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asean 2015 -

Theme: Moving forward in unity towards a Prosperous Community: Honorable Board of Judges.my countrymen good morning. Its a great honor and a priviledge on my part to speak before this august body about ASEAN 2015.on the theme :Moving forward in unity towards a prosperous community. But first of all may I give you a brief background about ASEAN 2015. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN Was established on 8th of August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand By the founding fathers of ASEAN namely: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore ,Thailand and Brunei Darusalam. Then later- Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myammar Joined and Cambodia that makes up today as the ten Member states of ASEAN: It has its aims and purposes And and have adopted fundamental principles for humanitys welfare All over the world. On the forthcoming ASEAN 2015.my concerns are on the following Vital issues First is : Achieving Asean Economic Community 2015 ASEAN must answer a greater role in international cooperation and management of the world economy. This means ASEAN must provide international public goods at a moderate price.

- is Narrowing a development gap: * on Climate change * on Food and energy security * it will hopefully create more jobs to the unemployed Filipinos..invite more foreign investors in the country To generate more employment. Download and implement the use of ASEAN blue print. The people should be thoroughly informed About the ASEAN Blue Print for them to be guided On the right direction in their quest for a better living. Media role is very important towards realizing ASEAN Community 2015. India is to open a separate diplomatic mission for ASEAN to deepen world largest free trade. And realizing this it would improve economic aspects. *Anticipating ASEAN Economic Community 2015 regional Initiatives: with the following three pillars: 1. Socio- Cultural Community Bring ASEAN 2015 closer to the hearts of and to Promote a caring - sharing community. 2. Improve Economic conditions ..alleviating the plight Of the poor people..who could hardly eat 3 square Meals a daygiving them ..food for work program. 3. Unemployment ..invite direct foreign investors In the country to generate employment; Participation of stateholders To inorm and engage them in nation building. One ASEAN country by 2015: It will be an open world in terms of economic

Aspects. It would mean by 2015 we can go to other member States of ASEAN without any passport; its a free world. We can do business there and employment. ** IMPLICATIONS TO TESDA TESDA provide an opportunity for technology transfer On high technology occupations/ competences for our Skilled workers. The more highly trained individual the more Opportunities will be met. ASEAN Community 2015.should not be Politically Cohesive. It should have good governance We should not focus more on laws and pinciples But a government led by honest and good men; Not corrupt official ; minimize political dynasty In the country.give chance to others ..if given The chance they can be good leaders as well. Economically integrated: Economically integrity Alleviate poverty Socially responsible Protect human rights the right to life- property and Prosperity and education. That people should be oriented; That people must be centered and rules based; Greater solidarity among member nations; Flow of foreign direct investment to ASEAN Monitor on trans- boundary haze pollution issues; That ASEAN will adopt declarations on non-communicable

diseases and violence against women and children. ASEAN COMMUNITY 2015: Must assume a greater role in international cooperation and management of the world economy; must play an important part in determining the direction of structural changes in the world economy- through growth in East Asia Encompassing an effort for regional growth and Integration among developing countries.

GLOBALIZATION - continuous adoption of international best practices. The increasing international economic interdependence among nation- states : It is an important factor in the current globalization Process in particular the increasing international capital Movement is a decisive factor. Ladies & gentlemen let us envision that ASEAN 2015: Will transform ASEAN into a stable, prosperous, highly Competitive region, equitable economic development; Reduced poverty and socio- economic disparities. To quote President Benigno C. Aquino III That educational leaders should help the Filipino youth Become agents of revitalization of true assets of Society ..empower the youth through better education So that someday they will become good leaders.

*Filipino Scientists who works abroad are encouraged To return back to the Philippines with nice benefitsSalary wiseto help the country in nation building; ASEAN leaders are challenge to give scholars to To poor but deserving students to take up science Related courses. The *AEC Blueprint will transform ASEAN into a single Market and production baseA highly competitive economic region, a region of Equitable economic development amd a region Fully integrated into the global community. ASEAN 2015..geared towards: Enhanced the well being and the livelihood of the people; alleviating poverty. Ensuring social welfare and protection; Building a safe, secure and drug free environment; Enhancing disaster resilience; Addressing health development concerns. My countrymen lead by our ASEAN leaders lets us unite and work together and in partnership in the formation and establishment of ASEAN community towards dynamic development and in a Community of caring societies. Joining hands as one community in achieving the goals set forth by ASEAN 2015.. ONE COUNTRY ONE NATION TO A PROSPEROUS