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A. Fill in the correct relative pronoun or adverb. Say whether it can be omitted or not. 1. 2. #. '. (. ). *. -. /. 11. 11. 12.

1#. 1'. 1(. When did you buy the jacket you are wearing? ! that the girl .. !ent you a "alentine card? $he rea!on ..%ohn i! !ucce!!&ul i! that he work! very hard. What did you do with the money.. gave you? Sam i! mending the chair. he broke ye!terday. ! thi! the place you lo!t your jacket? +ave you met the people. live ne,t door to you? .ll never &orget the daymy daughter wa! born. 0laire i! reading the book.!he bought ye!terday. .ve been running. $hat.! . .m out o& breath. $hi! i! the townmy &avourite !inger live!. What.! the name o& the womanwork! at the hairdre!!er.!? ! thi! the boy parent! own the &actory? .ll never &orget the time.!he &ell into the !wimming pool. Where are the children..ball broke the window?

2. Fill in the correct relative pronoun or adverb. Say whether it can be omitted or not. 1. 3ur new neighbour!4 who live in the &lat.i! ju!t below our!4 own the gallery.i! !howing the 5ica!!o e,hibition. 2. $wo week! ago he went to 0hicagohe met the maga6ine editor &or ..he will be working .he &ini!he! hi! training. #. 7evin $horndike4 .!tar! in thi! &ilm4 come! &rom the !mall town.. lived.. wa! working in 8ngland. '. wa! at the dinner on Saturday..9ary told u! about the woman claimed that !he wa! hi! kindergarten teacher. (. don.t believe that vitamin 0 relieve! cold :uickly4 .i! a point .many doctor! di!agree on. ). Angela i! a parent. met at the !chool la!t week. Angela4 .i! !o intere!ted in children4 gave up a !ucce!!&ul career to campaign &or their right!4 .i! certainly prai!eworthy. *. $hat young man.you were !peaking to at the con&erence wa! the one..mother i! the country.! be!t heart !urgeon. -. %u!t a! we were getting out o& the car4 ;r! William!4 ..live! two door! away4 came with a police o&&icer and a!ked u! i& we had !een the couple to !he had rented the &lat. /. <e!terday wa! one o& tho!e day! .. couldn.t &ind any &ree parking !pot!4 wa! &ru!trating con!idering all the client! had to meet. 0. Fill in the correct relative and put comma! where nece!!ary. Say whether the clau!e! are de&ining or non=de&ining. 1. 2. #. '. (. ). *. -. /. 11. 11. 5aul birthday i! on Friday i! having a party tonight. ;y o&&icei! very big i! on the &ir!t &loor. ;artin ..work! in the library write! poetry in hi! &ree time. $hat.! the woman ..hou!e wa! burgled la!t week. $he day.. le&t !chool wa! cold and rainy. Sarah ;orri!. knew at univer!ity i! a doctor now. $hi! 0> .. bought ye!terday i! aw&ul. $inalive! ne,t door i! a wonder&ul cook. 5eople .play mu!ical in!trument! are called mu!ician!. $he ca&?.we had lunch !erve! deliciou! &ood. $hi! i! the rea!on haven.t &ini!hed.

12. 1#. 1'. 1(.

;y &riend 9eorge .moved to the @S ju!t called me. ;y bo!!.o&&ice i! ne,t to mine i! on holiday at the moment. ;y &avourite time o& the year i! !ummer.the weather i! hot. $he woman.won the lottery gave an interview to the new!paper.