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Gypsies, Travellers and the Churches in Britain and Ireland

Preface by Revd John Reardon Foreword by Revd Preb Theo a!uel Introduction #ethodolo$y and %i!itations Cate$ories of Involve!ent 2 2 " " &

Responses fro! 'r$anisations and Individuals Contacted ( Conclusions 2&

)ppendi*+ or$anisations and individuals contacted for infor!ation 2,

Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice, Interchurch -ouse, "(.&/ %ower #arsh, %ondon 0l 1R%2 Tel+ 3/1/ ,23 &&&& The Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice 4CCRJ5 is a Co!!ission of the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland 4CCBI52 )c6nowled$e!ents+ CCRJ wishes to than6 all who provided infor!ation for this study and Richard olly for writin$ this report2

by Revd John Reardon, General secretary of the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland

This publication is a ti!ely resource for all who are involved in wor6 a!on$ Gypsies and Travellers2 In !any ways, such people and their co!!unities are a!on$ the least understood and !ar$inalised in our society2 They are discri!inated a$ainst and they have few advocates willin$ to support the! in their stru$$le a$ainst pre7udice, i$norance and hostility2 The Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice is brea6in$ new $round in publishin$ this overview of wor6 bein$ underta6en by Church or$anisations and church !e!bers in support of Gypsy and Traveller co!!unities2 I hope that it will help not only to put people in touch with one another in the concern which their wor6 represents but will also help !any others in our Churches to reco$nise how i!portant that wor6 is and how they could help to stren$then it2

by Revd Preb Theo Samuel, Moderator of the Churches Commission for Racial Justice

For a considerable period of ti!e now, the Churches in 0urope have loo6ed at ways in which they can relate to the proble!s facin$ Ro!a Gypsy co!!unities2 But this has not historically been the attitude of the Churches2 There is evidence that in certain parts of 0astern 0urope, for instance, the Church has used the services of Ro!a co!!unities and sub7ected the! to virtual serfdo!2 0ven now, in so!e countries, the Churches view the Ro!a co!!unities not as deservin$ the support of the Churches in their aspirations for 7ustice, but as people who need to be brou$ht into the Churches as worshippers only2 In Britain, there have been poc6ets of wor6 which the Churches have been involved in for so!e ti!e2 The Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice 4CCRJ5 has felt that as the Ro!a Gypsy co!!unities fall under the purview of the Race Relations )ct of /81, and as they have very specific proble!s, we ou$ht to relate to these co!!unities in helpin$ the! to obtain their ri$hts in ter!s of enablin$ local authorities and the national $overn!ent to provide ade9uately for their no!adic way of life2 i!ilar proble!s are faced also by Irish Travellers, both in Britain and in Ireland, and CCRJ is concerned for the! too2 :ith this in view, we e!bar6ed upon a li!ited research pro7ect, conducted by Richard olly, and this report is the product of it2 This pro7ect is not purely an acade!ic one2 :e hope that the Churches will enable CCRJ to !ove forward in providin$ the type of support that the Ro!a Gypsy and Irish Traveller co!!unities ri$htly e*pect of it2 CCRJ has wor6ed hard for the ri$hts of !inority ethnic co!!unities who have been discri!inated a$ainst on the $rounds of race, colour and culture2 :e believe that this step of involvin$ ourselves in wor6 with our brothers and sisters in the Gypsy and Irish Traveller co!!unities will be 7ust as forthri$ht2 :e are sure that the Churches will continue to $ive us their support in this !atter2

Gypsies, Travellers and the Churches in Britain and Ireland

Introduction This report is the result of a study conducted by the Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice 4CCRJ5 between ;ece!ber /881 and #arch /88<2 The purpose of the study was to ascertain the nature and e*tent of the Churches= involve!ent with Gypsies and other Travellers in Britain and Ireland2 The ter! >Gypsies and other Travellers> includes all those people variously 6nown as Ro!a, Ro!anies, Irish Travellers, ?ew Travellers, cottish Travellers and Travellin$ People2 ?ot all of the people enco!passed by these ter!s are currently travellin$2 o!e !ay have lived a settled life for !ore than one $eneration2 )ll, however, have so!e connection with a culture of travellin$, and the discri!ination and disadvanta$e that they face in Britain and Ireland is connected with this2 In the case of Ro!a refu$ees recently arrived fro! Poland and the C@ech and lova6 Republics 4where !ost Ro!a live a settled rather than a travellin$ life5 this discri!ination is also connected with public perceptions of asylu! see6ers and with pre7udice on the basis of s6in colour2 In Britain, so!e Travellin$ People . all those who can be accepted as >Gypsies> under the law . are reco$nised as an ethnic !inority and eli$ible for protection under the Race Relations )ct2 I!ple!entation of that )ct in respect of Gypsies is, however, very poorA the ter! >Gypsy> under the law is open to interpretationA and those who are unable or unwillin$ to prove that they are ethnic Gypsies are in any case e*cluded fro! such protection2 :hile !any non.Gypsy Travellers suffer discri!ination on the basis of their way of life, so!e Ro!ani Gypsies who suffer discri!ination as a result of ethnic stereotypin$ are e*cluded fro! le$al protection under the )ct because they are settled in houses and no lon$er le$ally Gypsies2 CCRJ undertoo6 this study because neither the Co!!ission nor anyone else in the relevant national Church a$encies was aware of the full ran$e of wor6 bein$ underta6en by Churches or their individual !e!bers 4whether Travellers or others5 within the Travellin$ co!!unities2 If CCRJ were to underta6e appropriate wor6 in support of Travellin$ People and lobby for necessary policy chan$es within national and local Govern!ent and within the Churches, it was essential to 6now what was already bein$ done and what Travellin$ People and their or$anisations wished to see the Churches doin$2 The Co!!ission hopes that this report !ay facilitate !ore effective networ6in$ a!on$ those involved in wor6 on Travellin$ People=s issues within the Churches and encoura$e !ore Church or$anisations to $et involved in this i!portant area of wor6 for 7ustice2 Methodology and Limitations Initially, officers with responsibility for social responsibility, racial 7ustice or co!!unity relations in the lar$er Churches in !e!bership of the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland 4CCBI . of which CCRJ is a part5 were contacted in order to infor! the! of the study and as6 their advice in contactin$ their own Church networ6s2 )fter this, appropriate re$ional

officers or individuals within those Churches were contacted either by letter, telephone or the placin$ of re9uests for infor!ation in deno!inational publications Rates and 6inds of response varied considerably2 o!e responses were very full2 o!e reco!!ended contactin$ other or$anisations or individuals for infor!ation2 o!e e*plained that nothin$ was bein$ done by their Church in their area with Gypsies and Travellers . but this itself was a helpful response in buildin$ up a $eneral picture of the Churches= level of involve!ent2 )l!ost all those who too6 the trouble to respond in this way were interested to 6now of any wor6 which CCRJ heard of and to beco!e involved in Traveller issues2 CCRJ also wrote to or telephoned all Gypsy or other Traveller or$anisations whose contact details it could find, and then to non.Church, non.Traveller or$anisations active in wor6 with Travellin$ People, includin$ all Traveller 0ducation and Co!!unity -ealth depart!ents represented at the June, /881 conference on %and, People and Freedo! held at Peterborou$h and or$anised by the Rural )nti.Racis! Pro7ect of the ?ational Council for Boluntary 'r$anisations2 o!e of these or$anisations su$$ested further contacts which were then followed up2 ) si$nificant o!ission was County Council Gypsy %iaison 'fficers2 It is possible that so!e of these 'fficers !ay be aware of Church wor6 of which none of our other sources is aware2 This report is by no !eans e*haustive2 There !ay be a very $reat deal of wor6 bein$ done within the Churches of which CCRJ is still not aware2 The study was li!ited by ti!e and by the i!practicability of contactin$ every sin$le local church co!!unity in Britain and Ireland2 It was hoped that national and re$ional Church or$anisations would be aware of local church initiatives in their areas and !a6e CCRJ aware of the!2 uch local churches could then be contacted directly2 This, however, has !eant that church co!!unities which are not or$anised into re$ional or national associations and those which do not usually relate to Churches in !e!bership of the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland !ay not have been contacted2 This !ay include !any church co!!unities in the Pentecostal tradition which are the !ost active within the Ro!ani co!!unity, notably those or$anised entirely by Ro!ani Travellers the!selves2

Categories of Involvement
Responses revealed a nu!ber of different types of involve!ent by Churches with Travellin$ People+ / 0van$elistic outreach 2 Pastoral wor6 " Charitable relief & )cade!ic support throu$h publications ( Provision of land for sites , Public state!ents of support by church leaders 1 ocial services liaison and support < Ca!pai$nin$ 8 )dvocacy with local $overn!ent or police /3 0ducation provision for Travellin$ People // Raisin$ awareness of Travellers= issues within non.Travellin$ public /2 #ediationCconciliation between Travellers and non.Travellers

In the ne*t section, each entry concludes with the reference nu!bers of the 6inds of Church activity which it !entions, if the activity has been specified in sufficient detail2 This does not always !ean that the activity referred to is carried out by the or$anisation which has provided the infor!ation2 esponses from !rganisations and Individuals Contacted during this "tudy The full list of or$anisations and individuals contacted durin$ this study is $iven above2 Those who responded are noted in that list2 o!e of those responses were si!ple referrals to other individuals or or$anisations2 'thers e*pressed interest and support but did not 6now of any wor6 bein$ done by the churches with Gypsies and Travellers2 )ll these responses are e*cluded fro! the listin$ belowA all other responses are included2 o!e of the responses are $iven verbati!A others have been paraphrased, others su!!arised2 o!e refer to wor6 which the listed or$anisation is doin$ itself, others to wor6 done by othersA this will be clear fro! the te*t2 ;r Tho!as )cton, Professor of Ro!ani tudies, Dniversity of Greenwich chool of ocial cience, Bronte -all, )very -ill Road, %ondon 08 2-BA 3/</" "/ <82"2 ;r )cton is an active Baptist and an internationally reco$nised e*pert on Ro!ani issues2 -e has written e*tensively on Gypsy culture and politics2 Publications include+ 40ditor5 Gypsy Politics and Traveller Identity 4Dniversity of -ertfordshire Press, /8815A 40ditor, with Gary #undy5 Romani Culture and Gypsy Identity 4Dniversity of -ertfordshire Press, /8815A and 4with ; Gallant5 The Romanical Gypsies 4:ayland, /88152 -e is an i!portant source of infor!ation about Ro!ani issues, includin$ the Pentecostal revival !ove!ent a!on$ Ro!ani people and the internationalisation of anti.racist wor6 with re$ard to Ro!anies2 ;r )cton points to the /88/ state!ent by Pope John Paul // on Ro!a ri$hts and political or$anisation as an i!portant step forward in Ro!an Catholic international solidarity with Ro!a people2 4&, <,//5 )sylu! ee6ers upport Group, ;eal, Eent Contact Ben Bano, 3/"3& ",,((82 This ecu!enical $roup was an initiative of the ;eal Catholic Justice and Peace Group and was established early in /88,2 It provides practical support and advice to asylu! see6ers $ranted Te!porary )d!ission into the DE throu$h the port of ;over and who are provided acco!!odation in the nearby seaside town of ;eal2 ;urin$ /881.8<, the $reat !a7ority of those it assisted were Ro!a asylu! see6ers fro! the C@ech Republic and lova6ia2 4", 1, <, 8,/3,//5 )sylu! ee6ers upport Group, ;over, Eent Contact+ Revd ?or!an etchell, /"& %ower Road, River, ;over CT/1 'R:A 3/"3& <2"(<32 This ecu!enical $roup was established in early /88< by local Dnited Refor!ed Church #inister Revd ?or!an etchell with the support of Churches To$ether in ;over2 It was a response to the continuin$ Ro!a refu$ee crisis in ;over and the increasin$ ant.refu$ee feelin$ bein$ e*pressed in the for! of !arches in ;over by the ?ational Front2 The local Catholic church was already providin$ so!e support for refu$ee fa!ilies with children2 The )sylu! ee6ers upport Group now provides advice for adults and a creche for children

one day a wee6 at the River Dnited Refor!ed Church2 #any of the users are Ro!a2 The Group wor6s in co.operation with the )sylu! ee6ers upport Group in ;eal 4see above52 4", 1, <, 8, /3, //5 Ber6ha!sted Gypsy upport Group Contact+ ;iana )llen, The Grey -ouse, Eitsbury Road, Ber6ha!sted, -ertfordshire -P& "0)A 3/&&2 <,(2/2 )bout twenty.five years a$o, the Church of 0n$land in t )lban=s diocese beca!e concerned abc the position of Gypsy fa!ilies enca!ped in lay.bys and waste land around Ber6ha!sted2 ;esp the passa$e of the Caravan ites )ct, which i!posed a statutory duty on local authorities to provi sites, no sites had been set up2 Gypsies were constantly bein$ !oved fro! place to place by t pilice and the local authority, despite the fact that there was nowhere they could le$ally par6 th caravans2 #ost adults were unable to read or write, few children were receivin$ for!al educatic and the fa!ilies had difficulty in obtainin$ health care and other services ta6en for $ranted by t settled population2 It was therefore decided to hold a !eetin$ with a view to settin$ up independent or$anisation to help Gypsies, and this was done2 The resultin$ Ber6ha!sted a ;istrict Gypsy upport Group has continued in e*istence, always retainin$ lin6s with the Church2 The $roup=s ai!s were+ to press local councils to carry out their duties under the Carav ites )ct and set up sitesA to try to overco!e the widespread hostility to Gypsies by educati people throu$h the press and personal contactA and to help individual Gypsies with their persot difficulties2 ince that ti!e, the situation has chan$ed in that three.9uarters of the Gypsy populati now live on sites2 There are two in the ;acoru! area2 )lthou$h !any Gypsies still travel for part the year, !ost of the children attend school2 The position of the re!ainin$ 9uarter of the Gyp population is, however, worse now than when the $roup was set up2 ?o !ore sites are bei established, and the police and local authorities have been $iven !ore strin$ent powers to !o Gypsies on as soon as they stop anywhere by the roadside or on private land2 There is si widespread hostility a$ainst Gypsies, due lar$ely to the fact that people 6now little about the other than the al!ost invariably adverse co!!ent in the press2 #any fa!ilies, includin$ sot livin$ on official sites, still need help and advice which they are not able to obtain fro! t statutory authorities2 The $roup has continuously sou$ht to solve the proble! of provision of sufficient sites a also to counter pre7udice and hostility in the !edia and elsewhere2 It has dealt with a hu$e varie of individual proble!s2 This has involved liaison with local authorities, for instance helpi children find places in school, and with the police2 The $roup !eets once a !onth and welco!es new !e!bers2 41, <, 8, //,/25 Ca!brid$eshire Baptist )ssociation 'ne !e!ber of the )ssociation, Revd Gordon Tubbs, ,/ %ichfield Road, Ca!brid$e CB/ "A 3/22" 2&<1&8, visits Gypsy fa!ilies infor!ally, e*ercisin$ a pastoral !inisty a!on$ the particularly a!on$ Christian Gypsies2 -e identifies literacy as a pressin$ need . a!on$ of reasons, so that people can understand the Bible2 4/, 25 Canterbury and Rochester ;ioceses Council for ocial Responsibility Robert Runcie -ouse, ,3 #arsha! treet, #aidstone, Eent #0 /& /0:A 3/,22 1((3/&2 Contact+ Revd Pearl )nderson2 . In Rochester ;iocese, t #ary with t Paulinus at t #ary=s Bay is considered to be the Gyps Church2

. In #id.Eent, the -ealth )uthority did a piece of action.centred research on the health of Trave fa!ilies2 The Council for ocial Responsibility set up a Traveller upport Group around wor6er, liaisin$ between ocial ervices, -ealth and 0ducation depart!ents on Gypsy issues2 12 $roup !et at )ylesford Priory2 . In ;over, C@ech and lova6 Gypsies are bein$ supported by ;over and ;eal )sylu! ee= upport Groups 4see above5 which have church support2 #i$rant -elpline, an independent a$e funded by the -o!e 'ffice to $ive advice and practical aupport to asylu! see6ers arrivin$ in the DE throu$h the port of ;over, has an )n$lican Chairperson and has !uch church support2 . In Cliftonville, on the Isle of Thanet, lan$ua$e tuition and cross.cultural counsellin$ is bein$ $iven to asylu! see6ers, includin$ 0astern 0uropean Gypsies, by the church.based %ivin$ -earts pro7ect2 The teacher and counsellor is a church !e!ber and the pro7ect has been financially supported by churches in Eent, the ?ational Refu$ee #illenniu! Fund 4which is ad!inistered by the Catholic :o!en=s %ea$ue5 and the Church Drban Fund2 . The Council for ocial Responsibility 4C R5 has been involved in advocacy for the ri$hts of Gypsies2 . In a C R.based pro7ect in %ydd, particular wor6 was done to include Irish Traveller children in a holiday club and the pro7ect is tryin$ to !a6e on$oin$ provision in its )fter chool Club there2 C R liaises particularly with the Travellers 0ducation Dnit2 42, ", 1, <, 8, /3,//5 Catholic Children=s ociety, :est!inster )rchdiocese 1" Charles 9uare, %ondon :/3 ,0JA 3/</ 8,8 ("3(2 The ociety supports a Traveller co!!unity livin$ under the )&3 flyover in west %ondon2 It runs a play $roup in ter! ti!e and an after school ho!ewor6 club2 The ociety is see6in$ fundin$ for a bi$$er porta6abin to provide !ore space2 0ach !onth, it hosts a !ultia$ency !eetin$ with social services and other statutory a$encies to plan service delivery and advocacy on issues affectin$ Travellers2 The ociety=s :elfare Ri$hts :or6er advises parents at the site2 Three of the !others on the site are e!ployed by the ociety as play$roup wor6ers, for which the ociety enabled the! to $et the correct 9ualification2 'ne is currently up$radin$ that 9ualification2 41, 8,/35 Chichester ;iocese Co!!ittee for ocial Responsibility Church -ouse, 2// ?ew Church Road, -ove, 0ast usse* B?" &0;A 3/21" &2/32/2 In the last two years, there have been day events arran$ed between the diocesan Co!!ittee for ocial Responsibility 4C R5, Bri$hton Friends, usse* Race Relations Council and the Gypsy Council of Great Britain2 C R has also been involved with the followin$+ . publicisin$ a public !eetin$ held in Bri$hton in ;ece!ber, /881, to oppose draconian !easures towards TravellersA . e*pressin$ concern for a Gypsy enca!p!ent bulldo@ed near -orsha!A . hi$hli$htin$ atte!pts to oust a !an who has a caravan in an orchard near %ewes2

The C R has found that there is an ur$ent need for church !e!bers to be aware of the differin$ needs of Gypsies and Travellers2 %ocal cler$y are attac6ed when they de!and a !ore co!passionate and sensitive approach by the local authorities to Gypsy and Traveller enca!p!ents, whether unofficial or $rud$in$ly per!itted2 These cler$y have nowhere to turn for advice and support, and they need that2 C R su$$ests that the Churches Co!!ission for Racial Justice or$anise a day=s wor6shop to e*plain issues causin$ !ar$inalisation a!on$ Ro!anies in the present political cli!ate2 4<, 8,//5 The Children=s ociety 82B -i$h treet, #idso!er ?orton, Bath B)" 2;0A 3/1,/&//11 /2 The Children=s ociety is a voluntary society of the Church of 0n$land and the Church in :ales2 Its Children=s Participation Pro7ect includes wor6 in support of Traveller children 4?ew Travellers rather than traditional Travellers52 This wor6 ste!s fro! wor6 done with youn$ ho!eless people in Bath2 The wor6 showed that these youn$ people saw travellin$ as a viable alternative to thesituation they were in2 Traveller upport :or6ers ;ebbie -arvey and %i@ -u$hes wor6 pri!, on sites where there are children or pre$nant wo!en2 #ost of the sites are unauthorised2 $eo$raphical area covered includes o!erset, ;orset, :iltshire, Gloucestershire, ;evon and unitary authorities replacin$ )von2 The Children=s ociety published the report ut o, f Site, ut of Mind in /88&2 This based on interviews with ?ew Travellers in o!erset and )von and e*a!ined the i!pact of Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rder )ct on the lives of Travellers and their children2 The study fo consistent lin6s between poverty, ho!elessness and the decision to travel or to continue to travel ) further piece of research, !e" #$e, ld Problem, loo6ed at the i!pact of evictions ur the Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rder )ct in !ore detail2 It found, a!on$ other thin$s, repeated evictions were denyin$ children consistent access to health care and education2 Cun research is loo6in$ at site provision2 The Children=s ociety wor6ed with the Churches ?ational -ousin$ Coalition 4see belt on a day conference at -illfield Friary in ;orset in epte!ber, /881, brin$in$ to$ether Travel+ and church representatives so that church !e!bers could be infor!ed about Travellers= culture , needs and inspired to ta6e supportive action2 The Traveller upport :or6ers believe that a national directory of Traveller.frien churches and church or$anisations would be very helpful2 4&, 1, 8,/3,//5 Christian 'utreach to Travellers Jenny Galusch6a, , Peel Close, Blandford Foru!, ;orset ;TI / 1JD2 Jenny Galusch6a be$an a personal !inistry a!on$ Travellers several years a$o with support fri her local parish church and the ;iocese of alisbury2 he is part of the diocesan tea! wor6in$ Traveller issues2 #inistry is pastoral and evan$elistic, born out of realisation that there was vc little Christian teachin$ and !inistry available to Travellin$ people2 Jenny has as6ed Travellers what they would li6e fro! the Churches and found the followi answers+ help with local infor!ation of all 6inds fro! 7obs to en$ine co!ponents suppliersA hi with sites where people can either stop te!porarily or settle for a whileA prayer, especially healin$A understandin$A respect for their cultureA Christian baptis! and dedication for babiesA bei !arried by a Christian !inister or priest 4very co!plicated for people who !ove about re$ularl fellowship in worshipA people to be independent witnesses at evictions2 There is a $reat need to counter pre7udice in church con$re$ations+ often a ru con$re$ation !ay include the far!ers and landowners who have been co!plainin$ about presence of Travellers in the parish2 tyles of worship can be proble!atic+ !uch worship relies the printed word 4a $reat difficulty for people who have had little school education5 and

a rite which is fa!iliar to re$ulars but difficult to understand for outsidersA conversely, pentecos worship !ay see! undi$nified to so!e Ro!ani !en2 4/, 2,//,/25 Churches Council for Industry and ocial Responsibility 4I R5 t ?icholas -ouse, %awfords Gate, Bristol B ( 'R0A 3//1 8(( 1&"32 Contact+ ;avid #a$$s2 I R has an annual bud$et of F"&,333 for wor6 with Travellers within the area for!e ad!inistered by )von County Council2 This wor6 is al!ost e*clusively with traditional Travell 4Ro!anies and Irish Travellers5 rather than with ?ew Travellers, who tend to live in o!erset V further south and west2 I R e!ploys si* part.ti!e Dnder.Fives and Gouth :or6ers to wor6 w youn$ Travellers2 It also networ6s with other or$anisations concerned with Travellers, rai Traveller issues within and outside the Churches, and acts as an infor!ation resource base Traveller issues2 It is loo6in$ into the possibility of provision of church land for stoppin$ sites up to 2< days5 alon$ with ocial Responsibility in :iltshire and Friends, Fa!ilies and Travellers 4see below52 I R=s wor6 in Bristol has led the! to conclude that wor6 priorities for the Churches on Traveller issues should include+ . an audit of what wor6 is bein$ done re$ardin$ Travellers and the ChurchesA . !onitorin$ of local press for reports on TravellersA . sharin$ $ood practiceA . !a6in$ $lebe lands available to TravellersA . pre7udice reduction wor6 throu$h provision of wor6shops and challen$in$ racist state!entsA . !entionin$ Travellers in anti.racist !aterial2 4(, 1, //5 Churches ?ational -ousin$ Coalition 4C?-C5 Central Buildin$s, 'ldha! treet, #anchester #/ /JTA 3/,/ 2", 8"2/2 Contact+ Phil :ood2 C?-C wor6ed with The Children=s ociety 4see above5 on a conference brin$in$ to$ether Travellers and church representatives at -illfield Friary in ;orset in epte!ber, /8812 Traveller wor6er Phil :ood also wor6s with other church a$encies involved in tryin$ to find sites for Travellin$ fa!ilies2 Richard Trahair of alisbury ;iocesan Property ;ivision 4see %iltshire& Social Responsibility in %iltshire' is a trustee of C?-C and is wor6in$ on this church land and property pro7ect2 4(5 Conference of Reli$ious of Ireland 4C'RI5 Justice 'ffice, Tabor -ouse, #illtown Par6, ;ublin ,A 3/ 2,8 11882 Contact+ ean -ealey2 The 'ffice is wor6in$ on provision of basic education for parishes2 There is a $reat need to educate local people before proposals e!er$e for sites for Travellers2 Then local people can help for! public opinion before a site is announced2 This can avoid so!e of the heat in the debate after a site announce!ent2 C'RI personnel will wor6 in a parish or $roup of parishes to do a series of wor6shops on Traveller realities, culture, bac6$round, law and conflict resolution2

The 'ffice has published a report for !e!bers of reli$ious orders concernin$ acco!!odation for Travellers2 Thirty sites are planned by ;ublin Council, ei$ht on sites owned by reli$ious co!!unities2 The report is called ) Place To Call (ome) Reli$ious co!!unities are also involved in education for Travellers and e!ploy!ent2 C'RI=s Justice Co!!ission has been reco$nised by the Irish Govern!ent as a ocial Partner, part of the =Fourth Pillar= of social partnership for purposes of Govern!ent consultation on policy2 The first three Pillars were 0!ployers, Trade Dnions and Far!ers2 C'RI and others successfully a$itated for the addition of a Fourth Pillar of policy consultation to include Travellers, wo!en and other socially !ar$inalised or e*cluded $roups2 4 ee also Crosscare and Parish of the Travellin$ People*' +,, (,//, /25 Coventry ;ioceseCCoventry and :arwic6shire 0cu!enical Council ocial Responsibility 'ffice Pelha! %ee -ouse, 1 Priory Row, Coventry CB / (0 A 3/23" 221(812 ocial Responsibility 'fficer+ Revd 0li@abeth Cowley2 The office has been doin$ so!e wor6 in relation to Travellers in the recent past, includin$ !onitorin$ the Coventry City Council=s policy towards Travellers2 ?ow the wor6 has beco!e ecu!enical, they have set up a ocial Responsibility Foru! and are in the process of settin$ priorities for /88<C88 . the issue of Travellers should be one of these2 4//5 situation they were in2 Traveller upport :or6ers ;ebbie -arvey and %i@ -u$hes wor6 pr on sites where there are children or pre$nant wo!en2 #ost of the sites are unauthorise $eo$raphical area covered includes o!erset, ;orset, :iltshire, Gloucestershire, ;evon unitary authorities replacin$ )von2 The Children=s ociety published the report ut of Site, ut of Mind in /88&2 TI based on interviews with ?ew Travellers in o!erset and )von and e*a!ined the i!pact Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rder )ct on the lives of Travellers and their children2 The stud consistent lin6s between poverty, ho!elessness and the decision to travel or to continue to tr, ) further piece of research, !e" #$e, ld Problem, loo6ed at the i!pact of eviction+ the Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rder )ct in !ore detail2 It found, a!on$ other thinH repeated evictions were denyin$ children consistent access to health care and education2 research is loo6in$ at site provision2 The Children=s ociety wor6ed with the Churches ?ational -ousin$ Coalition 4see on a day conference at -illfield Friary in ;orset in epte!ber, /881, brin$in$ to$ether Try and church representatives so that church !e!bers could be infor!ed about Travellers= cults needs and inspired to ta6e supportive action2 The Traveller upport :or6ers believe that a national directory of Traveller.f churches and church or$anisations would be very helpful2 4&, 1, 8, /3, //5 Christian 'utreach to Travellers Jenny Galusch6a, , Peel Close, Blandford Foru!, ;orset ;TI /1JD2 Jenny Galusch6a be$an a personal !inistry a!on$ Travellers several years a$o with suppo her local parish church and the ;iocese of alisbury2 he is part of the diocesan tea! worl Traveller issues2 #inistry is pastoral and evan$elistic, born out of realisation that there w, little Christian teachin$ and !inistry available to Travellin$ people2 Jenny has as6ed Travellers what they would li6e fro! the Churches and found the fol answers+ help with local infor!ation of all 6inds fro! 7obs to en$ine co!ponents supplier

with sites where people can either stop te!porarily or settle for a whileA prayer, especi, healin$A understandin$A respect for their cultureA Christian baptis! and dedication for babies !arried by a Christian !inister or priest 4very co!plicated for people who !ove about re$ fellowship in worshipA people to be independent witnesses at evictions2 There is a $reat need to counter pre7udice in church con$re$ations+ often con$re$ation !ay include the far!ers and landowners who have been co!plainin$ at presence of Travellers in the parish2 tyles of worship can be proble!atic+ !uch worship r the printed word 4a $reat difficulty for people who have had little school education5 and which is fa!iliar to re$ulars but difficult to understand for outsidersA conversely, per worship !ay see! undi$nified to so!e Ro!ani !en2 4/, 2,//,/25 Churches Council for Industry and ocial Responsibility 4I R5 t ?icholas -ouse, %awfords Gate, Bristol B ( 'R0A 3//1 8(( 1&"32 Contact+ ;avid #a$$ I R has an annual bud$et of F"&,333 for wor6 with Travellers within the area ad!inistered by )von County Council2 This wor6 is al!ost e*clusively with traditional T 4Ro!anies and Irish Travellers5 rather than with ?ew Travellers, who tend to live in o!l further south and west2 I R e!ploys si* part.ti!e Dnder.Fives and Gouth :or6ers to w youn$ Travellers2 It also networ6s with other or$anisations concerned with TravelleI Traveller issues within and outside the Churches, and acts as an infor!ation resource Traveller issues2 It is loo6in$ into the possibility of provision of church land for stoppin$ Crosseare 4;ublin )rchdiocese ocial ervices5 The Red -ouse, Clonliffe Colle$e, ;ublin "A 3/ <", 33//2 Pat Brady wor6s on Traveller issues with Crosscare2 )cco!!odation, 0ducation and Pre Reduction are priorities2 Crosscare has helped lin6 various bodies responsible for pros services for Travellers with Travellers the!selves2 Ten years a$o, there were al!ost no l wor6in$ on Traveller issues2 ?ow, Travellers are well represented by their own or$anis0 Crosscare tries therefore to act as a lin6 between these or$anisations and the Churches2 C people are 7ust as $uilty of racis! and pre7udice as anyone else2 Crosscare is tryin$ to encc cler$y and parishes to treat Travellin$ People as fellow parishioners worthy of e*actly the respect and consideration as anyone else2 Pat Brady !eets annually with the ;iocesan Cour Priests in ;ublin, which has a !e!bership of thirty, to encoura$e this e9uality of re$al Travellers2 These priests report bac6 to their ;eaneries, and the hope is that $ood practice c encoura$ed in this way2 Pat Brady is available to $ive tal6s in ;eaneries and parishes . thoul open offer to do so is rarely ta6en up2 The Govern!ent of Ireland has developed enli$htened and pro$ressive policies to Travellers, especially with re$ard to site provision2 %ocal authorities are bound to identify su places for Traveller sites and !a6e such sites available2 If local councillors fail in their duty so, County #ana$ers are e!powered and !andated by law to ta6e the initiative over the he, councillors2 -owever, in practice, very few local authorities or County #ana$ers are deli5 what the law !andates the! to deliver e*cept under threat of le$al action2 uch is the / pre7udice a$ainst Travellers that councillors do not want to a$ree to site provision in their are, County #ana$ers do not want to $o a$ainst their elected authority=s decision . to do so would these public fi$ures very unpopular indeed2 In ;ublin, the local authority planned Traveller sites on several pieces of land own reli$ious orders+ it ri$htly supposed that they would be sy!pathetic to such site prov -owever, these sites have run into severe proble!s+ vehe!ent local opposition to the sites h to ani!osity developin$ towards !e!bers of the reli$ious orders concerned2 #e!bers of co!!unities have been refused service in local shops2 There is a feelin$ that by supp, Traveller site

provision, the reli$ious con$re$ations have betrayed the co!!unities which supported the! and to which they have !inistered2 o!e of the orders concerned are involi !edical or residential care, education or social services2 'ften, the local co!!unity has supI the wor6 throu$h fundraisin$ . in so!e cases, for periods of over a hundred years2 ?ow the co!!unities are e*pressin$ the view that it is ti!e for the reli$ious orders to pay the! ba resistin$ Traveller site provision2 Crosscare is wor6in$ with the Conference of Reli$ious of h 4see above25 on basic education for parishes where Traveller sites are to be set up, to help ove7 stereotypin$ and reduce pre7udice2 Pat Brady and Fran6 #urphy, fro! the Parish of the Travellin$ People 4see below5, to the ?ational Conference of Bishops in ;ece!ber /88,, briefin$ the! on the situati Travellers2 The bishops are supportive and wish to issue a state!ent in support of Trav -owever, they do not want it to co!e in the for! of a >top.down> pronounce!ent, so befor issue one, #ar$aret Byrnes of the bishops= Council for ocial :elfare is $oin$ to each part country to conduct a listenin$ survey a!on$ Travellin$ People to ascertain their need opinions2 This survey should be co!pleted by autu!n /88< and a bishops= state!ent afterwards, based on what it reveals2 Crosscare published a report, in June, /88,, called #ccommodatin$ Travellin$ People report offered a constructive criti9ue of central $overn!ent and local authority efforts to pi for Travellin$ People=s acco!!odation needs2 It pointed out that $ood site provision and relations between Travellers and settled people have been possible where there has been consultation with Travellin$ People and ade9uate efforts !ade to address the fears of settled people2 It showed that settled opposition to Traveller site provision had occurred at all proposed sites in ;ublin since /8<, but that it had not always succeeded in preventin$ site develop!ent2 It noted that settled people who resisted site provision al!ost always found that their fears did not !aterialise when a site was builtA that settled people who resist new site provision in their area usually do not !ind !ovin$ into an area where there is an e*istin$ siteA that !ost settled people are a!bivalent, rather than wholly ne$ative, in their attitude to Travellers, and that this could be built on in a positive way, not least by the Church2 It su$$ested that the voluntary sector could play a !uch !ore si$nificant role in site provision2 Crosscare has also published Celebratin$ -ifferences, an educational pac6 for pri!ary schools ai!ed at brea6in$ down barriers between the settled and Travellin$ co!!unities2 The )rchbishop of ;ublin, as Patron of Catholic Pri!ary chools in the ;ublin )rchdiocese, has re9uested each Board of #ana$e!ent to operate a policy of e9uality of access for all Travellin$ children2 The policy of inte$ration is now in operation in the !a7ority of schools in the diocese2 t Patric6=s Teacher Trainin$ Colle$e of 0ducation, ;ru!condra, and Colaiste #huire 0ducation Colle$e, #arino, have introduced a !odule into the Teacher Trainin$ Pro$ra!!e on the history and culture of the Travellin$ co!!unity as well as researchin$ how best the educational needs of Travellin$ children in Pri!ary schools can be !et2 4", &, ,, 1, <, 8,//5 Father 0lton ;aly, 'F# 4Cap5, Catholic Chaplain to Gypsies in 0n$land and :ales t Joseph=s -ouse, /< %eopold treet, '*ford 'J& / P A 3/<,( 2&3"2(2 Fr ;aly travels all over 0n$land and :ales with a !andate to attend to the spiritual and social welfare of Gypsies and Travellers, throu$h pastoral wor6 includin$ preparation for sacra!ents2 Fr ;aly has found that there are $reat differences between the Travellin$ and settled co!!unities, and in any !inistry with Gypsies and Travellers, continuity is very i!portant2 Fr ;aly is assisted in his wor6 in %ondon by r Gabriel Ryan and r )nna2 425 ;arvell Bruderhof, Robertsbrid$e, 0ast usse* T? "2 (;RA 3/(<3 <</33"2

The Bruderhof co!!unity protested about theplanned eviction of a local Gypsy fa!ily by the parish council in ;ece!ber, /8812 %eaflets were distributed to all ho!es in the villa$e shortly before Christ!as as6in$ for a !ore co!passionate attitude towards the Gypsies2 This stirred up $reat controversy and ani!osity towards the Bruderhof co!!unity, after which co!!unity !e!bers had conversations with several villa$ers to help increase understandin$2 The incident was to be $iven covera$e in the co!!unity=s periodical, The Plou$h* +., <, //, /25 ;orset+ Churches To$ether in ;orset ocial Responsibility )dviser+ Revd -a@el Bar6ha!, The Croft, ?orth Road, #ere, :iltshire B) /2 ,-KA 3/1&1 <,/(/&2 Revd -a@el Bar6ha! 4a Dnited Refor!ed Church #inister5 is involved in the alisbury ;iocesan strate$y on Travellers 4see %iltshire& Social Responsibility in %iltshire'* This includes Richard Trahair, Property 'fficer, the ocial Responsibility 'fficers for :iltshire and ;orset, Jenny Galusch6a of Christian 'utreach to Travellers 4see above5, and the two Gypsy %iaison 'fficers for :iltshire and ;orset2 The ;iocesan strate$y involves findin$ $lebe land 4land owned by the Church of 0n$land5 for Travellers to stop te!porarily and learn woodland s6ills2 The diocesan tea! is in the process of spea6in$ to Church of 0n$land ;eanery Councils and Parochial Church Councils 4PCCs5 re$ardin$ provision of appropriate sites2 There are proble!s of pre7udice a$ainst Travellers and conse9uent difficulties in $ettin$ the necessary support for this pro7ect, particularly at parish level2 The tea! has stopped loo6in$ for very s!all pieces of land and will see6 bi$$er pieces of land as per!@ stoppin$ places, while at the sa!e ti!e still continuin$ to try to persuade PCCs that site prov is a $ood idea2 Personal !eetin$s between Travellers and non.Travellers do a lot to overco!e pre7u, Gypsy %iaison 'fficers have also been very helpful in pre7udice reduction2 They !ana$e to pu Gypsy case in ways which settled people can understand2 The alisbury tea! always ta6es a G %iaison 'fficer with the! when spea6in$ to a church audience2 'ne of the !a7or events each year is the ;orset tea! Fair at Blandford2 #any Ro!a $o to this2 0van$elistic outreach isprovided by Christian 'utreach to Travellers 4see above5 other evan$elical Christian $roups2 ) Dnited Refor!ed Church #inister is plannin$ a !ovin$ chapel a!on$ Ro!ani and c Travellers in the area2 4(,//, /2, /, 25 0ast )n$lia 0cu!enical Racis! )wareness Pro7ect 40)R)P5 r ;r )lies Therese of Peace, 0)R)P, P' Bo* 2,, )ttleborou$h, ?orfol6 ?R /1 2KT2 0)R)P includes awareness of Travellers= culture and needs in its $eneral antiracist wor6, 7ournal, /0chan$e In Si$ht, has included articles on Gypsies and other Travellers2 The #ay, / edition of the 7ournal is to be devoted to GypsyCTraveller issues2 ) day conference is planned #ay /88< focussin$ on pre7udice, with particular reference to the Ro!ani co!!unity2 4//5 Friends, Fa!ilies and Travellers upport Group 4FFT5 Top Floor, "" -i$h treet, Glastonbury, o!erset B), 8-TA 3/&(< <"2"1/2 FFT provides a wide ran$e of advice and support services for Travellers of all 6inds2 It publi , research on Traveller issues2 It is runnin$ a lottery.funded pro7ect trainin$ Travellers in woodI s6ills2 It is wor6in$ with the Churches ?ational -ousin$ Coalition 4see above5, o Responsibility in :iltshire see below under %iltshire& Social Responsibility in %iltshire',

and o= Church or$anisations to find wooded $lebe 4Church.owned5 land suitable for use in this pro7ect2 Gloucester ;iocese 'fficer for ocial Responsibility Revd Canon )drian B lade, "< ydenha! Billas Road, Cheltenha!, Gloucestershire G%(2 ,;A 3/2&2 2("/,22 )bout five years a$o, the ocial Responsibility 'ffice 4 R'5 set up a sche!e for Travellers v )von County Council, in collaboration with ;iocese of Bristol and Bath and :ells2 Bari chan$es in boundaries have led to the wor6 bein$ underta6en throu$h the ;iocese of Bristol2 R' has so!e lin6s throu$h parish priests with Travellers= sites around the county 4?orthleL Twi$worth, Gloucester52 The Race Relations 'fficer for the diocese has ta6en wor6 with Travel as part of his brief2 -e is Revd Grantley Finlayson, ", -oward treet, Gloucester G%/ &D , 3/&(2 &2"8<,2 Guildford ;iocese Co!!unity ;evelop!ent 'fficer Christopher ?a@ir.)li, ;iocesan -ouse, Kuarry treet, Guildford GDI "JGA 3/&<" (1/<2,2 o!e wor6 is bein$ done throu$h the diocese=s )ppropriate )dult Bolunteer che!e with 2 urrey2 Gypsies for Christ travellin$ with the Ro!ani Gospel :a$on "2 )shford Road, outh :oodford, %ondon 0l < /JMA 3/</ ("3 2&1/2 /2 Chair!an, onnie GibbardA ecretary, Rose!ary Gibbard2 Gypsies for Christ are involved in both charitable wor6 and evan$elistic outreach2 They have been particularly involved in brin$in$ !aterial and spiritual assistance to Gypsies in 0astern 0urope and plans to $ive support to Gypsies in iberia2 #ainstrea! Churches have often not been supportive of Gypsy Christians2 Converted Gypsies therefore prefer to for! their own churches, and because of illiteracy, cultural differences and pre7udice they find it difficult to inte$rate2 Gypsies for Christ would li6e to see a $reater unity and they try to wor6 with churches who already have an outreach to Gypsies or would li6e to start one, and endeavour to brin$ Gypsy concerns into the wider Body of Christ2 They publish Byways Ro!ani Prayer Bulletin fro! " prin$ Gardens, Par6 %ane, Crowborou$h, 0ast usse* T?, 2K?A 3/<82 ,,<8&/2 4/, 2, "5 Revd #i6e -ens!an, Dnited Refor!ed Church Chaplain at -i$hdown Prison <8 parrow Far! Road, tonelei$h, 0pso!, urrey ET/1 2%PA 3/</ "8" &/<"2 Revd #i6e -ens!an wor6s pri!arily with forei$n nationals at -i$hdown prison, but there are also a nu!ber of Pentecostal Gypsies in the prison, and he wor6s with the! too2 -e is involved with the Gypsy church at %eatherhead2 Gypsy con$re$ations around the #2( are Pentecostal . part of the %ife and %i$ht !ove!ent2 The %eatherhead con$re$ation was assisted in its early days by :est 0well 0van$elical Church2 The Pentecostal =Generation= Church in 0well is part of the Pioneer !ove!ent of Pentecostal for!er house.churches2 They do a lot of wor6 on the local authority Gypsy site in 0well2 4/, 25 -erefordshire Co!!unity -ealth Bel!ont )bbey, Bel!ont, -ereford -R2 8RPA 3/&"2 "&&"&&2 Contact+ Penny Ballin$er, -ealth, Bisitor for Travellers2 o!e wor6 is bein$ done by churches, but not enou$h2 -eather :illia!s, at the Priory Church, %eo!inster, is able to help with clothin$ and toys for Christ!as2 he is also ai!in$

to set up a buildin$ as a co!!unity resource where anyone, includin$ Travellers, could use washin$ facilities, launder clothes, obtain second.hand clothin$ or household e9uip!ent, $et a hot drin6 and a li$ht !eal . but this is only in the plannin$ sta$e2 The alvation )r!y help with food2 The :eobley parish will be puttin$ on a service for Travellers ne*t year and the vicar of Bosbury is re$arded as >$reat> by all the ?ew Travellers in her parish2 Kua6ers are active locally2 #artin Eibblewhite of Bowchurch has for!ed a collective with others on Greenwood s6ills and is $ettin$ wor6 in the area for interested Travellers 4usually ?ew Travellers52 The issues are+ . havin$ a safe place to stay . havin$ access to water . anti.poverty issues such as clothes swap, benefits, advice etc2 . children=s issues . safe play areas, play buses etc2 . bein$ so!ewhere lon$ enou$h to access health care2 Churches could help with offerin$ par6.ups or woodland in which to wor62 Par6.ups for horse.drawn vehicles, with acco!panyin$ $ra@in$ land, are especially needed2 -ardly any landowners are willin$ to ta6e Travellers on their land2 The pro7ect > afe -avens for ?o!ads> 43/(,< ,/&&"&5 ai!s to $et offers of par6.ups but publicity for the pro7ect has led to ani!osity rather than offers of help2 )ny infor!ation on sources of help would be appreciated2 42, ", (, 1, /35 -ereford Traveller upport Group Contact+ Peter Baines, Trefoil, Brinsop Co!!on, -erefordshire -R& 1) A 3/&"2 1,3"(32 The -ereford Traveller upport Group started in /8112 Bishop John 0asthau$h, then Bishol -ereford, was as6ed to $ive his support to the area=s Gypsies2 -e visited Gyspies facin$ evicL and livin$ on a very !uddy site owned by the County Council2 )ppalled at their circu!stances, publicly pled$ed the Church=s help2 -e i!!ediately e*perienced an unprecedented nu!ber abusive letters and phonecalls fro! people who did not li6e Gypsies2 ?onetheless, he said he wo as6 the Church Co!!issioners for land provision because the County Council said it did not hA enou$h land of its own for site provision2 o be$an a tortuous process which continues today an4 a $ood e*a!ple of the proble!s faced by Travellers and by churches wishin$ to help with provision2 The bishop proposed $oin$ throu$h the re$istry of $lebe lands to find a suitable site2 / !ost suitable was at utton t ?icholas2 This piece of land was then put into the Council=s planni process, which was very len$thy2 Before the process was co!plete, central $overn!ent h instituted the /33N $rant for site provision by local authorities, and the County Council therefr decided it would loo6 for land of its own for a site2 For a while, alternative land was on offer utton t ?icholas, preferable to the $lebe land site2 -owever, a price could not be a$reed and t sale fell throu$h2 The $lebe land site continued throu$h the plannin$ procedure and was finally approved / central $overn!ent2 )fter very lon$ delays by le$al tea!s, the land was transferred fro! tl Church Co!!issioners to the County Council for F/, on the understandin$ that it would beco!e Gypsy site2 The Cri!inal Justice )ct of /88& then re!oved the provision for /33N $rants to loc authorities fro! central $overn!ent for Gypsy

site provision, and further delays were caused whi the County Council as6ed the Govern!ent for e*e!ption in this case because of the fact that tl procedure for releasin$ the site had been be$un before the passa$e of the )ct2 ?otice was then $iven to the a$ricultural tenants to 9uitA but notice has to be $iven one ye, in advance, and can only be served in February2 'ne year was lost by !issin$ the Februar deadline, and then, when notice was served, it was couched in unsatisfactory ter!s and appealed b the a$ricultural tenant2 The %and Tribunal found in favour of the tenant, and the County Counc appealed the decisionA but by February, /88< 4nearly twenty years after the process first be$an5 date for a hearin$ of the appeal by -ereford County Court had still not been fi*ed2 4(,,5 Revd Terry -urst, Gypsy Preacher and 0van$elist 21 Plo!er Green )venue, ;ownley, -i$h :yco!be, Buc6in$ha!shire -P/" (%:A 3/&8 ,"</<(2 #r -urst has preached in nu!erous churches around the country, !ostly but not e*clusiveI #ethodist churches2 #r -urst was for!erly a #ethodist but is now actively involved in tf Gypsies for Christ !ove!ent 4see above52 4/, 2,//5 Revd Balde!ar Ealinin Flat 2, (2B Penn Road, %ondon ?1 8RGA 3/1/ ,38 ,3&1 #r Ealinin is a Ro!a fro! Byelorussia and a !e!ber of the Ply!outh Brethren 4open fellowship -e wor6s for %ocal )uthorities in %ondon with Ro!a refu$ees fro! Central and 0astern 0urop 41,85 %ichfield ;iocese Board for ocial Responsibility The Church at Rowley treet, Rowley treet, tafford T/, 2R-2 %ocal ;evelop!ent 'fficer+ #alcol! Carroll, 3/1<( 1,/1,"2 #r Carroll has been involved with a Travellin$ fa!ily facin$ the threat of eviction and under$oin$ a public in9uiry2 -e is also involved with the hropshire Gypsy %iaison Group and attends occasional conferences2 The two of !ost si$nificance have been a conference on le$al issues or$anised in Cardiff by Telephone %e$al )dvice ervice for Travellers 4T%) T5 and the conference at -illfield Friary in ;orset re$ardin$ the use of Church land by Travellers 4see above under The Children1s Society'* +2, 33' %i$htin$ Fires ", %a!cote treet, ?ottin$ha! ?G2 2GDA 3//( 8(" "1182 Pastor and #issionary+ Carl Brown2 %i$htin$ Fires is >an evan$elical or$anisation which reaches out to Travellers, alternatives, people in the occult and people with dru$.related proble!s>2 #ost of the people with who! %i$htin$ Fires wor6s are ?ew Travellers2 Carl Brown spent several years travellin$ until the Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rder )ct was passed in /88&2 %i$htin$ Fires is based in ?ottin$ha! but wor6s nationally and has houses in several different cities as well as people livin$ on sites2 'ne !e!ber bou$ht so!e land in :ales in the hope of startin$ a le$al site but was denied plannin$ per!ission2 There is a $reat need not only for sites but for supported sites . si!ple provision of land is not always enou$h2 It is better if Gypsies and ?ew Travellers have separate sites because of cultural differences which !a6e it difficult when sites are shared2 ?ew Travellers tend to distrust all authority and all bureaucracy2 There have been so!e horrendous violations of hu!an ri$hts which have reinforced this distrust2

People have been e*pelled fro! churches for tal6in$ to Travellers on the $rounds that all Travellers are cri!inals and a $ood Christian should not tal6 to cri!inals2 'ne Church as6ed Christian Travellers to leave their town2 #any Travellers distrust Christians, especially Pa$an Travellers2 %i$htin$ Fires has withdrawn fro! the outhwest because of difficult relations with the Pa$an Traveller culture of that area2 %i$htin$ Fires $rew partly because of Travellers bein$ converted and churches wantin$ nothin$ to do with the!2 Churches could do a lot !ore to help Travellers2 %i$htin$ Fires does as !uch as it can, but has few wor6ers and scarce resources2 'ne very valuable way of helpin$ would be for church !e!bers to be present as witnesses at site evictions2 These are so!eti!es carried out with e*cessive force2 %i$htin$ Fires is so!eti!es able to be present in this way, and it can help to !oderate the violence and enable evicted Travellers to feel that so!eone cares2 The Churches need to spea6 out a$ainst this police violence when it happens2 %i$htin$ Fires has a list of nearly 233 non.Travellers willin$ to be supportive and involved2 ) networ6 of such church supporters is very i!portant and should be e*panded2 Churches need to overco!e their own fear of Travellers and their lac6 of love for the!2 #any ?ew Travellers co!e fro! bro6en ho!es2 #any have a sense of fatherlessness2 #any are children of !issionaries and other e*.patriates and have a sense of rootlessness and ho!elessness, of not really belon$in$ anywhere2 )round %ondon, !any ?ew Travellers have a dru$ proble!, especially with s!ac62 Goun$ Travellers would really benefit fro! people in the churches . especially older people . befriendin$ the!2 'ne historic e*a!ple of church !e!bers supportin$ Travellers was after the Battle of the Beanfield in /8<(2 ) convoy of Travellers was on its way to the $atherin$ site for the tonehen$e u!!er olstice celebration2 The place was 6nown as the Beanfield2 Police bloc6ed their e*it fro! the field, then attac6ed the Travellers with truncheons, s!ashin$ windows of vehicles, burnin$ so!e vehicles out, pullin$ people throu$h the freshly.bro6en windows of vehicles 4causin$ in7ury5 and beatin$ and 6ic6in$ people, in7urin$ around a hundred people2 )fterwards, !any of the Travellers wal6ed to Glastonbury, acco!panied by a local vicar2 %ocal churches $ot involved, $reetin$ the Travellers and $ivin$ sy!bolic support by washin$ their feet as well as offer practical support2 4/, 2, ", 8,//,/25 %ondon Gypsy and Traveller upport Dnit , :est$ate treet, -ac6ney, %ondon 0< "R?A 3/</ ("" 23322 Irish Travellers on tolerated sites in the borou$h of -ac6ney faced eviction2 Throu$h their o . ca!pai$nin$, they were transferred to a te!porary official site, but it was very overcrowded2 Ri was F<3 per wee6 per caravan, and facilities were very poor2 %ocal residents opposed provisi until they !et with the Travellers, visited the site and saw the site conditions2 They then supporl the Travellers in further deputations to the council2 The Travellers started attendin$ resider association !eetin$s2 'vercrowdin$ could only be resolved by puttin$ the Travellers on anotl site, but local opposition to that !eant that the proposal was continually bloc6ed2 There are fa!ilies involved2 Council co!!ittees have loo6ed at the !atter si* ti!es2 %ocal churches $ot involved when the Travellers $ot a petition to$ether in the su!!l o!e of the Travellers attend t cholastica=s RC church, which is part of T0%C' 4The O %ondon Co!!unity 'r$anisation52 Parishioners were as6ed to si$n the petition2 The Cathol church local to the other proposed site, t ;o!inic=s, was approached and 2(3 further si$natur collected2 Church !e!bers then decided to start attendin$ councillors= sur$eries to

hi$hli$ht tl !orality of the issue and the Travellers= le$iti!ate need for secure sites2 8,//5 #inistry to Travellers in cotland


cCo tella #aris eafarers= Centre, 8"1 ;u!barton Road, Glas$ow G/& 8DFA 3/&/ ""8 ,,(12 The Catholic Bishops= Conference in cotland established a #inistry to Travellers ten years a$e This !inistry was provided !ainly by ister Breda, a reli$ious sister operatin$ in Glas$ow and tf surroundin$ area, wor6in$ with Chaplaincy staff at the eafarers= Centre, includin$ Father )ndre, -osie2 ister Breda has 6ept in touch with Travellin$ fa!ilies as they !oved around cotlani providin$ an on$oin$ point of contact with the!2 )lthou$h it was never intended to provide anythin$ !ore than Chaplaincy services . fc lac6 of resources . Travellin$ people be$an loo6in$ to the chaplaincy wor6ers for a social ca7 facility which was not possible to provide2 It was decided not to atte!pt to provide a service whic would not be sustainable2 Travellin$ people=s social support needs could only be provided by sufficiently well prepared $roup of social wor6ers2 The ;epart!ent of 0ducation had be$un i provide services which were overa!bitious and later found to be inappropriate and wei withdrawn2 The chaplaincy wor6ers did not wish to !a6e si!ilar !ista6es2 Travellin$ fa!ilies= lac6 of for!al schoolin$ has li!ited their involve!ent in churc services and activities ai!ed at settled people2 Travellers are often self.conscious in churches whic provide printed te*ts or which e*pect children to behave in a !anner alien to Travellers= ow custo!s2 For these reasons, Travellers !ay stop $oin$ to church2 The #inistry to Travelle7 therefore be$an a #obile #ission which went to caravan sites and celebrated #ass in one of tl caravans, not usin$ hy!n boo6s or printed leaflets2 The e*perience of the chaplaincy wor6ers is thi Travellin$ people, includin$ the children, 6now the traditional Catholic prayers, and their !eanin$ very well indeed, because of their hi$hly developed oral culture2 Parents teach the prayers to the children and acco!pany the! in their prayers each ni$ht2 acra!ents are e*tre!ely i!portant for Catholic Travellers, includin$ the baptis! c children2 People $reatly value certificates of Baptis!, Confir!ation and First Co!!unioi ?onetheless, Travellers often face blatant discri!ination in churches2 'ne Travellin$ fa!ily wL turned away by lay officials in three churches when tryin$ to have their new baby baptised2 42, 85 ?ational )ssociation of Gypsy :o!en ylvia ;unn, #eadow Biew, Golds!ith ;rive, Rayley, 0sse* , 8RJA 3/2,< 1<21822

In the )ssociation=s view, the Churches= interest could be e*tre!ely helpful to Gypsies both practically and sy!bolically2 )s an e*a!ple, #rs ;unn cited efforts to stop a site eviction between -averhill and -alstead in north 0sse*2 The diplo!atic support of local church leaders or officers, perhaps in the for! of approaches to the county council, could be effective in preventin$ in7ustices2 ?ational )ssociation of Teachers of Travellers 0sse* Traveller 0ducation ervice, cCo )lec -unter -i$h chool, tubbs %ane, Braintree, 0sse* C#1 "?TA 3/"1, "&3",32 The )ssociation has found that there are so!eti!es difficulties with placin$ Traveller children in church schools2 :ithin church schools, as in state schools, different cultures are not always respectedA bullyin$ and harass!ent so!eti!es ta6es place unchec6ed2 There is a need for a lead to be $iven to $overnors and !ana$ers of Ro!an Catholic and Church of

0n$land aided schools, fro! the top2 'ne useful !ethod would be awareness.raisin$ docu!entation and support, alon$ the lines of so!e intercultural !aterial produced in Ireland, specifically with Travellers in !ind2 #e!bers of Traveller 0ducation ervices throu$hout the country already produce so!e resources of this type, but it in ?)TT=s view it would be !ore powerful if !aterials for use in Church schools were produced by a Church or$anisation2 #any GypsyCTraveller fa!ilies are devout, practisin$ Christians and would welco!e this e*plicit Church support2 ?)TT would be happy to be consulted on these issues2 4/3, //5 ?orfol6 Traveller 0ducation ervice Travellers= Resource Base, Turner Road, ?orwich ?R2 &-BA 3/,3" 1,,/""2 There are around /333 Gypsy and Traveller children of school a$e residin$ in or resortin$ to ?orfol6 each year2 The Traveller 0ducation ervice is not aware of any e*istin$ church wor6 with Gypsies and Travellers but is now in touch with ?orwich ;iocese Board for ocial Responsibility2 Revd Peter ?orton, t %awrence Bicara$e, )ppleby.in.:est!orland Cu!bria C) /, ,K:A 3/1,< "(/&,/2 4#r ?orton responded on behalf of the ocial Responsibility 'ffice of Carlisle ;iocese25 )ppleby ?ew Fair is popular with Gypsies and Travellers2 There are usually about (333 participants2 4The town only has a population of about 233325 #any Gypsy people co!e to the parish church for baptis! while they are at the fair2 The church offers preparation and baptis! durin$ the ti!e the fair is on2 For funerals, they tend to $o to %on$ #artin2 Gypsies are findin$ the parochial syste! of the Church of 0n$land too parochial . they are not resident in a parish all the ti!e, and this causes difficulties for $ettin$ children baptised or couples !arried2 #any parishes put hurdles in their way when they want to co!e to these sacra!ents . they insist on a lon$ series of preparation !eetin$s2 Pentecostals are very active a!on$ the Gypsies at )ppleby Fair2 They are based at %i$ht of the :orld #issions, Blac6pool Christian Centre, :aterloo Road, Blac6pool FG& ");A 3/2(" "&&2"32 They run !issions all over the area2 #any Gypsies are Pentecostals2 )ppleby parish church and the local #ethodist church help with the Pentecostal baptis!s2 There are so!e suspicions between Pentecostals and )n$licans but #r ?orton believes that it is very i!portant to wor6 to$ether2 There is also a need to reduce suspicion between different sections of the Travellin$ co!!unity, especially between Ro!anies and ?ew Travellers2 4/, 2, /25

Thou$h not aware of any church wor6 in support of Travellers, #r ;adoun believes th co!!unity leaders, churches could play a very i!portant role in pre7udice reduction2 Cor arise out of i$norance and fear2 Dnreasonable fears need to be assua$edA $reater understandin, tolerance need to be pro!oted2 This is difficult for parish councils to do, because they feel the betrayin$ their constituents2 Cler$y could usefully ta6e on the role of pro!otin$ trust and tole without runnin$ such a $reat ris6 of alienatin$ people . si!ply because this is the 6ind of thinI people e*pect cler$y to do2 #r ;adoun will put these ideas forward at the Rural #inistry !eetin$, which covers -ertfordshire and Bedfordshire2 4/25 t )lban=s Board for ocial Responsibility -olywell %od$e, &/ -olywell -ill, t )lban=s, -ertfordshire )%/ /-0A 3/121 <(&("22

The Board subscribes to, and sends a representative to, t )lban=s and ;istrict Gypsy u Group2 The representative is #r Richard Benables2 -is role is that of an observer2 #r Ber says that t )lban=s and outh -ertfordshire Councils have co!plied well with the Caravan )ct of /8,<2 They have e*panded site provision despite the Cri!inal Justice and Public 'rde of /88&2 Gypsies have, however, been unable to $et plannin$ per!ission for buildin$s on their land2 485 alvation )r!y /3/ Kueen Bictoria treet, %ondon 0C&P &0PA 3/11/ ""2 33222 The alvation )r!y Corps at %ea!in$ton pa wor6s with Travellin$ People includin$ p livin$ on canal boats2 The alvation )r!y in Belfast provides new toys at Christ!as to, a others, Traveller children fro! t Paul=s chool 4a school especially for Traveller children5 school is supplied at other ti!es of year with second.hand toys by the alvation )r!y2 )ll Ireland, Travellers occasionally !a6e use of alvation )r!y social centres and acco!!od 4Contact in Belfast+ #a7or %indsay )nderson, ;ivisional ;irector for Field Pro$ra!!e in In 3/2"2 ,1(333252 )n attender at outhend alvation )r!y Citadel, #r Bernard #ends, is a past $f ecretary of Gypsies for Christ 4see above5 and was involved in the or$anisation=s pro7ect to available Ro!ani translations of Christian te*ts2 -is address is+ , Fari!ead -ouse, "(< :estborou$h Road, :estcliff.on. ea, 0sse* ' 8TRA 38(, 282(/,2 4/, 2, ", &5 o!erset County Council County Councillor -a@el Prior. an6ey 4Poppies, 1< Bacon ;rive, Taunton T)I 2%-A I "221/&5 is a Baptist, and heads the Traveller :or6in$ Dnit of the County council2 There are no initiatives fro! the churches in Taunton area, althou$h so!e Travellers !ay h fro! a dayti!e club run by a local church for ho!eless people on the street2 Bic Jacobson of ?ow #inistry 4for!erly Baptist5 has so!e outreach wor6 to Travellers2 4/5 outh o!erset ;istrict Council -olyrood %ace #ill, -olyrood treet, Chard, o!erset T)23 2G)A 3/&,3 2,3&/32 Chair of )rea :est Co!!ittee is Jill hortland, an active Baptist to who! CCRJ=s re9ui infor!ation was passed by the area Baptist )ssociation ecretary2#rs hortland is not aw specifically church wor6 in the area but as a councillor she has initiated and facilitated !e with Parish Councils under the headin$ of olutions to Inappropriate 0nca!p!ents, encoura$in$

Parish Councils to find sites for Travellers2 0*plicit church involve!ent in provision for Travellers would be welco!ed2 4(5 outhwar6 Traveller 0ducation Pro7ect 4 T0P5 2 ;avey treet, %ondon 0/( ,%FA 3/1/ (2( //,(2 T0P is an a$ency of outhwar6 Council2 :or6er ;ave Cannon has been involved in tryin$ to $et sites for Travellers in outhwar6 and in encoura$in$ $ood ad!issions policies in schools2 Contact with Church of 0n$land schools and with the Ro!an Catholic diocesan chools Co!!ission has been very positive2 Church schools are now tryin$ to do !ore than they were before2 )ll Traveller fa!ilies in outhwar6 live on official sites, which i!proves their status2 The Ro!an Catholic Church provides #asses at Traveller sites, which is very welco!e2 ister Teresa wor6s with Traveller children on preparation for sacra!ents2 42,/35

#rs Joy Thrower The Bicara$e, )shford.in.the.:ater, Ba6ewell, ;erbyshire ;0&( /K?A 3/,28 </228<2 #rs Thrower is an )n$lican who wor6s for ;erbyshsire County Council in the Traveller 0ducation ervice2 he was a founder.!e!ber of the Gypsy %iaison Group, based in Chesterfield2 This was for!ed by the ;iocesan Board for ocial Responsibility and ;erby Race 09uality Council2 The 7ob of Traveller education e!er$ed fro! this because schools did not ta6e account of Traveller culture2 48,/35 Truro ;iocesan Council for ocial Responsibility %iaison 'fficer+ )nne paldin$, Greadow -ouse, %anlivery, Bod!in, Cornwall P%"3 (;-A 3/23< <1"(<(2 Two reports were drawn up by )nne paldin$2 The first was on action ta6en in other dioceses of the Church of 0n$land to support Travellers2 The second was on the needs of Travellers in Cornwall, and was written after consultation with !any other or$anisations2 o!e statistical evidence was obtained with re$ard to eviction procedures and vulnerable $roups, but there is little such evidence available2 The report of the #arch /881 conference hosted by T%) T 4see above5 in Cardiff su$$ests that one of the !any areas of discri!ination a$ainst Travellers is the fact that, whereas police have to !a6e reports after the use of stop and search powers, they do not have to do so after evictin$ Travellers2 )s a result of these reports, the Council a$reed to set up a sub.co!!ittee to loo6 at Traveller issues2 This has been !eetin$ re$ularly since ;ece!ber /8812 It was felt that action of the part of the Council could !ost usefully be ta6en in three areas+ 3' Traveller 4iaison fficer5Community %or6er& There was concern that the County Council had recently abolished the post of Traveller %iaison 'fficer2 The teachers of the Traveller 0ducation Dnit see!ed to be the only people in Cornwall who were specifically concerned with Travellers, althou$h there was involve!ent by other a$encies2 In addition, the Children=s ociety, which was very active in other parts of the outh.:est, was not involved in a pro7ect in Cornwall2 Therefore, an approach has been !ade to the Children=s ociety to see if they could e*tend their wor6 into Cornwall2 25 -iscrimination and Pre7udice& The sub.co!!ittee was aware of the e*tent of pre7udice a$ainst Travellers within and outside the churches2 'ne of the Travellers= teachers had put up a display in her local church on the history of Travellers in the locality, and this had aroused interest2 It was felt that this was a useful !odel2 )nne paldin$ and one of the teachers addressed a deanery chapter and as6ed for the offer of church hall for an evenin$ event to celebrate Traveller culture and crafts2 This event was publicised and reported in the press and on local radio2 :ell over /33 people attended, in !any ?ew Travellers, and there was !usic, dancin$ and crafts for sale2 It was an en, evenin$, but it was reco$nised that Traditional Travellers had not been attracted to the el thou$ht will be $iven as to the best way of establishin$ contact with the!2 8' #ccommodation and Sites& It was reco$nised that the !ost pressin$ need for Travellers is for le$al sites of different %andowners are be$innin$ to worry about whether there will be enou$h Travellers to do 7o flower.pic6in$, and one or two have tried to establish sites on their land but have been stopA plannin$ procedure2 There has also been a case where a landowner unwillin$ly evicted Tra

because the Parish Council told hi! that unless he did so, a plannin$ application would be rc The types of sites re9uired include+ sites on lar$e far!s for itinerant wor6ersA a nu!ber of te!porary sites which would be used as stoppin$ placesA low i!pact develop!ent, possibly o bou$ht by Travellers2 It was felt that the sub.co!!ittee could have a role in discussin$ issue low.i!pact develop!ent with local authorities and in lin6in$ up with %ocal )$enda 2/ $rot could also play a role in approachin$ landowners2 The use of $lebe land has been discussed, @ a first step the sub.co!!ittee is tryin$ to pinpoint land for the :oodland Trainin$ sche!es or$anised by Friends, Fa!ilies and Travellers 4see above52 It is felt that this pro7ect could I part in reducin$ pre7udice a$ainst Travellers2 The sub.co!!ittee has also decided that it is vitally i!portant to wor6 to$ether with or$anisations, includin$ the %ocal )uthority and the police, in !atters of concern2 The diocese has recently ta6en the lead in establishin$ an anti.poverty strate$y in Corn and it is e*pected that the needs of Travellers will be considered as part of this strate$y2 4(, 1, 8 /25 :a6efield ;iocese ocial Responsibility 'ffice Church -ouse, / outh Parade, :a6efield :F / / %P2 The actin$ ocial Responsibility 'fficer is #i6e Croft, t Catherine=s Bicara$e, /(1 )$bri$$ R :a6efield :F/ ()DA 3/82& 2///1,2 #r Croft=s own church, t Catherine=s, andal #a$n :a6efield, wor6s with Gypsies, but #r Croft does not 6now of any other church locally whi4 wor6in$ with the!2 :or6 at t Catherine=s has included+ fairly re$ular contact with !e!bers o GypsyCTraveller co!!unityA developin$ $ood wor6in$ relationships with the >%ife and I #ission> 4a branch of the )sse!blies of God wor6in$ specifically in the Traveller co!!un wor6in$ with 0ducation :elfare 'fficers, especially in the area of Gouth :or6 provision Traveller childrenA providin$ a pre.(s clothin$ service for the co!!unity in $eneral but acce by the Traveller co!!unity2 :or6 with Gypsies at t Catherine=s is reactive rather than proac They e!phasi@e support for those already wor6in$ a!on$ Gypsies and Travellers2 4/, 2, ", 1,// Revd #atilda 4Tilly5 :ilson (/ ?orth Berwic6 Crescent, Greenhills, 0ast Eilbride G1( <TG2 Revd Tilly :ilson is a Traveller and a Church of cotland #inister e!ployed by the ?ati #ission depart!ent of the Church2 he is associate !inister in a settled parish for ei$ht !ond the year and for the re!ainin$ four !onths she travels around cotland in her caravan trail4 #inister to Travellers2 These two !inistries often overlap2 Tilly is the only Church of cot !inister wor6in$ with Travellers2 -er wor6 with Travellers is !ostly of a spiritual and !issio nature but at ti!es she is involved in cases of racial dispute or discri!ination2 For instant Christian headteacher wanted to be able to welco!e Travellin$ children fro! a proposed site ii school=s catch!ent area but parents of children already at the school threatened to withdraw children if Traveller children were allowed in2 Tilly helped resolve this dile!!a2 )nother e*a!ple+ a bi$ fa!ily faced eviction fro! a local authority site, possibly because of a dispute with the warden, thou$h no reason was $iven2 'nce the eviction had happened, the fa!ily would be held to have !ade the!selves intentionally ho!eless and were unable to find other local authority sites in the area2 Tilly herself faces pre7udice because of bein$ a Traveller2 'ne senior local authority official refused to accept that a Traveller could be an ordained !inister, and too6 the line that she was 7ust a Traveller usin$ the !inistry as an e*cuse to !eet with hi!2 Tilly, alon$ with other Travellers, is barred fro! !any pubs and ca!p sites si!ply because of bein$ a Traveller2 Tilly does a lot of spea6in$ to Church $roups and others as a way of brea6in$ down pre7udice and barriers between the two co!!unities2 Church $roups are $enerally supportive

of her wor6, thou$h there are e*ceptions to this+ so!e church people do not want Travellers in churchA so!e also believe that no Traveller could possibly be a co!!unicant !e!ber of the Church2 4/, 2, 8,//5 :iltshire+ ocial Responsibility in :iltshire 4;ioceses of alisbury and Bristol and Churches To$ether in :iltshire5+ Church -ouse, Crane treet, alisbury, :iltshire P / 2KBA 3/122 &//8,,2 ocial Responsibility 'fficer #rs Eathleen Ben Rabha is assistin$ a Gypsy fa!ily in alisbury ;istrict2 The fa!ily owns its own land and has been livin$ on it continually for ei$ht years, in a caravan2 This contravenes the county structural plan for land use, even thou$h the site is very neat and clean and the fa!ily have never $iven anyone cause for co!plaint2 The land is desi$nated as open far! land2 -ence the fa!ily has faced eviction for all that ti!e and le$al proceedin$s have been continuous2 #rs Ben Rabha has been in touch with county plannin$ officers, who eventually a$reed with the fa!ily on a !ove to another site2 The plannin$ officers reco!!ended the !ove to the plannin$ co!!ittee, which nonetheless turned it down because of or$anised local opposition . local residents feared a fall in property prices2 Church involve!ent can still help, however, in #rs Ben Rabha=s view+ Church officers need to build up and !aintain $ood wor6in$ relationships with local $overn!ent officers so that when there is so!e 6ind of crisis they can build on a $ood e*istin$ relationship2 There is also a need to wor6 on public opinion, to reduce pre7udice2 The Churches at national level need to 7oin the increasin$ nu!ber of or$anisations callin$ for chan$es in plannin$ re$ulations to allow Gypsy fa!ilies to ca!p on land that they the!selves own2 The ;iocese of alisbury is also involved in a plan to !a6e $lebe land available for te!porary sites for travellin$ fa!ilies2 Glebe land is church.owned a$ricultural land fro! which local incu!bents used to derive their livin$2 #uch $lebe land has been sold for housin$ or other purposes but !uch still re!ains2 The diocesan property officer is loo6in$ closely at where $lebe land !ay be !ade available for sites2 Particularly pro!isin$ would be s!all patches of unprofitable coppice which the tenant far!er is not wor6in$ and which sChe does not intend to clear2 This would tie in well with a pro7ect proposed by Friends, Fa!ilies and Travellers 4see above5 and which has received lottery fundin$, whereby Travellin$ fa!ilies would !aintain coppices2 Fa!ilies would ca!p at a coppice, wor6 the woodland, then !ove on when the wor6 is done, to wor6 on the ne*t coppice2 This would $ive wor6 to Travellin$ fa!iliesA 6eep woodland in econo!ic productionA !aintain woodland in healthy conditionA encoura$e the retention and plantin$ of coppiced woodlandA and i!prove relationships between settled people and Travellers when settled people can see that travellin$ people are perfor!in$ a service which is useful to ecolo$y and econo!y2 Travellin$ people could also teach coppicin$ s6ills to settled people, earnin$ the respect of the settled population2 'ne proble! with allowin$ $lebe land to be used as sites is that $lebe land is supposed to produce an inco!e2 Richard Trahair of alisbury ;iocesan Property ;ivision 4Church -ouse, Crane treet, alisbury P/ 2KBA 3/122 &//8""5 is investi$atin$ the possibility of housin$ benefit bein$ paid to the Church on behalf of Travellers usin$ $lebe landA this would produce an incoi and !ay satisfy the trustees of $lebe land2 4(, 1, 8,/3,//,/25 :inchester ;iocese+ The Children=s ociety

Jill Guppy, Co!!unity ;evelop!ent :or6er, The Children=s ociety, 2( Church treet, Ro!sey, -a!pshire 3(/ <BTA 3/18& (/,&(,2 #s Guppy wor6ed with Travellers on a desi$nated site near -artley :itney in con7unction with tl 0ducation :elfare 'fficer for Travellers2 They were able to $et a $rant fro! BBC Children i ?eed to provide play e9uip!ent for the site2 This wor6 too6 place fro! January /88& to Januat /88(2 ?o further wor6 has been done since2 4",/35

Conclusion s Findin$s of the tudy It is clear that Church or$anisations and Church !e!bers 4both settled and travellin$5 are involved in !any and varied initiatives in support of Gypsies and Travellers2 The study on which this report is based also revealed, however, how =patchy= the Churches= wor6 is, and how little co.ordinated2 'ften, people involved with wor6 with Gypsies and Travellers are not aware of what others are doin$A so!eti!es this occurs within the sa!e townP The study also confir!ed that there is a very hi$h level of pre7udice a$ainst Gypsies and Travellers within Church con$re$ations, as in society in $eneral2 This can ta6e the for! of open personal hostility, e7ection fro! churches, ca!pai$ns a$ainst stoppin$ sites, ne$ative stereotypin$, or a peculiar for! of outwardly positive stereotypin$ which is then used to attc6 those who do not live up to it+ >I don=t !ind real Gypsies . it=s those others222> 0ven a!on$ Christians clearly co!!itted to racial 7ustice, there can be ne$ative stereotypes of Gypsies and a failure to reco$nise the e*istence of Gypsies as a distinctive People which e*periences discri!ination on the $rounds of race2 ?ew Travellers are often still further !ar$inalised, sufferin$ discri!ination because of their no!adic way of life without the support of le$islation protectin$ the! on the $rounds of ethnicity2 It is evident that !any Christians do not see ?ew Travellers as worthy of their solidarity2 o!e respondents reported that their efforts in support of Gypsies and Travellers were bein$ resisted and even thwarted by hostility not only fro! the settled co!!unity in $eneral but also fro! within Church structures and con$re$ations2 Gypsies and Travellers are not as6in$ for anythin$ !ore than >e9uality of re$ard> with settled people2 uch e9uality of re$ard needs to include respect for people=s freedo! to lead a no!adic way of life2 The Churches are natural allies of Gypsies and Travellers2 Christians often thin6 of the!selves as >pil$ri!s>, people on the move towards a >pro!ised land> offered by God2 Christians loo6 to )braha! as a forefather in faith, wanderin$ throu$h the pro!ised land of Canaan and sufferin$ fro! the ani!osity of the settled people of that land2 Christians aspire to follow Jesus of ?a@areth, who !oved around fro! place to place with >nowhere to lay his head>2 Those who! the Bible portrays as God=s Chosen People, and the on of God -i!self, were Travellers2 u$$estions for the Road )head

) nu!ber of definite su$$estions have been !ade by various persons durin$ the course of this study concernin$ what Churches in Britain and Ireland !i$ht !ost usefully do in support of Gypsies and Travellers2 /2 There could be a net"or6 of Church or$anisations and individuals involved in wor6 with Gypsies and Travellers2 This would enable those Church !e!bers involved to find help and support when they need it2 22 ) ;irectory of Traveller.Friendly churches and Church or$anisations would be helpful for Gypsies and Travellers the!selves, especially when loo6in$ for stoppin$ sites, advocacy, or !ediation2 "2 )t national level, the Churches could be involved with other or$anisations in the developin$ >platfor!> for refor! of the law concernin$ Travellin$ People, especially the plannin$ laws which affect site availability2 4This process is bein$ co.ordinated by Telephone %e$al )dvice ervice for Travellers with the involve!ent of the Co!!ission for Racial 09uality52 &2 )t a local level, church con$re$ations and !inisters could very helpfully involve the!selves in !ediation between Travellin$ People and the settled co!!unity . perhaps in con7unction with Gypsy %iaison 'fficers fro! the %ocal )uthority2 (2 Throu$h production and distribution of educational !aterials, throu$h church.based local wor6shops and other events, and throu$h public state!ents of support for Gyspies and Travellers by pro!inent Church leaders, the Churches could wor6 towards reduction of pre7udice a$ainst Gypsies and Travellers2 This could include disse!ination of accurate infor!ation about 4/5 Gypsy history and culture, 425 the reality of the worsenin$, pre. $enocidal situation in Central and 0astern 0urope, and 4"5 the Churches= own teachin$s on respect for Gypsies and Travellers2 ,2 Churches which own suitable land could investi$ate ways of !a6in$ land available as stoppin$ sites for Gypsies and Travellers2 12 Those Church schools which have not already done so could develop sensitive and fle*ible ad!issions policies re$ardin$ Gypsy and Traveller children and wor6 to ensure a supportive environ!ent within the school, which would involve tac6lin$ bullyin$ and ne$ative stereotypin$ of Gypsy and Traveller children2 <2 Churches could bear in !ind the potential i!pact on Gypsies, Travellers and other !ar$inalised people of decisions in all areas of policy.!a6in$2 82 ?on.Gypsy Churches could try to wor6 !ore closely with Gypsy Churches and do !ore to welco!e Gypsy Churches into ecu!enical structures2 /32 The Churches nationally could establish so!e 6ind of ecu!enical wor6in$ $roup, involvin$ appropriate Church officers and a$encies, to encoura$e and enable the Churches to address these issues effectively2

#ppendi$% organisations and individuals contacted for information

'r$anisations and individuals who responded are !ar6ed with an asteris62 o!e of these did not 6now of any we bein$ done by the Churches with Gypsies and Travellers in their area2 )ll those which did 6now of wor6 bein$ do are $iven a listin$ in the section Responses fro! 'r$anisations and Individuals Contacted durin$ this tudy2 Church 'r$anisationsCIndividuals Q )rthur Ran6 CentreCChurches Rural Group, Bir!in$ha! )sse!blies of God in Great Britain and Ireland Q )sylu! ee6ers upport Group, ;eal Q )sylu! ee6ers upport Group, ;over Q 0li@abeth Bailey, Kua6er, 'ldha!

Baptist Re$ional )ssociations in 0n$land and :ales 4all5A responses received fro!+ Q Ber6shire Baptist )ssociation Q Ca!brid$eshire Baptist )ssociation Q ;evon and Cornwall Baptist )ssociation Q %ondon Baptist )ssociation Q ?orth ;owns Baptist )ssociation Q uffol6 Baptist )ssociation Baptist Dnion of :ales Q Catholic )$ency for ocial Concerns Q Catholic Bishops= Co!!ission for Justice and Peace, ;ublin Q Catholic Bishops= Conference of 0n$land and :ales . Co!!ittee for Co!!unity Relations Q Catholic Bishops= Justice and Peace Co!!ission, cotland Q Catholic Children=s ociety, :est!inster )rchdiocese Q Catholic ?ational %iaison Co!!ittee of ;iocesan Justice and Peace Groups 40n$land and :ales5 Catholic ;iocesan Justice and Peace 'ffices in 0n$land and :ales 4all5A responses received fro!+ Q ?ottin$ha! ;iocese Q The Children=s ociety Christians )ware Re$ional Co.ordinators 4all5 Q Christian 'utreach to Travellers Church of 0n$land ;iocesan Boards for ocial Responsibility 4all5A responses received fro!+ Q Canterbury and Rochester Q Carlisle Q Chester Q Chichester Q Coventry+ social responsibility wor6 in this diocese is conducted ecu!enically in association wi :arwic6shire 0cu!enical Council Q 0*eter Q Glouc ester Q Guildf ord Q %ichfi eld Q %iver pool Q #anche ster Q ?ewcas tle Q ?orwic h Q '*ford Q Ports!o uth Q t )lban=s Q alisbury+ social responsibility wor6 in this diocese is conducted ecu!enically in association with Church To$ether in ;orset and Churches To$ether in :iltshire2 Q heffield

Q :inchester Q Church of cotland Q Church in :ales Board of #ission Q Church in :ales+ %landaff ;iocese ocial Responsibility 'ffice Q Churches Council for Industry and ocial Responsibility 4I R5, Bristol Q Churches ?ational -ousin$ Coalition Q Conference of Reli$ious of Ireland Q Crosscare 4;ublin )rchdiocese ocial ervices5 Q Fr 0lton ;aly, Catholic Chaplain to Gypsies and Travellers in 0n$land and :ales Q ;arvell Bruderhof, Robertsbrid$e, 0ast usse* Q 0ast )n$lia 0cu!enical Racis! )wareness Pro7ect 40)R)P5 Q 0piscopal Church of cotland Q 0van$elical )lliance Q r Pat Feehan, ;erby Fellowship of Churches of Christ Q Gypsies for Christ travellin$ with the Ro!ani Gospel :a$on Gypsy and Traveller 0van$elical #ove!ent Q Revd #i6e -ens!an, DRC Chaplain, -i$hdown Prison -ope ?ow International #inistries Q Fr )ndrew -osie, Catholic Chaplain to Gypsies and Travellers in cotland Q Revd Terry -urst, Ro!ani Gyspy Preacher and 0van$elist, -i$h :yco!be Independent #ethodist Churches %i$ht and %ife 4Ro!ani5 . God=s 'wn Gypsy Church Q %i$htin$ Fires Q Revd Balde!ar Ealinin Revd C J %ywood, #atfield, Eent Q Bernard #ends, :estcliff.on. ea Q #ethodist Church Racial Justice Co!!ittee Q #inistry to Travellers in cotland The #oravian Church Q Revd Peter ?orton, )ppleby, Cu!bria Q 'ne :orld :ee6 Q Parish of the Travellin$ People, ;ublin Q Revd John Pescod, Fro!e, o!erset Q Revd )ndrew Pu$h, DRC Chaplain to Travellin$ People, Bristol Q Kua6er ocial Responsibility and 0ducation Q alvation )r!y Belfast Q alvation )r!y Captain #rs Joan #ends 4retired5 Q alvation )r!y %ea!in$ton pa Corps Q alvation )r!y Territorial -ead9uarters, %ondon Q cottish Churches )$ency for Racial Justice 4 C)RJ5 Q r Gabriel Ryan, %ondon ?:2 Jenny !ith 4Kua6er5 Bristol Q Joy Thrower, Ba6ewell, ;erbyshire Dnion of :elsh Independents Q Dnited Refor!ed Church, Church and ociety Co!!ittee Q Revd #atilda :ilson, Church of cotland Chaplain to Travellin$ People 'thers Q ;r Tho!as )cton, Professor of Ro!ani tudies, Dniversity of Greenwich Q )dvisory Council for the 0ducation of Ro!ani and other Travellers 4)C0RT5 )ssociation of Fieldwor6ers in Traveller 0ducation

Barnardos Properties and Facilities #ana$e!ent Bolton 0ducation ervice for Travellers Brid$e -ousin$ )ssociation, %ondon Bro!ley Gypsy Traveller Co!!unity Pro7ect Buc6s GypsyCTraveller Pro7ect Cardiff Gypsy ites Group C-)R Cleveland Centre for Traveller 0ducation ;erbyshire %iaison Group Q ;evon Traveller 0ducation ervice Q 0alin$ Travellers Pro7ect Q 0ast )n$lian Gypsy Council 0sse* Gypsy -erita$e Centre Q Friends, Fa!ilies and Travellers Gloucester Traveller 0ducation ervice Gypsy and Travellers 0ducation Council, heffield Q Gypsy Council for 0ducation, Culture, :elfare and Civil Ri$hts Gypsy Council Trust Q -erefordshire Co!!unity -ealth Trust Q -ereford Travellers upport Group -ounslow Traveller upport Tea! ;r ;onald Eenric6 %abour Ca!pai$n for Travellers= Ri$hts The %and Is 'urs %eicester Travellers= Trainin$ Pro7ect %incolnshire Traveller 0ducation ervice Q %ondon Gypsy and Traveller Dnit Q #cGrath and Co2, solicitors, Bir!in$ha! #ediation DE, Bristol Q#ilton Eeynes Traveller 0ducation ervice #inority Ri$hts Group Q ?ational )ssociation of Gypsy :o!en ?ational )ssociation of -ealth :or6ers with Travellers Q ?ational )ssociation of Teachers of Travellers cCo 0sse* Traveller 0ducation ervice Q ?ational Council for Boluntary 'r$anisations Rural )nti.Racis! Pro7ect Q ?ational Gypsy Council ?ational Ro!ani Ri$hts )ssociation Q ?orfol6 Traveller 0ducation ervice+ Travellers= Resource Base ?orth Country Travellers= )ssociation ?orthern Gypsy Council Q Pavee Point, ;ublin Ro!ani Guild Ro!ani Ri$hts )ssociation Q Rural ;evelop!ent Co!!ission, Bury t 0d!und=s Rural ;evelop!ent Co!!ission, %ondon t ;avid=s Gypsy chool, Cardiff Q ave the Children Fund ave the Children Partnership Pro7ect, :olverha!pton Q ave the Children Fund in cotland Q cottish Gypsy Traveller )ssociation cottish Traveller 0ducation Pro7ect Q heffield Gypsy and Travellers upport Group Q o!erset County Council Q outh o!erset ;istrict Council Q outhwar6 Traveller 0ducation Pro7ect Q Telephone %e$al )dvice ervice for Travellers Traveller 0ducation upport Traveller Tea!, 'ne top hop, %ondon ?< Travellers= chool Charity :ellin$borou$h Traveller 0ducation ervice Gor6 Travellers= Pro7ect