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TERM PAPER Of FOUNDATION OF COMPUTING Topic: -student record Management system

Submitted To: ms. Sukhdilpreet kaur Lecturer lpu r246b57

Submitted By:Name:-ISHAnt Sharma Roll No:-


Regd No:-10800728

It is not until you undertake the project like this one that you realize how massive the effort it really is, or how much you must rely upon the Selfless efforts and goodwill of others. There are many who helped us with this project, and we want to thank them all from the core of our Hearts.

We owe special words of thanks to our Teachers MS.SUKHDILPREET KAUR for their vision, thoughtful counseling and encouragement at every step of the project. We are also thankful to the teachers of the epartment for giving us the !est of knowledge and guidance throughout the project. "nd last !ut not the least, we find no words to acknowledge the financial assistance # moral support rendered !y our parents in making the effort a success. "ll this has !ecome reality !ecause of their !lessings and a!ove all !y the grace of god.

S.N o 1 2 ! # % & ' Content INTRODUCTION Proposed system
(a) Description (b) System Req irements

Req irement ana"ysis System Desi$n So rce code Testin$ ( t re scope o) pro*ect

$ is a popular general purpose programming language. It is one of the most popular computer languages today, !ecause it is a structured, high level, machine independent language. The root of all modern language is "%&'%, introduced in early ()*+,s. "%&'% was the (st computer language to use a !lock structure. Su!se-uently, several other languages were announced after ()*+,s. In ()*., /artin 0ichard developed a language called 1$2% i.e. !asic com!ined programming language mainly for writing system software. In ().+, 3en Thompson created a language using many features of 1$2% and called it simply 1. 1 was used to create early version of 45I6 operating system. $ was evolved from "%&'%, 1$2%, and 1 !y ennis 0itchie at the 1ell %a!oratories in ().7, strongly associated with 45I6. uring ().+,s, $ had evolved into the 8T0" ITI'5"% $9. With the pu!lication of the !ook :The $ 2rogramming language, !y 1rian 3ernighan and ennis 0itchie in ().;, it !ecomes more powerful. In ();<, "merican 5ational Standards Institutes ="5SI> appointed a technical committee to define a standard for $. The committee approved a version of $ in ecem!er ();), which is now known as

"5SI $. It was then approved !y International Standard 'rganization =IS'> in ())+.

The increasing popularity of $ is pro!a!ly due to its many desira!le -ualities. The $ compiler com!ines the capa!ilities of an assem!ly language with the features of a high level language and therefore it is well suited for writing !oth system software and !usiness packages. In fact many of the $ compilers availa!le in the market are written in $. 2rograms written in $ are efficient and fast. This is due to its variety of data types and powerful operators. It is many times faster than 1"SI$. There are only <7 key words in "5SI $ and its strength lies in its !uilt in functions. $ is highly porta!le? this means that $ programs written for one computer can !e run on another with little or no modifications. $ language is well suited for structured programming, thus re-uiring the user to think of a pro!lem in terms of function modules or !locks. This modular structure makes program de@ !ugging, testing and maintenance easier. "nother important feature of $ is its a!ility to eAtend itself. We can continuously add our own functions to $ li!rary, thus our programming task !ecomes so easier and simple.


We have discussed so far various features of $ language and are ready to write and eAecute program of modest compleAity. However, !efore attempting to develop compleA programs, it is worthwhile to consider some programming techni-ues that would help design efficient and error free. The program development process includes three important stages, namely, program design, program coding and program testing. "ll the three stages contri!ute to the production of high -uality program. In 8ST4 B5T 0B$'0 /"5"&B/B5T SCSTB/9 we have done system design, source coding, and program testing and added many more features to facilitate the user with the !est. We have given the user the facility to enter the Student,s record and see whether the user is provided with the complete information. We can improve the efficiency of the system, thus overcome the draw!acks of the eAisting system. D %ess human error D Strength and strain of registers and papers can !e reduced D High security D ata consistency D Basy to handle D Basy data updating

D Basy record keeping D 1ackup data can !e easily generated

Introduction of program management system

We can make this Student record management system in $ language !y using three or more than three header files or many data types such asE 1. #include<stdio.h> : this header file will contain Scanf=> , 2rintf => "nd, there are many header files which are used in this programF. . #include<conio.h>: this header file will contain $lrscr=>? , &etch=>? , and many moreF. !. #include<st"in#.h> E this header file will contain string function. $. #include<ct%&e.hG


'perating SystemE 0"/E H"0 IS3

Windows 7+++H5TH6pHIista 7J* /1 or more K+ &1 or more 2< or High Standard $LL $ompiler

2rocessor $ompiler

THB '2B0"TI5& SCSTB/ 4SB I5 THIS 20'MB$T IS WI5 'WS62IT H"S /I$0'S'NT 'NNI$B I5ST"%%B I5 IT. IT H"S 0"/ 'N 7&1. H"0 IS3 $"2"$ITC 'N '2B0"TI5& SCSTB/ IS 7J+&1. IT $'5SISTS 'N 2B5TI4/@K 20'$BSS'0.THB '2B0B"TI5& SCSTB/ "%S' H"S $LL $'/2I%B0. THB SCSTB/ "%S' H"S TC2B $'5IB0SI'5S WHI$H $'5IB0T %'WB0 T' 422B0 TC2B. THB '2B0"TI5& SCSTB/ H"IB (&1 0"/ N'0 /I$0'S'NT W'0% .







Studen t na e

F!"#t na e

La#t na e

M!dd$e na e

C%u"#e &%de



OincludePstdio.hG OincludePconio.hG OincludePstring.hG OincludePdos.hG OincludePstdli!.hG


OincludePctype.hG NI%B Qfp? struct student R char snumS(<T? char fnameS7+T? char snameS7+T? char mi? char ccode? Urecord? void Temp(=void>? void twoline!oA=int A(,int y(,int A7,int y7> R int A,y? gotoAy=A(,y(>? printf=VWV>? gotoAy=A7,y(>? printf=VXV>? for=yYy(L(?yPy7?yLL>R gotoAy=A(,y>? printf=VZV>? gotoAy=A7,y>? printf=VZV>? U gotoAy=A(,y7>? printf=V[V>? gotoAy=A7,y7>? printf=V\V>? for=AYA(L(?APA7?ALL>R gotoAy=A,y(>? printf=V]V>?

gotoAy=A,y7>? printf=V]V>? U gotoAy=A(L(,y(L(>? U

void printAy=int A,int y,char stringST> R gotoAy=A,y>? printf=V^sV,string>? U

void center=int y,char stringST> R int AY=;+@strlen=string>L(>H7? gotoAy=A,y>?printf=V^sV,string>? U void $reate=void> R char opt? center=7(,VW"05I5&___V>? center=77,VCou are a!out to create a new fileV>? center=7<,VThis will erase all records in the file...V>? center=7K,V"re you sure you want to proceed`SCH5T V>? optYgetche=>? optYtoupper=opt>? if=optYYaCa>

R fpYfopen=V&roupK.tAtV,VwV>? center=7K,V center=7K,VNile successfully created_V>? U getch=>? fclose=fp>? U void "dd=void>R char opt? fpYfopen=V&roupK.tAtV,VaV>? clrscr=>? Temp(=>? gotoAy=(),;>? scanf=V V>? gets=record.snum>? gotoAy=(),(+>? scanf=V V>? gets=record.fname>? gotoAy=(),(7>? scanf=V V>? gets=record.sname>? gotoAy=(),(K>? record.miYgetche=>? record.miYtoupper=record.mi>? V>?

gotoAy=(),(*>? record.ccodeYgetche=>? record.ccodeYtoupper=record.ccode>? gotoAy=J,77>? clreol=>? printAy=.),77,VZV>? fprintf=fp,V^s ^s ^s ^cV,record.snum,record.fname,record.sname,record.mi,record.ccode>? gotoAy=J,7(>? clreol=>? center=7(,V0ecord successfully added_V>? printAy=.),7(,VZV>? gotoAy=J<,77>? delay=(+++>? ^c

center=77,V2ress any key to go to main menu...V>? getch=>? fclose=fp>? U void Temp(=void> R twoline!oA=7,*,.),7+>? twoline!oA=7,7+,.),7K>? twoline!oA=7,7,.),7K>? center=K,V" 0B$'0 V>?

printAy=*,;,VStudent noE V>? printAy=*,(+,VNirst 5ameE V>? printAy=*,(7,V%ast 5ameE V>? printAy=*,(K,V/iddle initEV>? printAy=*,(*,V$ourse codeE V>? center=77,V$ourse codeE S"T@$ompSci, S1T@for InfoTech, SanykeyT@SevicesV>? gotoAy=(),.>? U void %ist=void> R int countY+,i,AY+,pageY(,$SY+,ITY+,ServY+? fpYfopen=V&roupK.tAtV,VrV>? clrscr=>? center=7,V%'IB%C S$H''% 'N B5&I5BB0I5&V>? center=<,V&.T 0'" ,2H"&W"0"V>?

center=J,V$'/24TB0 S$IB5$B B2"0T/B5TV>? printAy=(+,.,V0ecord Student O 5ame$ourseV>?

for=iY(?iP;+?iLL>R gotoAy=i,;>? puts=V]V>? HQ"lt@7+JQH U while=fscanf=fp,V^s ^s ^s ^c ^cV,#record.snum,#record.fname,#record.sname,#record.mi,#record.ccode>_ YB'N> R if=count_Y+##count^JYY+>R printAy=J,7<, V2ress any key to continue...V>? getch=>? AY+? for=iY(+?iPY7K?iLL>RgotoAy=(,i>? clreol=>?U pageLL? U gotoAy=.+,K>? printf=V2age ^dV,page>? gotoAy=(<,(+LA>? printf=V^dV,countL(>? gotoAy=(),(+LA>? printf=V^sV,record.snum>? gotoAy=<.,(+LA>? printf=V^s, ^s ^c.V,record.sname,record.fname,record.mi>? gotoAy=*7,(+LA>? switch=record.ccode>R case a"aE printf=V$ompSciV>? $SLL? !reak? case a1aE printf=VInfoTechV>? ITLL? !reak? default E printf=VServicesV>? ServLL? !reak? U ALL? countLL? U

printAy=7J,(.,VT'T"%V>? gotoAy=(J,(;>? printf=V$omp SciE ^dV,$S>? gotoAy=(J,()>? printf=VInfoTechE ^dV,IT>? gotoAy=(J,7+>? printf=VServicesE ^dV,Serv>? printAy=J,7<,V2ress any key to go to main menu...V>? getch=>? fclose=fp>? U void buit=void>R clrscr=>? twoline!oA=7,7,.),7K>? center=;,V20'&0"//B V>? center=),V1CV>? center=((,V "02"5 M'SB2HV>? center=(<,V0'%% 5' 1J*V>? center=(K,VISH"5T SH"0/"V>? center=(J,V0'%% 5' 1J.V>? delay=J+++>? eAit=(>? fclose=fp>? U void Brrcmess=void>R sound=(+++>? center=77,VInvalid Input_V>?

delay=(+++>? nosound=>? U void main=>R char choice? doR clrscr=>? twoline!oA=7),*,J(,;>? twoline!oA=7+,J,*+,(;>? twoline!oA=7,7+,.),7J>? twoline!oA=7,7,.),7J>? center=.,V/"I5 /B54V>? printAy=<+,),V2ressEV>? printAy=<+,((,VS"T@$reate NileV>? printAy=<+,(7,VS1T@"dd 0ecordV>? printAy=<+,(<,VS$T@%ist 0ecordV>? printAy=<+,(K,VS T@buit 2rogramV>? printAy=<+,(*,VBnter your choice...V>? gotoAy=J+,(*>? choiceYgetch=>? choiceYtoupper=choice>? switch=choice>R case a"aE $reate=>? !reak? case a1aE "dd=>? !reak? case a$aE %ist=>? !reak? case a aE buit=>? !reak?

defaultE Brrcmess=>? !reak? U Uwhile=choice_Ya a>? U


THB S'40$B$' B B$%"0B "1'IB N'0 THB 20'&0"/ 'N ST4 B5T 0B$' /"5"&B/B5T SCSTB/ H"S 1BB5

TBSTB "5 IT H"S 1BB5 N'45 TH"T THB "1'IB S'40$B $' B IS '3"C "5 $'00B$T.THB 20'&0"/ I5I'%IBS /4$H TC2B 'N $'5IB0SI'5S. THBSB $'5IB0SI'5S H"S T' '5B $"0BN4%%C. /"I5%C THB0B "0B TW' TC2BS 'N TBSTI5&E (@SCSTB/ TBSTI5& "5 7@I5TB&0"TI'5 TBSTI5& SCSTB/ TBSTI5& I5I'%IBS WH'%B TBSTI5& 'N 20'&0"/ "T '5$B "5 I5TB&0"TI'5 TBSTI5& I5I'%IBS THB 10B"3I5& 'N 20'&0"/ I5T' /' 4%BS # THB5 TBST.

In future one change can !e done !y adding the fingerprints of the student of which the record is entered. "nd one more major change

which can !e done in this project is that to add the snaps of the student of which the record is entered. We can also add or su!tract details of the individual.