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Baroness Thompson
PSY: 314 Gender Roles

Baroness Thompson

Instructor: Elizabeth Herrick

Gender Roles M5:A2

October, 10th 2009

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Psychology of Women
Baroness Thompson
PSY: 314 Gender Roles

I was a volunteer for the (Anthony Woods for Congress), campaign. Anthony Woods broke the code

(don’t ASK DON’T TELL), He was discharge from the army. Nevertheless, he served two terms as a proud solider in Iraq. In the short time he

served he brought his entire troops home... He also graduated from Harvard, after being discharged. He felt his sexual orientation, shouldn’t

suffice his contribution to the United States. I believe there are many people in our world in the position Anthony woods is in.

Go Army (The Few the Proud Marines)

I would like to join the army, but I never see a commercial addressed towards my current lifestyle. You

see a man jumping in the water or out of plan. You never see a mother returning home to her children. Although there are many women in the

army, they aren’t visual in the commercial. I believe the army is addressing young men. You don’t see men with one arm or one leg. Based on my

perception they don’t recruit disabled individuals. There logo is the few the proud (People don’t have to be in an army to be proud.)

The army is sending a bias message in into our country. I have never seen an Asian or Indian on a

commercial. There has never been a women picking or dropping of her child. I have worked at Travis Air Force Base. They have several schools

on campus. Their parents serve our country. This issues and publicity should be concurrent in our commercials.

The message for our army’s recruitment should address every one.

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Psychology of Women
Baroness Thompson
PSY: 314 Gender Roles

In Closing, Gender Roles are the set of expectations place on us at birth. Living in California is very

different from many parts of our world. I see many young people set their own expectations of gender at an early age. Working in the schools is

really hard for me. Children are forced to see the jerry Springer show in their classrooms. I noticed many teachers don’t confront lesbian or gay

couples, becuase they are afraid to address them. The young individuals don’t want to be treated different, they want he same support each

student receives, and therefore they act at to get some form of attention. I believe they haven’t taken a diversify class, to help them talk to teenage

lesbians and gays. This is prevalent in our schools and important for our youth to address.


Argosy Online lecture Notes,( October2009).

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Psychology of Women