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The Mining Truck T 282 B

Maximum Operating Weight: 592 t / 1,305,000 l ! "a#l$a% &la!! 3'3 t / (00 t$n The T 282 B The Siemens-Liebherr AC drive of the T 282 B features convincingly low maintenance. AC alternator and travel drive motors are virtually maintenance free since their rotors are the only moving !arts. The system is controlled via electronic solid state controllers which are small e"tremely fast and have no moving com!onents to wear out. Lighter than either a #C or a mechanical drive an AC system allows for better !ayloadto$%& ratios stronger acceleration and faster travel s!eeds. This results in shorter cycle times and lower cost !er moved ton. Travel Drive 'ow it wor(s) Current from the engine driven AC-alternator is converted to #C current for easier and more efficient electronic control in the control bo". The #C current is then changed bac( to variable fre*uency AC by inverters to !ower the rear wheel motors. $ach wheel motor has its own inverter to allow for totally inde!endent !ower su!!ly to either set of rear wheels. Electric Dynamic Retarding Continuous safe downhill retarding is fully electric without the use of service bra(es. There is no mechanical wear and no need for cooling li*uids. &hen retarding each electric wheel motor is driven by it+s set of rear wheels and turns into an AC current !roducing alternator. The electric energy !roduced is dissi!ated into the air by a #C cooling fan via the resistor grids. Since retarding !ower is determined by the motor si,e it is considerably stronger -..8/ (& 0 1/2/ h!3 than the available !ro!el !ower from the diesel engine which during retarding runs at low idle enabling it to cool down and conserve fuel.

Stopping &hen sto!!ing electric retarding will slow the truc( to a virtual stand still at which time the service bra(es are automatically and gradually a!!lied by the com!uter control system without the o!erator having to do anything but a!!ly the retarder !edal. #ry disc bra(es on front and rear wheels are used to bring the truc( to a safe sto! automatically after electric retarding has slowed the vehicle down to a near sto! of /.4 m!h 0 /.8 (!h. They are designed and are tested to fully com!ly with 5S6 2.4/. 7ear service bra(es are cooled by forced air eliminating the need for an additional hydraulic cooling system. Chassis Frame Two rail hollow bo" frame manufactured from high strength steel. Tor*ue tubes connect the two frame rails to absorb war!ing stresses. This !lus the inde!endent cross carriage results in a strong lighter weight frame. 8rame rails are welded inside and out. Stress flow designed cast steel com!onents are used in high stress areas. The uni*ue inde!endent Cross Carriage transfers forces from the rear a"le and the dum! cylinders in a straight direct line into the frame rails. Suspension The T 282 B features a 9#ouble A-frame: 8ront Sus!ension. This uni*ue geometry allows the tire contact !oint to move u! and down in a straight line during travel and loading. 5mmediate and accurate !ayload weighing is !ossible since there are no side loads on the struts. #ue to the A-frame;s lever action design there is longer vertical wheel travel than strut travel resulting in reduced tire deflection. The uni*ue 7ear &heel Sus!ension re!laces the traditional nose cone with two #rag Lin(s and a triangular rear Control Arm. All forces from the rear a"le are transferred into the truc( frame in straight lines. Two Sus!ension Struts transfer all loads from the frame via the to! of the a"le bo" directly into the wheels. This allows for a shorter lighter frame and does not create any tor*ue within the a"le bo" saving weight.

The cab with integrated 76<S features fully insulated double shell construction for safety and e"ce!tional insulation. Si"-way ad=ustable air sus!ended driver seat with ad=ustable double lumbar su!!ort and a full si,e second seat with mechanical sus!ension are standard in the s!acious cab. Two stair ladders with hand rails lead safely to the u!!er dec(. #ifferent access set u!s are available as o!tions. To !rovide better o!erator !rotection in case of a rear end collision the cab is set well bac( on the u!!er dec(. This is an outstanding and e"clusive Liebherr safety feature. 8or additional details on the cabs standard features !lease see last !age 9Standard 0 6!tional $*ui!ment:. A standard e*ui!!ed <ayLoad System shows the actual !ayload on a se!arate dis!lay on the dashboard. 6!erator information is state of the art 9real time: digital and analog. A built in monitor offers three dis!lay screen o!tions) A- <rimary) %ital >auges - s!eedometer tachometer engine coolant tem!erature volts fuel gauge and cruise s!eed setting B- Secondary) Additional >auges for com!lete o!erator information C- 8ault history messages Actual active faults are re!orted real time directly and automatically on any of the three screens. Three Communication <orts are used for feeding and down loading re*uired and desired information into and from the ? $ngine control system ? #rive system ? <ayLoad System. Several security levels are !rovided for safety !ur!oses.

Service Accessibility The electrical AC-drive system of the T 282 B has few service !oints. <reventive maintenance and re*uired service for the com!lete truc( are reduced accordingly. All control com!onents for the com!lete travel drive and secondary systems as well as the resistor grid bo" for retarding are located on the u!!er dec( for easy and fast access. The e"clusive Liebherr front wheel sus!ension transfers less stress into the horse collar. This design !rovides for a bigger o!ening inside the horse collar which in turn allows for e"cellent 9wal(-around: engine access with catwal(s and service !latforms for safe footing. Air filter gauges are located inside the cab indicating the actual filter status. Ladders left and right allow safe access to the engine com!artment. All service re*uiring fi lters for engine and hydraulic systems are accessible either directly from the ground or from the engine service !latforms. All =oints bushings and bearings re*uiring lubrication on a regular basis are connected to si" grou!ed lubrication locations serviceable from ground level. Automatic lubrication at !redetermined intervals is an o!tion. 5nternal com!onents of the rear a"le bo" are easily reached through an access door with ste!s located in the front of the bo". Body The standard %-sha!e Body of the T 282 B has a fl at fl oor and a straight dum!ing edge for easy dum!ing. Available o!tions) ? Lighter &eight Bodies ? Abrasion 7esistant Linings ? Cano!y $"tension ? Side &all $"tensions ? 7oc( >uards ? &edge Sha!e Bodies

? Tail gates ? 'eated Bodies 'eated Bodies are an available o!tion although recommended only for e"tremely cold a!!lications and moist materials. Liebherr will acce!t bodies designed and built by s!eciali,ed com!anies !er the mine+s choice after a!!lication a!!roval. Sa ety Features Access rom ground for the com!onents of the steering and dum!ing system which re*uire regular service. Sa e access to all engine com!onents. Service !latforms and cat wal(s on either side !rovide 9wal( around: engine access. Cab set bac! for !rotection in case of a rear end collision. Slip"Slide Control u!hill and downhill. T#o stair ladders with hand rails lead safely to and from the u!!er dec( one on either side of the radiator. 6ther set-u!s are o!tional. Anti rollbac! in forward and reverse. $perator ad%ustable Cruise Control for both !ro!el and retard. &ill bring truc( u!0down to and hold at set s!eed. The T 282 B system #ill retard with u! to ..8/ (& 0 1/2/ h! on a continuous basis and down to a near sto! of /.8 (!h 0 /.4 m!h. 7etarding is virtually immediate with no !erce!tible delay. Automatic T#o Speed $ver Speed automatically limits ma"imum s!eed by reducing !ro!el tor*ue or by a!!lying retarding !ower. Se!arate settings for loaded and em!ty truc(. Full retarding #ith dead engine& Automatic Bra!e Application& The T 282 B is brought to a final sto! and held in !lace with it+s disc bra(es. They are a!!lied automatically via the retarder !edal without having to !ush the !edal harder. A third !edal is available to a!!ly the bra(es at will should this be necessary. Fire 'revention by Design& 8uel and hydraulics carrying com!onents and heat sources are se!arated as much as feasible. Critical hydraulic hoses are encased in non !ermeable hose sleeves. 'ot !arts of turbo chargers are shielded by covers and e"haust !i!es are covered and

insulated by s!ecial non burning tubes im!ervious to oil. They are !resha!ed to fi t each individual !i!e section. $perator egress stair ladders are shielded by solid steel bac(s and fi re a!rons between stair ladder and engine com!artment. AC(Drive Standard Features The Liebherr-Siemens AC-#rive system in the T 282 B is the most advanced truc( drive system available today. 5t offers a multitude of advantageous features some of which are e"clusive to this system. <roven over countless hours in electric locomotive drives it is very de!endable very easy to service and maintain and offers a very long life e"!ectancy. Besides continuous acceleration and retarding without having to shift gears there are many builtin safety features a!!reciated by both o!erators and service !ersonnel as well as the owner. S)BAS *onitor 'rogram This electronic !rogram !rovides communication between the truc(+s drive system and the o!erator and0or outside com!uters at different access levels !roviding) - real time information during o!eration - sna! shots during fault events stored within S5BAS and retrievable at a later time - :Load bo"ing: +oad Bo,ing This is a built in electronic system to test-chec( the electric travel drive system at full diesel engine !ower while the truc( is !ar(ed. #uring the !rocess the engine runs at full throttle and the alternator delivers its current via the control bo" directly to the resistor grid bo" where it is converted into heat and dissi!ated into the air. %ital functions of the drive system can be tested without a test stand and without having to move the truc(. Slip"Slide Control <ro!el !ower as well as retarding !ower are automatically corrected individually for each set of rear wheels to minimi,e s!inning or sliding of one or both sets in adverse ground conditions. The mandatory left0right rear wheel r!m difference during curve travel is automatically considered by monitoring the front wheel steering angle.

Anti Rollbac! &hen facing u!hill and with the travel lever in forward or when facing down hill and with the lever in reverse the truc( will not roll down hill when starting to drive from a stand still. Bra!e Blending Service bra(es are a!!lied automatically and gradually by the com!uter when sto!!ing the truc(. The driver o!erates the retarding !edal only. Steering Support &hen traveling through a curve the system automatically will send more !ower -tor*ue and s!eed3 to the outside rear wheel drive hel!ing to reduce tire wear. 5nside rear wheel drive tor*ue can be as low as ,ero. T#o Speed $ver Speed <reset by the factory and ad=ustable by the mine it will automatically limit the truc( s!eed by reducing !ro!el tor*ue or starting the retarding !rocess to !revent the truc( from going faster than the set limit if set to match mine conditions. There are two different automatic settings one for loaded and one for em!ty. As a safety feature two S!eed 6ver S!eed will override the cruise control setting. Cruise Control There are two Cruise Control modes available) 7etard 6nly Cruise and 8ull Cruise. 7etard 6nly Cruise -standard3 is ad=ustable by the o!erator and controls retarding only to hold the truc( at the set s!eed during downhill travel. 5t will @6T be disabled by the retard or bra(e !edal but can be disabled by switching off Cruise Control. The accelerator !edal will tem!orarily override the s!eed setting. The 8ull Cruise o!tion is ad=ustable by the o!erator and controls both !ro!el and retard within the truc(s !erformance !arameters to maintain the s!eed selected by the o!erator. 8ull Cruise can be disabled by !ressing the retarding or the bra(e !edal or by switching off Cruise Control.

'er ormance Charts 'er ormance DDC"*T- 2./0... Chart Cummins 1S2 384 Bra(e !ower at fl y wheel) 21A/ (& 0 214/ h! u! to an altitude of 2B// m0A2/// ft Tires 4408/712 >ear ratio 2B.2 AC alternator Siemens $l. wheel motors Siemens All curves based on ,ero C rolling resistance. 7olling resistance to be added to grade !ercentage for !ro!el and deducted for retarding A) - Travel !erformance curve B) - #ynamic electric retarding curve C) - Da"imum !erformance curve with o!tional electric trolley drive EFSG B8 - 21A/ (& 0 24// h!. <erformance curve a!!ro"imately .C less than shown 'er ormance Cummins 1S2 5. Chart DDC"*T- 65/0... Bra(e !ower at fl y wheel) 2/A4 (& 0 2B// h! u! to an altitude of 2/// m0A//// ft Tires 4408/712 >ear ratio 2B.2 AC alternator Siemens $l. wheel motors Siemens All curves based on ,ero C rolling resistance. 7olling resistance to be added to grade !ercentage for !ro!el and deducted for retarding A) - Travel !erformance curve B) - #ynamic electric retarding curve C) - Da"imum !erformance curve with o!tional electric trolley drive @ote) The travel !erformance curves de!end on the available fl y wheel h! of the installed diesel engine gear ratio and tire diameter. The curves indicating the dynamic electric retarding !erformance and the trolley !erformance de!end on the electric wheel motors the gear ratio and the tire diameter. Technical Data Engine ##C0DTH 2/% ./// 2/ cylinders Bra(e !ower A8// r!m 2B24 (& 0 214/ h! #is!lacement I/ ltr 0 4.88 &eight wet A/ .8/ (g 0 22 A// lbs Cummins FSG B8 A8 cylinders Bra(e !ower AI// r!m 21A/ (& 0 24// h! #is!lacement B8 ltr 0 .B1/ &eight wet AA 2// (g 0 2. I// lbs

##C0DTH A1% ./// A1 cylinders Bra(e !ower A8// r!m 2/A4 (& 0 2B// h! #is!lacement 14 ltr 0 2I1B &eight wet B .I/ (g 0 A1 4// lbs Cummins FSG 1/ A1 cylinders Bra(e !ower AI// r!m 2/A4 (& 0 2B// h! #is!lacement 1/ ltr 0 211A &eight wet I 2// (g 0 2/ 4// lbs 8an Clutch 7oc(ford variable s!eed tem!erature controlled Air cleaners Two units restriction gauges in cab 7adiator Desabi Starter Air -electric o!tional3 7oll-out !ower module 7adiator engine alternator0rectifier on se!arate sub frame Batteries . " A2 %olt A2// CCA each at -A8J C 0 /J 8 Electric Drive System System <ower AC Danufacturer Siemens0Liebherr Alternator AC brush less direct drive with to! mounted rectifier &heel Dotors AC induction motors 7atio Standard 2B.2 o!tional .2.B Da". Travel S!eed 1... (!h 0 ./ m!h Controller Dicro !rocessor system Cooling fan AC drive two im!eller radial fan Suspensions 8ront Sus!ension #ouble A-frame with 9inclined (ing !in: design !ivot and s!indle 7ear Sus!ension Three bar lin(age) triangular u!!er lin( !lus two bottom drag lin(s Sus!ension Struts @itrogen06il with integral dam!ing.Cushioning for both over stro(e and rebound. Com!lete inter-changeability of front and rear internal com!onents Da"imum Stro(e 7ear) 281 mm 0 AA.24: 8ront) 281 mm 0 AA.24: Da". front wheel travel .A4 mm 0 A1.2: 7ear a"le oscillation Da". K IL Bra!ing Systems Continuously rated fan blown resistor grids with full retarding at engine idle forward M reverse 8ull retarding ca!ability with engine off $lectric #ynamic Da") ..8/ (& 0 1/2/ h! 7etarding 2/ min rating) ..8/ (& 0 1/2/ h! $"tended S!eed 7ange 8ull retarding down to /.8 (!h 0 /.4 m!h. Automatic sto! with com!uter controlled service bra(es Cruise Control 6!erator settable. &ill auto retard truc( on downhill grade Two S!eed 6vers!eed Automatic s!eed settings for em!ty and loaded truc(. Dine ad=ustable Sli!0slide Traction Com!uter controlled !ro!el and retard

Control forward and reverse fully inde!endent left and right Service Bra(es 8ront Single disc wheel s!eed five cali!ers each Service Bra(es 7ear #ual discs !er side one cali!er each armatures!eed System Accumulators Two total A4.2 ltr 0 . gal Se!arate for front and rear a"le Secondary Bra(ing System &heel bra(ing systems -Se!arate circuits front0rear3 !lus full electric retarding <ar(ing Bra(es S!ring a!!lied !ressure released. 6ne cali!er !er each rear disc. &ill hold ma". >%& on A4C grade 8iltration Cleanliness level 5S6 A40A2 Steering Ac(ermann center !oint lever system. 8ull hydraulic !owersteering with accumulator safety bac( u! 8ully se!arate from dum! hydraulic system Two double acting hydraulic cylinders 'ydraulic accumulator AB/ ltr 0 .4 gal ca!. -SA$ N423 8iltration Cleanliness level 5S6 A40A2 Turning radius -SA$3 A1.8 m 0 44+ /2: -Tire center3 %ehicle clearance radius A8.2 m 0 4I+ AA: -8ront bum!er3 Frame #esign Closed bo" structure w0 multi!le tor*ue tube cross members internal stiffeners and integrated front bum!er Daterial 'igh strength steel with high im!act resistance and good fatigue and welding !ro!erties. Steel castings in stress concentration areas &elding 8rame girders welded inside and out with A//C ultrasonic ins!ection to A&S # A.A )imen!i$n! A &heel base 1.1 m 0 2A+ /1: B 8ront trac( B.2 m 0 22+ AA: CA 7ear trac( outside tire B.. m 0 2.+ /2: C2 7ear trac( inside tire 2.I m 0 A2+ /8: # Length - overall A..4 m 0 .B+ /1: $ &idth - overall 8.8 m 0 28+ A/: 8 'eight - over cano!y B.. m 0 2.+ /2: > 'eight - loading 1.4 m 0 2A+ /2: ' 'eight - body u! A2.2 m 0 .2+ /B: G 'eight - body rear edge 4.I m 0 AI+ /1: L Berm height A.1 m 0 4+ /4: D Body inside width 8.. m 0 2B+ /4: @ Body inside length A/.I m 0 24+ /I: 6 7ear a"le to rear body ..1 m 0 A4+ /2: < >round to front bum!erE A.A m 0 2+ /8: F >round clearance rear a"leE A.A m 0 2+ /8:

$perator Cab #elu"e o!erator station incor!orating 76<S and double wall design for best insulation. Set well bac( on u!!er dec(. Two full si,e seats. 8ully ad=ustable air sus!ension 5sringhausen o!erator seat with double lumbar su!!ort. Tilt and telesco!ing steering wheel. 'eater0defroster and o!tional A0C. #igital real time information on vital truc( conditions. $rrors and deviations from nominal conditions are shown real time and are recorded for later retrieval. 8or additional features !lease see last !age. Dump System Two double stage double acting hoist cylinders with interstage and end cushioning in both directions. $lectronic =oy stic( with full modulating control both u! and down. #um! angle .4J #um! cycle 7aise 28 sec #own !ower A8 sec 7emote dum! Fuic( disconnects for e"ternal !ower dum!ing -buddy dum!3 accessible from ground level 8iltration Cleanliness level 5S6 A40A2 Weight! <ayload Class 212 t 0 .// ton 8// /// lbs Da". 6!erating &eight 4I2 t 0 A 2/4 /// lbs Body weight custom. 22 - 48 t 0 B2 /// - A2B /// lbs Chassis weightEE A8B t 0 .A2 /// lbs 8rame ca!acityEEE ./4 t 0 8I2 /// lbs &eight distribution em!ty .104. C loaded 2.011 C EE de!ending on o!tions EEE total weight of body and !ayload E Loaded dimensions Body Standard design All welded dee!-% flat floor straight dum! edge Body si,es to fit customer+s re*uirements and s!ecific a!!lications. Dodifications such as rear e"tensions and0or sideboards are available to accommodate different material densities. Tailgates available for certain a!!lications. Tires Low !rofile radial tires 4408/712 or 4108/712 Cold inflation !ressure 1./ bar 0 1// (<a 0 8B !si Sound Sound ratings meet 6S'A and DS'A occu!ational noise criteria for truc( o!erator weighted sound e"!osure level. Sound e"!osure <er A@S50SA$ NAA11 Day AII/) less than 82 dB-A3 9Fuiet Truc(: (it 6!tional contact factory

Fluid Capacities 8uel tan(s .B2/ ltr 0 A24/ gal other ca!acities o!tional 'ydraulic tan(s 'oist system A4A/ ltr 0 .// gal Bra(e and steering 4B/ ltr 0 A4/ gal Cooling systemE .41 ltr 0 A2/ gal Cran( caseE 2./ ltr 0 12 gal &heel motors each 222 ltr 0 84 gal E engine de!endent Standard"$ptional E7uipment Truc! Standard E7uipment ? AC drive system Siemens-Liebherr ? 8ull !ower continuously e"tended electric retarding down to /.8 (!h 0 /.4 m!h ? Automatic retarding cruise control for em!ty and loaded ? Cast steel com!onents in stress areas ? #ouble A-frame front sus!ension system with inclined (ing !in ? @itrogen0oil sus!ension struts ? Three-bar lin(age rear sus!ension w0 triangular u!!er lin( and two drag lin(s ? 7oll-out !ower module with radiator engine and alternator 0 rectifier on sub frame ? 5nsulated e"haust !i!es ? Dufflers ? Two stage hoist cylinders with inter-stage cushioning out and in !lus stro(e end cushioning ? LMD -Desabi3 radiator ? Large diameter low 7<D radiator fan ? 7oc(ford fan clutch ? Air starter ? 1 '# Batteries ? $ngine shutdown and battery disconnect at ground level ? Bolted rims on rear wheels ? S!ring a!!lied-!ressure released !ar( bra(e ? Accumulator bac(-u! on steering M hydraulic bra(e system with auto bleed down feature ? #ual dec( access ladders and dec( hand rails ? #ual ladder service access to engine area ? Catwal(s0!latforms left and right of engine ? 7emote lubrication !oint grou!s. Si" locations serviceable from ground level ? Centrali,ed service center w0 dry brea( !ressure refueling ? 'eadlights -. " '5# - 'igh 5ntensity #ischarge3 ? Tail lights) Service bra(e dynamic retard bac( u! turn ? #ec( mounted clearance lights ? Bac(-u! warning alarm ? Service lights in engine com!artment and a"le bo" ? Ladder access lights ? Au"iliary dum! bra(e and steering connectors ? Second fuel gauge on tan(

? Sight glass on hydraulic tan( ? Sight gauge on radiator header tan( ? Dud fla!s O in front of tan(s and rear tires ? 7ear wheel roc( e=ectors ? 'and held fire e"tinguishers -23 ? <ayload weigh system with in cab dis!lay ? Liebherr white !aint Truc! $ptional E7uipment ? $lectric starter ? &heel motor gear ratio .2.B ? Automatic air cleaner dust e=ectors ? 8ull cruise control for em!ty and loaded ? $ngine !reheater ? Cold climate (its ? Centrali,ed service system O additional functions ? Auto lube system ? #iagonalE and0or retractable access ladders ? Additional headlights ? Additional clearance lights ? 'igh density fog lights ? 'ub-odometer ? $"ternal dis!lay for !ayload weigh system ? Additional mud fla!s ? 8ire su!!ression systems -several o!tions3 ? 9Fuiet Truc(: !ac(age ? $"haust heated body ? Body liner0wear !ac(age-s3 ? Tailgate for coal body ? Cano!y s!ill guards ? Trolley drive ? S!ecial !aintE E shown on front !age !hoto Cab Standard E7uipment ? 5ntegrated 76<S and double shell conce!t ? 8ully ad=ustable o!erator seat w0 air sus!ension and double lumbar su!!ort ? <assenger seat w0 mechanical sus!ension ? Seat belts ? Safety glass all around with tinted windshield ? <ower windows ? &indshield wi!er two blades electric ? 7earview mirrors -right and left3 ? Tilt and telesco!ic steering wheel with horn ? Sun visors -23 dome lights ? 8resh filtered heater and defroster air ? Circuit brea(er !anel

? A2 %olt !ower su!!ly ? Com!uteri,ed dash instrumentation with) S!eedometer engine -oil !ressure -water tem!erature -tachometer engine fault wheel motor air flow !ar( bra(e steering !ressure bra(e !ressure -low3 body u! drive system fault ground fault indicator 2. % system voltage fuel gauge. ? Turn signals with emergency flashers ? Air cleaner restriction gauges Cab $ptional E7uipment ? Air-Conditioning with filtered air ? %arious radio configurations