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WRT 205-M260: Critical Research and Inquiry The Prison and the American Imagination

Spring 2014, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-1:50 p.m., Heroy Geology Building 013 Patrick W. Berry, pwberry@syr.edu, office: HBC 235 office phone: 315-443-1912 office hours: Fridays, 1:00-3:00 p.m. and by appointment http://patrickberry.com/wrt205spring2014

Unit #3 Calendar Working with Primary Research

Date WEEK ONE: Tues, Mar. 4 In-Class Topics and Activities Introduction to the Unit 3 assignment. What is primary research and how do I get started? Homework (due the following class) Read The Role of Research. Write a short proposal (300-words) indicating who you would like to interview and why. How does this person connect with the course inquiry? What questions would you like to ask him or her? Post to Blackboard and bring a print or digital copy to class. Also, bring your copy of The Role of Research.

Thurs, Mar. 6 WEEK TWO: Tues, Mar. 11 Thurs, Mar. 13 WEEK THREE: Tues, Mar. 18 Thurs, Mar. 20 WEEK FOUR: Tues, Mar. 25 Thurs, Mar. 27 WEEK FIVE: Tues, April 1 !

Planning the interview spring break spring break

spring break No formal classes (individual conferences on Monday, Mar. 17)

spring break Post draft of PowerPoint and paper to Blackboard. Send draft to peer.

No class PowerPoint tips and tricks

Peer review due (partners to be assigned).

Presentations Presentations Final project due.

Thurs. April 3