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Mass Media

How mass media effects socialization through the web


School &
school and peers have on how you were socialized

How much impact your family has on your socialization

ThePeers effect your

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Mass Media
Mass Media can be found anywhere. Whether youre watching the news or youre reading a magazine. Mass Media teaches us the right from the wrong A B

When I was younger like every other little kid I was read childrens books. To me these are the first introductions to media that a child gets. They teach you about adventure and introduce us to world. Once I was a little older wed always have the news on while we were watching dinner, so occasionally Id turn and watch some. I being completely in awe that someone would do that. Media not only teaches us how we should or should not dress. But it also teaches us what is and isnt ok. With the school shooting it was indirectly showing us

Mass Media

School and Peers

Most people start to encounter school and peers when they are young. School and peers teach us valuable lessons

2.9% of kids are homeschooled, but that leaves 97.1% of kids that do go to school. Those 97.1% kids who do go to school are taught very valuable lessons from a young age. At school kids are taught many lessons such as time management, responsibility, work ethic, etc. They are taught these lessons through experience with the

School and Peers

When the 97.1% of kids go to school they are introduced to not only teachers but also other kids or peers. Peers can be both good and bad. Most kids are involved in a peer group often with friends, and they often teach us how to be better people and to have an individual personality. But peers can also be bad because they can have a

Our family starts to impact how we are socialized from a young age. They are the first people to do so. They teach us how we eat, talk,

Family is the first kind of socialization that we encounter. In a way they are the central reason we are socialized. Without them we wouldnt be introduced to mass media, school, and peers. They start to socialization as soon as we are born. They teach all kinds of things that determine what we do with our lives from a young age.

where they are comfortable. I know when I was younger my mom liked to say that I ran before I walked. Without my family introducing me to running I dont know what Id do. My family played a large

A lot of your personality comes from your parents and family. They can have a positive or negative influence on how you grow up. They can do this by being to strict or not strict enough. Say they are to strict and you do one of two things stay responsible or once you leave for college you could go crazy because

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