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K C Saksena & Venus in PurvaBhadrapada

By Saptarishis Astrology

he Late astrologer K C Saksena, who was well known for possessing some secrets of Bhrighu astrology wrote only one book in his life titled Venus In Astrology, this was the result of 30 years of taking notes on just one planet Venus. Only true scholars have appreciated this magnum opus work and unfortunately not a single astrology writer has been able to replicate the success of this book to creating such Magnum opus on other planets inspite of so many Organizations and Schools in astrology. The need of the hour is to create individual books on each planets, houses and signs to enlighten the students further. It has to be done by a great predictor, well travelled and very well read man like K C Saksena as he was all three combined. On Page 91 Chapter 7 titled Venus in Various Constellations he writes that Venus in PoorvaBhadrapada gives the following results He is a philosopher and poet. He is witty and may become known for his humorous writings. Before we test this on several charts lets see the common sense approach which is the need of the hour.

Common Sense Approach

a) This kind of verse looks like it has been taken probably from a Rishis book or an ancient authority or a rare astrologer, Saksena ji has not given the source for this statement though at various parts of the book he has quoted many rare classics some of them not found today making his work a must read before you die. b) It is obvious that all who are born with Venus in PoorvaBhadrapada will not become a poet or a humorous writer or a philosopher but why do authors or Rishi presents such statements in their work, if you get the answer to this you would be the chosen few who do not follow double dichotomous attitude of criticizing every article of any modern author yet praising works of Rishis. This double standard and hypocrisy will stop and your heart chakra will open out more thereby enabling more knowledge to come in. In all our travels in India we have found only 2-3 who have been able to unravel this very simple query.

c) Understand that each statement by a Rishi or Ancient Writer which looks like a dictum is only a Clue, a Hint, a Building Block to make you piece together several such clues and blocks and come to a conclusion after taking into account several parameters. This ancient or modern writer will not emphasize on the Clue Gathering Attitude as he expects everyone to have learnt this attitude from a Guru. Think why did the Rishi or Ancient Writer not do statistical testing or present his technique via statistical presentation, was he incapable of that, did he not have 30 charts in his possession after so many years of existence. Was he not afraid of critics? Did you ever notice one ancient writer ever criticizing the technique of another writer in his writings? Did they have more good manners than our modern writers or did they come from better family background than the present authors/forum writers/facebook astrologers? d) The last 100 years of Astro journalism has seen a particular fanatic mode of scientific testing, which has ruined astrology. For e.g. if the above rule of Venus in Poorvabhadrapada is seen in few charts of poets, then what has happened in the last 100 years is that all astrologers after reading such a statement or article, have taken the charts of All The Poets In The Word and seen if Venus is in P.Bhadra and if they found it only in 2 charts and not in other charts of poets they concluded that the technique/article is bogus or not working. This method of thinking has ruined astrology; we have never seen a true predictor ever use such kind of attitude to learn astrology. What is to be understood that the Rishis gave several combinations and parameters for each aspect of life like poverty, wealth. The Rishi did not give just one parameter knowing full well the Law of Building Blocks & Supreme Creativity of the Creator. The student would take one technique come to one small conclusion (Block) and then when he sees several such clues that point to one direction, only then he would piece together all the Blocks, Build it and Predict finally.

The reason the above Common Sense Approach has been written is since we have seen stalwarts in astrology not use the Common Sense Approach. Learnt this from the Late C S Patel ji so must acknowledge him here. So what you do is after you see this technique working on the below 10 odd charts, just keep it in your memory that the next time you see Venus in Poorvabhadrapada, see if there are other combinations in the chart for poet, humorous writing, philosopher, does the dasa sequence in life support it and then come to a conclusion. Also remember that there would be other results apart from the ones mentioned by Saksena ji for Venus in poorvabhadrapada. If you do not have a copy of this book Venus in Astrology, go to your nearest book shop and buy one, as this is the only work of Saksena ji left, since unfortunately those astrologers who knew him in Delhi, have not revealed the secrets they learnt from him. This happens in every city/village of

India, sharing is the biggest sin as per our Gurus and Shastras but we love to read what others have shared, this is our double dichotomy. One old man summed it up and blamed it to human nature, saying that astrologers are like ordinary men, they do not want to exhibit their wives beauty but love to see beauty of other mens wives.


b) c) d)

enus in PoorvaBhadrapada gives the following results He is a philosopher and poet. He is witty and may become known for his humorous writings.


a) Venus is a planet of beauty and art & represents bringing things to the forefront as it rules Libra Poorvabhadrapada is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of wisdom and philosophy Poorvabhadrapada comes 75% in Aquarius and 25% in Pisces, one final earthy & kama sign and other final watery & moksha sign, giving it a blend of great combination of grounding and ether element. Saturn brings some amount of deeper understanding into the miseries of life and also melancholy element. But Rahu the planet of mystery will come more stronger as the co-lord of Aquarius. Our limited observation has been that this Venus in P.Bhadrapada can sometimes be found in esoteric/metaphysics or religious writers or in the case of astrologers/occultists some very important planet would be in this nakshatra like that of Late C S Patels Jupiter in the 8H in Poorvabhadrapada and he brought out some rare gems out in public. Readers are requested to see the end of this article for results of each pada of P.Bhadrapada from ancient tamil palm leaves.

Part A Poets, Writers, Humorists

Chart 1: Pasolini, Pier Paolo

Venus is in P.Bhadrapada in Gemini navamsa. He was a poet as conformed to what K C Saksena wrote. This is what ADB says:Italian actor and director of radical films, best known for controversial films about people in conflict with the mainstream society. A virtual Renaissance man who was " poet, novelist, scholar, film critic and theorist, reforming zealot and creator of large scaled visual spectaculars. Poetic and literate, a Marxist yet bourgeois in his efforts to be socially correct, he died under circumstances as perverted as those seen in some of his films.

Chart 2: Angelou, Maya

Venus is in P.Bhadrapada & in D9 it is in 3h of writing and singing in Gemini navamsa with 3 more planets, making her capable of many talents. American performing artist and prolific writer, a poet and autobiographer, author of over 12 best-selling books, and much-loved American sage. Her friendship with Oprah Winfrey and her appearances on the popular Oprah Winfrey daytime TV show have brought her face and her spirit into the American home She won a Grammy in 2003 for Best Spoken Word Album for her recording of her book A Song Flung Up to Heaven and that same year participated in a production of a gospel music CD.

Chart 3: Duncan, Lois Venus is in P.Bhadrapada in Gemini Navamsa and the navamsa dispositor of Venus who is Mercury is in the 3H of writing in Navamsa.

American writer, magazine photographer and instructor in the department of journalism at the University of New Mexico 1971-'82. The winner of many awards, she is a lecturer at writer's conferences. Prolific, she wrote under her own name and under the pen name of Lois Kerry, children, youth and juvenile novels, mystery, suspense and the supernatural, and poetry, with over 500 articles and stories to periodicals. Her work included "I Know What You Did Last Summer," 1973, later made into a film.

Chart 4: Worden, Alfred

Venus is in PoorvaBhadrapada in Cancer Navamsa in the 3H of writing in D9. Note the symbology of Cancer 4H-Earth & lord is Moon and note the titles of his book.

American astronaut, selected by NASA in April 1966. He served as command module pilot on the fourth manned lunar landing mission. His experiences in space prompted him to write a book of poetry titled "Hello Earth: Greetings from Endeavor," 1974 and a childrens book called "I Want to Know About a Flight to the Moon," 1974.

Chart 5: Bombeck, Erma

Venus is PoorvaBhadrapada in Cancer Navamsa in 7H in D9, note apart from being a humorist confirming to Saksenas view, see what she wrote on. American journalist and humorist, the author of 11 books and a column read by millions in 700 cities. Her books include "The Grass is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank," "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits?" and "A Marriage Made in Heaven... Or Too Tired For An Affair." A newspaper reporter before she quit work to care for a husband and three kids, she began writing a humor column in 1964 and was syndicated the following year. With a mischievous smile and an exuberance of spirit, Bombeck knew that she wanted to be a humor writer from the age of 14. Chart 6: Bertolucci, Bernardo

Venus is in PoorvaBhadra in Taurus Navamsa the sign of eyes, owned by Venus, so it becomes a double Venus, aspected by Mars the 3L of Navamsa in D9. Apart from a movie director he was also a poet. Italian director, one of the most accomplished of his generation. A poet as a child, he was published before he was 12. His passion for film began in his teens, and he dropped out of college in 1961 to become Pasolini's assistant director. The following year, he directed his first film, "The Grim Reaper." He had two outstanding films in the '70s, "The Spider's Stratagem" and "The Conformist." His "Last Tango in Paris," 1972, was deemed both obscene and an erotic masterpiece. On 4/11/1988, he won the Best Director Oscar for "The Last Emperor," a film that swept up awards in nine categories. The $23.8 million epic was shot in China from 1984-1987 with a crew of 100 from Italy, 20 from England and 150 Chinese. There were 60 actors from six countries and 19,000 extras. There were 30 or more interpreters working at all times as they shot inside Beijing's Forbidden City. The film was released in November 1987.

Chart 7: Bee, Jaymz Venus is in Poorva Bhadrapada in Taurus Navamsa, the sign of voice, apart from being a singer he also authored a humor book. Canadian singer and leader of "The Look People" who sold approximately 10,000 albums. They performed as the house band of the TV Ralph Benmergui Show. In his solo career he did parodies of lounge music with the Royal Jelly Orchestra. Bee is the author of a humor book, "Cocktails for Dummies."

Chart 8: Vigny, Alfred de

Venus is in PoorvaBhadrapada in watery navamsa of cancer. In Rasi and Navamsa it is aspected by Saturn from the 9h and as the 9L in D9 French romantic poet, one of the most thoughtful and philosophical of the romantic writers. He is noted for his plays and a diary, "Journal D'Un Poete," 1867. Vigny's best poems were published posthumously in a volume entitled, "Poemes Antique Et Modernes," 1882. Chart 9: Bataille, Henri Felix Venus is in P.Bhadra in Taurus Navamsa aspected by creative Moon in D9. French poet, dramatist and painter. He was attracted to painting as a youth and entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1890, but, essentially a romantic, he soon turned to writing verse and drama.

Part B Esoterics, Occultists, Metaphysics

Chart 10: Shirley MacLaine Hollywood Actress & Spiritualist

There is a particular book of hers titled The Camino: A Journey Of The Spirit, ohh what a book that is, you would fall in love with it, a must read, if you want to understand soul secrets, it is superbly written and no doubt she is such a best seller. The most striking combination in her chart is Venus Saturn (see the note below) in 6H & Sun Mars in 8H, these 4 influencing her debilitated Mercury. Her Venus Saturn can be badly judged with the open marriage and affairs she had but thats what pseudo astrologers of India would do, you have to read Chandra Kala Nadi, Page 220 and understand deeper spiritual meaning of Venus Saturn combo. Venus is in Poorvabhadra associated with Saturn in D1, D9 and D60 where this Venus is exalted. Venus is the 9L in the 6H of pending karma with a spiritual planet

Saturn who is the 6L. Many a times it has been seen that 6L in the 9H or vice versa often takes one into some form of the mystic or interest in mystical/ancient sciences. American dancer, actress, writer and metaphysician. She has won the Oscar for best actress along with many other awards. She also has nine best-selling books, all by the year 2000. An excellent dramatic actress, comedienne and dancer, she turned to writing while waiting around on movie sets. Her first book, "Don't Fall Off The Mountain" was published in 1982, followed by "Out On A Limb," published May 1983 and spending 15 weeks on the best seller list. From the time she wrote her first book, Shirley was the butt of much teasing for her belief in reincarnation and metaphysical views. Shirley first felt that she had lived before at age seven with a moment of insight. In her 20's she went to India, already convinced of reincarnation and sharing past-life experiences with people. Venus Saturn Combinations

n order to remove this enigma of Venus Saturn conjunctions and the straight off half truth1 about this conjunction we must intercede in this article and create a small monologue on it.

When we learn astrology if our knowledge is limited to only articles/ lectures via our teachers/ gurus then we are totally dependent on how far the teacher or writer of that article has gone. Unfortunately 99% of astro students read only what modern writers have written and do not venture into published classics of astrology and hardly 100 might hunt deeply into the unpublished classics. Most think that Venus Saturn conjunction often gives a homosexual tendency. This might be true in the case of Arnold or it might not be true. This scribe lists down the few results any of which can manifest depending on the Asc and the influence of other planets. Some of the results are from classics, some from old authors and some of this scribes experience a) Saturn signifies people from low income group who are especially doing manual work like labourers, maids. At the same time Saturn signifies elderly people and most important if the combination associates with a More Karmic house then woman/man from a very Dramatic Past life. So Venus Saturn combo can indicate relations with maids, servants (see chart of Arnold Schwarzeneger and his affair with the housekeeper) or people from low income groups doing manual work, it can also indicate relations with elderly lot and at times if it happens in the 6H, 8H, 12H it can indicate relations with

Real secrets of Yogas and conjunctions have never come out, each combination has a positive and negative side. E.g for thousands of years we believe Gajakeshari Yoga or an Exalted Jupiter or a planet aspecting its own house to be giving good results but this is only half truth and most misleading but then real astrology has never come out, powers in Metro Cities like Delhi and Bombay see to it good astrologers never come out. - SA

someone from very dramatic past lives where the karma is pending and might cause hurt or create a story akin to Bridges Of Madison County.2 b) If this Venus Saturn combo in the (6/8/12H or associated with their lords) gets the association of a 3rd powerful planet then it gives result of an Immortal Casablanca, a triangle love story. Sometimes the combination is simple like Saturn Venus together in 12H aspected by 6L of pending karma Mars and sometimes you have to use it with intelligence like in the case of Marilyn Monroe and see the triangles play out creatively and not just the text book rule. See chart of the lovely yesteryears actress Ingrid Bergman, then read point (g) below and co-relate her personal life triangle with Roberto Rossellini and also the triangle in the greatest movie ever made Casablanca which even after decades makes everyone cry. Similarly see the chart of her co-star Humphrey Bogart and see the play of Saturn Venus and Saturn Mars Venus in D1, D9 and D60 and you would see why he was Gods chosen one for Casablanca and why no one else could do it with that coldness (Saturn) and nostalgia melancholy combination (Saturn). c) Ven-Saturn can show perversion in sexual activities. It can also show perversion or heightened sex especially mental sexual thoughts for a Gemini Asc like that of Arnold. d) If this Venus Saturn combines in the 12H with aspect of Mars then ancient palm leaves (nadi) says that this native will have curse of spouse from a previous life and at the 3 same time blessings of a Goddess somehow this scribe has been able to test it on the chart of a very close friend and found it working to the T including the hint of the blessing part. e) Chandra Kala Nadi an ancient book quotes at several places another ancient book titled Vriddha Parasaryam stating that this Venus Saturn combination will cause a liking for saints. One will perform penance and will reach the heavens after discarding his mortal coil. ref Chandra Kala Nadi (Deva Keralam), Page 220 Verse 4964. Understand the basic meaning behind this verse and see the chart of the Hollywood actress Shirley Maclaine and her achievements in understanding true spirituality. f) Saturn Venus opposition or trines can create high sex and at times scandalous, like in the case of Marilyn Monroe, Tiger Woods, Madonna and in case of Nehru Saturns
Infact at times we have found that actors who play strong roles in epic romantic sagas also have astro combinations which get reflected in their screen roles. You can see how Clint Eastwoods Saturn Venus plays out in D1, D9 & D60. 2


This rule was published in an article titled Secrets from Nadi Leaves in 90s, around that time in Star Teller magazine, Chennai. Trying to recollect from memory the aspect of Mars must not have been mentioned. - SA

aspect on Venus from 2H creating and the same in case of a famous Spiritualist who was accused and proved in US court to have fathered a child and in case of JFK Saturn Venus conjunct in the 12H of sex in the 9th harmonic. g) It has been found that at times even Saturns sextiles, 3 rd aspect to Venus, can create a form of sex scandal or a minor sex scandal depending on the strength of the planets. Any form of Saturn Venus association can also give cheating issues, especially if Rahu comes into play. In the case of Hillary Clinton one can find it working in the 9th Harmonic (D-9) which Indians use it for marriage issues. In the case of her husband Bill Clinton it works in the main chart and also in the 9th harmonic with the 10th aspect of Saturn. Obviously the 10th, trine aspect cannot be ruled out, no doubt this brings in more parameters but only if we knew how many marriages are faithful we can make a true judgement of this technique. h) Sage Pullipani in Pullipani Jothidam says If Venus and Saturn join together wife will be disobedient (wife who will not give him respect.) i) Another classic Saravali says Venus and Saturn together Marriage may be delayed wife will be disobedient and uncontrollable4 Government officer or employee favour from Government officer Artist finance related job trader in timber Puthira (Bad Effects in area of Children) Dosham not affected by success or adversity. j) One old village astrologer from Maharashtra, India told us that this can also be a combination for man/woman allowing their spouses to have open marriage or allow spouse to do it with others. k) If Saturn is in the fixed star Algol in this Saturn Venus conjunction and the house or lordship associates with some limb of the body then it can create possibility of physical disability. This was seen in charts of Vietnam veterans who lost their limbs in the Vietnam War. Late K C Saksena in his book Venus in Astrology l) If a weak or afflicted or ill placed Saturn aspects or in association with an ill placed, afflicted Venus, the native will taste the bitter fruits of kemudruma yoga (poverty combination). We have seen a chart where both Venus Saturn affliction and Kemudruma yoga is present and the native has poverty issues in life.

4 Found this working very well on many charts - SA 5 Algol is one of the most dreaded fixed stars. - SA

m) Venus Saturn combo definitely meets with some kind of misfortune in life. n) This has also worked in few charts according to Brihat Jataka conjunction of Venus and Saturn indicate that the native is Alpoechaksha (a man with small eyes) o) Late Saksena says Ven-Sat conjunction may probably give an impression that it only indicates a life of disappointment, frustration, responsibilities and sacrifice. In fact this is not true and in a number of horoscopes of most successful natives this conjunction raises the native to a high position provided he is under one of the six signs Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius (basically signs of Venus, Mer and Saturn). He then goes on to describe results of this conjunction in all 12 houses. Readers would find some rare results mentioned by him in regard to this conjunction in his book as he has devoted several pages to Venus-Sat conj. Chart 11: Adamski, George

Venus is in PoorvaBhadrapada along with the 3L of travelling/flying. Polish-American author of "Flying Saucers Have Landed" and "Inside the Space Ships." He became a pioneer and cult leader of the UFO culture with his claim that he met and conversed with a citizen from Venus on 11/20/1952, 1:00 AM, Indigo, AZ. Chart 12: Cannon, Delores

American hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist, author and lecturer. She states that she contacted Nostradamus through one of her subjects and wrote a book of his interpretations of the quatrains, with radical earth changes that included maps. Cannon also writes material that she says comes from Jesus and other people from out of history whom she claims come to her from the past lives of patients. Conclusion

n Part B, in total there are 8 cases where esoteric/mystic writing has come out. Many of them are not listed. Readers can access astrodatabank.com and check the charts of Abd-Ru-Shin, Keyes Ken, Leadbeater Charles, Oken Alan & Dr. Elaine Pagels. After finishing this article, it was posted to our Respected Associate Editor Shri Yenbeeyes. These were his comments
Dear Sir, I went through the article KC Saxena & Venus in Purvabhadrapada. I must definitely appreciate the efforts you have put in behind this article. Incidentally I have a Tamil book on Nakshatras (Mr Yenbeeyes has already sent an article on Krittika Nak in 2010 from this rare work which would be published soon this year) in which for each planet some results are given pada-wise which is based on its position in Navamsa. Dr. Pulippani Sundara Varadachariar who has published in Tamil three volumes titled as Natchathira Chinthamani published by Saraswathi Mahal Library. There are certain leaves (Commonly called as Suvadi in Tamil) available in Saraswathi Mahal Libr ary situated in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. My write up on Krittika nakshatra is based on those leaves only. I have found reference to Nakshatra in the following leaves: 1. Marana Kandikai (Ref. No. 1500) 2. Natchathira Soodamani (Ref. No. 850)

3. Natchathira Malai (Ref. No. 722) 4. Natchathira Pada Palan (Ref. No. N.K.R.) 5. Natchathira Nigandu (Ref. No. 888) So I referred that book after reading this article. For Purvabhadrapada the following are found there. Pada 1 - Aries Navamsa - Here it is taken like this - Venus-Saturn-Jupiter-Mars - Venus is the planet we are considering; Saturn is the house lord in Rasi chart where Venus is place; Jupiter is the Nakshatra Lord and Mars is the Navamsa Lord. Since none of them are enemies the results will be good. Such a person will be learned, will be affectionate to his parents. He may be engaged in research activities. He will be undertaking frequent travels to distant and foreign places. He may even settle down in a foreign country. Pada 2 - Taurus Navamsa - Venus-Saturn-Jupiter-Venus - Best position for Venus in Aquarius. He will be a poet or a singer and will be well versed in different kinds of arts. He will be affected by skin diseases, dropsy or dental problems. Pada 3 - Gemini Navamsa - Venus-Saturn-Jupiter-Mercury. Native may be a social worker. He may be an architect or an interior decorator. He may also do business in skins and hydes or may be engaged in the processing of them. Pada -4 - Cancer Navamsa - In this case the Navamsa position is not good for Venus. The combination is VenusJupiter-Jupiter-Moon. He will always be thinking of his wife. He expects his wife to be well educated and should be equal to him. He may be a doctor also.
When I compared this with the charts above I find Charts 1, 2, 3 - Venus is in 3rd pada; For Charts 4, 5, 8 - it is in 4th pada; For charts 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12- it is in 2nd pada. So majority of the charts are in the 2nd pada which as per the Tamil book they are poets/writers etc. For others it is quite possible some other combinations/aspects etc must also be responsible. Just like this it is given for all the 108 padas. This is just for your information. Regards Yenbeeyes