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At least five (5) years of experience in a supervisory or managerial position in nursing b. A masters degree major in nursing c. Member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of nurses In-charge of the nursing staff service, training and education Develop and implement objectives, policies and procedures Facilitate the design, implementing and ensuring that operations comply with established standards and regulations across the various clinical settings in the delivery of patient care. Recommends strategies to improve services, reaching established goals, maintaining satisfactory outcomes and contributing to profitability. Create a positive, collaborative work environment. Provides guidance to staff and acting as resource to colleagues. Directs personnel functions, including recruiting, hiring and retention of staff, and handling disciplinary actions. Leads the nursing and health care professional staffs to ensure highly reliable quality care service in a cost effective manner. Gets involved in the inspection of rooms and wards for cleanliness and comfort. Creates and maintains a nursing environment that is based on exceptional clinical services and education. Supervised and coordinates nursing activities in the medical facility and administration. Assigns duties, coordinates nursing services, and conducts evaluations of all nursing activities ensuring patient care, staff relations, and efficiency of service. Responsible for overseeing effective day-to-day operations, short and long range planning, strategic marketing and business plan development to ensure marketplace competitiveness, the development of new services and programs, effective fiscal management, and effective quality improvement and quality control processes. Plans, organizes, directs, evaluates and coordinates nursing services and operations including but not limited to nursing units, patient care staffing office systems, nursing supervisors, bed control and patient transport. Collaborates with the other services in the development and execution of strategic plans, providing quality care, and managing cost-effective services which are aligned with fedral, state, and local regulations. Key interface between Nursing and Human Resources related to employment, recruitment, labor relations and pay practice. Performs other duties as assigned.

B. STAFF NURSE a. A registered nurse in the Philippines b. Member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of nurses Responsible for alerting the physician to any unique concerns or complaints regarding a patient. Provides professional nursing care in accordance with physicians orders. Protect and promote health; prevent illness and injury; alleviate suffering, and advocate care of individuals and communities. Responsible for the treatment of patients, administration of medication and injections, health education, assistance during diagnostic testing, and follow up. Ensures efficient and coordinated clinic flow by coordinating and planning clinic activities, communicates patients needs; makes referrals; serves as resource person of insurance information. Delivers direct patient care; assesses patients physical, psychological and/or emotional needs; provides patient and family teaching; triages patients and informs physician of patient status; responds to phone messages from patients and informs physicians as needed; orders supplies; stocks and maintains patients rooms; sterilizes instruments. Administers medications as assigned; serves as a resource person for knowledge of medication uses, side effects and dosage; checks for proper medication order, documents medications; obtains required consent forms to administer immunizations and educates patients of medication administration. Provide nursing care and responsible for the well-being of the patient. Responsible for the provision of treatments to the patients and be able to explain it to the patients. Responsible for the planning and implementation of nursing care policies for the benefit of patients. Evaluate on-going practices and implement changes as necessary, to improve the nursing care provided.