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. SJN Weighfeeders are available in different models to cater to a wide range of capacities from fractional tonnes per hour to thousand tonnes per hour. SJN weighfeeders are available in various lengths to take care of the feed to discharge distance. It can also cater to both horizontal and inclined installations as per actual site re uirement. "he weighfeeder is fitted with a speciall# designed$ rugged feed hopper to handle all t#pes of bulk solids % free&flowing$ sluggish$ highl# abrasive and of an# grain size. "he feed hopper design ensures that the material load on belt is such that the starting and running tor ue re uirement is minimum. "he motor power re uirement is thereb# ver# low and helps in power saving in the long run. "he weighfeeder frame with ) channel gives it a light weight construction and also ensures eas# fittment of pulle#s and idlers$ thus minimising maintenance downtime. *elt changing is also a uick and eas# process taking at best 1 to 2 hours. "he weighbridge with double loadcell arrangement ensures direct sensing of material load on belt thus minimising the chances of error due to manufacturing tolerances. In this regard we like to mention that before we used to provide weighfeeders with single loadcell and lever mechanisms. ,owever$ in due course of time we found that these are sometimes prone to errors due to manufacturing tolerances. ,ence$ our partner Schenck process of -erman# came out with a new design$ wherein$ the weighing idler is supported on loadcells at either end. "he auto&tension cum screw&take&up unit acts in such a wa# that proper belt tension is maintained during running. In addition belt swa# limit switches are provided to trip the feeder in case of belt drift.







"he weighfeeder has both volumetric and gravimetric feed control facilities. In gravimetric feed control it can cater to a ma0imum bulk densit# variation of !!.!!1 of the nominal bulk densit# of the material. "he high speed microprocessor controller has a device accurac# better than 3.3(1. Its luminescent clear te0t displa# in 2 lines helps in eas# diagnosis of faults b# diagnostic and self testing functions. "he controller has auto&calibration facilit# 4 can be factor# set for uick and eas# adaptation to )lient5s process. It has a fail&safe data storage facilit# 4 no additional batter# back&up is re uired. It has versatile connectivit# to data processing s#stems and printers.


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