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Dear friend,

The clock is ticking on Americas future. From our national debt to Obamacare, from NSA surveillance to the IRS scandal, Washington is out of control. Its been put up for sale to the special interests by career politicians like Dan Maffei whose only interest is staying in office. Watching whats been going on has reinforced for me that we must act now to check the erosion of our Constitutional freedoms by career politicians and thats why Im writing to you today. I am seeking the Republican Party nomination for Congress, and Im hoping I can win your support. Two years ago, Dan Maffei won election riding the coattails of Barack Obama. But from day one of taking power, Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress have pursued a radical agenda to remake America in the image of a European socialist state. They have abandoned the notion of American exceptionalism and instead promoted a vision for the future of our great country that is diminished. They believe more government is the answer to Americas problems. From our health care system and Obamacare to education and Common Core their goal is to replace individual freedom and entrepreneurialism with federal mandates. And they are paying for this radical agenda with the largest tax increase in American history. This is just the beginning of the Democrats plan to centralize and consolidate power in Washington. Thats why Im seeking the Republican Party nomination for Congress. Too much is at stake to sit on the sidelines. As a successful New York business owner I know what it takes to make a payroll and deal with government bureaucracy. As an owner of a nursing home, I know what it is like to look in the eyes of a senior citizen who everyday worries about both the quality and affordability of their healthcare. I promise that when Im in Congress, every time Im asked to vote for legislation, I will consider how it would affect a business owner, its employees, and our most vulnerable populations. That is the kind of common sense we need in Washington. Im seeking your support because you have worked so hard in the trenches to elect fellow Republicans. So have I, by supporting Republican candidates in New York and around the country. And thats why I know how important it is to put my money where my mouth is. Campaigns are expensive. Dan Maffei is being bankrolled by Washingtons special interests and already has over $1 million on hand.

I am the only candidate that has the resources to beat Dan Maffei. There are eight candidates seeking the GOP nod to take on Dan Maffei, several of them have already indicated their intention to run a primary. I respect each and every one of my primary opponents, but I know that Im the best candidate to face Maffei in November. While I have tremendous admiration for the leadership of our party, this abbreviated nomination process has made it impossible for me to reach many of our fellow Republicans to share my message. I believe the Republican rank and file deserves an opportunity to make an informed choice about who will represent them to face Dan Maffei in November. That is why I have decided to bypass the committee designation process and am declaring my intention to run in the June primary. Time is running out on reversing the course of Americas future. You will be hearing a lot from me over the coming weeks of this campaign, but I want to hear from you too. Please dont hesitate to contact me at janerossiforcongress@gmail.com and let me know the issues that are important to you. I look forward to meeting with you soon to talk about how we can fundamentally change the direction in Washington and restore the power of government to the people. Sincerely,

Jane Rossi

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