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DECLARATION OF FORGIVENESS First call upon the heavens above and the earth below to bear witness to your

Declaration of Forgiveness that it might be written down in heaven and abide forever. By an act of your will in obedience to our Lord who commands us to forgive others their sin, declare out loud, I forgive any and all people who have sinned against me or will ever sin against me in any way, shape, form, or manner at any time whatsoever regardless of their relationship to me be it family, friend, or acquaintance no matter what the circumstances at the time. Understand: your feelings have absolutely nothing to do with forgiveness. Forgiveness is purely a legal matter. Stenographers in a court of law make no reference to a witnesss feelings at the time of their testimony. They only record the words spoken by the witness. Its exactly the same before the throne of God. Trust me, if you do this, your feelings will eventually follow your declaration and in the future, your ability to forgive will become more and more divorced from your emotions until it becomes a simple act of your sanctified will! Imagine! No one will ever suffer hurt or loss because of something they did against you and in so doing, you are truly loving your neighbor [which includes everyone, right?] as yourself!

The second thing you can do is to completely transfer the responsibility for your life into the hands of your loving Father by making a Declaration of Surrender. At this point you might say, wait a minute, whats my part in all this? Thats easy.your part is simple, childlike Trust. As disciples of Israel we are called by Hashem to deny ourselves. By doing this we can then embark on the true mission of our lives which is focusing on the lives of others that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly! Do you really think youre capable of denying

yourself? You probably dont even know what it means. Many people listen to their religious leaders, try to do their best to follow their teaching, and hope for the best. In order to become just like Hashem you must first realize that you cant do this on your own. You must surrender the responsibility of becoming a true disciple of the Lord into his capable hands. Thats the most responsible thing you can do. The declaration is rather simple. Lord, I want to become your true disciple with all my heart, but I dont even know what it means. Therefore I surrender every part of my life to you. I know youre so humble you wont force your way into those areas of my life that I reveal to no one even though they are completely open to your holy eyes. By an act of my will I give you permission to enter into every facet of my life and to do whatever is necessary in order for me to become a true disciple of Holy Israel and so fulfill your will in my life to be conformed to your holy image and likeness as you always intended. Holy King of Israel glorify your name in my life. Amen! Questions / Comments: