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Project Manager, North Richmond Farm Project

Richmond, California

urban 1llLh culLlvaLes agrlculLure ln wesL ConLra CosLa CounLy Lo help our communlLy bulld a
more susLalnable, healLhy, and [usL food sysLem. We work wlLh resldenLs, schools, communlLy-
based organlzaLlons, governmenL agencles, buslnesses, and lndlvlduals Lo develop Lhe capaclLy
Lo produce 3 of our own food supply. Slnce lLs foundlng ln 2006, urban 1llLh has emerged as a
local leader, a caLalysL of lnLegraLed, food- and communlLy-focused efforLs. SLaffed by resldenLs
and drawlng on prlnclples of leadershlp and youLh developmenL, we Leach, farm, forage, Lraln,
and employ resldenLs Lo lncrease our communlLy's food self-sufflclency. We sLrongly belleve
LhaL under-served communlLles have Lhe poLenLlal Lo solve our own problems lf glven real
opporLunlLles Lo obLaln adequaLe resources, quallLy educaLlon, meanlngful employmenL and
real leadershlp paLhways. All of our programs use lndlvldual, youLh and communlLy
developmenL models as sLraLegles Lo empower our resldenLs Lo solve food [usLlce challenges ln
WesL ConLra CosLa CounLy.
1he norLh 8lchmond larm ro[ecL wlll be an AgrlculLural ark and 8lparlan 8esLoraLlon Learnlng
CenLer wlLh Lhe mlsslon of creaLlng a space ln Lhe hearL of Lhe mosL lmpacLed nelghborhood ln
8lchmond where chlldren, youLh and adulLs can deeply engage wlLh naLure. 1he norLh
8lchmond larm ro[ecL wlll feaLure norLh 8lchmond's only permanenL fresh frulL & vegeLable
produce markeL sLand, ?ou lck lL" learnlng gardens, and ouLdoor communlLy klLchen, an
earLhwork amphlLheaLer, ouLdoor garden and creek classrooms, peLLlng zoo and egg farm,
worklng urban farm provldlng fresh frulLs and vegeLables vla Lhe local youLh run larm SLand
and CSA (communlLy SupporLed AgrlculLure) pro[ecL, a 8lparlan 8esLoraLlon 1echnlclan Lralnlng
program and an agrlculLural co-op lncubaLor space creaLlng meanlngful employmenL
opporLunlLles for norLh 8lchmond resldenLs.

Project Description
1he ro[ecL Manager ls a conLracL poslLlon esLabllshed for Lhe purpose/s of coordlnaLlng Lhe deslgn and
consLrucLlon of Lhe norLh 8lchmond larm
Duties and Responsibilities
AsslsL ln developlng speclflcaLlons for consLrucLlon pro[ecLs (e.g. agrlculLural and healLh code
speclflcaLlons, permlLs, pro[ecL schedules, cosL analysls, permlLs, purchaslng/bld Llme and
consLrucLlon, eLc.) for Lhe purpose of provldlng Lhem Lo archlLecLs, conLracLors, speclallsLs,
consLrucLlon managemenL flrms, eLc. for selecLlon and awardlng of conLracLs.
CoordlnaLe caplLal consLrucLlon acLlvlLles (e.g. consLrucLlon, lnspecLlons, conLracLor, englneer
and archlLecL meeLlngs, permlLLlng acLlvlLles, pro[ecL close-ouL and bulldlng commlsslon
acLlvlLles, calendars, mandaLed reporLs, eLc.) for Lhe purpose of ensurlng LhaL all phases of
consLrucLlon pro[ecL are compleLed wlLhln speclflcaLlons
lnspecLs and/or asslsLs ln lnspecLlng all aspecLs of consLrucLlon (e.g. exLerlor, lnLerlor, walls,
elecLrlcal, roof, concreLe, palnL, eLc.) for Lhe purpose of ensurlng compllance wlLh plans,
speclflcaLlons, and local codes and ordlnances.
MalnLalns a varleLy of manual and elecLronlc flles and/or records (e.g. maLerlal samples, dlsLrlcL
dlrecLlves, [ob relaLed communlcaLlons, eLc.) for Lhe purpose of provldlng up-Lo-daLe reference
and complylng wlLh regulaLory requlremenLs and esLabllshed guldellnes.
MonlLors pro[ecL acLlvlLles (e.g. cosLs, Llme and maLerlals, schedules, budgeLs, change orders,
eLc.) for Lhe purpose of ensurlng dlsLrlcL ob[ecLlves are achleved wlLhln budgeL and Llmeframes
and ln compllance wlLh esLabllshed requlremenLs.
rlmary polnL of conLacL wlLh Clvll Lnglneer
laclllLaLe communlcaLlons beLween Clvll Lnglneer and Advlsory CommlLLees
CoordlnaLe regular meeLlngs wlLh Clvll Lnglneer Lo monlLor ro[ecL rogress
CoordlnaLe 1echnlcal Advlsory CommlLLee meeLlngs and help recrulL 1echnlcal Advlsors
8esearch Loplcs necessary Lo supporL Lhe 1echnlcal Advlsory CommlLLee work
laclllLaLe communlcaLlon beLween Lhe 1echnlcal Advlsory CommlLLee and Clvll Lnglneer maklng
sure LhaL flnal ro[ecL lan reflecL and supporL Lhe concepLs, deslgns and lnLenLlons of Lhe
1echnlcal Advlsory CommlLLee, CommunlLy Advlsory CommlLLee and Lhe urban 1llLh larm
! ALLend CommunlLy Advlsory CommlLLee meeLlngs, urban 1llLh norLh 8lchmond larm 1askforce
meeLlngs and quarLerly CommunlLy meeLlngs
! Work wlLh CommunlLy LngagemenL Manager and CommunlLy Advlsory CommlLLee Lo
coordlnaLe communlcaLlons for Lhe norLh 8lchmond larm ro[ecL lncludlng updaLes Lo Lhe
webslLe, lacebook, blog, newsleLLer, and llsL-serves
AsslsL urban 1llLh norLh 8lchmond larm 1askforce chalr ln fund developmenL as needed

repare regular rogress 8eporLs for pro[ecL parLners, sLakeholders and funders
repares oLher wrlLLen maLerlals (e.g. correspondence, memos, budgeLs, cosLs, bld lnvlLaLlons,
calendars, schedules, eLc.) for Lhe purpose of documenLlng acLlvlLles, provldlng wrlLLen
reference, and/or conveylng lnformaLlon.

AblllLy Lo work collaboraLlvely wlLh members of Lhe publlc and sLakeholders wlLh varylng
degrees of englneerlng, archlLecLure and CaplLal ro[ecL knowledge
8achelor's degree from an accredlLed lnsLlLuLlon ln clvll englneerlng, archlLecLure, or buslness
3 years of experlence managlng large pro[ecLs ln Lhe flelds of general conLracLlng, bulldlng
renovaLlon, and archlLecLure/englneerlng, whlle acLlng as an owner's represenLaLlve
uemonsLraLed experlence ln Lhe flelds of general conLracLlng, bulldlng renovaLlon, and
archlLecLure/englneerlng, whlle acLlng as an owner's represenLaLlve
uemonsLraLed ablllLy applylng Lhe prlnclples of deslgn and consLrucLlon pro[ecL managemenL
Solld undersLandlng of consLrucLlon pracLlces and meLhods, bulldlng Lrades and assoclaLed
language, 8lls, 8ls, bld analysls, scope and speclflcaLlon developmenL
uemonsLraLed knowledge and undersLandlng of appllcable bulldlng codes and regulaLlons,
lncludlng Lhe Callfornla 8ulldlng Code, nLC, nul A, 1lLle 24, and AuA (requlred ln general,
deslred appllcablllLy Lo Callfornla).
Lxperlence deslgnlng and space plannlng from lnlLlal concepLs Lo flnal lnsLallaLlon
Solld Lechnlcal knowledge of bulldlng sysLems, consLrucLablllLy, and lnfrasLrucLure
1echnlcal knowledge of alLernaLlve bulldlng Lechnlques, green bulldlngs, alLernaLlve sLorm waLer
managemenL sysLems
uemonsLraLed experlence managlng large scale resLoraLlon pro[ecLs from concepL Lo compleLlon
roven hlsLory of successful budgeL and expendlLure managemenL
SLrong ablllLy Lo malnLaln a professlonal demeanor and Lo use exemplary communlcaLlon and
leadershlp skllls Lo achleve resulLs ln a sLrong consensus drlven envlronmenL
roven pollLlcal acumen and a demonsLraLed ablllLy Lo manage successful resulLs ln a
collaboraLlve organlzaLlon (requlred).
knowledge of currenL pro[ecL managemenL and pro[ecL dellvery meLhodologles and LLLu
Superlor skllls ln verbal, wrlLLen, and elecLronlc communlcaLlons
LxLenslve knowledge of relevanL compuLer Lechnologles, such as AuLoCAu, vlslo, MS ro[ecL, MS
Word, MS Lxcel, and Coogle Calendar, uropbox, uoodle
Lxperlence ln a communlLy based and governmenL agency work envlronmenL
valld CA drlvers' llcense
ro[ecL Manager musL presenL herself/ hlmself ln a manner conslsLenL wlLh urban 1llLh's values
aL all Llmes.

"#$%& '%()&*+,% -.*,)/)0*#)12( )20,.'%3
lnLeresL and / or experlence ln agrlculLure, urban agrlculLure, urban resLoraLlon, parks or oLher
greenlng pro[ecLs
ro[ecL managemenL cerLlflcaLlons
MasLers uegree ln archlLecLure, englneerlng, consLrucLlon managemenL, or 8uslness
ManagemenL experlence
Hours and Compensation
1he poslLlon ls a 1-year parL-Llme conLracL poslLlon. Lvenlngs and some weekend hours are necessary
and some Lravel ls requlred. CompensaLlon ls based on experlence.
How to Apply
lor prlmary conslderaLlon, please emall your resume, cover leLLer and proposal Lo
n8lLaskforce[urbanLllLh.org by 4*&0$ 567 895:; CandldaLes should be prepared Lo sLarL work by Aprll
1, 2014. urban 1llLh ls an Lqual CpporLunlLy employer. 8lchmond resldenLs and / or people of color are
sLrongly encouraged Lo apply. lor furLher background lnformaLlon see Lhe urban 1llLh webslLe aL

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