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Using WebEx Integrated Teleconferencing

WebEx Integrated Teleconferencing is an audio solution that provides seamless teleconferencing integration with WebEx meetings. It is a convenient option to choose when scheduling your meetings because it allows: A unified scheduling experience across WebEx services Call-in or call-back options for attendees to join the teleconference Visual verification of whos connected to the teleconference and whos currently speaking In-meeting controls, including the ability to restrict access to the to the teleconference once it has started.

Scheduling a WebEx Teleconference Meeting

Navigate to the scheduling page of the WebEx service site you want to use for the meeting. 1. Do one of the following: On the Advanced Scheduler, click Teleconferencing On the Quick Scheduler, click Change Audio Option Scroll down to the Teleconferencing section of the scheduling page (for Training Center and Event Center)

Integrated teleconferencing is recommended for online meeting teleconferences with up to 500 callers. For more than 500 callers, you can use the Integrated VoIP or Audio Broadcast options.

2. Select the WebEx teleconferencing option, if it has not been selected already by default.

Benefits of WebEx Integrated Teleconferencing

You can specify audio options, save them with your My WebEx profile, and reuse them to schedule future sessions. Your default audio settings are available when you schedule from Microsoft Outlook. You can provide international dial-in numbers to attendees when they join sessions.

3. Select from the following options:

Teleconference Option Toll Toll-free Description If attendees call in to the teleconference, they call a toll number. If attendees call in to the conference, they call a toll-free number.

Allow access to tele- Select to provide a list of numbers conference via global that attendees in other countries call-in numbers can call to join the teleconference. Attendees call in Select if the meeting includes an integrated call-in teleconference, in which participants call a number to join. Select if the meeting includes an integrated call-back teleconference, in which participants provide their phone numbers and receive a call-back.

Attendees receive call back

4. Continue entering your other meeting options, and then click Schedule.

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Using WebEx Integrated Teleconferencing

Joining a WebEx Teleconference Meeting
Attendees can join a WebEx teleconference using two different methods: call-in or call-back. Depending on the method the host has selected, instructions will be displayed for the chosen method as attendees join the meeting. Using the call-in method, attendees call in to the teleconference, enter the meeting number and a unique attendee ID number.

Participating in a WebEx Teleconference Meeting

Once attendees connect to the teleconference, a phone icon appears next to their name in the Participants panel of the meeting window. The phone icon, or active talker icon, identifies active speakers in the meeting. In the example below, attendees Aimee White and Scott Johnson are speaking.

Using the call-back method, attendees enter their phone numbers and immediately receive a call with prompts to join the meeting. If attendees prefer to use the call-in method, they can go to the Info tab in the meeting window to locate the call-in information.

The active talker feature also allows the host to identify an attendee who is disrupting the meeting with background noise, such as hold music. In this situation, the host can mute the attendee. Attendees can also mute or unmute their own lines. To mute/unmute an attendee as the host, or mute/ unmute your own line: 1. In the Participants panel, select the attendees name or your own name and click Mute. The phone icon indicates that the line is muted. 2. To unmute the line, select the name again and click Unmute. Note: You can also press *6 on your telephone to mute or unmute your line.

Note: To select a country code click Country/ Region... and locate the country or region where you want to receive the call. To display teleconference instructions during a meeting, on the Communicate menu select Join Teleconference.

2007 WebEx Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. WebEx, and the WebEx logo are trademarks of WebEx Communications Inc