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Tyler Jones

September 14, 2009

Right Brain Activities
Serendipitous Cartoon Plots
1st Period
Pre-AP English

“Scooby-Doo Befriends a Heroic Spider-Man”

Once in the New York City the Mystery Machine brakes down in
Queens. The Shaggy and Scooby go to fill their stomach at a local food
joint. “Like this is the best hotdog ever, huh Scooby” Shaggy said with his
mouth full. “You got it Shaggy” Scooby said while slurping his milkshake
down to a cherry. Crash!!!! Suddenly a window crashes with Spider-Man
falling through it. “Man I got watch out for that tail of his” Spider-Man said
rubbing his head. Scooby jumps into Shaggy’s arms shivering. The Scorpion
jumps through the window looking for Spider-Man. “Where you hiding wall
crawler?! You can’t hide forever” Scorpion shouted throughout the shop.
Scorpion starts shooting acid from his tail and one of the shots headed for
Scooby and Shaggy. “WATCH OUT” Spider-Man shouted! Spider-Man
grabbed Scooby and Shaggy and swung on his web to Central Park. “Like
thanks for the save man” Shaggy said. “No problem, just be careful next
time. This city is chocked full of super villains out for my head.” Then
Spider-Man went back to the diner to capture Scorpion. “Where have you
been web head I looked all over for you” Scorpion shouted. “I flattered you
missed me so much, that just makes me want to put you in jail even more”
Spider-Man taunted. Scorpion shot acid but Spider-Man dodged in time to
wrap Scorpion in a web blanket. “That should hold you for a while. OH NO!
I am about to be late for the meeting with Velma. Later bug breath.” Spider-
Man swung on his web to the Daily Bugle to change to Peter Parker.

Scooby and Shaggy call for a taxi and made it back to Fred, Daphne,
and Velma. “Where were you guys? We looked all over for you” asked
Daphne. “Like you won’t believe it, we met the infamous Spider-Man”
Shaggy said. “Reah (Yeah)”, agreed Scooby. “Cool, but we got to hurry up
to meet Velma’s friend Peter Parker” Fred answered. They gang headed for
the Daily Bugle. “Hey, it’s been awhile, Velma” a familiar voice yelled from
the entrance of the Daily Bugle. “Hey Peter, how have you been?” Velma
asked. “Hey man you like have the same voice as Spider-Man” Shaggy
claimed. “Yeah I get that a lot these days” Peter answered. “I don’t want
questions I want answers people!” someone shouted. “Aw man, that’s my
boss John Jonah Jamison. He probably was chewing someone out for doing
nothing, again. Sorry, I got to go. See you later” Peter apologized. “Bye
Peter!” exclaimed the gang. “Like I could have sworn that was the same
voice as Spider-Man, right Scooby?” “Reah (Yeah)”, Scooby agreed. Then
everyone went in the Mystery Machine to see the Statue of Liberty, except
for Scooby Doo.

“I can’t believe Shaggy could identify my voice after one meeting.

Hey, isn’t that Shaggy’s pet Scooby?” Peter said. Peter rushed down stairs
get Scooby out of the street. Honk!!! A truck was headed straight for
Scooby, but Spider-Man swung on his web to get Scooby out the way just
before the truck hit him. “Be careful boy, you could have gotten hit” Spider-
Man scolded. “Rhere (Where) is Shaggy?” Scooby asked with a sad face.
“Aw, don’t worry I will help you find him” Spider-Man said. Spider-Man
swung on his web with Scooby to find the Mystery Machine. “There it is!”
Scooby shouted. Spider-Man landed and gave a lift through the hole on top
of the Mystery Machine. “There you are Scooby, where were you?” Shaggy
asked. “I was with Peter.” Scooby said. “I only saw Spider-Man. Zoinks!
Wait a minute you mean Spider-Man is Peter!” Shaggy shouted. “Reah
(Yeah), and he is a great guy”, Scooby said riding in the Mystery Machine to
a new adventure.