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The United Nations Watchmen Program

42 billion Dollars will be donated to The United Nations annually. Our Watchmen Program will establish a Renewable Energy Facilities Industry throughout the City, State, and Nation. And branching over seas building this New Economical and Ecological Program providing New Jobs & Revenue throughout the Global Community. Please Review The video presentation called The Watchmen Program, all detailed within the Book Reconciling Us or Revolution. http://watchmanproposal.blogspot.com Chuck Thompson Author & Director of Worldemergency.com 626 243 8200 Chuck@worldemergency.com The Land Rover Presidential Proposal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWRkgK_VhyY


The Land Rover Presidential Proposal

Blessing His Legacy & the Nations Greatness

Erasing all Budget Deficits

The Homeless Man Economic, Ecological Plan: Allow a former Millionaire to bring the Nation & Myself back from the brink
Video Presentation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWRkgK_VhyY

By Author Chuck Thompson Director of Worldemergency.com 626 243 8200 chuck@worldemergency.com www.worldemergency.com

A Global Solution

Trillion Dollar Man Plan Pays all Health Care Act Cost Two Trillion in Ten Years
Establish by the Watchmenprogram.com

Zero New Taxes Needed Ten Thousand Physical Health Exchange Centers Generates Two Trillion in New Revenue, funding all Health Care Act Cost Portable Renewable Green Energy Facilities, will Generate a Green Industry throughout the Nation Economically & Ecologically Communication Centers will include Local and Federal outlet offices For Police, Fire Dept, Search & Rescue Teams, FEMA, CDC, USDA, and the Department of Energy and Yes a Post Office.
By Worldemergency.com Director & Author Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200 Chuck@worldemergency.com Wewatchgov.com

#2 The Answer to all Economical & Ecological Problems Is the Watchmen Program Solution

The Countries three areas of National focus A. Balance Budget. B. Immigration Reform. C. Farm Bill

The Watchmen Program is much BIGGER than that #1 Will- Better protect the nation; from Terrorist Attacks from the inside out. #2 Will- Nationwide create millions of Jobs for Citizens within; and Military personnel coming home. #3 Will- Generate billions of New Revenue for the Federal & Local Government to reconcile their books. #4 Will- Establish a Green Facilities Industry building Homes, Schools, Medical units & portable farms #5 Will- Build a universal vehicle for Educating New Entrepreneurs & Training Emergency Responders. #6 Will- Help reign in rouge Rulers; working with our allies defusing Threats of War & Terrorism. #7 Will- Give generous help to Refugees displaced from their homes globally.
Please contact me 626 243 8200 chuck@worldemergency.com www.worldemergencyradio.com Thanks CLICK VIDEO PRESENTATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK3-0HOFsxU


Chuck@worldemergency 624 243 8200 Video Presentation

Time to Hire Chuck Thompson a Better Crisis Solver than Olivia Pope and Jack Bauer; moreover I am for real, not Memorex.

#4 The Watchmen Program Winning Election Economic Proposal Special Interest Resistant Proof
Over a Quarter of the Entire State Budget will be Generated Annually

How to Provide Millions of Jobs and Billions in New Revenue without Legislation Frustration
Solving the Budget, Border Crisis, Police, Fire Dept, Education Protection & Funding Universities
Answer to Illegal Border States Activity. Providing Living Wage Jobs for Citizens where they Live there they will stay and those who fled will return . The Watchmen Program Provides the Solution for the Cities Crisis, also Solves the State & the Nation; Serving as Example for the Global Community. Video Link HTTP://YOUTU.BE/BZXAA74HIQS

Winning a Nation: An Economic Immigration Jobs & Revenue Plan



The billions in disaster aid needed from Declared Disaster Areas, and re-building stronger infrastructures can be accomplished. Moreover because of increased national violence, Mental Illness and other social awareness education must be increased; alone with counseling facilities provided throughout our Cities and fully funded. Many disasters to come will be funded by setting up Emergency Economic Job Training Communication Centers throughout the entire union. Nationwid e a trillion dollars in new revenue will be generated along with million s of new jobs throughout the country serving as an example of SUSTAINABLE RENEWABLE ENERGY for the Global Community.

The Building of Portable Emergency Economic Job Training and Information Centers where corporations throughout our country and internationa lly will sponsor will build the funding for future disasters. It is the economical, ecological, educational system the nation needs, to protect the count ry and provide a new jobs and revenue fence around Sequester Fiscal Cliff.

A new facilities industry will be established; providing New Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical units, Portable Farms & Education Counseling Centers. Beneficial information will help prevent, many national crises. The renewable blessing of this proposal is No Foreign Borrowin g, No New Taxes, No New Spending plan and No vital service cutting. New working and living spaces fueled on renewable energy will help wean old facilities off the grid. An ecological building system will be implemented as way of economic life.

The Watchmen Program Communicating Job Centers is the solution to revive cities from bankruptcy and pull other cities back from the cliff of bankruptcy. This economic system will be an ecological vehicle for cleaner, greener facilities nationwide. Every state in the union will generate billions in revenue to reconcile their books and the federal government a trillion annually to pay down the debt. One last superpower success story will be achieved economically, ecologically, and educationally. The international community will benefit.


Solving Privacy Concerns from Citizens with Security Surveillance Tactics Government Agencies Practice, Striving to Protect the Nation will be satisfactorily addressed
A Fully Informed, Properly Educated Public Working side by side with Government Officials is the same Solution Solving all current Global Crisis.
The Watchmen Program Gives the Nations citizens the ability, placing a nationwide surveillance spotlight on our Government (local & federal). Removing government agencies from behind the secure shadows of their Washington offices, into the full view of the People will be beneficial for the people. This Economical, Ecological, Educational, Security Program establishes a platform where watchful eyes of the public will be on their public officials and not just the other way around. Agencies local & federal will more efficiently help fully the citizens they vow to serve, leaving very little time to spy. The Watchmen Program will set up Portable Community Job Training Information (media) Centers. The Communication Centers operating on Renewable Energy, will house local agencies such as the police dept, Fire dept, and Search & Rescue Teams; with federal Homeland Security, FEMA, the CDC and other offices embedded within various media networks reporting throughout. On a daily basis, 24 hours in most cases, the embedded media will monitor and report on all situation room meetings; conducted by all government agencies in the emergency centers. 10 thousand New Green Zero Grid Facilities built and established in every city and state across the country will provide 10 million new jobs and generating 1 trillion in new revenue annually. The Watchmen program will be a Global Vehicle allowing International governments to work hand in hand with the nations private sector; providing security with a real since of peace for its citizens. A trust with any people can only be achieved through working together for the good of each other; with freedom from persecution and all attacks from terrorist and yes, the government itself.


All Agencies under Homeland Security, Protection & Funding Solutions start at the Borders

The Watchmen Program can secure the Borders Economically & Ecologically. The targeted 700 miles of border marked for reinforcement will be secured at a fraction of the projected cost Right now all Border States can be protected and secured for well under 300 million dollars. Plus 1,400 BPO (Border Protection Office) Command Centers will be set up; 2 BPO units per mile, 1 every 4 blocks along the 700 miles of Borders. These Green, Zero-Grid Command Centers operates on renewable energy. Moreover at no extra cost to the Government, 4,200 new Border Officer Agents (2 per office) will be hired. Utilizing military personal coming home to work as civilians will help protect the nation within, from outside enemies of The State. The Homeland Security agency family (some 22 members and counting) must now come together as a family. All members must communicate closely and seamlessly with each other to proficiently protect the nation citizens with a 100% success rate. Anything under 100% complete protection success is unacceptable. The best way to achieve this Mission Impossible Success is bringing all major agencies (Local & Federal) under one roof, working side by side to maintain Protection Perfection. When all hands are on deck and all eyes on board (or Borders) the invisible becomes visible; then the only ones remaining in the dark is the enemy, ready to be captured (example- Zero Dark Thirty). Communicating openly, sharing common and crucial information as families do daily, around the dinner table, is a tried and tested method, capturing random, but critical INTEL; yes even that which is running along a marathon route ready to EXPLODE. How to protect the people and economically finance that protection is within the Watchmen Program. The 10 thousand Emergency Communication & Job Training Centers will provide 10 million new jobs and generate 1 trillion dollars in new revenue will be the Mission Impossible success story. All detail explanation spelled out within the publication titled Reconciling us or Revolution is the answer. Chuck Thompson Director of Worldemergency.com 626 243 8200 Please note at www.wewatchgov.com view video #2 The Security Answer To All Economical & Ecological Problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK3-0HOFsxU


Being the biggest job provider within the United States, I believe that you will be the biggest job provider internationally, as well. Were ready to build a trillion-dollar industry on the top of billions youve already made. We would like to set-up Emergency Disaster Economic Centers on the property of the Wal-Mart stores, primarily the ones that are open on 24-hour basis. You can help bail our country out by setting up these Job Training Centers by sponsoring them. The centers will house the local and federal authorities working together, side by side, to help stop terrorism, giving citizens understanding of what to do and how to do it in national disaster or terrorist attack or threat. The Police, the Fire Department, Search and Rescue Teams as well as federally, Homeland Security, the CDC, FEMA and other agencies will house these portable, ZeroGrid emergency communication economic centers that will be placed on the parking lot structures of Wal-Mart. Now, eventually, we would like to extend this program to Home Depot and Lowes Department Store because on the facility center will be a display of portable homes, schools, offices and emergency clinics. Individual citizens and corporations will purchase these facilities throughout the cities these centers are placed. Everything that they see that is out within the property of Wal-Mart, they will be able to buy inside the stores of Wal-Mart. These Zero-Grid which means off the grid, will operate on emergency power systems. We call it the ESP Monolith System (Energy Solar Power). Our renewable power system will run all of the electrical applications inside the homes, schools, portable offices, portable medical facilities and portable farm facilities, all built-in a steel containerized system. Theres a layout of which you can review within the proposal publication titled, Reconciling Us or Revolution. A walk-through video of a sample home is on our website www.worldemergency.com. Our proposal is for Wal-Mart to be the first corporation that provides these Emergency Information Economic Centers throughout the nation. We will build 10,000 job training centers from one end of our country to the other which is why we need other corporations on board. But Wal-Mart has this very unique feature that these other corporations or, frankly, no other corporation has. That is location, location, location. You have locked down facilities that are in and around the cities where millions of people come on a daily basis. And that is why you are our prime candidate, and again, not just for the United States but internationally, as well. Id like to give you an understanding of the popularity of portable facilities such as homes. In England, you have other corporations there, of course, which are competing with Wal-Mart (ASDA) in the country. Within London, IKEA promoted portable facilities for sale. Immediately, the IKEA Corporation was overwhelmed with orders and to my knowledge have not caught up with the demand. This is the new industry our country needs today. We realized that 1 trillion-dollars of new revenue can be made domestically and 1 trillion-dollars internationally. Setting up these Emergency Domestic Economic Centers will give the new revenues this country needs. The 10 million jobs alone just to maintain and give information and understanding to the general public will be jobs provided once all the facilities come on line. The millions of jobs produced within this new facilities industry and building entrepreneurships which support this green industry will be supported by Wal-Mart and other corporations throughout the country.

The Wal-Mart Presention http://worldemergencyradio.blogspot.com/2011/07/4-wal-mart-proposal.html


The destiny of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network is to have portable studios, television stations in every major city across the nation, branching out internationally as well. Ten thousand of these portable TV studios will be strategically placed in every major city across the nation. Each will be housed in the emergency, economic, job-training center. The proposal, entitled "The Watchman Program," gives detailed information on these facilities that will contain the offices of local and federal agencies throughout the country. Locally, the police department, fire department, search and rescue teams, federally, FEMA, Homeland Security, the CDC, and other vital agencies will share these portable, economic, job-training centers, giving the citizens first-hand understanding on how and what to do in a terrorist attack or threat or unnatural disasters (disasters that are taking place now), giving them vital help, providing them with new jobs, job training, and how to build a portable facility of their own. These are ecological centers. They are not hooked up with any outside local power. They are run by solar power energy. The ESP monolith system, Energy Solar Power, will run all of the electrical applications within these facilities, and, better yet, not a single dollar will need to be paid by OWN or the federal or local government. The corporations will pay all of the funds needed to build and place these economic job-training centers across the nation, providing its citizens nationwide with about ten million new jobs and a trillion dollars on an annual basis in new revenue. The corporations, such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Target, and other department store companies, will sponsor all of these facilities, including the OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network television station placed within to give real time reporting on what is happening in every major city across the nation. This success will be duplicated on a global scale with OWN at the forefront of all of these emergency, economic, job-training centers.


Renewable Energy Studio Centers Reporting News Globally

A New Facilities Industry Building Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical Centers & Portable Farms will provide 10 Million new Jobs and a trillion in revenue annually. Internationally new Economical & Ecological Growth will be established; with the Creation of Emergency Job Training Information Portable Green Centers.
Ten thousand news network portable Studios operating on Renewable Energy will be embedded within the Emergency Communication Centers. Reporting throughout the Country and the Global Community; New Network Advertisement Sales will Increase significantly. Within all Media Agencies Located on Corporation Sponsored property new Revenue within the billions will be generated by the corporations themselves alone with a plethora of businesses surrounding the Reporting Community Centers.

Worldemergencyradio.com State of the Union Address Video http://wecomments.blogspot.com/2011/08/worldemergency-radio-state-of-union.html


Solving Our National & International Crises

All these crisis are lacking 3 common, crucial elements to be successfully solved

One Education Two Communication Three Economics The Watchmen Program provides all #1 A New Education System To give guidance and direction on what to do and how to do in a Emergency Disaster or International Crisis. #2 A New Communication System Allowing all Government Agencies, local & federal in every city & state throughout the union to communicate, seamlessly without delay; including to international allies. #3 A New Economic System. Fully financing all Government Agencies, local & federa including all international responsibilities or leadership obligations.

View video http://wecomments.blogspot.com/2011/08/worldemergency-radio-state-of-union.html

Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200 chuck@worldemergency.com www.worldemergency.com


The Climate Change Carbon Emissions

The Department of Energy Centers Proposal Building a Nationwide Green Zero-Grid Facilities Industry with Energy Centers by the Watchmen Program Proposal

To bring a nation on board adopting a New Green Facilities Industry building Homes, Schools Offices, Medical Units, and Portable Farms the Countries Citizens must see it. The People must be able to touch and feel this New Way of Life, this New Green Living Industry on display; within their world where they live, work and play. The Watchmen Program will be a nationwide vehicle. The Department of Energy, other (federal & local) agencies, including organizations such as (WGES) World Green Energy Symposium, will place all the wonderful renewable ideals into action. The private sector working with government agencies placing this essential, renewable, change, front and center within Energy City Centers where the country citizens live, is The Adoption Key



Shipping Containers to Become Condos in Detroit

A new industry is about to rise within Detroit and throughout the many cities of Michigan. Like the car industry which dominated for decades within the State, the new facilities industry will also dominate. Renewable Energy, Zero Grid Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency medical units and Portable farms facilities is the future. The Motown Motor City will happily sing again. I will personally move into the neighborhood and transform all the run down blighted houses, into bright renewable energy run homes. The Watchmen Program will build Renewable Energy facilities throughout the city. All neighborhoods will be renewed to Emerald City status, a Green City which operates on renewable energy.
Kind of corney perhaps, yet no one will think so when the billions in new monthly revenue motors in. As the once great car makers of the cities past, adopts a New Facilities Industry. General Motors will not only be assembling renewable energy cars but maufacturing Zero-Grid facilities running on renewable energy throughout the City, State and Nation. I belive the economical and ecological turn around will be a dramatic Renewable Bright Light & Example for not just the County but the Global Community. Yes the City of Detroit will be bright enough and successful enough for the Olympics.



The Olympic Proposal should not just be thought of as some noble goal but rather a vital, an essential project to achieve and a pinnacle goal of capturing the Olympics. Hosting this global forum can be successfully achieved. It is a visionary plan that will help get our economic house in order throughout the city and state as well as the entire nation. Establishing a new industry across the city, the state and entire country will help us successfully achieve the goal, not just reach it but surpass it. The basic proposal establishes economic job-training centers throughout every major city in every state in order to be a light and example across our entire nation to the rest of the world as well as building a new facilities industry, facilities that run on their own renewable energy sources, zero grid facilities simply not hooked up to the power grid but portable in the event of an emergency, disaster, earthquake, fire, flood. They can be moved out of the threatened area and moved back when the threat is gone. These new facilities, homes, schools, offices, emergency medical units, and portable farms will become the new green industry solution economically and ecologically throughout the city, the state, and the entire nation as well as the international community. The centers will provide much more for the citizens in and around these centers. Job-training fairs will be conducted on the site of these portable centers, training the citizens for new careers and entrepreneur endeavors, especially within this new industry of portable green facilities. Zero grid homes, schools, offices, emergency medical units, and portable farms will be on display in and around these centers on the property of the corporations that sponsor them such as in the parking lot structures.

The basic proposal starts with economic job training centers that would be built and paid for by the sponsor dollars of corporations such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement, Sears, Target, Cost-Co, and many other private sector corporations. The centers themselves will house the local and federal authorities, working together side-by-side to help combat terrorism and give the citizens understanding and information on what to do and how to do in a terrorist attack or threat or a natural disaster. The corporations will finance the building of these facilities as well as the new jobs that will be established in and around these centers. Billions in new revenue will be generated as well as millions of new jobs. The city, the state, and the federal government will be able to reconcile their books with the various agencies such as the police department, fire department, search and rescue teams, FEMA, Homeland Security, the CDC and other agencies such as the post office, which will have their own facility within these centers all paid for by the sponsor corporation dollars from the privilege for the corporations that sponsor these facilities will be in the millions, upwards of $25 million per quarter. That is $100 million annually of potential new revenue for each and every one of these emergency economic job training centers. Millions of jobs will also be established. This entire facilities industry will be established not just within the city or the state but throughout the entire Union. The goal is 10,000 across the nation, giving the country a potential trillion dollars of new revenue on an annual basis and ten million new jobs established within the first year of the program

The Homeless Man Economic Proposal Plan Allow a former Millionaire to bring the Nation & Myself back from the brink


The Winners Include the International Community

And Coming up Europe the Future Super Power Economically, Ecologically & Educationally

Building a New Facilities Industry Providing 40 Million Jobs and Trillion in New Revenue Coming Soon to a Common Market near You


Gabon is the Key the Economical, Ecological key; not only for the continent of Africa but the entire global community. Establishing and building 10,000 Emergency Economic Renewable Energy Health Exchange Centers is what is needed in United States. Gabon supplying those facilities yield her over a Trillion dollars in new revenue and established about 10 million jobs within the United States in about 40 million on a global scale. Because of Gabons ingenuity and renewable energy activity, now is the time to capitalize, to embed the country in all of the 280 plus consulate offices and embassies the United States has around the world. Your facilities and your offices will be established. Gabon will generate the revenue not only for again continent of the Africa but the United States and the rest of the international community- Providing the facilities that all the citizens of the world needs homes, schools, offices, emergency medical unit and portable farms but all of these facilities are zero grid facilities. They run on their own Renewable Energy and theyre portable, they can remove from place to place if theres an Earthquake, Fire, Flood or Civil Unrest they can be move to a place of safety and move back when all is clear. This is a New Facilities Renewable Energy Centers Industry that will be established by the nation of Gabon; throughout America and throughout the world. Im looking forward to giving you the full presentation of this proposal its call The Watchmen Program and its written within the publication of Reconciling Us or Revolution. Of course of which I need your help to transcribe into the French language and other languages throughout the international community: because the facilities that will be built in Gabon will be established throughout the entire world. Please help me! Help my own country we need your help. Again Gabon is the key not only for the continent of Africa but the United States and the entire global community. My direct contact is 626-243-8200 / chuck@worldemergency.com. You can review some of the video presentations link http://youtu.be/Q-GW5Lv3jEE the website www.wewatchgov.com. Im looking forward to working the citizens of Gabon and the entire global community; building us all up with the example and the action that is taken by the nation of Gabon

Watchmen Program Proposal Funding America

Affordable Health Care Act - Emergency disaster declarations Terrorist Attacks & Threats Yes we can fund it all, the Watchmen Program economic job and revenue plan will provide what all cities and states throughout the union needs; significance comprehensive help in times of crisis. Fund the Affordable Health Care Act, Disaster Declarations, National Security Protection Educating, funding FEMA and other agencies under the department of Homeland security with budget short falls can be met. Also the US postal service demise with the threat of a 120,000 job layoffs pending, the Watchmen Program can help bridge the gap for our official mail service and many troubled agencies. Department store corporations such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears, Target, Costco, Lowes Home Improvement Centers and others will provide the initial financing needs of the nation. These economic centers will generate the revenue needed to fund not only the Presidents Job Act but serve to solve the budget crises in many of our cities in every state throughout the union. Major corporations will sponsor 10,000 centers established nationwide giving upwards to 25,200,000 dollars per quarter. A little over a hundred million dollars per year time 10,000 green information centers equals the potential revenue of one trillion dollars on an annual basis. Now, an approximate one thousand jobs will be produce to operate the communication centers. Mathematically one thousand jobs to be filled, times 10,000 centers equals 10 million jobs created. Potentially 10 million jobs can be accomplished all within the first years completion of the centers. The emergency economic job training centers will house the federal and local authorities in every major city and state throughout the union. Government department agencies such as the Police, Fire Department, Search and Rescue Teams and federally Homeland Security, FEMA the CDC and other vital agencies like HUD (Housing Authority), city Re-Development

agency, the Chamber of Commerce and other departments will serve citizens within the cities these centers are placed. Moreover, our US postal service will have an official mail office within the 10,000 centers set-up in every major city across the nation. Many of the laid off employees will have first priority to be newly employed within this new mail office. A plethora of services will be provided to give the citizens vital and upfront information on not just what they should do regarding a terrorist attack or threat but help buy a home or better yet keep their home. Guidance and direction for job training or starting a new entrepreneurship business as well as marketing their goods and services overseas will be provided. Now, a magnet of activity and opportunity will be generated in and around these Help and Information Green Centers. The corporation which sponsor the emergency centers will enjoy a very generous return on their investment Nationwide the college and universities will also greatly benefit. Bidding construction companies building the centers for the corporations sponsors will establish a joint venture with our higher learning centers from coast to coast. School partnership s with the construction companies will help students learn new innovative building technology in construction, establishing the new green portable facilities industry nationwide. All portable economic communication centers will be green grid-less facilities. The offices built within these facilities will not need to be hook up with any outside local power source. The portable information centers will operate on their own renewable energy power sources. Again, this new facilities industry will be portable and flexible enough to be move from place to place. If a fire, flood, earthquake or civil unrest takes place the entire center can be move away from trouble areas or closer to EPA center to help citizens with their emergency needs. A display of multiple used facility units utilizing the same grid -less green technology will be available for sale around the center. Encompassing the 10,000 economic job training centers there will be a display of a Home, School, Office, Medical clinic and Portable farm unit. These multiple used facilities will be sold to the general public and corporations domestically and internationally. High revenues from the new facilities industry - display within the parking lot locations of the stores who sponsors them, will be a magnificent benefit to the sponsoring corporation s and the cities in which their placed. All construction equipment and supplies to design and manufacture these facilities will be available within the stores which sponsors them. Everyone benefits and the revenues are shared equally 30% to the city, 30% to the state and 30% to the federal government, 10% goes back within the system to maintain all the facilities. Again, our colleges, universities and trade schools throughout the country will be on the front lines of this new technology. The schools of higher learning will benefit greatly from the joint ventures with the construction companies as well as the students themselves. Perhaps students will be given internships with the construction companies or be paid direct for their services. http://watchmanproposal.blogspot.com

The Watchmen Program Benefit Summary 1. Two trillion dollars in new revenue generated by the Watchmen Program in record time. 2. Over 10,000 health care emergency economic job training and information centers will be set up nationwide. 3. 10,000,000 new jobs produce from coast to coast within the first years completion of the Watchmen Program emergency centers will be accomplished. 4. Able to Fund the Affordable Health Care Act, Disaster Declarations, National Security Protection Educating, in every major city a hundred million dollars of potential new revenue will be generated with every emergency communication center established. Investment earnings for corporations sponsoring the centers will more than double. 5. An estimated one trillion dollars nationwide will be generated. Brake down of revenue giving 30% to the city, 30% to the state, 30% to the federal government and 10% to maintain the centers on an annual basis. 6. Every city within every state throughout the union will be generously helped to reconcile their books regarding the budget crises most state s and cities face countrywide. 7. Domestic services from Public schools along with Police, Fire department, Search & Rescue teams, Libraries, City parks and many social programs will be able to continue operating, meet payrolls and maintain employment levels within all major cities across the nation. 8. A new green facilities industry will be built. A display of new Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency clinics, and Portable farms will be set up around the economic ecological grid-less centers in over 2,000 cities. 9. Billions in sales from the new zero grid facilities industry and billions more generated weaning old facilities off the grid will be established. 10. Our colleges and universities having joint venture partnership s with construction companies, designing and building the centers along with all the new green, zero- grid facilities will be an enormous benefit. Students within our higher learning institutions will not only learn first-hand this new green facilities technology but earn income now and establish employer (Job employment) relationships for the future. 11. A new water and power industry will be systematically set up and standardized throughout the nations. Bio-fuel water desalinization purifiers and bio-fuel power generators and trucks will run (operate) the entire facilities industry. This new industry will be established not just domestically in America but internationally as well

12. Local and federal agencies such as Homeland Security, FEMA, the CDC and locally the Police, Fire department, Search & Rescue teams will have offices within the emergency centers. Emergency agencies will train 1st, 2nd and 3rd responders throughout the nation. All citizens will be given the opportunity to know what to do and how to do in an emergency disaster or terrorist attack. 13. Cash-strapped government agencies such as the FAA, FEMA and the US Postal service will benefit directly with revenues earned from the Watchmen Program. Our postal services will also have a post office located within the centers. Mail employees which operate these facilities will be paid directly from the revenues generated within the centers. Most of the 120,000 postal employees with threaten layoffs can be accommodated within these communications centers. 14. A new nationwide infrastructure of bio-fuel, hydrogen, and natural gas stations will be another vast revenue generator, richly fueling our economy. The Watchmen Program will establish a new global green facilities industry, regulating and advancing Zero Grid technologies. Utilizing renewable power sources, all academies built on the systematic foundation of 10,000 Emergency, Information, Economic, Job Centers is the solution. 10, 000 fuels stations established in every center will provide billions in new revenue shared by every city and state in the union. This new green facilities industry produce by the Watchmen Program will not only be an irreplaceable revenue generator for our federal government to pay down the debt but also an economic boost to help the international community reconcile their books as well.

We can provide the basic necessities of life that the citizens need that are suffering from the recent disasters. Immediately we can supply the food, clothes, shelter and emergency first aid from warehouses internationally. However immediately we believe that most important need is to have shelter; shelters that are built into homes, schools and medical units sound steel structures very strong and portable. When there is another disaster such as a major flood, earthquake, fire or even civil unrest these strong facilities can simply be move out of harms way and move back when the threat is no longer there. Moreover they operate on renewable energy, solar powered battery pack systems are structured within these facilities to run all of the electrical applications inside We will pay them direct for building their own home, which will hopefully be given to them free of charge by the emergency aid receive. The manufacturing of homes, schools, offices, emergency medical units and portable farms will continue to be made well after the disaster and the restorations of the communities are finished. As you know many other emergency situations take place almost on a weekly basis throughout ASIA therefore we would like to set-up a permanent manufacturing facility within the area to continue to provide jobs within the thousands and revenue which will add up within the multiple millions can help the citizens throughout the country as well as the local and federal government Video Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPZumXoemK0


Throughout the International Community those who are displaced from their homes can find shelter. Within The GEP PROGRAM, Emergency Portable Facilities will be immediately setup as instant Communities anywhere in the world. Our Portable Renewable Energy Facilities will strive to meet the basic needs of people displaced. Homes, Schools, Information Centers, Emergency Medical Units, Food Kitchens, with Restroom & Shower units will be established. The Emergency Information Communication Community Centers will provide Knowledge, Guidance, and Hope, Giving a real sense of Direction of how to piece together their Lives; also lending a little Peace of mind. The Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How we pay for it all is writing within the pages of the Book Reconciling Us or Revolution The Proposal Solution in this publication is called The Watchmen Program. This Economical & Ecological System will provide the New Jobs and Revenue needed. Not only for The (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions, But establish a New Jobs and Revenue Facilities Industry for the entire International Community.

Worldemergencyradio.com State of the Union Address Video http://wecomments.blogspot.com/2011/08/worldemergency-radio-state-of-union.html Chuck@worldemergency.com 626 243 8200 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIwLLAqpF7k&feature=youtube_gdata

# 19

The Simple Solution for all Nations Crying Out for Help

The North Korea crisis has a simple solution. We all know the nation needs the basic necessities of life; food, clothes, shelter & emergency aid. Please let me provide whats needed. Facilitate my entre within the country. I will present a comprehensive proposal; supplying Food, Jobs, & future Revenue. The (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions will take care of their current basic necessities. Yet to consistently provide the countries needs The Watchmen Program will yield the new productivity needed. Establishing a New Portable Green Facilities Industry is the foundational building key; essential to opening doors of the global community. Building Homes, Schools, Medical units & portable Farms will help the nation sustain their own ability to provide for themselves as well as proving New Portable Green Facilities for their neighbors. This Economical & Ecological System will help sustain the peace we all seek. Again please quickly send me in; the Watchmen Program can help provide immediate calm on all side of this crisis. Yes even facilitate a quick release of those held against their will.


Worldemergency.com News Team Ready to Report throughout the Global Community

The Thompson & Mariano News Team Professional Education, Abilities, & Experience
Writing Scripts, Narrations, and Voice-over Commentaries

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Writing World News Current Event Stories on International Civil Unrest, Religion, Politics, and the Global Economy, Author of two books What Should You Do Before The Tribulation Age of 42, & Reconciling Us or Revolution Our Team will perform professional marketing techniques on a global scale. To view a selection of video book clips click http://worldemergencynews.blip.tv Also you can read the book in its entirety at www.Worldemergencyradio.com As Professional Consultants of whats needed in Emergency Disasters. As a Team were are also ready to report on all Current World News Events. Video Blog http://asiaemergency.blogspot.com/2011/10/04-successfullyfighting-disasters.html

The goal of this publication is to establish emergency disaster economic job centers across the nation. Currently we are setting up a Internet Radio based news and music station called Worldemergencyradio.com This radio network will provide emergency news updates regarding a natural disasters as well as terrorist attacks and threats within United States and around the world. We provide professional guidance and direction from emergency government officials and the private sector on what to do and how to do regarding all emergency situations. Also designing and manufacturing emergency disaster supplies and equipment selling to government agencies such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), Homeland Security and the CDC (Center of Diseased Control) For approximately two decades (1991 to 2010) Ive worked with the US Department of Commerce in setting up private Gold key services and match-maker missions internationally. These government and private sector partnerships were to promote WorldEmergencys product and service line overseas, marketing WorldEmergency services in the E.U. (European Union) countries such as Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England, Asian nations such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, and China, and in the Middle East, such as Kuwait, Jordan, and Israel, and in Africa, countries Gabon and Angola. In all these countries I have provided security equipment, emergency kits and supplies. Professionally I performed detailed presentations and private consultations on safety and security issues. Worldemergency Thompson & Mariano News (626) 243 8200 news@worldemergency.com www.worldemergency.com

Water Crisis Watchmen Program http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4UzW3IMSEU&hd=1

Chuck Thompson Basic Resume http://weinf.blogspot.com/2011/12/chuck-thompson-resume.html


The TM Worldemergency.com Team will present World News Events wherever sent.
We will Report the news as it happens; Gaining Audience by giving Meaning & Understanding of World Events.

The Worldemergency Show will gain Sponsors to advertise their Goods & Services of emergency products to help supply our Global Community in Crisis. Worldemergency Radio Show Presentation http://worldemergencyradio.blogspot.com/2011/07/4-wal-mart-proposal.html Chuck & Mariano News Team 626 243 8200 news@worldemergency.com wwwwatchmenprogram.com