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Form 1 Job Description

1. Job Identification

Job title:

Local Decontamination Unit Instrument Operator

Responsible to:

Practice Manager and Senior Dental Nurse


Primary Care Dental Practice

2. Job Purpose

The post holder will support the dental team by providing a highly efficient decontamination service to the surgeries within the practice, ensuring instruments and equipment are supplied consistently to agreed standards and specifications

The post holder will carry out routine administrative duties

3. Dimensions

The practice employs 30 members of staff Comprises of 8 dental surgeries, supported by the local decontamination unit

4. Organisational Position Partners I Practice Manager I Senior Nurse I Dental Nurse l Dental Instrument Processor

Form 1 Job Description

5. Role of Blairgowrie Dental Care

Promote dental health Monitor the dental health of registered patients Provide training for all members of the dental team, both pre and post qualification

6. Key Result Areas

1. The provision of an effective high standard of service ensuring that instruments and equipment are supplied consistently to agreed standards and specifications. Daily checking and routine testing of equipment to include steriliser, ultrasonic bath, washer disinfector. Log finding. Daily cleaning of surfaces in decontamination room Set up and prepare trays and accessories Collection of clean/dirty instruments and equipment from clinical areas for processing Processing of equipment/instruments in a timely manner to ensure adequate stock to meet needs Identify and log instruments/equipment which require repair/replacement Maintenance of instruments and equipment Housekeeping of decontamination areas to ensure they are kept clean, tidy and fully stocked at all times 2. To be responsible for effective stock control Monitoring and ordering of supplies for decontamination purposes Ensure surgeries have adequate supplies of distilled water

Form 1 Job Description

3. Quality control Adhere to policies and procedures as specified, including the Infection Control Policy, COSHH and Health & Safety Participate in audits undertaken, pertaining to Decontamination Maintain high standards of quality control

4. Administrative and Clerical Responsibilities To keep log books and other paperwork updated Reporting of all incidents/accidents appropriately Maintain strictest confidence in relation to patient information Any other relevant duties as determined by the Senior Nurse

7a Equipment and machinery The dental instrument processor is expected to have knowledge of the equipment used within the decontamination unit

Responsible maintenance of dental equipment including:

Daily monitoring Ultrasonic bath cleaning/disinfection prior to sterilisation Autoclave sterilisation of equipment, instruments and materials Washer disinfector cleaning/disinfection prior to sterilisation Hand pieces cleaning/disinfection and sterilisation Dental Instruments

7 b Systems

Routine auditing of equipment and supplies Routine checking of instrument and equipment conditions Ordering of supplies Storage and archives of equipment records

Form 1 Job Description

8 Assignment and review of work

The instrument processor is responsible to the Senior Nurse for guidance, management, work review and formal appraisal of performance The instrument processor will have responsibility for managing workloads within the LDU

9 Decisions and judgements

Assessment of instruments

10 Most challenging parts of the job

Achieving the reprocessing of the instruments within the time frame expected by the dental practice Maintaining up to date skills and knowledge

11 communications and Relationships

Post holder will be expected to communicate with all staff within the Dental Team and with patients

12 Physical, Mental, Emotional and Environmental Demands of the Job Physical: Mental: Testing machines before use Checking instruments with magnifier Occasional data collection for audits Lifting and transporting containers with clean and dirty instruments Lifting trays and baskets of instruments to and from machines Cleaning of local decontamination room areas Working within a sterile environment

Form 1 Job Description Emotional: Communication with clinical staff Working conditions: Working by yourself within the LDU unit Exposure to dirty instruments and cleaning chemicals Constant noise from the machines cleaning and processing the instruments

13 Knowledge, training and experience required to do the job

Training will be provided Good communication skills required Ability to work in a team Hep B vaccination

14 Job Description Agreement

I agree to the job description as laid out in this document, for the position of Dental Instrument Processor. Managers Signature: Employees Signature: