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East Noble School Corporation

February 28, 2014

Parent/Guardian of an ENSC Student The winter of 2014 has certainly been uniquely challenging and at the same time exciting. When the weekend is over, we may have hit the record for snowiest winter along with a record number of cancelled school days. On Wednesday, February 26, the ENSC School Board approved a plan to make up the days we have missed as well as a plan for future cancelled days. The plan for making up the first 13 days for all students was mailed home about two weeks ago and can also be found at www.AnnLinson.com. On February 18, we missed our 14th day. To make up that day, we are eliminating the March 17 and March 24 Collaboration late start and begin school at the normal time. Those two 30-minute periods, along with the 24 hours added to the end of the school day between February 24 and March 27, satisfies the Indiana Department of Educations requirement for five elementary days (25 hours). The Indiana Department of Education requires secondary students (grades 7-12) to attend school one hour per day more than an elementary student. This means, the students in grades 7-12 need to make up five hours more than the elementary students to make up the 14th day. These five hours will be made up as an eLearning Day on Friday, March 28. Teachers will inform students of their office hours and how to contact them during that day. Students will receive their assignments no later than March 27 and will have time to download materials and assignments. ENSC understands that a true virtual/eLearning student may not always engage in their school work during a structured day of 8-3. We realize some students may choose to work early morning hours, late evening, and may even spread their work over more than one day. ENSC has received many phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts from families requesting no more days be added into June as make up days. To stay as close to our June 6 ending date as possible, we need to be innovative with our future make-up days. All of our K-12 students use technology in the classroom on a daily basis. They are very familiar with their devices and understand the importance of integrating technology into their learning. Teachers spend time on a regular basis teaching digital citizenship and how to be safe when using technology and the Internet. The skills our students have developed using technology along with all K-12 students having a school assigned device, allows ENSC to use an eLearning day as a make-up day. We are one of only a few districts who are truly able to utilize this option and create a rigorous and engaging day of impactful learning.

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If ENSC has to cancel any additional school days during the 2013-2014 school year, one or more of these days will be made up using an eLearning day on a Saturday in April or May. Teachers, administrators, and the technology staff are all spending time between now and spring break planning for and anticipating the needs of the students for an eLearning day. What that day looks like will be different for elementary, secondary, and special needs students. Students in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade have not taken their devices home in the past. If we need to utilize an eLearning day, these students will take their device home for that weekend. The elementary principals and the technology department have developed iPad/iPod use guidelines which parents will receive before spring break. As a district, we have complete faith and trust in our students and believe they will use their devices responsibly and embrace the eLearning Day journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your childs teacher or principal. Sincerely

Ann W. Linson Superintendent

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