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Optimized for High Shock / Vibration


The R4U-20A is designed to survive! Aircraft grade

aluminum construction, shock mounted unibody drive
support, self locking stainless hardware, solid
construction designed and manufactured in the USA.
These system are ideal for high shock / high vibration
environments such as vehicular or aircraft mount or
transit case installation. The short depth of 20 inches
allows it to fit virtually all transit cases. The rugged
construction and enhanced features will assure its
reliable operation in that challenging environment.

 Compact 4U x 20-inch (508mm) design
 Aircraft grade 5052-H32 aluminum construction
 Milled 1/4 inch solid aluminum front panel
 Stainless steel self locking hardware
 Shock mounted Unibody front sub panel w/ drives
 Three 5-1/4 inch drives—shock isolated
 Two internal 3-1/2 inch drives—shock isolated
 Fits ATX motherboard
 Two 92mm 60CFM fans—High Reliability Series
 Front panel air filter in door—full width
 Front panel USB connectors (behind front door)

 Superior pre- and post-sales technical support
 All products carry a two year limited warranty

 Custom paint and logo available
 Custom chassis features to fit customer requirements
 Turnkey configured systems to customer spec

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Primary construction is from high strength The system is provided with three front acces-
aircraft grade .090-inch 5052-H32 alumi- sible 5-1/4 inch drive bays (shock isolated)
num alloy. The front panel is milled from a and two internal 3-1/2 inch drives (shock iso-
single piece of .250-inch aluminum. A lated). A variety of hot swap drive carriers are
formed and welded aluminum door covers available. Provision for 2-1/2 inch or solid
the drives and supports the air filter. An state drives can be made for extreme environ-
integrated system is very light at only 30- ments or extended temperature requirements.
35 lbs depending on installed components.
At only 20-inches deep, this makes the
System controls are mounted behind the front
R4U-20A perfect for transit case installa-
tions. door and include power control, system reset,
and alarm reset. Mounted in the front panel is
For environmental and emissions protec- the Power-on LED, HDD Access, Fan Failure
tion, the front panel provides an embedded and Overtemp LEDs. Two USB ports are also
EMI/environmental gasket and multiple provided behind the front door. Custom con-
captive fasteners on the door to secure the trol and indicator configurations are easily ac-
system from contamination. The lid is se- commodated.
cured with fourteen captive screws and is
provided with an EMI/environmental gas- The R4U-20A provides for mounting an ATX
ket. motherboard. This configuration fits the
mission requirements for access to the latest
A key feature for system survivability is the processing technology and lower cost. A
front sub panel Unibody structure in which hold-down bar provides for securing installed
the drives are mounted is secured using cards for any adverse shock and vibration
heavy duty shock mounts. This Unibody environment.
drive support is the optimum method for
protecting drives versus shock mounting A standard 4U PS/2 style power supply can
individual drives.
be mounted including redundant supplies
The overall effect is a very robust enclo- and DC input. A Mil Std 704 or 1275 compli-
sure to protect the system in any foresee- ant supply is available for military airborne
able environmental environment. or ground installations.

Cooling is provided by two Sanyo-Denki The chassis provides a rear mounted ground
aluminum body High Reliability Series stud and low smoke / zero halogen wiring is
(>100K hrs MTBF) 92mm fans providing available for military compliance. All fasten-
60CFM each of high pressure air flow. The ers are stainless steel and either self locking
front door is provided with an easily ser- or are secured with Loc-Tite during assem-
viced and washable air filter with various bly.
classes available. A chassis over- tempera-
ture alarm and fan failure circuit monitors Chassis Plans products are designed and be-
chassis conditions. Optional higher velocity ing tested to meet MIL-STDs 810G, 167-1,
fans, rear fans and fan speed control is 461F, and 901D requirements. On-site, next
available. day and extended warranties are available.
Configuration Management and long life
product availability is also available.

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Survivability Rear Slot Panel
Built to survive high shock and vibration 7 I/O slots
environments: 18GA CRS, zinc plated
 Shock isolated front Unibody sub panel 10-32 Ground Stud
shock mounts drives 2x optional 50mm fans
 Multiple mounting points for mother
board and CPU heat sinks Drive Capacity
 Dual card hold downs Three 5.25-inch front drive bays
 Self locking fasteners or Locktited Two internal 3.5-inch hard drives
 All cables securely dressed and tied Drives mounted on heavy duty shock
down mounted Unibody front sub panel
Multiple options for hot swap drives
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17 x 6.95 (4U) x 20.0-inch (508 x 176.5 x Front Panel Indicators
483mm) Power LED
Weight HDD Access LED
30-35 lbs typical configured system Fan Failure LED
Chassis Over-Temperature LED
Front panel Front Panel Controls/Connections
.250 milled 5052-H32 aluminum Power on/off switch
Chassis, lid, front door, misc. parts System reset switch
.090 5052-H32 Aluminum alloy Alarm Reset Switch
Rear slot panel Two USB connectors
18ga CRS (Controls & USB behind front door)
Finish Custom control & indicator layouts available
Aluminum—Chem Film per Mil-C-
5541E Class 3 Clear Cooling Fans
Steel Parts—Zinc Plated Two high speed 92mm inch fans
Hardware 60CFM free air rating each
Self locking stainless steel Sanyo-Denki High Reliability Series
Loctite where appropriate >100K hrs MTBF
Cooling system alarm board
Color Air filter—1/4” Thick 30PPI
Black powder coat Alternate filter material available
Medium texture Optional very high velocity fans available
Exterior front panel & door finished Optional 2x 50mm rear fans

Front Door Motherboard Mounting

Aluminum—formed and welded Fits ATX motherboard (9.6 x 12-inches)
Secured with 4 captive fasteners
EMI/Environmental gasket provided Card Hold Down
Locking latch optionally available Tailored to individual installed card height
Supports 30ppi washable foam filter (other
filter classes optionally available) Environment
Operating and storage temperature, shock
Lid and humidity is dependant on installed com-
Aluminum ponents
Secured with 14 captive fasteners
EMI/Environmental gasket provided Power Supply
PS/2 form factor
Single and N+1 redundant supplies available
AC, DC and Mil-Std-704/1275 configurations

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