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Mthough one of Dowland's more complex works, tkis fantasia will not be found to be

as difñdt as ir looks owing to the l u ~ etuning on the guitar. It is taken from Robert
Dowland's V a k t y ofLute Lessons ( 1610).
In general, the music is clear in its intention, working from a majestic exposition
through an excitinghale.
Suggested tempo is J = 100.
a. This is a hard trillf m the third and fourth finge?-$ but t h tablatureshows al2 the notes
on the same (second) sfnng.
Lift the bar enough to allow the open E to sound while szcstaining t h Gfd.
m Pt is impmtant to establish clearly the change of tmpo. Possibty a slight hold here is
appropriate, followed by *a downbeat to begin the 6 / 8 time.

3rd to F# John D o w l d