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Monsantos RoundupThe Cause Of Gluten Intolerance?

read the staff of life. Thats what we used to hear all the time. Bread was basic, it was good, wholesome, you could live on it if you had to. After all, Christ broke bread with his disciples, didnt he? The fare in old-fashioned prisons bread and water would be considered Spartan by most of us, but for the most part it was probably adequate. Who wouldnt agree that the aroma emanating from a local bakery is nothing short of heavenly? What is a Frenchman without his baguette? We lived in New Jersey at the time which was famous not only for the number of Mafia bosses that infested the state, but for its superb Italian, Jewish and Polish bakeries. When I was a kid my dad regularly stopped by a deli at the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal after work, to pick up a loaf of incredibly delicious Russian rye bread. It was like nothing else I have ever tasted. So what happened to the Staff of Life? What caused wheat to be put on a list of suspect foods in the causation of irritable bowel disease, allergies, gluten intolerance, arthritis and more? First, bear with me and let me tell you a short

story about my own bout with wheat. About 18 years ago I had an attack of debilitating inflammatory arthritis. As I remember, it came on over a period of many months, starting with mild twinges to the muscles of my neck and arms. Stiffness would set in, and then recede. And like most people, I thought it was just a passing anomaly. It didnt bother me that much and it would come and go. Then over a period of a just few days, oy! The stiffness came on with a vengeance. I had very little range of motion in my neck. I could hear a loud grating noise coming from the neck when I turned to see out the rear window of the car. Then the soles of my feet grew sensitive and painful, as well as my palms. I got into the habit of coming home after working on clients at the office and putting my neck in traction until it was time to go to bed. I still had confidence in the bodys ability to heal. Surely this scourge would pass. It didnt. Weeks went by and the stiffness continued unabated. The chagrin of being a healer and not being able to heal myself was worse than the pain itself. I began to look hard at my life-style. What was I doing to deserve this? I had always been a health nut, as the saying goes. I wasnt totally vegetarian, but mostly. I wasnt addicted to sugary foods, like doughnuts and cookies and icecream. For the first time since I was a kid I decided to get the opinion of a physician. After a simple cursory exam, the doctor pronounced me a victim of inflammatory arthritis, in essence, rheumatoid. No, we didnt do a sedimentation test, which is more often than not inconclusive anyway. In any case the medical arsenal would be predictable anti-inflammatories. I had joined the ranks of arthritics around the world. Well start you off with Ibuprofen, and maybe work our way up to Vioxx if that doesnt work said the doctor. Yeah, right! (Vioxx would later be yanked off the market, but only after killing scores of people). The doctor knew my stance on drugs and offered his advice with half a smile, as if to say: Well, sorry about that, but as you know, this is all we have to offer. Thanks Doc, but no thanks. Im content with just a diagnosis, I said. I paid my bill and left. I was pretty miserable, but I went home determined to get to the

bottom of my disability. I was also prepared to be brutally honest with myself. The first thing I think about when a patient comes to me for a diagnosis and treatment is: What is he or she eating or drinking? Also, what drugs are they swallowing? In my own case it soon became clear to me that I had become very relaxed when it came to at least one food habit, and that was wheat, in all its manifestations. I loved spaghetti and had it several times a week. I was playing bass guitar with the Yosemite Dixieland Band at The Pizza Factory at the time on weekends, and of course we had all the pizza we could consume. There were bran muffins at lunch, home-made sourdough bread, home-made buttered biscuits for breakfast (I was never dare-devil enough to venture as far as biscuits and gravy thank God). Sandwiches were eaten frequently. There were white flour crackers, etc. But I had had a clue to my problem a few years before all this happened. I had read a book by a Dr. Giraud Campbell, which was called A Doctors New Proven Home Cure For Arthritis. (Yeah, look beyond the shingle salesman tone of the title). The book said basically that wheat was a big problem for many people. The doctor went into some theories regarding the causes of wheat intolerance. He presented some successful case histories. He also said that if you already had signs of degeneration of bones and ligaments, with a change of diet and enough persistence these lesions could be reversed and healed, and he had showed some X-rays to prove it. Wow! As I said, I had read the book but since I was feeling ok at the time, I figured it didnt apply to me. Well, it did. Indeed it had taken decades to come on, but here it was. I had assumed that, since I ate very little meat of any kind, I was home free. I had assumed that wheat was a neutral food that couldnt do you any harm, except maybe put on a little weight. What to do? I was so miserable I decided very quickly that I would eliminate wheat in all forms from my diet.

Starting The New Regime

Since I was in such awful shape I thought I would clean the slate thoroughly first. I went on a water-only fast for about three days, staying in bed most of the time. By the way, fasting is a very safe procedure. Dont let your doctor scare you regarding this very effective healing tool. Fasting, sometimes for long periods of time, has helped many people where nothing has helped. Indeed, there are fine

points to be learned regarding fasting for long periods, and thats why its wise to consult with someone who has overseen many fasts. Experienced practitioners can be located via the Natural Hygiene Society, of which I have been a member since the early 60s. http://naturalhygienesociety.org/members.html After the three day fast I started eating fresh fruit only. I ate oranges, bananas, strawberries, pears and lots of water, still staying close to the bed. Still later I then added celery, bell peppers and cucumbers to the list. No wheat of any kind and no cooked food. Without exaggeration, after 3 days the stiffness was 90% gone. It happened that quickly. For the first time in months I felt that I might have a chance at recovery. I soon started expanding my diet to include a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked, as well as some beans, nuts and seeds. Besides freedom from pain and stiffness, a pleasant side effect, over a period of weeks, was the losing of about 20 pounds of excess weight. I felt great. For more than a decade I was very careful to avoid all kinds of flour products. If I cheated even a little I would start to experience a return of stiffness. Now, many years later, I have a little more margin for error, but I dont push it. I have passed this information on to many of my patients, and those who have followed my advice have had a similar experience.

Possible Answers To The Wheat Dilemma

You have to wonder why that protein molecule in wheat gluten has become such a famous villain. Maybe the answer is right in front of our eyes but we just dont see it. Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport here quotes an MIT researcher in his newsletter: The complex set of symptoms associated with celiac disease are not well understood. If you take the point of view that the glyphosate [the main ingredient in Roundup] causes both the celiac and all the

other symptoms, then everything starts to make sense. We propose in the paper (based on chemistry) that glyphosate binds to

the gluten in wheat and disrupts its ability to be transformed into a much less allergenic form. The body develops an allergic reaction to the
strange form of gluten that it encounters (not properly formed and bound to glyphosate) developing the intolerance that characterizes gluten disease.

The increased use of glyphosate on corn and soy correlates extremely well with the rise in incidence of a host of modern diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, autism, Alzheimers, celiac disease, irritable bowel, celiac disease, kidney cancer, kidney failure, hepatitis C, pancreatic cancer, Parkinsons disease and thyroid cancer. So maybe bread isnt such a bad actor after all. Maybe its wheat that has been tampered with. Some progressive farmers are trying to bring back old strains of wheat and other grains. There are dozens of grains besides wheat. Something called Teff is grown in Ethiopia. It is ground and fermented and made into a kind of sourdough. An ancestor of modern wheat, Kamut, can be found at health food stores. These are all called heirloom grains. (A few examples below)






I will occasionally buy a loaf of sprouted raisin cinnamon bread (Ezekial bread) which really has no flour per se. Sprouting wheat, or any grain, changes its chemistry for the better. Unfortunately these days you can almost buy a pair of cheap running shoes for the price of a decent loaf of organic bread. Yes, I exaggerate, but not much. Dmitri Orlov, a Russian/American author, writes that when the Soviet Union was in the throes of collapse, people were at least assured by the government of enough bread to sustain them, and a place to live, however

humble it might be. Most people lived in apartment houses and most were state owned. Heating apartment buildings is easier than heating single dwellings, and the government made sure people did not go without heat. There were few homeless people. This latest announcement by the government of a $90 a month and more - cut in food stamps is a most cynical move by this nation which is awash in billionaire commodity speculators who have a big influence on inflating the price of food and other commodities. Traveling in Mexico many years ago I often shopped in local bakeries. I was amazed at how reasonable the price of bread products was, even considering the currency exchange. I asked a couple of shop owners why that was so and found out that the government subsidized wheat, knowing that there were so many of the poor who relied Somethings just not right our air on bread as a staple. is clean, our water is pure, we get
plenty of exercise, everything we eat is organic and free-range, and yet nobody lives past thirty.

It has been said that when humans evolved away from a nomadic hunter-gatherer society to being settled down to the cultivation of grain, that marked the birth of civilization as we know it. For the first time in history people had more of a handle on food uncertainty. Now they could grow and store food that would last throughout the winter, and so they had time to sit around and philosophize, fashion pottery, make tools and weave cloth.

For years now, thanks to modern trade deals designed to make speculators rich, American corn growers (subsidized by the U.S. Government) have flooded the Mexican market with cheap corn. This heartless process has forced Mexican farmers out of business and into starvation. It is well known that this policy accounts for a lot of the illegal immigration that has taken place.

So, experiment a little. Try some of the grains mentioned above. As an American of Italian extraction, I look forward to seeing bread (pane pronounced pah-nay) restored to its traditional glory as the staff of life. However, my health, and the health of millions, has improved by staying away from bread most of the time, and trying other alternatives.

Dont Let Neck And Arm Pain Get You Down

Every day tens of thousands of people stream into medical offices across the country seeking relief for pains in their necks, their shoulders, their backs. The medical answer is usually some kind of pill. Sometimes a so-called muscle relaxant, like Relafin. Sometimes pain killers like Vicodin and Soma, with all their attendant side effects. When this hasnt worked they finally break down and see a Chiropractor. Ive seen hundreds of people with these similar symptoms. Its usually the same story: Doctor, I got up one morning last week and my neck was so stiff and it hurt bad. Now its going down the arm, sometimes painful, sometimes kinda numb. I dont know what I could have done to have this happen. A symptom complex like this one usually takes months to build up to a climax, but it can come on rather quickly. Were talking about something that Chiropractors deal with all the time: pinched nerves. This happens particularly in the neck and shoulders mostly due to our habits of work and reading, being on the computer doing paperwork for hours on end, watching television, or sometimes from doing strenuous outdoor work that we are not used to.

Fighting Gravity
Look at the anatomy in the picture to the right. The Brachial Plexus is the culprit in this case. This bundle of nerves starts at the 5th Vertebra in the neck (Cervical) all the way down to the 2nd vertebra of the Thorax. So were cutting off or inhibiting the flow of nerve energy at the levels of C5, 6, 7 and Thoracic 1and 2. Most of us carry a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders, and lets face it, gravity is always with us pulling us down. My feeling in the matter is that we dont rest enough. Look at your sweet house cat. He or she sleeps a lot. I think we need to put in more time lounging around and not feel guilty about it!

My Successful Treatment For Neck And Shoulder Pain Not The Same As Physical Therapy

I have several clients who choose to come in once a month on a regular basis because they have had such relief from Brachial Plexus syndrome, total relief of pain and numbness and tingling. Treatment goes like this. 1 2 3 4 Hot pack to the upper back, followed by Superficial and deep massage of muscles of the back and shoulders to relieve spasms While lying on the back, tonic interval traction of the neck, massage and heat Finally, Chiropractic adjustments to free-up pinched segments

In my opinion the therapy cannot be rushed. I tend to stay away from Chiropractic offices where Im in and out in 5 to 10 minutes. In my office this whole process takes a good 45 minutes or more, is relaxing and is absolutely non -traumatic, and correction

very often is immediate and lasting.

If pinched nerves can happen in the neck and shoulders, it can occur in other segments of the spine. Think of the implications of impaired nerve energy flow to various organs, muscles and systems. This should give you an idea of the powerful benefits of Chiropractic care. Come On Down! Give me a call at 559-760-4199 because Im only there by appointment How To Get There: In Oakhurst, Ca - turn down Road 426 (at the Talking Bear). Go past School Road. Make a right turn at Hillview Drive (Just past the acupuncturist Gloria Garland) at 49774 Rd 426. The first driveway on the left. Less than a mile from Hwy 41