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RESULTS OF PLANETS IN DIFFERENT DECANATES (DRESHKON) SUN: In Leo: Troubled by diseases, mentally afflicted, reside in far off places,

successful valorous, ever a great person. In Cancer: Charitable, wealthy, fond of music, speak for necessity, commit good deeds, acquire a spouse of advanced age, would be rich and affable. In Aries or Scorpio: Destroy enemies; befriend mean people, denial of progeny and wealth. In Gemini or ir!o: ollow religious codes, fond of woman, speak surprising words, devoted to gods and !rahmins. In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: "odest, fond of guests, blessed with good qualities, be learned and skilful speaker In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: #appy, liked by women, honour $ods and preceptors, devoid of diseases and be very truthful In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: commit sinful deeds, incur diseases, ungrateful, grieved on account of progeny, virtuous and bereft of kinsfolk. &OON: In Leo: %ttached to sinful or questionable acts, many enemies, less energy and less wealth, devoid of qualities, decline in wealth, unfortunate and greedy In Cancer: &earned, many friends, wealthy, endowed with sons and relatives, happy, radiant, adore orders issued to him. In Aries or Scorpio: &oss of valour, perform mean deeds, abundant grief, angle for others wealth and unfriendly In Gemini or ir!o: Cheerful, prosperous, learned, good qualities, well educated, skilful in various arts In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: interested in 'astras, virtuous, praised by all, less irascible, fond of guests, devoted to $ods and !rahmins In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: Comfortable conveyance, dear to women, truthful, liberal, well( versed in arts, highly worshipped by the )ind. In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: *ncur diseases, pitiable, indigent, ugly, sinful, very unfortunate, harsh in speech &ARS: In Leo: Diseases of the face and eyes, virtuous, limited progeny, be anguished and wicked. In Cancer: cruel, wicked, hate others, unrighteous, famous for his own virtues, have an evil souse, destruction of enemies, In Aries or Scorpio: "any diseases, interested in others food, highly irascible, and ill(disposed In Gemini or ir!o: resolute, prosperous, wealthy and honoured by )ing In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: 'hrewd, famous, will care for good robes, serve gods and !rahmins, modest and intelligent In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: attached to women, famous through wealth of gold and iron and illustrious In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: foolish, bereft of good conduct and virtues, destructive disposition, promote quarrels and always be in rags. &ERCUR': In Leo: %rgue with others, cruel, disappointed, indebted, ugly, fraudulent, and libidinous In Cancer: !ereft of enemies, serve gods and !rahmins, skilful writer and promote quarrels +

In Aries or Scorpio: deprived of propitiousness and ,edic knowledge and no dealings with relatives In Gemini or ir!o: attractive, fortunate, virtuous, perform -agnas and religious vows, charitable, gentle, possess many friends In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: &iked by females, pure and unconquerable heroic deeds In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: very clever, involved in ocean of pleasures, no enemies, gracious personality, and dear to the rulers In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: %lways in debts, argumentative, emaciated, live in distant lands, and valorous in fights. (UPITER: In Leo: miserly, cruel and bereft of work, bold and gather wealth through questionable means and evil deeds In Cancer: e.ceedingly attractive, famous, and endowed with wealth and honour, resolute, devoted to gods and !rahmins In Aries or Scorpio: fear through kinsfolk, diseases of the eyes and bilious imbalances, destruction of wealth and corn, garrulous speaker, indulge in thieving In Gemini or ir!o: e.cellent personality, famous, well educated, modest, charitable, good deeds and virtues. In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: $ood qualities, defeat enemies, forgive others, royal honours, rich in quadrupeds, and respect elders. In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: rich with gold and precious stones, variable disposition, happiness and honoured by rulers In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: fierce, steal others wealth, bad disposition, evil deeds, bereft of friends, e.perience abundant grief ENUS: In Leo: hard hearted, lose wealth and happiness on account of association with base women, himself mean, and suffer from diseases In Cancer: happy, learned, modest, devoted to father and elder brothers, brilliant and dutiful. In Aries or Scorpio: attached to sinful deeds, diseases caused by hunger, given to vices, cunning in disposition and intent cheating others In Gemini or ir!o: fortunate, charming, skilful in se.ual matters, affectionate but wicked wife, happy on account of progeny, precious gems and gold. In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: attractive, truthful, skilful in arts, forgiving disposition and pleasing personality. In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: resolute, wealthy, virtuous, interested in spiritual pursuits, attractive, bereft of vices, important among kinsfolk. In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: sub/ect to murderous attacks, confinement, discarded by relatives, hate others and confine to doing evil deeds. SATURN: In Leo: will have daughters, interested in physical e.ercises, bereft of courage, and crooked disposition In Cancer: wealthy, e.pert in various arts, wise, devoid of enemies, and fond of sons. In Aries or Scorpio: Crafty, in the service of others, harsh in speech, sinful /obs, liar, shameless, and devoid of friends. In Gemini or ir!o: &earned in 'astras, be scientific, dutiful, praiseworthy, happy with his own wife and fearless. In Sa!i""ari#s or Pisces: Devoted to $ods and !rahmins, affable speaker, tolerant of strains, honoured by great men and acquire good spouse. In Ta#r#s or Li$ra: en/oy abundant food and drinks, endowed with gains, beautiful, good friends, eliminate enemies, and free from vices. 0

In Capricorn or A%#ari#s: $ood conduct and happiness, close to royal patronage, very liberal, bereft of diseases, and many friends.