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Q: You need to design a solution that will allow dynamic migration of virtual machines to balance workload across physical

servers. Your solution must also be able to shut down and restart physical hosts in response to resource demands. Which vSphere technologies musty be included in your solution? Choose two. A: Storage vMotion DRS DPM High Availability

You have proposed a solution for your customer that will require three vSphere ESXi hosts making use of vMotion, HA, Storage vMotion and Replication. Which vSphere license options will support this solution? Choose three. A: Essentials Plus Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus

The vCenter Operations Manager vApp is comprised of which of the following virtual machines? Choose two. A: UI VM Automate VM AI VM Analytics VM

You have proposed a solution for your customer that will support vMotion, include shared NFS storage and automatically restart virtual machines in the event of a physical host failure. Which license is definitely not suitable for consideration in this case? Choose one. A: Essentials

Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus

Your customer has asked you to deploy vCenter Operations Manager at their site. Your analysis shows that the customers site generates around 1.9 million metrics. Which profile would be the best choice in order to ensure that only the most vital metrics are collected? Choose one. A: Full profile Balanced profile Default profile Partial profile

What are the three layers of vSphere 5.5 architecture? Choose three. A: Virtualization Layer Production Layer Interface Layer Application Layer Management Layer

Q: Which layer of the vSphere 5.5 architecture is vSphere Flash Read Cache introduced into? Choose one.

A: Physical Layer Virtualization Layer

Management Layer Interface Layer

Your customer has decided to approve a design that includes automated load balancing between datastores and dynamic allocation of I/O resources to virtual machines. What is the minimum vSphere license that can be used for the hosts in this solution? Choose one. A: Essentials Plus Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus

Q: Your customers service levels are suffering because they have to shut down services when they carry out maintenance on physical machines. Which vSphere 5.5 feature will help deal with this infrastructure management challenge? Choose one. A: vMotion HA FT DRS

Q: Your solution must support a number of virtual machines where the customer can tolerate no downtime, even in the case of physical server failure. Which vSphere Distributed Service must you use to address this need? Choose one. A: vSphere High Availability vSphere Replication vSphere Data Protection vSphere Fault Tolerance

A vSphere solution you are working is restricted to using vSphere hosts can have at most three 10Gb Ethernet network interfaces each. Your design needs four different networks for virtual machine and VMkernel traffic. Which vSphere technology should you use to ensure that the solution will have predictable network performance even if contention arises? Choose one. A: Storage I/O Control Distributed vSwitches Network I/O Control vSphere Fault Tolerance

Q: Which of the following are vSphere 5.5 infrastructure services? Choose three. A: Memory Management VMFS vSphere Client Distributed Switches

Question: Which of the following are types of vSphere Datastore? Choose two. Incorrect response(s): SCSI Fibre Channel
Note: This response is either incorrect, or additional responses may be required to receive a 100% score for this question.