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Robust Metal Grating Co., Ltd.

1.How to choose suitable metal bar gratings for special application?

As a leader in manufacturing and exporting metal grating, Robust Metal Grating ompan! ha"e been alwa!s impro"ing its production line and de"eloping new models for an increasing number of applications. #ince its establishment in 1$$%, Robust has ser"ed man! customers all around the world including America, &apan, 'urope and other nations and countries.

Metal bar grating has ser"ed industrial and commercial flooring for decades. (t has replaced solid plates in man! applications. )n one hand, metal steel grating ha"e similar strength as solid metal plates but ha"e lighter weight. )n the other hand, its high percentage of opening area allows for self*cleaning properties and "entilation. (n a word, steel metal grating ha"e some priorities which can+t be replaced b! solid. How can ( choose bar grating for m! special applications? ,here are se"eral elements to be decided before choosing metal gratings. -irst, !ou should understand the en"ironments where steel grating will be used. (f the en"ironment is wet or corrosi"e and should be anti*s.ipping,aluminum or stainless steel grating would be better choice in long terms. #econd, the fre/uent passenger. Generall! spea.ing, standard bearing bar spacing is enough to ensure free pass. Howe"er, if the traffic is hea"!, !ou should consider 0112 or 1134 spacing which will re5ect high heels and A6A. ,hird, the load capabilit! in unsupported clear span.

How to specif! metal bar grating? 7hen !ou ha"e chosen a metal grating, !ou will be confused how to specif! it to us. -irst, !ou should tell me the material. ,here are three materials for !our choice * mild carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. -or the carbon steel, it is usuall! further processed * hot*dip gal"ani8ation or 9: coated. #econd, the spacing of bearing bars and cross bars. #pacing of cross bars could be ;4 or 34 and other distance is not allowed. ,o bearing bars, the spacing would be standard 1$1124 or 1<1124, 111124, 01124 or 1134. ,hird, !ou should tell us the maximum load capabilit! or the applications. -ourth, the surface conditions !ou need. #errated grating is ideal for anti*s.ip conditions. (f !ou ha"e an! other problem, 5ust call or email us without hesitation. 7here can ( use metal gratings? Metal steel gratings are "er! popular in ser"ing industrial and plant floors, trench and drainage co"ers and "entilation grating. (n addition, the! can be used as fencing for residential or commercial places. ,echnolog!

=ar Grating =rief (ntroduction Metal bar gratings ha"e man! ad"antages o"er solid metal plates such as high strength*to*weight ratio, rec!clabilit! and durabilit! and "ersatilit!.

#errated Grating #errated grating manufactured b! mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel is often used in slipper! applications or hea"! traffic where needs more

attention when wal.ing.

#teel Grating #teel bar grating made of A#,M A* 1%11 mild steel is extensi"el! used as flooring, wal.wa!s, platforms and "entilation grates for its rec!clabilit! and eas! installation.

7elded Grating


7elded steel grating is an economical option for wal.wa!s, platforms and drainage co"ers. 6esigned with standard and special bearing bar spacing for special orders.

2.,he reasons of choosing Robust metal grating

Robust Metal Grating o., >td., located in ?orth hina, has been manufacturing metal bar grating since its establishment in 1$$%. )ur compan! is alwa!s focusing on the fabrication and de"elopment of metal bar grating. )"er these !ears+ hard wor. and de"elopment, Robust metal gratings ha"e been widel! recogni8ed b! more and more customers throughout the world including American, (ndia, German, &apan, #outh Africa and other regions and countries.

7e suppl! "arious metal gratings to meet special re/uirements. (n terms of materials, mild carbon steel, aluminum andstainless steel are pro"ided. Metal gratings are fabricated in different methods to achie"e different effects. -or example, do"etail pressure loc.ed grating has trim appearance and is ideal for architectural decoration. 7hile ri"eted gratings are suitable for supporting hea"! loads. 7h! choose Robust as !our metal grating supplier? @ #tate*of*the*art /ualit!. #.illed wor.ers, first*class raw materials and ad"anced e/uipment contribute to high /ualit! metal gratings. @ 6i"erse options and tailor*made ser"ice. :arious metal gratings are supplied for light dut! or hea"! dut! applications. =earing bars spacings can be bespo.e according to !our orders. @ 3;10 ser"ices. )n*line customer ser"ice will resol"e all !our problems. )r !ou can email or call us directl! for an! problem. @ 9rompt deli"er!. ,hree production lines are put on production and our annual output has been greatl! enhanced. ,han.s for !our interest of our compan! and we loo. forward to cooperate with !ou. 6on+t hesitate to contact us if !ou ha"e an! problem with metal gratings.

3.Metal steel grating galler! of "arious functions and applications

Metal bar gratings ha"e been widel! used as architectural products gi"ing a distinct and

contemporar! design of modern accents. ,he! are often found in flooring, fencing, trench and drainage co"ers, handrails, screens and stair treads. =ar gratings are fabricated b! four main methods to offer different appearances * welded grating, ri"eted grating, swage loc.ed grating and do"etail pressure loc.ed grating. ,hree materials * mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel, are pro"ided. ,he grating surface can be serrated or smooth. All these pro"ide multiple choices for !our special applications. -ields of metal gratingA @ Handrails @ lose mesh grating @ #tair treads @ -ence @ -looring @ ,rench co"ers


ontact us

Robust Metal Grating o., >td. AddA 'ast 6e"elopment Bone, Anping ount!, Hebei 9ro"ince, hina ,elA CD2*E1D*2;2;<3E1 -axA CD2*E1D*2;2;<3E1 '*mailA salesFmetalgrating.org 7ebsiteA httpA11www.metalgrating.org

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