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Name of Examinee: Akimah Gayle Laus Birthdate: January 9, 1995 Age: 19 Place of Examination: SLU Psychological Unit S115-1

Examined by: Chelsea Anne R. Gabriel Test Administered: Differential Aptitude Test

Sex: Female Education: College Date of Exam: January 21, 2014 Date of Report: January 25, 2014

(Akimah), a currently enrolled second year psychology student Saint Louis University, with the age of 19 was referred to the Saint Louis University Psychological Testing Unit to assess her intelligence level. The Differential Aptitude Test was administered to her on January 21, 2014. The test scores show that Akimah has inferior performance on Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Abstract Reasoning. Akimah scored in the 10th percentile on the Verbal Reasoning test. This means that about 90 percent of the group obtained higher scores than her. This means that she has a hard time reasoning with words, understanding and using concepts related and expressed in words. She scored in the 5th percentile on the Numerical Ability test. This means that about 95 per cent of the group obtained higher scores than her. This means that it is hard for her to reason with numbers, to deal intelligently with quantitative materials and ideas. With the two test scores combined, it could be inferred that she also has troubles learning from books and lectures, or mastering school subjects. A percentile rank of 45 in the Abstract Reasoning test means that she did a fairly better job with the test, although 55 per cent of the group scored higher than her. This means that she may have a hard time seeing relationship among things objects, patterns, diagrams, or designs rather than among words and numbers. It was observed that Akimah finished the Verbal Reasoning test in a considerably faster time than the two other tests. In the Numerical Ability test, she was making remarks about how mathematics is hard for her. She was, however, enjoying answering the tests. In conclusion, Akimah may not perform really well in work areas where communication is of primary importance, also in work areas where calculations and precise measurement are needed. She may probably do reasonably well with further education and training in working in the field of design, since design is often concerned with the expression of abstract ideas or themes. Or in technical maintenance, which involves understanding how parts of a machine or system relate to one another.

Name and signature of the examiner: Gabriel, Chelsea Anne R.