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Accordions Update 1.

1. Installation
Thank you for downloading the 1.1 update for Best Service Accordions. Unzip the update ZIP file and overwrite the contained folder into your HD Accordions Library folder. No projects using Accordions will be affected. You will have to manually reload the new patches into your Kontakt 3.5 or Kontakt 3 Player instance within your sequencer in order to take advantage of the new features.

2. New Features
The 1.1 update provides the following improvements. Bellows Shake Micro tuning

3. Fixes
Button noises volume in Concertina patch was assigned to midi CC. Now only respond to velocity like the rest of the patches. Concertina handle noise knob was set to its maximum by default. Length issue in Accordion basses patch fixed.

2.1. Bellow Shake

On the BELLOW SHAKE page you can select from 2 versions: Mode A:

Both speed and intensity are controlled by one assignable CC, best for after touch or breath controller. You may need to adjust the intensity value to the response of your keyboard. Mode B:

Within Mode B you will find 2 categories: B1: Intensity and speed are controlled by CCs. B2: Intensity is controlled by a CC and speed is synced to the KONTAKT tempo. B1: You can assign intensity and speed to different CCs or assign them both to the same CC and with the increased intensity the speed gets slower. The stronger the shake the more time it takes. The speed range can be set with the MIN. and MAX. knobs. If you set MIN. higher then MAX. the effect is the opposite: the speed will get faster.

If you use different CCs you might use only the intensity controller and play the bellow shake at the speed set with the LENGTH knob. Or you activate the bellow shake by setting the intensity to the desired level and then change the speed. B2: In this mode the CC speed is disabled and the speed is synced to the KONTAKT tempo. You can select a note value with the LENGTH knob. In addition you can ad a random deviation with the RND knob. The INTENSITY knob in mode A is different from the one in Mode B so you can adjust the intensity independent. DEPTH: This is another intensity control (sharp). Mode C:

This is probably the easiest way. Choose a key from the menu and push/pull it at the desired speed while playing the patch. IMPORTANT: Bellow Shake script ONLY works if you move the assigned CC while play. Dont assign CC 2 to bellow shake script. This controller is used for other script purposes.

2.2. Micro tuning

This script allows you to use different tunings. Press ON/OFF to activate or deactivate this feature.

Have fun with this new important update!

Eduardo Tarilonte www.bestservice.de www.eduardotarilonte.com