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Cvs2 tier list: 1.

A-Bison Pros: CC does the most damage in the game and have to most ways of comboing into them (from scissor kicks, from his jumping mp, from devils reverse). Above average damage on his normal, great defensive and runaway game with his rc psycho crusher (whiff punisher) and rc headstomp/devils reverse. Fast walk speed, fast standing and crouching lps. Cons: Stubby normals. His further reaching normal either has slow startup (standing mk, standing hk) or only hits tall character when crouching (standing mp). Jump is floaty. Scissor kicks arent safe on block. One hit scissor kick is semi-safe but tricky to space correctly against non-tall characters. Very meter dependent. Without meter, he has a hard time against numerous characters. Best Spot: 2nd, 3rd Alternative grooves: none Good Matchups: Hibiki, Iori, Vega *Bad Matchups: Sagat, Honda 1. A-Blanka Pros: Great ground and air normals. Neutral jumping hp comes out in one frame. Good dash, RC electricity is the best move in the game; it anti airs, anti pokes, great mixup tool, especially after a knockdown, throw or in the corner. It also leads into his CC. Repeated whiffed (rc) electricity builds meter quickly. Back jungle hop is great for spacing and avoiding ground CCs. He also has a great set of low jumping normals. Cons: Huge target. He has the worst alpha counter in the game. Below average roll. Rolling attack and b&b isnt safe against certain characters. Slow walk speed, slowest get up speed after a knockdown. Best Spot: 3rd, 2nd, 1st Alternative grooves: C,N,K,P Good Matchups: Rolento, Iori, Sagat, Ken *Bad Matchups: Honda, Hibiki, Chun Li, Cammy, Vega, Sakura 2. A-Sakura Pros: Great normals, very good dive kick. All of her (rc) specials are safe on block except for her dp. B&b builds a lot of meter and can be setup into another. Her CC destroys P and K groove and does above average damage. Cons: Almost all of her RCs are multi hit thus doing minimal damage as anti air. Health is a bit on the low side.

Best Spot: 2nd, 1st Alternative grooves: none. C groove is good but does no damage. Good Matchups: P&K groove. Sagat, Rock, Rolento, Geese, Guile, Chun Li Bad Matchups: Honda, Vega 3. C/N Sagat Pros: Arguably the best set of normals in the game. Above average health and damage. One of the better rolls in the game. Two of his supers are semi safe and easy to combo into. C-groove level 2 cancel does above average damage. Low jump HK is very strong. Tiger uppercut is a solid anti air and hp version is 5 hits making it trickier to parry/jd. Cons: Has some trouble getting in. One of the tallest characters in the game (he cant duck the second hit of sakuras hk hurricane kick) Also, his meterless b&b is finicky vs crouching shorter characters. Best Spot: 3rd, 2nd, 1st Alternative grooves: K, P Good Matchups: Ken, Geese, Vega (as N-Sagat), Bison, Cammy, Yamazaki, Kyo Bad Matchups: Guile, Hibiki (as C-Sagat), Chun Li 4. A-Vega Pros: Fastest walk/run speed in the game, fastest jump speed in the game. Normals have great range and comes out fast; C. mp reaches a little less than half screen and comes out in 4 frames, slide has a low profile and lets him keep his charge. Jumping hp has air priority over almost everything and option selects into air throw. Ditto with Jumping hk but to a lesser degree. has good reach and is +1 on block. Standing hk anti airs almost everything, even low jumps. Rc rolling crystal flash is safe on block and does good chip damage. Backslash is fast and puts him back a good distance and also avoids ground CCs. Cons: He has almost no combos and barely does any damage. CC is below average damage. Below average health and he takes the most damage in the game when his mask falls off, which is almost guaranteed to fall off against multi hitting supers and CCs. Comeback ability is super limited. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd Alternative Grooves: C, N, P, K Good matchups: Guile, Sakura, Ken, Honda, Chun Li, Cammy, Blanka Bad matchups: Bison, Iori, Sagat 5. P-Cammy

Pros: Super fast walk and run speed, fast high priority normals with huge range. Close and far standing hp both comes out in 3 frames, option selects into her throw and its hit confirmable to level 2+ spin drive smasher, even on a trade. Standing hk comes out in 5 frames, have great range, bufferable into a super and anti airs. Great dive kick, which can be cancelled from her Hooligan Combo. Possibly the best dash in the game; its short and quick and can corpse hop. Cannon Drill hits low, goes under projectiles and safe if hit on the tip. Cannon Spike is a solid anti air. Level 3 spin drive smasher punishes certain moves on hit. Cons: Very linear gameplay. Health is on the low side. Her air approach is not so great and certain characters push her out on the ground. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alternative grooves: K, C Good Matchups: Hibiki, Chun Li, Kyo, Guile, Blanka, Sakura (as C-Cammy) Bad Matchups: Iori, Sagat, Vega, Sakura (as K/P Cammy) 6. K-Hibiki Pros: Very strong defensive game. Majority of her normals involves her sword, which has long reach, fast and small hurt box. She has the best crouching lk in the game. Its rapid fire and has great reach and bufferable into specials/super. Jumping HK is an ambiguous crossup. Crouching hp is one of the best anti airs in the game and a really good poke. Standing h is also one of the best anti air normals in the game. She gets up faster than any other character after getting knocked down. She has a counter and dodge move to avoid RCs. Cons: Horrible roll, below average throw range and her normals takes a while to retract when whiffed. When opponents break through her defense and rushes her down, she has a harder time establishing that defense back. Best Spot: 1st , 3rd , 2nd Alternative Grooves: K, A, P, then finally C. Good Matchups: Honda, Chun Li, non low jump Sagat, non low jump Blanka, Ken, Sakura Bad Matchups: Vega, Bison, Cammy, Dhalsim, low jump Blanka 7. C-Guile Pros: Very strong defensive game due to him having the best projectile in the game, thus also one of the best RC in the game. Great set of normals. has far reach, gives heavy frame advantage and can be combo/linked into level 3. Backhand is great vs tall characters and anti airs very well vs them. He builds meter quickly. Level 2 rush super is a great throwaway/risk free super. Its fast, anti airs and safe on block. Sonic Hurricane is instant, unreactable and safe on block.

Cons: Has some trouble versus the quicker and more mobile characters. Comeback ability is limited. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd Alternative grooves: A,N Good Matchups: Sagat, Kyo, Geese, Cammy, Yamazaki, Honda Bad Matchups: Vega, Rolento, Rock 8. C-Rolento Pros: Arguably has the best runaway game. Pokes have great reach. One of the best standing lps in the game. He can easily shift from runaway to rush down. Dash has deceptive range and recovery; it recovers faster than it looks. Builds meter quickly with repeated Trick Landing (2k during landing). Above average throw range. 2nd best alpha counter in the game; it gives heavy frame advantage on block. Cons: Fat target, small stun gauge, which makes him easy to get overwhelmed by his opponent when they get in. Most of his air normals comes out slow (10 frames on average. He has trouble making comebacks. Best Spot: 2nd, 1st Alternative Grooves: A,K,P Good Matchups: Guile, Vega, Sagat, Cammy, Chun Li Bad Matchups: Blanka, Sakura, Iori, Morrigan, Kim 9. K-Rock Pros: Great set of specials. Elbow dash is high priority and great for frame traps. Command grab can be comboed into super and great for resets. Fireballs are great for zoning and hp version is safe on block in close range. Crack Counters comes out fast and has fast recovery when whiffed. Rage run shift are great for breaking opponents defense, for mixups and also as a reversal when close. He has a great set of supers. Raging storm is a great anti air and semi safe on block. Shine knuckle comes out fast and punishes certain moves even on hit. Deadly rave is semi safe on block and can be frame trapped into. He has fast normals; close standing lk and close standing mk comes out in 2 frames. Fastest sweep in the game tied with Mai. Low jump hk is a great for pressuring opponents. He has a plethora of anti airs (c.hp,, standing hk, high crack counter, rising tackle, raging storm) Cons: All of his specials and normals have some inherent risks. Fireballs can be easily punished, elbow dash is negative -10 and -14 on block, which can be easily punished when spaced incorrectly. His best poke is his sweep, which is -9 on block and can be punished with reversal super from certain characters. Meter dependent. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd Alternative Grooves: none. A-groove is not bad but still vastly inferior.

Good Matchups: Chun Li, Hibiki, Guile Bad Matchups: Sakura, Vega 10. N-Chun Li Pros: Fast walk speed, fast normals, has the best level 1 in the roster. Crouching lps comes out in 2 frames, has heavy frame advantage and can be linked into into kick super. Standing mp (into kick super) is one of the best whiff punishers in the game. Kick super has the ability for follow-up attacks and resets. (Rced) spinning bird kick is safe on block and great vs tall characters in a non-rolling groove. Level 2 super cancel does the most damage in the game. Cons: Floaty jump. Missing her link into super is very detrimental. Very meter dependent. Gets outranged by a lot of characters. Best spot: 2nd, 1st. Alternative Grooves: C,A,K Good Matchups: Sagat, Blanka, Bison Bad Matchups: Vega, Hibiki, Sakura 11. N-Iori Pros: Very strong mixup game. B&b does great damage and can be easily connected from almost all of his normals. Best roll in the game. 1st rekka is semi safe on block; great for poking, offense and frame trapping. Sweep has good range. Cons: Risky style of play. He must take risks in order to win. Shorter characters can duck his best poke, standing hk. Crouching hk has huge range, but its unsafe on block. His other normals dont have much range. Although the first Rekka is semi safe on block, it can be punished with certain reversal supers like Sagats Tiger Raid. Lackluster supers. Pillar super is useless. Maiden masher does slightly below average damage and aside from combo into super, its only good for situational anti air. Best Spots: 1st, 3rd Alternative Grooves: A, C Good Matchups: Vega, Cammy, Sagat, Sakura, Guile, Rolento Bad Matchups: Bison, Blanka, Honda, Chun Li 12. P/K-Kyo Pros: Very strong mixup game. His combos do a lot of damage, stun and put his opponent in a knockdown state right next to him. Kick throw knocks the opponent down right next to him. Standing hk goes over lows, bufferable into super and hits all crouching characters except for Iori. Hammer fist (air d+hp) causes a hard knockdown. Sweep has good range and is safe on block.

Cons: He has to get in to win. He has no projectile to help him get in. Standing mp whiffs on crouching short characters, thus making his b&b whiff from further distances. Air normals are situational. Hes considered a tall character and cant duck certain moves. Best Spots: 1st, 3rd Alternative grooves: A, C Good Matchups: Bison, Blanka, Yamazaki Bad Matchups: Cammy, Guile, Hibiki 13. C-Honda Pros: Nearly impenetrable defense. Between rc headbutt, rc hands, and standing hp, it is really hard to get in on him. Above average health and stun meter and deals above average damage per hit. RCed ochio throw recovers quick when whiffed. Super is safe on block. Cons: Normals are slow and doesnt have great range, with his best normal being He has no 3 frame normals. No reliable way to combo into his super. Mobility is bad. K/P groove tends to negate a lot of his defensive options. He has a major hard time mounting a comeback. Best Spots: 1st Alternative Grooves: N, A Good Matchups: Sakura, Bison, Blanka, Iori Bad Matchups: Vega, Guile, Hibiki, K-Blanka , Rock 14. Geese Pros: He has above average defense, has an above average stun bar and does above average damage and stun and guard meter damage. All of his close light moves comes out fast (in 3 frames or less) and gives heavy frame advantage (+6 or more). Crouching hp is a great anti air and comes out in 3 frames. Deadly Rave Combo with Jaiken ender does huge damage and has a great chance of stunning the opponent for a TOD. Great set of projectiles: his ground fireballs has a bigger hitbox than other characters ground fireballs, his h version is semi-safe on block and his air fireballs are great for air control. His counter moves comes out instantly (0 frames startup) and can counter supers. Cons: His footsie game is weak and his normals gets outranged and out prioritized by a lot of characters. His Counter moves have lots of recovery when whiffed. Raging Storm has an unreliable command. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alternative Grooves: C,A,P,N

Good Matchups: Cammy, Hibiki, Ken Bad Matchups: Yamazaki, Sagat, Sakura, Bison, Blanka 15. N-Yamazaki Pros: Great set of normals. Standing hk is a super strong poke; it comes out fast, does good damage and has great reach. Sweep is long range, fast and safe on block. Standing mp and c.hp are great anti airs. Crouching lps are fast high priority and can easily combo into b&b from any distance. Jumping mk has a lot of active frames. Jumping hp and jumping mp are great air to airs. Great set of specials. Slashes are great pokes, rced mp slash is a good anti air that cant be air blocked. Knife is safe on block. He has a command grab, which can be setup from his option tree. Sand is safe on block and great to rc with. Repeated sand kick builds meter quick. Overhead sand kick is safe on block and causes a hard knockdown. He has a good roll. Level 2+ Guillotine is a solid anti air. Cons: His super cant be comboed into reliably. Dash is horrible. Level 1 drill super can be jumped out after super flash. Slashes arent safe on hit on certain characters. Fairly slow character who has trouble catching the more mobile characters. Best Spot: 1st, 2nd Alternative grooves: C,A,P,K Good Matchups: Geese, Blanka, Ken, Cammy, Chun Li Bad Matchups: Vega, Rolento, Sagat, Mai 16. C-Ken Pros: Ambiguous crossup mk, which leads into his level 2 super into another ambiguous crossup mk into stun. Level 2 super in corner does great damage. RC lk funky kick is safe on block, comes out fast, anti airs and recovers fast. Fairly good dash. B&b is easy to land, safe on block, and works on everyone except crouching Iori. Cons: Has a hard time getting in vs majority of the characters. He must take risks to get in. Also he has a hard time dealing with defensive neutral jumping characters. Best Spot: 1st Alternative Grooves: N, K, A Good Matchups: Rolento, Kyo Bad Matchups: Sagat, Vega, Yamazaki, Hibiki