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Summary of Managing Your Team Lot of seasonal manager think that success is depend on how effectively they can

build a wellfunctioning team, but based on research most of the new manager fail to recognize their team-building responsibilities. They primarily focus on managing individual performance and forget about team performance What is An Effective Team? To assess overall team effectiveness manager should apply this criteria: - Does the team output meet the standards of those who have to use it? - Does the team experience contribute to the personal well-being and development of the member? - Does the team experience enhance the capability of the member to work and learn together in the future? Managing the Team Boundary Manager need to manage teams boundary and create the context for team success. To be effective manager must continually scan their competitive environment and monitor activities of the key external constituencies. Managing the Team Itself Besides managing the boundary in order to success we need to manage the team itself. If the team doesnt have a goal or purpose to achieve then they will waste lot of time just to figure out how to spend their time. Manager need to know type of teamwork is needed because each type have different strength and limitations. After set the goal and know the teamwork type then the manager need to choose the team member with necessary skill and knowledge. In order to maximize the teamwork manager have to facilitate the team process. An important way to facilitate the teams process is to shaping the team culture, manager should influence manifestations of the team culture: the team norm, routines and values. Such a norm can impact greatly to the team effectiveness. The last thing is manager need to provide timely and specific feedback to the team member about their role in the team and their impact to team process and performance. Managing Paradox There are five conflicting forces or tension in the hearth of the team life. The first paradox is the need to embrace individual difference and pursue a collective identity and goal. The second is how to make the teams member can express their conflict without being too disruptive. The third paradox is focusing on the teams performance and on their learning activity. The fourth paradox is achieving balance between the authority of manager and the autonomy of team member. The last paradox is the manager need to concern about three set of relationship: manager relationship to team member as individual, manager relationship to the team as a whole and each individual relationship to the team as a whole. The Challenge To build an effective team, manager need to working on collection of individuals to be able to work as a team. Manager also can share responsibility and authority in order to managing the team. In the end effective team can be built if all team member assume responsibility for making it a success. Managing Transnational Teams In this globalization era the transnational teams is not hard to find. Nationality is one factor that can affected individual behavior on a team. Cultural diverse can increases the ambiguity, complexity and confusion in the team process, but it also have potential to work more productively due to wide range Of human resources that will allow to function more creatively.