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Speedy Cash or Modern Day Slave Owners

Before a national chain or retailer decides to move into a community a lot of research and homework about that particular community goes into work in order for them to make their final decision to move in or not. Speedy Cash a title loan company has decided to move into the community of Chatham, in Chicago, llinois on the corner of !" th and Cottage #rove. Speedy Cash did a very thorough analysis before moving in based on their marketing research. $he research team considered the demographics, race, age, annual household income and level of education within the community. Speedy Cash decided that there was a great need for blacks in our community to have access and availability to %Speedy Cash& whenever desired. $he underline assumption may have been the blacks don't managed their money well, speed money on impulse, live beyond their means, don't invest and plan properly, and don't use banks in order to secure safe low interest loans. (nd as a result, these title loan companies, like Speedy Cash, feed and prey on the desperation of individuals who lack financial and economic resources to make wise financial decisions. t is )uite interesting that Speedy Cash has decided to move in our community once they started see how the community has changed based on the census report. *lease consider the facts+ companies like Speedy Cash don't come into black communities to help stabili,e, uplift and empower people. $itle -oan companies main ob.ective is to make MO/01 at the e2pense of black people. $hese title companies trap most blacks with the illusion that it's more important to maintain their image rather than face their reality. $he Speedy Cash research and marketing team know about the many problems blacks face today like, material poverty, illiteracy and dysfunctional families. believe the fact that Speedy Cash has moved into our community reinforces my theory how economics and lack of resources continue to enslave us.

$ony Brown of the $ony Brown 4ournal said, Unless Blacks revive themselves, the inner city cities, will consist of drug-addled criminals surrounding a coterie of abandoned, single, pregnant women-all uneducated, untrained and useless in a world of high technology. All the cotton has been picked. And for the first time in history of the United States, Blacks are not needed to sustain the economy. 0ven though agree with $ony Brown on several points, however, Speedy Cash knows that they need certain people to sustain their business and wealth. 5hat angers me the most is that title companies prey on desperate individuals who were never taught the principles of living within their means, delayed6gratification, saving and investing. $here is no e2cuse that the (lderman, Michelle 7arris 8! th 5ard9, would allow this in her ward when */C bank is right across the street on !" th street, and two black owned banks, Seaway bank and :ederal Bank, are also along !" th street, all within a mile radius. Speed Cash promises to give you cash right on the spot, but at what e2pense; Speedy Cash< =ate and $erm Chart for a >?@@.@@ loan
!nance Charge A"#unt !nanced $#tal #% pay"ents

Annual Percentage Rate*

$he cost of your credit as a yearly rate

$he dollar amount the credit will cost $he amount of credit provided to you on your $he amount you will have paid after you have you behalf made scheduled >?AB.@B >?@@.@@ >3,@AB.@B


C(//D(- *0=C0/$(#0 =($0< $he (*= is the cost of your loan e2pressed as a yearly rate. $he above (*= is based on e2ample loan terms of twelve installments due over si2 months. $he (*= will increase if the actual loan term is shorter than these e2amples, and will decrease if your loan term is longer.

Speedy Cash promises cash but look at the (nnual *ercentage =ate 8(*=9. $his repayment plan is based on >!E.!F a month for over a 3B month period. ( person has doubled their original amount in 3B months. But that's not the end of the story. $he deception lies deep in the fine print 8B Corinthians B<339. Speedy Cash used a rate chart at the lowest (nnual *ercentage =ate 8(*=9 at F?G.@@@FBH, but the rate range can go as high as EEA.BGH, which is based on a 3A day pay loan. Speedy Cash is a title loan company, which means they will put a lien on you until your loan is paid. 5hat does this mean; n the event, you are unable to make the payments or default on the loan Speedy Cash will have the legal rights to your car. But most importantly, this legal binding lienIhold is now on your credit report, which alerts all creditors that you are a high credit risk, which could prevent you from getting credit anyplace else and would also severely affect your credit score. But Speedy Cash will always be right there waiting for you, but at a much higher (*=. !enturies of racist treatment have helped impose a permanent second " class status on much of the Black !ommunity. #ts roots are based in slavery and it has been by legislation and laws. But in a modern, culturally diverse society, everyone is affected by the successes or failures of each subgroup. $ou do not win if another group loses. %hat&s why there are no victors in a racist society. And because there are no victors in a racist society, all of us are potential victims %ony Brown. Maybe the (lderman 7arris should have considered some other alternatives, like a training center, a reading center, a computer lab, a learning center that teaches un6wed teens with babies, parenting classes, classes that teach young girls social skills, which foster grace and class, classes that teach young boys, honesty, education, responsibility, reliability and the virtues of being productive men and citi,ens and why not opportunities, which e2pose individuals to different cultures, restaurants, cities, countries and events, like plays, museums, operas, ballets, arts, and

orchestra. Studies have showed that an individual's e2posure to the aforementioned increases the probability for ones success. Maybe these things should have been taken into consideration because investing in the lives of our people is much more profitable than the temporary short6term gain that the love of money brings.

Currently, we have individuals who live in our community who are poor. $hey feel helpless, hopeless and abandoned. Many of them are crying out for help but don't know which direction to take. $here was a day when some black leaders and some black pastors really cared and tried to address the socioeconomic problems within the community and did their best to assist them and empower them through the word of #od. 0ven the /((C* was created for the (DJ(/C0M0/$ of CO-O=0D *0O*-0. 5hat has happened to the black leadership in the B3 st century; 7ave some of our black politicians and some black pastors lost their way, passion and purpose for the people and they have become the new age overseers; Or have they become more concerned about their Cash, Cars, Clothes and Cribs 8houses9; Standing up for what is right will always bring some suffering and persecution from those who either live in fear or from those who are .ust trying to maintain status )uo. 'e also recogni(e that, like )ohn the Baptist&s, our heads will be *figuratively+ cut off by an outraged status ,uo of Black vested interests and white liberal racists in the media. -erhaps, if we&re successful in waking our people up to their .od-given innate talents, we&ll be crucified as was )esus for bringing truth to /is people and the world. 0y belief is that everyone should seek his or her own crucifi1ion. %o be nailed to the cross of truth is .od&s eternal blessing& %ony Brown.

$here's one thing the history teaches us, we don't learn from it. During the old biblical days, people laughed and mocked at /oah because he told the people it was going to rain when they had never seen rain before. $he

people laughed and called /oah cra,y for 3B@ years before #od told /oah to close up the ark and #od wiped the people out by a flood. Maybe we should start taking heed to the warnings and a sign from the scriptures because #od is (ll6knowing and 4esus Christ is the way, the truth and the -ife. might sound cra,y, but #od has /0J0= lied to me, and the way see it Speedy Cash will become the new slave owner for many black people in our community, but only if we let them. $he choice is yours. 1ou have the power to decide whether or not you're going to walk inside the doors of Speedy Cash. 5e all make choices in life whether they are good or bad, but the final decision is ultimately on you. 1ou have the power and free6will to say % NO& to Speedy Cash because we're free and $he 0mancipation *roclamation did not tell me that, 4esus Christ did, %So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed&84ohn !<FE9. $herefore, walk in your freedom, talk in your freedom, act like you're free in your freedom, save your money in your freedom, invest in your freedom, and learn to be content in all things in your freedom and say +NO, to Speedy Cash because of your :=00DOM, but ultimately trust in 4esus Christ as your -ord and Savior because of your :=00DOM. But the choice is yours. =ead the scriptures, because %#od is not a man that 7e shall lie& 8/umbers BF<3G9. %$he rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is S2A34 to the lender& *roverbs BB<".

( -uta ContinuaK..%he Struggle !ontinues. Community Servant, =ev. Dr. Marc (. =obertson