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By: Prateek Shukla



Every problem in your life has a solution. Every plan has an end. Every motive has an opportunity and every human has his conviction. Far reaching aims are dreams, working hard is passion, achieving them is success and neglecting them is prudent sluggishness.

Theres always this question of existence that confuses many people, many still do not know what actually it takes to be a special part of this nature? What it takes to be a part that has a true value of existence? What takes him, who by himself has created his own independent place in this world of GOD? Ive always seen people running for a true existence, for them existence is something which is just created by money and that they live the most of it in luxury. Many people impose themselves on work, they work harder than others, to prove themselves and hence to earn for a living. Every living being in this world works and is in search for food, space and mate. Theres this struggle for existence, where you are first created, then contemplated, then provocated, your senses are interrogated, your life gets suffocated, your establishments get under-laminated, your soul gets contaminated and that when your body is charred, you get eradicated! This is when Darwins theory creeps and crawls. It is this picture that plays mockery with human life and forces it to work more than its calibre.

Bustling streets of the Oxford circus, a prime market, the Fcuk store and the shimmering Swarovski in the corner just in front of the Disneys shop, all closed for now, as the clock still didnt ring for waking up the sleeping people of London. Walking along the street, glancing at his reflection on the window of every car, parked, in front of the Hilton, the man laced in Scotland boots, wearing the Raymond made suit from India and a shining fake reebok sunglasses, his face masculine but wrinkled, his pace a bit slow, an old man in mid-fifties, kept bragging about his very sharp critic on human behaviour on the phone. People around were suspicious. Marconi was just stepping out of The Hilton (CourtHouse DoubleTree hotel). Wearing a Mexican hat and smoking a cigar, he stepped out with his protecting subordinates. Marconi was a felon. Marconi a.k.a Faizal Khan, a Pakistani Immigrant in Mexico, was a famous name with the FBI, the CIA and the Indian CBI. His name was red tapped as the Exorcist in Russian Intelligence and as the aide to the Master in Indian RAW. He was a skinny man of fair complexion with a heavy moustache. His eyes brown, but now blue because of the contact lenses he bought for a pound from the low-income seller in the underground station of Camden town. Hello Mr. Marconi, The Raymond suit guy held a CBI badge. Indian CBI in London, coincidence? questioned Marconi sarcastically holding a smile. The Raymond suit guy just smiled back. He then held Marconis hand and said, Faizal. Agent Raul, for what do I owe this pleasure my friend Marconi smirks. Well, lets go to the embassy and talk replied Raul with a smile. Marconi shrugged, and then asked his men to take Raul inside the hotel. Well Agent, I really dont wish to go there. Its far and I am lazy Then I shall be forced to tell my people waiting outside in a 10 block perimeter trying to get hold of you. They have a tight grip my friend. It burns later on Thats hell lot of a threat to me. Lets go wherever you want

Raul smiles at Faizal, who just couldnt placate his anger. Raul walks him to the Oxford Circus station, three men in the same suit as Raul join them. They boarded the train to the Bank station through the Victoria line. You are no agent Faizal (Marconi) shouts as he sensed a difference in the way they were handling him. He kept shouting, but Raul and the others kept walking, keeping a straight face, emotionless and ignorant. Faizal couldnt see any of his men trailing; he was all alone with the people who posed as the Indian CBI. As soon as they reached the end of the boogie, Faizal saw an old man on the wheel chair. Master, Faizal Khan Raul said to the old man. Faizal(gasps air), you mischievous kid the old man shrugged with a smile. His voice was heavy yet he spoke with more weight and stress. There were glitches due to heavy breathing, it sounded whispery. Master (hesitation), Master Faizal spoke in an apologetic voice. His heartbeat raced, there was tension. He had feared this man, the very man who owned him. Faizal knew one thing at that moment, he was going to die. Faizal Khan, the Mexican drug mafia or the immigrant from Pakistan, in either ways he was a known felon with the Interpol. He grew up in streets of Amritsar, the city of the golden temple in Punjab, India. He was small, somewhere around five years of age, when his family had to migrate to the other side of the partitioned India, a new country named Pakistan. His family settled well in Lahore. Although being a Muslim, he had no qualms in accepting the very tyranny of the suicidal preaches by the non- Islamic scholars, who were respected by most in those lonely streets of death in the darker sides of Lahore, the one near the old city, calm and quiet. He was sure that he had no friends in the Hindus who are living peacefully on the other side of border, in India, that has just established its own ground after the British rule of two hundred years. Yet Khan knew that he had no religion, Neither Islam nor Hinduism. He just believed in a group of boys who gave him the drugs like LSDs and he would happily spend his nights of teens in the bedrooms of different girls he cant recollect the next morning. He was devastated after the death of his father, killed in a Hindu- Muslim riot after the 1993 bombings in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. What was he doing there? Why did he go to Bombay? What was his dad doing in Zaveri

Bazaar, the location of bombing? He didnt have answers to that, but what he had was the solid chemical substance that could seclude him from this tyranny of wrenched yet insecure feeling and bring every situations, circumstances, every pleasure down to its knees, bowing down under the autocracy of Faizal Khan. Faizal had a sister and a mother to look after now in Lahore. A place where he was known by none and this led to the mental condition of supremacy, anger and agitation, the self-withdrawal and the feeling of being alone. A disease named Schizophrenia. It was the obscurity, the captivation of his thoughts within him, his dreams, his ideals, and his very exertion of pain and sorrow that led him to believe that he was a lone person dying in the solitude of his own irony of pain. Faizal was a very serious man when he reached his mid-twenties and after that he took the flight, some people call it the leap of faith. Master Faizal said in a strained voice. His hair was shaved, his brows had a scar, his ear was bitten and his back was full of cane-hit injuries. Wearing just a pant down, his upper body was washed with kerosene and close enough were torches of fire, hanging to burn him soon in heat after torturing him under such excruciating pain. Now Faizal said the Master. It shall be done my Master said Faizal. His voice was pale, his throat was parched. Faizal was soon the tactical man for the Master. Master, as he is known, is not seen yet, has no image. For Interpol, he is a ghost. His men dont know him, so if you torture them during interrogation and if they break, you just get two things, one, a name called Master and Second, a request, Kill me before he does. The Master was a myth, many wanted to believe that, but recent transactions of money, drugs, political transformations and scandals, human trafficking, African riots and many more, somehow linked the master into the picture. Either he would be known as the investor, or as the supplier, or as the informant or as the Mastermind himself.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) HQ, New Delhi, India The report from London sir shouts Agent Purohit. Faizal khan is dead smiles the CBI Cheif, Usal Khan. Mexico was a vast business for drugs and here Mexico, well is the country as whole and Master had Faizal there, looking after his business, the drugs and girls. People say do what you believe in or are good at and Faizal just discovered the very trails of his destiny. He had three hundred men across the city of Texas and New Mexico City. He had men dealing in New York, Jersey, Wyoming and Washington. He was well connected to his other halves in Ontario and Toronto. Somehow Faizal expanded in a decade and was close to the Master. But then the Master wasnt fooled by complimentary gestures to his business. When investigations were done by the Masters men, Faizal was found to be the mole in their business. He was the one who alarmed the FBI of every deal that took place in Washington and Wyoming. He informed the CIA about the transactions in Ontario, Toronto and York. Somehow he had his intel distributed since this provided him the passage to create his own business in Mexico and race farther ahead of the Master. The disease was just temporary, he had overcome it in a period of eight years when he was in Lahore banging the girls and having LSDs and then there was this man, the one who was providing Faizal the LSDs, saw that Faizal had the knick to deal and he got him introduced to the Caller, the famous con caller, who took people hostage on phones. The Caller was the right hand of the Master and soon Faizal, after successfully showing off his talents in drugs and mafia business, won the personal confrontation to the master, which even the caller did not get. Faizal Khan had the caller busted and killed by Masters men, and soon Faizal ruled the ring of tactical planning and business deals in Masters reign. But the captivated feelings, the superiority and ego was intact, deep inside Faizal. He still wanted to rule and he did. He raced farther ahead than Master and ruled Mexico. Masters men cant even touch him now because he had the FBI and CIA playing his intel. But Faizal knew the Master and he knew that ruling under the eyes of Master was difficult. Yet he had to take the chances, he had to fear none not even his destiny but his guts if it fails to defend him. Faizal played his chances well and soon was more of a ferocious figure than the Master himself. The FBI and CIA had never turned to think on what Faizal was doing. Faizal was never seen as a threat but soon reports started to reflect and the CIA red-tapped Faizal Khan a.k.a Marconi. Russia

and India were also threatened by the rise of a new mafia. Indian CBI had their own reports on Faizal and they had the image, they had the face and soon they had agents behind him. Yes sir. Images of the crime scene from the surveillance were missing, the video was tampered, there was a security breach and best of all, there were no passengers in the boogie, someone had it arranged Sir Well its easy to say who Usal grinned, The Master.

Camden town, London (Heavy voice) you dont know me Do I need to Ryan? said The Master. How can you do this to me and my family? the voice was loud and reverberated within the four walls of a prison cell, black cage built to take hostages under the tube line of the Camden town. This underground facility was one of the many operational locations in which the Masters men worked round-the-clock, to bring out those that aimed and pursued ways to, well, bring about small or massive destruction. Ryan Rycart, a generous, calm and supremely genius scientist. Ryan had a well-built personality, fair complexion, blue eyes and gold curly hair. The old man on the wheelchair, the Master, looked straight into the eyes of Ryans son. You know Ryan, I like being a psychopath. The knife in his hand slit through the neck of the child, he gasped for air, the reluctance he tried showing by pushing the hand of the Master, the whining, the cry, all had silenced. The child was breathing no air, he was dead. Ryan, see here. Is this your wife Ryan? The Master asked pointing at Ryans wife Sunita. Ryan was about to stall but he was late. The Master had already stabbed her to death. You see Ryan, I am ruthless said the Master. What do you want from me? Ryan sounded in helplessness. Well, Now that you have got down to business, tell me, Where is the document? asked the Master in whispering voice. All this was about the document? And why do you need that? Ryan asked in a scared pale voice. Tell me where is the document Ryan? And you live shouted the Master. Ryan looked straight at The Masters hand, a knife wet with blood of his family. He remembered his brother saying, If you cannot be there for your family, its better you die because you have lost everything

Ryan smiled at the Master, took the knife and forced it through his chest. In the next moment, after some seconds of consciousness, he was dead. The Master kicked his body and signalled his men to leave. He knew he had no information here to get, yet his thirst for cold murders and torture was quenched. Froid, I need more information on the document. I need you to get it for me ordered the Master on the phone. Froid was his Tactical planner, after the death of Faizal Khan. What is in the document? asks Froid The Nuclear gold mine, Location of all the nuclear warehouses in India solemnly replies the Master and disconnects the call.

Chapter 1: The Rise of Contas

Kamala Mill compound, Parel, Mumbai City Where is it? the voice was very heavy. A dull man stood in front of the man questioning. He sat there with his breath pacing, and inhaling the smoke of the cigarette. The man in front was no less than a carnivore. He could eat a man raw. Contas Froid Devkar, a Catholic by religion, was a ruthless ruler, not of a vast kingdom, but a small mafia gang, that did everything from smuggling to small thefts. Contas has never been a visitor of any jails in different Jurisdictions of India, even though many have summons against him. Never in any court did a single state prosecutor prove him guilty. Contas, as simple was as smart. He never believed in loosing. He could pay anything to win, anything to earn name, anything to buy that everything which when destroyed did to his ego nothing. He had illicit affairs with many ladies, including top shot models and celebrities. Still he was known to be perfect rich gentlemen from outside, who operated a Marketing company. He was born in the slums of Dharavi, situated near the Bandra drainage lines of Mumbai city, a part of the central suburb, which once was known to be the biggest slum of Asia. He appointed people to handle his marketing company; he liked his smuggling business and converted his money into white through his newly constructed Engineering College in the outskirts of the city. Contas was smart, very smart as described by his close associates in smuggling business and he was described as good and intellectual by his associates in marketing business. Born as Devkar to a small fishermans family in the slums, he had a shaddy childhood; growing near the sewage of the high liners with the faeces of broken dreams and daunting nightmare, Devkar knew he had a long path to take to realise his dreams of living the money. It is difficult, he believed, when a father, who earns lesser than is consumed, spends most of it on local brandy and a mother that scares the cost of daughters marriage, works patiently in pain, as servant in different flats in the cloudy high-liners. He knew that the only way he could get a chance to live was a way to run away from these innocent yet disillusioned members that have some blood or placental connection with him.

Devkar grew in his own abode of self-reliance, self-centered ideology. He was tall with light brown complexion and a small scar below his left ear. He hates to see that scar and that is why he has grown his hair to cover it. The scar reminds him of the most horrible night, when he was being beaten by his father and soon, the same day, some moments later, his mother was scheduled to die because of his sisters suicide. Sometimes a teen may take it strong but within that pressure of containing the pain, he loses his reliance on the world. It is then that the adolescent man makes his own decisions, own convictions and stops looking at the difference between good or bad. It is then, a moment when you lose your loved ones in a tender age where you are unable to understand and in a circumstance where there is nothing worth more than love, you make one choice and one choice only, the seclusion into the isolation of negativity. He remembered, one night when his house was robbed of jewels, which were to be used for his elder sisters marriage. The next day he saw his sister, hanging by the ceiling rod, and in the kitchen was his mother, with her hand slit but she could breath and they ran her to the hospital. His father, a fisherman spent half of his money on cheap cigarettes and local brandy. He never knew what was happening in his family. Devkar was twelve, when he heard the doctor say that his Mother would not live long and within an hour she would die. He saw a scissor kept in a tray in front of him. He picked it up and slit the neck of the doctor and ran away from there. He kept running until he was on the shore. He saw ships from far away. He was not fascinated. He had lost his sister, his mother and he never felt the existence of his father. Then who the hell was he? Devkar then ran towards the entrance of the Port of Mumbai. He fell near the gate. The security guards helped him. He got up, half un-conscious. Who are you son? asked a security guard. Am .Am Devkar he replied. He then tried a lot to stand, but couldnt. After drinking water and sitting for an hour he got up. He felt a chill in his body. He knew he had nowhere to go. What should he do in this city where you either starve and die or eat and live? He walked along the Marine drive, looking towards the sea where the god had his own shelter. His mom use to take him to the Haji-Ali dargah which was a few metres away from land on the sea. He saw it from far and ran towards it to cry loud and pray. When he reached, neither did he cry nor did he remember for what he had come for. He saw a man putting his gun in his car and tying a cloth around his head. Two men accompanied him. Devkar followed the man into the dargah. The man knelt down. Devkar kept looking at him, why did he bring a gun? Who is he? The man, after his prayers were done, stood up and turned around. Devkar moves back, the man then walked out with two of his

sub-ordinates who accompanied him. He started giving money to the beggars, Devkar kept walking with him. When the man reached his car, Devkar went near him and asked, Why do you give money to the beggars sir? his voice was light and childish. The Man turned around in surprise, and then smiled. Because they are poor and they need something to fill their stomach for a day replied the man. Then why cant they work and earn money, people like you wouldnt come every day and nor will anything happen with a penny in this cruel world replied Devkar. The man was baffled by the smirk and knowledge of a twelve year old boy. What is your name son? asked the Man. My name is Devkar. Where are your parents? asked the man Devkar thought for a while. Dead, they are dead sir there was no hesitation in his voice. This boy is implacable. The man then asked Devkar to get in the car and they drove away from Haji Ali. After an hour, Devkar found himself near a sprawling huge bungalow situated on the aisle of seabed. He was not aware of where he was. As they entered through the gate, there were many armed people guarding the bungalow. The car speeded in. Devkar saw two beautiful women opening the doors of the car. The man then took Devkar to the drawing room. They sat. The man ordered his butler to bring some bread and tea. In the breakfast table, the man asked Devkar about his life. Devkar said his mother and father had died when he was just 9 years old and that he was taken care of by his sister. The man ordered the butler to prepare a room for Devkar. He was then accompanied to the room, where he was left alone. Devkar kept turning on the bed. He still didnt know who this man was and why was he helping him. So kind of him; very kind man Devkar slept silently. The Next morning, the man came personally to wake Devkar. Son, get up and get ready we are going to do some work Devkar unaware of what the work was, without questioning, he went straight into the bathroom. Within an hour he found himself being driven to some place. The man was on his mobile

throughout the journey. He then entered the Port of Mumbai. He remembered the face of the security guard. Why are we here? The man then got out of the car as it stopped near a ship. Faisal Bhai, Inshallah lambhi umar ho (Brother Faisal, May you live a long life) one of the man from a group of five people came out and hugged him. Who were they? An hour later, Devkar realised that the man was a smuggler not only of materials but also humans. He helped people get illegally transported to other countries. He earned a lot from this. Staying at his house Devkar realised how powerful this man was. From ministers to Bollywood actors, everyone paid him a visit, with something heavy wrapped by a brown wrapper. Devkar just smiled seeing how people are scared of him, how they hesitate when they talk to him. He is good to no one except me. Devkar soon realised, behind every evil, never is a brighter side. He soon found sniffing some chemical from a cloth piece forced around his nose by a heavy hand. He was drowsy and his mind echoed one name Faisal Bhai. He saw himself feeling only his hand. The man behind was tough to him. He slowly opened his eyes to see Faisal sniffing drugs through a thin tube. Devkar made effort to loosen the grip of a giant behind him. He dared to turn around but his eyes pained. He kept himself still and looked at the man who had brought him here with care. Son, I am sorry for this type of harshness but I had to do it someday. Listen, why dont you come to me? The Man holding him loosened his grip and pushed Devkar towards Faisal. Devkar fell on Faisals feet. Faisal leaned towards Devkar and said, Aaj se ye hamar waaris hoga, Iska itna khayal rakho aur itni kidmat karo ki aage chal ke yeh hamara kaam sambhalega. Aaj se yeh hamare sabse bafadaar gunmen ke naam is bulaya jayega, Contas, Contas Froid (from today he would be my enlisted heir. Take care of him in such a way that he is able to take my position in future and becomes as authoritative and autocrat as I am now. From today we know him as Contas, Contas Froid, the name of our late gunmen). The years passed and Contas (Devkar) grew in the environment of Smuggling. By the age of 24 he was known to be the most powerful smuggler in Mumbai city. From Top shot company gang leaders to small private thieves, everybody knew his name. He had no fear of law; he killed people, as new shooters would practice with cut-out targets. Whenever he walked into hotels, his name was given preference. The name spoke for the undisrupted autocracy of this man.

Today he stands as the most successful marketer and is recently in news for having bought a yatch. Contas was a genuine choice of top companies in the automobile sector because he was the only marketer who impressed them by spreading their influence into the rural parts that connected the cities and many important towns. Expensive cars were sold at reasonable prices and the down payment was done through mortgages but where did he make the settlement of expensive minus the reasonable price. Thats where people never thought and Contas paid each of his manufacturers a part of his smuggling money. Contas never wanted a business. He wanted a life of Mafia. Its my privilege to call on stage, this man of scrupulousness and visions that foresee the horizon of developing nation like ours. These are the people that answer the GDP ratio of this country. I am obliged by the very fact that I stand before Mr. Thomas D. Grey, the new marketer and the Warren buffet of India, as famously tagged. The speaker stretched his hands in warm welcome, as Froid walked up the stage. His Mirage as marketer was masked in name of Thomas Grey. As he approached the speaker on stage, he was greeted by a crowd of two thousand business school students. Thomas lectured on the topics of greed and lust for money and how we back up our economy through our marginal disposable incomes. He answered the very question of Loopholes in the Public distribution system and how rich gets richer and poor poorer. He fanatically claimed that there is no answer for the growing hiatus between the two sects of economy, but their does lie steps to decrease the gap. Froid answered each question with ease and his calmness greatly attributed to his persona. When the Lecture ended, the speaker walks forth Froid and signalled his people at backstage, that the show was over. He then ended the debates by vote of thanks. And the dignitaries walked down the stage. Froid did so, but his pace slowed down. He could feel somebody holding his hand the warmness of a woman. He turned his eyes, only to glimpse a perfectly bosomed lady standing by his side. The face still unknown, he then stopped, the lady did the same. He turned around and looked straight into the eyes of the most beautiful women he had ever met. Hello, Mr. Grey, Nice lecture the women hugged Froid and kissed him. Froid let himself free. Where the hell were you? You know I cant live without you? Froid said sympathetically. The Master needs you now the women whispered in his ears, then held his hand and walked him to a room, cornered backstage. Contas was afraid of none except the Master, whom he respected. Contas got in to the room.

I believe you have actually mastered the Economics of market. Pacing forward than master? an old man shrugged in a heavy voice, with emotionless face. Contas knelt down and kissed the old mans hand. He then raised his hand and looked straight into the eyes of the old man. Contas this is not what I want you to waste your time in. I know Master Have you found the document? My men are looking into the specifics, we are still tracing it. Contas, you know how much I like you! How much I care for you, but remember one thing, the struggle of my life has disadvantage of losing people and that has made me void of thinking otherwise Yes, Yes master, I would not let you down, we will give you results. Believe me my master, believe me Leave the lady and leave this mirage of life Contas, its not you, its not your work. I need you now, I need you in this. The Lady is a vulnerability my son. For in my reign, Vulnerability is reason for death I would do everything to get you what you want my Master My child, come closer, let me kiss your forehead Contas stood up and bent over, the old man kissed his head, swirled his hair and blessed him. In the next minute, tears fell out of his eyes and the Master had left the room. Contas felt lonely, he then stood up, looked into the mirror, wiped his tear and smiled, Hello! Mr. Contas, ready to fool the world. He then scuffed his suit and walked out to join in and mingle with the people, to fool them smirked Contas.

The Nuclear Web

(1967-1997) Duggal Mansion, Juhu Link Road, Mumbai

The Manhattan Project shouts Ryan, addressing a small gathering in his backyard, a sprawling bunglow representing classical open-air architecture. It was the symbol of Guru Prasad Duggals royalty, the mansion was known as Duggal Mansion. A project with soul he clears his throat. Ryan was addressing a crowd of elite scientists from all around the globe. He hosted a party to commmerate the success he achieved along with his friend and associate Gyan Carlos, who with Ryan, published a paper that effectively chalks the plan to harness nuclear energy. Gyan Carlos was mysteriously murdered the previous week and Ryan, detached from such a nice friend, felt isolated and lonely. How many of you are against the project? asks Ryan, voice was loud yet it shudders due to unstable emotions that still aint merciful. Few scientists, piercing their eyes out, raised their hands. Ryan looked at them, smiled and asked, What do you know about the project? there was a bit of sarcasm in his tone. I know that the project was started under the command of the U.S Army to develop the first Hbomb for the World War, to counteract the same development by Nazis defends one of the senior scientists, who were against the Manhattan project. So wasnt it ideal? asks Ryan, his eyes staring at the audience, his hands gesturing all of them to think and answer to him. Well, even after the backing of elite scientists, the project did aim to create a weapon of mass destruction. Ethically speaking its wrong calmly responds the scientist in audience. A weapon of mass destruction? smiles Ryan. How many agree? he asks, turning his head from left to right to beam at the audience. Most of them had raised their hands. Ryan wasnt surprised. I am not surprised my friends. I am not at all he laughs. It was expected Do you have to say something? asks the scientist who was in conversation before. The only thing I can say is that if a group of people along with another anonymous group of people come and attack my home, my family, my children and even try to rip them of then I would just forget all my moral and ethical duties; I will bolster a gun and shoot them there without even

caring who they are? Ryans eyes pierced into that of the audience; his voice was commandeering and influential. The crowd was numb, they silenced for a minute. Then one of the scientists stepped forward, raised his glass. Professor, if thats the case, then I would not bother even to be a murderer and kill their family also, who either way, have lost most of their life. Just like the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 100,000 casualities most of which were fatality of innocent people and you say you would have forgotten the ethical issue here the voice was strong; it reverberated within the walls of the backyard. Ryan looked at the man astonishingly. He had never seen him before and invitations were personal. He started to recollect from his memories but remained blank. Who are you sir? asks Ryan (on stage). The Man slowly walks on a more lightened area. My name is Thomas Grey, I head the Greycom Industries. I am here to invest Dr. Ryan says Grey (Froid) Invest in what? Ryan was astonished to see a businessman in the room. Well, what can I say? Grey starts to walk towards the stage. He reaches near the podium and asks Ryan to bend down as he stood on a raised podium. Ryan felt a bit awkward but he complied. Grey looked at Ryan and whispered, The Gods Destiny.

Institute of Engineering, Mumbai (Year- 2010) Karen never knew what it was to sniff a white powder through a thin capillary tube but he did enjoy watching his friends who were into it. They lost themselves and flew in air of their own imagination. Three friends surrounding a table, passing the tube to each other after every sniff, taking the escastsy and rolling their eyes with a sigh complimenting the other, whom they soon gravitate to and share their thoughts with more intelligence and accountability. Somehow it triggered in them a small thirst to just leave aside every problems of their life, the stress of exam, the load of books and the emotional strain with their girls. Most of them were single and those who werent enjoyed the escastsy at another level. Having a grated marijuanua later on, rolled on crystal paper, lit by the cheapest cigratte lighter, these firends shared the most whimsical time, somehow, to contain their suppressed themselves, that they lost in the transitions of adolescent. Unaware of where they would land a year later of their graduation, these teenagers have just taken a stride, a faith in themselves and their life or somehow they have lost hopes, lost time. Karen, a budding writer, a teen now, liking the benevolence of balanced life somehow appreciates that even if life is tough, even if we aim high and get less but at the end we are responsible for ourselves and he just lost the stress of getting rejected in a interview he gave in the day and let himself free in the circumstance, an environment that is filled with happiness, filled with his friends that care, filled with no emotions, no cries and reasons and no answers. Its void, its hollow and its just what he needed. He then stood up, took the half-burnt cigarette filled with marijuana and took his first sniff, soon he was hit with a feeling he couldnt describe but he liked it. He took three more in succession and fell on his bed and in next moment slept, forgetting that he had failed himself today and that a company had rejected him but somehow he knew that life has more in store and he still is just a teen. The Struggle is a fight, a fight that we beckon in search for answers. Answers to questions that bolster within us the gratification of isolation and solemnly bases us in negativity. But maybe this sadness of negativity has a possibility to vanish in the thin atmosphere of solitude until then we seclude ourselves within the corners of the symmetrical dice that plays mockery, that plays the probability and maybe that plays the chances.

Do you all wish to leave my friends? asks Karen as he watches his friends go out of the room of his hostel. We have to Karen, we have exam tomorrow, remember? replies one of his friends. Karen stares at him for a while and then gives a loud laugh. He was under its influence. He couldnt stop laughing. His friends just walked out of his room and let Karen sleep in the darkness. Karen kept laughing, alone, in a dark room. He couldnt stop. Soon his mind started to flash images of his past and he found himself reminiscent, into nostalgia. He was so tuned into his dreams once he started to picture his mother playing with him. He stretched his hand in air, somehow, to imagine himself holding hers. He kept smiling. Ma, I failed today Karen says, his voice was shaky because of the escatsy yet his emotions were changing, blurry and that they were real. He then saw his mother looking straight at him, smiling at him and brushing her hand along his hair. He felt the warmth. Son, you have just grown more today. You didnt fail but you got rejected. Maybe your approach was wrong. Believe yourself he then feels her kissing his forehead. There were tears coming out of his eyes and he soon starts to feel drowsy. Within a minute he falls asleep and this is what a human is, a clay hearted animal that just needs the right voice at right time. Maybe we never believe in ourselves but if someday a moment does come when we start to think great for ourselves, maybe thats the point when we realise that somehow in us still lives the real person and that real person is us. Maybe thats god or maybe its just air.

Maybe a small part of destiny is tempting if its good. We, unaware of whats to come next, just play chances even at our best of decisions.

The Gods Destiny smiles Grey as he looks at Ryan, whose face soon changed its colors. Ryan looked at the crowd that felt silent on seeing Grey whispering something to Ryan. They were looking anxiously at them, wanting to know what was happening. Ryan then stood straight, looked at the crowd for a minute and passed a smile. That is all my friends. Enjoy the dinner. There was sudden movement in the crowd, people started to move towards the buffet and Ryan stepped down of the podium and walked towards his study inside the mansion. Grey followed him. Ryan sat on his chair, Grey stared at him. Ryan started to breath hastily in silence. He saw Grey slowly sliding his hand and feeling his gun, a warning to Ryan, indirectly. The Master sent me smiles Grey. Ryan froze for a while. He was blank. He had heard of the Master but never imagined that someone so famous would be working for the grand mafia and someday, would such a man, enter his study and threaten him for the only thing that Ryan never wanted the world to know. A document that has coordinates of all the nuclear warehouses in India and written as a document that has a small message to unite human faith and god, The Gods Destiny. Why are you here Grey? The document smiles Grey, sarcastically. Well? Ryan gives a puzzled look. Grey stands again, takes his gun out and slams it on the table. He then stares at Ryan with his eyes piercing through him and then he shouts, The document? Is it true it has the coordinates to all nuclear warehouses? Mr. Grey, You are mistaken. Its just an article Thy Master dont lie to me, my friend Grey tried to placate his own anger. You have to trust me on this there was fear in Ryan yet he kept his calm. Ryan was shivering a bit. The fear started to escalate. He kept looking at Grey, waiting for his next question.

I am Contas Froid Devkar Grey shouts, walking around the room. You know him? The smuggler Yes, Fear me he shouts, banging the desk hard, keeping his face at level with Ryans and staring straight at him, piercing through his patient fear. Ryan just kept looking at him. So Thomas Grey is fake? Ryan looks puzzled. Tell me Ryan, would you cooperate with me? What options do I have? Death smiles Grey. How should I cooperate? Lie thy Master Grey looks straight at the painting beside Ryan and then turns towards him. Just fake the document, lets work together. I will get you the Master, I will get him assassinated and you on the other hand should sell the Uranium bricks. The money is to be shared Ryan was left baffled. Why would Froid want the Master killed? He gave a small thought, silenced for a while. He kept thinking the very change in order. It is difficult to believe that Froid wants the Master assassinated. Ryan looks at Froid, and then slowly he starts to speak. But I dont have authority in Nuclear warehouses Ryan looks at Grey. Yet, if the Master can be removed from the way, I can get you the money You are smart afterall I am indeed Ryan tries to smile. How do you want to play it? asks Ryan. Heard you are off to London the next week; Well, The Master would meet you there. I would take you to him. Lets get it done there Grey playes his hands on the desk, sitting on the chair just opposite to Ryan. Ryan stares at Grey. He understood that the Master knew much about the document and he knew how. Somehow he suspects a threat to his family. This deal was a good one and Ryan didnt think much. London it is

You have three days Professor. Get your chores in order Grey smiles. Takes his gun and walks out. Ryan looks at Grey leaving, he breathes slowly. Turns his eyes around and then opens his lower cabinet. He then takes out a thin document with the cover page, reading in large font, The Gods Destiny. (Present 2012) Trombay, Mumbai, India The Only thing that people knew can blow so big. So devastating can the effect be and so minutely can it pierce through, chisel the self-reliance and break the ferment chimes of body, turning them charred, brown, bolstered and damaged It is such an outstanding discovery, such an auspicious one, among the greatest inventions and the very insight into the nature, yet it is devastating, yet it is catastrophic. We are scared for our children; we are scared for our future. You know what I scare? I scare myself, my identity and my personality But time and again we have lived to be harmonious in our actions and yet we discard the only feeling we despair, the fear of death. We are strong enough till the very seconds counting to death, but my friends, everyone fears it. Even the one who goes on the suicidal bombings? The crowd was silent. They were stunned by such a speech on a small ceremony to commemorate the opening of the Ryan Rycart Nuclear Research lab in the remote location of Trombay, close to Mumbai. The Woman giving it was an amiable personality to many. She was known to read people, well a psychic of sort. She was also a big and controversial critic, writing many columns in diversified news dailies and a household name for many. But hey, did you call me here to talk on H-Bombs, Bah! I am here to facilitate the ceremony. Sorry people. There was a smile on her face. Sarah Rycart, the adopted daughter of the late Dr. Ryan Rycart, who had, as quoted in Newspapers, committed suicide. There were many controversies surrounding my dads death. Many! People like you, People of such high status do know that when we are surrounded by the shutterbugs of opposition, we do things that we dont intent to, yet we think before we take the step where we would end our ownselves. We cannot kill ourselves. My dad wasnt a coward. You all know that. He was strong. Very few are fortunate to be in his presence, many of his students would agree. A man with self-

esteem, confidence and calibre, Knowledge at par the greatest mathematicians and scientists. People from Princeton regarded him a genius Her voice was strong, heard through by the audience. She knew the whole press was there. Press from all round the world, because opening of a nuclear lab in India, in the name of an American citizen surely has many people questioning its credibility and future. The Manhattan Project, started during the Second world-war, in the Year 1942, has a very strange and an unfortunate history. The United States had very few options left in field of defence and the Manhattan project based on the idea of the greatest minds of the 21st century, led to the invention of the H-Bomb or the first Atomic Bomb. It was not very less speculative of Albert Einstein to have discovered what German Nazi was up to. Under the dictatorship of Hitler, they sure had plans to capture the attention and rule most parts of the world. What had Einsteins attention was the use of devastating bomb, bombs that can clear of fields spread in miles far away from the point of detonation. Its catastrophic Its massive its deadly After the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States had shown the common people what such bombs can do. The everlasting implications were unpredicted and Japans two most economical cities were destroyed in seconds after detonation. But it was nowhere associated with the Manhattan project though. Robert Oppenheimer regarded as the chief of Manhattan Project, The Father of Atomic Bomb along with Enrico Fermi, is one of the most legendary figures of the scientific world. The H-Bomb has been a subject of great controversy, great delusions and also the mirage of destruction that a bomb can cause is the very instinct of many terrorist attacks around the globe. Getting hands on the Uranium, the Nuclear graded, can give people having it, the worth of their lives. People, strong ones with great connections in their locale ministry and their own mafia gangs, are always in search of buyers or sellers as required for getting hands on the Uranium bricks. The Nuclear history can be written in red blood ink, with cries and fowls of many people. Even though the discovery was such, that it just started by discovery of an atom, the structure of it with electrons revolving around the Nucleus, as discovered by Neils Bohr and the Quantization of Energy leading to Quantum Mechanics by Max Planck and Albert Einstein can stem a happy writing of its memoir, it still has failures, deaths and rise of wars as it goes along in its story.

Albert Einstein can recall his own equation of E=mc2, the one that actually made him the star of scientific world, even though he won Nobel for discovering the law of photoelectric effect, had many things locked within his great brain and no one yet knows what they could have been. So much for a scientist, regarded with respect the brightest mind to have ever taken birth on earth has been forced to change countries to find comfort zone. It was not the money that could have attracted such a person to Princeton University in United States, but it could be his good will vision of saving lives by counteract on the discovery of the H-bomb by the Nazi. Greatest minds alive at that time can recall the works of Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein into making the H-Bomb a topic of Energy efficient resource and not as a deadly weapon. They cant imagine a world that can be a bait to test such bombs. Werner Heisenberg tried his best into luring his own teacher, Neils Bohr into the mission of the Nazi regime of making the H-bomb. Although, it was Bohr who knew that something was there, something evil was to come out when he first understood that when a nucleus is hit with a highly energetic neutron, the process of nuclear fission happens and a great amount of energy is released. The energy released can either be used for Energy generation or for evil aims of destruction of mankind There was this insecurity in him, the very human nature of thinking the adversity, the result of obscurity. When Heisenberg approached Bohr for taking him in as advisor for the Nazi regime, Bohr had the feeling of paranoia; He knew that he was to go against his convictions. He was scared as well as ambiguous. The only option left was to detach himself from his student. They had the most controversial conversation, something that remains dark because none have the idea about it yet it was not easy and it did force Bohr out of his country and taking peaceful shelter under the arms of the Princeton faculty. The conversation between Heisenberg and Bohr is now just named The Copenhagen Interpretation, considering the place, the city of Copenhagen. Sarah Rycart, How did your father die? asked the reporter of channel10 News Live. Excuse me? Sarah sounded perplexed but kept her smile. You said in your speech that your father didnt commit suicide, if thats true, then who had him murdered? Sarah looked at the reporter. Are you an addict mam? The reporter was stunned by the sudden question popped by Sarah.

No I am not You are a bad liar. Never mind, the right hand that is just flying in air doing nothing is shivering constantly. Now, it implies fear, but why would you fear me if such questions are just making you a benign bitch, then it must be the drugs you take without prescriptions. Indian law, well, doesnt give freedom of drugs for the press, so better go from here now Sarah smiled at the reporter who was completely drenched in sweat with her camera man still rolling the tape. Stop the recording you idiot The reporter shouted at the cameraman. Stop screaming and move out of here now Sarah shouted at the reporter. Sarah looked at herself in the mirror of her car. She was always scared of her presence because whenever she saw herself in the mirror, she found her father standing and looking straight at her from behind. Sarah loved her father, even though she rarely got the chance to meet him, she loved him and his ideology. Robert Oppenheimer and his team had worked hard towards developing the first H-Bomb. Oppenheimer knew the implications. He was well aware of the ethical debates and the gatherings of the esteemed scientists outside the project to go against the development. He was also known for employing the best minds into it. The project was running successfully eventhough scrutinized by the selected few under the Presidents eye. Its working and its security was the priority of the Presidents administration. After their first spectacular testing in Mexico, The Trinity test, the project soon wrapped under controversies yet the beauty of its research and invention is realised by many. Many controversies had forced Oppenheimer to resign. Everything was haywire. But scientists and mathematicians associated with the Manhattan project still recall their first experiment in New Mexico, something that was worth a vision. Long, far away was a cloud of huge dust with effect that was flashed in distance of 120 miles from the detonation point. People, ironically, cherish the sight, because it was one of its kind. The detonation had also sealed the United States position as the Super power in the world. With countries liked Russia, Saudi and other Middle-Eastern ones standing over its shoulders. The Nuclear war was not far away and it was embarked as the currency of war. Sarah inhaled at the podium as the crowd stood up and applauded. Everyone was drinking her words as she pierced through them. Her father had worked hard enough to prove that Nuclear energy is efficient and is only for future energy requirements and not war.

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multiarmed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another --- J. Robert Oppenheimer, after the Trinity test. Ryan Rycart was one of the many scientists who had played a pivotal role in developing the HBomb. He was regarded as an American citizen, but post first world-war, his father had taken asylum in Telli Galli of Mumbai, India. Ryan had a very tough upbringing, his father was imprisoned for life when he was six and he had no other parental relatives, His mother had died just after giving him birth. It was his destiny he believes that the most famous and wealthiest man of that time had keen interest in philanthropy, especially running orphanages because he was one. Mr. Guru Prasad Duggal, the Chairman of Board of Hybrid Inc, a scientific Research and Development lab in the Whitefield area of Bangalore, Karnataka in India. Guru Prasad was one of the most renowned faces in scientific business and research communities. He wasnt a scientist of any sort but invested in ideas he found worthy of his money. He was known to be the smartest and richest venture capitalist of India. Guru Prasad was now a retired man, he had resigned the board but the board gave him the status of Chairman Emeritus. He still had his shares maturing there and he used the money to build and run orphanages in Mumbai. After the Imprisonment of Ryans father, the Police had taken Ryan into custody. He was to be sent to foster home. Ryan, when he use to recall his childhood, always was reminded himself as being Oliver twist from the famous book of Charles Dickens. Ryans father was an US Army soldier. Many details were never revealed but he was tried for conspiracy and treason. The treason charges were removed because many proofs against him were assumptions yet he didnt want to be in United States anymore, because he felt insulted. He took asylum in India because he was always fond of what he had heard about the Indian culture. Even though when he got here, the treason case hadnt settled completely in US court and when some witnesses from his regiment, which he believes was a setup, testified against him, the United States ordered the Indian defence arm to capture him. They did and Rycart Sr. Was apprehended in Mumbai. He was found guilty by the United States court and was imprisoned for life in the Illinois County. Ryan however was left behind in India, taken care by the Indian police, it was a wish put forth by Rycart Sr. fearing his son would be in danger in the United States and it was a desperate measure. The Judge ruled against Rycart Sr. But seeing a clean past record he agreed to his wishes.

Ryan was kept in the Indian Government homes and then was transferred to the foster home that was under the Guru Prasad Duggal Foundation. During his childhood Ryan showed exceptional skills of his intelligence. He could memorise things early, he could say days of any dates of any year, he could talk fluently before any child could even pronounce their own names correctly. He was always outstanding in science and maths and this attracted a lot of attention. His exceptional methods of learning and presenting his ideas in the age of 10 had attracted the attention of many teachers who use to teach these orphans. One of the teachers was close to Guru Prasad himself and always communicated what was happening around. In one of the many conversations, she said to Duggal, This boy is a prodigy for sure Mr. Duggal. Guru Prasad had many more recommendations coming in and he finally decided to adopt Ryan. Guru Prasad went to the orphanage and cleared all the adoption paper works and took Ryan with him after his agreement. Ryan was a dear child too him as was his own son Rajneesh, who was younger to Ryan. Later in their budding age, the two bonded closely because of their similar interests in Science, especially Physics. Yet, Ryan was the smartest, he was truly a prodigy but that never undermined the confidence of Rajneesh, who was very close to his step-brother now. Rajneesh Duggal had his own ideologue and taste. He never competed with people. A calm mind but robust, he placed high bets in small stakes of life. Being son of a rich dad has its own perils and being brother to a prodigy brings along its own competitiveness yet Rajneesh remained in his own world even though never was he alone. He had to work hard to get through to high school but as he grew so did his mental abilities and his inclination towards Maths and theoretical physics. Why wasnt he smart in high school? Well, as a matter of fact he was but in a different way. Rajneesh a.k.a Jack as his friends called him was a budding player in the cards game of black jack. Many called him Jack and didnt even know his real name. It was during the weekends that he along with three of his friend which included two best buddies and a beautiful girl who in future became his mistress would walk into the dim lit dens of high-end gamblers where money was no limit. It was like the Vegas encapsulated under a small cafe in the corner of the Madh Island in Mumbai. Secluded in the fishermens village, no one from the law had any idea that a fully functional Vegas atmosphere was here or maybe they did. They entered the den with a simple rule Earn and be safe.

Jack and his girl Lara would always sit together. Many in the den were now familiar with them as couples and they knew Jack because he was their local star. Some rich guys children use to come in and Jack use to take full advantage there. Lara was a beauty but no one thought of her any less than a gambler too. She was smart, quirk, a bit tom-boyish because of her usage of slangs more often in the den and her witty talks with playful eyes. Her charm influenced the least gullible into her arsenal of firing demands. Thats a 10 on 10, split? asked Jack with a strong voice and starred straight at Ramona Singh, daughter of the Billion dollar Pharma company owner Randeep Singh. Jack was smitten by Ramonas eye lashes and her flashy lenses. Her figure was symmetric and her bosom held strong. His eyes kept staring at her lips that were shining because of the gloss and her hair that were temporarily sprayed with golden colour touch. Jack just couldnt stop getting tempted and fell prey to her beauty. What do you say? asked Ramona, her voice was whispery and her fingers tapped on the table. Her eyes made strong contact with Jacks, trying to seduce him. Well, you bet the minimum so I have no interest in winning here. Just go for it replied Jack losing his smile. He didnt like the way Ramona stared at him because he knew that Lara was getting annoyed as she sat just beside him pressing his hand hard. Mr. K, just stop it here Ramona said to the dealer. Ramona then stood up, flanked her hand on Jack and lowered near his ears. She licks it and whispered You count well. Jack was never caught counting. He did count and he did it every day. Whats the... +9 Ramona replied interrupting Jacks question. Jack just smiled back even though it did surprise him that she kept the right count yet she lost. Lara looked at Jack and was annoyed by this meet between the two. She looked at Jack, her eyes narrowed. You she shouted. She kept the count Lara Jack defends.

Anyone can keep that Jealous! Huh? Jack pulled Lara closer and gave her a kiss. She just pushed him away. Rajneesh Duggal stirred well with the gambling crowd and was doing well in academics too. Obtained a Masters degree and then his thesis on Bose-Einstein condensate had many controversial assumptions yet he did get his Ph.D. Rajneesh married Lara and soon they had a child. A boy shouts the hospital nurse. Lara kept weeping as Rajneesh brought the child near her. She felt him and was so smitten by his small fingers intertwining hers as though he never wants to leave his mother. She kept cuddling him and Rajneesh enjoyed the moment and made a promise to himself that he is going to take care of them in all aspects. It was only half a year after the boy was born that a name was given to him. As per the Hindu tradition, the boys father whispers the name into the babys ear during the naamkaran ceremony. Vikram whispered Rajneesh into his sons ear. Lara smiled and Ryan, who was in California at that time, was shown every moment of the ceremony through Video Messenger. Ryans wife Sunita was also there, she was happy for Rajneesh and Lara but there was some despair because she still didnt have a child of her own. It was a week later that she went to see a gynaecologist and found out that she can never conceive. She broke the news to Ryan straight away and Ryan comforted her and decided to adopt a child as soon as he comes back to India and be with her. Sunita felt low for few days and Rajneesh asked her to live with them. Lara was supportive of the decision and Sunita cared for Vikram, as if he was her own child. The Brothers, Duggal brothers, had stitched the family well after their fathers death and prayed that never should anything happen to them. Rajneesh left gambling and became serious with the University affair. He started to work hard on projects that were initiated by the department. He use to work full time and never did he miss out on any reports. He always was close to the high rank superiors of the University board who grew very fond of his vast knowledge and the sense of humour. Past ten years now, Ryan has returned back from the United States. Sunita was more than happy to have an adopted child and they named him Karen. But, as we know, The Master had already inked their fate in blood. Rajneesh was promoted to head of department position and had a strong arm in

the boards decisions. Lara was a housewife and took care of her son Vikram, who has grown handsome but still not a teen, was Indian brown with twinkling black eyes and curly black hair. As time passed by, Vikram also graduated from the IIAP (Indian Institute of Applied Physics) but then changed his interest into Vocational courses of financial trading and applied for the Michigan B School. It was here that he learnt more on banks, the investments and the City Trading. He learnt that how Banks are now getting an upper hand on the currency of their countries. The government control people and the Central banks control government. The machinery is tight and unknown. Very few had their eyes open before the bubble of 2008. Vikram was an avid reader and during his course in Michigan he read the paper Has Financial market made the world riskier? The paper was a blow on the city traders. It completely scrutinised and proved that the Banks, the private ones that pay high bonuses in incentives are to be surprised soon to find a complete full blown run-down of the cash machinery and every one that profits now from this may or will suffer.


The Financial Web:

Walker Inc. A running financial powerhouse situated in the heart of Mumbai city at Nariman point. A huge, posh, sixteen floor building with the top floor completely redesigned for its charismatic and autocratic CEO Mr. Green Walker himself, was running high now. Somehow the bubble that is prolonging in the International market had provided him more options on contrary to invest that to in leisure and earn from the real estate. Most of the assets that Walker owned were abroad and never accounted for publicly. The housing loans appeared really cheap for most of them during this period. The risks were lowered and the rates were decreased, somehow everyone was on verge of being the next millionaire. While people like Walker were beyond the single-digit billionaire lines. Mumbai was not participating in race to the top but the feud between the two financial capitals, New York and London for the top, to become the financial capital of the world, somehow provided many perils for cities like Mumbai, Shanghai, and Dubai etc... Dubai advanced magnificently. The real estate was booming and skyscrapers were built at an enormous pace. The prince invested and brought in more people from all around the world to invest, take home the profits and make Dubai, a completely transformed city. Shanghai too didnt waste any time and was soon witnessing a drastic remodelling. Mumbai, well, didnt develop infrastructure because the awareness was low, yet, the top one percent in living standards excelled with ease and India too witnessed billionaires. Traffic increased as the money circulated without any regulation. Private Banks were dancing in the tunes of profit. People were getting rich, demand was increasing. The standard of living was out bounding. The top 1 percent was living the dreams while the bottom 90% had cheap loans and houses of their own by mortgages through banks. Every big city was partying and many economists related to the academic discipline somehow never bothered the conflict of interest and those who kept their eyes open were predicting the most dangerous floods. The poor is being murdered shouts Walker. A grumpy old man in sixties, fair but less poised because of his scarce hair (it worried him) stood up, putting more weight on the right leg, holding a stick to support himself. Round glasses and white heavy moustache, Green Walker was not just an ordinary trader. He was the Moneygator.

The Minister of Finance under the Congress cabinet, Dr. Milind Deonkar Sr., was a bit taken aback by Walkers sudden burst. Governments were lured by such high living standards and through one man stands they started to deregulate the money flow. Private Banks were happily selling credits and the laymen were buying it without any risks. Businessmen loved the atmosphere and real estate agents had their dream homes and cars, some had wives. It was not long back, Strong visionaries that have given us banks like J. P .Morgan, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, HSBC corp. etc. followed the regulation of the government policies. Soon the government lost the count and slowly shifted the power of money circulation into Federal Reserves or Central Banks. These Banks were the most powerful houses because they sheltered money. The only thing for every! points Walker, his voice was sharp and his critics were inarguably flawless. He kept the audience in his charisma and made a point. Deonkar was in the audience with the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) chief and many other entrepreneurs. The circulation was, well, regulated. Regulated means, for those who dont understand finance at all, that the circulation of money was calculated with the necessary constraints, constraints are the Market conditions and various other factors that affect, such that there was no discrepancy in the flow and it did not affect the market, the Nation or the people individually. It created standards that always aimed to have lesser liabilities by decreasing the debts, the loans I mean and increasing revenue. But soon greatest minds stepped in. They started to argue the very thin silver lining of Regulated markets and Deregulated markets. They had their reasons, their plans and at last their debates and they won, they won the trust of the government and soon the Market was deregulated and the money was circulated with actually no aim One of the members from the finance ministry starred at Deonkar. He kept signalling him to stop the speech. They had foreign dignitaries there and they were scared of straining relations with these diplomats. Then one of the members from audience stood up. Yes My son, why are you interrupting me? quizzes Walker in frustration. How you can say for sure that the market was deregulated and that there wasnt an aim? asks Vikram with wits and confidence.

Well, Son, Private bank profits were rising and so were the incentives for their employees, who, well, had nice plans to give away loans at cheaper rates. Many people ran to have them and this was the most lucrative deal. Question is: How? Well its really interesting to know (Walker then turns from left to right, staring at the audience, presenting to them his opinion) how every investment banker, trader or anyone who is the agent of Finance lobby knows very well the nerves of the others that can bring them down into negotiation. The wary and very needy people were given off loans for real estates in cheaper rates, Mortgage process. These Mortgages, which the banks knew are to be red-flagged as the probability of returns was low, were then sold to investors around the world. What was the internal process is a mystery yet what was out there had been mutating to form the most evil and diabolic era of Finance, The recession or the Bubble of 2005. Banking sector was licking the mud that it had stamped so hard, the Banks that sold these Sub-prime loans were at a hit and those which heavily sold them understood the reality that these assets cannot be liquidated and hence they were not only hit but were completely out of the race. The Government had their feet dragged into the pool of blood that drained from the hardworking people, who had bought these loans and who were homeless, bankrupted and suicidal now. Yet the richer still got rich. The governments still functioned the same way. Only few companies were out of market and maybe a few millions had lost their jobs around the globe. Every stock market had taken a dip and every country was responsible for its own loss. When new government came in, the same people who were responsible for the bubble still held those strong positions and the justice to the victims was actually never done. But we cannot be credible for this because this was never proved actually. The speech Green Walker made after the bubble started to surface in 2005, which soon led most of the banks in U.S and U.K to file bankruptcy. Vikram was among the crowd. He had flown down to Delhi with other college associates to be a part of the Economic Conference of Delhi. His questions needed more answers. He ran backstage and stopped Walker in his way. The security personnels pushed him back and this created a ruckus. Walker turned around to see it and found Vikram on the ground. He looks at him and smiles, The Young alligator blood Sir, the incentives can not be the only cause? Vikram asks as he tries to stand on his feets. It is not bluntly replies Walker and walks away. Vikram scuffs his shirt for removing the dust and watches Walker, disappearing in the clutter of crawling people.

Vikram was saddened when he researched on the Sub-prime mortgages. There was something missing in it. He had this conflict of interest, that somehow the plan was diabolic. Many economists shared the feeling, some warned but the Government was keener into believing in the Central banks. It was more confident in the derivatives, the complex calculations and somehow they lost control over the market when banks, that distributed these loans, fell prey to the suicidal scam and led to their closure. He did his thesis on banks and Investments and obtained a Ph.D. When he returned to India, he started a hedge fund. He had employed only ten people initially under his payroll and each of them were aggressive and competitive making the hedge fund a success story. He was fairly acquainted with the idea of Long term and Short term trading. The tricks of hedge funding, the beauty to profit either way when the markets go up or down made it the most tempting profession for easy cash when having a strategic mind. The short term trading by borrowing, selling and buying back, even though risky, had its own perils of winning the market even after the market dipped and the Long term trading, to wait when hedging for the stock to ascent was a beauty in itself, the ultimate test of patience. Few skills and you earn millions and this attracted many young people into this stream. Many may question the morality, the ethical code, the way traders and brokers deal but at the end even the most disciplined trader aims at profits from his trade. They play every second because money and time with proper skill, well, makes you earn and if gone wrong, can make you bankrupt Financial aspirations are just superficially tyrant. Those exuberant souls of thy almighty that forget the social clause of serene respect during the period between the markets opening to that of its closing have never actually undergone the ethical solicitation, justifying their own moral conduct to the tabloid of world. Yet, someday they would know that they deal with not only their money but money of those who dont actually understand market but desperate measures force them to play the bull, stakes are higher yet they bet Banking sector may have been given the clean chit but economists, the true ones, do know that another bubble is due and it will come with may be more harsher implications negative to the humane society. And if this time the culprits are caught and no victims are given the justice may be then the devastation would just double or quadruple demanding more regulation and restoration. Government has spent a lot in the reform process yet nothing is solid everything just remains invaluably arguable. The boom, well, might be the new bubble soon. There was exuberance and

wits in Vikrams speech as he stood amidst the global bankers and many angel investors. As soon as he ended and walked back, every one stood up and applauded. They had heard him and even if nothing good is actually going to happen yet Vikram has hit the nail straight. The next day every newspaper bleated about the speech. There were debates in every TV news channel. Opinions flew, controversies were started. Many bankers started to question the morale of Vikram Duggal. But he stood firm on his opinion. Vikram walked into his office one day and found a letter from the Prime Ministers office (India). ...You have been appointed as the Chief Economic advisor to the Prime Minister in the PMO... Vikram smiled, tears of happiness rolled out. He transferred his Hedge Fund to a fellow colleague and remained a silent investor in the same. He never interfered in the board decisions. The Hedge fund was now the part of Walker Inc. You bought Trinity? shouts an executive from the Nexus trading ltd. If you are talking about that Vikrams hedge fund then yes replied Walker. Well, things aint that good huh? They are going nice I believe Walker whispered. Any news? Yup, Thomas Grey plans to buy a part of the bank that lost in the UK For how much? Its rumoured that the stock price was around 3 pounds per share? That cheap? shouts Walker. Many are to go on like that Has the brothers filed it yet? I dont think so. There was a meeting yesterday. The Secretary and many hi-fliers were present. I didnt spot the brothers He would have been rolled out. The Brits are going tough on that Sir, I think its time we negotiate with Grey Not a chance

The Indian banks would also plunge Then we should wait? Wait for what? The Bubble to burst grumbles Walker. People would be wrecked They have already lost faith. (pauses) Maybe thats what I am waiting for. The chaos has just begun Walker inhales. Lynch is sold. Chase has taken it. Stearns out. The International market seems chaotic. People are protesting in most of the places. What else do you wish for? India is still calm Walker disconnects the call. Then he dials to his operator and links to his accountant. Hello My child Walker speaks enthusiastically. Sir the accountant freezes. It was the first time he was contacted by the CEO directly. Buy in more of Greycom and make sure it remains hot It will be done straight away It should be Walker was strict. (soon...) Somehow I suspect you to be angry? Froid spoke charismatically. Should I be? Walker wasnt demanding either. I am trading well I suppose Tease thy Master Walker laughs and disconnects the call. What do we have on Trinity? Froid shouts at his assistant. Mr. Grey, Trinity has been sold completely to the Walker Inc. Mr. Vikram Duggal would be joining as the advisor now

Connect me to Deonkar The assistant connects Froid to Milind Deonkar. Safe Deonkar asks. Yup Taking him in then Treat him well. Lets drain well in the Indian Politics A million every year Froid Not a penny less Froid smiles. Deonkar laughs and shunts the phone after disconnecting. All in place? asks Froid. Do I need to be intimidated? smiles Raul. Go now Froid clears his throat. Go. Vikram was married to Rani two years before he left for Michigan University. As per the Hindu tradition in those times, they were married early in teens (*Its not compulsory), Vikram was just completing his final year at the IIAP and Rani was still to complete her Higher Secondary. Rani was nearly five years younger to Vikram but that didnt bother him. So sharp in her speech and so witty in her replies, she at once had Vikram on his knees when he interviewed her for the position of Junior Economic correspondent for the Today Magazine started by Rajneesh Duggal in IIAP. Rani is fair, not very beautiful cause of her broad hip but her intelligence was enough to flatter the opposite gen. She had her own space of giving opinions. When Vikram had started his studies in Michigan, his son Karen was born. Vikram was in no position of taking responsibilities but Rajneesh stood forward and helped Karen through his schooling. Five years later Vikram published his paper on the Bubble period that extended till 2008, when Vikram had returned to India and assumed the position of the Chief Advisor.

(Later: Year- 2010) Vikrams son Karen was soon to graduate from Institute of Engineering, Mumbai. Karen was proud of his dad when he first saw him on the TV addressing as the new Chief Economic Advisor to the PMO. Vikram was a national figure now, many investors liked him and he brought in many global businessmen to setup industries in rural parts of India. The then Minister of Finance was Dr. Milind Deonkar (a.k.a Deva). Vikram was really caring towards Karen but didnt want Karen to get into the financial stream. He had named him after his cousin, son of Ryan and Sunita who was murdered by the Master when Karen (Ryans son) was just a baby. Vikram wanted his son to grow into a theoretical physicist just like his father Prof. Rajneesh Duggal. But then its not always what you wish for your son, turns out to be the same. Karen wasnt studious nor was he sharp. He had this phenomenon of day dreaming. He was creative and always found solace with a pen and a scribbling pad. He started writing poems, articles, opnions and blogs from the age of fourteen. Was famous among his peers and had a good presentation skill that added more to his charismatic persona. He grew mature soon yet he lacked the practical edge on most of his study material that made him struggle through his school and higher classes. He somehow managed to get a seat in the Institute of Engineering, Mumbai and soon found himself deviating from the trend of Duggal dynasty. Vikram wasnt happy with Karens performance yet he was proud of his sons writings and never did he compel Karen to take up Engineering or anyother practical work and encouraged him to complete his studies, establish a life, settle and then follow his dreams of becoming a writer. Karen has grown tall. His physique is gracious and received well by the opposite sex. He had these twinkling brown eyes to convince his way out and he had this calming persona that eases his friends whenever they needed support. Somehow Karen managed to be there for all his friends. He always shared his stuff and treated everyone equally. He had a philosophical inclination in such young age and by the time he was reaching his graduation, the day he sniffed his first smoke, he knew he was now independent and he accepted to be a wanderer. It was only a year later, when he was on an academic trip to London. He met the love of his life, a Britisher, fair with twinkling blue eyes, Jade White, Research intern in CERN.

The Intro:
(Present-2012) well its superb!. kudos!. the way I wanted shouts a Veteran of the civil war that broke out in Africa a few years ago. Gen. Ottawa, had tears in his eyes, when he read out the paragraphs or excerpts of experts as he clichd. Karens book was a roaring hit in the market, beating out all fictions, as his work was appreciated because it was for the first time that emotions of war field and executions of impromptu plans were scripted fictionally and that it showed where the American government actually hit the nut that couldnt break even after strong enforcements. It confronted the plights of an army in war, placating the aggression of the deprived soldiers who still miss the recognition. My book Beyond the line, within it is just a small piece of creativity by my budding fingers that itch to hold this beautiful pen and scratch the paper by inking each idea of my mind with pure confrontations of emotions and love that plays the backdrop of every serious engagements and commitments Karen smiled at the beaming audience. Karen walked out of the book launch and drove to Versova beach in Andheri. Took a break for himself and sat in the corner table of Barista coffee shop just near the beach. It was his hide-out, a place where he enjoyed various personal dreams and thoughts; thoughts that were beautiful and then it was the place where he sat and tried writing his books. But today something has happened, his phone fell silent soon, he rose, went home, looked at Jade standing there, her eyes wet, he looked at the photo in her hand, he knew he had to console her, Mr. Charles is dead, Jades father took his last breath in the Criticare hospital, located in the intersection of JVPD in Mumbai suburbs. Karen sat on the couch, confronted himself, looked at Jade, sleeping with tears dried near her eyes. He looked in front, a poster; he shifted his sight, and saw his grandpa smiling at him, in a photo. He closed his eyes, and sudden flashes of past memory aroused. He sensed in him was hiding something he couldnt recollect. I die for u o dear! O dear, I. the words echoed within him, his eyes were closed, in mid of complete darkness, he pictured his grandpa. He murmured, grandpa and fell into the running flashes of past memoir.

Karen suddenly got up in the middle of the night, he could see Jade, and she was breathing heavily. He took her in his arms and walked into the bedroom and let Jade sleep nicely on the bed. Soon, He was standing on the edge of the partially opened door, where the light took the complete freedom of this partial void and shined out in to the dark bedroom, focussing on Jade for Karen. She reacted to the sudden light shining onto her eyes, but dreams had played better, and she slept.

Chapter 2: The Ploy

The days were buffering the emotional glitches and the weakest temptations of the uprising scenarios that had led to such mystic nostalgia, Karen, looked at the clock; he then turned his eyes on Jade, who was fast asleep. He stood up, barged into the bathroom and within an hour was ready to set out in an expedition. The real way out of what was science and where did the religion stand to compete! But that was not his motive. To prove the struggle of existence, you have to prove the Human paranoia and behaviour and for that you have to question the rules and bounds and that would lead to questioning of his religion and lastly, the belief in god! Karen was tempted to write his book and he needed answers to help him differ from religion and find similarities in science. For he was not writing a book on the Survival of human, as it has already been written. He was writing a book on the Humans, Religion and science and suddenly Karen looked at his wrist watch and then thought, Instead of Darwin was right, the book should be named Religion via Science Karen packed his bag and left for the state of Tamil Nadu. He dropped a letter near Jade telling her how he loved her but couldnt say where he was going. Ticket to Chennai Karen stretched out his hand and let it inside the hole of the ticket counter, his credit card flashed and the attendant took it with a smile. She nodded at the availability of a flight in the next hour. Karen agreed and took the ticket. He then sat in the airport lounge. Karens phone rang. The caller ID flashed a number, unknown. Karen gave it a suspicious look, but then thought of his whimsical old friends who might be playing a prank. He received the call with a smile. Hello said Karen smiling. Mr. Karen, Nice to hear your voice sir. I am sorry, but I am unable to recognise you. Who is this? Karen had never heard such a manly voice with such gentleness. Thats hurting Mr. Karen, I thought we were close friends. We might be able to recognise each others voice by now. Well, listen to me first, I hate the diplomatic talks. My identity is not of any concern, I just want to inform you that your wife has been kidnapped and that I need you to do as I command. Do not hang up or I would be forced to cut your wifes finger by my, well, special

Italian knife and slowly pierce through her intestinal tubes. Mr. Karen, hope my identity is not necessary for you now, as we have less time to achieve some goals What goals? And what is all this? Why are you doing this? asked Karen, hesitating, his name was being announced in the airport, as his flight was about to depart. Mr. Karen, hope you would love to hear your wifes voice, and then take decision on boarding the flight to Chennai Suddenly, the voice on phone changed, Jade was breathing heavily. She had a gun pointed on her head and a small knife just in front, Karen. I. Help her voice was pale and she was scared. Karen stood up in shock. So, Mr. Karen, are we clear on the authentication process. Now please, pick up your bag, move forward 10 steps and find yourself in front of the phone booth, open up your cell, separate the battery and the SIM card and throw it in the waste bin and then enter the phonebooth, you have 20secs. Count starts now. Karen puts his luggage down, walked casually towards the phone booth and opened up his cellphone. He threw the battery and SIM card into the bin and entered the phone booth. There was a sudden ring, Karen picked up the phone. So Mr. Karen, fun isnt it. Lets have this relationship of co-operation. What say? (Laughs) What do you know about me? Why the Hell are you doing this? Take me instead of Jade, please, please leave her alone Karen sounded estranged. Thats a concern she would love to know but am a bit void at heart. Recently had a stroke and guess what? Am back on my foot Listen to me you. Ill call up the officials and they will track you down. Listen Mr. Karen, I have tracked you down already and have the leverage, either we have the relationship of co-operation or I kill her and move on to someone else like you What do you mean like me? What do you want for god sakes! asked Karen, his forehead was covered with sweat. The caller sighed, and then laughed, loudly. Karen became more restless, he knew he was caught up in a big trouble; his wife is in danger, so is he. The choice would be hard.

Mr. Karen, you seriously are a hard nut to crack. Now listen to me, ask one more question and ill bite your wifes ear off. Am a man eater Karen, A man eater. Do what I say! Understood? the caller was not in any mood to be less demanding. Karen had to comply. Now Mr. Karen, you were leaving for Chennai? Why was it? asked the caller. Job- related work Oh! But Mr. Goldberg, your boss I believe, had assigned no task for you this week. You were free. Was it seriously Job related? How do you know Mr. Goldberg? Answer my question Mr. Karen. Was it really Job related trip? Yes The caller shrugged, ran towards Jade, put a knife near her eyes, Jade screamed. Karen shouted, No, No. it wasnt job related. Please leave her. It wasnt job related. I was going to Chennai for some personal expedition Personal expedition, huh Yes, my grandfather left behind something and I have to find it Prof. Duggal? How do you know that? Well prepared Mr. Karen, all for you. What were you going for? I dont know. Just following leads Dont lie Karen, You know what I am capable of doing now? I am not lying, believe me Well, your sweating and puffing, your body is shivering. Haw! Is it cold? You seriously are telling the truth

The caller had broken into the airport subnet and accessed into main LAN network and now has access to the surveillance. My capabilities are all visible to you Karen, one wrong move and you force me to do something that you dont want me to do What do you want? The reason Mr. Karen(period) Why were you leaving for Chennai? Well I have to find it by going for it and now you have stopped me Sure I have because now you are taking me with you Huh! How will you come along? Technology One of the officers comes up to Karen, A fat guy, grumpy face with scars. He wires Karen, putting an ear piece unit into his ears and a small camera lens near his top collar button. Karen, now youre connected to me and if you try to lose it and I lose connection with you then Jade is no more a leverage, she has to pay the price I wont and you dare not touch her Sure, I wont if we have some co-operation. Now go to the Air-India counter, get a ticket for the next flight to Chennai, now Karen goes to the ticket counter and does the same; his worried face had made the ticketing lady loose her hospitality temperament. She lost her smile and asked, Sir, are you all right? Yes. Yes I am, thanks for asking Oh! I love these air people, too much to put in sky the caller speaks from the other side. Karen, the ticket says, 13:30 flight, well thats in 45mins, come on, go for security check Karen walks towards the security check, and then he stops suddenly. What if the detectors detect the ear-piece or the camera? Walk and be cool

Karen didnt ask more. He prepared himself, puffed a bit, looked around, and stretched his hand. As soon as Karen walked out of the detector, the officer standing in front ran his hand detector from top to bottom of his body and there wasnt a beep. Karen looked at the detector machine, the detector was turned off. Karen was convinced with the influence of the man on other side of the phone. The officer stamped his boarding pass and looked straight into his eyes. Karen was soon in his flight, the Air-hostess had asked everyone to switch off their phones. You can to Mr. Karen, am connected through this tiny dude Karen didnt switch off his phone, rather put it on silent. What a shit piece. Switch off your phone. Youll crash the planes network Karen switches off his phone and frustrated he whispers Will you stop commanding me? Oh! Breaking news, NO The passenger beside Karen, looked at him, strange behaviour had made his fellow passenger suspicious. There was sudden hush-hush within the cabin crew. Someone was coming. The doors were opened again and three men in tuxs entered, with their eye glasses sparkling at the edge where the sun rays fell gallantly. They walk towards Karen, he becomes petrified, the caller closely watches the video, they flash their batches and Caller knew that somebody must have tipped off. Karen, how did they come here? I dont know Mr. Karen, youre under arrest for murder. They then cover his face and cuff him. The passengers nearby are astonished, especially the one sitting beside Karen, an avid reader of Local newspapers, where he read about an CBI notification urging people to report a man who is in the CBI wanted list for murder. The Indian local newspapers are printed black and white and the photo wasnt clear, making the passenger unable to recognise Karen properly. Karen you dare not mention about me, you know the consequences

Karen feels the steady movement of the officials, how their boots taps when they walk with speed and with aggression on their face. Soon he heard various voices questioning, the Press was there. Karen felt astray. Arrested in charges of murder, but whose? Karen soon found himself being driven away from the questioning crowd and onto a bumpy road. After an hour his cuffs are removed as well as the black cloth and he could see three men, the same ones on planes, standing in front him. They were serious. Something did happen serious. They have evidence? Karens mind went haphazard,

The Nariman Complex, Mumbai

The stocks are piling up Close it. close it. at 9. the market closes in 5 minutes. The deals with the Malhotras is off. I repeat the deal with Malhotras is off. Call the New Yorkers now Called, not a single penny to be lost, no investments Other disinvestments options to be looked into, NOW updates! Updates The Reliance closes at 19.2, 2% high, NIFTY has to be seen Check the final Sensex a minute to market close down The shows to be off Call. wait. call Grey. Thomas Grey, the big white elephant Mr. Grey, I am speaking from the Nexus group, your trade-off has been minimal. Reliance the ticket You want to teach me kid No, sir, I want to warn you before the sun rose from other side fair enough

Yes. is it yes count me in. 1800 shares.now Done. meet me at 5pm sure sir 1800 shares for Greycom co. Reliance is the ticket today Done. good work Stood up sir. I stood up to your principles I am proud of you my girl. Renee stood up, proud as she was yesterday and the day before. She was passionate; she was made for this job. Her eyes had that shine and respect for money and to lure others was just another cup of tea. Her eyes sparkled, as she walked through a passage of clapping hands and smiling gestures of appreciations. She had won the big ticket, she had won him over. The time was to shutter everything she had accounted for and she would now be accountable enough to enjoy what she wants and deserve. Her pay scale increased by the margin and she thought all over again, her calculations, her meets and her ideas, as she walked few steps into her new cabin, the one she waited for just an year or so in this company, where the first day had teased her, the second raped her, the third had a one-night stand, the fourth made her cry, the fifth made her fall, the sixth made her wet, the seventh taught her rest. The Indian market was booming and so was her company that provided various demat account and pan card holders the right assistance to invest and earn through shares. Her transactions were now going to change, from regular dialler phones to a caller-id and from hundreds of callers at a time to a secretary monitoring her calls. Renne Walker, Executive marketing head, Nexus Marketing and Investment Co., sparkled her new visiting card. She looked at it again and again and smiled. Then she looked at her watch, it was 4:30pm, she had to leave to see the client, the one who brought her till this stage of very success. She booked a cab and in the next minute was driving through the Mumbai city, into the suburbs. The Office of Greycom Industries, a sprawling, lavishly built 5 floor office building, controlled the very business empire of the biggest Investor, Mr. Grey. Renne stepped out of the cab, made her way through the security and found herself sitting in front of Mr. Grey, exactly at 5pm.

Punctuality, Miss. Renne, it matters to me Me too Mr. Grey Is it so? Yes her eyes had the sparkling confidence. Grey fell for her, but didnt change his blunt look. So, whats the new development Renne? Development? Do you think your company brought me in by just providing me information on 2% rise in Reliance stock, thats amateur, but ok. Is there a big fish in business to catch Renne? I dont get you sir You aint that smart as I thought! you are under-estimating me sir. Mr. Grey, playing blunt to overpower my beauty and asking for a big fish in Indian Market, amateur for just our company, is not convincing Grey understood that Renee wasnt a simple Indian woman to handle. The complications were fairly reflected on her face and that he had no other option but confront her. Well, Renne, You convinced me with your intelligence. Will your beauty do the same? Its on you to try sir Grey walked forward, towards her. Renne stood up, looked straight into Greys eye. She wasnt scared, rather Grey was nervous, but the blunt look was still glaring at the most beautiful woman Grey had ever seen after his seminar that one day. Renne was no simple girl, Grey thought again. Anything with her is permanent. Sir, I suppose, its time for me to leave. I have a new assignment in hand Renne, I implore you to stay I want to but this assignment is important for me Please Renne, I deserve some time with you will have dinner with you tonight?

Sure, Taj Hotel Thanks Renne and Froid (*a.k.a Thomas Grey) shook hands, she gave him a smile. Froid was still confused on Renne asking him for a dinner, as he thought it would have been the other way round and obviously would not have been as straight. Renne walked out of Froids cabin, her heels tapped in resonance with the rhythm of invisible love in Froids heart. Froid had changed for a moment. His loving personality overpowered his ruthless addiction for money and power. Everything you had done today, Mr. Grey (alias Froid) you do have a taste Rennes eyes sparkled, as Froid gave his gracious smile. For they stood on the bay of Froids Yatch and looked at the Gateway of India, lightened up in the night sky, with the Taj hotel enlightening the backdrop. Renne stood, as Froid walked closer, whispered in her ears, Its just Grey She turned around and faced Froid. Froid played her body and slowly inched towards her and then locked her upper lips and she closed her eyes. Life is scintillating, why to be confused then? Mr. Grey, Is your relationship with Miss Renne legit? a news reporter calls him and asks as he walked around in his office cabin and saw every newspaper breaking the news of his new relationship. He wasnt furious, but smiled. Hey Renne was soft. Saw the papers today. Paparazzi Froid smiled, looked at the Walker Inc. building ahead, covered with glass, a 16 floor skyscrapper with a helipad on the roof with a passage connecting a complete floor cabin, arched with Indian teak wood, carved to the taste of the man using the cabin. Nailed paintings and classical antiques with portraits of the ancestral memories, Mr. Green Walker, the President and CEO of Walker Inc. did have a taste of how to live life with Money, when you actually have it. Taste the things you like, let the dislikes be dislikes. Froid remembered Walker whispering this in one of the elite parties of Mumbais richies. Does your father know about us? Well, he is now well informed Thomas. The papers and news bleating it loud He still didnt call you? No

Chapter 3: The Contingency

(PRESENT-2012) Mr. Karen, recognise this photo? asks one of the agents. Karen gave a look at the photo, it was a bit blurred. Suddenly, his body got chills and he shivered, his eyes started to budge. Thats my wife Jade, is she? Yes, she was murdered with a sickle. We came across prints that matched yours. Mr. Karen you had been in our look out for murder of your wife from a past one week. past one week? But I was with her yesterday. She was tensed about her fathers death? This photo has been taken a week ago in your apartment, when you were out to Bosnia for a business trip, as was written on a note found in your wifes purse. We contacted Goldberg for your travel itinerary. He is your boss right. He connected us to your travel agent and they informed us that no Karen Duggal had gone to Bosnia that day. Mr. Karen, if your official alibi isnt a click, then where were you? Why do we have your imprints on the sickle? Why did you kill her, your wife? Karen went mad for a second, he wanted to faint, shout, and cry. He didnt understand a thing. Everything confused him. I didnt kill my wife sir. (shouts) I didnt. Its a mistake. Please check my ears Karens confusion grew; he had to tell about the caller. The caller on other side switched off all his connections. A connection dot, how did you get this gadget? Today, somebody in airport called me up and didnt give his name, he threatened me. He had my wife as hostage and that if I dont comply with him, he would kill her. He forced me to miss my flight to Chennai, throw my phone away and stayed connected to me with this gadget until you came and arrested me in the plane

You say you were in a hostage situation? Your wife, whos dead, was taken as hostage by an unknown person, who gave you this gadget and threatened to kill your wife? What is this, a joke the agent grew serious. No sir, please believe me. Check my pockets for boarding pass of Air-India flight to Chennai One of the agents did the same. There was no boarding pass. Mr. Karen, wheres your boarding pass? It should be there. I seriously (interrupted).The door opened and a lady entered. Agent Richa Carlos, special detective, Crime Branch. He has been put on the fugitive list on international Interpol as his wife was associated with the British government. She was an intern, who was recently recruited as a full time researcher in CERN. She applied for British citizenship and was accepted. Therefore, its an international case now handed over to the British intelligence, these are the transfer orders, he would be handed over tomorrow by the crime branch. I have to take him with me Well the papers are all fine. Agent Richa, he is all yours Uncuff him, he isnt a threat to me, Ill take him free Your call The agent smiled. The agent uncuffs him, the senior CBI official; Usal Khan takes the papers from one of his agents. Richa takes Karen outside the room and whispers, I know what is happening with you, just walk with me, dont be foolish enough to spoil the ploy, I am here to help you What? Karen got more perplexed. Karen just walks fast, we need to get to my car now, they would know about the ploy soon Officers, she isnt any agent with Crime branch, the papers fake. The authority just got it crosschecked. Close all exit, catch them, do not let them leave shouts Usal, as all the agents start running down the corridor. Karen, the alarm is on, hear the boots taps, now run The whole CBI building went into red alert. Have you ever jumped?

No for gods sakes Jump now They both land on a truck full of cotton mattresses. You had this jump planned? asked Karen gasping breath. Had to and by the way I am Renne Walker (smiling) Who is Richa? A deceased Crime branch agent that would have bought us some time, but it didnt Why are you helping me? Many reasons, we share some interests I dont want to. My wifes dead and I am suspected for her murder. I have no intentions of sharing any interests Well thats bad to think but your wife isnt dead What? Where is she? I dont know. The CBI officials found a body, it was not your wifes but somebody else who had been, may be a plastic surgery, but made to look like your wife. They didnt run any DNA check, so they guessed its your wife How can you be sure of this? I know the facts Mr. Karen, I am not making fun here, I have some serious matters to solve and need your help. I know where your wife could be Could be? Thats helping mam. Thanks. But please. I was made hostage and then a murderer. Whats the point? Your grandfather, He is the point huh? we need to get you a new identity How do we get that?

I have that arranged. I just need you to co-operate Well I have no options Yes Where are we going now? asks Karen, he tried to forget all the things that happened today, but he became more worried. Nariman building, I have a friend around, who would give you a new identity. Renne senses the sudden nervousness in Karen. if this would help. The caller who called had killed my Father a week before. How do I know this because I work for the Covert operations of CBI, unknown to most CBI officials themselves, had sources that helped me connect the dots. added Renne. How do you know the caller? I didnt give him a name Its his only style. He calls people, threatens them. He works for Contas Froid, the smuggler What has the smuggler to do with me? Not with you, but with your grandfather? How do these people know my grandpa? Will tell you soon Renne, why did the caller kill your father? I dont know Who was your father? The truck stopped near the Nariman building. Mr. Karen, I know there are great many questions in your mind, lets finish up some small jobs to erase our tracks and then we will have a talk Renne and Karen jumped out of the truck. Walk with me, behind Renne taking out a gun from her sock. You said he was your friend

Covert operatives make no friends Does that mean something else? You would understand soon They slowly walked towards a deserted corner. Renne slammed a broken door, the room was pitched dark, situated on the corner of the road, and there was no sign of a single human. Is anybody there? whispers Karen to Renne. There would be Renne walked forward, slammed another door and soon the light went on. Cant you just knock and walk in a man shouts from back. Karen tried to look for the person. Come out Geeki Renne, stop calling me that stupid name Ok Laz come out now Whos the guy? asks Laz. Your customer replies Renne giving a sarcastic smile. I aint working Dont test me Renne shoots the wall. Now I understand the phrase we dont make friends whispers Karen. The man comes out, a tall, Indian guy, with contact lenses and piercings on many places on his face. What brings you covert chick here? We need a new ID for this man Photographs? Karen searched for his wallet.

(Renne turned towards Karen) CBI has taken it Mr. Karen. (Shouting at Laz) Here I have his photos Karen looks at Renne. Renne took out three photos of Karen and gave it to Laz. How did you? Karen quizzes. Had to You broke into my house? Many have I guess yes Need time asks Laz. one hour orders Renne. What, I... requests Laz. Nope. One hour. Food? asks Renne. Corner table, a small refrigerator directs Laz. come Mr. Karen, we need to talk sure Karen walks with Renne and they settle on the corner table.

You lost them? asks the Master. Yup Regas wasnt interested in replying to the question. Regas Froid shouts on the phone. This annoys Regas. What the hell are you doing in the middle? Regas shouts back. You lost them you shit piece. Now search for them orders Froid. Them? quizzes Regas. Yes, He has an agent with him. I still dont know who he or she is? But I need the information now, he has escaped the CBI building, we need him tracked down by today orders Froid. No, no Froid, dont order me, I dont take your orders replies Regas. You son of ... Froid shouted angrily. Regas, track them down intervenes the Master. Yes, Master replies Regas, agreeing. Froid, you wouldnt interfere in Regass work, am I clear? the Master orders Froid. As you say my Master agrees Froid. The call got disconnected. Froid sat on his desk, he looked on the other side, outside his yatch, the sea was hidden in the dark skies but the sound implored him to calm down, his facial expressions were aggressive, he hated Regas. Regas Mendousa, A Mexican Mafia, who had served ten years of his life in different less famous prisons of the world was finally put into the India Arthur jail in Mumbai, when he was caught for drug trafficking in Goa. He was somehow released with great contacts of the Master. Regas never knew who this Master was. He was introduced to strong people and was given many bad tasks of the Masters gang. Regas never argued but rather used his skills to earn his millions which were given by the Master after each task he finished. Regas was famous as the Caller in the Indian and international Interpol, as his identity was hidden, but his way was the same. He calls up the victim, taking someone close as hostage, blackmails and extorts money. Froid found this method cheap and less amusing. Regas never confronted Froid until one day he created a scene in Froids own dance bar in Goa. Regas was heavily drunk and he tried to molest a lady, who was acquainted with

Froid. When Froid heard of this, he did not know that Regas was a part of Masters gang now and he had physical fight with Regas. Being in Froids dance club, Regas had no one in support, while Froids people surrounded him with guns. Regas wasnt punished but rather kicked out. Regas, because he was heavily drunk, did not remember Froid after that nights incident, but he did remember the bar. Regas was crossing the streets of busy Mumbai city and sat on the Worli SeaFace. He spat in water whenever Froids face came reeling in his mind and that it came often. Regas was furious and wanted revenge badly. But he knew going against Froid, was going against the Master. He had no choice but to wait for the time to fly by. Renne, who is Froid? asks Karen with raised eyebrows. Dont ask me such questions Mr. Karen, because I did all this to ask the same to you I mean, what all do you know about him from your database? Well, there was no picture of him. He owns a few basement garages which have all his shipments, but we traced no location, then he has many villas in various hill stations and port cities of India, we traced two, but they are guest houses of commercial companies leased for five years each under the name of Greycom Industries Greycom Industries, thats Thomas Greys company Karen sounds perplexed. How come you trace Froid to Guest houses leased by Greycom Industries? Karen stared straight at Renne. Mr. Karen, Let me tell you a story, once we are out of here Renne, arent you delaying many things Eat your food replies Renne with a smile. Renne? Ok. I was in a covert operation a month ago And? I worked in a Marketing consultancy company called Nexus limited under the name of Renne Walker You didnt change your name and that company is three blocks away from here right?

Yeah What were you doing there? Trying to gain access to Greycom Yeah! The Greycom building just in front of Walker Inc. Wait a minute what? Are you Mr. Walkers daughter? No, I am not, I was pretending to be That means your name isnt Renne Walker No You are still in the operation? Yes So you are still under surveillance by your people asks Karen as he sensed too many things going on around. Very well Mr. Karen So, I am actually a fugitive helping the police Ah! Thats right That means the CBI wasnt running behind me, Theres no father of Renne Walker dead and my wife is murdered Karen stresses the last part and felt silent. Tears burst out through his eyes as he cornered around the table, Renne sensed the grief. Mr. Karen, even though I am still under the operation, I am being observed only because I have broken all communications and that is why the CBI was running behind us because they caught me on their building camera. Usal knew Richa is dead, thats why he took the papers from his agents. He just wasnt sure whether he was right, so he skipped the part of checking the databases with the Crime branch. Deceased people are filed separately. Covert agents arent filed, they are reported if the matter relates to national security and the officer who asks for it has high personal contacts. Usal is the man. He did have contacts and thats when he checked for me

Wait a minute. How do you know what happened in the building after we ran away from there? Renne pulled out her connection dot from her ear. I hate that piece. Who are you connected too? The truck driver Who is he? My partner in covert operation, He is helping me So its true that your father was murdered? Yeah How does your driver keep track of everything? Chatters on local frequencies; every system has a loophole, and when your part of the system, you find it in the first week of the job explains Renne. Well Mr. Karen, your wifes alive too Renne consoles Karen as she sensed his grief made him silent. Thats reassuring, little Karen tries to hold tight. Who are you then? asks Karen pensively. Cant say, as per law am on duty replies Renne. Tell me, I am not in contact of the Caller who supposedly holds my wife as hostage and I dont know the time frame for his deadly actions nor do I know what he wants. How can I be assured that when I help, I will find my wife alive? Karen was restless and pensive. His question was idiosyncratic but his patience mystified his temperament and that he sat talking to Renne with calmness and respect. No assurances, you have no other options Mr. Karen Renne makes a straight face. She had no time to console Karen and she knew he was a hard buck. Renne, where are we going to start the search for Froid? I didnt complete my story Mr. Karen. Karen sat silently and showed his interest to hear more. Renne continued. The Trading part was an easy job, I got Thomas grey a big ticket once and he let me in the Greycom

Oh! A beautiful lady in the hostile situation of meeting an art collecting maniac, did he kept appreciating his art pieces? there was frustration in Karens voice. He did but I didnt show any interest in them and he sensed that. Now Mr. Writer, stop interrupting. So, when I sat in his cabin, my surveillance team guarded each and every exit. I was wired and we recorded every conversation that I had from that particular meeting. He turned out to be flirty and was a gentleman, I liked him though (she blushes, Karen shows no interest, she smiles and becomes serious). He then invited me to his yatch the same night, I did visit him there, my team searched his house within that time frame and the CBI searched his Office. In the yatch, he got closer to me, trying to be the normal teen in love with a girl; I too had to buy time, so I gave the signs of appreciations easily. Then in the next minute I was in his room inside his yatch cabin, the connection dot that I wore, had one defect, anyone getting closer to my ears, could hear the chatter, I had to throw it and that was the biggest mistake. I didnt have the status of what my team has done and there I was stuck to give him pleasures for nothing Means you didnt find anything there? And you did have. . Karen fades out in the last part. Yes, it was all-or-nothing situation, I had to take chances. Mr. Karen, am open-minded, I had to compromise something Well, your call mam, your call Karen whispering the last part, showing no interest in what had happened that night. However continued Renne. Oh! Theres a however Well! There has to be. When we finished with the act, I asked him to take me to his home. Your men? I had to take chances, and I know, the team wouldnt have stayed there for more than two hours They must have deserted his place? They never do Mr. Karen. Alibi verifications are daunting tasks

Chapter 4: The Vendetta

Mr. Raul, you have a gentleman touch spoke a blonde, rare to find in India. The Lady held hand of a tall, fair guy, clean-shaven masculine face. His smile was verile and his height was the perception with which a man looked over shoulders to take pride of his masculinity. Not a puffed up body, but sure was fit enough to spark the women an urge to be orgasmic about the man. Raul is an Indo-American who once worked at the American embassy of India in New Delhi. So, a retired diplomat staff huh? asks the lady. Do you think my age is anywhere close of getting retired Raul grins, as the woman pounded on him as he rested on the bed of his bedroom in his house. After hours of affair, when a conversation of Rauls past started, Raul felt uneasy and that made the lady insecure of him. They got up from the bed. The lady felt herself shivering and Raul only sniffed and took long breaths. Who the hell are you? asks the Lady angrily, as her hand started to bleed. The blood dripped from the index finger. Rymore Raul Why? Why do you want to hurt me? screams the lady, as she cried in pain, her fingers were broken, she couldnt feel her leg, she was trying hard to stand, but her broken ankle and pain in her both hands due to the cuts and bruises caused by a cane stick, she couldnt do anything, but cry and shout for help. You are a bitch lady, coming in my room, on my bed, using me. huh? Am I mad? am I Raul screams at the last part, as he entangled a belt around her neck and tightened it. He then took his cane stick and started to beat her hands, starting right from the shoulder and she screamed, her scream was fading as she was becoming numb, she couldnt feel much of the beatings now, her eyes soon started to see darkness engulfing her view, she could see Raul, standing naked in front of her, beating her with a cane stick, suddenly everything started to blur, she couldnt breathe and the darkness then took over. She slowly fell on Rauls leg, inching towards the final seconds to death. get up you whore! (he kept her beating) Raul shouts loud, he started to beat her hard, she was dead and he knew that, he kept screaming, fell on his knees, then loosened the belt and cried. He played with her hair and in the next moment kissed her.

Jobs done he said on the phone. Got up and got dressed and in the next moment found himself in the streets of Santacruz, Mumbai. Raul walked to a nearby cafe, ordered an espresso. He was clean enough; no one could guess him as a murderer. When the coffee arrived, Raul could feel his hands shivering with pain, as he still had the persistence of his actions on the lady. He could hear her scream for help, how ruthless he had become. Tears rolled down, but he didnt cry. He knew he was a maniac and that he liked killing the lady, he knew that when the dinner was over, the lady would surely want him for the night. He took her to his house. Offered her a coffee and in the next minute they were having sex on bed. She felt fragile, she was conservative, but Raul had the charm to lure her to his bed game with his bed tactics. Raul made her comfortable, talked like a charming gentlemen ready to please the woman. He did so, until the lady popped the question about his past. He wasnt reluctant, he told her about the embassy and that he was fired. When the lady asked why? Raul couldnt help himself, his temperament and in the next moment, he killed the lady. Renne Walker, a blonde, rare to find in India, was the only daughter of Mr. Walker, the President of Walker Inc., a tough competitor of Contas Froid, but Froid never cared. Renne was a blonde with red glossy lips, shiny white face, nothing was Indian about her. Her accent though matched most of the Indians girls who stuff themselves in western cultural attire. She was the hotshot for anyone belonging in the fashion Industry, being showstopper for numerous fashion shows; she ruled the elite and party pages of newspapers. The more her popularity in fashion, the more daunting was her scandals and controversies. Many times news on her annoyed her father, because he had reputation of a clean-chit businessman, who just knew the way to earn heavy bucks with cleaner methods. Renne loved her father; she didnt get much of her mothers love, as her mother died due to terminal cancer when she was just 5 years old. Her step-mother did care for her, but she never found her amusing, it was when she was 18 years old that she had her first non-parental life in a residential school near Dehradun. The first year of college was rough for any rich fathers girl, who had luxury for everything and when landed in a place where you are on your own, she considered it like stepping on a poop. It was during her senior year, that she found her tingling sexual interests and that she was in love with someone she knew from the second year. The boy is a sweetheart, she always said that to her friends. It was only a matter of few months that she was in a room with him and that he slapped her, not because she did a mistake, but because they were playing, rest is left in the weirdest imaginations.

I killed her shouts Raul in his personal room. His flat was just a one bedroom-kitchen-hall package in an old, depleted building in the midst of the crowdy Yari road, Versova, Mumbai. He slapped himself, he cried loud. He had the images of Vishnu in front of him, the Gods of God in Hindu mythology. Rymore Raul wasnt an ordinary man to defeat, a tactical planner and an organiser for cons, he loved what he loved. He had keen interests in women and their beauty from his teens. Renne Walker was his latest victim, of serenity turned outrage. He loved her, he slapped her in the senior year, when they were playing, they broke up and he met her again now, to kill her. But his psychopathic intentional thirst for killing didnt overpower his love, until he brutally murdered the girl he really loved. What would happen next, Froid? asks Ryan. Nothing Froid puffs. The next day the papers bleated the news of Renne Walkers death. Walker Inc. ran their complete PR on suppressing the news. Walker was in complete shock. He couldnt bear to see the photos of his daughters body as shown by the police officers. He ordered the driver to take him straight to the morgue and wanted the body to be cremated as per the Hindu customs. Raul, I want to know who did this to my girl, catch the son-of -the bitch Walker orders his head of Security, Rymore Raul, for the job he thought would responsibly be done.

(PRESENT) Whats with the however Renne? asks Karen. When we entered his luxurious house, there werent much of secret places a person could think of, every corner was visible. I could sense the presence of men, who had searched the house hours ago, they were here and they must have bugged this place, the only tactical thing I could think of. He held my hand and took me straight to his bedroom. I didnt hesitate. As we entered his room, my eye caught a camera on the flower of an Italian vase kept just near his bed. I had to do this job without getting anything compromised So, what did you do? I had to make him sleep. So a pill in his drink, but that was difficult, he never allowed me to get up from the bed. He made all the drinks. He thought of being the gentleman and that left me frustrated. He had a book cabinet and there was a study attached to his room. I just wanted to give those places a try. At one point, he had to use the washroom. He excused himself and left, I took the opportunity to make a drink and put pills in his glass. I made the drink, dropped the pill and there he was hugging me from behind. I turned around and smiled. He returned the same gesture. I gave him the drink; he smiled again and leaned to kiss me. As soon as he came near, I could feel my hand being turned with strength and his other hand soon entangled by neck tightly. He had seen me putting the pill. He sensed something wrong and there I was under my lifes first interrogation How did you escape? asks Karen pensively. I am a covert operative Mr Karen. As soon he loosened a bit to push me, I held his hand and pushed him on the bed and in the next moment I was sitting on him with the knife that was hidden in my shoes, ejected, pointing straight at his face. Thomas grey, an idealist, Bull-shit shouts Karen. I asked him with voice pitched high, who was Contas Froid? he smiled, and winked at me. He then said practice makes a man perfect What? The more you practice, the more better you are, thats all what it meant grins Renne. What happened next?

It was morning and I found myself dumped on a highway side what? He hit me hard on head with something, I felt unconscious and he must have thrown me there Why didnt he just kill you? I dont know. Maybe he loved me. Renne grins. So, we just know the agitated part of Thomas grey, how we can implicate him for Contas Froid? asks Karen seriously, Renne smiles. Mr. Karen, I said I was unsuccessful, not my men Renne had a huge smile, but Karen wasnt pleased then. My men had confiscated a 250GB Harddisk from Thomas Greys room. It had various encrypted documents, which werent that tough to break. The IT people ran their analysis, and found out that each document was actually a receipt, a paperwork you may say, between the buyer and the seller for some commodity which they guessed was for shipping some goods, when something is shipped with these filthy paperworks. They are actually smuggled replies Karen. Yes and there wasnt any signature on the name for a seller, It was just buyer attesting it That means the buyer has the copy of the seller and if we can track it down, we can actually get the person who smuggled Yes, but that isnt the easy way out and why should we actually run behind the smuggler? Because its interesting and because it it? could be Contas Froid Devkar Karen became more pensive. Very well So, how did you trace it? asks Karen patiently with enthusiasm.

Whenever a ship is docked on the port, maybe for legal or for illegal business, it has to be registered with the Port authority. When we checked with them we always found two names redundant on the mentioned dates on each receipt Were there dates? Yes, the buyers werent smart enough. They always put date beneath their signatures. Whats with the two names? Two names Akram and Ibrahim Whats special about them? They appeared to have come for every big deal that took place there So? Well, Akram alias Muhammad Akram, the CFO of Greycom Industries and Ibrahim alias Ibrahim Rehman, The CTO of Greycom Industries Damn! So he has put his men in top positions replies Karen. So that he controls the board, because everyone would favour him continues Renne. And thats why he is among the greatest marketers and investors The freedom to smuggle money for profit concluded Renne. But you are sure Akram and Ibrahim are the ones from Greycom Industries? You sure are a writer. Well, we forced the Port authorities to show us their surveillance videos, they hesitated, as this would land up on them as the biggest corruption scandal, but calls from higher authorities forced them to provide us with the feeds. We spotted the two entering the main entrances in their respective cars, ah! How stupid of them and matched them, first, with our criminal databases of smugglers, extortionists, kidnapers and then the database of Greycom Industries, where I gave them a breakthrough through the companys Firewall on main server and thats when we got the hit. Did you take them into custody?

Well, we did get a warrant to search them out. Akram was reluctant but Ibrahim was an easy job. But we did one mistake. These two were very close to Froid and when the search happened, Froid was warned and he shut down all his godowns and all his men were sent to their villages. Except for these two and Froid looking over our shoulders with his high-end political support from top ministers, he tied our hands to investigate further and we were forced to leave these two without getting anything out of them So, Thomas Grey is actually Contas Froid Devkar Yes, he is What a con? Dont admire him now we have a lot of work to do. Where do we go next?

Chapter 5:
The only phenomenon we always tend to forget is the way light paves way through a medium with such furiousness. What is light? What is the path? And what is the speed and how relatively we measure? Well, everything leads to great discoveries, from the scientist, a professor and idealist, Albert Einstein continued a sharp-witted, old man with a gracious smile and sparkling personality at an age of 65 years. Most of the professors retire, but this man was no ordinary one to question. His specs stylishly hang to ears and take support of the edge of nose, his winnowing white hairs in scarce population over his head. High pitched strong voice and politeness, Prof. Duggal, The H.O.D of Applied Physics in Indian Institute of Applied Physics (IIAP), Mumbai, had many scientists in his wish-list to meet if they were alive. Professor is it possible, we can travel back in time? asked one of his students. Well, it can be, if we make a time machine graciously smirked Duggal. But professor isnt it strange. Can humans possibly create multiple time dimensions in one particular space-time graph No, one cannot but may be one can, unless you dont have answers, try being diplomatic children, Time travel isnt something just to wonder and talk, its applications, imaginations, theories and thoughts. Can we travel back in time? Yes, we can. Can we build a time machine? Hopefully someday Sir, What about the theory of everything? Please son, find one, Ill be ready to fund you. The class gets over and professor makes his way out. Prof. Duggal Prof. Anderson replied Duggal. Pleasant morning isnt it? Classes getting over, fall to start, Lots of excitement and fun beside the corner. Oh! You still have the party planned? Yes, and I want you to be there. Also bring Prof. Yechuri along. Cant wait to play poker

Sure thing Bye Professor Bye Duggal

At the Party.
Straights laughs Duggal. I hate those heart shapes. This man is void of the same. Give me my money (laughs Anderson) Gentlemen, I might like to drink my 1865 scotch with you people, who have been so helpful in smy life. You deserve this Oh! I get to taste it too asked Yechuri with a smile. You can get beaten up for asking such question giggles Anderson. Duggal strides forward and soon his knees chuckle, he starts to feel wet near his chest, his eyes starts budge and theres sudden chill around his body, he starts to nauseates, he cant stand now, the legs start to shiver very fast and he starts to lose his balance, the world outside soon starts to blur and turn black, he was halfway to fall, when Anderson held him with one hand supporting him from back, he could hear Yechuri asking him Duggal, dont close your eyes, be with me there was a sudden hush-hush in the party, Anderson eyes the window, there was shattered glass pieces below, and far above in the neighbourhood, he could see no one. Anderson calls for an ambulance, A person has been shot, please send medics. Within sometime, Duggal felt himself being carried away in a vehicle. Karen Duggal whispered. Bring him, I want him. Call Karen Yechuri, check my phone for his number. Tell him to reach Ambani Hospital now Call him implored Duggal, as his breath was fast. The medics started to puff his chest. He was still holding tight. The Dhirubhai Ambani hospital wasnt far. They could make it in time. Karen reach Dhirubhai Ambani now, youre grandfather (period) your grandfather is shot cried Yechuri.

Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Karen Duggal spoke in pain. Grandpa Karen cried. for I shall not . Duggal managed to speak in pain. for I shall not gear, I shall not hear, its the only way to find my dear. Far above in the tip of sleeping lord, holds the element of the siblings secrets of all. He who created the existence, now sleeps. He who drinks poison now weeps. I shall now die. I die o dear I fear. I die o dear, o dear. Duggal wept, his pain was agonising. Soon he lost his breath, the heart rests and everything went black. His eyes were shut; Duggal then embraced death in peace. Prof. Rajneesh Duggal shot dead in his apartment yesterday night. Police are investigating the murder. No traces or evidences have yet given a clue of who was the shooter? The news bleated on every news channel. Duggal was a prominent personality in the field of applied physics in India and Abroad. He chaired many projects and organisations. He had a great following for his works on the super-gravity theory, The M-theory and the theory that could help in making the Timemachine. Duggal, in his pre-retirement had encouraged himself to embrace a lot of religious incitements. He followed gods of Hindu religion and soon was forced to carve a relationship between the two very subjects of religion and science. With a principled thought on science and faith in Religion, Duggal had left the very city of Mumbai and found shelter in the holy place of Thanjavur situated in interiors of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Duggal visited local temples everyday and conversed with many swamis (religious priests). He then heard of Swami Drayanandanam, a famous religious messenger as people reckoned. The city of Thanjavur was few miles away from the city of Lord Shiva, Vaitheeswaran Koil. It is here they say that long back a sage named August Muni wrote the conversation between Shiva and his wife, where he described the life of each person that took birth. They say that the sage wrote this on the leaves he found nearby as he was hiding himself from them. During the British rule over India, most of the leaves were destroyed, but the then Chola King, a holy man, appointed certain group of priests and made them translate the remaining ones on papyrus leaves. They wrote the conversation in a poetic form, something they say was really hard to interpret. The language was older version of Tamil named Grantham. It was derived from Sanskrit. It is believed that these leaves contain the details of the past birth, the present and the Future birth and that people, whose leaves are present in the Shiva temple, will come one day or the other to hear about their life. Translating them has become a source of income for many priests in this holy city. So Duggal, what have you got in mind? asks the Swami, politely, with a smile. Why does a man lust? Duggal asks bluntly. Lust for what? Money, Possession or Love? All the three; but first money and the rest follow it Thats human predicament my son Then why doesnt religion have a solution? Does Science have? Yes it does What? Human ambitions that are a part of his brains; they are desires that intensify his dream to achieve. When he looks around the world, he finds himself being sold at some valuable cost in different currencies. He is being auctioned for every part of his body. He runs, he struggles, he falls, he stands, he runs, he falls, he stands and then when passes a hurdle, he runs, he falls, he stands and

this process continues to very extreme, until this fall, stand and running makes him matured enough to think and lust for money because its money that can buy him everything to win his dreams oh! And whom do you hold responsible Us the humans themselves, from the era when mythology began, from the era when people started giving value to gold. From the era when things were to be refined and reframed to get an output from hard work and in return get something to buy something for living. Thats the era, The Era of what mythology says is Era of god So you hold Religion responsible for this? asks the Swami politely No, I hold humans responsible to this, and in my belief Gods were humans when they were on earth. So what do you think? There shouldnt have been a barter system? There should have been no person to value gold? Money shouldnt have been introduced? Then how would you value things? Money should have been there but without sufferings replies Duggal. Thats equal to saying money shouldnt have been there Son Swamiji, but why should a man run behind the lust? Why cant the lust run behind him? Well Duggal, if lust starts running behind a human, remember then, he is greater than god. If humans define god as the end of supernatural beings, then how can anyone go being beyond it and if beyond it is possible then theres no singularity. Let me tell you what Bible says. Long before when human existence was bricked by god, giving Adam and Eve to earth. They were told not to eat the apple on the garden tree as it was sinned. But Eve got influenced by the serpent, which passed by and lured her to eat the juicy fruit; Eve ate it and also asked Adam to eat it. Adam too had no choice, he ate it. When god came down, he knew what they had done. He was furious and cursed Eve that from now every woman would suffer with pain during birth of their child and every human would suffer and work day and night to earn a living. So religion myths do have an answer then. Was the existence of Adam and Eve proven? Well. Thats mythology. replies the Swami, still polite and smiling.

Then how can you be sure with something that was written to teach human society and not follow it or blindly worship it? asks Duggal. So science needs proof for everything. Does that mean you are here to disprove religion? asks the Swami, raising his brows, smiling politely. I am here to prove science and its similarity with religion replies Duggal. What can I help you with? asks Swamiji Tell me the truth of Hindu mythology You have millions of Upanishad, thousands and thousands of inscriptions and millions of holy written manuscripts, how can each be told to you as anything can contain some small truth. Its a sea of mystery and is good when hidden. Swamiji, I would ask you the questions. Let me have answers as though am talking to god himself requests Duggal. Time travel? Is religion having any realization of it? asked Duggal. Time Travel? Well, travelling in time has been a part of mythological stories, but they were fictional in times of Old Indian royalty. Time travel has nothing in religion. Any relations of Universe and big bang? asked Duggal. Duggal. Universe or Bramhaan was considered to be just a canvas of Lord Vishnu. Big bang was a question by scientist and a blast in universe that created many others was question in both religion and science. Lord Vishnu is the mastermind. Go to any Visnhu temple in southern India, youll find him in sleeping posture with his navel connected to Lord Brahma. He is in Shayan or sleep, where he, as the creator of earth, in dreams with the whole universe as canvas, plans the things that happened, things happening, things to happen. Thats why science says the Universe is as it is now as it was then. It would remain the same and singular but would have different counter-parts. So the canvas has parallel universes? asks Duggal with a grinning smile. Mythology never speaks of parallel universe. It speaks in more simplified way. The time after birth and before death. It has no dealings of what happens in with neighbouring universes. Science has to consider that but not Mythology So what is dream then? How do I sometimes dream something that happens in future? Why do I see some face in road, and say that I had seen him somewhere? Why do I find myself getting into a

girls love even though I never talked to her much? how do the feelings for a person become as we want even though it doesnt happen in real? Are dreams fake or some reality? asks Duggal. Your dreams are your own thinkings and visualisations. Your brain is divided into conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. When the things you dont pay attention to, get stored in the sub-conscious mind; while the things which you desire, see and do are stored in conscious mind, the unconscious remains silent and works silently. So dreams are something that you mould. Its just the coalition of the Long term and Short term memory replies the Swami. But what are those visualisations? How come I see them? If something is not paid attention to how can I imagine them? How can I get a girl to love me in my dreams, even though its impossible in real life, and I feel it in me? Why is a small visualisation actually sensitive to the whole body? asks Duggal loudly, lowering his voice at the end. Duggal again its just what you want is what you visualise Why do people get completely drenched in sweat when they see a nightmare, when they had an accident in their dreams? Why do they get the real feeling of broken ribs and twisted hands? Why is there a feeling within souls? How can something that you create and visualise actually scare your nuts off? asks Duggal, slowly feeling weird of his ending. Well if you dream or think, they are two different things. When you sleep after deep long thought of some accident or long thoughts of somebodys death or watched a movie. The brain reacts. It varies individually. You might find a scary movie funny but someone wouldnt. He would dream that scary thing then and obviously would sweat, because he is the one playing his own dream. replies the Swami with a smile, politely. (The swami continues) Son, many weep when they see something bad in dreams. Many get scared due to nightmares. Many have your state of mind when they think those conditions. Its just the end result of what you think. What I think is ok but where do I project them? continues Duggal. I cant say that! replies the Swami, politely but a bit serious. Thats parallel universe. Even though we dont know, but if Lord Vishnu has a dream on Universe Canvas, he has it with many universes and those are our neighbours where things may be a bit different than ours. justified Duggal.

Well. You are actually trying to question the existence of God? As I said before, we believe that beyond universe theres something called god. For all supernatural things which science cant answer, its gods creation. Any human with super-natural powers that helps mankind is god. Its just an invisible force as Newton too once said. History has it. That statement by Newton was later discarded by Einsteins theories. He actually told how gravity works. Which Newton couldnt and proclaimed it as some invisible force. So is this invisible force god. Yes or No? asks Duggal. Son, We Humans called them god. How can I say Yes or No. its a Yes by a humans point of view replies the Swami, still unnerved. Then were they really having those supernatural powers that actually helped mankind? asks Duggal. But Swamiji, why did Lord Ram go for a 14 year Vanvas, where he was ordered by his father Lord Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya, to go into the forest only because the later had been under a burden of completing the two wishes of his wife Kekayee to send Lord Ram for 14 years of Vanvaas and giving her son Bharat the Kings throne because she helped him during his war. Lord Ram did so and walked along with Goddess Sita, his wife and his younger brother Laxman. If he was a god, who decided his faith, why did he face the trouble going into the forest, losing his wife to the evil Ravaana and then rescuing her after a long war with help of Hanuman. asks Duggal. Thats how god plans the fates of evil. Its not that Ram takes birth and straight away lands in Lanka and kills Ravaana, its a complete process. They have to follow a cycle replies the Swami. Why? Why do they have to follow a cycle? Lord Shiva was the mastermind behind the whole plan of killing the evil Ravaana. First he planned the birth of Ram and in parallel of Hanuman, he planned that Hanuman would in future help Ram to kill the Lanka King Ravaana. So after they grew up and the 14 year long Vanavas, the war took place and Ravaana was killed. It took so long for God to take out evil asks Duggal. Well. Ravaana was actually given the power to control and be immortal, he had meditated very strictly for days and this impressed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gave him the boon. This gave birth to the devil within him replies the Swami. Thats the very thing Swamiji, thats what confuses me about Ramayana, being a story of one of the greatest lords, it portrays the devil to be more powerful than the god himself who is another

avatar or face of Lord Vishnu. If Vibhishan (The Brother of Ravaana, who was a deity of Lord Ram and helped him fight Ravaana), hadnt told Lord Ram that the Navel is the weakest point of Ravaana, Ravaana would have easily succeeded in the war. Thats like breaking the laws of the God- devil game. Where god was helped by the brother of devil. Thats insane. Well, He did remove the devil from the earth and if that had not happened, we would be suffering, we wouldnt enjoy the freedom we have now. replies the Swami. Then who decided the fate of Lord Ram? Who decided the Fate of Ravaana? Who decided the fate of Lord Shivas wrong decision of giving boon? Who has actually created the situation that led to war? Did god have his own god? Were gods the creation of a supreme lord, The one and god of all gods, and we the descendents, Was there life before the existence of god? Were Gods born like Humans? asks Duggal. The very question baffled the Swami. He went completely blank. He couldnt answer as he too sensed something was blank in Hindu Mythology. (continuing) and if thats not true, then the situations whether good or bad is not a gimmick of supreme lord or god, rather its just what humans create for themselves, like Lord Shiva did a mistake, that led to the story of Ramayana, Yudhishthir did his mistake that led to Mahabharata, Romans did their mistake that led to birth of Christianity, Constantine penned the bible, when he saw what Jesus faced, but why did Jesus had to face those trouble? Why wasnt he just given the authority to remove sin and live life happily thereafter, why was he crucified, why was he led into pain? He was descent man, why did he die? even though he re-lived after the crucifixion. Why did Muslims have to face the trouble of terror? Why havent they been given a peaceful life? Was it god himself laughing above to see these religion separately, to see people die, and if he blames us for this misery, then its proven God was no one, but a human with super-natural power. The past, present and future is what a human builds with his own imagination, observation and thinking and that no one else has a command over his life. There is no such thing as a mystical power or any lord that has mythological history Duggal started to shiver. Swamiji blinked his eye, he was still holding a smile. Son, just retrace your life back and tell me. You were born from your mother, Science proved the process of birth, a 9- month stint. You grew up and science proved how humans develop after birth, it knows what minerals and nutrients in what proportions would lead to growth. You started to learn the humans. Science proved that there is something called Brain that has many parts

within it to perform different functions of control and co-ordination and intelligence and decision making. You studied and pursued your higher studies and became a professor, you taught students and slowly started to learn the science with depth. You learnt the Universe that consists of eight planets and one dwarf planet in our one solar system and then you studied what the sun is and understood the nuclear fusion process. You landed on Mars and moon and found traces of life. You searched the very other planet but still need to go far. So your science hasnt gone farer than the Saturn rings and here you are questioning the supreme universe, that has millions of universes within it, that consists billions of suns and solar systems and uncountable stars and again now proving life in moon and mars and finding different moons of Saturn and Jupiter made you and your science to overcome the response of god and the religious understanding of the whole universe. Who are you then in front of God that you called the human, who are you? In his eyes you are smaller than an ant. we humans are the ones who took out the term god, because we dont know what force helps us, when we face some small accidents, why is that a small knife never pricks me but had killed my fellow Swami when I was on a lecture tour in Amritsar? Why is that, my aunt died because a dog bit her and I was ok, after fourteen injections? Why is that my Father died of diabetes and I am still alive, completed my fifteenth year, suffering from diabetes while my father died within three years? The reason is simple if not god, there exists some invisible force in our universe that plays mockery of our lives and we are just players of his game. We are just the ones who complete the seven stages of his life in a world that is a stage, where all men and women are players or actors and they have their own entry and exit. That Invisible force is god replies Swami, with his voice lowering down each time a sentence ended and at the end, smiled with clichd politeness. Ravaana as Duggal said, Swamiji interrupts. Ravaana, do you know who Ravaana was? asks the Swami in a very loud confident voice. A little I believe replies Duggal, playing his glasses. Ravaana, was a descendent of the Sapthrishis or seven saints, whose duty was to protect the Vedas and its Morality and wisdom. The rules, rights and duties of every saint and to see if the Vedic teachings and the Hindu monasteries, temples and way people worship god is in accordance to the Vedas. They were just like the Knights Templar, who had been given the duty to save the Vedic Rules to have its catch over the changing phases of different generations, just as the Knight Templars had to save what Bible laid down for them. They were the real astrologers, who laid down the very foundation of Hindu culture; they were the ones who lead their life, in principles

and convictions laid down by the Vedas. Ravaana was son of one of the rishis from the Seven rishimunis or Seven Saints. He was a very religiously and philosophically cultivated man. A learned man, who knew Vedas from all dimensions, He was the one who found the Rudra Veena. He was the one who composed the Rudra stotra and that is what impressed Lord Shiva, who gave him the boon. So if I am not mistaken, Ravaana was a keen man, before achieving what he got from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva or Bholenath(Bhole means noble or decent, Lord Shiva was the most Gullible and decent god, he was easily lured by his deities through Dhyanam or Meditation). The only thing that led to the change of Ravaanas character was his habit to capture and possess things. He believed in having things by possessing them either by love or by force, the latter was always what he opted for. He was the one who forced His half-brother Lord Kuber, The Lord of treasures, to leave the golden Kingdom, the Kingdom of Lanka and he took over it and was known as Lankeshwara or King of Lanka. He was the one who abducted the wives of many people of his kingdom and kept them as his wife. He had many wives, then on hearing Surpanakhas (Ravaanas beloved sister, whose Nose was slit by Lord Laxman, brother of Lord Rama) request, he abducted the wife of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita. This abduction and fight to get her back was all that led to Ramayana. replies the Swami. Swamiji, I respect your reply but again why was there a character change in Ravaana? Ravaanas contentment was very far reaching, like us right now, he too had wishes and wanted everything he saw. His ways of possessing things was forceful on others and hence he was devil. But on the other hand, if he would have not used force, then there would have been no golden kingdom, no hundred wives, no one to follow him, in short he wouldnt have been the king, rather a normal man. In human life too, a person has to put pressure to get work done, or else no one would do just like that and he would remain incomplete throughout the day replies the Swami. So you considered him a normal human? asks Duggal. Yes, I considered Ravaana a normal human but not Rama, he was god replies the Swami. Why not? He never opted the ways human led life. He was content of what he had. He respected the people around him. Remember when the bird, Jatayu, who helped him with the right direction of where Ravaana took Sita, was dying, It was Rama who buried him with all respects. He never treated his soldiers as slaves, he never ordered Sabri or Hanuman as a royal king, he never anguished his people, he valued them and was contented enough, he just wanted his wife back and no one else.

thats something that differs gods from humans. God has a very basic rule that he follows with every creation of his. He just provides opportunities; he never gives you the situations upper hand directly. He gives you opportunity and leaves upon you the duty of making the right or wrong decision. replies the Swami. So what do you mean Swamiji, was Rama a god or Human? asks Duggal, politely. He was a supreme human, created on gods will, the real gods that Hindu Vedas describe are only three Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and then are the nine goddesses, rest are their creations and that they give them opportunities and the rest have to make the right or wrong decisions replies the Swami, with smile. Thats the thing but did these three lords have any history? asks Duggal. Well, theres nothing mentioned in the Hindu Vedas or mythology, you only hear what Vishnus avataars had done, how they took birth? what Brahma did? What Shiva did and about his family? but no one knows about their history, how did they come, who they are actually. replies Swamiji. Swamiji, I still find myself blank. Swamiji rose. He walked towards Duggal and kissed him on his forehead. Stroking his hair, Swamiji whispered in his ears, something Duggal wanted to hear. The Lord is just the mirror. The Human is reality and that he finally ended his expedition on the truth of what science can offer for the peace with religion.

Chapter 6: Political Vengeance

Sir, the election campaigns on full-swing. 20 MLAs have voted in for you. No one can stop you from being the person to sit in the head chair of Mantralay (The office of Chief Minister). a luring, stout minister folded his hands, his eyes sulking to praise more, his tongue sprouting with words that praise this man, walking in honour, eyes so wide open, face so sharp, hairs tidily combed and complexion so bright, A man they call has dignity to be the masculinity example for people who do not know to present themselves in this field of politics. His power was outbound and his skill to communicate was far appreciated. He has lured 20 MLAs into his support. With tons of hoardings all around the city, This man beings the question of hour and contesting with far more chances of winning the polls, that takes place within a month, he remembers the sacrifices, the tough decisions, those money he spent and finally the blood on his hand, The person in run for the post of Chief minister, state of Maharashtra, Dr. Milind Deonkar Jr. a.k.a Deva, the son of the former Minister of Finance. I need the stage in Ahmednagar to be bigger, I need something dynamic to happen, I need a whole wide stretched land filled with people to support, I need this campaign to be the biggest, ask money from our investors, they have used me a lot and now its their turn to get churned. Arrangements to be made by today, I start my campaign from Mumbai and then Ahmednagar Deonkar ordered his men, as each of them started to run to fulfil their responsibilities because if they are unaccountable, they are dispensable and the factor of dispensability in Deonkars gang is faced with the punishment of death. From top-shot politicians to businessman, all invest and co-operate with Deonkar, because when they need their small not-so-legal jobs completely finished, they find no one such accountable as Deonkar can be. His connection was appreciable, he could get any job done and could get any mafia bent down on his knees. Contas Froid Devkar was one of them but they were close friends and Devkar never dishonoured anything Deonkar said. I want to know about the informant that Baburao planted in our team. I want him finished ordered the paranoid Deonkar, as he was informed about a man of his team communicating with his rival Baburao Goankar, The Politician contesting with Deonkar for the hot seat. Listen Froid, give this job to your best man. The man would be going to the Baburao residence, kill him there and if Baburao comes in way, kill him too

But wouldnt that raise suspicions on you, the press can be speculative You still didnt get me right? asked Deonkar, as Froid now sensed that Deonkar wouldnt backout. Ok, the job will be done. Payment process the usual way replied Froid without any hesitation. Sure, 3 Crores, 60% now and rest later, to be deposited in Singapore bank under the name of Froid. Remember that they disconnected the call, where on one end Deonkar gave a grave smile, Froid was still suspicious of Deonkars intention and Froid didnt like the idea of killing Baburao, he ordered his shooter to kill Baburao only when he is not getting a clear shot at the man and that Baburao is the one to be a collateral damage, he should not be shot unnecessarily. Froid was a little sentimentalist at heart, but was he? Froid never had his hands shaking so terribly when he pointed a gun at anyone, but this target wasnt simple. Baburao Goankar, The man who brought Froid to the place where he stands now, the man he once called Faizal Bhai. Today, Froid is forced to kill him, forced was not the word, as Froid wanted to kill him. He never treated Froid as his son but why should he, Froid wasnt his son eventhough he gave Froid his smuggling empire, but Baburao didnt show the signs of fear, he walked closer to Froid, took the gun and removed all the bullets, smiled at Froid and said, Maarna hota, toh bahut pehle hi mein zameen mein gaadh diya jata, par zinda hu tere liye, teri khushi hi toh khush rakhthi hain mujhko bachcha, mat ladh apne aapse, maarna hain to maar, nahi toh ladh (If youd wanted to kill me, I would have been buried long back, but am alive. alive for you, for your happiness son. Dont fight yourself. Want to kill me? Kill me then, else fight with yourself). Froid couldnt feel much alive, he cried, he ran towards Baburao and hugged him, fell on his feet. Baburao was his mentor, he could never kill him but things changed in seconds and Baburao kicked him, Froid fell a little far and then he found himself being beaten up by five men, men of Baburao. Froid could see the blurred image of Baburao, lightening a cigar in front of his sedan. Froid became nostalgic of this night he could never forget. The times when he was rising to fame in the smuggling business and later found that his cargo ship was looted by Baburaos men. Baburao didnt handover his successful empire, rather gave Froid his not-so-well functioning smuggling business, but Froid was sharp enough to get potential investors and man power to give his business the successful flaunt and now, he stands far ahead than Baburao in the smuggling

arena and isnt hesitant in getting him killed, that too when price is paid. But Froid looked into the glass of wine, the repels when something is dipped, the way it dissolves and the way he can be put to sleep by heavy dosage of this drug, soon Froid found himself sorry for Baburao and slept. Sir, Mission accomplished, Baburao was injured as the bullet passed through his arm, just bruise and cuts, he would be alive, but target is dead informed the man, as Froid found himself struggling with his hangover of sleeping pill, he smiled and disconnected the phone. Captivating isnt it Froid asked Deonkar, as he was well informed about the past of Froid and Baburaos relationship. I had hoped his death, but you helped me control the anxiety, thank god ill be not bothered much by the paparazzi. But listen to me, in future, when I pay, I pay to fulfil my wishes and you do that, clear? Mr. Deonkar, dont forget my men guard you all the time. My orders and they shoot you to death You listen to me Froid, Do you think you can scare me of my men only because you control them. They are dogs and they can sniff for their real master who fills their stomach. Am I clear Froid, I would not appreciate such answers from you, youre like my son, my own, its just that Baburao isnt my best of friends and nor would he be close to me anytime in future, you better be on my side, am I clear again? Froid fell silent, he had to force his voice out. His heart was pounding fast. Yes he whispered on the phone, as Deonkar disconnected with a smile.

Chapter 7: The Connections

Raul fell on his knees as he stumbled when he tried running out of his main door of his house, his eyes filled with tears, his body shivering, but he had to run, he was being chased. As he turned around, he saw Usal Khan running with five other CBI officials and they had weapons, Raul was scared of death moreover when he was guilty of the same for others. The misery, the pain that he caused were all haunting him, the way he killed that old man who just didnt pay his debt, the old lady, her scars were deep, the wife of old man, who was collateral damage, The face of Renne Walker flashed in front of him, he stopped, his eyes went blur, he couldnt resist that guilt, he cried, he shouts her name and soon found himself in pain, as three bullets pierced through his body, a 9mm bullet, shot from a sniper from a 20ft building nearby, Raul moaned and tried hard to turn back and look at the shooter, but he could only see Usal Khan puffing and swearing slangs because he lost his main suspect, The other 5 officials ran to look at the wounds on body and the backup that just arrived started to investigate the building where the shooter was. Raul smiled and he was completely blacked out, he whispered Rennes name and soon found himself away from normal world. Rymore Raul was dead, the CBI medics confirmed the death and Usal could only curse his job. He was pissed off remembered one of the officials at scene, when he was enquired about the complete shootout, which the CBI HQ considered as a case of encounter because the bullets found in Rymores body matched with ones that Usal has in his house. A committee was setup and Usal Khan found himself trapped in the CBI court martial. Usal sat near the fireplace. He wasnt grinning, he wasnt crying nor was he dilated by any facts of him being removed from the CBI. He knew that he had done no wrong, but should he be apologetic about it? The guilt, the remorse surrounded him. But he was a lonely man, from his days of college and degree; he never entertained people nor entertained himself. A virgin and gradually unmarried, Usal was completely void of emotions to feel guilty or to mourn the death of his career, but was he? Usal found himself in middle of yet another court-martial, well this time it was a district court with a black cloak wearing old man, adjourning each case he gets in hands to deal with. Usal found that the judge was being bribed. Ramesh, Usals Advocate, asked him to do the same, so that the case stretched and Usal will not have to face the jail sentence.

Why should I bribe that son-of-a-bitch, He deserves no money, corrupted law soothsayers Usal frowned and kept mumbling to himself. Ramesh saw Usal slowly tearing apart in these hard times of his career. As an advocate though he had this cunning, inhumanity surrounding his own principals and he just watched Usal weep. Then he softly asked, Usal, just agree to their terms. Drop your charges against Mendosa and walk away as a free man. You can start your own investigation and lead your journey away for revenge but just seal this case by accepting the settlement offer. Usal didnt accept but he did know that there was no other better solution for sealing the case. Human temperament differs. None can be cautious, none can control. For things appear easy yet they are difficult and thus cannot control whats at stake. What you can do is decide what you could sacrifice as small to get the bigger outcome. Thoughts are just your own interpretations and negativity that surrounds, well is your creation. But dont blame yourself, who else would do the pending work for you? Just stand up for your own cause, believe just in yourself and become the god of your own destiny. Believe in something and be patient! Usal asked Ramesh to leave him alone and said that he would call him in the evening. Soon Usal found himself alone, stranded in his own house. He sat on his reclining chair and closed his weeping eyes. No one is hard, everyone has to melt. There was a loud sound of breaking glass, Usal erratically walked around the house. His lips dried and the index finger of his right hand bleeding. Usals eyes were closed, he was dreaming. Suddenly he gave a loud shout and sat down, shivering near his fire place. He tried opening his eyes, but the image in his mind controlled him. He couldnt resist the pain in his abdomen and head. He was bent because his spinal cord was flawed. He felt as though someone was twisting his hand. He gave out loud cries, weeping. He threw out all his stuffs from his pockets of trousers and started to unbutton himself. He then sat naked in the hall. There was heavy breathing and slowly he opened his eyes. He looked at the mirror in front of him, but everything appeared blurry. Soon the vision cleared and he saw himself, a bit scared and gave a loud shout. Both his eyes were red and he was shaved bald. His hands were bleeding and his ears seemed very purplish. His abdomen had scratches. Usal knew the reason. It has been the same for the past ten years with him, when he was in his final year in college. He remembered the day he first lost himself to a girl in his room. Usal slowly went over the bed as the girl looked at him. Usal was scared as he never did this before but the girl was aggressive and eager. She kept pulling him close and kissed him. Usal only looked

nervous and couldnt even touch her. She completely took him over, slapped his face and started to kiss him strong. He couldnt do anything and let himself free. She then starred in his eyes and whispered You would now slowly undress me and yourself. Then you would do everything I say and would not to do something that pleasures you. Now pick the knife by your side, pick it. Usal had lost his control. She had hypnotised him. He picked up the knife. She asked him to cut his index finger a bit to ooze some blood. He did the same and didnt even shout in pain. She took a vile and let the blood drop in it. Then she asked him to kiss her and caress her. He kept doing whatever she said; when her pleasures were met, she asked him to hand over his wallet and keys to his car. When I tap you, you would slowly come to normal she whispered again. She dressed herself as Usal sat in the bed and she tapped him. Usal slowly started to shiver and then came back to normal posture by then the girl was gone. Soon Usal realised the missing wallet and keys. He leaped out of the bed and ran outside. He wasnt surprised in finding his car missing. He thought for a while and then only one option popped in his mind. Usal sit on the sofa please, Ill get you a cup of coffee Usal never trusted anyone other than Prof. Duggal. He always gravitated towards him. He saw Duggal as his own father. Duggal was shocked to see Usal in such state of mind. He knew him as a strong, stone hearted person, but now he found Usal weeping over his mistake. Who was the girl? She told me her name was Natasha Usal sipped his coffee. Natasha, was she from our college? I dont know sir. She never mentioned it and I had never seen her before. She met me in the bar just around the corner Well Usal, I have reported this as a personal request to inspector Tarun of the Powai police station. He said he would help us out. In the meantime, I want you to investigate about the girl from locals. I want you to. I am still a bit shocked that she asked you to cut your finger. Since we dont know the reason, it would better to find it out ourselves? Yes sir. Sorry to disturb you Oh! Dont worry Usal, its just midnight. I dont sleep this early. Anyways my grandson is coming over tonight. Am just waiting patiently for that cute chap

Karen? Usal asked with surprise. Yup He is cute for sure. How old is he now? Well he is twelve now Duggal gave a huge smile. Then have to meet him I would want you to Will meet you tomorrow then Sure Duggal replied and shook hands. Usal left his house. Duggal did sense Usals dissatisfaction over the unsolved mystery of the girl. The Suspension of Mr. Usal has been a big fuss now master a bleak voice filtered through a cloth over a public phone booth receiver sounded concerned yet diabolic. Well, arent you happy? the Master whispered. I am, Master Well no one should know the feeling you do keep for him I dont have any feelings master I am a father to you son, Like a father I believe, I know your weaknesses. You cant hate your brother He is not my brother To whom are you saying this lie? To myself for life Then be it my son. I shouldnt hear any concerns later Yes Master Regas Mendosa walked out of the phone booth, his eyes sparkling and tears rolling down. He was just a small crook right now, just recruited by the master. He remembered his torturous childhood and how he was always compared to his sibling Usal. Regas Mendosa a.k.a Kusal Ali Khan, was an

adopted child of Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed Khan of Lahore, Pakistan. Both parents were respected scholars even though the mother never worked or appeared in public, the father was known almost by everybody in the Lahore streets. Mr. Ahmed Khan worked part-time as a lawyer and also consulted the Lahore police and the Chief Justice of Pakistan, if they seek any advice related to constitutional rights and laws. When Usal was born a few years later, Kusal being elder to him was always left responsible for Usals care and needs. Kusal, unlikely, always cared for Usal and did his duties like a father to him. He loved Usals small hands and often made him wrap his small fingers around his. As Kusal entered his late adolescence, he started to enter the mainstreams of Pakistani drug dealings and women trafficking because of his bad peer in college. He was introduced to a man named Hazim Kamji, who was known to be the mastermind for Faizal Bhai of Mumbai docks, India. Hazim Kamji was stubborn, stout, grumpy face guy who had a stone heart and hard voice. He was always seen chewing betel leaf and wore a Pakistani Kurta over a waist-locked loongi. He couldnt resist his men failing him after being caught by the Lahore police and was often seen bailing them out, then taking them to an unknown barren land and shooting them straight in their head. He always left his mark to tease the Lahore police, by painting the right hand index finger green and white dot on the tip. No one could figure out what it really meant. Kusal, even though cared for his parents; he never hesitated in trying his hands in drugs or women. He would be seen drunk in a bar, lying with a woman with her dress torn at her chest or someone would bring him home naked. His father always disapproved but his mother cared for him and was always beaten up by his father because she disapproved Mr. Ahmeds decision of throwing Kusal out of home. Once it happened that Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed were off to Rawalpindi, a city close to Lahore and Usal and Kusal were alone at home. Usal was just into his early teens, around fourteen while Kusal was around twenty. Kusal locked his brother inside the house and fled away to Hyderabad near Sindh. Usal kept crying inside the house because there was a heavy storm outside and the area was flooded and because the house foundation was low, the water filled inside and Usal was stuck. It was around an hour after the flood that someone trying to rescue people outside heard Usals screams. He broke into the house through the window and saw Usal sitting over an almirah. He rescued him and dropped him in Lahore Child care facility in Lahore Police station.

Horrified Mr and Mrs. Ahmed returned home earlier than scheduled because they had heard the news and found that the home was completely destroyed and there was no trace of Kusal and Usal. Mr. Ahmed went straight to Police station and after an hour of police procedures, Usal was handed over to him. After bringing Usal to home, they made him sleep for a while. When he was awake, Mr. Ahmed asked Usal about the whereabouts of his brother. Usal said he locked him in and went somewhere and he doesnt know anything about the same. Mr. Ahmed decided to disown his child Kusal. He left the house with Usal and his wife and travelled back to Amritsar to his friends place. When Kusal returned, he found a note on the door Forget about us. Go have your death peacefully. Kusal cried seeing the note. He sat near the house when a passer-by asked him about his problems. He said and the passer-by took him to a deserted place, handed him a gun and asked him, You have two options now son, either kill yourself or join hands with me and Ill give you the world you deserved Who are you? Kusal asked in an innocent voice. You aint that innocent my boy. You can call me Faizal bhai You are Faizal Khan from Mumbai Docks? No, thats an Indian Mafia. I am from Mexico even though I was born in Amritsar. My very close friend was killed in the recent gang war there in Mexico; his house was just next to yours. I went to pay respects to his family You travelled all the way from Mexico to pay respects? Yes. The man was close friend of mine Ok So whats your name boy? My name is Kusal Well thats Pakistani name. I need to take you with me. I would like to keep a son. I should give you a new name. My friend here, his name was Regas, Regas Dsouza He was Christian? Yes. He was adopted by the Muslim family just next to your house

Well I didnt know my neighbours and I dont like this Dsouza as family name Well DSouza is a good family name and I respect it. If you feel otherwise, then keep that to yourself Faizal grinned by ending the statement. Then he looked straight into Kusals eye I name you Regas now. I would make your fake passports and from now on you would follow all my instructions. You should never try rather you should give me results whenever I would ask you to do something. Drink, bang or do whatever, I just dont want you ruining my business. From now you would live with me in Mexico city Faizal ended with a sarcastic smile. When do we fly? Kusal asked without any reaction. Next Month What should I do till then? asked a curious Regas a.k.a Kusal. You stay with me here and have your luxuries smirk Faizal. And thats how Kusal became Regas Mendousa and the famous Mexican Mafia who has been sent to nearly all deadly jails of world. He was then found in Goa by the Masters aide and soon joined the Masters gang. Faizal Khan, the Mexican Mafia was shot dead suspiciously in a Tube in central London. Regas was known to be instrumental in the conspiracy of killing Faizal so that he could take over the mafias business but he failed and was incriminated by the people, he supposedly thought were helping him and was sent for the trials and then imprisoned. Usal was brought up in New Delhi, the capital city of India. He completed his schooling in Delhi Public school and cleared the IIAPE exam to join the prestigious Indian Institute of Applied Physics. To this date, The time when Usal was a CBI officer and now that he is out of service, he knows Regas Mendousa only as a mafia and there is someone known as the Caller and he is completely unaware that this guy is his brother. Its not the same with Regas though.

(PRESENT) Hello Mr. Karen, Its been long there were breaks in Callers voice. How is Jade? asks Karen. Oh! The impatient soul, I thought you would have asked how I managed to contact you when you are fugitive in run with the sweet Miss. Renne? the Caller spoke sarcastically. How is Jade? Karen stressed his question. The Caller signalled his men to bring Jade closer to phone. Hello Karen? Jade whined. Jade, sweetie, I am going to get you out. Dont worry, stay put Karen tried to control his tears, his voice was cracking but he held himself tight. No. (whispers) Karen listen to me, I am ok, I... Jades efforts were in vain. She wasnt able to speak properly; her voice was light and whispery due to pain. The caller snatched the phone away. Listen to me Mr. Karen. CBI is compromised. I got your contact straight from the covert operations division. So, now you know how strong my links are. You better tell me what is going on there? I know who Contas Froid is. I know what you people want Do you know Prof. Duggal yet? He was my grandfather and I know him better than you do Oh! Renne didnt talk to you much huh? What do you mean? You still think Prof. Rajneesh Duggal is dead? My grandfather is dead. I cremated his body Did you check the body Karen? How can you even identify a charred body? The Caller spoke in a serious tone.

You say my grandfather is alive? Karen asked and then starred at Renne, who tried recording and tracing the call. She looked puzzled. Well, tell Miss Renne that she would do no good by tracing the call. The phone is untraceable. Thats why I am good at this Mr. Karen The Caller started to laugh. Karen signalled Renne to stop tracing the call. What do you know about my grandfather? asked Karen. You dont ask me questions The Caller shouts. Well, Mr. Caller, I think we agreed on some co-operation and that means you answer my questions too As long as you give me the document What document? Oh! How innocent of you. Now cut the crap The Caller was furious. I really dont understand Karen was puzzled. Renne, I know you are listening. You didnt tell him about the document? The Caller quizzed. Renne didnt react. Karen kept looking at her for answer. Mr. Karen, I will call you again today. Ask Renne to tell you everything on the document. I need it within this week else youre wife, Mr. Karen, is dead and I will make sure you go back to jail The Caller warned and disconnected the phone. What is the document? asked Karen. Its a secret of your family Mr. Karen. Strange you are unaware of it Renne spoke in defiance. What is it about? Well, it is a myth. The document was actually passed on by Ryan Rycart to your grandfather. Many believe it has an encrypted message regarding the location of a bank accounts that may hold a sum of a billion dollars and maps that have location of Uranium bricks Renne responded casually. Karen didnt know how to react. He just stood still.

The Investments on products that depend compositely on the prices of oil and gas do provide us the very support to calibrate our stock options. Question is whether we really calibrate the stock options or we are just influenced by the rise? Vikram responded to a reporter from channel10. He was a part of a show called Agenda where the news reporters had a discussion with Vikram and Dr. Milind Deonkar, the faces of Indian Economy during the recession. Vikram was rising high. After serving as the Chief Economic Advisor, He contested as a political candidate from the constituency of Bhubhaneshwar in Orissa and was given ticket by the GPP supreme and the MLA from constituency of Ahmednagar Dr. Deonkar Jr. (Deva). Deva had lured Vikram into politics and seeing his successful background Deva was sure of the success of GPP in the capital city of Orissa. GPP i.e., the Gramin Prathishthan Party (Rural Development party), a political party contesting against the likes of Congress and joining hands with the rival party in race for the Central power in Indian Governance, The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Vikram had no connection with his family after the death of his wife. Karen never contacted him and secluded himself in Mumbai. Vikram was living in a Government Guest House in Delhi. Vikram had no contact with Karen and had no idea what was going on with him. He was completely in influence of his political career after he won majority in Bhubhaneshwar and was then selected as the Member of Parliament from the same constituency by GPP. Vikram always wished he could be there for Karen but Karen didnt want to involve his father. Vikram never understood the reason. He was baffled when Karen didnt call him for his wedding. Karen was married to Jade in a small ceremony at a local church in St. Johns wood in London. Mr. Charles, father to Jade, blessed the couple and as a cardinal respect sent the photographs to Vikram through mail. Mr. Charles tried to reconnect Vikram and Karen but Karen had no interest in reuniting with his father, he rather wanted a fresh life with Jade. Karen was the face of many magazines by then, he had published three novels, and one of them was on the battlefield tactics and life of army named, Beyond the line, within it. Karens success story was making Vikram proud of him. He had read all the novels published by Karen. He tried to connect to Karen yet every time he did, his phone calls and letters remained unattended. Even after scaling such heights of success, both of them had no happiness of family although Karen had Jade. Karen, however, believed in a contented simple life and didnt leave his job at the British gas company even after three of his books remained among bestsellers in India.

Chapter 8 The Current events

(Present-2012) Dr. Milind Deonkar Jr. had voluntarily retired from politics and the GPP was now under the command of Vikram Duggal, the only candidate that was referred by Deva to the seat of supreme leader. The Political career of Mr. Vikram Duggal is a treat for the inspired eyes. From being a normal student of finance, to Chief Economic Advisor to the PMO then the Member of Parliament and now the leader of GPP, which, well, is similar to leader of Opposition. There has been luck involved somehow. But its very strange that a person, who had been against economic reforms and financial corruption chain has now stepped in the same boots. Will he stand over the shoulders of those in question or will he sync with them? bleated the news channel Channel10. Many news channels were broadcasting the news of appointing Vikram as the new face of GPP, the only party that has strong majority in rural areas of Maharashtra, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Such states are filled with naxalites and compromised political leaders. Corruption in such states is at higher scales comparatively and if a party does get a majority here then its for sure that this is the only ruling party that maintains the decorum of constitution if it sustains the pain of naxalites, the grievances of the backward classes especially the tribes and the Dalits and then highlights its own agendas. Such states in India have the most concentrated Agriculture or diversified industries with cheap labour but the main point is literacy which is at a very low volume. The women of many of these states are put down by the cultural stands of the many higher castes. The need for society expose, the promotion of NGOs for women empowerment and abolishing child labour and the fundamental requirement of better infrastructure and education is the priority. GPP, as any other political party, printed the same election manifesto as the likes of Congress, RJD, SP and BSP etc... promising a better India with greater awareness, more educational reforms, better finance policy, more subsidiary in ration shop, creation of strong and better public distribution system and foremost the decrease in the prices of fuel. Congress, the current ruling government (Year 2012) in the largest democracy of the world India, has been through the most tested and well is the most historical of all other parties having started

by legendary leaders such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and currently led by Sonia Gandhi. The Gandhi family, well, is the most reputed, respected and also the most opposed and criticised. Yet, the Indian National Congress has been successful in ruling India more than any other party. Only BJP has been trailing congress successfully. BJP has this strong force that supports the Hindu-tva or the support of the Hindus. Yet, the party has been open to all religion and well, has been successful enough to overthrow the Congress government many a times. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Ex- Prime Minister of India, during his tenure from the year 1997-2005 was considered among the most prominent prime ministers. He was, as regarded by many, respected by everyone in support as well as in opposition. His dynamic role in uniting and smoothening the trade relations between the two countries, India and Pakistan has been among his winning feathers which later went frail again after the 26/11 attack (terrorist attack on 26/11/2008). Mr. Vajpayee was from BJP. Soon the BJP started to rise in power and was loved by mostly those territories that had dense population of Hindus, people that were in support of saffron clad leaders. BJP had this all-saffron clich yet the black memory of the Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra case in Gujarat that happened under the Ministry of Narendra Modi, another successful BJP leader had somehow tumbled the faith of many. The results started to taunt BJP and after the 2005 elections Congress took over the Central governance of India with Sonia Gandhi declining the post of Prime Minister which was then taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh. Since then it has been strong even after losing most of its hopes but has been heavily criticised in all fields may it be agriculture, corruption, globalisation or Inflation etc... Anyhow the Congress did get the foreign direct investments in place, had the strongest cabinet and an upper hand on accelerating educational reforms of India, achievements that somehow made congress reign stable. But that wasnt the reason, the main reason was the internal rivalry and cases against the various ministers in BJP itself and thats something that strengthens the hope that Congress may somehow continue its reign because the BJP was losing it. During the Lokpal debate, the BJP only wanted a strong Lokpal. Having Prime Minister out of it, bringing CBI under one more master and just creating a vulnerable ecosystem of a panel would not help in curbing corruption, a cancer that has been prevalent from a long time. We request the ruling party to think and take in suggestions and present a better Lokpal bill and then in confidence and in aid of our citizens, we would openly support the Lokpal. We cannot be influenced by anyone who threatens the system Vikram spoke for GPP. His ideology was supported by many reformists, ideologues, philanthropists and more importantly the investors.

GPP was in complete aide of BJP. Even though the coalition of this government was projected to be a complete downturn for BJP and that BJPs presence in states where GPP holds majority was actually not necessary still Deva was keen into having the two parties merge since it provided him a free access to those areas where he could not show his partys power and most of all the income he earned by doing favours to the desperate ministers who were small but in support of BJP yet BJP had no idea of what Deva had in mind and they formed the joined government only to strengthen their own structure firstly, since it knew that there is a very thin string attached between each of its member which may break any time and secondly, that Congress had to be shadowed with a strong opposition from every state government and since most of state government were actually ruled by Congress after the 2009 election when Mr. Advani, then Supreme of BJP lost the election to the second time winner Dr. Manmohan Singh; BJP now relied on the oppositions in most of these state legislative assembly and GPP was the foremost in the list. The Indian politics was no different from the political trending that had taken place around the world. The instrumental leaders with evergreen statutory powers and dictators pressing disciplines through weaponry were now being protested and then overthrown in Middle East. The strongest country in the world, United States, after coming out of the worst financial bubble had somehow restored balance yet reform process was still underway and chose a leader who, well, this time had won with lesser majority than he had received in election of 2008. He had become part of the history then, a legendary choice made by the Americans and the country did see some new policies set in. Appointment of Barrack Obama provided a good opportunity for India to strengthen its relationship with US in terms of nuclear requirements. Countries like USA, China and Japan did register a greater economic growth. USSR and India saw great achievements in space research. China was a fastest growing economy. The problem still concentrated around the boundaries of many middle-eastern countries. Europeans were submerged in their economic reforms and problems. The world was suffering. Not just the global warming, a scientific issue but also the human conflicts in war through weaponry or through Money, the financial downfalls. The Share Markets around the world plunged. Every company remained fragile except for the dotcoms that had higher profits, increasing customer base and more incentives to provide. Apple reigned as the richest company on earth. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc. have been the lucrative ones. There were scandals and controversies, more issues and acceleration in prices of Gold and Oil. The world was seeing end for many. The Mayan was trying to prove a point. Even if the world doesnt

end in 2012, the world would have downfalls in many sectors and people would suffer and they were. Everything I spoke right now was in past tense even though 2012 is still counting. Well, it might be for you but many have not been aware of its presence or dont want to be because it has been worst for them. Weve listened to you people, the leaders of our generations, again and again promising a stable standard for life but time and again we see you fail and now its just plummeting at a faster rate. There are people outside who rely on you, I kindly request you to at least acknowledge that Sarah Rycart spoke in the U.N. Conference held in New Delhi. She represented an independent organisation that had just inked a deal with UNICEF for helping those who had lost their homes during the recession. The organisation was a successful attempt in providing beneficiaries that funded the destitute. Named as the Olive Help, the organisation provided Sarah to fulfil her fathers wish to help society. She had a staff of 120 volunteers from all parts of India. The organisation saw many investors turning in. What always caught Sarahs attention was the sum of 1 million dollars being put every two months from the past one year. The organisation is just two years old and because of such contributions it has grown enormously. Sarah never asked for the source, but after the UN meet she was tempted to know who it was. She contacted her accountant who traced the source to Greycom Industries. When she asked for a name, the accountant messaged her Thomas grey. Sarah was not surprised seeing the name. Thomas Grey has been a functional philanthropist and works for the social cause. She gravitated to Grey when she first saw him in the charity ball organised by the Greycom Foundation. His attire, his charisma and his speech, well, didnt actually blow her but when he pitched a donation of 2.5 million dollars for the governmental orphanage; she just couldnt resist meeting him. Mr. Grey, thats a pretty huge amount for charity Is it? replied Grey sarcastically. I shall ask my accountant to have a look on it then. Oh! Wait I have a billion dollars in my account. Well, its less then laughed Grey. Money power asked Sarah. Money power only when you are satisfied This satisfies you? It does completely Who are you Mr. Grey? Sarah came closer to him and whispered.

Well, least I must say, I am not who you think What do I think? Sarah quizzed with a smile. Intuition works well with my home made coffee, my home? asked Grey. Sure replied Sarah and held Greys hand. Sarah was smitten by Greys gentleness. She started to feel for him. Grey involved her in every conversation he started. They had five cups of coffee and were awake till 3 in the morning. Come closer Sarah asked Grey, winking at him. Grey motioned forward, slowly kissed her on her cheeks. She turned her face a bit and then bit Greys lips. Grey intertwined his hand around her waist as she kissed him more. They kissed for more than a minute when Grey took a step ahead, his hands slowly navigating through her back. The night remained a sweet nostalgia. Sarah stood by the U.N centre thinking about Grey. She took out her phone and dialled his number. You are so generous Sarah laughed as soon as Grey received the call. Grey understood that she now knew. Well thats nothing darling Grey replied casually. Million dollars for nearly six months, thats huge shouted Sarah in euphoria. You and youre organisation are worth more Sarah hailed a taxi. Greycom building ordered to the taxi driver. You are coming here? Grey quizzed. Yes Ok he then disconnected the phone. The Master was sitting in front of him. You may have to leave my Master Grey (Froid) requested. The girl is coming my dear? asked The Master casually.

Yes Master. She knew that I made the contributions for her organisation Froid acted casually even though he knew that somehow Sarah was now vulnerable for him and the Master. He started to like Sarah for real even though he acted during the start, staged most of things because he needed to get closer to Ryan Rycarts daughter as Sarah was the only other person with information about the document. You know the girl may soon be vulnerable The Master smiled. Please my Master. She is still to be influenced and I am progressing. Our work would be done Froid was pensive. Do I sense care for the girl? The Master quizzed. I care for her my Master You better control that then because then you are vulnerable to me. You know how I handle my vulnerabilities The Master spoke torturously. Froid now had a weakness. He knew that Sarah is an easy leverage against him. Froid had no other options but to work as planned because it is the only way they both can be safe. But he also knew if Sarah gave the location and the Master got the document, he would make sure Sarah is killed. The girl will not be there for you Froid when she learns the truth The Master spoke as soon as he was being escorted out by his men. Froid looked outside his office. His eyes then rolled down. He saw Sarah getting out of the taxi. He had this grief surrounding him. For the first time he felt strangely alone and aloof. There were many questions rising. He felt uneasy. He started to sweat a bit. There was stench of despair and loss. It was long since he felt something as now, something people say is termed fear. Sarah walked straight into his office. He was sitting, waiting pensively for her yet acting surprised. She stood in front of him; there was ecstatic smile on her face. He smiled back. You are just... Sarah was interrupted by Froid(Grey), he held her tight and kissed her. Dont speak now. I know who I am! Grey says looking straight into her eyes. Why are you just giving away so much money? Sarah quizzed. Thats personal Grey claimed. Sarah looked into his eyes for some time and then kissed him tight.

You love me Grey? asked Sarah. More than you can imagine Listen to me Sarah. I will come to your abode tonight. I have a meeting now. Will you wait for me? I will, dont make it long Sarah kissed him again and walked out. Froid looked tensed but he had to hold everything together. 5 hours later Froid scuffed his jacket, walked out of his room. He signalled three of his men from the other side of the office corridor and walked towards the conference hall. The three men paced fast. Froid entered the conference room; eleven other men were already waiting for him there. Froid someone called out from the other end of table, his voice was loud. I have come on time Mr. Duggal Froid reasoned. I wasnt loud for that. The Master was seen in the building. What was he doing here? asked Duggal. He was here because he always comes and asks about the document Froid wasnt interested in answering. What has happened to you? He is threatening to kill Sarah Froid explained. He will not. I will not let him too. Lets focus on what we have aimed at Froid. Dont worry Do you have the document with you then? I do Who has shown interest in it? The Americans Who?

Mr. Gilbert Francis, CFO of Acquita Energy Ltd. The company had been instrumental in setting up its oil mines in Middle East, has vast renewable energy projects in flow and has inked deal with most of the Middle Eastern countries. He didnt tell us who but he did mention that ones the document is in his hand, he would be open to us in everything that is needed. But I hope we only aim at the money. What deal has been negotiated? Mr. Harun, please explain to Froid Duggal signals Mr. Harun Khan, the Vice president for Sales in Greycom Industries and part of their secretive board. Acquita Energy ltd. is ready to cut a deal of 990 Million Dollars only after it receives the complete document. The 990 Million dollars would be wired to an escrow account in Hong Kong, then segregated in thirteen different accounts according to the following distribution 40 : 60, where the 40% of amount would be divided equally in Mr. Duggals and Mr. Froids account. The other 60% would be equally distributed among the eleven of us. Harun explained. Fair enough Froid smiled. When the Masters dead, you get your money Froid Duggal hinted. Then keep it ready Froid explained and walked out of his room. The three men were standing outside. He signalled one them, Call the Master Duggal sat silently in the conference hall. He saw others leaving. He kept thinking about the document, the deal and how the process is to be handled. He had Froid on his side yet he needed to clear his way and thats possible only by getting The Master murdered. The whole web behind the document had been centralised around Duggal and after his death people ran behind Karen and Sarah. Duggal got his distraction at the cost of his grandson and well, niece. Dr. Rajneesh Duggal had been assumed dead after being hit by three bullets through a sniper far away from a building that neighboured his mansion near the Juhu-Versova link road in Mumbai. The line of sight was through his window, the members around were his friends from university playing cards, a party was on and he stood to take up a drink. It was only a minute later that he fell down and people gathered to see the wounded Duggal. The emergency was called and an ambulance took Rajneesh to the Dhirubhai Ambani hospital.

Karen met his grandpa during his last breath. Duggal thought of those lines that he recited when he was acting his death. For I shall not gear, I shall not hear, its the only way to find my dear. Far above in the tip of sleeping lord, holds the element of the siblings secrets of all. He, who created the existence, now sleeps. He who drinks poison now weeps. I shall now die. I die o dear I fear. I die o dear, o dear.

Mr. Karen, you should be well aware by now that your grandfather is alive the Caller was trying to pierce through Karens emotions. Well its just been around thirty minutes from your previous call. So, I am still unaware of what youre talking about. Renne shares the same Then it means shes not in the CBI chatter The Caller hints. What do you mean? Youre grandfather is alive. The post mortem report of the body that supposedly was put forth as Mr. Duggals shows it belonged to Renne Walker, Mr. Walkers daughter. The hairs were chopped off, the fingers were disfigured. Yet, the part that differentiates a male to a female seemed intact, So, I guess you do understand. The CBI hasnt made this news public. Renne (Agent) should know about this Karen turned towards Renne who was hearing the conversation. She hinted him that she would explain later. Mr. Karen, I dont care what you do? Or what you know? I just need the document by the day after. If youre unable to then your wife would be murdered, well, in peace considering the hard work you put in The way you put it Mr. Caller, I think you dont just have me but someone else into the hunt Let me put this way. The document is being hunted by many and youre family is the key. There are many who live Mr. Karen, connected to the Duggal hierarchy Who else? Youre uncle Dr. Rycart had an adopted daughter, who I think is your aunt He did? Karen sounds perplexed. Well, Mr. Karen, I hope I helped you in some way. Get me the document The call gets disconnected. Karen turns towards Renne.

You have a lot to answer Miss. Renne Karen raises his brows. Karen, please try to understand. Mr. Duggal is alive but I needed the right time to break the news What is the right time? Karen shouts. Listen to me Karen, Jade is in hostage situation. You get her when you find the document for which your grandfather has left no trail. You are unaware of your aunt and so am I. I was waiting for the right moment, the moment when I understood what was going on and when we would have had Froid arrested Renne thats completely illogical. You were waiting for Froids arrest. Here my wife is being threatened for life in exchange for some goddamn document which also is eyed by Froid Thats our bait Renne using the document as bait means using my wife for slaughter and I wouldnt risk it Then find the document. Do you have an alternative? Karen thought for a moment. Renne looks at Karen pensively. How will I find my grandpa? Karen looks at Renne. Even if you find him do you think he would just give away the document? He has too Thats not an easy decision for him Mr. Karen He faked his death, left us in pain He used you? Then what else can we do? I cant even trust anybody. I cant trust you too Karen I have been here with you all the time. I broke you out of CBI risking my own job. I just withheld certain information because I felt it wasnt the right time Then tell me everything now. Lets chart out what is my grandfather actually trying to do Well, how do we start? asks Renne.

Just tell me, When did you get this case and why? And you said there was something at stake here for you, personally, what does that mean? I was given the case just the day after it was suspected that Froid had killed Mr. Ryan. He was a prominent nuclear scientist and CBI needed to know why a Mafia was interested in such professionals. I was assigned the case. My personal interest rose because of the involvement of Froid. My father was a prominent Judge at the Bombay high court and was murdered by Froids men when he was talking his morning walk. The incident was a national highlight. You must know about this. It happened five years ago No, I have no idea My father was Justice Francis Carlos. I had just cleared my interview at the CBI and was a field agent then. My father wasnt keen in having me in CBI thinking it would get me killed soon but well, fate played it bad Renne starts to weep a little, she wipes her tears and stands affirm. Was your father a judge when he was murdered? No he had retired. The last case though, the one he handled, was linked to Froids drug scam, the one that was highlighted in 1999 So, you just want to take revenge? Its not your fictional story Mr. Karen. The truth be told, I am behind for money Money? Froid has been a philanthropist, a generous one in the name of Thomas Grey. He keeps donating millions of dollar in charity So? Now, except for the Olive Help organisation, every other organisation that receives the charity is run by the government. These charities are mostly for the government run foster homes or orphanages. He had his money in philanthropy? Karen sounds surprised. Well, not actually. The people never knew where the money went and no one questioned. The most interesting part is that he donated an exact sum for each organisation every year, actually only three organisations. 1 million USD in SarvShiksha Organisation which provided education for

poor children of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, The Organisation is the brain child of Dr. Milind Deonkar So he bribed Milind Deonkar Yes. Then he donated 2.5 million to Greycom Foundation by organising a charity ball every year. The money went back to the Greycom Industries, so there wasnt any donation actually. The third and actually generous one was that of 1 million USD every two months to Olive Help, the organisation for the recession hit people Why was he generous here? Olive Help is the brain child of Sarah Rycart Duggal, The adopted daughter of Dr. Ryan Rycart Are you sure? The CBI database had an entry on her. It had a scanned copy of a birth certificate for Sarah. The guardian signature was matched to Dr. Ryan Well then Karen was speechless. Why do you think Froids helping Sarahs organisation Froid loves her Renne explains firing up her laptop. What do you mean? Karen questions angrily. Look here Karen. (Renne points at a photo on her laptop screen) One of our insiders in Greycom building took this photograph of Sarah hugging Froid in his cabin. The photo was sent to me today morning That means? Froid was with her yesterday. They have been dating Renne just didnt bother to explain more. Renne, let me get this straight. My aunt is dating Froid assuming him as Thomas Grey, the one who is donating huge sum in her organisation. My grandfather, who was assumed dead, is now alive. My father is a national figure running the party that once was led by Milind Deonkar Froid had planned it well No Renne. I might be a writer but I do understand logic. Just look at the events. Froid is dating my aunt to get the document. My grandfather is the only person who knows about the document. My father is working with Milind Deonkar who is related to Froid

What do you suggest then? Renne quizzes. Froid is just a minion and so is Deonkar and also we all. There is someone who is commandeering everything single handily. Someone who is giving the orders from the dark What do you mean? Does CBI have any special wanted list of criminals? Yes. why? Any criminal that is in the list, whose identity is unknown and has been operational mostly in India? (Renne searches all the lists in her laptop) There are five Well, if he is playing like ghost for the document then he must be linked with grandpas death, I mean Dr. Ryans death. Check if anyone is operational in London as well (Renne searches along and after a pause) you aint gonna believe this What? The Master

Usal stood outside the CBI office. Wearing a long black coat, aviator glasses and long boots, he had worn a fake French beard and playboy ear-ring on his left ear. The other ear had the connection dot synced with the chatter frequency of local police. He walked along the street leading to the rear of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (The Residence of President of India), a man signalled to him by raising his newspaper in the air and looking other side. Usal increased his pace and walked past the man. He then hailed a taxi and navigated to a deserted street just a mile away. The man followed him. Usal hid in a corner of shop, as soon as the man passed by he pulled him in. Tell me where is Renne? Usal asks casually. Money? questions the Man. Usal handed him a briefcase that had a sum of 1.5 Lakh rupees. They are in Mumbai. Currently I have tracked them to a lodge near the Dadar station. Its a bit low graded so no records were found. But you will find them there. They havent moved till now informs the Man. Get out of my sight orders Usal. The man started to walk towards the intersection. Usal then disappeared into the crowd. He was drenched in sweat. He had been running for days to get the location of Renne. Usal wanted to be with them so that he can get to Froid and the Master. He knew that the Master was working with Froid and they are planning something big. But this time it wasnt a mission, it was revenge that was pushing him harder. Usal went straight to the airport and took the next flight to Mumbai. After five hours he found himself standing in front of the Dadar railway station. He stood near a tea stall and acted normal. He saw a group of people engaged in conversation about the cricket match. He knew these people are jobless and would have been here for weeks. He sat with them. Sachin completed his 100th 100 in style and now see he is out in 17. But I still worship him Usal added his view on Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer and a God for many. I agree with you brother One of the men said, sipping his tea. The others agreed in unison. Usal spent his time talking to these men and vigilantly looking towards the lodge. It was around 3pm that Karen stepped out to parcel lunch for Renne and himself. Karen started to walk towards a hotel nearby the station. He walked past the tea stall. Usal started to follow him, slowly pacing

from behind, keeping a long distance. Karen kept walking normally towards the hotel. As soon as he reached the hotel, he stood near the reception that was near the entrance and ordered his food. He then turned around, looking outside, Usal hid in the bushes nearby. After five minutes he took his parcel and started to walk back. He then walked past the bush where Usal hid. Karen kept walking towards the hotel at his normal pace, Usal stayed near the bush, kept looking at Karen. Soon Karen entered the lodge, Usal paced towards the rear of the lodge. He then entered the lodge; Karen had taken the lift for the second floor. Usal climbed the stairs. As soon as he reached the second floor, he saw Karen entering a room just beside the lift. Usal walked towards the room. He stood near the door and bent over and tried listening to the conversation. As soon as he heard Rennes voice, he banged the door open with his gun pointing straight at Renne. Renne stood up in a flash and held her gun but couldnt bolster it. Karen stood in surprise. Hello Renne smiles Usal. Mr. Khan, What are you doing here? asks Karen. Renne and Karen had their hands in air. Keep your hands down. Miss. Renne I am here to help you both. I just need to get to Froid. Now I am going to lower my weapon but before that Renne throw your gun towards me Usal said politely. Why should I believe you? Renne was serious. You have no other option and we are from CBI Usal replies. You have been suspended said Renne. So, you are well informed. Anyways I am just here for Froid. You have to believe me and you did need help. What am I going to gain from you both? Usal asks. What do you know about the operation? Renne asks Usal. Well, that you are trailing Froid Usal replies casually. What else? Renne enquires suspiciously. Well, if youre trying to ask what information I have on the case then let me spill it out. Prof. Duggal is alive; its been there in the CBI chatter. Froid is still unidentified

Thats it? Renne asks. What value would you be to us then? Well, let me put this way. Rajneesh Duggal was my mentor and professor at the IIAP. I am one of his students. He knows me personally I have his grandson here Renne acts defiant. I have nothing to lose and no leverage. My aim is just to take revenge as you Miss. Renne. I know your past. May be I can help you Usal says lowering his weapon. I dont need help Ill part ways as soon as the jobs done Usal tries to negotiate. Well, you can join us Karen interrupts. Renne looked at him, frustrated. Thank you Karen. Hope you remember me from your childhood memories Usal remarks. You had me prosecuted for my wifes fake murder Mr. Usal. I really dont want to even think of you Karen replies angrily. Oh! Well the CBI still didnt investigate much on that. The body was found and they are still behind you but Karen, I cared for Professor and I would do anything to bring him out of this mess Usal tries to act innocent. Very well then Renne spoke. She sat down and started eating lunch. Karen looked at Usal and asked him if he too wanted to join them. Usal denied the offer but sat with them. What else have you both discovered till now? Usal enquires. Well, my family is in jitters Karen replies sarcastically. My wifes a hostage taken by The Caller and wants the document in ransom. My grandfather is alive but his whereabouts remain a mystery. Froid is dating my aunt, Sarah Rycart. My father is the leader of the GPP and thats owned by Milind Deonkar, a strong link to Froid Can you elaborate on how your wife was taken hostage? Usal asks. The Caller had her held from my home, the day I was leaving for Chennai but your men had arrested me Thats a bit confusing. Our men found Jades body in your home and you say your wife was abducted from your home, both on the same day. The body was Jades considering the photo

match. The DNA tests (period) (Usal starts to frown) but if you say your wifes alive then someone got them altered and thats serious because it means the CBI is compromised Thats been true from the start Renne interrupts. That means Froid has a strong link Usal adds. Not Froid Karen clears his throat. Someone else is involved? Usal enquires suspiciously. The Master Renne clears her throat. Usal was stunned. The entire chain of operations was designed by The Master. When Usal was functional in the CBI, The Master was the only person who remained a ghost for him and now, the entire operation ends at the Master. The Master? Usal clears again.

Listen to me professor. You are the only one with location of the document. No one even knows what it contains Froid whispers on the phone. Froid, I understand what you are trying to convey. I dont think I would betray you. You are essential to me here. The transaction is to be secure and I am contented with the amount of money I would be receiving Duggal speaks in a confident voice. Professor, The Master isnt an easy fish to catch. I have been cautious from the past one month with every move I make. Somehow I sense he knows I am drifting away Froid sounds obnoxious. Its your closeness to Sarah that troubles him I want my share to be done with. I will then go off somewhere with Sarah Froid I think you should be prepared with your explanation. She must know you, who you really are I think that she is well tuned with Thomas Grey. Let Froid be dead, let it be mystery for her I must caution you. If you would kill the Master, it would obviously be hard and there might be a leak of your identity Why? CBI has traced every murder trial to you What do you mean? The murder of my brother and daughter-in-law Ryan was murdered by the Master, actually he killed himself. Your daughter-in-law is alive But not for CBI. The Master is a ghost to them and they know Froid is the closest aid to Master because your presence was proven in every murder. So, if somehow there is a leak or if during the Masters death, there is a trail left behind that relates Grey with Froid, then you are completely vulnerable as they would exhaust all their resources to find you and this would mean that you would endanger Sarah as well Why Sarah?

She becomes an accomplice and with crime density being high, she can be the collateral damage What do you suggest? The Master is to be defaced Duggals voice was strong. defaced? Froid sounds confused. The Master forms the commandeering point of most of the crimes in Mexico, London, Africa and India. If the Master is gone, the whole machinery is going to tremble and plunge down. Many businesses will fall. Many individuals belonging to politics, actors, industrialists would either pave their way out of it or would submerge. Its like attacking the epicentre and then all the minions fall I am not getting you? My son Vikram had published a paper on bubble of 2008 And? Froid starts to show interest. The paper showed how a single idea slowly brainwashed the financial world. Top banks were selling cheap loans to people who were less sure about the returns. They termed it Collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), it included car, home, student loans etc. These CDOs were then bid to the investors from around the globe but they were made unaware of what liability they might hold by the private banks selling them. Now, this was a pretty good process because in terms of Market making this wasnt a conflict. After all, theres no government involved, everything was privatized thanks to the entire power concentration on central banks. Now a cherry on top was put forth by the insurance agencies. These people started to insure the CDOs and categorised them as Credit Default Swaps. The private banks were now like free bull, nothing to lose at all and they gambled it well. Sub-prime loans are a lucrative loan process for mortgage deals and it might have been good then but as the time passed the Central banks started to lose. What did they lose? Well, assets were difficult to liquidate. They lost money, the central ideal. When the top trembled, the effect increased tenfold down the line. Banks that heavily granted the sub-prime loans shivered to bankruptcy, people lost jobs, marketers enjoying the huge bonuses in incentives were now having money only for burger combos, the fish was stale and the kids were enjoying a school break, fees were hard to pay. Top management was being swept nicely by the law and many were being questioned. There were changes, the world started to fall on to its knees, there were no jobs, and people were made homeless. The effect was so huge that it lasted for a year. Imagine a world that

has deregulated financial stream and no jobs for people; people being captured in their own isolation of negativity. Consider the torture, the pressure of accountability. Consider the pain. Also, those who tried good deeds here like the insurance company had been interrogated to closure. Somehow the government looped in. The treasury was fractured and countries were now faced with dilemma of saving its power of image. A single ideal was now the biggest virus, the virus of mass destruction. This death of the ideal Froid, lead to heavy damage Killing the Master brings down the whole machinery he built Leads to chaos So whats in it for me? I am going to face the most What if you are erased? Means I die? Fake death my boy Duggal hints. Then Sarah? She is happy with Grey as you pointed out. Grey can be made the hero Whats the plan professor? Not on the phone Where are you now? The Duggal mansion Your home. Why? Well, I like it here Froid and I know its being spied by the Master Then how should I come? Theres a temple behind my mansion, a small Vishnu temple. Just near the statue you would find a door, enter in, climb down the stairs and you would be in my lab. I would meet you there The phone can be bugged Froid laughs. Well, hello to the Master then Duggal smirks.

Did you get the location? asks Froid. Who are you to order me? Regas frowns. Just tell me Regas, did you find anything on the location? Froid sounds irritated. Well, No Regas wasnt interested in talking more and disconnected the call. Froid smiled. He then looked outside his cabin, the office was empty. He left the office, got into his car and drove towards the temple which Duggal said. Soon Froid found himself near a small Vishnu temple built on the backyard of the Duggal mansion. He parked his car a mile away and walked towards the temple from the rear keeping an eye on people around. He then entered the temple. He was vigilant about his surroundings. Soon he found himself in front of a large statue of Lord Vishnu, gold plated, in his Shayan or sleep. The statue was built as per the Vishnupuraan (Hindu scripture on Vishnus life) where Lord Vishnu, the benefactor, is shown sleeping on his five-headed snake gold bed floating on water. Goddess Lakshmi, his wife and the Goddess of Money, is seen sitting near his legs. It is believed that Vishnu dreams the instances of the world that he created. He is the God behind all, the supreme lord and the most powerful, although, as per Hindu Vedas, Lord Indira is the God of Gods. The most prominent observation that puzzles many is the placental connection to Lord Brahma. In Vishnu temples, mostly in southern India, a pipe is shown that originates from the naval of Vishnu and connects to Brahma, the creator. Froid was puzzled to find himself amused at this place because the temple was peaceful with hymns in Sanskrit being played in the background at a very soothing volume. He was swayed away by the attraction of the gold used to make the statue. His eyes were stuck at the point where a Hindu priest, saffron clad, kept cycling a Diya or lamp around the statue, chanting, Om Namo Narayana. After some minutes of spiritual awakening, Froids eyes turned towards a small door, just beside the statue, below the feet of Lord Vishnu. He walked towards it and entered in. He climbed down the stairs ahead and found himself in a well-lit laboratory. The room was painted white, with little furnishing. It had stainless steel cabinets and was filled with Physics and Chemistry related instruments. On one corner he saw a small desk; it had a pile of papers, a small glass, a pen and an

open drawer. On the other side he saw a leaking water dispenser. He wasnt amused; he rather found the place scary. Froid shouts Duggal entering from the other side of the Lab. Well professor, you have a very good lab. Do you keep the document here? Froid tries to joke. Duggal smiles back. Froid, take a seat Froid sat on the desk, Duggal took the chair. Whats the plan professor? Whats the first step? Froid asks pensively. Kill the Master Thats reassuring One thing that I had learnt as a scientist is that every human is rat of his own art What do you mean? Well rats are selfish and greedy So? Humans work hard but in domain of personal generosity towards his own bound of responsibility What has happened to you? Duggal looked straight at Froid, he then stood up, went near him and took out a sharp kitchen knife and without a delay he stabbed it on Froids chest and blood oozed out as the knife pierced through. What have you done? Froids voice was shaky. I said the first step of the plan is to kill the Master. I took the first step smiles Duggal.

Chapter 9 Dance of Hypocrisy

You know what I love, I love living the reality. Truth be told, when I study something that has happened in real life, I love to explore more on it. So, if you have summoned me because my paper has baffled your beliefs on financial crunch then I am more than appreciative Vikram spoke with true elegance, there was confidence. India is a powerful nation fuelled to surpass many. It was a time in 1500s when India was the only fastest growing economy. Then, aliens came in, loot happened, we were invaded. There was disintegration and our unity was shuddered. We lost our charm. The golden bird was now rusting. India started to diminish its presence But somehow as the time passed by, after independence, we started to stand again. We limped a bit because of the corrupted officials. Now, we stand tall, waiting for our chance, waiting for the opportunity to beat the odds. Look around the globe, top companies now employ Indians in their higher positions because our level of competitiveness is unmatched. We work not for competition but for responsibility, for satisfaction. We work hard and make right choices We are scared of our poverty, our malnutrition, and our reforms. But then are we so behind? No, we are not. We have opportunities and we have people. I promise you, that our children would see the best of Indias future. We would not make our cities like Shanghai but we would learn to be better than that, we would not be developed like US but we can run like that. Our economy relies on agriculture and our farmer brothers need assistance in heavy loans, we would give them and ease the process. Our promises for education remain vested in childs interest. No differentiation between castes and more opportunity for a girl child would be provided. The old trends have to be tweaked; we have to make a fresh start again with new rules and new reforms. Lets have a small change, lets change. Vote for Change The crowd roared with Vikram as he rallied for BJP-GPP alliance during the Gujarat election of 2012. Vikram Milind gave a shout Come back here. Vikram saw Milind signalling him to come backstage. Vikram waved at the crowd and walked back. What happened? Vikram asks.

There is a call for you. The voice sounded pale and anxious. He is not disclosing his name Milind then handed over his phone to Vikram. Vikram Duggal the voice was pale. There was a sudden shock in Vikram. He stood stranded for a while. He then looked at Milind who was anxious to know about the caller. Vikram excused himself and went to his own room, to speak privately. You there Vikram Dad Vikram said lowering his voice, Shocked. Missed me? Duggal asks. You were... Vikrams voice trembles. Dead? Duggal gave a laugh. Where are you? Vikram asks anxiously. I cant say that but right now I need you to listen to me carefully Duggal speaks loud and clear.

Who was it Vikram? Milind enquires. Vikram walked towards the hall. He did not answer Milinds question. Just went to the corner and sat on the sofa. Who was it? Milind asks again, pensive. Milind I need to speak to Froid Vikram sounds serious. Who is Froid? Milind tries to act. The Mumbai police have linked you to Froid. Deva, I need to talk to him What are you talking about? Milind grew serious. I need to speak to Froid else he would be endangered. His system has been compromised Vikram said angrily.

What do you mean? I have an insider in Mumbai police. I had kept him there because I knew you had strong connections with the mafia especially Froid. Everybody knows that. Dont worry I am on your side Vikram tries to relax; he was making up a lie. Vikram, what has happened? Get me Froid Vikram gave a shout. Milind took out his gun and pointed at Vikram. Tell me what happened? Milind asks again. You shoot and the police will come in running. Its a public rally for god sakes. Believe me Deva, I am on your side Milind looked at Vikram. He then took out his phone and dialled Froids number. Why did you call? Froid shouts from the other end. Vikram wants to talk to you. It seems you have been compromised Vikram? Froid sounds surprised. Milind threw the phone to Vikram. Yes Mr. Vikram Froid sounds polite. Froid Vikram spoke in a loud voice then trembled. The Masters dead. Duggal Vikram then disconnected the phone. Milind looked surprised. What did that mean? he asks anxiously. Whos Master? Froid needed to get this message Deva. He would understand. Dont worry, you have nothing to do with it and stop pointing the gun Vikram became friendly. Vikram, dont do this again Milind lowers his gun and walked back to the stage. Vikram followed him. On the other side, Froid was still holding the phone to his ears. He was in a deep shock. He then looked himself into the mirror behind his desk. His eyes were wide open and his face remained emotionless. His hands started to shiver. Froid stood up, looked outside his office. The Mumbai skyline was beautiful. He smiled, felt free and then there was a sudden euphoria. The Master is dead and Froid no longer remained a puppet. He then returned to his desk, dialled a number through his scrambled phone.

Professor Froid spoke in jubilation. Sometimes a small ideal can lead to heavy damages Duggal smiles. You are a genius It was luck Froid. Luck for me is Opportunity and preparedness for the same Duggal chuckles. How did you kill him? Kitchen knife really? Why? You expected twenty-one gun shots Nope but I expected a large army. Not you Froid smirks. Well, times changed. Even dictators die small death. Either they are hanged or they commit suicide Duggal smiles and then disconnected the call. The night when Duggal asked Froid to meet him, both knew their phone is bugged. How? Froid, I need the Duggal mansion bugged. Ask Regas to do it The Master ordered Froid on the night he received the news of Renne and Karen, they were spotted near Dadar station. Regas had called them again and reconnected with Karen. He wouldnt listen to me Froid explained. Then you do it The Master ordered. On the same night, Froid ordered his men to bug Duggal mansion. From phones being tapped to Video cams around the house, the Master had his eyes and ears on everything.

Life and the displacement to death, well, the transition is dreamt, cherished yet feared by many. We live our lives in questions, in desire, in choices and fall in the pit of our own dilemmas; these choices are the root cause that instigate our dilemma and then we are left fighting with our decisions and we doubt our own judgement. Our lifes are worth our every breath till the last one we take and in these breaths live fragments of our reality. If somehow we understand that these breaths mean to us something and that every breath pleads value, we would have not fallen prey to the seriousness of life. We would have led a simple life, a contented one with aspirations that dont fundamentally judge the way we live. Live life harmoniously and stop questioning else end is just simple.

Some years ago...

Call Froid Ryan said. Froid? He is a mafia Rajneesh was puzzled. He is the only option I have Tell me? Rajneesh was unable to comprehend. Last night, I was attacked by Froid in the university. I was sitting in your cabin, just wrapping up normally. He entered the room; he had three men stationed outside. Kept his gun on table and looked straight at me Then? He was offering me a deal Froid offered a deal? He said he would help me by getting rid of the Master but he wants a share in the money I would receive for selling the document from the buyers. I interrupted him by saying that if the document is in market, the Master wouldnt leave the chance. His influence can turn away buyers and he would kill me. Froid then finally gave me a square deal; he would kill the Master himself in exchange for half the sum of money I receive for the document What is in the document Ryan? Rajneesh had finally dared to ask, Ryan looked at him in surprise.

(PRESENT) We have to go to Duggal mansion Karen says Renne. Usal kept looking at them in surprise after he had heard that The Master was involved. Usal, what do you think? asks Karen. Well Usal starts to calm down a bit. The Master can create every obstacle you can think of for you. Now, going to Duggal mansion means getting into a bugged house Usal implies. Then in that analogy the Master also knows our current location Renne smiles sarcastically. I agree Karen looks serious. Anyways we have to get into the mansion. I need to look into my grandpas stuff How is going to Duggal mansion related to our search for Froid? Usal questions. Well its related to the document Karen replies somehow he adds. Karen stood up, Renne too. Usal kept looking outside the room. Karen and Renne packed their belongings. Usal turned back three men, south-east to entrance, black suit, and one was spotted with a gun Karen smiled back. Renne informed her partner, the truck driver, who was parked close to these men, to leave for headquarter and bring back-up, when she calls him the next time, to Duggal mansion. (Later...) Renne jump into the car Karen gave a shout, Usal looked behind him, three men started to pace towards them. Renne bumped into the taxi, Karen followed in and Usal grabbed the driver by his neck and threw him out. He then drove the car away. Three of them had disguised, Renne wore a veil, Karen acted like a college boy and Usal remained the same except for a sun-glass. When they came out of the lodge, one after another with a gap of five and ten minutes, the three men, the Masters men, didnt move an inch. As soon as one of the men recognised Usal, he started to walk towards him. Renne hailed a taxi from far that drove towards the entrance. Renne and Karen got in. Usal was at a distance, he ran towards the taxi, threw the driver out and drove the car away. Where to sir? Usal jokes.

As though you dont know Renne replies in frustration. Ok gasps Usal, turning serious. After an hour they reached the rear of the Duggal mansion. First Renne walked out in veil. She looked around and then turned towards the taxi, Two men, sedan, blue, road end she indicated, as Usal looked through his rear view mirror. Karen then got out, acted as though he is paying the taxi and held Renne by her hand. Usal drove the taxi ahead and then turned around. He then drove towards the sedan in which there were two of the Masters men. Hello sir Usal smiles and took out his gun, it had the silencer, and shot both of them. Karen and Renne vigilantly walked towards the mansion. Renne looked around for any other men of the Master. Karen walked towards the main door, it was locked. Renne looked for any other point of entry. Karen walked along the side lawns and was in the backyard. His eyes then glanced at the temple. Renne, who had no luck in finding any entry point, walked towards the temple from the other side. Karen also paced towards it. Both Renne and Karen were inside the temple. Karen was smitten by the silence and the Sanskrit hymns being played behind. Renne kept looking around when her eyes fell on the huge, gold, Vishnu idol that had the yellow glow because of the sun rays that gallantly fell on it. Karen felt uneasy but then there was a nostalgia brimming up. He started to recollect his childhood memories. He remembered coming here with both his grandfather and father. He played around when Vikram burnt some lamps and Rajneesh performed the prayers. He started to smile. The childhood memories from this house had this over-whelming effect on him. He remembered how his mother used to make him dance during the Diwali rituals. He remembered his grandpa teaching him Sanskrit slokas and mantras and suddenly he remembered his grandpas death bed, the way he looked at him and said, For I shall not gear, I shall not hear, its the only way to find my dear. Far above in the tip of sleeping lord, holds the element of the siblings secrets of all. He, who created the existence, now sleeps. He who drinks poison now weeps. I shall now die. I die o dear I fear. I die o dear, o dear. Renne Karen looks at her. The document is here Renne looked him with no reaction. Where?

My grandfather said that theres only one way to find something. Something thats at the tip of a sleeping lord, the one who created our existence, and then theres the lord who weeps after drinking poison Karen kept reciting. Renne looked at Lord Vishnus idol. A sleeping statue with Lord Shiva painted on the wall near the forehead of the idol. There was white tear drop painted near Lord Shivas eyes. The something which my grandpa referred is in the tip of Lord Vishnu, the forehead below the lord who once drank poison, Lord Shiva Renne and Karen paced towards the idols head. Karen looked around for an opening of some sort. Both of them kept looking for the document around the idol. Theres nothing shouts an old mans in a trembling voice. Karen and Renne turned around. The old man was with Usal. Grandpa shouts Karen. Its so nice to see you son Duggal weeps. Karen walked towards Duggal and hugs him. He then bent down and touched his grandfathers feet in respect. Why did you leave us? Karen asks in a solemn tone. I never left you son. My last words, supposedly last words, brought you to me Grandpa, theres nothing there Karen points towards the Idol. Well, theres nothing Duggal smiles. I mean. Grandpa, Jade Karen starts to stammer as he loses his grip on his grief. Karen, I know Duggal keeps calm. Jades been a hostage with Froids men and the guy named the Caller is asking for the document How do you know? Well, lets just assume that I am under a partnership-deal with Froid What does that mean? Renne questions. Usal kept his ears in the conversation and started to walk towards the idol to inspect it.

The document was to be sold after Ryans death You are selling the document? Karen questions suspiciously. I have to. It was Ryans wish Duggal justifies. But then why is the Caller doing all this for the document, He belongs to Froids group Renne quizzes. The Caller as famously known is Regas Mendousa Duggal leers. When Ryan asked me to partner with Froid before he was murdered by the Master in London along with Sunita and his child Duggal started to tear down. He wanted me to sell the document after his death Regas Mendousa grins Renne. Usal started to walk back to them. Renne turns towards Usal. He just smiles back. Its surprising. Regas Mendousa is one of the most wanted fugitives Usal adds. Well, he is. The Master recruited him. Froid was the Masters tactical person while Regas remained his extortionist, well, as the Caller Duggal explains. The Master, what do you know about him professor? Usal questions. Duggal looked at them. He was amused; he had just killed the man whose body is in the lab, the refrigerator, preserved for Froid to see. Yet, Duggal thought its better he waits for the news to go public because Froid was coming over to Duggal mansion. The Master still stands the symbol of fear I believe. I havent seen him Duggal explains. Froid had contacted Ryan, just a week before he was murdered. Froid brought a deal on the table; he said he would assassinate the Master if Ryan agrees to pay a part of the money he received for the sale of document. When Ryan handed over the document to me he said that if he dies then the document is to be sold with Froids help and the amount what Froid negotiates is to be given to him because the document is useless without Ryan yet the Master would be murdered and Ryan would have had his revenge because Ryan was sure that the Master is going to murder him Duggal hesitates in the end and slowly paces towards the chair near the corner pillar, he then wipes his glass. Karen walks towards him. Renne and Usal were surprised that Froid was planning to kill the Master because from what they know, Froid was the most prominent and accountable man for the Masters supremacy. Professor, Dr. Ryan was murdered by the Master? Renne questions

Yes Duggal wasnt eager to respond. The Master, is he behind the crimes of Regas Mendousa and Froid? Renne pops again. Yes he is. Jade is captive of the Master Duggal looked at Karen. Grandpa, is she ok? Karen weeps. I made that sure Karen. I am not going to lose more family members. The Master has killed three and I cant let it happen again. Froid is being played well, I can assure you that Duggal keeps brushing Karens hair, tears roll down from his eyes. Karen keeps crying too. Where is the Master? Usal starts to talk to himself, keeps fingering his beard. Duggal looks at him with no reaction on his face. Renne walks towards Karen to console him. She wipes his tears and helps him stand. Karen, we would get Jade Duggal pats Karen. He gathers himself and speaks in assurance. Professor, everything starts and somehow connects to the Master and the document, considering that to be with Dr. Ryan and then passed to you. What is the document about? Usal asks in a weighty tone. Duggal hesitates in answering it straight. He breaks contact with Usal and then walks towards the idol of Lord Vishnu. He stares at it for a second and then makes effort to answer. The Document, my friends, is blank Duggal replies. Karen and Renne look at each other in surprise yet they try to remain casual. What? Usal shouts.

I write this in pain, my readers, who stare at this piece. When man once questioned himself in the pedestal of living truth, he reckoned the very voice of self destruction. I cannot perceive anything unless the man lives his life neither in peace nor thy pain. The Judgment of this paper is to infer that the very psychology that made us tend towards the belief in Religion and the grave thoughts to discover science has been critically slit to torture. As humans we live in midst of reality with dreams that provide the basis of unseen imaginations. Our aspirations are somewhat doubtful yet our aims remain strong, our will remains strong but then why do we back ourselves for those dark seconds when something is burdened on us? I walked along the paths to prove something, a piece of peace for mind. I drove across the multi cultural terrain of India, bumped through languages and trembled in the forests of wild people then reached my destination in the foot of god, sleeping, closed eyes, dreaming may be, about our future which my religion says is what we do! The Gods Destiny by Ryan Rycart Duggal Every problem in your life has a solution. Every plan has an end. Every motive has an opportunity and every human has his conviction. Far reaching aims are dreams, working hard is passion, achieving them is success and neglecting them is prudent sluggishness. Not everyone around you would work hard, they wouldnt have the passion. You still might find them having success and you slowly inch towards the sluggishness. The answer lies within the question then. When two parts of sentences find themselves linked with no actual reason, then the only possible answer lies in the myth of destiny. May be thats why some are successful even after working less than you. Questions on our choice of career, our choice of partner, our choice of taste, our choice, well, in anything puts us in dilemma because its not a choice we make in personal interest even though it does personally affect only us yet the influence of society that includes family and the friends closest to us has a drastic challenge that cannot be foreseen. I walked across many perils of decadent society. Why I talk so solemnly is because I found answers to my questions and how did that happen because I dared to search them and where did I go is a story I am going to write now and if you really want to know what the document is about, you, the reader of this piece, then read each word and each line because each letter holds in itself a secret of me.

It was just another afternoon for me but I had woken up for biting mosquitoes and stench of village smell that has the freshness of greenery mixed with cow dung and husk. But theres something strange here, the belief is all over, the ringing bells and the Sanskrit hymns, a glory for a peaceful mind. I find myself amidst strong forces of God that are offered prayers, money, sweets and what all just to impress them so that they can shower there treasury of magic on the beholders. Sometimes I use to think what god actually is? I used to believe in god when my father first taught me to talk to Jesus. He said me to join my hands, pray and say amen. I said. I prayed four times a day, when I wake up, when I go to school, when I eat and when I sleep. Sometimes I felt as though he was there for me and sometimes I felt he completely ignored me and then when he ignored me for a string of unsuccessful disdain, I finally chose to surrender my faith and move on being an equivalent to an atheist. I wandered around like an aloof during my childhood when I had my father battling his own country even though he fought for the motherland risking his own life. The mother wasnt happy I believe. Mothers are like god they say. Hence, Jesus had got blackmailed then. He sent my father to prison. But I think he had some sympathy left for me and he then brought to me an opportunity. I had been serving like a prisoner in a foster home unable to comprehend what they had done to my father back there in my country, Uncle Sam. The opportunity wanted me to prove something but I did not know what? I asked him, Jesus I mean, I asked him if he wanted me to do something and as they say, open the door and Jesus will turn, but he didnt turn, he didnt answer. So, I thought to take the stride, the leap of faith. I kept learning, had fun with books and my friends and somehow I started to quickly understand things and found myself in hands of the fate again. This time the fate awarded me another father, generous they say. I say too. He held my hand because he taught I had something in me but I really didnt because if I see my grades then they werent appeasing what I had was just a mind fragile enough to break into anything and then slowly join together the right pieces of information as I grew. I could learn faster, I wasnt a prodigy. The generous man took me home and then he cared for me. He was rich so he could provide me everything but this wasnt the instance when I lost Jesus. I just started to understand him. As I grew, I found myself akin to try things but I never loved reading and most often I was found failing my tests except for things that didnt require testing my calculations or aptitude. I am slow, really slow in calculating and when I sit for entrance exams, the ones for Top premier institutes of

India, I find myself engulfed with fear like a Gaussian surface where the charge resides near the boundary with the internal field tending to zero. I was talented though. During those years, the years when I was giving those exams, I lost hope in everything. I lost it. My brother and my father had hopes for me but I shattered them and from then tingled in me a feeling to prove myself and what I lost because of that was the feeling to feel a force or faith, I lost God. Humans are machines of interpretations. They cant stand derision. The most successful of all humans, understands criticism and learns. The failure, well, gets teased. I lost my hope. I lost everything. I had studied calculus long before my friends yet I couldnt use it. That means I didnt study it properly. I always had this feeling within me, a drawback from the crowd of succeeding people and somehow I realised I cant beat them until I stand level with them. What I learnt from my first two failures in a debate competition in my schooling period was that if you know you can but you are not able to come out then the only solution is push yourself within the situation with no plans or actions and somehow you would find yourself executing your mind in the same way as you had dreamt or have been dreaming of. Sometimes you would find yourself making a right decision based on consciousness of intuition. Sometimes you would find your safe haven with better options than the other. Your life is made up of small experiences and such experiences thread together makes memories. But if you actually look into these small memories you wouldnt find yourself alone. You would find a solution in assistance. Question remains: Who assists? Then you can turn yourself into believing an invisible force, and then you can ask yourself if you believe in force, if you believe in myths, if you believe in God. Life isnt simple yet it can be made. A happy mind is the key ingredient. What is the use of straining your brain into different directions, thinking options, degrading your confidence and finally sleeping it off? If you would have invested the same time in keeping yourself calm, made some time for your family or entertainment maybe then you would have been productive not otherwise. If you notice, Gods never work. What they do is meditate or sleep, Dream basically. Now, its just faith so I cannot oppose it but what it shows is if God is considered to be the supernatural human or human with extra powers then they actually got it because they had too and you can do nothing to match them. You got something and you have to live with that. A class has some resources and the teacher distributes these resources to each student as per the ability of individual students. Teachers know what they are doing is the best way to test and enhance a particular ability of their students. Every student then builds their own applications based on varied ability.

So, what I will conclude is that I dont know what god actually is. Whether its Hindu or Islam or Christianity etc... What I know is that there has always been something that has helped me in decisions, helped in finding a correct path. Its just that am amazed how everything works in this world. How people get corrupt or become popular. Everyone owns their arena, each in their own way. I cannot compare myself to an actor. I cant compare my life to a billionaire. I am living a contented life of a scientist because I am been working towards a single path from my childhood. Bachelors degree, then Masters and then doctorate in applied physics, somehow I have managed to follow a single road with no distractions. I hate going to Delhi, why is that? Because of the traffic and the irregular mapped roads. The cars beeping from anywhere, somehow a regulated road gets into chaos sometimes and when it does we either get lucky with an alternative or we get stuck in the traffic but what is sure here? The surety for me is the traffic is going to clear soon and I am going to freely drive my car because the government or the authority is going to do something about it and I keep my faith there. The Traffic analogy is somewhat similar to our life. We either get an alternative if we get lucky or we get stuck in it but somehow we have to assure ourselves that the authority, which may be the supreme lord, will get us out of it. We just have to keep the faith. We have to believe in something. Just believe people for thats being human. Hence, Destiny is not just for us but its for the supreme human or God as well because if Einstein believed and proved that we cannot see an object without light and time, we cannot live without opportunity, preparation and luck which together make Destiny. Destiny (D) = Luck (L) + Happiness (H) where Luck (L) = Opportunity (O) + Preparedness for the same (P) And Destiny is the destination of life and so is death. Death is the destination, common to us all. Somehow I believe death factorises destiny and hence it also considers luck and happiness. Therefore, happily prepare for opportunity to have the luck executed before the post condition i.e., death is satisfied, the hoarse triplet for life. The Gods are just us. When we worship them, we raise ourselves. We raise our hopes because we cannot go ahead without a push or support. No one in his life is ever going to survive alone. Even an atheist believes or depends on something. Its just that he doesnt need god.

GPP HQ, Navsari, Gujarat Vikram paces fast in the corridor of GPP head office, a newly built two storey building situated in the corner of the Agricultural University in Navsari, Gujarat. Deva Vikram enters Milinds office. Milind smiles at Vikram. What? he asks eagerly. BJP is forfeiting the coalition agreement Vikram was worried but just gave a stern expression. I know Milind wasnt surprised and worried as Vikram expected. Why? questions Vikram. We are going to run as an independent party for the Gujarat polls and then for the polls of 2013 Milind gave a grave answer. You didnt discuss the issue with us Vikram feels betrayed. Well, I did, with the GPP board and unfortunately you have to resign Milind didnt smile now but was polite, sarcastically. Vikram didnt understand. He looked perplexed. Why? He asks plainly. You are not capable Milind replies The board agrees he adds. I had left everything for GPP Vikram refutes. Then gain them back and you can keep the funding you got when you were the leader. We have got new investors Vikram wasnt happy. He entered politics because of Milind. I always thought you believed in me. I looked up to you Vikram argues. This is politics Vikram. Grow up. You just go out, make promises and then refuse the commissions and the extra money. You think GPP would be able to run like that Milind raises his voice. Commissions and bribe, thats what you mean, right? Vikram was stern.

Yes Milind then stands up and walks towards Vikram. Youre grandfather, Guru Prasad, was an intelligent investor but his students, the one who he mentored now bribe me. So, if you preach me, I will make sure that you are sent to your grandfather and that he teaches you too he adds. You will now do a press conference and make your resignation public Milind orders Vikram. Vikram was angry but incapable of fighting Milind and his force. He knew that and walks out of the office without putting up the fight. As soon as Vikram moves out of the office, Milind turns towards his room. Froid walks out. I hope that you would follow my command from now on but, well, its not necessary Froid plays his words. Times changed Deva. You no longer are powerful and the men who bark at your command like dogs are mine, so let me take them for a walk now adds Froid and points a gun at Milinds head. Milind starts to sweat. For the first time he has seen the gun point so close to his eyes touching his forehead. It was hot and scary. Milind was suddenly reminded of every murder he has done from the day he first held a gun. Somehow the last seconds of his life flashed back memories and turned him into a saint but maybe it was too late. Milind smiled at Froid and winked at him. Froid pressed the trigger of the gun and the bullet pierced through the middle of the forehead and Dr. Milind Deonkar Jr. (a.k.a Deva) was dead. (Four hours earlier) Kill Deva Regas spoke in a commanding voice. I am ignoring the superiority youre trying to show but why should I kill him? Froid quizzes. Milind knows about Sarah and you. I just heard from a source in GPP. He is planning to use her to get you into murdering the head of Gujarat Sang, Kailash Shah. He funds GPP Why does he want his investor to be killed? Kailash Shah has the support of GPP board. Vikram hasnt proved himself as a good leader for GPP. The board is planning to break the coalition with BJP and appoint Kailash Shah as the new face. They aim only Gujarat Assembly for now Regas sounds well informed. How can I validate this? Well, check your mail. I have sent a recording of conversation between Milind and one of his men. It was luck may be that my source was present there during the conversation and he knew about Sarah and you for obvious reasons. He is my man Regas laughed.

Froid wasnt amused. He disconnected the call and checked his mail for the recording. When he heard the conversation, Froid couldnt control his anger. Milind had completely insulted Sarah and was planning to kill her even if Froid got the work done. He does not own me Froid shouts, looking at the mirror. He then calls Regas. Where is Milind? Froid quizzed angrily. Well, he is in his GPP HO in Navsari Thanks Regas You owe me Regas disconnected the call. Hello Professor Froid called Duggal. I will not be coming I see Duggal replied in a whispery tone, Karen and Renne were busy talking to Usal. Preserve the body. I will be here by tomorrow. Going to kill Deva Froid chuckled. Save my interest. Bring along Duggal whispered. Vikram would be fine. I will bring him back Froid assured and disconnected the call. He then left for Navsari by his private helicopter.

The Gluttony
The document is nothing. It is just a paper written by Ryan on God or something Duggal replies. What is important is the last page of the document where Ryan mentioned his references Whats special about them? Karen inquires. Lets say that each reference is irrelevant to the article in document Duggal sighs The references are actually names of three scientists and each scientist belonged to the Manhattan project Who are they? Usal asks. Three Nobel laureates: Bohr, Einstein and Lawrence. Duggal answers. Karen stares at Duggal. When Ryan wrote the document, he insisted that each word be read carefully and each letter be given importance Duggal starts to talk loudly. Each letter from the names of these scientists, now, each of these scientists has elements of their names in the periodic table; interestingly I also came across nostalgia where I use to play word jumbling with Ryan in childhood. In one such game he just put blanks and gave me a hint and then three names of scientists who have been commemorated with elements of the similar names in the periodic table, where he used the first letters of the First name and family name of them and asked me to reframe all of it into a meaning full word Now, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein and Ernest Lawrence give us N, B, A, E, E, L. I dont know what it reframes to Duggal adds in discontent. Karen and Usal remain blank. They didnt understand what Duggal tried to say. Duggal kept murmuring the letters but Renne was acting strange, her hands trembled and a piece of paper fell down. No one noticed it until Karen turned towards her to ask something but then was surprised to see Renne completely lost and gloom. Renne are you ok? Karen asks her, walking towards her. Usal was also surprised, Duggal keeps murmuring and walked towards the entrance of the temple. Renne what is it? Usal also questions. Renne was still unable to answer. Karen then looked at the piece of paper she dropped. He picked it up but didnt understand what she had written.

BALEEN Karen reads the note and then turns towards Renne. Renne turns around and walks towards the idol. She kneels down, brings her palms together and whispers payers with her eyes closed. Renne are you ok? Usal asks. Duggal also joins them. Renne opens her eyes. She stares at the idol and starts to speak. Baleen was the name given to me by my grandfather and your letters follow the pattern Renne answers. Well, what does it mean? Who was your grandfather? Karen asks. Baleen means Whale. My grandfather use to tease me when I was a child. He used to say that I was a filter feeder. I use to bite my enemies. My father use to shout at me and I use to cry and run back to my grandfather. He would then cheer me up by reading me books mostly about whales Why do you think this relates to your grandfather? Duggal asks. Well, my grandfather was a scientist too. A nuclear scientist as my father once told me but then when my grandfather was around fifty nine, he left the house because of the fights he had with my step mom Renne starts to cry. Who was your grandfather? Duggal asks. Dr. G. H. Carlos famously known as the Nuclear master because he used to train interns, technicians and was a visiting professor for many universities around the globe Dr. Gyan, is that what G stands for? Duggal asks, trying to recollect something. Yes Your grandfather was Ryans good friend Renne Duggal smiles. He always used to meet Ryan at a bar close to our house. They were really close and I remember him coming to this house once with luggage Duggal adds. Renne looked at Duggal. Karen smiled at her; Usal kept working on the links. Then why is he mentioning it on the document? Usal quizzes. Thats because my grandfather was among the few nuclear scientist who had access to the nuclear warehouse in some unknown location. My grandfather was killed mysteriously in Mumbai Renne answers.

I am sorry for that Renne Duggal interrupts. That means the document was relating to the nuclear warehouse and thats why the Master is behind it. Selling uranium bricks which are available there would fetch him billions. This document itself is worth millions now But Professor, you said you had already planned to sell the document with Froid because Ryan asked you too. How come you were convincing the buyers without actually knowing what the document has? Usal asks suspiciously. Well, the document which I was selling was faked by Ryan. The real document is what I have now. The fake one has a map with three locations. Ryan never said what those locations meant but he said to contact the Russian mob and tell them that the coordinates are here. Ryan had already contacted them and he just wanted me to call at a number through a satellite phone. I did and the guy on the other end spoke Russian fluently. He then asked me to meet him whenever I am ready with the materials in these locations. I then contacted Froid. Firstly, the fake map had nothing of importance but we had to make it look important. So, he brought in eleven more people who were experts in making replicas, IDs, passports, documents and even forfeiting currency. We somehow managed to create a nuclear warehouse and IDs for ourselves for it would be necessary, once we flee the country. So, when we sell the document and they confirm these locations, we get 990 Million dollars and we run. It would take time for them to test these materials and find out its fake. Duggal had a grave expression. You were fleeing? Karen asks. I was dead to the world. I had my life to take care of now. Russian mob in India, the CBI and RAW would be on foot to get hold of them Duggal replies in calm. How did you know it related to Nuclear Warehouse? Usal added another question. Ryan told me to do so. Karen looked puzzled. Usal still didnt buy the explanation. Renne didnt bother to think. So, why is Dr. Ryan playing so sceptically? If he wanted to sell the document, then why not the real one Usal shouts a moment later. Well that would remain a mystery Renne adds. Why? Usal asks.

My grandfather would never reveal the location of nuclear warehouses and when he was murdered, the Indian government shut most of them as precautionary steps. They were paranoid of International conflicts and war Renne replies That means the document, the real one is nothing? Usal asks. Yes. The document is nothing Duggal adds. But the history behind it Usal has tempted the very dire brains to run for it Dr. Ryan died for nothing? Usal shouts in anger. That would remain a mystery Usal. That would remain a mystery Duggal silenced at the end and sat on the chair again, holding his specs and trying to remain calm. What Ryan could never say was that the document was nothing but just his explanation on life. There wasnt any mystery entailed to the document. It was plain. No Nuclear warehouse, nothing. But when Ryan first published it as The Gods Destiny, the document was heavily publicised by Gyan Carlos. He even wrote the foreword. When The Master murdered Gyan in a small deserted mill in Parel, Mumbai after torturing him to say the locations of nuclear warehouse, Gyan just replied in pain, Inform my friend Ryan that I am going to die. He would be waiting for me during dinner. You need the location... he then started to lose his breath as the Master strangled his neck. Gyan looks at the Master, his eyes open wide and he slowly relaxed to death. The Masters men searched Gyans pocket and found Ryans visiting card. Behind the card was written Nuclear Master, which was once signed by Gyan. Very few outside the nuclear forum knew about this name and somehow the greed for money in the Master made him think that Ryan also knows about these locations and the only thing that linked Ryan to Gyan was the little book, a document. The Gods destiny was public but what the Master wanted was the document that Ryan used as draft because it was in the draft that Gyan once scribbled the coordinates for three nuclear warehouses. How does the Master know about this?

I hope you do know what is at stake here? The voice of the Master I know my Master I need everything on the warehouses My Master, They dont speak on that a lot They do. You just need to be around them. I want to know the coordinates. Gyan has it my child I see them leaving for the bar Then follow them Thats no use. They would be talking about family stuff there Then what do you propose? I need to check Ryans study You go to the bar, follow them and if you find the conversation worthless then you can check the study I am already checking the study My Master What do you see? The draft of the Ryans document, The Gods Destiny The document is already published, why is he keeping the written draft? The Master quizzed. I am turning pages now. (After a while) There are three lines of series of numbers here which were not present in the main document published. My Master, I think these are the coordinates Then copy them down. I need them He is coming my Master. I can hear his voice. He is coming up. I need to leave I need the coordinates The Master shouts. Scribbled. Unable to read it now

Very well son. I hope we have a deal. You get me the document and I make sure you have your promise fulfilled. You have been a good acquaintance to me for a long time. Now run The Master spoke in a fast pace. I shall my Master. I shall Keep in mind my child. Its only I who know you. Let your brother love you my child. No vulnerabilities Rajneesh, No vulnerabilities The Master disconnected the phone as Rajneesh stood in front of Ryans study. No one was coming up; Ryan was happily having his drinks with Gyan in the bar. But Rajneesh now had the coordinates and he knew they are worth well.

(Question: How did The Master and Rajneesh come in contact? The Gluttony)
The only person to have double crossed The Master was Faizal Khan. The Mexican drug mafia had spread his reign using the Masters kingdom but the Master soon had his grip on Faizals growing business and strangled him in his own greed to death. Rajneesh knew it was difficult for him to even come close to the Master and unmask him. The only link he thought would work was luring someone close to the Master. The weakest link that can be lured was well, Ramona Singh. The one who once played cards with him; It was the same night that he had a flashing card with just a number and initials R.S. he knew that Ramona was a close aide to the Master because she was the one who satisfied Masters turf for erotica. The Master invested in the Pharma Company of her father and she always lured him to buying her stuffs. Rajneesh knew this because when he first contacted Ramona on the number that was on the card, he heard a voice from behind but didnt get who it was and he did not question. It was the time when he was unaware of Ramonas connection with the Master. But once when he landed on bed with her in her residence, thrusting upon her she suddenly got a call. Even though during such process of intimacy a girl tries to ignore the phone but this call sounded important because as soon as she saw the number, she pushed Rajneesh aside and ran towards the other room with the phone; Rajneesh at once jumped from bed , walked towards the other room and stood at the door. He tried to eavesdrop. I shall my Master Ramona said in a low tone. She then kept the phone down and walked out. As soon as she reached her room, she tumbled upon a leg and fell down. Rajneesh then pounced on her, holding a kitchen knife to her neck.

Tell me about the Master? Rajneesh shouts, his eyes piercing into a rigid contact with that of Ramona. Ramona smiled at him and didnt resist. She just slid her hand behind him and started to play his naked body. Tell me about him? Rajneesh shouts. You have no business with him Ramona smiled. I do. I have something for him How do you know him? He is a ghost Well, He is not. Pass on a message to him; if he wants intel on my brother then he has to contact me. Will you? But if he knows you were banging me then he would kill you as well as me Well then let him Jack, He would kill us Tell him I threatened you. You can skip the bed part Rajneesh then stands up, starts wearing his clothes. Did you use me? Ramona asks. Frowning. Ya Duggal replied smiling and winks at her. Well, I would not inform him then. Get lost from here Ramona shouts in anger. Interestingly you dont have to. My message has already been received by him Duggal responds. Ramona gives him a puzzled look. Relax. Just wanted to inform you that your house is bugged: You see that small white lens there, from that he was looking at us, and you see the mic near the flower vase, from there he can hear us Duggal pointed at each of these gadgets. Ramona was stunned. You will die today Duggal pushed Ramona on bed and walked out of the house. Ramona remained stunned for some time and then threw a cloth around the camera lens and ran out of the apartment.

Your daughter is about to die a call was made to Randeep Singh. Who are you? Call me Master The voice broke and the phone disconnected. As soon as Ramona ran out of her apartment, she felt a pain in her chest. There was something probing through, piercing in her and soon she gasped for air. She fell down and her vision blurred. Soon she relaxed on the middle of the road with people surrounding her, some shouting for emergency, and some looking around for the shooter. Within the next moment, she died. (The same day) Hello Mr. Duggal the voice was heavy, breathing forcefully, the voice of the Master. People use to call my dad with that name. Dont use it on me Rajneesh replied politely. I sense displeasure, discontent towards your father? The Master asked. Thats not what I want you to talk about Rajneesh was blunt. I talk what I wish too. Am I clear on that? The Master spoke politely. The girl is dead. Isnt she? Well, Yes. You used her So did you My people call me Master. They hail me by saying that Mr. Duggal I should not be called that; its my dads name Rajneesh pauses. My Master You would be. Now, what was your deal? I heard that my brother is well connected to the nuclear forum and you need the co-ordinates? Rajneesh spoke solemnly. So you want to be my insider? The Master laughs. I would prove myself Rajneesh sounded serious. Pauses. My Master What do you want in return?

Some money Some? Well 40% of whatever deal is negotiated with the buyer and I be present in every deal Rajneesh put forth his request. You are smart. (Pause) Now that I am going to pay you, I would let you know my simple rule for my employees. I handle my vulnerabilities to their last breath Ok Get me the coordinates Whom should I connect to? You will be reporting to my tactical guy, Contas Froid Devkar I shall be pleased to You do know my people. How is that? You aint a ghost after all I doubt you The Master whispered. Well, I will prove you otherwise Rajneesh spoke strong. I will wait for Froid to call with coordinates you give him and I will wait for you tell me your source The Master spoke politely. I would never reveal my source, My Master Rajneesh chuckled. Then I die O dear I fear, I die O dear O dear The Master sang and disconnected the call. Rajneesh then walked out of his room and looked at Ryan, who was peacefully having his dinner. There was bitterness in him. There was anger against him. There was the ego, the rage and the gluttony, for Rajneesh was dear to his father until Ryan came along. Maybe he wasnt actually happy with his brother being a prodigy. Maybe Rajneesh never received the love he wanted and he was patient for very long, realised it when his father died. The death of his father hit him hard later and soon his grief gave birth to anger, the ego and the discontent, a feeling of hatred towards his brother. It was not money that Rajneesh seeks. It was vengeance for the gluttony that took birth.

The Master
The Master is dead now, an enigma for the criminal world. Unlike many criminals, fugitives, The Masters clan was more dangerous, more secluded and more unlikely to be caught. Every step they took was well planned and every resource was well bribed. None would open their mouths and the most important thing was none have ever seen the Master. The Master remained a ghost for his men. Only few of Masters closest men have seen him and to add, so did Ramona. (Present) Where is the Master? asks Usal. I dont know answers Duggal playing his hair. Professor, I still dont buy this document thing. There has to be something? quizzes Usal. There might be. I dont know replies Duggal. Renne looked around the temple thinking and mesmerising her times with her grandfather. How he comforted her? How he played with her? Her eyes rolled around the Vishnu idol and suddenly feel on the door behind it. Without asking or saying anything she walked towards it still in thoughts and opened it. Duggal didnt see her. She then climbed down the stairs and was into the Lab. All her thoughts seized as she found herself surrounded by chemicals, instruments and papers. Her eyes and hands started to feel everything on display. She walked around until she reached the desk. It was pretty old. She then turned around and found a refrigerator, a big one. She went towards it and opened it. Her eyes popped out, she found a dead body of an old man in his 70s. The Master was dead right in front of her eyes and she was unaware who it was actually. She didnt scream but ran towards the temple and found Duggal waiting for her near the door. He looked at her, his eyes making a strong, grave contact with hers. He raised his finger and pointed at her to keep silent. She pushed him aside and gave a loud shout, Theres a dead body here Duggal shrugged, he was angry. He then kept his calm. What? Karen shouts. As he and Usal run towards the door.

Theres a dead body of an old man, somewhere in his seventies Who is it? questions Usal. I dont know. Ask the professor, its his lab lab? questions Karen, perplexed. Whose body is it grandpa? The Master Usal replies. I was right. The professor was behind all this. The Master was just a minion What are you saying? Karen questions. Just see his explanation for the document Karen? Completely blank, how can you create fake documents and passports and fool the Russian Mob. Secondly, the lab is always private to a scientist. How did the body get here in the first place and third, if Froid is partnering with your grandpa then the old man there is definitely the Master because he was the biggest obstacle Renne nodded in agreement. Karen looked at Duggal. It is not the Master Duggal replies. Then? shouts Usal. Its Walker, Chairman of Walker Inc. Duggal adds. Mr. Walker? Shouts Karen. The Master Duggal mumbles Mr. Walker is the Master Renne and Karen were stunned. Usal found it more irrational. Mr. Walker? Everybody in the world knows him. Froid is a tough competitor to him in the market when he acts as Thomas Grey You think the Master was small machinery? Duggal shouts. Walker is respected personality, Are you sure? questions Karen. Well, Walker is the one who had killed the Mexican mafia Faizal Khan in London. Walker is also the one who had killed Ryan How come you are sure of that? Karen asks. Usal was still furious.

Froid You believe him? asks Renne. The head of security for Walker was Rymore Raul. He was Froids closest aide and an insider in Masters territory for Froid Duggal replies and the glances at Usal when he ends. But why does Froid need an insider? questions Renne. Froid always wanted to reign like the Master. Ambition Duggal replies, sitting back on the chair, his hands started to shiver a bit. Then why kill him now? It has been ten years since Froid and Walker have been in competition Renne adds. Because Raul is dead Usal interrupted. I was framed for his murder Who called the shot? Karen asks. The same person who tried killing me Duggal looks at Karen, his eyes were red. Who? shouts Usal. Regas Mendousa Duggal answers.

Chapter 10 The Gods Destiny

...kalo 'smi loka-ksaya-krt... recited Mendousa in exuberance. He was sitting in front of Jade, who looked around with no emotions. Her tears were dried near her eyes. Her ears appeared red; her hands were bruised and tired. There wasnt any duct tape around, there wasnt any chain, and there wasnt any handcuff. She sat freely but in vigilance of two men, one with a cane and other with a belt. She looked at Regas, her eyes were red and she felt really frustrated but her outlook was calm and she didnt bother to oppose her captors. What does that mean? Jade asked walking to the end of room. I am death, the destroyer of world... or I own time Regas started to laugh. I dont know really, some scientist used it once, people are now debating on what it actually means Its in Sanskrit questions Jade. Yes. They say its from Bhagavad Gita. I liked the line chuckles Regas. He then dials a number and starts to talk. It was Froid on the other end. Whats new Froid? Deonkar is dead I expected that. Where is the Master? quizzes Regas. Well, didnt hear from him Froid replies calmly. I am bored keeping Jade here. Lets finish the chase What do you wish to do? The final step Regas voice grew strong. Calm down. Dont act stupid Froid, its really taking a long time. The Karen fellow has also escaped our people in Dadar and you are not letting me call him. Why is that? questioned Regas.

Froid disconnected the call. He was sitting in his car waiting for Vikram to come out of his guest house with his luggage as they both were leaving back for Mumbai by Froids helicopter. As soon as he came out, Froid signalled his men and Vikram was assisted by two people, who carried his luggage and then after thirty minutes, both were in helicopter to Mumbai. The Master never actually understood what relation Duggal and Froid had. He knew Froid was trying to double cross him but the only thing that the Master wanted was the document. He only knew that Duggal spoke to Froid on phone because the Duggal mansion was bugged but he never knew that Duggal had met Froid personally as Froid never meets anyone personally unless its really profitable for him. The Master tried to act like Froid and went alone to fetch the document. A trap built with a small ideal led to the death of the greatest criminal and the biggest businessman, The President of Walker Inc. was murdered by a kitchen knife.

They say when the lord of destruction opens his third eye and dances to the tune of his anger, the whole world feels the heat of death and it is then we can say the world would be destroyed and reach the brink of its end. The Hindu Vedas have brought out many gods and each with different stories and more power. The power has uniquely characterised them and people worship them accordingly. Sometimes I wonder why we pray and whom we pray. And why should we pray? And then I realised the day I failed myself in competition exams for seats in engineering colleges, the day I lost my own self in the path of ambition, the day when I first felt myself getting angry on my isolation and somewhere in my heart rose a faith towards the idol of a god kept in my table. I joined my hands, closed my eyes and suddenly felt someone patting from behind and then in front of me, he showed a life that I would never regret. I got admission in a private college, I became part of projects and in some place of self solace I found my own force or faith. Some say when luck favours then all things are right but remember every right path has forced you take a decision and during these decisions you would find yourself completely in your intuition and this intuition, may be faith, destiny, karma or god, will somehow at the end would lead you to your goal, if and only if you dare to believe in it. How do you know it was Regas? questions Renne. Duggal kept looking at them, seated on the chair and then he glanced at Usal. Regas was the one who had planned my death answers Duggal. Regas was brought to the Masters gang by Faizal Khan, The Mexican drug mafia. When Faizal was murdered by the Master, Regas was unaware of it. He was in the Texas prison. When he learnt the Masters involvement, his faith in Master turned into a rage. He wanted to avenge the death of Faizal Khan. Regas has nothing to do with document and his only aim was to kill the Master. Jade is fine (Duggal looks at Karen) Regas promised me that as long as I work towards killing the Master, he would keep her safe but he kept you in the loop as hostage only because he wanted the Master to believe that he was on his side. The Master always kept record of what Regas was doing So how did he fake your death? asks Usal. He shot me with a chemical that completely nauseated me and put me into seizure. The second bullet, well, was just a small bullet casing that put pigs blood on me pigs blood? Karen raises his brows.

Usal nods and Duggal continues, The biggest problem with Regas was that he was too ambitious about this but he couldnt control his emotions and that is why he delayed. The doctor was threatened by Regas who had his family as hostage and that is why the doctor declared me dead although he knew I was in seizure and I can be treated. The CBI officer that came in to take charge of my body and sent you home, well, was Regas himself. So, when he came in, you all left, the doctor gave me a shot, I am bad with chemicals so I dont remember the name and I woke up suddenly. He held my hand, looked straight at me and inquired about the document. When I completely broke down, having no idea of the document, He then put forth a proposition. He would spare Jades life if I help him in luring the Master into a trap which wasnt planned then. I agreed after many thoughts. He then started telling me every detail about the Masters gang and somehow he kept me in dark about Froid. Regas was just in Masters ring to take revenge, he never wanted Froid to come in between but Froid did. Regas acts foolish such that Froid doesnt observe him much and that worked. What always put back Regas was the CBI. He could never think of hindering them because of his emotional side Duggal looks at Usal. What emotional side? Renne asks. Regas Mendousa is just a mask, the real man behind is Kusal Khan, elder brother to our friend Usal here Duggal keeps staring at Usal, who was stunned. Renne and Karen were surprised. Usal didnt believe at what he heard. It cant be. He never even killed a man shouts Usal. He is the Caller Duggal looks at Usal. Regas was trained by Faizal Khan. From being an amateur thug to the most dangerous extortionist, Regas sure learnt the world very fast. It was hard for him but at the end, you either play the entire system or you kill the central control. The risk lies more in doing the latter and he took that path. He was completely into killing the Master without even having a plan and that is when he approached me. He knew how close I was to Usal, he knew that I was aware of the document and he knew I was the only one that Master can never think of killing else he would be left with nothing. Regas needed me. Usal, Regas always looked at your moves not because you were a CBI officer but because you remained his weakness. He shot Raul because he needed to break the contact between Froid and the Master but he didnt know it was you who were to suffer. He had called me that day and was very upset but somehow he had to contain it because Karen was on run and the Master pressured him for the document

Tears burst out of Usals eyes. Renne and Karen had never seen this side of Usal. He walked near the corner stone of the temple and sat down, weeping, containing his emotions. He was breathing heavy. Suddenly a reel of his past flashed by, he remembered his brother who took care of him as a father. Usal felt all the happiness he could when he use to be around Kusal but when he left the house and the family shifted to Amritsar, for Usal, somehow, his brother was dead. Call Regas requests Karen. Ask about Jade? he adds. He never gave me a number. He would call whenever he wants replies Duggal. Renne walks towards Usal to comfort him. Karen looks at the Vishnu idol. He sat down thinking about Jade. At the same instance his phone rings. Hello Mr. Karen greets Regas as the Caller. Its been so long he chuckles. Karen wasnt amused. He pauses and then in a confident voice he replies Hello Regas. Regas was stunned. He turned back at Jade. She looked at him in pain. What? shouts Regas. You are Regas Mendousa answers Karen. Where are you? Duggal mansion Professor, is he there with you? Regas was bewildered. Yes he is So, he told you everything Regas asks in a soft voice. Karen pauses. He turned towards Usal, who was still under the anguish. You know what, let him speak Let whom speak? shouts Regas. Regas hears nothing from the other end and suddenly there is a trembling voice, somewhat like crying but Usal tried to control it.

Brother Regas whispers. He couldnt contain himself, his emotions. Regas loved his brother, he knew that for sure. There was a sudden grief surrounding him. He lost his anger in the hands of the tears that start to come out. Why? Usal snorts. Why did you leave us? shouts Usal. I had no options brother explains Regas. I had no options. It was fate that gave me this. Allah wanted me to abandon our family; I was no good to dad. I was no good to mom. I made them cry. I was bad luck he cries. Allah sniffs Usal. You never thought about us? About me? he shouts and cries. He couldnt contain his sorrow any longer. There was silence on the phone. Jade was surprised to see Regas like that, while Renne and Karen were more than surprised to see Usal crying. I did Usal. Brother listen to me, I didnt choose this line. It was given to me. I never was happy in this. I was leaving it but then the Master took away Faizal bhai (Brother) and I had to avenge him. Allah would understand me. I want you to support me Usal whispers Regas. Usal controlled his tears. He took small breaths and paused for a minute. Come here. The Master is dead Regas was suddenly lost. He was stunned when he heard that. Are you sure? questions Regas. The Master is dead brother snorts Usal. Are you trying to fool me? Froid would have told me that He knows Usal shouts Regas. How do you know? Professor killed him. You can come over and check his body I have never seen him Have you seen Mr. Walker? Yes

The Master, well, is Walker Regas was completely blemished. He was lost. He paused for a long time, He didnt know what to say. Usal, brother, Please (Usal interrupts) I am telling you the truth. Professor has done his work. Come over, see for yourself and then give Jade to Karen I am coming over. Regas disconnects the call and shouts at his men for preparing to leave. Jade, wash your face. I think today you are going to be free laughs Regas. Jade couldnt smile but somehow she felt a little euphoric. Froid Regas calls Froid. Yes shouts Froid. Walker, is he the Master? questions Regas. Froid was taken aback. Regas. What has happened to you? Froid tries to ignore the question. I am asking you politely. Please dont play Regas Listen to me Froid. If Mr. Walker is the Master and that you know the Professor has killed him, and then you do know I dont care what you do or who you are? What I want was the revenge and I think I got it. I just want to spend the rest of my life in peace. You owe me one. I saved Sarahs life. Finish this here and we both can live happily else I would be forced to take Sarah in and then trouble you. With the Master gone, we both stand at same level there was anguish and pain in the voice. Froid understood that this time Regas would not act foolish and wouldnt compromise easily. Yes sighs Froid. Mr. Walker was the Master and he is now dead Regas disconnects the call and leaves for Duggal Mansion.

(Hours later) Three cars enter into Duggal mansion and stop by the porch. Regas holds Jade by his hand, softens the grip and paces towards the Temple. His men cover every exit and two go with him. He then enters the temple and finds the four of them waiting for him. Mr. Karen smiles Regas, holding Jade. Jades condition was bad, her eyes were red, her ears and face had scars, and her hands were bruised. The cloth she wore was a bit torn and filthy. Brother, leave the girl requests Usal. I would love too but I need to see the body Duggal then signals Regas to follow him. Regas orders his men to look at the three and he then takes Jade along with him and follows Duggal to his lab. They enter through the door, climb down stairs and reach inside the lab. Duggal directs them to the refrigerator. Regas opens it and finds the body of Walker. Jade nauseates. Duggal and Regas help her and take her out. As soon as they come out of the door, Karen runs towards the unconscious Jade. Regas leaves her body and walks towards Usal. He hugs him. Insha-Allah, my work is now done Regas smiles. Usal pats him on the back and tears roll down through his eyes in happiness. Renne walks towards Karen. She then looks at Jade and sprinkles some water taken from the cup used for the prayers in temple. Jade slowly opens her eyes. So, a family reunion? shouts Froid as he enters the temple with Vikram. Vikram runs towards Duggal and hugs him. He didnt notice Karen due to the pillar that was obstructing his view. Karen is here whispers Duggal. Vikram looks around the pillar and finds Karen holding Jade and kissing her. Hes a bit busy smiles Vikram. Froid walks towards Renne. There were tears in her eyes. Listen Froid starts speaking in soft voice. I can leave all this. I dont want this he adds. Renne was a bit amazed. Renne, I apologise for what I did to you

So that was real. The yatch and all questions Renne. Yes. I was smitten by you But I wasnt she replies angrily. Froid takes out a knife and slowly marks a cut across his right palm. This was the one that held your neck, right? asks Froid in pain. Renne didnt know how to react. She took the knife and threw it away. Froid pulled her closer and kissed her. Soon, there were sounds of helicopters outside, landing on a ground close by. Three jeeps screeched near the porch and a group of five shooters, wearing vests of the Rapid Action Force(RAP) entered. A team of three suited men enter with their guns pointing towards Froid. Then an agent entered with some official document and he walked towards Duggal. Froid held Rennes hand. Renne took the grip of the injured one and twisted it around and kicked Froid on his knee cap. Froids leg jerked and he lost his balance and fell on the ground. Renne then signalled the agent to arrest Froid. The other three men took the body of Regas into custody. A group of five RAP soldiers entered the door to lab and then after a few minutes brought the body of Mr. Walker in to the temple shrine. You cheated on me shouts Froid, wrangling like lizard on the ground when the handcuffs were being put on. Renne knelt near him and said, I know about you and Sarah. You never loved me but if you loved her then you are the cheater here. Somehow I could never have fallen for you Renne slaps Froid and spit on him. Then Rennes partner enters. Renne are you ok? asks Agent Sanjay Purohit. Sanjay, the dead body there (pointing at Walkers body), it has Froids hands all over it. Get it done. Send this crook to hell Sanjay smiled at her. Dont worry Renne. He then walked towards Froid and shouts, Get up Mr. Grey, We have a lot of marketing to do he kicks him. The other Agent picks him up and they drag him to the CBI car outside. How did Regas die? asks Sanjay. He killed himself. Usal is his brother. Let him go along with the body. Renne whispers to him.

The medical staffs carry the body of Regas and Walker to the ambulance. Usal is escorted by Sanjay along with the bodies. Usal stops near Renne. Listen Usal, I have asked them to give the body to you after the protocol has been followed but if they take it for post mortem. Dont stop them. You are a good agent Usal, I would testify for you Renne talks to Usal and hugs him. He holds her hands and kisses it. Thanks Renne. For everything He sheds his tears and walks away. Renne then walks towards Karen. Karen, you and Jade have to come along with me. Following protocol, I will get your charges drop by today. Agent Sanjay and Agent Ibrahim would also testify and we would submit a statement by Jade. The mystery of whose body was shown as Jades would remain a mystery for now. Regas is dead The body was made of wax Jade tries to talk. The body was made by a wax sculptor and then the photos were edited. The Master had good contacts in the Ministry and the forensic. They threatened some lives. So, the reports were falsified she shivers. Since most of them have gone. The agents would come ahead and testify for them. Did you hear any talks of bribing someone? They did but he didnt speak much on that hints Jade. I am sorry Karen but even if you do get free, I will often come to take Jade for trials as a witness She can as long as there is no threat to her life replies Karen. Renne smiles, She then handcuffs Karen and takes him with her. Jade walks along with them. Duggal and Vikram join. I am sorry son for everything cries Vikram. I always wanted to be with you Dad, I have less time now. So, just wanted to say, I love you and please leave politics and come back to us. Now, I have to go, but I forgive you. Take care of Jade and grandpa smiles Karen. Vikram hugs Karen and then walks him out. He would be out soon assures Renne. He knows that, but being a writer, he is trying to be dramatic she laughs. Jade kisses Karen and then he is made to sit in the CBI car. Jade is escorted by agent Sanjay for debriefing.

Vikram and Duggal remain back. Walker, you killed him? asks Vikram. Yes but I left Froids prints on it smiles Duggal. So you had this planned Yes. Agent Sanjay was connected to me You were linked with Froid, Regas and the CBI Vikram was amazed. You were the real Master Duggal smiles at him. It was Ryans plan actually. I just followed the steps. Gyan and Ryan had planned most of the steps together. The document needed to be protected from these people Duggal became serious. What was the document about after all? Duggal keeps walking with Vikram and then enters the temple. He then takes out a chit of paper from his trouser pockets. This Vikram, this is the document smiles Duggal. Vikram was astonished. This is the document he laughs. Then he takes it in his hands and reads the four lines written on it.

For he attends their wedding in as thy brother of goddess; Thy groom becomes an ape; follows the ruler most modest, Then the creator, thy sculptor of my world sits; in the most important of these three places, I keep. For I feel no death can end me now; Trimurti has shown me hell to bow. I must sigh on my own fate not any; for its not just mine, its thy Gods destiny

What does it mean? asks Vikram. Duggal raises a gun on him and shoots him dead there. He then looks around and runs inside the temple, climbs the Vishnu idol and reaches behind. He signals by raising his hand and three men from the other side of Temple enter through the window on the edge of the Idol, near the lab. They start digging the wall between the Idol and the paintings of Lord Shiva, weeping and the painting of Lord Brahma, shown connected to the navel of Vishnu. After some minutes of digging, the wall starts to crack and fall. Soon a wooden door appears as the wall completely falls to ground. The three men then break the door and enter. Two torches are thrown in each corner for light and they find themselves standing in front of a steel cabinet, locked with a three-tier locking system. Below the vault was inscribed Hybrid Inc. Duggal walks towards the cabinet. Touches it, feels it and then smiles. He then turns each dial of locks in series count of 7-8-6 and there was a click. The vault opens and he stands in front of 2 Billion dollars of cash and map having the location of Uranium bricks, regarded to be nuclear graded as per the myth. The three men fill the bags and the map. Its all done One of the men comes ahead and speaks, lowering his head. He pauses and then in respect he says, Its all done, My Master.

Supernaturally true
...The gap between listening about fate and destiny to that of realising fate, destiny and god has grown as the decades and the morality has changed with growing personal interests in backdrop of ever changing technology. Money and possession have become important milestones and love, companion, care and affection are just the speed breakers. The road, well, leads to the destiny, if destiny is the future you seek. For those then who dont want to or dont at all believe in travelling in these roads have either suffered the trauma of overwhelming escastsy of success or have just decided that their loneliness, depression and fear is to be blamed on someone else. But none can actually gather thoughts on god because its not forcible devotion. In true sense of this book, the author, thats me and me only, cant actually find the true image of any god he has heard of but what he can find is someone anonymously trying to put him in right direction and he follows both the personal instinct and the vigilante thats assists him. Now, thats supernaturally true. If many of you have seen yourself to an astrologer and are very exuberant because of the wise and wisdomness of the astrologer then you have understood holy god. Astrologers, the true ones, do not predict future because you pay them but guides you because they have to. Morality in codes by god defines that these astrologers are messengers who know whats in store for you and they guide you to an opportunity that you should seek for your success but if you expect you get it and sit then just think over, how many might have born at the same time in a different place and have a better horoscopy than you, wouldnt you want to succeed him if success is what you seek? Success cannot be outbound at once, even the very lucky faces the difficult tests maybe after achieveing everything. No human is happy even after he gets what he wants because the feeling that if you are not their the things may go wrong is something thats uncontrollable till the very end even if the situation would remain unchanged with you not being in the picture yet you would start feeling the accountability and somehow prowess the pseudo circumstance. But somehow humans have found a way to deal their issues. War, killing and murder in name of religion, in name of god. The suicidal bombers and the murderers preach their god and take revenge from the olden days sins unaware of whether it was true or who they follow. We live in a ciety of mean men and women and we live in a society thats more murderous, or has rage, or has jealousy, or gluttony or are just horny enough to bang anyone but where does the true belief of god lies. It doesnt lie in questioning if Sex is sin? Its not a sin; rape is a sin because there isnt consent. Is Gluttony sin? It is not a sin in competitive spirit but bad ways to achieve success is punishable

under the court of God. Is all the crimes sin? Crimes have been a part of many histories and decades and all were dealth with tough measures and conclusively, it is a sin... Duggal read out a part of The Gods Destiny during the press conference. The press questioned him about his sudden resurrection, the investigation into Walkers death, the arrest of Karen and Froid; the return of Jade and the death of Regas Mendousa. The press also bleated the news of suicide by Vikram Duggal by jumping of a small canal near the Duggal Mansion into the sewer lines. The body wasnt found yet.

The world smiles at my death a heavy voice shouts in enthusiasm. You think you have won there was struggle and pain in voice. Dont you think? (shouts) You betrayed me Your dogs betrayed you and I was never among them Thats not necessary Rajneesh. I cannot be provoked now. Two billion and the map, I am more than being myself The Masters voice synced with his pride. Duggal kept looking at the Master. He hated himself now. He should have taken his stand long back but he knew he was late and watching Master now was like looking into a filthy mirror. The Master looked exactly like Duggal. Duggal was hallucinating in the dim lights of his lab underground the temple of Duggal mansion. So you acted all along and you got what you needed. Now, I want my family to be free demands Duggal. Stop demanding you fool shouts the Master. You are to die. Let it be silent The CBI control panel was in a furry. There was a lot of traffic coming in. The locked down yatches in the port of Mumbai were operational. The port authorities reported activity in the CBI locked down area. What has happened? shouts the CBI commander in chief, Jamal Lahori. Jamal Lahori, a bit dusky and medium height with sharp edged glass on the tip of the nose; he is bald and speaks in a Pakistani accent. There is illegal activity in the lockdown in port Who? Froid shouts one of the agents. But he is being brought here in the detail shouts Jamal in surprise. Yes sir. Its not Froid but someone else using the Greycom yatch shouts another agent. Do we have the port authorities on line, get them on their feet now orders Jamal and storm out of the floor. He then dials to Renne.

Renne, we have got a hit on the Greycom yatch. Something bad is down there What do you mean? Froids yatch is operational but he is still in the detail But no one else uses the Greycom yatch Who were the ones using them? Ibrahim and the other guy Akram were incharge who reported Froid. Froid is in the detail and other two are in jail justifies Renne. Then who else knew about this? shouts Jamal. Renne pauses for a moment and then shouts, The Master. But he was dead? clears Jamal. there is something missing in the puzzle whispers Renne. What? shouts Jamal Professor Duggal told us that Walker was the Master and he killed him in self defence. So, I had asked Sanjay to arrest Duggal later, informally, once he is out of the trauma. Froid, Karen and Jade are with us and Regas is dead. Usal is missing. Professor is with Vikram Vikram Duggal is dead Jamal interrupts Are you sure? We havent found the body. The press reports that Vikram jumped in the sewer line Renne was taken aback. She felt a sundden pain and turned around to look at Karen who was handcuffed and he sat idly behind the car as a convict. I am with Karen replies Renne. I know. I need you to you to talk to him on this and tell us more about the recent works Vikram has been doing. Maybe hes outset from the GPP may have led to such tragic end Sir shouts Renne in confirmation and then disconnectes the phone.

Karen Renne turns around towards him. Apparently, your father has commited suicide Karen was baffled. He looked stunned for sometime and then he shouts in shock, Not possible He is Karen. The press has declared the news today. Professors whereabouts are unknown and there is some illegal activity going on in Froids yatch My fathers dead he whispers and turns towards the window, looking outside. Its impossible Renne. He said he would be there to take care of everyone Karen was saddened yet perplexed. Karen Renne tries to console but he bursts out crying. The driver stops the car and Renne sits in the back with him. Listen to me Karen. We would find out the real reason. I dont think he must have done something like that. I need you in this consoles Renne. Karen tries to control. He slowly contains his anger and his grief and drinks water. He freezes for sometime, looking outside, feeling the guilt of not being there for someone he should have loved the most. It is during the very end that the person we neglect with our agitation is the one who turns out to be always there for us in need and we realise that in the end and fall in the serene trap of guiltiness having a bitter pleasure. The Yatch whispers Karen in a saddened voice. What about it? I dont know. They say its active and as per my understanding other than Froid only the Master had the knowledge about the locked down yatch of the Greycom industries and did my grandpa sighs Karen, looking suspiciously outside the window. What do you mean? My Grandpa said that he had a partnership-deal with Froid So you think he is behind all this Maybe But then Froid has to be present there. The men wouldnt follow any orders unless given by the Master or Froid

Check if Froid is in the CBI detail? Renne calls Jamal again to confirm that Froid is being taken securely to the CBI. Jamal confirms that he is. He is securely being taken Then we are only left with the Master sighs Karen. Hes dead What if a new Master has come into a position? Karen raises his brows, still looking outside the window. I dont understand The Master was just an ideal. Anyone can wear that mask. Somehow I get the feeling that... Professor is the new Master interrupts Renne. Karen looks at her and just smiles, sarcastically. He always was the Master, all along says Karen I dont get it Its simple logic. The complete story that was told by him was illogical. Just think why would my grandfathers brother even mention Baleen? Why would he want Gyan to be involved? Why would he want his brother to sell the document if everything planned was to save it? But he made a fake one Nuclear warehouses? India has no nuclear warehouses. They only have some labs on it and Nuclear power plants So, what do you suggest? The Negligence and the capitivity of isolation- my grandfather used to talk on these things when he used to get drunk. He used to say how he didnt like Ryan because his father always favoured Ryan over him. The document then? asks Renne. The new Master has it

The Assumed End

Renne kept looking at Karen. His pensiveness was at his peak. Her radio remained silent. He then turned towards her. Lets go to the port says Karen making a direct contact with Renne. Why? And I cant. I have to take you to CBI HQ, You are a fugitive Renne sounds helpless. Keep me handcuffed but take me there says Karen in a hurry. Karen I cant shouts Renne in helplessness. Listen Renne, if my story is right then my grandpa would be there. Its the only way for him to escape safely. This is the opportunity to clear all doubts Renne thought for a while. She felt astray. He kept looking at her straight, waiting for an agreement. She knew he had a valid point. She nods. They get into the car and drive towards the port. On the way, Renne looked irritated a bit, fighting her decision. I know you have your rules says Karen, but this is the best opportunity Lets see she then sighs. The operation on the yatch area would start in fifteen minutes We would be in middle of the operation, we have to hurry Driver, sound the siren. Clear path and no stopping at any signal orders Renne and loads her gun. Froid was used like us Renne. He could also be a collateral damage What do you mean? quizzes Renne. He was just a pawn in this game. I am still not aware how? Karen gives a sigh. He would be taken care of. Here speak to Jade Renne calls Agent Sanjay, who hands over the phone to Jade.

We would meet soon. It is going to get over Karen tries to smile. Jade weeps on the phone. Karen disconnects it straight away and looks outside the window without a blink, tears running down his face. The Master wasnt just an ideal Renne. He was the source of greed Karen sounded angry. His words came out strong.

The Confrontation
Nice to see you my son You lied to me shouts Karen. It was you all the time Not all the time replies Duggal, keeping a sarcastically polite smile. You know Karen, this whole thing, the mess we all got caught up in, well, is just linked to one small fragile surface of gluttony My father was a wise man. You killed him. He was your son shouts Karen. My son laughs Duggal. He was a mistake Duggal clears his throat. I was forced to marry Lara only because she carried my son, this guy Vikram. Stupid What do you mean? You know teen stuff. I and Lara had that, what you young people call, (he thinks) oh! Yeah, the hanky-panky stuff. I then become uncontrollable, a sin maybe and voila! A son Duggal laughs it all. Karen was frustrated. You never loved him? shouts Karen. He treated you with respect. Did you kill him? Oh! I did laughs Duggal. You see Karen, Fate, God, Destiny, Birth and Death. These things are not done by anybody. They have to be there and happen smiles Duggal. Where is the document? Karen questions. Renne held a gun pointing straight Duggal. The operation was a failure, as the CBI tactical team was bombed on the way to the port by an anonymous rogue agent. The port authorities, most of them, were killed and three of Duggals men have taken the money and map to a secure location of Duggals choice. When Karen and Renne reached the port, they were greeted by Duggal who was patiently waiting for them. Do you know what was it about? Duggal raises his brows. No The document was just a four line poem by our father to find treasure. It was a nice story when we were small but then he passed on information. Something that was only told to Ryan and this infuriated me; the treasure Karen, consisted of two billion USD in cash and a map to a quarry of diamonds. So, it wasnt just a fairy tale Duggal laughs at the end.

Where is that now? questions Renne. Already taken in by me smiles Duggal. Why were you waiting for us? questions Karen. To tell you the truth replies Duggal, now getting serious. The truth about us What is that? shouts Karen. I am not the Master my son. I am just what I can be to satisfy my own aspirations. A human Duggal looks at Karen and keeps staring as he continues. I killed the Master based on common sense and small trap, easy one. I killed my son only because he knew too much and I never loved him. Walker was not an ordinary businessman but very egoistic and shrewd. Froid on the other hand was a cautious mafia. Milind Deonkar was just a small pawn and Regas, an easy fish to catch and well, influence I dont get you When I first came in contact of the Master, I gave him three coordinates, something that was scribbled on the draft of Ryans article. There wasnt any coordinate or any draft in anyway but I needed to get close to the Master and I had to play along. The draft Karen was not the document people were looking for; the document was just a chit of paper on which was scribbled four lines by our father on his death bed. It may be called our Inheritance actually And then Duggal started a story.

Depression, isolation, captivity and the lust for being cared. The growth of children depends on the various social, environmental, physical and mental constraints, the ones they grow up in. A boy born in the laps of despair, poverty yet happiness in the backward city of Panna, the city of diamond mines in the north of Madhya Pradesh, the central state of India to a father who was a Daroga or Thana Incharge (T.I.)(Station Officer for Police) in Panna and Mother, who was just another illiterate housewife pressured by the customs of the male dominated society. She had her freedoms from her loving husband but was always dominated by the in-laws. It is the common problem of the Rural and parts of Urban India, where the happily married brides soon turn into servants working in their homes, fulfilling the duties of wife and mother and completing all the household chores bounded within the compound of fake cultural hospitality and respect. They are pressured and dragged behind the dominating males, who are predicted to succeed and earn a hefty living. Somehow the rural India never understood the power of the Goddesses they worship blindly while in homes they contradict their prayers. Somehow the rural India, the ones who are more advanced on Indian Veda and mythology, never actually used their uncompetitive brains to face the reality that with changing times, freedom becomes must. Somehow the urban development forgot that even if the women are treated equally to men, the men still play their chances well, not all but few and its time they understand the social hiatus and fill the void, where they is the society. The aggression of a male and his ego dominant on his better half, the bounded female leads to agitations and fights. These fights impact the children of the house, trying to comprehend the world around. It is true that the fault and benefit of doubt is towards the male but these fights and these illustrations of cacophonic aggression affects the small brains of children who slowly seek isolation and bound themselves in the walls of negativity and fall prey to depression as they grow up in such environments. It is this unequal distribution of power between men and women in the society that keeps spreading like a virus and affects the future because what children learn, they become the same as adults and the misconception of culture is to be blamed because of the lack of awareness in the society, if they turn out awful. But the boy had a playful family, happily engaging in fun, as much as they can in the small sum of hundred rupees that the father earned monthly doing seventeen hours of duty per day. Station officer is a very low rank when considered in the hierarchy of police designations and is always busy in the hospitality of the higher officials or the incessant crimes that happen regularly. Less awareness and illiteracy has forced many in these cities to turn towards the white collar installations or gangs that the civilians fear and thus the crimes.

The boy always had fun with his dad, who on weekends, took him to the police station and made him sit to listen to the different crimes. At a tender age of nine, the boy was aware of the various crimes including extortion, kidnapping, rape, eve teasing, robbery, murder etc. and the various constitutional provisions and acts that were imposed on these crimes One night two policemen stood in front of the house door. The boy ran to open it, he was happy to see real guns in their hands. He called his mother, who on seeing them started to cry loud, beating her head, slapping herself and then breaking her bangles on floor. Her cry grew loud and the boy stood unaware of what was happening. He looked at the policemen for answer but they just gave a salute and marched out. He turned his eyes on the crying mother, who kept weeping. Slowly three of the neighbours came to calm her and then many more. The boy couldnt understand a thing; he had tears rolling down because of his mothers condition which he could not bear. He felt helpless. He walked towards his mother, crying and slowly brushing his hand along her head, asking her what had happened and the Mother, slowly containing her cry, looked at him, pulled him close to her chest and in pain she whispered, Your father is dead. A week later, when everything disappeared and the life turned normal again with the mother working as servants in homes of many to earn for each day, the two brothers of the boys father entered the home, pushed his mother and dragged her by her hair to the sofa nearby. One of his uncles had few papers having a green coloured paint on it with three tigers, they kept referring to it as the stamp paper, something that the boy didnt understand and he ran towards them and resisted their slaps in attempt to save his mother. The other uncle gripped his mothers hand and opened her thumb, pressed it on an ink pad and then pressed it on the paper. A thumb impression was taken and the uncles in matter of seconds took the complete ownership of the home his father built with his hardwork and his small savings. They then scolded the mother and ordered her to bring tea for them. Soon a police officer came in, laughing, chewing his betel leaf, appeared diabolic and scary because of his plump face, tummy and a sharp, heavy moustache. He looked at the two of them, who bend their heads in respect and walked past to kitchen. The boy ran behind him because he knew his mother was there. He then saw the officer holding his mother from the waist, pressing her on him. The boy ran towards him and started beating with his small, powerless hands which had no effect on the officer, who held him and threw him out. The uncles then came in, pushed the boy aside and then played along, joining with the police officer. The boy kept crying, he was hurt, his mind was fragile. He was just nine now. He couldnt help his mother. He saw them slowly tearing her dress apart. The men started to play bad. The boy remembered his father, the crimes he fought and the gun he wore. He remembered his father, when he forgot his

gun once and used a small knife to slit the throat of a convict who raped a minor girl. The boy soon found himself dwelling into his imaginations and his brain becoming solemn in planning a move. His eyes ran around the house, he looked at a small knife kept on the kitchen floor; a small hammer kept near the officers leg and the stove that was still flaming with the kerosene Can beside it. The boy suddenly understood the reality and ran towards the kitchen floor, grabbed the small knife and made a cut along the leg of the officer, who shouts in pain. His uncle, close to the officer, turns around in reluctance. The boy grabs the hammer with other hand and hits the mans genitals. He then rises and pushes the knife into the officers huge tummy then turns around and hammers the other uncle. His mother falls down after the uncle, who held his mother, loses the grip and runs out, the boy then pours the kerosene around and raises the flame of the stove. The three of them catch fire. He takes his mother and makes way to hall. The three burn alive. He brings out a sari from his moms cupboard and makes her wear it by wrapping it around her. He then runs outside shouting for help. Theres fire in the house shouts the boy. The policemen who escorted the officer came running to him. What happened son? My uncles were trying to do something to my mother. The officer tries to save her but then my uncles stab the officer, the officer in defence pours kerosene on them and soon in the scuffle the three of them burn, I dont know how but I pulled my mother out. Please help us the boy fakes his cry. The policemen run inside to save them. The boy signals his mother, who hid near the plantations and they ran towards the bus stand. The conductor was their fathers close friend and the boy told him the incident. The conductor took them along to the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, giving opportunity for new life to both the mother and the child. The child has grown within himself now; he now has a path in his mind. Facing such evil has destroyed many positive cultural disciplines and soon the boy learnt the tactics of slithering knife, the lust of money, the taste of women, the pleasure of drink and the satisfaction of murder. The rise of the wealthiest and the most corrupt businessmen isnt easy as it sounds in the realms of phasing time. For testing and screeching the very sounds of money, the growing age of technological boom, the spearing hunch of the financial breakdown and the feared mafia, somehow the opportunity seemed endless and the man rose from the dirt, fighting ideals of the goodwill and looking at one goal, to rule.

It was in Varanasi, the boy stood in midst of beeping traffic and the edifice of the human devotion. In the religious streets of this holy city, lay grounds of various Hindu gods and people from different parts of world coming in, joining the various others, folding their hands in devotion and praying the gods with the holy Ganges flowing behind and Sanskrit hymns chiming in the surroundings; with old people holding their sticks close and looking at the various people, staring, bulging eyes, With young ones, skinny, wearing the classic tight trousers and sweatshirts with muffler around, among them you find a small boy, slowly cutting his way throw the bulk of people, his hands sliding into their pockets and soon he becomes the owner of their wallets. Fooling the foreign aliens was easy, they remain unaware of what they were looking for and this was the way to earn easy cash and tip. It was in one such meeting with a foreign alien, when the boy slid his hand into his trouser and he caught him red-handed. The man looked straight at the boy, happily gazing his mistake. He smiles and somehow appreciates the talent. The man then takes him to his hotel, makes him sit on the chair by the window. Minutes later more people come in the room, one of them walks towards the boy, wraps a belt around him, tight, and switches a light on. He then raises his thumb and the other man then takes the boy out for a walk, smiling at him. He then walks him through the Benaras Hindu University, makes him stand near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple (Temple of Lord Shiva) and asks him to wait. It was within the next twenty minutes that every news channel started to broadcast the blast of a bomb near the temple in B.H.U. with a tally of 15 dead and 60 injured. There was a huge threat running around. Police sealed the complete area; the bombs trace was difficult. The boy stood in the room again with the other men looking at him. How did you come back? asks one of the men. It was just a grenade. I dropped the belt and ran away the boy smiles. Mesmerising how his father, in his spare time, talked about bomb squads and the bombs used. The men appeared impressed. They took him along with them, flew him to London. The boy found himself a new identity but at the cost of losing his mother back in the city and he didnt know that he would never meet her again. In London, he was a part of small drug dealers, dealing around the Baker Street, Bank, King Cross Street and his favourite place, the Lords Stadium. He used to stand outside the stadium whenever

India used to come there to play. He liked listening to the cheers and somehow he kept remembering his country. He was a teen now, a twenty year old teen. In one of the meetings with the men, the boy was taken in by a tummy, grumpy face man with a saffron towel around his Khaadi Kurta. He kept chewing his supari. The Stench and the dripping salvia, thick as red blood, the man was a politician who kept bragging about his links and his power. Hairs around his ears and the one clinging out of the nose, the smell of the sweat and the wrapping of a thin towel type cloth in place of a trouser, referred to as Dhoti; he sure was an Indian and moreover represented a part of the Indian politicians clad. It was in the next two days that the boy found himself again in Varanasi, shouting the slogans of the GPP party, which was newly created by Baghudas Deonkar, the one who had brought him from London. He was given a team, a car and a gun. He was trained to extort people, to arbitrage, to destroy the campaigns of the opposing parties, to distribute money among the poor for cheap votes, to buy the local wine and if most of them failed, to bribe the police. All done to gather as much vote as they can so that GPP starts functioning as a party and people associated with it can turn their money colour to white from black. When one day he got time for himself, he walked into the old streets of the Bhelupur area in Varanasi, remembering the old days, the rugged streets, the small shops and the slangs pitched high on the open streets. He remembered his mother looking with those caring eyes, wet and lonely, helpless and despair. He remembered her burning her hand everyday to make rotis and he remembered those blisters on her legs because of her daily routine, working around in the B.H.U as a servant. Today he found his house locked, some children playing outside, the neighbours staring at him. He looked around for his mother, but she appeared nowhere. One of the shopkeepers then confronted him, recognising him. He hugged the boy and looked straight at him, Shes dead. The boy, who is now a man, sighed. There wasnt any cry. There was just more confidence in him now. He was an orphan finally; no lose ends, no one to fear. He smiled at himself as he walked back and within him raised his very first disciplined thought No Vulnerabilities. When GPP came into power and Bhagudas became the M.L.A (Member of Legislative Assembly), the boy took away his share and ran off to the city of dreams, Bombay (now Mumbai). During those years people with big dreams, big pictures and guts to take risk would always dream of

themselves acting, playing, smuggling, murdering, stealing, working and earning in the city of Bombay, the city of Movies, the city of pleasant money and the city of Mafia. City of Mafia? shouts the transformed man. Yes my son the voice was heavy, breathing with weight, the voice of The Master. My Master, what are we going to do? The Master is just an ideal. A designation of fear We are going to work my son, but I am not the one who can carry the weight now. I am old and about to die, The Master was breathing his last on the hospital bed. His eyes were red. Three men stood outside with gun, protecting the great idol for smugglers. Ten jeeps were surrounding the perimeter of the hospital. Ministers and police wait outside, those who were corrupt. So then? The boy cries. You are the new man now. I have named all my business in your name. Remember my boy, you are an ideal, someone who people should fear and just feel. None should have known me but they do now yet none should know you. People outside fear me dead, but the Master lives on. From now you are the Master But the boy cries. Listen to me. You are the Master the old man silenced at the end. Rising in the lap of Panna to entering into adolescent in Varanasi (then Benaras); Becoming a murderous gang leader, spreading his influence on small people during his rise and then joining the political convoy of illicit affairs during his early teens; facing death of his mother during his entry into adulthood and transformation into a complete mafia during his middle age in the heart of smugglers city of Mumbai, The boy becomes a wealthy businessmen, an investor, a philanthropist, a ruthless power; turning himself into an example of awful child growth, the new image soon transformed himself in Christianity, giving himself a mask. His idol named him Walker, the old man he saw dying in the hospital. People from the business community called him Mr. Green Walker. But he rejected those fake praises and appreciations. He liked the smuggling moles and those fearing rats under him, running to kill for him. For he liked being the Mafia, he liked being the ghost. He liked being called, the name people feared, The Master.

He started the company, the Walker Incorporation. Started as a small bank, today it has grown enormously after the acquisition of various hedge funds and small city trading broker agencies. Walker invested in many start-ups, some from the smuggling business and some for just show off. He was never scared of running into loss because he never cared for profit either. Walker Inc. Was just a front picture, everything that happened behind was a hollow mafia business. The old man in the hospital bed came close to the smuggling business after establishing strong links with the Russian Mob and the Japanese smugglers. Many regarded him the face of strong, devastating crimes. The bombing of temple in B.H.U and the murder of Bhagudas Deonkar, the old man was finally traced and held. He couldnt create the anecdote of never seeing someone named the Master. For he wanted to name himself that, for he wanted the Master to be the ghost, one that is feared by the strongest of the culprits. But somehow he was confident enough that the boy he caught during the shootout near the Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai, who instead of running away, stole guns of the dead and laughed at the faces of the fierce men. He knew that the boy was destined to be someone of his sorts. He knew if he failed, there would be someone to take the mask of the Master and be the ghost he wanted to be. The Master poignantly says Duggal, tears falling from his eyes. The First one to create that fear was my father Guru Prasad I dont understand The old man, who was the Master, the first one Duggal looked at Karen, who was astounded. For all the mystery, all the deaths, all the running and sacrifices were actually because of his family. You mean, the Master, the real one was Mr. Guru Prasad asks Renne. Yes, but he couldnt hide that for long bluntly put forth by Duggal. Guru Prasad, the Investor was just a mask quizzes Renne. Karen kept looking at Duggal, amazed and speechless. Renne remained silent for some time. The truth isnt complete says Duggal. Hybrid Inc. Soon started to launder money and a sum of two billion dollars disappeared in one quarter report itself. This raised many cases against my father during his end by the Securities and Exchange board. The two billion dollars were sealed in the walls of our temple and a small document was printed by my father stating the location and passed on to Ryan. The complete operations were handed over to the boy, who later we know as Walker, once my dad was on his deathbed. Ryan never knew what the document meant but the

four lines were easily comprehended. He did find the money but never felt the need of using it. He shared the same with Gyan. Walker was informed about this and he soon started the hunt for the document. He had no idea what it had but what he knew was that the document was something that had a huge cash value. When Gyan was mysteriously murdered in Mumbai, Ryan passed the document to me in form of a draft named The Gods Destiny. There were three drafts, one was having three coordinates to fool Walker and the other two had the four lines, one remained with me and other was left for open in my lab So the Master was never a ghost for you asks Renne. No. Froid also never guessed the relation between Walker and the Master, you know why? Duggal looked at both of them Walker sure knew to disguise well. Whenever Froid confronted the Master, he would see an old man on wheelchair, helpless yet powerful with men waiting for orders to kill So, Froid never knew that the Master was actually Walker? Not until I told him Walker Inc and Greycom actually competed for real laughs Renne. Yes Duggal was serious. Karen still looked puzzled. How come Walker knew about the document? Ryan wanted the Master dead. He was ashamed of our father. He respected him but never had the slightest hint that our father would have such horrific imagination So, he wanted to end this questions Renne. Yes Duggal whispers, turning around and looking at the vast sea. It was here that Ryan passed me the chit. He played with the three gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. We use to call them the Trinity and this is how he formulated a four line poem to help me comprehend the location. The original document which our father made had some coordinates and it was defining the temple behind the mansion So, how did the Nuclear warehouses rumour start?

It was started by Ryan to distract Froid and Walker. He wanted them to be looking for the document. He knew his life is at risk, what he didnt anticipate was that his family was also to pay. a tear rolls out of Duggals eyes. Why did you kill dad? shouts Karen in despair. Vikram was compromised Karen. The GPP was having illegal transactions and Vikram knew that. Then it is evident he knew about Milind Deonkar and his works. If Vikram had turned his blind eye there and that he carried along to win then he doesnt deserve to live because he served the people who murdered Ryan and I cant bear that shouts Duggal. He gives a loud cry. Even you served the Master shouts Karen. Duggal looked at him, there was no reaction. Karen then starts to weep. Renne still had the gun in air. Duggal looks straight at Renne and then slowly widens his lips to smile. He then looks at Karen. I cant bear that too smiles Duggal. He then runs towards Renne in a flash and bolsters the gun, in seconds, he shoots himself, point blank on chest. He then falls to the ground and gasps for air. Karen was aghast. He falls on his knees and starts to pump Duggals chest. Renne held the wound to stop the blood but Duggal breath his last, he sighed and then relaxed. He was dead. Karen kept looking at him, cried loud. Renne started to inspect the body. Soon she found a small paper on Duggals shirt pocket. She slowly opened it and read the lines aloud.

for I shall not gear, I shall not hear, I shall now die. I die o dear I fear. I die o dear, o dear. But thy shall not cry, thy shall try, for hearts have been dead already. The sea shall be blue in curse; you shall find what you seek in the small gods turf. The money shall be buried, for it is dead. The diamonds should be hidden for they are dread bread. Thy shall now pray, thy shall live in harmony. Thy shall believe in you, in me, in love. Thy shall believe that even god has a destiny.
Karen looked at Renne, who sat staring at him. He wiped his tears. He wants us to forget everything smiles Karen in pain. Call Jade requests Karen. Soon Jade was on phone. I want you here cries Karen. Renne orders Agent Sanjay to bring Jade to the port.

CBI Private Cell

Close all the exits and let the prisoner sit, half naked. No fan, no bed, no food for three days. He shall suffer the worst ordered the Cell warden as he walked along with three officers who held Froid by his arms with Froids hands cuffed with a long chain that was locked around his right leg. Froid was mum even though within him the fear reciprocated. His hands were shivering, his eyes were red. There was pain in his stomach. He had his hairs rising but he stayed calm from outside. Soon he found himself in a 10 by 10 cell close to the CBI waste room. There was no one around and it was pitched dark. The other officers locked his cell and walked out along with the warden. He remained alone. Froid sat with his legs folded, one over the other. He closed his eyes and suddenly had his life rolling in front of him. He remembered all his pleasures, his discomforts, his murders, his crimes, his love and Sarah. He started to feel a pinch in his mind, his ears twitched. He was slowly feeling the isolation in negativity. He knew he was to die soon. Froid started to experience the pain of a human in search for life. He started to understand the thoughts that ran in the minds of the people that he murdered. He tried to calm down but the fear was already taking a toll on him and soon he found himself in paranoia. Froid started to breathe heavily. He kept his eyes closed. He felt an excruciating amount of pain in his lower abdomen. He gave a loud shout. Again he felt a sharp thing piercing through his chest and he opened his eyes in pain. He looked at the wild yet pale figure of Usal, who slowly pushed him to his pit of feared death. Froid fell on the ground, whispering something. Usal bent down to hear it. Sarah whispered Froid. Usal kicked Froid in the chest and left the cell. No one was around. The room was dark. There was silence. Froid was in pain. His body started to lose a lot of blood. He felt weak, he slowly felt dark. Soon he started to gasp for air. There were images of few of his victims flashing through and suddenly appeared Sarah in light. Froid died in the darkness of the prison cell, in the darkness of seclusion because of his deeds, in the isolation of negativity.

Karen walked slowly towards the car. Renne accompanied him. Jade was standing near the Port office. The other agents carried the body of Duggal. Karen was torn; his eyes were red but dried. His throat was parched. In matter of days, Karen found himself in centre of the most horrific and bolunderous moment of his life. He had lost his family. He just had Jade. Within a span of ten years, the Duggals tumbled down to just one member, Karen Vikram Duggal. (Five days Later) Karen was now being dragged to court most often. The case was still ongoing. He was on bail. Jade had already given her statement and in the next week a court hearing is scheduled. Karens lawyer is confident enough that it would be the last. Jade slept on Karens lap. Karen kept looking out of the window. There was sense of encapsulated emotion that was so thin and invincible that it smeared his agony without leaving a trace. His phone rings. You have killed him the voice was breaking, heavy yet painful. There was a stress in the last part. The voice was immature, a kid. Who is this? asked Karen in high ambiguity. Mr. Karen, soon you would find your wifes head on your lap separated from her body. Soon you would find your house burnt in ashes. Soon, Mr Karen, you would find tha Duggal clan finished permanently shouts the kid. Who are you? shouts Karen in anger. Sarah is in my captive Mr. Karen... Am no Kid, I am a well settled boy with high approach and thirst for unmerciful vengenance. Revenge is what I seek and soon shall you be the victim of it Karen starts to sweat. Jade woke up hearing his angered voice. She was afraid too. I am Junaid Deonkar, son of Deva
(To be cont... (2nd Book))