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city calledNazareth, that what was spokenby the prophets might be fulfilled.

"He shall be calleda Nazarene "

THE GOSPBL ACCORDING TO JOHN 20 Chapter THE RESURRECTION Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene cameto the tomb early,while it was still dark,and saw that the stonehad beentakenaway from the tomb. ' So sheran, and wentto SimonPeterandthe otherdisciple, the onewhom Jesus loved,and saidto them, "They havetakenthe Lord out of the tomb,andwe do not know wherethey have laid him." 3 Peterthen cameout with the otherdisciple,andthey went towardthe tomb. aThey both ran, but the otherdiscipleoutranPeterand reached the tomb first; 5 and stooping to look in, he sawthe linenclothslying there,but he did not go in. o Then SimonPetercame,followinghim, andwent into the tomb;he sawthe linen clothes lying, ' not lying with the linenclothsbut rolled up andthe napkin,which hadbeenon his head, t in a placeby itself. Then the otherdisciple,who reached the tomb first, alsowent in, andhe saw and believed;t for ur yet they did not know the scripture, that he must rise r0 from the dead. Thenthe disciples wentbackto theirhomes. I I But Mary stoodweepingoutsidethe tomb, and as shewept shestooped to look into t2 the tomb; andshesaw two angelsin white, sitting wherethe body of Jesus had lain, '' oneat the headand one at the feet. They saidto her, "Woman,why are you weeping?" Shesaidto them,"Because theyhavetakenawaymy Lord, andI do not know wherethey la havelaid him." Sayingthis,sheturnedroundandsawJesus standing, but shedid not 't Whom do knowthat it was Jesus. Jesus saidto her,"Woman,why areyou weeping? you seek?" Supposing him to bethegardener, shesaidto him, "Sir, if you havecarried 'o him away. " Jesus saidto her,,"Mary. " Sheturnedandsaidto him in Hebrew,"Rab" Jesus bo'ni!"(which means Teacher). saidto her,"Do not hold me,for I havenot yet go ascended the to my andsayto them,I am ascending to my to Father; but brethren '8 Father andyour Fathdr, to my Godandyour God." Mary Magdalene went andsaidto thedisciples, thingsto "l haveseenthe Lord", andshetold themthat he hadsaidthese her. l9 On the evening of that day,the first day of the week,the doorsbeingshutwherethe disciples were,for fearof the Jews, Jesus cameand stoodamongthemand saidto them, 20 themhis hands andhis side. "Peace be with you." Whenhe hadsaidthis,he showed 2l "Peace Thenthe disciples weregladwhentheysawthe Lord. Jesus saidto them again. 22 you. youJ with be As the Father hassentme,evenso I send And whenhe had said 23 this,he breathed on them,andsaidto them,"Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive thesinsof any,theyareforgiven;if you retainthe sinsof any,theyareretained." 24 Now Thomas, oneof the twelve,calledthe Twin, wasnot with themwhenJesus came.2sSo the otherdisciple told him, "We haveseen the Lord." But he saidto them, I seein his hands theprint of thenails,andplacemy fingerin the markof the "Unless nails,andplacemy handin his side,I will not believe."


26 Eight days later,his disciples wereagainin the house,and Thomaswas with them. cameand stoodamongthem, and said,"Peace The doorswere shut,but Jesus be with 27 you." Then he saidto Thomas,"Put your finger here,and seemy hands;and put out your hand,and place it in my side;do not be faithless, g." tt Thomas but believin 2e answered him, "My Lord andmy God!" Jesus saidto him, "Have you believed you have seenme?Blessed -because arethosewho havenot seenand yet believe." 30 Now Jesus did many othersignsin thepresence which arenot of the disciples, '' written in this book; but thesearewrittenthat you may believethat Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the God, and that believingyou may have life in his name.