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CAMERA seaman (OL ‘OPERATION MANUAL 1. GENERAL < 24248 GMs is an up-o-date miniature camera intended for broad circle of photo amateurs The comers corpses 9 rd cond ee ieie, vewtide (oe fo on viewing rate), distance symbol scale % Hash synehronied dlaphragm shutter. F sync wures the widest chotce ef needle aarp full oned jc-andewhie 2nd Tal clout Weather symbol and film sensitivity scales facilitate exposure eelting. and enaire good shooting oudoors even for any unsklled photo amateur Film rewind mechanism makes it posible to use one cassette; camera design ensures eperation vith two cassettes, also Foalproot and toubleree operation, modern appearance plus otber atracive features of «Gi2t2 BM» never cease amazing the adnired beginsers and top notch amatesrs site “Te camera ix praduced for operation at a temperature from minus 18 to 445°C vilhout direct influence of solar radiation and atmospherte precipitation Belore taking, plesse read these operation instructions 2, PEATURES Film accepted, mm 35 Frame size, mr ‘ : 24x36 Pictures on the film 36 Lens: hard coated, three-element anastigmat T-43 focal length, mm sey 40 relative aperture : fa ‘Shutter speeds, s 1/45, 190 1/80, 1/125, 1/260 plus Distance seale, rm from 1 to,2 (lofinity) Diaplvagm scale - : : 4756; 8 11; 16 Film light sensitivity seale GOST/ISO- units 16, 92, 6, 125,250 DIN onite 13,16, 19.22 25, Thread diameter for light filler mount Gnlta55x05 3. COMPLETE SET 32. Take-up spool 3.3. Hoos 34. Box 3. Operation inaruat 4. DESIGN Figures 1, 2 and 3 show the prizeipal parts of the Tcamers body: 2 Hever io cee Shutter sae aml g “4—shutter release 7 buttons ‘ S-accessory shoe: 4g 7— viewfinder, S_weather "symbols (shutter speed) setting sing: S—ring with index and field depth este; 10— distance symbol scale; 11—synchronizer 12—disphragm scale; 1—flm light senstivity sea; H—ring for setting diaphrage and film light sensitiity, 15 — objectives 16 —ring, with distance scale; 17 —shuiter speed scale; 18— socket for tripod, 19 —Mewinfer window: 20— Frame counter scale; 21— Tl rewind knob; 22 akeup spool, 23 — camers bak 24 — pressure pate; 25— att hob The diaphragm is jsendes to. Hep conn a ope ap be Ten whieh is "eifeced by “Fotating the sper cattle eng is ustaliyslopped down to ant he apt at Hello when Fin the available tight is too intensive is numbered fa sch & manne! that closing down one stop wit teque? TWEe fhe amount igh for exposure and, vice verss,opeing UP Fi recute a hail the eaposere tine, For instance, ie exposure ta it ‘ieee TS, ni ihe fens tas een stopped dwn to Hin te same Hing tondtions the shutler should be reset to 1/30 second " ‘Thet aulter speeds and {-numbers arty the denominators ony, 48 «250» instead S60" tsiead of 18 ce 6 ‘The diaphe: The field depth seate is iested symmetrcaly on both sides of the distance scale indicator and intended for appronitnete dlerrination ofthe depth ‘of field, Ln, the Feld within which al the objects wil be in sharp focus. The near and for field depth Imits can easily be read agunst the sinilar f-mmoers on Both sides of the depth of tied sae. For instance, with the dialer cele oe format and with 19-200 223 the Tens stopped down to 1/56. you can see3 and' 13m each against £6. With the les closed dvr, the rear tint of eld depth wl approach the camer, while the far lint wll run vay. So, at 11 the camera ill be eniealy iomsed on al objects win 12mup tom For-tm end 12m ab the neat lit of fed depth xm end Sniy ap tor tm, For istorce, the fers 18 rcied' to 1-2m and’ stopped ay tiown to 16. the tel depth far hit Wil bem, the near Limit being. For 26, 3 4 and 8m settings, the fr limit of the felé depth wil be infty Example: the fens is racked to 3m and stopped down to f/1i—the depth of field sale will read from 15m to ini