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Ap skit Storyline:The RH bill was presented and approved by the senate and president.

But the chief justice finds it unconstitutional and commands the president to remove it and files cases to the presentor S !res Head of the commitee and the philippine vice president for approvin" an unconstitutional bill for their hidden a"enda. Script: Scene #: $ntroduction of RH bill%#st readin"& S !res.: Senator %name&you may now state your bill to the senate. !resentor: Thank you 'r.!resident. $ now introduce to you: H()S* B$++ ,(. -./0 or RH bill. $t focuses on topics such as "ender e1uality responsible parenthood and family plannin".it optimi2es each of those areas to ensure a diminished yet productive population. S !res:3ell said %name& 3ell said4 %claps& !ro: $ also think that it is a "ood and reasonable bill. Therefore as a senator of this senate $ hereby recommend to pass this bill and make it a law S !res: 3ell then if that5s settled then... Anti: 3ait 'r. !res4 6es 'r. !resident it is a "ood law4 but $ don5t think you should pass it4 S !res: 3hy7 is somethin" wron" %name&7 !ro: 'r. !res. $ don5t think here5s nothin" wron" about this. $n fact it is so splendid that it mi"ht end our burden of overpopulation and other problems related as such. Anti: But 'r. !res4 $ts.... S !res: 3ell then if that5s settled then $ the !res. of this senate recommend your bill. 3e will send this to the commitee for further deliberation. Scene 8:9eliberation of the commitee commitee member: this rule cannot be passed for it5s terms are unacceptable4 commitee member 8: $t needs to be passed for the "reater "ood commitee member: 'r. !res. can you believe this4 we can5t pass a law this strict commitee member 8: $T ,**9S T( B*..... commitee Head: S$+*,:*444 %everyone pauses &3e came here to team up and deliberate a bill; not to fi"ht on ourselves. ,ow as for me this bill can serve it5s purpose when it becomes a law. So $ approve it. anyone else in favor say <aye<.

'ajority: aye444 commitee H*A9: that5s it then4 $nform the commitee on rules to schedule the 8nd readin"4 %The bill passes the 8nd readin".copies are distributed and the 0rd readin" is about to take place& Scene 0: 0rd readin" S !res: +adies and "entlemen of the senate $ welcome you to the third readin" of H()S* B$++ ,(. -./0 or commonly known as RH bill.the senators will vote via =$=A =(:*.+et the third readin" commence4 3ho A"rees47 !ro 'ajority: a"ree444 S !R*S: a"ain4 who a"rees47 !ro 'A>(R$T6: a"ree444 S !res.:?or the last time 3ho A"rees47 !ro 'ajority:a"ree444 ; S !res:3ell then. As of this day; @th day of march year 8.#/ $ hereby declare that H()S* B$++ ,(. -./0 has been approved in the third readin" of the con"ress. 3e will send this report to the house of representatives for final deliberation before the si"nin" of the !hilippine president . %the bicameral commitee made the final chan"es and the si"nin" of the philippine president was underway in just a short time. The vice president forcefully made the philippine president approve it and said that if he did5nt do it he would kill him. So it was approved and was declared a law. A lot of people protested for it is said to be violatin" their human ri"hts.But the president could not do anythin" about it Scene /: ?lashbacks :ommitee head: %prayin"& my Aod4 did $ do the ri"ht thin"7 %chan"es settin" to a secret mettin" with the vice president bill presentor S !res and the commitee Head& =ice !res:well then. make sure each of you will do it ri"ht oka commitee head: 'r.= !res. $ don5t think this is a "ood idea. $ think we should back out while it5s not too late. = !res: you don5t understand444 All these years $ wanted to be president. $ have a lot of "ood plans for this country. but that president keeps standin" in my way. He will pay for takin" the throne that5s ri"htfully mine. He will !A6444 commitee head: but...

= !R*S: no more but5s44444 %picks up a "un and kills a cabinet member that was with the commitee head &. ,ow you have #. secs to respond to my offer.$f you refuse....%points the "un at him and counts #. to #& commitee head: all ri"ht4444 $5ll join you. %tremblin"& = !res: "ood choice4 you better do your job ri"ht because there5s no turnin" back %evil lau"h& %"oes back to settin"& %the protests continued and a lot died due to it.>ustice is really slow in the philippines& Scene -: traces of for"otten truth %approB. 8 yrs later...& %at the supreme court the chief justice checks the files and sees the RH bill5s terms and conditons& :hief justice: hello %name& inform all associate justices to come at the supreme court. this is )RA*,T4 %meetin" starts& chief justice: 3e5re we informed about this47 %shows file wC terms and conditions& associate justice: yes. it was implemented approBimately 8 yrs a"o. chief justice: then why did5nt $ know about this.9o you reali2e that these terms and conditions violate human ri"hts444 associate justice:we5re sorry sir. we thou"ht that you knew because when it became a law you did5nt take action even thou"h it contradicts the writ of amparo. chief justice: then as the chief justice of this supreme court $ declare that this unconstitutional law is null and void444 %walks out and picks up phone& chief justice: hello %name& %pauses a bit& ok. please inform the president that we will have a meetin" and it5s ur"ent. Scene D : the truth revealed %chief justice walks into lobby.before enterin" the meetin" room hears conversation and peeks in& = !res.: $5m sorry 'r. president. but if it was5nt for that meddlin" chief justice that5s ruinin" my plan $ would5nt be threatenin" you ri"ht now. now make sure that if you are informed by that chief justice don5t =*T( it ok4 and don5t even think about informin" the authorities. $ know you won5t because...%picks a "un& you remember little jimmy ri"ht he5re ri"ht7

%phone rin"s& %president answers it& %chan"es settin"& chief justice: 'r. president $5m sorry $ can5t come to our meetin". it5s an emer"ency4 $ hope you understand. bye4 %hands over the documents to police and ,B$& Scene D:chief justice takes action %,B$ rushes to location of president and arrests the vice president& ,B$ and !,!: 'r. vice president as members of the five pillars of justice we arrest you violatin" the court5s rules for the writ of amparo and for the case filed a"ainst you; "rave threat. %chan"es settin"& jud"e: 'r. =ice president has been found "uilty for violatin" the court5s rules for the writ of amparo and "rave threat. TH* *,9