because of; for; to in order to; for the purpose of; so as to why?; for what reason? position; location; place; seat; classifier for people (honorific); classifier for binary bits (e.g. 16-bit or 2 bytes) culture; civilization; cultural; CL:|[ge4],|[ zhong3] to ask question; problem; issue; topic; CL:|[ge4] I; me; my

445 446 447 448

1-111 3-446 3-447 2-218

wei4 wei4 wei4 le5 wei4 shen2 me5




450 451

3-450 2-219

wen2 hua4 wen4

452 453

2-220 1-112

wen4 ti2 wo3

454 455 456 457 458

1-113 1-114 3-456 2-224 2-225

wo3 men5 wu3 xi1 xi1 gua1 xi1 wang4

we; us; ourselves; our five; 5 west watermelon; CL:|[tiao2] to wish for; to desire; hope CL:|[ge4] habit; custom; usual practice; to be used to; CL:|[ge4] to wash; to bathe toilet; lavatory; washroom to bathe; to take a shower to like; to be fond of down; downwards; below; lower; later; next (week etc); second (of two parts); to decline; to go down afternoon; p.m.; CL:|[ge4] to rain; rainy summer early; prior; former; in advance; first teacher; Mister (Mr.); husband; doctor (topolect); CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] now; at present; at the moment; modern; current; nowadays banana; CL:[zhi1],[gen1] ,|[ge4],[ba3] identical; same

459 460 461 462 463

3-459 2-226 3-461 3-462 1-115

xi2 guan4 xi3 xi3 shou3 jian1 xi3 zao3 xi3 huan5

464 465 466 467 468

1-116 1-117 1-118 3-467 3-468

xia4 xia4 wu3 xia4 yu3 xia4 xian1



xian1 sheng5



xian4 zai4

471 472

3-471 3-472

xiang1 jiao1 xiang1 tong2



xiang1 xin4




be convinced (that something is true); believe; to accept sth as true to think; to believe; to suppose; to wish; to want; to miss direction; orientation; to face; to turn toward; to; towards; shortly before; formerly; to side with; to be partial to; all along (previously); surname Xiang (look) like; similar (to); appearance; to appear; to seem; image; portrait; resemble; seem small; tiny; few; young young lady; miss; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4] hour; CL:|[ge4] to be careful; to take care laugh; smile; CL:|[ge4] (college, university) president; headmaster; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4],[ming2] some; few; several; (a measure word)




476 477 478 479 480 481

3-476 1-122 1-123 2-237 3-480 2-238

xiang4 xiao3 xiao3 jie5 xiao3 shi2 xiao3 xin1 xiao4

482 483

3-482 1-124

xiao4 zhang3 xie1

484 485 486 487 488 489

3-484 1-125 1-126 2-242 3-488 3-489

xie2 xie3 xie4 xie5 xin1 xin1 wen2 xin1 xian1

shoe; CL:|[shuang1], |[zhi1] to write to thank; thanks new; newly; meso(chemistry) news; CL:|[tiao2],| [ge4] fresh (experience, food etc); freshness letter; mail; to trust; to believe; to profess faith in; truthful; confidence; trust; at will; at random week; CL:|[ge4] suitcase family name; surname; name; CL:|[ge4] interest in (something); CL:|[ge4] panda; CL:|[zhi1] rest; to rest to need; to want; to demand; needs; to require to select; to pick; choice; option; alternative student; school child to learn; to study school; CL:[suo3]

490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497

3-490 1-127 3-492 2-244 3-494 3-495 2-245 3-497

xin4 xing1 qi1 xing2 li5 xiang1 xing4 xing4 qu5 xiong2 mao1 xiu1 xi5 xu1 yao4

498 499 500 501

3-498 1-128 1-129 1-130

xuan3 ze2 xue2 sheng5 xue2 xi2 xue2 xiao4

502 503 504 505 506

2-249 2-250 3-504 2-251 2-252

xue3 yan2 se4 yan3 jing4 yan3 jing5 yang2 rou4

snow; snowfall; CL:|[chang2]; to have the appearance of snow; to wipe away, off or out; to clean color; CL:|[ge4] spectacles; eyeglasses; CL:[fu4] eye; CL:|[zhi1],| [shuang1] mutton to request; to require; to stake a claim; to ask; to demand; CL:|[dian3] medicine; drug; cure; CL:|[zhong3],[ fu4] important; vital; to want; will; going to (as future auxiliary); may; must (informal) father's father; paternal grandfather; CL:|[ge4] also; too; (in classical Chinese) final particle serving as copula



yao1 qiu2









ye2 ye5




512 513 514 515

1-131 1-132 1-133 1-134

yi1 yi1 fu5 yi1 sheng1 yi1 yuan4

one; 1; single; a (article); as soon as; entire; whole; all; throughout; "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) clothes; CL:[jian4],[tao4 ] doctor; CL:|[ge4],[wei 4],[ming2] hospital; CL:[suo3],[jia1] ,[zuo4] surely; certainly; necessarily; fixed; a certain (extent etc); given; particular; must altogether a while same; like; equal to; the same as; just like after; later; afterwards; following; later on; in the future before; formerly; previous; ago to believe; to think; to consider; to be under the impression already chair; CL:[ba3],[tao4]

516 517 518 519

3-516 3-517 3-518 3-519

yi2 ding4 yi2 gong4 yi2 hui4 r5 yi2 yang4

520 521

3-520 3-521

yi3 hou4 yi3 qian2

522 523 524

3-522 2-260 1-135

yi3 wei2 yi3 jing1 yi3 zi5



yi4 ban1

same; ordinary; common; general; generally; in general one side; either side; on the one hand; on the other hand; doing while in the same place; together; with; altogether (in total) straight (in a straight line); continuously; always; from the beginning of ... up to ...; all along idea; opinion; meaning; wish; desire; CL:|[ge4] overcast (weather); cloudy; shady; Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang); negative (electric.); feminine; moon; implicit; hidden; genitalia because; owing to; on account of music; CL:|[zhang1],[ qu3],[duan4] bank; CL:[jia1],|[ge 4] ought to; should; must



yi4 bian1



yi4 qi3



yi4 zhi2



yi4 si5

530 531 532 533 534

2-264 2-265 3-532 3-533 3-534

yin1 yin1 wei4 yin1 yue4 yin2 hang2 ying1 gai1



ying3 xiang3

an influence; an effect; to influence; to affect (usually adversely); to disturb; CL:[gu3] to use; to employ; to have to; to eat or drink; expense or outlay; usefulness; hence; therefore game; play; CL:|[chang3] swim to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be famous; well-known (once) again; also; both... and...; again right side; right, to the right fish; CL:|[tiao2],[w ei3] to meet; to run into; to come across Chinese monetary unit; dollar; primary; first; the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368); surname Yuan far; distant; remote to wish; to want; ready; willing (to do sth) moon; month; CL:|[ge4],|[ lun2]

536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544

3-536 3-537 2-266 1-136 3-540 3-541 2-268 2-269 3-544

yong4 you2 xi4 you2 yong3 you3 you3 ming2 you4 you4 bian5 yu2 yu4 dao4

545 546 547 548

2-270 2-271 3-547 1-137

yuan2 yuan3 yuan4 yi4 yue4



yue4 liang5

moon to exceed; to climb over; to surpass; the more... the more (classical) to say movement; campaign; CL: |[chang3]; sports (located) at; (to be) in; to exist; in the middle of doing sth; (indicating an action in progress) again; once more; re; second; another; then (after sth, and not until then) goodbye; see you again later early morning; CL:|[ge4]; Good morning! how?; what?; why? how?; how about?; how was it?; how are things? station; to stand; to halt; to stop; branch of a company or organisation to open up; to spread; sheet of paper; classifier for flat objects, sheet; classifier for votes chief; head; elder; to grow; to develop husband; CL:|[ge4]

550 551

3-550 3-551

yue4 yun2



yun4 dong4




554 555 556 557 558

2-275 1-139 2-277 1-140 1-141

zai4 zai4 jian4 zao3 shang5 zen3 me5 zen3 me5 yang4




560 561 562

2-280 3-561 2-281

zhang1 zhang3 zhang4 fu5



zhao2 ji2

to worry; to feel anxious to try to find; to look for; to call on sb; to find; to seek; to return; to give change to take care of; to show consideration; to attend to; to look after photo; photograph; picture; CL:|[zhang1],[ tao4],[fu2] camera; CL:|[ge4],[jia 4],[bu4],[tai2], |[zhi1] this; these; (commonly pr. zhei4 before a classifier, esp. in Beijing) here particle attached after verb to indicate action in progress, like -ing ending really; truly; indeed; real; true; genuine in the process of (doing something or happening); while (doing) to know; to be aware of only; merely; just; but China; Middle Kingdom between; intermediate; mid; middle






zhao4 gu5



zhao4 pian4



zhao4 xiang4 ji1

568 568

1-142 1-142

zhe4 zhe4 r5

569 570

2-284 2-285

zhe5 zhen1

571 572 573 574 575

2-286 2-287 3-573 1-143 3-575

zheng4 zai4 zhi1 dao5 zhi3 Zhong1 guo2 zhong1 jian1

576 577

1-144 3-577

zhong1 wu3 zhong1 yu2

noon; midday; CL:|[ge4] at last; in the end; finally; eventually abbr. for |, genus; race; seed; breed; species; strain; kind; type; has guts (i.e. courage); nerve; classifier for types: kind, sort; classifier for languages important; significant; major weekend main; principal; major; primary to live; to dwell; to stay; to reside; to stop invoke; pray to; wish; to express good wishes; surname Zhu to take note of; to pay attention to preparation; prepare table; desk; CL:|[zhang1],[ tao4] letter; symbol; character; word; CL:|[ge4]; courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China

578 579 580 581

3-578 3-579 3-580 3-581

zhong3 zhong4 yao4 zhou1 mo4 zhu3 yao4




583 584 585 586

3-583 3-584 2-291 1-146

zhu4 zhu4 yi4 zhun3 bei4 zhuo1 zi5




588 589 590 591

3-588 3-589 2-294 3-591

zi4 dian3 zi4 ji3 zi4 xing2 che1 zong3 shi4

dictionary; character dictionary; CL:[ben3] self; (reflexive pronoun); own bicycle; bike; CL:|[liang4] always to walk; to go; to run; to move (of vehicle); to visit; to leave; to go away; to die (euph.); from; through; away (in compound verbs, such as ); to change (shape, form, meaning) most; the most; -est recent; recently; these days; latest; soon; nearest (of locations); shortest (of routes) yesterday left; the left side; to the left of to sit; to take a seat; to take (a bus, airplane etc); to bear fruit; surname Zuo

592 593

2-295 2-296

zou3 zui4

594 595 596

3-594 1-148 2-298

zui4 jin4 zuo2 tian1 zuo3 bian5







to do; to make; to produce; to write; to compose; to act as; to engage in; to hold (a party); to be; to become; to function (in some capacity); to serve as; to be used for; to form (a bond or relationship); to pretend; to feign; to act a part; to put on appearance school assignment; homework; work; task; operation; to operate; CL:|[ge4] to act on; to affect; action; function; activity; impact; result; effect; purpose; intent; to play a role; corresponds to English -ity, -ism, ization; CL:|[ge4]



zuo4 ye4



zuo4 yong4

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