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DatViet VAC was pioneers and trendsetters. Being the first in many different fields and services gave us extensive experience and valuable insights. This coupled with incomparable leadership in media, plus talented and experienced human resources has given us an unsurpassed understanding of the Vietnamese consumer. FRIST private- owned media and advertising agency in Vietnam Founded on April 20, 1994, DatViet VAC is led by Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh who is regarded as the man first established the media industry in Vietnam in 1989. DatViet VAC presently has employed 320 dynamic and competent executives. FRIST in diversified media, communication and entertainment group in Vietnam Grouping total of 9 independent companies, DatViet VAC offers end-to-end brand, marketing, media and communication solutions to marketers and media owners. FRIST in billing for 15 consecutive years for a media and communication group in Vietnam Focus for the study In this final paper, I will briefly identify the current general media industry in Vietnam, briefly clarify the position and situation of DV Holding Group in the market. Base on that, analyzing the problems that DV will face in the future and also the contribution of three dimensions (3D) advertise to the revenue of a Group. Moreover, this analyze is not only applicable to DV Holding Group, but also it could be suitable for others media agencies and communication companies in Vietnam. Significant of this study Today media advertisement is play an extremely important role in order to pursued customers purchase the products or services. According to Tom Doctoroff, CEO of global advertising agency JWT, Vietnams advertising industry still grows at a double digit rate this year despite macroeconomics uncertainty and the fact that more companies have suspended operations. DV Holding Group, currently is leader in the media industry, their strength is TVC ads, print ads and OOH (out of home) ads. DV Holding Group has more than 15 years of experience in this field, that is no doubt DV is number one in the market. However, DV is not ready to change and adapt their strategy toward 3D advertisement. There is no separate department for 3D team, eventhought there is one digital person handle all the tasks related to digital from planning, searching, contacting suppliers, booking and tracking as well, now he also in charge with 3D ads. Consequently, the tasks always overloaded, digital team always in the rush and has been chased

by other departments. As result, tasks have not been delivered on time, late deadline, and lead to unsatisfied customers. On the other hands, media industry which mean selling the idea, innovation and creativity, but in DatViet there is no department call innovation team or concept development department. Therefore, the main point of this paper is to help DV Holding Group has general view and understand the importance of 3D advertisement as well as the innovation, in the modern world, beside the traditional advertises which is the strength of DV. Research questions There are four key areas of investigation throughout this paper The current media and communication strategies and policies of DV in Vietnam. How could DV adapt and change strategy toward 3D advertisement? Vietnam is a large market, with young population, internet grows rapidly, but why 3D advertising is not growth as expected? Internet and mobile booming has affected advertising spending on traditional channels including print media in Vietnam. How this changes the revenue of company and affects the traditional advertising?

The final project will cover the media advertising field, strategies and polices of DatViet when adopting 3D technology into advertisement. Therefore, the research of this paper is not only cover Marketing, it also relate to Project management, due to when one campaign run, and to deliver product and service to end-users, agency and client must work together on specific project that have clearly goals set and the project must be completed to keep the business run. Inspire of that, my daily tasks are planning, searching and calculating; therefore Computing skills are really helpful. Planned methodology The main purpose of this paper research is to understand deeply about the trend of 3D advertisement in Vietnam as well as the impact on the media strategy of DatViet Holding Group. Therefore, all the research and data collection are the real data. It has been collected from Media Director of DatViet VAC through face to face interview, whom was co-producer of film My Nhan Ke in 3D just released in Jan-2013. In the other hand, all the sources are from internet are academic, reliable and recently posted. Furthermore, base on my experience more than 3 years working in this field will give the most objective opinions about this new kind of advertisement. There are two ways that have been used to collect data in my paper: First is primary data collection is the internal document, data and process from DatViet VAC. Beside that is the others information from news, report, journals and other research papers from e-library.

Second primary data collection is an interview with several managers and directors in the Group, whose have more than 10 years experience working in media industry. Therefore, base on their opinions and thought about 3D advertisement in Vietnam, information provided is reliable and reality that reflected the current situation of 3D advertisement as well as the whole media industry in Vietnam. Furthermore, the entire interview with BOM will sign the Research Consent Form provided by AIB.

Expected outcome At the time 3D was invented, it only has been used to create sharp of vehicles, cell-phone and interior. However, overtime of development, 3D is really helpful in many fields such as medicine, astronomy, meteorology and urban planning. Presently, 3D has big jump and change the perception of people, especially end-users toward the products or services. The reason for this growth is due to the advantage of preeminent factors that 3D brings to the world. The most effective of using 3D technology is the quality and the sharpness of image that made images are livelier. Therefore the expected outcome that I would like to achieve is applying the 3D technology in advertising. Moreover, it is not only give clients have wider choice beside the traditional advertisement, but also help DatViet VAC to bring new, unique inspire and make different and highly competitive product. Conclusion Currently in Vietnam, all the businesss activities are very vibrant and fierce competition. There are many advertising agencies have been established and grow really fast. Obviously, in order to survive and growth in this hard time, organizations must seeking for new methods, new technology, new idea and unique. Significantly, I believe with 3D technology can help DatViet VAC growth further and also be leader in advertising References