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Prison Service Order


Operation of the Police National Computer


Date of Issue/ !ic" on Num#er for !in" to reference Amendment 01/03/1999 Amendments can be tracked in the Numerical Index. PSI Amendments should be read before and in conjunction ith PS! 01/03/99 PSI 19/1999 !"eration of Police National #om"uter $ ex"ired %9/0%/%000

PRISON SER$I E ORDER % 0905 PO&I E NA'IONA& *a+ter 1 % 3 ' OMPU'ER (PN ) ontents Introduction !"eratin& Procedures Audit Arran&ements Pa"er (ransactions

) Anne,es A # / 0 2 3 4 PN# "rison 8

*ana&in& PN# +ork

,ist of "rison establishments ith a PN# terminal PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o& PN# (ransaction Audit ,o& PN# *onthl. (rackin& #ertificate PN# 1ser Identification Allocation ,o& PN# 1ser 2orm Pa"er transaction ithout a terminal arran&ements for establishments

,ist of staff authorised to re5uest Pre6#on7ictions from a 9e5uest for Pre7ious #on7ictions 2orm

*a+ter :0; P!IN(S


(he installation of PN# terminals enables establishments to &ain more s"eed. access to "risoners< Pre6#on7ictions. -etter access to Pre6#on7ictions= allo s local "risons to cate&orise and allocate "risoners= ser7in& short sentences= ho sometimes remain <1ncate&orised>= because Pre6#on7ictions are not easil. obtainable. (hose establishments that do not ha7e a PN# terminal= can ask a nearb. establishment ith one= to "rint and send them a "risoner>s Schedule of Pre6#on7ictions= 7ia a set "rocedure.

1.1.1. Police "ermission to use PN# ithin "risons is &i7en on the understandin& that ? @aA= onl. trained staff ha7e access to the terminals @see *a+ter 5 for trainin& arran&ementsAB @bA= the. adhere strictl. to the !"eratin& Procedures and /ata Protection Arran&ements set out in *a+ter .B and @cA= the. carr. out s.stematic audit to ensure a""ro"riate use of the information on the s.stem @see *a+ter /A. 1.1.%. (hose establishments that ha7e no PN# terminal can obtain "re6 con7ictions= b. "ost= from those establishments ith the facilit.. 07er. "rison ithout a terminal has been allocated a PN# "rison to deal ith. /etails of these arran&ements and the securit. "rocedures hich a""l. to these "a"er transactions can be found in *a+ter 0. 1.1.3. -ecause of the com"lex o"eratin& and securit. "rocedures= PN# establishments need su""ort and &uidance from 4ead5uarters. #ontact "oints and a ste"6b. ste" &uide on ho to o7ercome some common "roblems can be found in *a+ter 51 1.1.'. The installation of PNC terminals is negotiated centrally with the Police. Governors of establishments without terminals must not attempt to obtain one through their local Constabulary, regardless of whether it is intended for use by prison staff or seconded police officers, unless they have first sought authorisation from Security Group.

*a+ter . :0; P!IN(S


3o7ernors of establishments ith PN# must ensure that their staff com"l. full. ith the rules set out in this cha"ter. PN# "risons ha7e <read onl.> access to the PN#. 0n5uiries are allo ed solel. for the "ur"ose of obtainin& a list of "re7ious con7ictions @(he Prison 9e"ortA on ne l.6sentenced or remand "risoners.= or for the "ur"oses of 4/# risk assessments. A lo& must be ke"t to record the details of e7er. transaction Access to the PN# is a arded to named indi7idual users throu&h a sin&le /irectl. #onnected (erminal @/#(A. (he terminal must not ha7e an. external or internal communication interfaces a"art from those re5uired to access the PN#. 0ach ne user ill be allocated a 1ser I/ and Initial Pass ord= thereafter users are res"onsible for re&ularl. chan&in& their "ass ords. Pass ords must not be shared ith= or disclosed to= an. other "erson .

1ser identities and "ass ords month "eriod.

ill be disabled if not used in an. three

(he location in hich PN# terminals are housed in establishments= has been a&reed ith PI(!= and must not be altered ithout "rior "ermission bein& &i7en b. them throu&h Securit. 3rou". An. breach of securit. must be re"orted to the nominated establishment I( Securit. !fficer.



%.1.1 It is mandatory that establishments comply fully with the regulations detailed in this Chapter. Governors, of prisons with PNC, must also ensure that staff comply with the terms and conditions stated in the following documents

PN# /ata Access A&reement A#P! #ode of Practice for /ata Protection A#P! *anual for /ata Protection *ana&ement PN# #ode of #onnection Colume % (hese documents are sent se"aratel. to all establishments terminals. .1. &ocation of 'ermina! ith PN#

%.%.1 -efore PN# terminals are installed in "risons= there are 7isits b. staff from Securit. 3rou" and the Police Information (echnolo&. !r&aniDation @PI(!A= to ensure that the "ro"osed location for the terminal is a""ro"riate. The PNC terminal must not be removed from this agreed location. %.%.% Governors must ensure that only authorised prison staff have access to the area in which the terminal is held. !t no time and under no circumstances will prisoners be allowed in the room. .1/ Users and Pass3ords

%.3.1 !nl. authorised users are allo ed access to the PN# terminal. 0stablishments should ha7e no more than nine users. 0ach user is "ro7ided ith a uni5ue user identit.. 1sers are accountable for all transactions "erformed under their user identit.. 1ser identities are allocated b. the Police National #om"uter /irectorate at 4endon= and cannot be reallocated to another indi7idual. .10 De!etin4 or Disa#!in4 User Identities

%.'.1 (he /ata Protection !fficer @see #ha"ter 3A ill re&ularl. monitor the establishment user identities and must disable or delete a user identit. if the user has not used PN# for three months. A user identit. must be deleted if the o ner lea7es or transfers to a ne "ost. A user identit. must be disabled if the o ner is on lon&6term lea7e or is sus"ended. %.'.% Ne user identities ill be disabled if not used after se7en da.s.

.151- Pass3ords %.).1 (he PN# automaticall. authenticates users lo&&in& into an establishment terminal 7ia the "ass ord associated ith that identit.. !nl. those users ith a 7alid "ass ord are able to &ain access to the s.stem. 2or users of PN# transactions "ass ords must be at least se7en characters lon& and chan&ed at defined inter7als not exceedin& three months. Pass ords ill be al"ha/numeric.

%.).% All forms of authentication= hether the. are "ass ords= machine readable cards= authorisation codes or an. other de7ice= are uni5ue to an indi7idual and must not be shared ith= or disclosed to= an. other indi7idual. (he user of a "articular "ass ord= card or other means of authentication is res"onsible for its safekee"in&. %.).3 1sers are res"onsible for chan&in& their "ass ords. Ne users ill be &i7en initial "ass ords b. the s.stem administrator at 4endon. "n their first login to the system, new users must change this initial password to something #nown only to themselves. (he s.stem itself ill "rom"t this. %.).' In the event that a user forgets their password, they must contact Security Group who will arrange for another $initial password% to be issued from &endon. As far as is "ossible= such instances should be ke"t to a minimum. .15 Desi4nated Use

%.E.1 /esi&nated users are authorised to ha7e access to PN# to obtain the <(he Prison 9e"ort> @"re7ious con7ictionsA on ne l. sentenced or remand "risoners= or for "risoners subject to risk assessment for 4/#. %.E.% (he. are res"onsible for e7er. transaction that takes "lace in their name. (he. are also res"onsible for ensurin& that the details of e7er. transaction are recorded on the PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o& @see Anne, BA. (he. are also res"onsible for ensurin& that the terminal is lo&&ed off after use= and that no data is ca"tured from PN# onto a user>s o n local fixed or remo7able disk. /isk dri7es on all PN# terminals installed in "risons ha7e been disabled to hel" "re7ent this. (he disk6dri7e must not be re6enabled. %.E.3 'sers must ensure that they report any breach of security, without delay, to the establishment IT Security "fficer. @2urther information on the I( Securit. !fficer is &i7en in *a+ter /A.

*a+ter / :0; P!IN(S


0ach establishment ith a PN# terminal must a""oint a /ata Protection !fficer and an I( Securit. !fficer.

(he /ata Protection !fficer is res"onsible for carr.in& out audit of transactions made b. PN# users= and must com"lete the PN# (ransaction Audit ,o&.

eekl. eekl.

(he I( Securit. !fficer is a more senior member of staff ith res"onsibilit. for the o7erall inte&rit. of PN# and the information obtained. (he I( Securit. !fficer must com"lete the PN# *onthl. (rackin& #ertificate. (he I( Securit. !fficer must also ensure that the PN# terminal is used to best effect. (here must be effecti7e mana&ement to ensure the dail. o"eration of the terminal. (he a""ro"riate o"eration and su"er7ision of PN# is also subject to external audit b. the Standards Audit 1nit.


'*e Need for Audit

3.1.1 (he information held on PN# is sensiti7e. Audit "rocedures ensure that "re6con7ictions are obtained onl. for "risoners. Audit also ensures that onl. authorised users ha7e access to the s.stem. (he audit arran&ements set out in this cha"ter ha7e been a&reed ith the PN# Securit. *ana&er at PI(! and must be com"lied ith. 3.1.% Governors of establishments with PNC terminals must ensure that staff of appropriate ran#s are nominated to fill the roles of (ata Protection "fficer )(P"* and IT Security +anager. /1. '*e Data Protection Officer

3.%.1. 07er. time a user makes an en5uir. on PN#= the. must com"lete the PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o&. (hese entries must then be scrutiniDed eekl. b. the /P!. (his !fficer must be a member of staff not belo the rank of 0xecuti7e/Senior !fficer @or e5ui7alentA. As the /ata Protection !fficer is actin& as auditor of PN# use= he or she ill not be &i7en access as a user. (he. ill be authorised to carr. out onl. eekl. transaction checks.= and monitor use of user identities. (he s"ecific res"onsibilities of the /P! are? i. carr. out random checks on 10F of en5uiries made on the PN# each eek to ensure that each en5uir. is made solel. for the "ur"ose of obtainin& a list of "re7ious con7ictions on ser7in& "risonersB here a discre"anc. is found= i.e. the transaction as not made b. an authorised user= or if the en5uir. as not made for the "ur"ose of


obtainin& "re6con7ictions of a ser7in& "risoner= immediatel. re"ort this as a breach of securit.B iii.



the breach of securit. must be re"orted to the I( Securit. !fficer immediatel. it is disco7ered. In the e7ent that the I( Securit. !fficer is not a7ailable the 3o7ernor <In #har&e> must be told of the breach insteadB recordin& the details of each check in the PN# (ransactions Audit ,o& @see Anne, AB ensurin& that all Prison 9e"orts obtained from the PN# are ke"t the "risoner>s 9ecord @2%0)0AB ith

i7. 7 7i 7ii

re7ie in& user access ri&hts and remo7in& user status from those staff ho no lon&er re&ularl. use the terminalB ensurin& that users com"lete the PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o&= and that this and the PN# (ransaction Audit ,o&= are ke"t for three .ears for ins"ectionB ensurin& that the PN# terminal is not remo7ed from the location a&reed ith PI(!= ithout "rior a""ro7al. monitorin& site user identities to make sure the. are bein& used 6 if a user identit. has not been used for three months it must be deleted and disabled @see section %.)A '*e I' Securit6 Officer

7iii ix


3.3.1. So that there is another mana&er in an establishment ith more &eneral o7ersi&ht of PN# use and routine eekl. auditin&= a senior mana&er= a""ointed b. the &o7ernor= must assume the duties of I( Securit. !fficer. !nce a&ain the I( Securit. !fficer ill not be able to access PN# as a user= but rather ill be authorised onl. to reset "ass ords. 3.3.% (he res"onsibilities of the I( Securit. !fficer are? i. ii. iii. i7. to ha7e o7ersi&ht of the o7erall inte&rit. of the PN# terminal and all information obtained from itB liaise ith Securit. 3rou" and PN# Securit. *ana&er at PI(!= necessar.B hen

in7esti&ate full. an. alle&ed breaches of securit. and inform Securit. 3rou" of them ithout dela.B ensure that e7er. authorised PN# 1ser si&ns the PN# 1ser 2orm @see Anne, 7AB


com"lete= on the last da. of e7er. month= the PN# *onthl. (rackin& #ertificate @see Anne, DA and for ard it to Securit. 3rou"= 9oom E3G= Abell 4ouse= 8ohn Isli" Street= ,ondon= S+1P ',4. (he #ertificate ill sho that the PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o&= PN# 1ser 2orm and 1ser Allocation ,o&= @see Anne, EA and the PN# (ransaction Audit ,o& ha7e all been correctl. com"leted and are u" to date.

3.3.3 (he I( Securit. !fficer= as the most senior mana&er ith an. in7ol7ement ith PN#= must also ensure that the terminal is used to its best effect. (here must be effecti7e mana&ement to ensure the dail. o"eration of the PN# terminal. /10 E,terna! Audit #6 SAU

3.'.1 /urin& Standards Audit 1nit ins"ections of a PN# establishment= an auditor ill examine all as"ects of PN# o"eration.

*a+ter 0 8E9 POIN'S


It is im"ortant that establishments ithout a PN# terminal= can obtain Schedules of Pre6#on7ictions 5uickl. for an. "risoners the. recei7e ho do not arri7e ith them. (he "a"er transaction s.stem described in detail here= is intended to "ro7ide 5uick access. 07er. establishment ithout a terminal has been allocated an establishment ith one. Should the. recei7e a "risoner ithout a Schedule of Pre6#on7ictions= the. must re5uest them from the PN# "rison. A list of PN# "risons and their <client establishments> is set out at Anne, 2 (rainin& establishments ill seldom need to make use of this facilit. as the o7er helmin& majorit. of the "risoners recei7ed b. them ill come ith "re6con7ictions obtained hile the. ere held in local "risons. In client "risons= onl. a small number of staff can re5uest "re6 con7ictions from establishments ith PN#. (he arran&ements detailed belo are necessar. to ensure that "re6 con7ictions are onl. re5uested for bona fide "risoners. (he. must be strictl. adhered to.


Res+onsi#i!ities of t*e

!ient Esta#!is*ment

'.1.1 Governors of establishments without PNC terminals must arrange for the completion of !nne,. &, that lists those staff eligible to re-uest pre.convictions, and those staff authorised to countersign the re-uest. This form must be sent to the appropriate PNC establishment. !ny change to the list must be immediately communicated to the PNC establishment. '.1.%. +hen the client "rison recei7e "risoners for hom "re6con7ictions are re5uired= a member of staff @listed in Section 1 of Annex 4A ill obtain a ,I/S "rintout &i7in& the follo in& information? @aA. @bA. @cA. the "risoners> full namesB their "rison numbersB their "laces of abodeB

@dA. @eA.

their date s of birthB and their dates of rece"tion.

'.1.3. The member of staff must then complete two copies of !nne, / $0e-uest for Previous Convictions% up to and including Section 1. The forms and the print out must then be passed to a member of staff authorised to countersign the re-uest. The Countersigning "fficer must satisfy himself that the re-uests are being made for bona fide prisoners, and then complete Section 2 on both copies of the form. '.1.'. "ne copy of the form and a copy of the 3I(S printout, must be retained by the client establishment and stored in the $Previous Convictions Pending% 3og. The other copy and the original 3I(S printout must be sent to $The Phoeni, "fficer% at the PNC establishment. '.1.) In the event of any re-uest for previous convictions not being returned within seven days, the PNC prison must be contacted to en-uire )a*, whether the re-uest has been received4 and )b*, whether pre.convictions have been sent. '.1.E "n receipt of the previous convictions, Section 56 of the returned !nne, / must be completed. This completed form, and a list of the names of the prisoners for whom pre.convictions were re-uested, must then be retained in a log entitled $ Previous Convictions 0eceived%. The forms must be #ept for audit for at least three )7* years. 01. Res+onsi#i!ities of t*e PN Esta#!is*ment

'.%.1 "n receipt of !nne, / from the client prison, the PNC terminal officer must @aA. check that the 9e5uest for Pre7ious #on7ictions is from a member of staff listed in Annex 4B @bA. check that the re5uest has been countersi&ned b. a member of staff listed in Section % of Annex 4B and @cA. make the re5uired en5uiries of PN# in accordance ith the PN# !"eratin& Procedures set out in #ha"ter %. '.%.% A PN# en5uir. must not be made if? @aA. @bA. the members of staff makin& and authorisin& the re5uest are not listed on the co". of Annex 4 bein& retained b. the PN# "risonB or if an. item of information about a "risoner is missin&. be returned to the client

'.%.3 !ll incomplete re-uests must establishment without delay.

'.%.' ! Senior or 8,ecutive "fficer must then chec# the lists of Previous Convictions against the 3I(S printout to ensure that they tally. If a Schedule of Pre.Convictions has been printed under an alias, this must be clearly shown in red in# at the top of the list. 'nder no circumstances should previous convictions on a prisoner, not listed in the 3I(S printout, be sent to the client prison. '.%.) Sections 9,:, and ; of the original !nne, / must then be completed and photo.copied. The copy must be attached to the previous convictions, and sent in double cover envelope to the Phoeni, "fficer at the client establishment. '.%.E The original copy of !nne, / and the 3I(S printout must be retained by the PNC prison and filed in a log entitled $ Client 8stablishment Name PNC 0e-uests%. 0ecords must be #ept for audit for at least three )7* years. '.%.G <hen PNC transactions underta#en on behalf of a client gaol are entered into the PNC Transaction Security 3og, a note must be made of which establishment they were for. *a+ter 5 8E9 POIN'S (he I( Securit. !fficer @the senior mana&er ith o7ersi&ht of PN# useA must ensure that there is a member of staff a7ailable to o"erate PN# e7er. da.. (he I( Securit. !fficer must ensure that there are ? ade5uate numbers of staff trained in the use of PN#B that the mix of staff trained is suitable to the establishment>s needsB and that an. faults ith the PN# hard are and soft are are re"orted 5uickl.. (rainin& arran&ements and a list of authorities to be contacted in the case of hard are/soft are faults= are set out in this cha"ter. MANA2IN2 PN :OR8



).1.1 Initial trainin& is funded centrall. b. Securit. 3rou". The costs of training new operators, as replacements for the original staff, must thereafter be met by establishments . I( Securit. !fficers should kee" re"lacement trainin& to a minimum b. "re7entin& the

de"letion of the number of PN#6 trained staff the. ha7e. (rainin& should be arran&ed throu&h Securit. 3rou". ).1.% 0stablishments must not train their o n staff. ).1.3 8stablishments must train enough staff to cover PNC tas#s. =ut the number must be limited4 the training of too many staff constitutes a security threat. 51. ).%.1 7au!ts and ontact Points

/etailed belo is a list of common faults and the names of the com"anies or indi7iduals that must be contacted in each case. Contact Securit. 3rou" @01G1

Fault/ Query PN# 1ser has for&otten "ass ord %1G )HH9A and needs another Iueries about the use to hich PN# can be "ut 9e5uests for trainin& or ne Printer not orkin& '019A Personal com"uter failure '019A Problem ith data line to PN# Problem ith the soft are "acka&e for accessin& PN# Iueries about the PN# and Phoenix %00 3%00A a""lication @<JNK>A 1ser Ids

As abo7e As abo7e Sema 4el"desk @01%1 GHH Sema 4el"desk @01%1 GHH #able and +ireless Sanderson Insi&ht 4endon /ata #entre. @01H1




%. 3. '. ). E. G. H. 9. 10. 11. 1%. 13. 1'. 1). 1E. 1G. 1H. 19. %0. %1. %%. %3. %'. %). %E. %G. %H. %9. 30. 31. 3%. 33. 3'. 3). 3E. 3G. 3H.

-edford -elmarsh -lakenhurst -irmin&ham -rinsford -ristol -rixton #ardiff #helmsford /urham /oncaster 0lmle. 0xeter 2eltham 3len Par7a 4i&h /o n 4indle. 4ollo a. 4olme 4ouse 4ull ,ancaster 2arms ,eeds ,eicester ,e es ,incoln ,i7er"ool *anchester Nor ich Parc Penton7ille Preston 9isle. S ansea +ands orth +inchester +oodhill +orm ood Scrubs

Anne, B PN 'ransaction Securit6 &o4 /etails of each transaction must be com"leted b. the "erson makin& the en5uir.

Name of PN


'ic" to confirm t*at PN record of t*e date and time t*at 6ou !ast accessed t*e s6stem matc*es t*e actua! date and time Prisoners Name Prisoners Num#er Date of en<uir6 'ime of en<uir6 PN transaction num#er :as a PN +rintout o#tained (9ES or NO)

/ 0 5 5 = >

Name of PN


'ic" to confirm t*at PN record of t*e date and time t*at 6ou !ast accessed t*e s6stem matc*es t*e actua! date and time Prisoners Name Prisoners Num#er Date of en<uir6 'ime of en<uir6 PN transaction num#er

/ 0 5 5 =


:as a PN +rintout o#tained (9ES or NO)

Anne, PN 'ransaction Audit &o4 (he data "rotection officer must check the records of 10F of the PN# en5uiries each eek.

Date PN en<uiries 3ere c*ec"ed

'ime PN en<uiries 3ere c*ec"ed

'ransaction num#ers of t*e en<uiries t*at 3ere c*ec"ed

:ere t*e en<uiries for !e4itimate reasons

Si4nature of Data Protection Officer

(he en5uiries must be traced back to the ori&inator and checked that the. ere for ne l. sentenced or remand "risoners. Anne, D



Mont*!6 'rac"in4


I *ave e,amined t*e fo!!o3in4 PN !o4s and confirm t*at I am satisfied t*at t*e securit6 +rocedures are #ein4 fo!!o3ed in accordance 3it* t*e PN Securit6 Po!ic6 for t*is Esta#!is*ment1

PN# (ransaction Securit. ,o&s PN# (ransaction Audit ,o&s PN# 1ser Identification Allocation (a&s PN# 1ser 2orm


(his form must be com"leted b. the I( Securit. !fficer on the last da. of each month and returned to? Phoenix Prison Securit. 3rou" 9oom E3G

Abell 4ouse 8ohn Isli" Street ,ondon S+1P ',4

Anne, E PN (he I( Securit. !fficer must record details belo of all PN# user Identifications= includin& those hich ha7e been allocated to ne users. Name of PN User Reason for Date Si4nature of PN PN User Identification *an4e Securit6 officer User Identification A!!ocation &o4

Anne, 7

PN User 7orm I understand and acce"t that= in order to lo& onto the PN#= I must be an authorised user= be in "ossession of a PN# user id that is uni5ue to me= and ha7e a reason &o7erned in m. current job function. I also understand and acce"t that I ma. onl. access those PN# transactions to hich I ha7e been authorised= use the transactions for a le&itimate= business/"olicin& "ur"ose= and use an. kno led&e obtained for authorised business/"olicin& "ur"oses onl.. I ha7e read and a&ree to abide b. the 4*P PN# !"eratin& Procedures. Name Si4nature Date




&IEN' 6 ,ittlehe.= 6

Altcourse -edford +ellin&borou&h=!nle. -elmarsh -lakenhurst 6 -irmin&ham -rinsford Strafford=Shre sbur. -ristol /artmoor= 3loucester= She"ton *allet= ,e.hill -rixton #ardiff0ast ood Park= #hannin&s +ood= Pucklechurch #helmsford -a.= 4i&h"oint /urham #astin&ton= ,o Ne ton. /oncaster 0lmle. S aleside=Stanford 4ill= #ookham +ood= 0ast Sutton Park. 0xeter +eare= Portland= the Cerne= 0rlestoke 2eltham 3len Par7a -rockhill 4i&h /o n 4ouse 4indle. Askham 3ran&e 4ollo a.

-ullin&don 2eatherstone=

*aidstone =9ochester

-ull ood 4all=4ollesle. 2rankland= Acklin&ton= 6 #anterbur.=

#oldin&le.= Send= /o7er 3artree= 4e ell 3ran&e= /o n7ie = ,atchmere A&ecroft= /rake 4all= -lant.re 4ouse

4olme 4ouse :irkle7in&ton 4ull +olds= 07erthor"e= +ealstun

Northallerton= /eerbolt=

,ancaster 2arms ,eeds Ne ,eicester ,e es ,incoln ,i7er"ool 4atfield *anchester ,indholme= *oorland Nor ich -ludeston= NS# Parc Penton7ille 9eadin& Preston +.mott 9isle. (horne #ross= Stoke 4eath= Sudbur.= S ansea +ands orth +inchester +oodhill +orm ood Scrubbs M 4all= +akefield= 2ull Sutton

,ancaster= 4a7eri&& Stocken= Ash ell= S infen 4all= Nottinham Parkhurst= Alban. #am"hill 9anb.= +hatton= *orton 4all= ,o dham :irkham= 2oston= 4all= St.al= +etherb.= +a.land= +hitemoor= 6 (he *ount= 4untercombe= 3arth= -uckle. 4all=

9isle. 1sk/Prescoed= ,on& ,artin :in&ston= 4aslar= Aldin&ton /orchester= 3u.s *arsh= 2ord 3rendon= S"rin& 4ill= A.lesbur. 6

Anne, ; Section Date ,ist of staff authorised to re5uest Pre7ious #on7ictions 7u!! Name Si4nature Date removed from !ist

Section . ,ist of staff authorised to countersi&n re5uests for Pre7ious #on7ictions Date 7u!! Name Si4nature Date removed from !ist

Anne, @ Re<uest for Previous onvictions

9e5uestin& Prison 4*PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... Phoenix (erminal Prison 4*PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... /ate LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Number of Prisoners on hom Pre6cons are re5uired LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LL *ember of staff re5uestin& information Print name LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Si&nature LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... *ember of staff countersi&nin& re5uest Print name LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Si&nature LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... *ember of staff ho accessed Phoenix Print name LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Si&nature LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... *ember of staff ho checked list of Pre7ious #on7ictions

Print name LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Si&nature LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... N /ate Pre6cons des"atched b. Phoenix (erminal Prison LLLLLLLL.. 10. O /ate Pre6cons recei7ed b. re5uestin& "rison LLLLLLLLLLLLL

N *

To be completed on copy retained by Phoenix Terminal Prison To be completed on copy retained by receiving prison

(A copy o this orm is to be attached to each batch o re!uests or pre"cons# 1.