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Making Everything Easier!” to; Get started with QR Codes and plan your strategy Create codes and link them to mobile-friendly content Track your results with a code-management system Deliver value to your users Joe Waters Author of Cause Marketing For Dummies QR Codes For Dummies” Table of Contents Introduction About This Book Foolish Assumptions nventions in This Book Icons Used in This Book Where to Go from Here Chapter 1: Understanding QR Codes Introducing QR Codes Comparing QR Codes to Traditional Barcodes Bridging the Offline World with Online Content Making the Business Case for QR Codes Looking at Who's Using QR Codes Today, Tomorrow Chapter 2: Reading a QR Code Picking a Reader for Your Phone Determining if you own a smartphone Choosing a QR Code reader for your operating system Scanning a QR Code: The Simple How-to Troubleshooting QR Code Reader Failures Saving a QR Code for Later Use Chapter 3: Creating a QR Code Choosing a QR Code Generator Eyeing important features Picking the best online generator Picking the best mobile generator Testing Your QR Code Adding Bling to Your QR Code Preparing Your QR Code for the Real World Chapter 4: Linking Your QR Code to Mobile-Friendly Content Adapting Content for the Third Screen Thinki . Mobilizing your website thoosing a plug-in Using fewer images Being careful with form fields Delivering an app-like experience Giving Mobile Viewers What They Want, Expect Chapter 5: Making Sure Your OR Code Is Scanned Making It Easy or P le to Scan Your QR Ci They don’t know what that funny-looking, black-and- white square is They don't know how to scan them The QR Code doesn’t work Chapter 6: Measuring Your Success with a Code-Management System Understanding Why You Should Track QR Codes Choosing a Tracking System Ising a generator Using a URL shortener Making Sense of the Data