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Range Rules and Guidelines

Rifle and Pistol Range Rules and Safety Information

*Note* Additional information is posted on signs at the Club. Please abide by all safety rules and remember that no amount of information is better than good, common sense. 1} No one other than active members and their guests are permitted to use range facilities, except during open shoots or activities. ! "embers must accompany their guests #hile on club property. $oaning of the gate and facilities %eys are strictly prohibited. &} "embers are responsible for their safety and that of their guests and ensuring they handle their firearms in a safe manner. '! (onsuming or being impaired by alcoholic beverages or any other substance #hile on club property is forbidden. )! *ischarging any fully+automatic firearm #ithin the boundary of club property is strictly forbidden. ,his rule is #aived for $a# -nforcement .fficers during /ualification exercises. 0! 1oth hearing 2 eye protection are strongly recommended. 3! 4andle every firearm as though it is loaded and %eep the mu55le pointed in a safe direction. 6! 7eep actions open on all firearms except #hen on station shooting. 8! *o not load or chamber a round unless on station preparing for an immediate shot. 19! :se existing target frames and line up shots so they go into the bac%stops. 11! *o not set targets on the ground ;(auses ricochets<! 1 ! :se clothespins and lines to put up targets= *o N., tape targets to P>( or other posts on the range. 1&! ?ollo# caliber recommendations on metal spinner targets and N. ?ull "etal @ac%et, metal+cased, or armor+piercing bullets to be used on these targets to prevent damage. 1'! No smo%eless po#der to be used in any mu55leloaders except those specifically designed for its use. If the barrel is stamped Ablac%po#der or blac%po#der substitutes onlyA, do not use smo%eless po#der. 1)! ,reat any misfire #ith caution and #ait at least a minute or t#o before opening the breech to chec% as it might be a Ahang fire.A >erify the barrel is clear before resuming firing. 10! If t#o or more shooters are shooting, one is to ta%e on the role of Range Safety .fficer to oversee the shooting= B} "a%e the rangeA4.,A to indicate #hen firing is about to commence 1! >erify #hen all shooters are finished and Cell A($-BRA (! Cell A.7 to (hec% ,argetsA #hen he is satisfied shooting is completed, all actions are opened, and no one is handling any firearms at the firing line. 13D No handling of any firearms on the firing line #hile anyone is do#n range. RifleEPistol Range Rules= ;(ontFd!

16! (lean up spent shell casings, remove targets, and return chairs and rests under shed roof #hen finished shooting. 18! Shooting rests are available from the club for chec% out by members and must be returned #hen promised. 9! Ge fully support our local la# enforcement officers and have opened our range to them to practice and /ualify. Please yield to their needs if discovered using our range facilities. 1! Bs a part of being a good neighbor, no shooting on the Rifle Range before 8=99 B.". and no shooting on any ranges before 1 =99 Noon on Sundays. ! *ue to safety concerns, N. 4:N,INH of any %ind is allo#ed on (lub Property. Shotgun Rules= ;I,hese rules are in addition to byla#s andEor any rules already posted! 1! Bll basic shooting safety rules apply. ! BII shooters to %eep actions open until on station #hile preparing for the shot. ;-"P,C 1rea%+open doubles in gun rac%s .7 to be closed! &! No shot larger than 3 J in target loads. '! 1e sure to use the correct ammunition for your shotgun and %eep shells separated to avoid a 1 + 9 or 9+ 6 burst. )! Shooters to load only #hen on the shooting station preparing for the shot. 0} Shotgun traps all have the capability to seriously inKure or even %ill if misused or handled carelessly. Please have a /ualified (lub member instruct you on the safe use of these traps. 3! Ghen shooting is completed, all target thro#ers are to be left in the AreleasedA condition #ith N. stored energy. Po#er s#itch on electric traps should be in the A.??A or bac% position. 6! Ghen shooting is finished, clear target houses of target boxes and s#eep out. Replace the controller. 8! It is suggested that S%eet Shooters load only one ;1! round for each single and t#o ; ! rounds for doubles. Never load more than t#o rounds. 19! Shotgun shooters are reminded to bring gas for the generator #hen shooting s%eet. ,he (lub provides gas only for special events.

Ne# "embers are re/uired to ta%e e/uipment and safety training prior to using the S%eet, Sporting, or )+Stand traps. (ontact any of the 1oard "embers or #atch for info in the Ne#sletter or -mail for training info.
II ,he Shooting Sports are fantastic forms of recreation and discipline that are as safe as the participants ma%e them. ,hin% < 1e Safe <
IIIIN.,I(-IIII If you are a#are of any changes that need to be made or have any suggestions that could improve these Rules and Huidelines, P$-BS- contact -.,. Geaver 6'0+&3) days or deeremanLs%ybest.com . ,he (lub appreciates your input.