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Adobe Audition Mixing Steps Before recording vocals set the equalizer setting high around 5.

5 low 3 something li e 3.5 pla! around pan left "# or right..pla! around 1. After recording Vocals - Save File for future use if need arises. 2. Clean Background Noise 3. Clean other noise picked up b !icrophone. ". #oo !an high$s and lo%s & Nor!ali'e 5. FF# Fliter & (reset) *e-+sser ,. Click and (op +li!inator -) * na!ics (rocessing &$ocal %ompression or .ulti-Band Co!pressor &tr out different presets. /0n Audition 1.2 there are so!e reall good presets for vocals under the !ultiband co!pressor.3 &'A(S)*' +(&, M-.&+ &'A%/ 1. +ffects (resets in the Vocal #rack 4nl

*ela +cho

/(ut a dela


our reverb and set it to a 1225 short

dela %ith no feedback.3

0arametric *qualizer /.ost of the ti!e vocals need to regain so!e of the essence and natural sound that the lost during d na!ic processing and noise reduction. #o do this ou need to use an e6uali'er and para!etric e6uali'er /effects7filters7para!etric e6uali'er3 in Adobe Audition is perfect. #his is prett !uch personal preference but !ost of the ti!e increasing the !ids in vocals %ill !ake it sits nicel on the beat and a good preset for this is the .ackie .id /Boost3. (la around %ith these settings to achieve the sound that ou %ant.3 48

1raphic *qulizer /+9 our vocals. Audition offers robust +9 options. :ou can use the graphic e6uali'er to ad;ust fre6uencies on a 12-band< 22-band or 12-band level allo%ing ou to ke in on specific fre6uencies. :ou can roll off the lo% fre6uencies and take out so!e of the !ud in the !id-range fre6uencies. #here are presets for vocal boosts< but ou !a need to t%eak the! to locate our vocals= e>act fre6uenc range. 3 /0n the !i>< roll off ever thing belo% 122 ?' and

above 1@<222 ?'. Add 2-"dB at 1,2?' for !ale vocals or 122?' for fe!ale voice for %ar!th. Notch out the !id-range< @22-A22?'< b a fe% dB. So!eti!es a little sparkle in the --Ak?' area is good< if there=s no sibilance there.3

Studio 'everb /Benerall < the t%o !ost i!portant para!eter is the C!i>D level< and the pre-dela . Nor!all %et. #he pre-dela %on$t blur the %ordings.3 it is set to 12-125 should be !ore than 122!s so that the reverb

4ptional) (anning E@ or 8@< (itch Correction< Stereo .i> & Full .i>F

2) (la #rack and ad;ust +ffects and balance vocal and !usic volu!e. 1) .i> V4CAES and .GS0C & +*0# .i> do%n all #racks ") Bo to +dit Vie% @) %ompression &AA 1.@ & * na!ics (rocessing & Co!pander - AA1 Sa!e as 1.@ settings or #r #ube co!pression and !uti-band co!pressor listen and ;udgeH/Co!pression - Co!pression is ver i!portant on the vocal track of the song. Adobe Audition 1.2 contains a #ube Co!pression effect that should %ork for !ost situations %here a vocal is in front of a band--tr the IEead VocalI effect for fairl serious co!pression< or !a be the IVintage EeadI preset. 0f< ho%ever< the vocal is a capella or against acoustic instru!ents< the I.ediu!I or IEightI co!pression presets %ill have to do. #here are si!ilar presets available under the I* na!ics (rocessingI effect< %hich ou=ll have to use if ou have a version of Adobe Audition earlier than 1.2.3 ,) Nor!ali'e if needed -) Cut the ends - Fade 0n and Fade 4ut A) Appl Bain and the peaks should be belo% the %hite line.JJJJ A) File - Save as .(1