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RMAP01: POEMS TO DANCE TO (1991-2001)

The Lighter Side of Suicide Sad Mind Street Calls Bag O' Nails Hunter Girl Love Means Always Saying You're Sorry ...But I Know The Moon The Dark Kiss Mutilation Of The Blanks Whatever You Think... I Don't Care #363 Suicidal & Sunburned Afraid Of The Dark We Chew 'Em Up And Spit 'Em Out Grunge Assault #1 (Wood Is Good) I Rock Where Did It All Go?
The Lighter Side of Suicide, Sad Mind, and Street Calls written by Richard Millett 1991 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Bag O' Nails and Hunter Girl written by Richard Millett 1992 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Love Means Always Saying You're Sorry, The Moon, and The Dark Kiss written by Richard Millett 1993 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Mutilation Of The Blanks, Whatever You Think..., I Don't Care #363, Suicidal & Sunburned, and Afraid Of The Dark written by Richard Millett 1994 published by FLUXLIFE INC. We Chew 'Em Up And Spit 'Em Out, I Rock, Where Did It All Go?, They Never Felt Sorrow, and Shorty written by Richard Millett 1995 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Grunge Assault #1 (Wood Is Good) written by Richard Millett and Jon Swae 1995 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Corsage, Pastiche, Catch Her In The Rye Bread, The Ballad Of Pablo, and Guerilla written by Richard Millett 1996 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Fruitcake: The Final Insult written by Richard Millett and Paul Kompanowski 1996 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Platinum Blonde, Again, and One-PLO written by Richard Millett and Kristen Lee 1997 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Me Plus You, I Love Women, and Moral To The Story written by Richard Millett 1998 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Commercials Are The Best Part and Krystyna's Caf written by Richard Millett 1999 published by FLUXLIFE INC. Accuser written by Richard Millett, Jon Swae, and Tim Szostak 2000 published by FLUXLIFE INC. The Rapist Vs. ...... written by Richard Millett 2001 published by FLUXLIFE INC.

They Never Felt Sorrow Shorty Corsage Pastiche Catch Her In The Rye Bread The Ballad Of Pablo Fruitcake: The Final Insult Guerilla Platinum Blonde Again One-PLO Commercials Are The Best Part Krystyna's Cafe Moral To The Story Me Plus You I Love Women Accuser The Rapist Vs. ......

Between the years 1991-2001, the master copies of all of Rich Millett's books were created in roughly the same fashion. When working on a book, Rich typically kept three files going at once- the "work file", which tracked the creation-in-progress, and the "master file" where finished drafts were placed. The third file was known as the "extracts file", the contents of which now comprise the collection you're reading. Not to be confused with the 2001 book of a similar name, the "extracts file" was home to poems Rich had submitted to literary magazines and journals, as well as poems he was unsure fit the current collection of material that he was working on. Some of these poems have been seen before in Extracts, but the contents of that book had been re-typed, re-written, and re-edited. What you have here, are these poems as they existed- in their original state. Consider this collection an epilogue to Richs first decade of writing.
Adam Marcotte