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Physics IA Motion and Combined Forces #1

Here’s the step by step method for handling situations where you’ve got more than one force
happening at a time.

Step 1. Draw a diagram of the object you are considering

Step 2. Label all of the forces acting on the object using arrows to show direction
Step 3. Find the net force acting on the object in the direction in which it will be moving.
Often, you will have to call forces acting in one direction positive, and forces acting in a the
opposite direction negative.

Ex. A sled is with a mass of 10 kg is pulled to the right by a force of 100 N. At the same time,
the force of friction acts in the opposite direction with a magnitude of 60 N.
What will happen to the sled ?
Step 1. Step 2.
60 N 100 N

M = 10 kg
Step 3. Fnet = 100 N - 60 N = 40 N, therefore, a = Fnet/M = 40 N/10 kg, or 4 m/s/s.

1. A 1500 kg car is propelled by a force of 2,000 N. If the force of friction due to air
resistance is equal to 200 N, what will be the car’s acceleration ?

2. Archie and his friends are trying to push his car up a small incline. If the downward
force acting on the car is 4,500 N, and Archie and group push with a force of 4,600 N on
the 2,000 kg car, what will it do ?

3. A parachutist with a weight of 800 N falls with only 20 N of air resistance acting on her.
If her mass is 80 kg, what will her acceleration be ?

4. Two soccer players kick at a 432 gram ball at the same moment; one player exerting a
force of 200 N to the east, and the other player exerting a force of 210 N to the west.
What happens to the ball ?

5. A parachutist again falls in air, but because she is traveling more rapidly, 500 N of air
resistance act against her 800 N weight. What happens to the 80 kg diver as she falls ?

6. After getting his car going again, Archie drives his friends over to Pop’s burger trough
for lunch. On the way, Arch takes his foot off the gas while the car is traveling at 15 m/s,
so that air resistance equal to 250 N acts on his car. In addition, friction equal to a force of
125 N also acts on the car. If Archie and his friends together have a mass of 325 kg, what
will happen to Archie and the gang as they drive along ? (This is the same car as ques #2.)

7. A leaf with a mass of 15 grams falls from a tree. It is pulled upon by a downward force of
0.15 N, and is acted upon by a force of air friction of 0.15 N upward, what will the leaf do ?

1. 1.2 m/s/s 2. 0.05 m/s/s 3. -9.75 m/s/s 4. 23.1 m/s/s, West 5. -3.75 m/s/s 6. -0.16 m/s/s
7. constant vel.